NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – October 13, 2016

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Toronto Maple Leafs rookie Auston Matthews enjoyed a 4-goal NHL debut.

Toronto Maple Leafs rookie Auston Matthews enjoyed a 4-goal NHL debut.

Auston Matthews four-goal NHL debut & much more in this morning’s notable NHL headlines. 

NHL.COM:  Toronto Maple Leafs forward  Auston Matthews had a record-setting debut, becoming the first rookie in the modern NHL era to score four goals in his first game as the Leafs fell 5-4 in overtime to the Ottawa Senators.

Connor McDavid’s three-point performance (including two goals) helped the Edmonton Oilers open Rogers Place in style with a 7-4 victory over the Calgary Flames. Oilers rookie Jesse Puljujarvi also scored his first NHL goal. 

Vladimir Tarasenko’s two-goal effort led the St. Louis Blues to a 5-2 win over the Chicago Blackhawks. 

The Los Angeles Kings lost their opening game of the season 2-1 to the San Jose Sharks. Kings starting goalie Jonathan Quick left the game with a lower-body injury. He will have an MRI today, but according to GM Dean Lombardi (through a spokesman), it doesn’t look good. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  An impressive debut for Matthews, whose performance even had Senators fans cheering last night. Of course, we can’t expect that type of production from the youngster on a nightly basis, but he did put on an amazing display of the offensive skills that could have him on a fast track to NHL stardom. 

MONTREAL GAZETTE: A flu virus knocked goaltender Carey Price out of the Canadiens’ season-opener tonight against the Buffalo Sabres. 

THE BUFFALO NEWS:  Sabres center Jack Eichel suffered a high-ankle sprain in practice yesterday. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s been reported Eichel could be sidelined one-two months. A big blow for the Sabres’ high hopes for this season.

THE BOSTON GLOBE:  Bruins center Patrice Bergeron will miss his club’s season-opener in Columbus with a lower-body injury. He isn’t expected to be sidelined for long. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL:  Wayne Gretzky is returning to the Oilers. He was named partner and vice-chairman of Oilers Entertainment Group. 

THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH:  The Blue Jackets have returned 2016 first-round pick (third overall) Pierre-Luc Dubois to junior. 

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Penguins majority owners Mario Lemieux and Ron Burkle remain “firmly in control” of the franchise for the foreseeable future. 

EDMONTON SUN:  Former Oiler Matti Hagman, father of Niklas Hagman and an early tutor of Hall of Famer Jari Kurri, died on Tuesday in Finland following a long illness. He was 61. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: My condolences to Hagman’s family and friends. A star in Finland, he played four seasons in the NHL, two of them with the Oilers from 1980 to 1982, netting 145 points in 237 games. 


  1. Never hire someone you can’t fire.

    Sure am glad the Leafs traded all those short term cheap bad goalies and picked up this long term expensive one that got beat high short side 4 times from 20-30 feet out last night.

    • Lol

    • Only the first game but it looked like a shinny game the way those 2 defenses played last night.

      • marinicin playing top lines on his wrong side was a terrible idea yes but really it was 30 shots against and the majority from the outside not sure but 30 perimeter shots shouldn’t = 5 goals and I think most teams would say 30 perimeter shots against isn’t terrible D

      • Geezus ok shticky lol

    • Winning goal all he had to do is stay on his feet. Wasn`t a fan of Andersen from the beginning. First sign of trouble should have been Calgary kicking the tires on him and passing and we gave up 1st and 2nd rd picks. But wait we have Sparks and Bibeau waiting in the wings.

      • Holy crap! One game and the heat is on. Pressure in TO? Nah.

      • Perimeter? Not sure what you saw last night Shticky, but

        Ottawa’s 1st came off a blast from the blue line with Ryan sitting right in front of Andersen for a juicy rebound with no attempt by the TO D to dislodge him;

        Ottawa’s 2nd – a blast from the point by Karlsson that went through a crowd in front of the goal which Andersen could not see;

        Ottawa’s 3rd saw Brassard skate around the TO D right to the lip of the crease to Andersen’s right and pop it home;

        Ottawa’s 4th – TO D gave the puck away along the boards to Stone who then fed Turris right in front for a re-direction in;

        Ottawa’s 5th – Karlsson brings it into the offensive zone, feeds Stone on the left side who then feeds Turris coming in full tilt into the slot for a one-timer and in.

      • He’s got the blue and white shades on George lol

      • All started from about 20 25 feet out George hi glove side the JVR re direct was near the top of the circle from a point shot, Ryan’s goal came off a Karlsson point shot juggled by Andersson Brassards goal was in close off the rush Turris top of the hash mark over glove Anderson going down and the OT winner again 20 30 feet out hi short side…. with the exception of Brassard goal George they were all 4 started by a perimeter shot I know exactly what I was watching lol

      • Not 1 game George, did it in preseason and that was 1 of the reason he`s not in Anaheim anymore. It was also in Calgarys scouting report on him and 1 of the reasons they passed on Andersen. The pattern is there, Lou`s hoping his short comings can be corrected. Good luck and for 25 mill there had better be some pressure on him. With all those rookies on the team, it`s not gonna help their development thinking every little mistake I make is going to end up in the back of the net. Fair amount of pressure on Matthews and Marner and they showed up

      • Anderson is exactly the same as bernier coming over from good defensive teams, that’s why I was surprised they signed him to for 5 yrs without seein him behind the leafs derfense

      • Well hell, I’d venture to say that MOST goals in the NHL “start from 20-25 feet out” – the puck has to start from some point before it goes in – but in the end not ONE of those 5 goals went in from a “perimeter” shot. Come on man.

