Latest Ducks Speculation – October 24, 2016

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Anaheim Ducks defenseman Cam Fowler unfazed by trade rumors.

Anaheim Ducks defenseman Cam Fowler unfazed by trade rumors.

The Ducks place Simon Despres on LTIR, while trade rumors continue to dog Cam Fowler.

THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER:  Eric Stephens cites TSN’s Bob McKenzie reporting the Anaheim Ducks placed concussed defenseman Simon Despres on long-term injured reserve. The move provides the Ducks with some much-needed financial flexibility as Despres’ $3.75 million annual average salary won’t count against the Ducks cap payroll as long as he’s sidelined.

Stephens suggests this could become the first move the Ducks need to make to free up salary-cap room to re-sign restricted free agent blueliner Hampus Lindholm. Stephens speculates a new deal for Lindholm could be between $5-$6 million per season. 

Stephens recently profiled the solid early-season play of Ducks defenseman Cam Fowler, who’s been the subject of trade rumors since the summer. In order to free up cap room to re-sign Lindholm, Fowler ($4 million per season) was considered the obvious trade candidate. However, the 24-year-old said he’s tuning out the rumors and not allowing them to affect his play. 

TORONTO SUN: Lance Hornby reports the Ducks “has a presence” during a couple of the Maple Leafs’ recent road games. “Crank up the Cam Fowler rumours again,” writes Hornby.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Ducks could also place Nate Thompson (ruptured Achilles tendon, $1.6 million) on LTIR. Combined with Despres’ salary, it’ll give them $5.3 million to put toward re-signing Lindholm. Of course, they’ll have to free up that cap space when Despres and Thompson are ready to return to action later this season. That could keep Fowler’s name in the rumor mill.

As for the Ducks scouting the Leafs recent road games, perhaps they were checking out the Chicago Blackhawks, who meet the Ducks on Nov. 25. Or maybe they were scouting the Leafs to consider a trade involving Fowler. Let you imaginations run wild, Leafs fans!


  1. “Let your imaginations run wild, Leafs fans!”

    Please, Lyle, they don’t need any encouragement 🙂

    • Hey now…. maybe the Sens could pick him up to take Borowieckis spot, Mister Imagination. lol

      • I would do cartwheels down The Mall!

      • But I will admit one thing. The odds are infinitely better he winds up in Toronto with Lamoriello involved than they are with that non-entity running things in Ottawa.

  2. The price right now for Fowler and Trouba is sky high. I don’t think we’ll see either moved until at least another month, as Trouba will have to be moved prior to the end of the year or the Jets will have to play him/sit him.

    • Dec 1st is the deadline.

  3. On twitter yesterday I read something about the Ducks considering their options and possibly listening to offers on Lindholm if it involved a package including a very good young D with an affordable contract. I can’t remember the source off hand but the way Fowler has been playing it could give Murray an option that many didn’t think was a possibility. Maybe they move Lindholm.

    • If it’s Lindholm moved & it’s possible, the cost will be even higher than Fowler as Fowler’s 2 years remaining on his contract to UFA status will effect the return some what. Lindholm isn’t UFA eligible for 5 years. The dreaded business side of the new NHL.

  4. I said it yesterday, and I would suggest it again. JVR for Fowler and a >$1M salaried player…I’m sure some prospects or picks may have to exchange hands to balance the deal out as well. The “young guns” the Leafs have in place are the future of this franchise. JVR is already on borrowed time and as his cap hit is friendly, the more that the rookies excel, the less and less time he will get on the ice. As that happens his numbers go down, and suddenly he is a 20G 20A guy and no one is giving the Leafs a top 4D man for him. As the timing stands, this is the best opportunity in recent memory for the Leafs to add a top 4D through trades as both Anaheim and Winnipeg are dealing from weakened positions. If Winnipeg were desperate for a winger I’d be shopping them JVR and a lottery protected 1st for Trouba.

    • As I said yesterday how does that solve Anaheim’s cap issues? The talk of Fowler moving is to free up cap space to sign Lindholm. JvR makes 250K more than Fowler.

