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No takers for NY Islanders goalie Jaroslav Halak?

No takers for NY Islanders goalie Jaroslav Halak?

Updates on recent speculation regarding the New York Islanders’ goaltending in your NHL rumor mill. 

NEW YORK POST: Dan Martin reports New York Islanders head coach Jack Capuano didn’t explain why he chose to start Thomas Greiss over Jaroslav Halak in Sunday’s game against the Toronto Maple Leafs. However, Martin feels it’s clear Halak isn’t pleased with the three-goalie situation, thanks to recent comments made by his agent Allan Walsh on Saturday questioning the Isles carrying three goalies this season.

Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman subsequently reported the Islanders were shopping Halak, but general manager Garth Snow declined to comment. Capuano also declined to comment on Walsh’s remarks. Martin notes the Isles are carrying Halak, Greiss and J-F Berube because they don’t want to expose Berube to waivers. 

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Peter Botte reports a source close to Halak claims the goaltender has not requested a trade. Greiss started three of the Isles last four games. This spring, Halak acknowledged expressing his displeasure over the three-goalie situation last spring, saying he tried to tell management it wasn’t ideal.

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple reports two sources claim none of the Islanders goalies asked for a trade. The sources confirmed Snow sent an email around the league indicating Halak was available, but one of the sources said the Isles haven’t received any offers for the veteran netminder. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Halak may be available, but there doesn’t appear to be a market for his services right now. Sure, there are teams in need of help between the pipes, such as the LA Kings, Arizona Coyotes and Boston Bruins. But Halak’s the wrong fit for them. He’s a starter with an injury history carrying a $4.5 million cap hit through 2017-18. There’s a good reason why the Isles don’t want to place the more affordable Berube on waivers, as they know one of those clubs will grab him. 


  1. Halak seems to be a streaky goalie. Teams must hate facing him in tournaments and playoffs. But can he carry a team as a starter through the regular season and playoffs? It seems strange that he is the talk of trades lately when the team he is already on needs help in the position he plays. I get it it’s the three goalie thing but the Islanders might be better off to keep him for now. Depth seems to be a major factor everybody points to with successful teams. If that’s the case wouldn’t trading him seem counterproductive? And remember he is the guy that gets hot at the right times it seems.

    • I don’t specifically perceive him as streaky but injury prone. If he could just stay healthy & not come up lame & that most in opportune time he would be a solid G option. Bishop is starting to have a similar issues for me as well. 2 playoffs in a row where he’s come up lame when they needed him most.

      I don’t blame either goalie but it doesn’t change the fact it’s a cause for concern especially at their salaries & cap hits. For me it’s all about having your goalie healthy & playing well at the right time. Numerous cups have been won with a goalie playing great at just the right time never mind an umpteenth # of playoff series won or lost on such. Halak himself having stolen 2 series himself in Montreal.

      • Good point on Bishop! Kypreos was quite vocal about that in 2015.

  2. Still not sure why you would carry 3 goalies, why not throw Halak on waivers if no one is willing to trade for him due to salary I very much doubt they would love the idea of taking the whole contract on and not sending anything back.

    • My thought is they are completely sure on any of them and figure they need depth. Contracts seem to be the barrier to lots of trades. But who gives the contracts? Managers, they are their own worst enemies at times don’t you think Shticky?

      • not sure I meant to say…… sorry

      • Ya but still Berube isn’t getting time to develop either if the 3 are splitting practice time at some point they are likely to need a roster spot for injury etc…lots of reasons and none of them that really have much to do with Halak that it’s not great strategy to carry 3 goalies if you send Halak down you can always recall if he isn’t claimed (which I doubt he would be)

      • It’s a waivers issue. LA tried to sneak Berube through at the start of last season. Swing & a miss. Not a bad situation to be in if you have the room or your 23 man roster to make it work. Not ideal but it’s an asset management business issue.

    • That $4.5 cap hit is a stumbling block for some teams that need a goalie right now.

      • Yep. Few teams are taking that cap hit. Add Pavelic to it as well. Neither of these teams are eating salary to accommodate moving these players unless motivated to do so serves them better to do what they are doing.

    • Aside from injury issues probably a case of a smaller goalie not really being able to stand up to the rigorous NHL schedule aside from that I think Halak numbers wise is well worth 4.5 mill, so I would say in some cases yes tho I don’t think this is one.

      • If you’re desperate for a goalie you take a chance on him avg goalie with a cap hit that is hard for playoff teams to fit in

    • I assume just that will happen eventually. NYI has room on their 23 man roster & I assume Barzal will be heading back to junior shortly providing even more time for Snow to let this play out.

