Updates on the Red Wings and Coyotes – September 11, 2016

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Earlier this summer, the Detroit Red Wings contacted the Anaheim Ducks about defenseman Cam Fowler

Earlier this summer, the Detroit Red Wings contacted the Anaheim Ducks about defenseman Cam Fowler

 More speculation on the Detroit Red Wings need for a defenseman, plus the Arizona Coyotes still have salary-cap flexibility to improve their roster.

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Helene St. James recently responded to her readers questions about the Detroit Red Wings for the upcoming season. She reported the Wings contacted the Anaheim Ducks before the 2016 NHL Draft in June about puck-moving defenseman Cam Fowler. However, the Ducks are leery about making a move with Fowler until they’ve got restricted free agent blueliner Hampus LIndholm under contract.

St. James also believes adding an impact defenseman “is going to cost in the range of a high-end pick or prospect, plus likely an established 20-something forward”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wings general manager Ken Holland could be keeping an eye on the Ducks. If Anaheim GM Bob Murray decides to shop Fowler, Holland could be very interested. The Ducks need scoring depth at left wing. Tomas Tatar and a first-round pick or a top prospect could be the asking price.

The Wings won’t be the only club interested in Fowler. The Boston Bruins, Buffalo Sabres, Edmonton Oilers, New Jersey Devils and Toronto Maple Leafs could also come calling. 

THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC: In a piece covering the Arizona Coyotes creative salary-cap moves this summer, Sarah McLellan reports GM John Chayka still has cap flexibility remaining in his budget. While the Coyotes cap hit is roughly $2.3 million shy of the $73 million cap ceiling, their actual spending is lower. “If something comes up and improves our group, then we have the ability to execute on that,” said Chayka.


  1. This is the year Detroits playoff streak comes to an end.

    • Agree there, and if Fowler is offered in trade there are teams in the hunt for D that have a lot more to offer than does Holland.

      • Holland certainly has what Anaheim needs. Tatar & a 1st, Athanasiou & or Matha some combination of picks. My quits etc. Detroit has all kinds of options.

      • NyQuist

      • Right and what team have more to offer then Detroit for Cam Fowler, And remembering that Anaheim needs to shed salary here. And they need a top 6 LW. Remembering that Fowler most likely gets dealt to the east. Maybe Spooner is the only decent piece because he cost on $950,000 for this year.

      • @ Gary lots of teams have have enough to offer the ducks to get fowler just take a look around the league

      • Sorry but why is fowler worth Tatar and a 1st. I think that is a major over pay for a guy who has struggled somewhat lately..

      • Sorry but I think Tatar and a 1st are an over pay for Fowler. He didn’t exactly have an excellent year last year.

    • Lol. Pretty sure that’s been said every year since the lockout. Never count Detroit out.

      • You forget that at one time they were known as the “Dead Things” for quite a spell. Nothing is forever and I see no additions to Detroit that tells me they will even be marginally stronger this year. Certainly not Vanek.

      • Thanks for reminding me of the Dead Things, George. Completely forgot about that one. Too funny!

      • I don’t hold out much hope for Detroit this year but they did add Nielsen as well & Vanek may not be done just yet. Like many players Vanek’s real issue last season was salary not so much performance. He played quite well considering he played 3rd line minutes with Haula as his C.

    • If Detroit doesn’t make it who in the north east gets in?

      Tampa and Florida seem the best bet

      Montreal, Buffalo, Ottawa, Boston or Toronto?

      I’m not sure any of these last five are sure bets for the playoffs and as such can’t count Detroit out.

      However my money is on the Canadiens rebounding. And getting 3rd.

      • Montreal, Ottawa & Boston will all be in the mix & Toronto & Buffalo will both be better.

        I don’t see teams tanking it like in former years with the new expansion rules. Toronto did last season but with only a 20% chance of selecting 1st over all that’s not going to pay out very often.

