Latest on the Lightning, Rangers and Oilers – October 11, 2016

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Nikita Kucherov reportedly on the verge of re-signing with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Nikita Kucherov reportedly on the verge of re-signing with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Updates on Nikita Kucherov, potential waiver-wire players of interest for the Edmonton Oilers and the Rangers could shop defenseman Dylan McIlrath.

TAMPA BAY TIMES:  Joe Smith reports Tampa Bay Lightning restricted free agent winger Nikita Kucherov flew from Russia to Tampa Bay yesterday as he nears a deal with the Lightning. It’s speculated Kucherov could sign a short-term bridge deal by as early as today.

The Lightning only have around $5.5 million in salary-cap space. It was expected Kucherov would seek a long-term deal worth over $6 million annually. He could accept a two- or three-year deal for a lesser annual cap hit with the promise of a much more lucrative deal down the road. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll be interesting to see what Kucherov’s new deal will be. He could become the third player this year (Steven Stamkos and Victor Hedman being the others) general manager Steve Yzerman convinces to accept less than market value to remain with the Lightning. 

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports the New York Rangers are believed seeking a trade partner to take defenseman Dylan McIlrath off their hands. McIlrath, 26, had a poor training camp, but the Rangers prefer not to put him on waivers. Even if he remains with the club, he won’t be part of the Blueshirts’ top-six defensemen. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: McIlrath is on a one-year, one-way contract worth $800K. He could be an affordable pickup for a team seeking blueline depth in the upcoming season. The asking price certainly won’t be expensive. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Bruce McCurdy lists wingers PA Parenteau, Teemu Pulkkinen and center Mark McNeil as right-shooting forwards on the waiver wire of possible interest for the Edmonton Oilers. He wonders if the club might claim one of them. All are on affordable one-year contracts, with Parenteau’s the most expensive at $1.25 million.

Jim Matheson reports former Oilers defenseman Eric Gryba, who was with the club on a professional tryout offer, left the Oilers after they signed blueliner Kris Russell over the weekend. His agent claims two other NHL teams expressed interest in auditioning Gryba.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Maybe the Calgary Flames are one of those two clubs interested in Gryba. They reportedly wanted to bring back Russell before he signed with the Oilers. 


  1. I was surprised that Parenteau was let go, especially with the bit of a vacuum the Islanders have on the wing, but I guess his performance so far didn’t inspire much confidence in him. He should get on somewhere else without much difficulty.

    • Only if their offensive system tolerates floaters – and no team with that approach is going to go very far.

  2. I would sooner see Parenteau claimed by Carolina or New Jersey. Last season in games against the Canadiens he made an impact; nothing to say he wouldn’t play with a chip on his shoulder in the Metropolitan division against the Islanders.

  3. It’s a shame about Mcilrath. I’ve been a long time hater of that pick, but he actually looked pretty decent last year. No matter what, I think his stay in NY is over. And they aren’t going to get anywhere near the return they wasted on him. Good thing they skipped over Fowler to grab him!

    • At 6′ 5″ 220 lbs and still just 24 – what is his drawback that makes him expendable. Is he another Cowen?

      • No Cowen could skate. McIlrath’s decision making is questionable. McIlrath’s abilities relate to size & physical play. Other than that he brings little to the table.

      • There is no drawback. AV is a clown coach who rolled Dan Boyle at 40 last year out there more than pretty much any d man. The coach is an idiot. This kid is a monster on d.

      • Of course he is. That’s why he has coached over 1000 regular season NHL games & 122 playoff games in his 14 year NHL coaching career. He has made the playoffs in 10 of them the Stanley Cup finals twice. Semi’s 4 times, quarters 3 times.

        Top 20 in games coached & wins all time. 7 behind Babcock for wins. 520 to the 527. Babcock has coached 20 less games.

        That said I’m not a Vigneault fan either but I respect his accomplishments.

    • Haunted draft for sure…
      Coach has no faith in him

  4. If you can’t mamke the Rangers defence you can’t play in the NHL unless it’s Edmonton or Vancouver.

    • There was once a time 3-4 years ago that the Ranger d was the best six in hockey.

    • or Boston

    • Lol Ron. Just so we’re straight . NY is a roster full of useless players and have no chance? Jesus, is 1994 still haunting you?

  5. Can we talk Leafs nation please

  6. Rough summer for snow.

    • Isn’t snow common in Edm in the summer?

      • Not at all.its no different then Buffalo in the summers. Although once fall comes it usually is a cold ass place . Not my favourite place to work.

  7. Mcilrath is 24 not 26. Big difference upside there.

  8. Not on the rumor section, but as a flyer fans we have to look forward to the opener with optimism, with Konechny and Provorov making the team.

