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Could Tampa Bay Lightning RFA winger Nikita Kucherov receive an offer sheet?

Could Tampa Bay Lightning RFA winger Nikita Kucherov receive an offer sheet?

Latest on Nikita Kucherov, Johnny Gaudreau, Jacob Trouba and more in your NHL rumor mill. 

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman believes agent Scott Greenspun, who represents Tampa Bay Lightning right wing Nikita Kucherov, has met with at least one team regarding an offer sheet for his client. Friedman cautions there’s a big difference between talking about it and a team actually doing it.

Friedman notes Greenspun declined to comment about his client’s contract negotiations. He speculates it doesn’t appear as though there’s much movement in those talks. Given the Lightning’s limited salary-cap space, Friedman thinks they’re trying to get Kucherov to follow the lead of teammates Steven Stamkos and Victor Hedman to accept less money. It’s also believed Kucherov’s preference is to stay in Tampa Bay. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Kucherov was to get an offer sheet, I believe he would’ve gotten it well before now. Only eight teams (Calgary Flames, Buffalo Sabres, Anaheim Ducks, Edmonton Oilers, Winnipeg Jets, Florida Panthers, New Jersey Devils and Carolina Hurricanes have sufficient cap space (over $7 million) to pitch an offer sheet to Kucherov.

Of those clubs, the Flames, Sabres, Ducks and Jets have RFAs of their own to re-sign. The Oilers must think ahead about retaining sufficient cap space to re-sign Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl within the next two years. The Panthers are already loaded with young forwards. The Devils and Hurricanes certainly could use Kucherov, but I have my doubts they’ll go the offer sheet route. 

Calgary Flames GM Brad Treliving recently met with Johnny Gaudreau’s agent and the Gaudreau family. Friedman believes they’re grinding toward trying to close a deal. 

Friedman believes ” Arizona, Buffalo, Boston, Colorado, Detroit and the Rangers” are in on Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba, and guesses “Dallas and Tampa Bay” could be lurking. He claims a couple of sources doubt Montreal is interested, while Florida’s offseason moves likely takes them out of the picture. Friedman believes the asking price is high, saying he wouldn’t be surprised , for example, if the Jets asked for Sabres defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen.  The Trouba camp also told the Jets they weren’t interested in signing if the status quo on the right side of defense remains status quo. With some of the interested teams lacking the assets to meet the Jets’ asking price, some of them are trying to get third parties involved. 

It sounds like the Anaheim Ducks are closer toward a new contract with RFA forward Rickard Rakell than they are with defenseman Hampus Lindholm, but Friedman cautions that doesn’t mean a deal is imminent. As the Ducks don’t wish to lose defenseman Cam Fowler to next year’s expansion draft, Friedman wonders if Fowler could help another team land Trouba. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It would be interesting to see one of those clubs with interest in Trouba try to bring in another team like the Ducks to get a deal done. Three-way trades are quite rare but they do occasionally take place. I’ve previously written (here and here) about what it could cost most of these teams to get Trouba.

Given the Lightning’s efforts to re-sign Kucherov, I don’t see them being a serious suitor. I don’t believe the Stars have that left-shooting defenseman of comparable age and skill the Jets reportedly seek as a return for Trouba. Further complicating things for any team interested in Trouba is signing him to a new contract. It could cost over $5 million per season – perhaps more – on a long-term deal to do so.

Friedman says he’s hearing there’s not much movement on the Sabres contract talks with Ristolainen. Speaking of the Sabres, Friedman noted they placed Evander Kane with Jack Eichel and Sam Reinhart. He wonders if Kane will be there to stay or if the move was made as an attempt to raise his trade value. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think the Sabres understand they’re stuck with Kane this season. Given his off-ice issues and $5.25 million cap hit, I don’t believe there’s much of a market for him right now. Maybe that changes over the course of the season if he cleans up his act on and off the ice. 

OTTAWA SUN: Ken Warren speculates over who will take the concussed Clarke MacArthur’s spot on the Senators roster. They could look to within by considering Ryan Dzingel, Zack Smith, Phil Varone and Matt Puempel. Warren also claims Sens GM Pierre Dorion spent this weekend looking at trade options and the waiver wire. 


  1. If and that’s a big “IF” Kane cleans up his act then there is no reason to trade him. I don’t think the Sabres were disappointed in his play last year, just his off ice antics or we would not even be having this discussion.