      • Striker,… in strong draft years the lottery will still not be a deterrent. mcdavid/eichel, ovechkin/malkin, hell even mathews/laine. teams will be ok getting either one. tanking isnt completely gone

      • The Sens, 11 points out last year, will be one of the bubble teams and could squeak in IF – and there are a lot of “ifs” –
        Turris, MacArthur and Anderson can play anywhere close to a full season;
        Methot can avoid the injury bug thereby precluding one of Wideman or Borowiecki playing significant Top 4 minutes (even 8-10 hours of that pairing over an 82-game schedule gives me the shivvers);
        Brassard proves to be a notch better than Zibanejad offensively;
        Pageau can take another step up in his game (he’s done fine so far);
        Lazar, Puempel and Paul show ANY improvement in their offensive game;
        the new coaching staff have better PK and PP systems in place and they don’t play more than half the season giving up the first goal again.

    • tough to rule them out when there is so much mediocrity surrounding them. only sure bets on paper are wash, pittsburgh, tampa. So many other teams imnproved moderately, like Flor, NJ, Car, Tor and so many took small steps backward, NY, NY, Boston etc that they east is wide open.

      • I have Flo & both NY teams as locks.

      • That leaves a bunch of bubble teams fighting it out for 2 spots.

      • Florida is close… but after the off season both NY teams had… I feel they both took steps backwards though many disagree, I think they are in there with boston/mon. and tams like NJ, col, car, buf, tor, could surprise with their youth. personally the only teams that seem like a lock are the three I mentioned above… all the other ones have too many questions to be “locks”

      • I don’t like NJ’s chances at all. I have them finishing 14th in the east 2 spots lower than they finished last season. Again I have the standings much tighter than we have seen in many years but when the dust settles I have them 14th. Buffalo could even push them to 15th.

      • I see Ott as pushing for last place. Shero has pulled to many rabbits out of his hat for me to rule them out. NYR did nothing to address their backend… in fact losing a top 4 d-man… so unless schej? really steps up or staal and girardi do a 180 on their decline I dont think their o will be enough to rescue their d on many nights. NYI are a crap shoot.. but they lost more talent than they gained in the off season… but only by a little bit. if tavares is healthy I put them with Florida as the teams as close to locks as possible.

      • So, a team that scored 236 goals last year – exceeded by only 6 teams – without Turris and MacArthur for most of the season is going to “push for last”!! Seems as though you’ve cornered the market on “patently ridiculous.”

      • Still smarting from that George? Geez

      • Not at all. But credibility takes a nosedive when someone looks at a fairly potent offense who could have two more fairly offensive scorers like Turris and MacArthur and sees them “pushing for last” and also goes on to say “teams like NJ, col, car, buf, tor, could surprise with their youth.”

        I gather, then, that you think all of those teams will finish ahead of Ottawa who will be last in the east?

        We’ll see.

      • Pittsburgh, Tampa, and Washington are still the class of the east. Last year Washington and Pittsburgh both finished top 4 in the entire league and that’s not going to change barring injuries. There will probably be 5 Metro teams that make the playoffs again this season. That leaves Tampa, Florida, and 4-5 teams with a lot of things that need to go right to be the last one in.

      • george where you see potent offense I see an impotent owner, a weak d (after the man who is an undisputed top 3 d man in the league Obvy) and questionable goaltending. OTT’s youth could alo suprise.. in that you are dead on. but A team who’s owner is quite glad to be mediocre and sit back and pray for a miracle isnt a team I feel confident in. It would actually be beneficial for them to bottom out a couple years and get the top end cheap talent CSI Melnick wants.

      • Ahh – I see now – you have a bug up your arse when it comes to Melnyk who, in your considered opinion, is “cheap.” Let’s see. Dorion has committed $66,939,166 for this year leaving them under the cap by $6,060,834.

        If you were in charge you’d have spent the bulk of that bit over $6 mil – on what? And leaving you with NO wiggle room like several teams who have painted themselves into a corner. Brilliant management technique.

      • sure is brilliant. sens have been to conference finals…. ummm…. well whatever. Its the brilliant management techniques that got em there. 6 mil… there were yandles and gologoskis and lucics and blah blah blah. not studs but players that could have helped. OR… they went after some of those players and those players were… “umm… OTT? No thank you.”

      • Ottawa will not be last unless alot of ‘if’s’ occur. Like a significant injury to a top player. Andersons game does a nose dive. Brassard fails to be the consistent guy we know him to be. Pageau, Cecil and Smith all take steps back.