      If Toronto is getting Fowler, Nylander or Marner are going the other way. Are you prepared to give up 1 of those players to secure Fowler?

      Toronto has cap issues of their own. Which again could be significantly worse if the arbitrator rules in Cowen’s favor.

      • In fairness Toronto will have a ton of LTIR cap space when they finally decide to put Horton, Lupul & Robidas on LTIR but I assume a bunch of those bonus monies; 5.582, will be earned by Matthews, Nylander, Marner, & Zaitsev & count against the cap.

      • While I agree with the cost you laid out Striker, in my opinion the Leafs shouldn’t be doing this. They already have two puck moving guys in Reilly and Gardiner. Fowler is a pretty good all round D but I think their need is more of a shut down guy, top two guy. Wish there were a few more webers floating around in the league:)
        Theres no doubt that Fowler is an upgrade for the defense but it leaves the issues of what to do with Gardiner? To move him to third pairing + lose Nylander or Marner doesn’t make sense for the Leafs.

      • So far the Leafs haven’t made use of the LTIR (they haven’t needed to). But I expect them to use it, once the Cowen situation is resolved. Whether the make use of LTIR or not the bulk of their rookie bonus money will be carried forward to next year, so why not?

        As far as the defense goes, I would be happy to see them play out the season with a top four of Reilly, Gardiner, Zaitsev and Carrick. They are good skaters, move the puck well, and have room to grow their respective games.

        As mentioned, Fowler as a leftie is not an ideal fit. And I want to see JVR remain, for now, to shelter the youth. Trouba is obviously appealing but the cost would be too high. Leafs don’t need to be in a hurry to do anything. The kids are playing great, just keep playing them.

        My idea of a trade with Anaheim would be Stoner + pick + prospect for Hunwick. That would ease Anaheim’s cap woes and give Toronto a bigger body for the bottom pairing.

      • It only carries forward if the cap space doesn’t exist this season to absorb it.

      • That’s my point, the Leafs are less than $1m under the cap. The bonuses are going to next season.

      • It would have to be Fowler plus at least $1m salaried player coming back to the Leafs. I’m sure that Lamarillo could work some cap magic to free up space and could find a way to make a deal cap compliant for both clubs.

      • Don’t be ridiculous, Striker. The Leafs are not going to trade Marner or Nylander for Fowler and it doesn’t fit their organizational need as a contender in any case.

        Fowler plus one of ANH’s salary dumps will, however, net them something valuable. If it’s from the Leafs, I would guess we’re looking at JVR, possibly plus.

      • No once they place Horton, Lupul & Robidas on LTIR that will free up 13.5 mil in usable cap space this season. Assuming Lupul isn’t cleared to play at some point. More than enough room unless other salaries are taken on to force the bonus’s to carry forward as a penalty.

      • I agree dan39 but if they don’t the only way their getting a Fowler Lindholm or Trouba is to eat some significant salary for Anaheim or give Winnipeg what they need, which they don’t have as their not giving up Rielly.

      • Indeed Striker, the Leafs will need to take back a salary dump for Fowler. Lindholm I believe is out of reach. As to Trouba, nobody sane would trade Rielly for Trouba, particularly with his ridiculous salary demands.

      • If I were Murray I would take JvR a C grade prospect, Lindberg, Brown, Shishnikov, etc & say SJ’s 2nd for Fowler & Stoner, perhaps Anaheim even tosses in a 4th or 5th.

      • That’s not correct Striker. LTIR can not be used to absorb performance bonuses. As soon as you’ve entered LTIR territory all of your performance bonuses will be paid out of the next year’s cap.

      • With the leafs Offense looking solid I would look at Reilly for trouba, Reilly might get better defensively but hasn’t shown it yet. And does anyone really know troubas salary demands?? Just here say

      • @CO if Toronto trades a couple players at the deadline it would free up more space for bonuses. If they use the LTIR all the bonus money shifts to next year. If they lose the Cowan arbitration don’t be surprised if they make some kind of move to avoid using the LTIR

      • Hi Yogi, for sure, they may be trying to avoid LTIR altogether. If they could move Polak and one or two others at the deadline they could probably absorb most of the bonuses.