      It’s simply about asset management. Why waive a player when a trade may materialize when injuries force another teams hand. Rutherford is about to do the same with Condon for as long as he possibly can, hoping to get something as opposed to nothing.

    • If you throw him to waivers you send a clear message to the players on how you handle them, and the mindset of the clubs management. People would take NYI off their list of teams they’d be dealt to with limited trade clauses.

      • I’m not sure people are dying to be an Islander any way but regardless guys will play where they have a chance to win.

  3. Halak at times can be as good as any goalie in the league. Up until this year he won something like 8 of 9 vs the Rangers and Lundqvist. He was awesome in the World Cup. But other times, he lets in the softest of soft goals. Isles fans will remember an incredibly soft goal in an important game against Philly 2 years ago on an unscreened shot from the blue line with seconds left. He let in a terrible goal against Pittsburgh last week. Then his agent comes out blaming the lack of quality practices. At the same time Greiss has looked very good. He is not spectacular but is very steady. Doesn’t flail all over. And for a 2M/1.5 cap hit goalie with similar production will see more time. In addition, Greiss has been someone that is more durable. Halak has shown he can’t play more than 50 games. The Isles will need to bite the bullet at some point and expose Berube or Halak to waivers or trade Halak for basically nothing or pick up some salary if they want anything back.

    • Halak’s career SV% in 372 regular season games is .917 having played for 4 different teams. In 30 playoff games for 3 different teams .924. Those put him in very solid company.

      Not going to be easy to find a suitor as few teams can afford the cap hit & with 1 year remaing on his contract after this season even at the trade deadline this season few are going to want to be faced with taking him on & potentially having to buy him out or pay him to play. Possibly but just not enough starter jobs to go round & he is being paid a starters wage.

  4. Today I went on the Hockeybuzz for the second time. It has Boston interested in Jimmy Howard; now I know why I don’t go on there. Please make the rumours somewhat believable.

    • Try reading James tanners blogs on that site! That will make you never go back lol

      • I refuse to read Tanner, Garth’s corner & numerous others. This is by far the best chat group I have found on the web. You guys are very sound in judgement, insightful, & provide a solid perspective to the discussion & debate. Nor does it doesn’t usually degradate into name calling. Well not very often. Ha-ha!

        On Hockeybuzz you make 1 negative comment about something & some homer is calling you an idiot & providing some very unflattering opinions of what you should do in the privacy of your own home. Ha-ha!

      • That’s precisely the kind of crapola that frequented the various Sun newspapers on-line feed-back, complete with schoolyard epithets like “Laffs” and “Senaturds” – things you’d be more apt to hear when babysitting a group of 8-year-olds. Now and then someone slips it in here – but not often.

      • Ever try Yahoo? Lol.

      • see lyle he is spewing his stuff again

      • Who are you referring to, and what are they “spewing” that so offends you?

    • You just post a comment & move on. Don’t read Ek specifically, he’s all about generating hits through sensationalism. There are a # of great bloggers/writers. Cordell, Crozier, Jackell, Levine & although very raw, Stein & a few of their chat boards on their sites have some sound followers with good insight. Just far to many kids who are just down right rude.

      There have been others as well that have moved on to bigger & better things. Lewis, Yost, etc.

  5. <– is this website a bunch of bs or what? Im guessing its highly unreliable..

  6. Interesting post by Dobber this AM.

    “Jake Gardiner is off to a great start with six points already. Why is that? His PP time isn’t up by much (20 seconds per game). He’s shooting at about the same pace. Answer: it’s the talent around him. His ES points have been with different partners (four points alongside four different guys). But he has two power-play points as the lone true defenseman on that unit. He’s on pace for 18 PP points against last year’s 12. Last year he had 31 points based on a 5on5 SH% of 5.99%. So with normal productive teammates around him, maybe that 31 should have been 36. Add in another six PP points and it gives him 42. That’s about where I’ll peg him for now.”

    You can see my response to it on his daily rambling chat board below today’s post. Lyle hope it’s ok I mentioned Dobber. I don’t consider him a competitor for what you do. Just another source of input.

    At 42 that hits my low for Gardner. I have him at 42 to 47 if he plays at least 75 games.

  7. So I read somewhere that Halak might be heading to Dallas and immediately I think no.
    Then I thought I would consider this for a bit.

    If Dallas ships Kari ++ to New York and gets Halak.
    New York can then place Kari on waivers and demote him.