    • I agree. I didn’t think konechny would be ready for a few years. Ottawa fans will be jealous.

      • As they should be. It was plain stupid to pass on him, Either due to the talent he clearly has or the local ties as a former 67 that would have made him an instant fan favourite.

      • Don’t think too many will be jealous of a 5′ 10″ 176 lb accident looking for a place to happen. They could have taken him at # 18 and instead chose 6′ 2″ D Thomas Chabot, and then again at # 21 but decided to go with 6″ C Colin white of Boston College.

      • @George
        Any player playing in the NHL is a misstep away from a brutal injury, 5’10 or 6’2. Lindros didn’t fare too well in that regard. Then there’s guys like St. Louis who rarely missed games with injury at 5’8 180. I just don’t understand your hate boner for smaller players lol. You site players sizes a fair amount and always use it against them if they’re small. It’s so baseless.

      • I don’t have a “hate boner” for small players (to use your crude, pub talk. But then again I don’t have to effing (just to get within your limited vocabulary) Einstein to realize that a guy the size of Koneckny stands a better than even chance of a serious collision injury than does a behemoth, of which the league is full. Yeah, sure, Lindros was a big-man exception but those were concussions brought about mainly by a hammering from an equally huge D-man (which probably would get him suspended today), and. yeah. St. Louis was a little-guy exception. Who knows, maybe Koneckny will be another exception. Only time will tell. My point – in response to BrokenHips suggestion that some Ottawa fans will be jealous that they didn’t take him, simply by pointing out that they took two pretty good prospects instead. And right now, that’s all Koneckny is – a prospect.

      • As an Ottawa fan, I’m perfectly fine with them passing on Konechny. Chabot and White are both better prospects according to multiple sources (ex. Hockey News).

      • My comment was never one to put a knock on who we picked. Easy there fella with the defence stance. Just more to underline that he might be a good player and ottawa dans had quite the crush on him.I’m quite satisfied with who ottawa got.

      • Sorry BrokenHip – that should have read “in response to CMac?s suggestion …”

  9. I didn’t know Parenteau was available. He is an interesting case because he produces wherever he goes, but never seems to catch on. Having said that I am not sure Edmonton needs him at this point, unless he is seen as another offensive possibility if some of the young forwards there stumble a little.

    So another player seemingly taking less to stay in Tampa? Maybe palm trees and low taxes are more to consider here than shrewd management by Yzerman? I have been a regular supporter of Yzerman on this site and he is doing a great job there, but you cannot help but wonder if those two facets play a role in staying? Another obvious possibility is Tampa’s chance to win a Cup is pretty high with the core they have.

    • Been saying for a while that teams from Florida have a salary cap advantage with no taxes. If we are striving for parity with the salary cap then this tax levels need to be a part of the next CBA. No wonder Canadian Teams can’t attract talent.

      • Canadian palm trees just not quite as nice I guess.

      • How do you negotiate tax issues into a CBA. Not even possible. Tax rates vary by province, state, some markets; even cities, charge players an entertainment tax for playing or performing in their markets.

        It is what it is & will never become an issue in CBA negotiations. Outside of the NHL or NHLPA’s control.

        I don’t perceive that Canadian teams have any problems attracting talent. No more or less than most teams & usually relates to a the state of the team. No 1 wanted to go to Edm for years. In comes McDavid & Lucic signs, Russell. Eriksson Vancouver, Brouwer Cal, Radulov Montreal. Buffy resigned could have become a UFA if he so desired.

        Players go where they want for numerous reasons. All players are paid in US dollars so Canadian teams have no less advantage.

        It’s not that Florida doesn’t have tax’s just far lower tax’s. Alberta players pay the lowest tax in the NHL.

      • I have said this before, but I think the salary cap structure needs to apply to after tax income figures, not before tax income figures,

        This would level the field from a taxation standpoint since all figures are stated in USD.

        Without this, all US teams have an advantage over Canada before you even look at states which have less tax than other states.

      • Interesting point you bring up mbat12, I think so too. If the cap was brought in to level the playing field then this should be taken into consideration. Of course there would be 24 teams against such a move which would probably keep it off the table.

        Would make it a lot more confusing for GM’s and fans when evaluating trade proposals.

    • Beautiful city, great place to play, cup contender for numerous years to come, youth coming up at every position to flush out player loses, great taxes & a GM that almost everyone respects having been 1 of the best NHL players & leaders of his era.

      It’s not that these players aren’t being paid fairly they just could have acquired more if they really wanted to. Stamkos could have taken the big UFA signing. Hedman could have waited to become a UFA, Kucherov could have held out & forced Yzerman’s hand. Going to be curious to see the term & dollars.