    • Should be something to consider in the next CBA. If a player (like Kane) pulls crap like this is should potentially lead to their contract being voided.

      Doesn’t the NFL have something similar to this? Kanes handcuffed that organization

  2. “Warren also claims Sens GM Pierre Dorion spent this weekend looking at trade options and the waiver wire.”

    Dorion is good at “looking.” But it rarely develops into something tangible. And I still believe the impetus for the Brassard-Zibanejad deal came from the Rangers and probably took a lot of coaxing on their part before it went down. He had ample opportunity to address their glaring needs in the off-season but simply couldn’t pull his thumb from his butt.

    • Can you link the info regarding where the trade was initiated from.

    • I think just the opposite. Ottawa initiated the trade to save money. The reason they overpaid throwing in the 2nd. No way Ottawa can win this deal. All they did was save money getting a similiar asset today but Zibanejad will be a better player than Brassard possibly as soon as this season. He wasn’t all that much worse last & he’s significantly younger.

      • Mika has a bad rap of not being in shape and not showing up every night, with brassard they know what they get night in night out

      • We are about to find out exactly what Zibanejad is. How can you judge anyone playing in Cameron’s system for the last 2 years as a kid. I was going to include TOI/GP PP TOI/GP deployment in relationship to other forwards etc but you don’t like facts. So I’ll hypothesize.

        I have Zibanejad to outscore Brassard both in goals & points this season baring injury. Nothing significant but beating him & moving forward I see Zibanejad being significantly better. This season 25 to 30 goals 65 points, 2017-18 30 to 35 goals & 70 points maybe even 75 points. I have Brassard at 20 to 25 goals & 55 points.

        Zibanejad is a complete 2 way hockey player kills penalties. Brassard is 1 dimensional.

      • In your opinion right striker

      • I disagree with you Striker. Zbads inconsistency shoes no signs of wavering. Brassard is a consistent solid 2bd centre. Oh and I asked for the link as I thought it be an interesting read. I’m not fact checking like a polit….. oh wait can’t mention that.

      • Don’t Jeff striker will come back with useless stats and that help his argument and leave out many that hurt it.

      • Of course you would. now convince me with stats that black is white.

      • Hahahahah.

        We’ll see soon enough. He only had 6 less goals & 7 less points not getting any where near the quality of ice time. Brassard was 2nd for PP TOI/GP 1 sec behind Zuc for all Rangers. 22 of his 58 points came on the PP. Zibanejad was 6th, 11 of his came on the PP.

        Of course he’s less consistent. He just turned 23 in April. Consistence comes with age & development. Zibanejad isn’t yet fully developed. This is his breakthrough season. Then he moves into fully developed stage. Brassard had 14 goals & 41 points at the same point in his development in a higher scoring league.

        Just saying.

      • ” this is his breakthrough season” ?? every player you like has his breakthrough season coming up!!

      • Striker it sounds all good but I watched zbads play. I don’t see him progressing any further than he has. Brassard game is completely rounded. Not sure why you think differently. I see him as Turris 2.0.

      • What everyone seems to be forgetting is that Zib is a shoot first center and also right hand shot. Both those did nothing to complement Bobby Ryan. Look for Ryan’s production to change this year. You might actually see similar production from Zib and brassard but you’ll see improvements from the wingers around brass. And if you think Zib is a good two way winger you’re not watching the game. He’s ok but he is the picture of inconsistency. Some nights he completely vanished and puts in half an effort and other nights he’ll put in 3 points. Like last year. When the games were meaningless. Surprisingly you see brassard being the best performer the Rangers had in the playoffs.
        Hard to guarantee who wins the trade 3 years from now but I’ll tell you the sens got a known quantity now and the rangers are taking the gamble.

      • Watch & learn.

        No they can’t actually all be breaking through. It relates to games played by position played, forward, defense or size & weight, the monster forwards of which Zibanejad is very close take as long as Dman to develop.

      • I don’t think you’ll see a huge difference in offensive production. I love Brassard, but to call him completely rounded would be more than a stretch. He definitely lacks on the defensive side of his game, which is why he and Zuccs were seperated. They’d look brilliant on offense, but were a train wreck defensively together.

        Who wins? Time will tell.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought teams couldn’t talk to RFAs.