        That’s alot of if’s.

        Ottawa to me is a wildcard team that has a chance to be better deal to the
        weak northeast

      • Jaysus chrisms. You obviously don’t see it but YOUR type is the reason some sites have ceased offering feedback options. The Sun papers did a long time ago thanks to that sort of juvenile crapola. Yeah, we know, Ottawa is the asshole of North America where no one wants to come and play. You are pathetic and not worth the effort of any further responses. Wallow in your kindergarten glee.

      • Classic George. Failure to put forth a valid argument and reliance on insults and profanity. Then the hypocritical accusations about others on the board being unfit to post for reasons stated that you yourself routinely use. Finally the classic move by sore losers of taking your ball and going home or I won’t respond to you any more. bravo George.

      • I can assure you Ottawa won’t finish last. That distinction will go to Toronto again. The addition of phaneuf for a full season solidifies Ottawa’s top 4 D & the forward group is icing a ton of youth that keeps developing.

        Ottawa is a bubble team currently & if they would spend the money to buy legitimate 5,6 Dman a lock. They may not have the resources to do so.

        Ottawa could slide into the playoffs just as easily as about 5 other teams. Det, Bos, Mtl, Car & Phi

      • Ya I agree all of those teams will definitely give Ottawa a run to push them to last or down the list a little anyway. Ottawa’s offence is potent compared to who? The other bottom teams in the east? certainly not the top teams. I agree the teams mention could surprise with their youth and push other teams like Ottawa down the list. Regardless it should be a close race for the 5th to 8th spots.

        Supposedly the draft this season is as deep as last seasons draft so I believe you will see certain teams tank the season.

      • My God! You are unreal. “Failure to put forth good arguments???” I pointed out that Ottawa was just over $6 mil under the cap, implying that maybe, just maybe, it was better management to leave oneself a bit of wiggle room, and you come back with drivel like ” there were yandles and gologoskis and lucics and blah blah blah. not studs but players that could have helped. OR… they went after some of those players and those players were… “umm… OTT? No thank you.”

        THAT’S what you consider “good arguments??” Out of the 3 names you tossed out the only two I think could have helped Ottawa this year are Lucic and Goligiski. The former obviously considered a lot of options and offers and, seriously doubting Ottawa was among them, it means he turned down several places. Goligoski caught everyone by surprise by signing when and where he did – not just Ottawa.

        But you weren’t content to leave your playground drivel there – you had to add “sure is brilliant. sens have been to conference finals…. ummm…. well whatever.”

        In the past 10 Cup finals Ottawa is one of 13 different teams to do so, with Anaheim, Philadelphia, Vancouver, NJ, NYR, TB and SJ joining them with 1 appearance each. Pittsburgh and Chicago have 3 each, Detroit, Boston, LA 2 each. That means 17 teams have yet to make a Cup final appearance since 2007. As for Eastern Conference finals, again Ottawa has been there once in the past 10 years – joining NJ with 1 each. Four teams have yet to do so – Toronto, Florida, NYI and Columbus.

      • hockey83. some teams got better in the east, some got worse… but not to many dramatically so either way. they way most teams will improve is through their internal growth. Striker… Tor might be one of those teams… they could ice three decent to good lines. George… despite the exasperation that was much more valid. your argument that OTT is being competitive because their only 6 below the cap doesnt ring right. the d is still mostly a one man operation. forward corps didnt get better. and goaltending is suspect due to health reasons / aging. Ott GM did nothing to alleviate the fact the tam was mediocre. There were free agent and trade options. Either OTT didn’t want to spend or they made overtures and got out bid. 6 million under cap is not just wiggle room… thats a fairly huge amount of money. by allowing the team to go into the season this way its asking for a huge amount of luck to be a contender and a good deal of luck to make the playoffs. they are in tweener hell right now. much like many of the teams in the east. Saying they have as much chance to be in the bottom rankings compared to the other teams is a fair opinion. don’t take everything so personally.

      • Wasn’t the argument about their not “pushing for last???” Competitive for what??? And where did I say they are “competitive because they are only $6 mil under the cap???” You either like putting words in others’ mouths or you don’t flipping READ what anyone else actually says. What I said was, I think they will be a bubble team with a whole lot of “ifs” attached, and added that they happen to be just over $6 mil under the cap. Do they HAVE to spend that $6 mil to jump from “pushing for last” to being competitive? One player??? Holy kee-rist give y our fuzzy head a shake.