      • With the exception of Brassard s goal (and possibly Ryan’s rebound goal from Karlsson point shot that if caught clean and not bobbled by a goalie) that’s (at least 3) 4 goals off shots from the perimeter George they are all from outside the hash marks they are all from 20 30 feet away I’m not saying the blue line I’m saying perimeter, and the majority of goals in the NHL are from down low inside the hash marks. These were not those type of goals, I feel like you know this…lol anyway I’m thru arguing about it 5 goals 30 shots is not great goaltending no matter how you want to look at it.

      • FYI go check out sportsnets box score on the game. 3 goals were from below the hash marks Turris, Ryan , Brassard. The other 2 were above the hash marks.
        Shot distribution looked equal from above and below the hash marks. ( again sportsnet )
        All of Austons goals were from the hash marks and below.

  2. Good for the kid last night in Ottawa. He is everything the scouts claimed he was, and Leafs fans finally have something tangible for which to cheer. But almost as stunning was seeing all those empty seats around the upper circle and I have a feeling that that is something we’ll see more often as the season wears on because the weaknesses in the Sens D was not addressed by Dorion & Co. The 5/6 combination looked lost.

  3. Al Hill- Philadelphia Flyers, 1977 vs St Louis Blues. 5 point night in his first NHL game. Better than Gretzky, better than Lemieux, better than Matthews. Better than everybody. NHL record.

    • Yeah, but it was more or less “Down” Hill from there on – certainly no threat to Claude Lemieux, never mind Mario.

  4. Matthews was amazing; better than I thought. Anderson,not so much.Defense in front of him was pretty lazy looking too on the whole. I guess the first 20 games will tell the tale of how this season will likely unfold

    • He certainly left no doubt that he’s going to be a great one. But don’t expect more than the kid can possible deliver over 82 grueling games. With this being his NHL debut, and his parents in the stands, his talent combined with the adrenaline flow produced 4 amazing goals. However, if that adrenaline flow is still there 25 games into the season he’ll be dead from a stroke before he hits 20.

      • So you’re saying he won’t be scoring 328 goals this year? Hahahaha

  5. Too bad Marner got saddled with the 2 dead weights for that game. He should have had a couple of goals too. Acually all the rookies played a great game. Marner actually played a nice 200 ft game even tho he came out a -2 for the night. Mostly thanks to JVR not putting up much of an effort on the night. I like to see a JVR for Fowler deal and yes I know Anaheim rather not take back salary

    • I’ve been saying that for what seems like forever, JVR is the worst defensive forward in Toronto. Great down low in the O zone but can be brutal in his own end at times.

      • JVR rarely comes down around the goal line in his own end and when he does, he unloads the puck in a hurry. He doesn`t like taking the hits to make a play. A little different in the offensive zone where the fore checkers don`t take the 30 ft runs at you. JVR has the size and strength to out muscle guys along the boards, but he won`t take a hit to make a play.

    • It’s not a question of “rather not take back salary.” Anaheim CAN’T take back salary. Especially a cap hit that is greater than Fowler’s who they need to trade to free up space.

      • George they can, but rather not. They do want and need a scoring left winger tho. This is where they need to get a little creative, 3 for 2 sort of thing. Because of the possible bonus monies Lou has sais a couple of times now that Toronto doesn`t want to use the long term injury, which again makes it even tougher

      • Well, since JVR’s lack of attention to defense is well chronicled, and Anaheim is known to be a “defense-first” kind of team (lowest goals against in the NHL last year despite their horrendous start), and with a coach who knows JVR all too well, it seems to me they can find a deal for someone with just as much offensive ability but even a slightly better two-way game if they are going to get involved in a complicated 3-way money-in, money-out deal.

      • Randy loved him

      • Don`t forget George the team that has that better 2 way forward, with a scoring touch and on a very affordable contract, has to want to trade him. Good luck with that one

  6. Raising the banner against the Caps, Crosby’s injury looks like it will only keep him on the sidelines a day or two more and Burkle/Lemieux in control of the team indefinitely – This is looking to be a fantastic day for this Pens fan.

  7. Helluva start to a career for AM. Once he faces tougher competition we shall see what he truely is made of. Good for him for taking the onus on the winning goal, yes it was his fault.
    I think the Leafs will be safe if they have to wave a player esp a d man as Marancin was and is awful.
    Never did like Andersen, hopefully he improves.

    • Interesting comments by all. I felt Anderson could have been better. I’m sure Babcock was unhappy with the whole team’s defensive play. It’s only game one. Lets give them all a break.