        Personally though, I would rather they exploited the LTIR to the fullest. Between Laich, Michalek, Greening, Polak and Robidas, that’s $16.45M coming off the books next season, with Hyman, Brown and Zaitsev being the most prominent players to sign. A bonus penalty in 17/18 is not going to be a problem.

        In the meantime they could use the LTIR from Horton and Robidas (and perhaps Lupul) to bury some bad contracts for other teams in exchange for futures. The opportunity is there and they would be foolish not to use it. They have only 7 picks in this coming draft, their goal should be to draft at least 10. Taking the bonus penalty wouldn’t be a lot different than taking a year of Laich’s salary that netted them Carrick and Grundstrom. Teams on the bottom like Toronto, Arizona and Carolina need to do these kind of moves to gain ground on the established teams.

      • Striker, I can’t wait to see how this Lupul thing – clearly another of Loophole Lou’s shenanigans – pans out. I mean, the others you mention have clearly defined debilitating injuries easily verified by an independent doctor should the league ever question them, but in Lupul’s case all anything ever says is “Joffrey Lupul 2016-09-21 Conditioning Lupul has been deemed as unfit to play and the team has placed him on the injured reserve list”. CONDITIONING? Give me a freaking break.

      • Bigbadbruins

        Reilly for Trouba is a no go. Reilly is far superior in just about every respect. He has faced top tier competition since last year and fared very well despite playing with a weak partner. Also he has one of the higher 5 on 5 scoring rates amoung defensemen and doesn’t yet get a ton of PP time. He’s also already signed to an excellent contract. Reilly for Trouba wouldn’t make a lot of sense for the Leafs.

      • Leafs have a crap load of salary on LTIR, so they can afford the move. And there’s no way on this earth that Fowler would require Marner or Nylander….. no GM would ever pay that!

        Marner and Nylander are projected to be top line players, Fowler … although a great dman is a top 4, he isn’t Elite.

  5. I like the idea of Anaheim paying someone to take Stoners cap hit be it Toronto or someone else. Stoner & Toronto retains the middle 2nd of the 3 they have but owe to Anaheim to take Stoner. Anaheim takes back a C grade prospect like a Lindberg or other.

    • I agree, that’s best of a number of unappealing options for Anaheim.

  6. Something is definitely brewing I believe between these 2 teams.They have a history of making trades, they have dealt with each other a lot over the the last few years.
    Im not sure what to expect. JVR for Fowler has been speculated for months on here. ANA needs cap space so this is just a lateral move. If the Leafs are going to get any of ANAs d men it will have to be by giving up prospects. Im not moving
    Marner, Nylander, etc. but I would consider Brown. I think he is at his best trade value right now. Of course TO needs to send SOME salary back, around the 3 mil or less mark. Not much to choose from. The one salary I see fitting the bill is Polaks. Dont think ANA wants him.

    • Anaheim isn’t giving up Fowler or Lindholm in a deal for a C grade prospect; Brown, unless the other compensation is significant, nor are they taking back Polak. They have Polak but are paying him even more in Stoner. Theodore, Montour & Larsson all appear to be NHL ready although only room at the inn for 1 currently, maybe 2 if 2 Dman are sent packing in trade.

      JvR is possible but Toronto would have to eat salary or take back a Stoner to make it work for Anaheim financially.

      JvR a B/C grade prospect of some nature, Brown, Lindberg, Shoshnikov, what have you but not 1 of the 3 studs, Matthews, Nylander or Marner, a solid pick for Fowler or Lindholm; costs will vary due to UFA eligibility status, & Stoner or salary retained.

      • @ Striker
        Marner and Nylander are studs ?

      • According to the “hype” they are. But in reality only time will tell how both stand up to the heavier hitting in the NHL.

      • And you have to remember, some are more apt to anoint players and place them on pedestals they haven’t yet earned. And even mentioning Nyland and Marner in the same breath as Matthews is stretching things just a tad – starting with their respective sizes.