    • Sure maybe maybe not we’ve been hearing that for the last 5 to 6 years now.

    • Again a know nothing, speculative guess from the master of dopey one liners. Do you know anything ? I mean your just a bitter little hack…why is that ?

      • @ Ron Jull BTW

  2. 2016 Stanley Cup Champs….


    • Old news.

    • 2017 Stanley Cup Champs…


      New news.

      • Ahh give it a rest little buddy .

      • Sounds good to me. Have you seen the photo of Pouliot from today’s news? He looks like he lost 20 pounds of fat and replaced it with muscle. This is gonna be his year to break out.

      • I hope so dee. pens could use it. cole could garner a mid round pick and salary relief so if he steps up bang on!

      • Chrisms that made me smirk. Well played.

  3. Mr. Richardson… just curious if you had any opinion on the hockey news loosing its comments sections, seeing hows you have the rumor roundup articles. If asking this question in a public forum was out of line I apologize but I always enjoyed both your articles and the comments resulting from that on that page.

    • The Hockey News recently did some changes to update their site. I don’t know if dropping the comments section was a permanent move or something they’re still working on.

      • Here’s hoping it’s back. Anyways love the site here. Keep up the good work!

  4. Fowler would have to involve Sheahan if I’m the GM

  5. a 1st pick for Cam Fowler ?
    Am I the only one who thinks the value of Fowler is a lot lower than that ? he’s an ok defenseman but not a star

    • I think it will be a first just based on his age but I agree he’s no all star, he’s basically 3-4 on the ducks with lindholm,vatenan and theadore on the rise

      • Adam L is 3-4 on most good teams and he garnered a 1st line left wing. ducks shouldnt take a wing they need to protect. so a 1st and a prospect… or a rental for the year should suffice.

      • The only thing is larsson is improving and fowler is what you see is what you get

      • You forgot Despres, Manson, and Montour who are all good young dmen and they have the fossil that used to be Kevin Bieksa too although I bet they would do anything to get rid of him. The Ducks don’t need Fowler and even if they trade him they are going to lose the best player selected from any team in the expansion draft. Doesn’t matter what way they go they are losing out big time.

      • if vegas selects despres buyer beware. bad contract… player couldnt impress multiple coaches in pittsburgh and is fragile. if ducks are smart they leave him exposed and get rid of him.

    • I agree as I mentioned above. And if they moved Sheahan for Fowler I personally think Holland should be given a permanent holiday.

    • Fowler was Anaheim’s #1 Dman last season. He lead them in TOI/GP, PP TOI/GP & was 3rd for Dman in SH TOI/GP 4 seconds per game behind Vatanen & 5 behind Desires who only played 32 games. No Dman started moreshifts in the D zone than Fowler for Anaheim. He did the vast majority of the heavy lifting.

      Not a star? Just 1 of the best 2 way Dman in the game. Easily a #1. His offense will never whoa you as he leans to the safe play 1st.He posted the same point totals as Lindholm playing 11 less games.

      • You are overrating fowler striker! he is definitely not a #1 that’s just nonsense, You say you watch all these games you wouldn’t hear any hockey guys say fowler is a number or better than lindholm or vatenan

  6. Fowler is one year older then Larsson. If he’s not a star or a star in the making then I’m not giving up a 1st for him unless its in the 25 to 30 range. Fowlers offensive upside is way better then Larsson.Larsson is better defensively as he had a good plus minus on a lousy team.
    They are both good players but obviously in different ways. A mid second round pick ( my guess Detroit is around # 40-45 ) and a solid prospect might be enough or a younger player , a mid level prospect and a 3rd round pick might get a deal done.
    Assets coming back to Anaheim, no matter who trades for Fowler or someone else have to be draft exempt.

  7. To Colorado: Cam Fowler and Jakob Silfverberg.

    To Anaheim: Jarome Iginla, Mikhail Grigorenko, conditional 1st round pick in 2017 that becomes a 2nd round pick if Anaheim advances to the Cup Final.


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