    On another note Kane playing with Eichel could be a good thing. I have said it here several times before that I wish Kane would play to his potential. He is so talented. I took him in my pool last year hoping he would produce and at times he did. I think hockey fans in general just want players at this level to play to their capabilities. Its frustrating when they choose not to.

    Ristolainen for Trouba seems fair to me. Chevy has done well in trades before with the proverbial gun to his head (read my above paragraph). There is a certainly a trade history now between the Jets and Sabres.

    • If they can’t talk to them – or at least their agents – how do they work out details of an offer sheet?

      • Good point George

    • Any RFA is considered a free agent as of July 1. The only right that the original team retains to the player is the right to match any offer sheet the player receives. If the original team matches the offer sheet, then the original team would retain the player.

    • I thought he did 0lay to his capabilities what more could we have wanted from a fantasy stand point.

      • Maybe double the points? This guy has the capability to net 70 to 80 points in my opinion.

      • Oh I see. I am not sure why you have that opinion. That be great for Kasey. But my opinion of him was always a gritty 50-60 point physical guy. Something quite important to winning teams. Yet injuries will reduce that quick.

    • How is Ristolainen for Trouba a fair trade for Buffalo? Ristolainen is about the same age, putting up better numbers and hasn’t demanded a trade. I think Winnipeg would have to a a decent piece to close that deal.

      • Perhaps but at least it addresses the Jets need for a Dman in return. And it was mentioned as an option on this site not by me.

      • Buffalo isn’t giving up Risto to get Trouba.

      • Those 2 are hear or there trouba way better defensively risto has better Offense

      • How can you make these claims?

        Risto played as Buffalo’s #1 in all situations, TOI, PP TOI, SH TOI & ES TOI. Saw the other teams best every night all night long playing over 25 mins a game. Buffalo allowed less goals against & their PK was significantly better. Zone starts, Risto 44.1 in the O zone Trouba 50.9 & he played against far weeder competition playing on Winnipeg’s 3rd pairing.

        These 2 players aren’t even comparable today in anyway but age. Risto is a far superior player today. Buffalo is a fun team to watch play you should check them out & Risto is already a stud & will be paid as such. He gets Jones, Reilly Hamilton money in a walk. He may even get more.

        If Trouba’s salary demands are to be believed this is going to take sometime as he hasn’t earned it yet. Few teams can justify paying him 5 mil plus long term based on what he’s shown to date playing soft minutes on Winnipeg’s 3rd pairing. He does play 1st PK but Winnipeg’s PK was the 6th worst in the league! Buffalo’s the 9th best.

        Again paying for potential is a recipe for disaster both on & off the ice.

      • Just because he’s number 1 on buffalo doesn’t mean he’s number 1 on Winnipeg. If you can’t see the defensive difference between trouba and risto than you either don’t pay attention or don’t watch them that much, it’s not that close

      • You keep telling me I don’t watch hockey but I beg to differ. 30 teams 30 # 1 Dman, some teams have the luxury of having more than 1, some don’t even have 1 but rest assured Agents & GM’s negotiate contracts on these very issues.

        Do you know how many Dman logged more TOI/GP than Risto last season? or Trouba? I’d tell you but I think you should go find out for yourself.

        When Trouba logs #1 minutes instead of #3 playing against the other teams best every players every night lets readdress as he hasn’t yet no where close.

      • If you watch both play in the defensive zone you will see the mistakes risto makes compared to the fewer mistakes trouba it’s pretty simple watch and understand

      • But Trouba is playing against lesser competition being a 3rd pairing guy. He rarely see’s 1st line openents at equal strebgth.

        Nor do I share your opinion. Everyone makes mistakes. Even the stud’s. It’s about a players total contribution.

      • Keep digging striker! Watch them play whether it’s against Zach stortini or tarasenko WATCH the positioning, stick work, body angle etc etc… I’m starting to doubt anything you say about players skill level, sure you can read the stats page and tell us the cba rules but other than that you’re very suspect

    • Ristolainen for Trouba I think would be brutal for Buffalo. I would argue Ristolainen is better than Trouba at the moment and has more potential. Last year he had over 40 points, doubling his previous high. His skating and mobility is amazing for a big guy which allows him to be very effective in his own end while also playing a fast transitional game. Risto’s point totals have been increasing while Trouba’s have been decreasing every year. I’ll take Ristolainen

      • Thanks for the response with statistical data you certainly make a case to keep Ristolainen.