      • I have them to be yes. It will take several years but both should be exactly as advertised.

      • Yes lol

      • You have them to be striker but let’s remember you are wrong a lot!! Lol

      • I don’t want to compare Nylander & Marner to say a Kane or Gaudreau other than they are all smurfs.

      • According to who? You bigbear. I’d say I’m right about 90% of the time. On my bets which include odds to balance the playing field, beating the bookies is no easy feat but still making money so have to be doing something right.

        I win my draft & box pools with few exceptions & never not make the money, how about you? My fantasy leagues I have few cup wins but a healthy winning %, division winner every year, Presidents trophy’s galore for what their worth.

        I’m not sure how your grading success or accuracy as you never really provide any meaningful insight, facts or put your money where your mouth is. Just rhetoric & a personal opinion.

        For the most part I believe what the people that are qualified to project these players & my own systems & #’s support. Nylander & Marner will be both be studs & beat the development timeline as they are just being given the opportunity as opposed to really having to earn it like on a good team. That 80/20 rule of mine you love so much.

      • Avg NHL forward is 6’1 around 200 lbs 27 years old, Nylander is 6′ 190lbs and 20 years old not sure he’s a “smurf”

      • Well you haven’t been right on here 90% of the time! I’m wrong all the time and I’d say I’m in the ballpark as much as you are! ? I

      • And enough with the fantasy pools nobody cares!

      • Bigbadbruins, you’re in the ballpark as much as Striker? No, you’re a court jester. You’re here purely to troll people by spouting unsubstantiated nonsense in an effort to bait them into disproving it. When that happens, you move on to the next outrage.

        You are less than worthless as a commentator, all you do is clutter up the forum and distract conversation among the reasonable people here to debate the hockey trade market.

      • Any examples? I care.

      • Dan39 ? All you ever do on here is go on about the leafs and how good they are or gonna be! Meanwhile what have they done they were last last season! As soon as another team is brought up you have no clue all you are is a leaf troll

  7. Trouba is the guy !!

    Toronto desperately needs a “stud” defenseman, as per the third period embarrassments that are taking place at the moment.

    Anderson has been a bit of a disappointment, but I am sure he will come around, at least I hope he does.
    Toronto has made a huge commitment to this guy.

    Edmonton is definitely a far superior team now, with a few tweaks to their back end, although they had to pay through the nose to achieve this…

    Toronto is away ahead of their forecast, with their talent, and talented drafting.

    Obtaining a guy of Trouba’s nature, is a “must”…… I am surprised Winnipeg is not motivated to move him..
    He does not want to play in Winnipeg.. This is a given..

    • Trouba is not a must by any stretch and the Leafs do have a stud defenseman in Morgan Rielly.

      Did you see any of the World Juniors? Trouba was a 7D, Morgan Rielly was nearly team MVP.

      Last season, Trouba was pretty ordinary on the bottom pairing and you can’t pin all of that on his partner.

      And apparently Trouba is asking for Lindholm money. Lindholm is vastly superior to Trouba. In fact, I’d rather have Fowler for the money.

      As to the Leafs vs Edmonton, I”m not even going there. Two different teams, different stages of development.

      • Sorry World Cup. So many damned tournaments now. World Cup.

      • I agree ken trouba should be the guy even it’s giving up Reilly trouba is must better defensively and that’s what the leafs need! Dan do you really know what trouba is asking for?

      • You need more than 1 stud Dman. Really good teams have several & generally a really solid top 4. Anh, Chi, LA, Min, Nas, StL, SJ, TB & Was as examples. All have numerous quality Dman.

      • I understand Striker, I’m not arguing Rielly is the complete solution! I do believe that he can be a top pair D on the left side, though. Beliow is what I have. We need another top D, obviously.

        Rielly – ______
        Gardiner – Zaitsev
        ______ – Carrick

        In the system, we have some quality looking projects, but these are a few years away. I particularly like Neilsen (6’3″ / 207) who had an awesome CHL season last year and made the Marlies as a 19 year old this season. He now has 5 pts in 5 gp in the AHl, which is very good even if it’s not sustainable.