    All this being said Dallas would have to add quite a bit.

    I still don’t see this happening and it is far fetched.

    • I seen that on Twitter (forget by who) but I thought at the time it makes some sense for Dallas as I do think Halak plus whoever stays on Falas is a pretty decent tandem situation if Halak can hold up for 40 or 50 games there I just don’t know who goes the other way,,,, also Dallas would now easily have the room Hemsky out 5-6 months hip surgery

    • Something along these lines is possible. If I’m NYI I roll the dice at the right time & waive Halak. Now isn’t the right time unfortunately. Now before the season started & all teams were committed to the personal at hand he may well have cleared maybe not because of his performance in the WC. Few teams had the cap space to take him on & the few that did probably wouldn’t have regardless.

      NYI usually has an internal cap. A bunch of teams appear to be spending future expansion windfalls at present. Due to Lehtonen’s cap hit & actual salary 6 this year 5 next I assume it would be Niemi not Lehtonen & Dallas would have to provide a sweetener otherwise what’s NYI’s motivation? Plus they may poitentially face the same dilema with Niemi. Although unlikely he gets claimed what if he does.

      Having 3 goalies is nice insurance if you can make the 23 man roster limit work something NYI can do easily with Barzal; I assume he’s being sent back to Jr soon, waiver exempt as are Beauvilier & Pulock when he returns from injury waiver exempt.

      • I know that some teams have carried 3 on their 23 man roster, but I don’t think it’s a good idea. Keeping your backup in tune is hard enough, add in a 3rd now you have a carousel and I’d imagine it can’t be good for their heads. I’d say it’s more of an issue, than insurance.

      • Agreed

      • Which is why Murray felt obliged to trade Bishop to TB when he had Anderson and Lehner as well – and wound up getting short-changed in Conacher. Although he did offer bishop to Edmonton by the bozos in charge back then came back with some 38-year-old on their roster who was due to become a UFA!

      • “but the bozos in charge” – damned spell-check anticipating again

      • The Flames are unbelievable proof that the 3 goaltender thing does not work. It just screws with the goalie’s heads

  8. What’s the status of Grubauer in regards to the expansion draft? Hes RFA at end of the year, does he need to be protected?

    • He doesn’t have to be protected but would have to be exposed. He’s not exempt from selection. There are numerous solid young goalie options like Grubauer that will be available to Las Vegas.

    • Carolina should make a solid pitch for him, take back Orpik too. He’s a solid goalie.

      • oops too many solids. Im like hitchcock and Treliving, trying to make up some new trendy buzzwords lol.

  9. Ottawa might be in the hunt for a back-up goalie since it looks like Hammond’s groin injury is a severe one. Anderson’s fine when he’s in there but with his wife’s condition and an uncertain future the Sens’ prospects take a dip if it’s to be a Dreidger/O’Connor combination for any serious length of time.

  10. Is this the point where I look like a homer fan and say we’ll get two firsts and a second for Halak? Elliot seemed to think there were a few possibilities (LA, Boston, Dallas, Ottawa, Carolina). I don’t think his cap hit is unreasonable given that he tends to be solid when he plays. The injury history and lack of cap space are likely the biggest hurdles.

    Of course most of those teams need a goalie now but won’t need one later or next season. Dallas and Carolina seem like the best possibilities. Given how little goalies seem to go for I have no idea what they might get back for him. 3rd rounder or a b prospect?

    • I would think it depends, I could see the Islanders getting more than expected if they could make the cap work for a team like LA or Dallas by holding a bit of salary or taking back one of the other 2 in Dallas. Not a kings ransom by any means but maybe a better prospect and a higher pick or multiples? Like a couple seconds or a second and a good prospect which is more than what a lot of goalies seem to be getting in Halak position.Depends on how desperate some teams get and how cheap Snow is willing to make Jaro. Personally I think he would be better option for a team like LA or Dallas than Condon or another waiver type backup when playoff are riding on it. Missing in LA or Dallas would be a huge blow and over pretty much a full season not sure how good About what’s there now.

      • Really don’t see much given up for halak with the injurie history. And is it really an upgrade of huge improvement over lehtonnan,niemi or budaj? Not much to give something away

  11. Not meaning to hijack a thread but was thinking about trouba and would the Jets make the following trade

    Jvr or Gardiner
    Kapenan or lepsic
    Lottery protected 1st rd, lottery protected for 3 years then 1st no matter what.

    Just a thought

  12. where is it written that a coach needs to inform the media how he runs his taem. if he wants to play any goal tender then thats up to him.