    • why would Buffalo make that deal? Most believe Risto is the better dman. Unless Ristolainen demands are too high, higher then Trouba.

    • It relates to games played & years of service. Gaudreau for example can’t be offer sheeted but Kucherov or Trouba can. Gaudreau just missed the threshold.

  4. Kane is almost untradeable. Overpaid and a trainwreck off the ice. Only the desperate would trade for him.

    • I don’t see why Buffalo would want to trade Kane. Off ice antics or not. They paid a significant price to acquire him. He’s 1 of only 2 possible options Buffalo has at LW as a top 6 option.

      Ennis will be required to play the other top 6 LW slot, he can play all 3 forward positions & has for Buffalo in his career. Kane gets Eichel; currently being reported but it doesn’t matter, or O’Reilly & baring injury could score 30 goals for the 2nd time in his career. That said he hasn’t been able to stay healthy due to his style of play but as he showed last season he can score 20 in just 65 games, he has 2 other seasons of 19 as well, 1 in 63 games the other in 73 & he scored 17 in the lock out season.

      Kane is a shot generating machine, an incredible skater for a player of his size & weight. Buffalo is getting significantly better making it harder for opposing teams to key in on 1 line. This is a very good hockey team now & getting better fast. I have them as a bubble team to make the playoffs if they hurry up & get Risto signed.

  5. I really got your look into his transgressions I don’t think his off ice issues are that serious. Hardly train wreck worthy. But I will have to go see what all you are in a panicked over

    • Nobody is panicking just stating that this amazing hockey has yet to play to his true potential.

      • Hockey player sorry

      • Lol no apologise needed. I don’t think I have managed to post a thing to date with out a spelling errors or typo.

    • Kane’s situation off the ice only causes me minor concerns but not once the puck drops.

    • @Ron Jull
      Go back to Ontario fool.

  6. I just checked Kane’s stats and in his third year he reached 30 goals! He had 57 points. That was 2011-12. He has 129 career goals in 7 seasons and 30 of them from one season when he was much younger. In his defence there were some injury shortened seasons. He had 20 goals last year and played most of the season. In the right situation, perhaps on a line with Eichel, he can reach the 30 goal mark again. Based on overall stats, and the generally lower point production, he has shown that he is a top caliber player. So to my point… imagine what he could do if he would focus more on hockey? Kane as a totally motivated player is the best thing for all hockey fans.

    Look at Patrick Kane, (is it a name thing?), as an example of a player who thrives despite attracting his fair share of trouble. I am not suggesting Evander could reach Patrick’s heights but he could do better.

  7. Boston- Spooner to Anaheim for Fowler, flip him to Winnipeg for Trouble (I mean Trouba) there I’m happy.

    • I would think Boston would need more than Spooner to get Fowler.
      Chevy might also push for Fowler + for Trouba.
      Now you consider if you want to trade Spooner ++ for Trouba and then have a problem child on your hand that just requested a trade and is looking to get 5 Mil+ without earning it.
      Potential is one thing, but lets call a spade a spade, this guy isn’t a first pairing defenseman TODAY.

      • It’s hard to judge what Trouba is. Even though he played on the 3rd pairing after the acquisition of Myers, seeing other teams lesser players he’s gotten worse since his rookie year not better even though Winnipeg has improved.

        I like Trouba. I see at least a solid #2 2 way Dman potentially a #1 but his stance & possibly salary demands concern me as in today’s cap world you can’t afford to pay for promise. Trouba hasn’t yet earned a long term deal never mind 5 mil per even on a bridge.

        He hasn’t shown what a Jones, Hamilton, Reilly, Krug, Vatanen, etc have although some of these aren’t direct comparables as they have different strengths & weakness. Offense pays, defense doesn’t really with few exceptions.

        Murray in Clb has shown more & he just signed a 2 year bridge at 2.8. Orlov although not given the same minutes has played incredibly well & he just signed a 1 year deal at 2.57 & is going to be deployed as a top 4 Dman with Carlson. Despres 3.7, Klefbom, Brodin, Larsson 4.167 long term, Dumba 2.5 2 year bridge, Josi 4 long term.

        Who’s Trouba comparing himself to?

    • Do you see Anaheim giving up Fowler for Spooner? I certainly don’t. A #1 Dman for a 1 dimensional late blooming forward. What else is Boston sending to make this happen? A 1st & what prospect.