      • Yeah someone mentioned the Neilsen kid earlier in the summer may have been you can’t remember but he looks promising. Toronto has done a fabulous job re-positioning this organization across the board.

      • I agree you need a stud d man. More the better, Thats why it makes no sense to trade a close to being a stud guy in Reilly even if it gets you Trouba.
        You need to stockpile theses D not move them. You move them if a great deal comes along and you have the depth. Never have I seen a Taylor Hall type offer for Reilly.Keep him.

      • MVP I could be the MVP of the Leafs

    • Nearly team Mvp? They give out Mvps to losing teams?

      I like Reilly, and I’m far from knocking him, but he wasn’t even the 2nd leading scoring d-man on that roster. And 8th overall with 2 points on that roster. And a +/- 0?

      Once again, maybe he is better than Trouba? But none of those above numbers scream Mvp to me either.

      On a good note, Zuccarello was nearly team Europes mvp and Mcdongh nearly The US mvp… I kid I kid!

      • Yeah, if you watched the tourney, you would have seen that Morgan was one of the best players on the ice for his team most nights. He had an incredible tournament. It’s not all captured by points. Wish I could get you the ATOI, which would show that he was relied upon as a top pair D, but I can’t find it. Any case, Trouba was a bottom pair/7D so it wasn’t even close.

      • Subban sat home watching, as did Letang, Kessel. I’m not sure that is a good way to cross evaluate players. Or do player comparison.

      • That’s not how I compare players, I’m just pointing it out…

      • But you’re using it as a comparison? Twice actually. If it isn’t a way of comparing the players, why even mention it? I dare say nobody is going to say Muzzin is superior to Subban anytime soon.

      • You can’t compare how any players were played in the World Cup it depends who the coach is and the style they play

      • NYR, I also talked about him being a mediocre bottom pair Dman last season, but you ignored that completely.

        If he was a truly elite Dman, he would have gotten signed already. Fact is, he put up a great rookie campaign and precious little since.

        I wouldn’t trade Rielly for him, and you’re not going to see that trade come down. It’s not even close to fair value.

      • Watching the best players in the world play against the other best players in the world works for me. Sure not all were there for a variety of reasons but the quality of play was exceptional.

        This was no All-Star game format. I saw some great hockey. Fast, physical & entertaining. No dead weight to play against lines just kept coming at you in waves. Canada’s 4th line was O’Reilly centering Duchene & Thornton. Your not seeing that quality of players on even most 1st lines in the NHL never mind 4th.

        All competitive games have meaning & value. I don’t consider exhibition games or the All-Star games to be competitive. Watching Mattheson; D Flo, play in the WC’s was a revaluation. It shocked me. I had no idea he was that good.

      • So striker, you’re saying Muzzin is better than Subban? Dubinsky better than Kessel? Because that’s what we’re talking about.

        Sorry, calling Trouba mediocre bottom pairing guy is going above and beyond crazy talk.

        At the same time all the Leaf prospects and even waiver wire pick ups are can’t miss, great fits? Oh boy!

      • Striker only sees and reads what he wants too, he only ever states the starts that helps his argument

  8. Some trade ideas:

    Fowler to Toronto for William Nylander
    Fowler to Detroit for Tomas Tatar and a 2nd
    Fowler to Detroit for Andreas Athanasiou +
    Fowler to Boston for David Pastrnak
    Fowler to Buffalo for Sam Reinhart
    Fowler, Stoner, Max Jones and a 2nd to NYR for Chris Kreider and Dylan Macilrath

    Not sure there is a great fit with the Rangers because the Ducks need offense, not another two-way guy like J.T. Miller. Zibanejed could be an interesting option actually but what’s his contract? If NYR still had Anthony Duclair, a young offensive prospect like that (aka William Nylander on the Leafs), that would be a better fit.

    These are the kind of deals the Ducks need to be looking at. Fowler for a cheap, fast, skilled forward prospect. Fowler is fast and pretty young too so all is fair in love and Cam Fowler trades.