      Stamkos at 8.5 & Hedman at 7.875 puts them right where they should be for salary in relationship to their peers & the tax savings alone make these contracts far bigger than they really are. It’s not what your being paid but what you earn after tax that really matters. Well that & winning, something TB will have no trouble doing for a very long time.

      Yzerman has hit another home run with Point. What a steal at 79 in 2014. With Namestnikov, Drouin, Koekkoek, Kucherov & Paquette TB is set for years even if they lose a Johnson or Palat. They also have others coming but to far away to really project yet, Masin, Erne, Yan, Spencer, etc.

      What a well Oiled machine. 1 of the best run organizations in Hockey, in the 6 years Yzerman has been at the helm he has built an incredible team & organization.

      • I agree completely. He has done a great job and seems to have taken Holland’s brain with him. That’s why I am not concerned for Tampa regarding Bishop. I think Yzerman is patient and determined enough to let him go all the way to free agency and is not afraid to let him walk either. See Drouin, and more importantly Stamkos!

      • I agree. I love how Yzerman has handled these difficult situations. He’s been fair, straightforward & held his ground. He’s let the players decide what they wish to do.

        More GM’s need to take these types of stances & not continually capitulate to the pressure. Yzerman has the luxury few teams have though in that he has so much talent available he can afford to potentially let some players walk. Losing Hedman would have been devastating, few can replace this quality of Dman.

        Had Stamkos chosen to walk it would have been unfortunate but TB barely missed a beat with out him. Took Pit to 7 games in the Conference finals, Stamkos played 1 game for TB in the playoffs.

        If not for the stupid off side rule TB may well have advanced. Should it really matter that your skate isn’t on the ice if behind the line? I accept it’s currently the rule so yes it should but I would like to see the rule changed or at least the video review eliminated. If it’s so close you need to watch it over & over to decide I would prefer the goal be awarded.

    • Are we also taking cost of living into consideration? Which can vary insanely in the US. New York 300k isn’t buying you a shack, Florida it gets you a 5 bedroom house. Electric, gas, oil all added expenses in Ny compared to Florida. Ditto La, Chicago etc.

  10. 4.776 for Kucherov 3 years. Unbelievable value & still an RFA upon expiry. Well done Stevie.

    • I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this. Outstanding work by Steve Y

  11. Waiver wire news

    Seth Griffth claimed from Boston by Toronto
    Teemu Pulkkinen Det to Min
    Mike Condon Mtl to Pitts
    Parenteau to NJ

    Whats Pittsburgh up to ??

    • Easy Condon is the backup of Fleury until Murray come back and then I guess Fleury will be traded or they will put Condon on waivers.

    • probably found home for Fluery pending Murray return to full health

    • condon stop gap to give Jarry full starting minutes in WBS as the first month of the schedule isn’t too tight with games.

  12. macilrath, lindberg and nash to WPG for Trouba and 2nd rd pick….

    • Really? Maybe you should add tanner glass and Nathan Gerbe as well and get back Wheeler and buff too.

  13. So Oilers trade Yakupov because they think Versteeg will replace him and now Versteeg signs with Calgary. It would of been nice for Edmonton if he decided this yesterday so they could’ve picked up Pulkinnan (probably spelt wrong) or Parenteau. Big fat jerkface

    • He clearly got a better offer from Calgary. what was he supposed to do, take the lesser offer?

      • Hell,we don’t know if they even MADE him an offer! he was there on a PTO.

      • George he got 950,000 same as oilers offered but he went to Calgary because they told him he would play with johnny hockey to start the season

      • Can’t blame him then if that is indeed the case. Clearly, he wasn’t going to play on a line with McDavid – being Gaudreau’s line-mate can help him pad some stats that may get him a better deal next season.

      • Not blaming the player as much as the team. It was bad asset management from the Oilers standpoint to not sign him earlier but it still showed bad form from the player not signing with the team that gave him a shot.#Oilers

    • Dreger is reporting that the oilers only guaranteed him part time playing

      • Even more reason to say “see ya.”

    • Going down the road that may be best deal of the summer imo. Fantastic to get a D like that for around 5 mill, makes Trouba and Ekblad look out of whack Ristolainen easily looks to be developing in to one of the better no 1 D in the league and being locked up for 6 years at that price is a steal.

      • Something like Ottawa did with Karlsson at $6.5 mil for so long, and that doesn’t end until 2019-20

    • Ristolainen is the best european young D I’ve ever seen at the junior level. He single handedly won it for Finland at the WJCH. He was THE difference in that final game. Without him, Sweden would have won that game.