    • Svechnikov from Detroit is another option as well instead of Athanasiou. So is Mantha to a degree but he has plateaued. Nyquist also if DET retains half the salary.

      • If Holland trades any of those kids he shot be fired.

    • Why on earth (and how in a cap world ) is NY taking Stoner or his contract?
      NY is not dealing Kreider or Zbad anytime soon.

    • Fowler to Leafs for Nylander..

      What are you thinking…

      Not a chance….. Nylander is going no where…
      Staying, as a Leaf for a long time.

  9. The Leafs just claimed F Ben Smith off waivers from Colorado while at the same time seeking waivers on Milan Michalek who’s in the last of a 3-year $12 million contract. I seriously doubt anyone puts in a claim.

    • Of course not. The point is to make room for the promising Connor Brown on the Kadri line. Connor has 7 pts in 12 games in the NHL, mostly playing with scrubs. He was a late draft pick, late bloomer and got a late start, but he’s getting his shot now. Ben Smith should be fine on the 4th line.

      • So why did the powerhouse Avalanche waive him?

      • I really don’t understand how you come on here dan and just pump every leafs players tires? They have done nothing in a really long time and yes the Offense looks promising but the defense is terrible if they don’t start upgrading soon take a look at how long the oilers rebuild took

    • Why would they claim Smith ? If you’re moving Milan out why not call up a guy like Rychel ?

  10. Bigbadbruins !!!!

    Your last COMMENT…. IS “BANG ON.”

    I am also still … High on Trouba…
    Reilly is fine… Trouba will be more of a complete, shutdown defenseman…
    Needs to get out of Winnipeg…

    • Reilly is a good offensive dman but lacks on the defensive side with the forwards they have they need strong defensive dmen!! You’re right

      • Reilly has logs the hard minutes for Toronto. Last season he & his partner Hunwick stared the most shifts in the D zone, & we’re the 1st line penalty killers. Finished 3rd last season in PP TOI/GP. Same this season. Reilly is currently 4th for PP TOI/GP in Tor. Both seasons has lead Toronto Dman in TOI/GP.

        As usual your blowing smoke, you should try putting down the pipe.

      • Oooh you can read a computer?? Good for you striker try watching him in his own end positioning, stick position, play reading etc,etc just because he starts those minutes doesn’t mean he’s good at it!

      • Reilly has been much stronger defensively than Trouba thus far. Swapping him for Trouba does nothing. Trouba has size but Reilly buries him in terms of relative possession and plays more minutes against top competition.

        Trouba is a very valuable piece but the problem is you will never get equal value for him in a 1-1 d trade. It’s hard to do. Look at trying to trade harmonic that way. That was with hamonic being a pro and playing every night. Trouba sitting hurts his value, no way someone gives up similar aged and talent level lhd for him.

      • Cmon on now Danny Reilly is not near as good defensively as trouba that’s stupid talk

      • Stupid talk?

        How do? Do you have a single thing to point to to suggest that Trouba is better in his own end?

        I’ve seen both play quite a bit, Trouba has talent but has not at all put it together yet. Reilly plays a more up tempo puck control game, doesn’t hit as much or hard, but does a much better job of keeping pucks in on the offensive side and better and skating and passing them out of D. He also is much stronger on the boards than Trouba. Not in a punishing way but he stays with forwards much better, and is much stronger down low that he looks like he would be.

        In the World Cup Reilly was easily NAs best defensemen and most replied upon once ekblad went down and Trouba was used very sparingly.

      • We’ve been thru the whole you can’t compare at the World Cup talk, Reilly runs around in his own end bad positioning not a good stick not even close as good as trouba in his own! Offensive Reilly is better! You ask the majority of NHL players who they would rather try to beat one on one hands down it’s Reilly

      • Ok so you don’t have a real argument then.
        You state Trouba has better positioning and a better stick, but having watched him play about 45-50 games last year, and Reilly about 60, I am quite comfortable in saying he doesn’t. Actually not close, in fact I would say his positioning is a weakness in his game as it has deteriorated as he tries to do too much as his offense dried up over the last two years.

        The World Cup is a piece of evidence, you don’t just get to dismiss it because it doesn’t support your argument. It’s not just about the play either, the fact that a coaching staff who scouted these players and had them at practices and in games were extremely comfortable with Reilly in all situations and were not comfortable with Trouba in many situations speaks volumes.

        The fact that many analysts have
        Brought up Reilly as a measuring stick because of the similar age and draft year, when talking about Trouba with a consensus that Reilly was a better defensemen and the leafs would never trade him for Trouba.

        The fact that stats such as relative possession, quality of competition, and with/without stats all pointing to Reilly having a far greater effect on shot suppression than Trouba is also a strong indicator.

        Trouba would be an exciting piece to add, he has the tools to be elite but has not had a smooth progression defensively. He is enticing because his raw skill set is similar to someone like Ekblad who is a defensemen you would trade Reilly for in a heart beat (although Florida would be hanginig up on that call as quickly as Toronto would on the Trouba call).

        If you are going say someone is stupid for a valid opinion at least back it up with something other than just random statements like “he’s got a better stick” and “ask any NHL player”.

        Those aren’t discussable points, they are a crutch for someone without a leg to stand on.

        You can have the opinion that you think Trouba is better, but don’t be a useless troll whose arguments are “you’re stupid”. It just makes you look bad.

      • Geezus Danny you can throw all the stats you want saying Reilly is better defensively but a whole lot of other stats say otherwise that you leave out and it’s pretty easy to SEE who is better

      • Yes strong argument you make there. There is little to no evidence that Trouba is better, you talk about me throwing out stats, at least I have suported my claim. You have not said one meaningful thing in defense of the statement that Trouba is better defensively.

        Yes I used stats, game scenarios, and usage to support my argument. How is that a negative ?

        You have simply just kept repeating Trouba is better cause i said so and if you don’t agree you must be stupid.

        If you had tried to defend that Trouba is better with at least something then ok. If you tried to rationalize what you think Trouba could be, then I get it. But calling someone’s argument stupid without even presenting a rationale as to why or trying to back up the opposite point is just useless.

  11. Josh Jooris , Tanner Glass to Anaheim for Lindholm,

    Mcilrath and Gropp to Winnipeg for Trouba……

    I thought I’d get in on the insane, fantasy, ignoring the cap trades! It is pretty fun!

  12. Never Quantity over Quality….How about Trouba for Lindholm. That should cover off all the trade scenarios:)

  13. Toronto and Anaheim have been Passionate trading partners in the past…

    We will See If Lindholm might even be in Play!!

  14. Any way that Troba goes to T.O, Fowler to the Jets and JVR to Anaheim? Saw this running on a facebook thread…could work with other pieces in the mix and the Leafs absorbing salary somewhere amd using the LTIR space they have.

    • It works great for the Leafs, but how does adding 250k in JVRs deal over Fowlers help the Ducks re-sign Lindholm? If the Ducks are making a deal, it’s going to be for that purpose. Unless someone involved takes Stoner etc. they won’t be adding salary. They’ll be subtracting it.

      • That why I said that the Leafs would have to utilize cap space under LTIR and would need to take someone back that adds flexibility for Anaheim.

      • While I think this trade has little in terms of chance of happening, it would be interesting if Toronto did something like eat half of JVRs salary. The LTIR makes it possible and the leafs would only have to pay if for 2 years.

        I just would like to see something creative like this with that ability. So far retaining cap has mostly been used on players with bad contracts. Nobody has used to to make a very attractive contract into a bargain bin contract for the player of that caliber.

  15. I know Edmonton is off to a hot start but I still don’t understand how they don’t seem more involved in the Trouba, fowler, Lindholm talk currently.

    Their defense is still brutal, they are riding hot goaltending and mcdavid just destroying while he is on the ice but when he is off the ice they still spend way too much time being pummeled and peppered in their end.

    A top tier defensemen is still a huge need for them. I don’t know if they have what either team is looking for but after going so hard for larrsson as to overpay like they did to me it’s disappointing to hear things so quiet with other options out there.