      • I don’t see Fowler better then Spooner, he is weak in the dzone and doesn’t like physical contacts; from what I read on him. I see WPG wanting more then Fowler for Trouba, but I wouldn’t be giving Anaheim much more then Spooner, who has much more upside as a #2 center.

      • Fowler has peaked as a dman second pairing guy spooner plus would get him but dmen are so hard to find right now ducks will probably get more

      • Again striker fowler is not a number one. By plus with spooner I mean pick or prospects

      • I see Anaheim play a ton live. No Dman logs more minutes or harder minutes than Fowler. He is currently their #1 & has been for several years. He’s not a physical player nor will he ever be but he is solid defensively the reason he logs the hardest minutes. You aren’t getting a #1 Dman for a #2 C.

        He leads Aanheim in TOI/GP, PP TOI/GP & just nominally below Despres & Vatanen in SH TOI/GP & Lindholm in ES TOI/GP & I’m talking 2nds. By zone deployment it’s not even close. Every Dman in Anaheim gets significantly more O zone starts which is odd considering Fowler leads the team in PP TOI/GP.

      • Anaheim begs to differ. I don’t know how you classify what is or isn’t a #1 Dman. Obviously we don’t do so in the same way.

        For me it’s deployment, TOI/GP in all situations, zone starts & level of competition. Having played hockey right through College icetime was the biggest determining factor coupled with PP & PK time.

        I don’t know how else you would define it. What’s your criteria?

      • I played a lot higher hockey than you have and obviously you think you know more than the ducks mngmt or why would they be trading a number 1 dman

      • Umm big bad bruin. I’m not disputing you playing ability but I am curious as to why playing the game to whatever level would make you more knowledgeable.

      • Very true Jeff I was just stating it because striker said his

      • If this was even close to being a reality, I’d hope Don would have pulled the trigger by now. I’m pretty high on Spooner and believe him to be a 60pt guy, on the verge of a breakout season. However Cam Fowler is in a much higher talent/value tier than Spoons is. I’d take Fowler over Spooner all day, every day and it isn’t even close.

      • There is no better way to guage a players value than the ice time his club gives him. #1 Dman don’t play the 5th most minutes on their team, they play the most & unless 1 dimensional, they play the most in all situations & generally log the toughest asignments. This is Fowler in Anaheim.

        Fowler hasn’t yet been traded but we all assume he will be. It’s not because Fowler isn’t a number 1 currently it’s because he has 2 years remaining on his contract, has no NTC or NMC, as Anaheim has the best D in the NHL they can afford to move Fowler, they won’t be able to afford to resign him & Anaheim has Lindholm who is ready to assume this role now.

        How do you peak as a Dman at 24? Fowler has 414 NHL games of regular season experience. You should know what that means for me.

      • Lol. He’s far from peaking as he is just scratching the surface of a long career at just over 400 games played. He’s going to be a hard minute eating #1 quarterback for a long time to come. Agree with the opinion of the Ducks dealing from a position of strength. It’s the best way to fill other holes and shortcomings. Given the choice if I’m Murray, I keep Lindholm as well. Lucky bugger has 2 more 1st unit guys coming up as well. It’s probably a very tough decision for him to make but a fortunate one as well. I remember when the Sens had to choose which defenseman to resign years ago and went with Redden. Great choice at the time, but hindsight tells us otherwise now. For what it’s worth I take Fowler over Trouba as well.

      • Fowler is far from a number 1 That’s like saying hunwick is a top pairing defense man

      • It’s not even close to saying Hunwick is a number 1 D man. I see where you draw that comparison but I think you’re wrong. Different situations and deployment options altogether between both clubs.

  8. I wouldn’t mind if the Bruins went after both Trouba AND Fowler. Krug + for Trouba and picks/prospects for Fowler. Those two on our 1st pairing would make for a great D.

    • This would be ideal. I wonder what it would take in regards to a fair return for all?

      • Also a fantasy trade

    • I would have thought Hall for Larsson to be in the fantasy realm at one time. Anything can happen.

  9. Sorry this may be a double post. THNs preview of the Sabres has Risto as a player Buffalo is better with off the ice then on.
    So Trouba for Risto is a good deal for Buffalo according to this line of thought.
    IDK about that but it is interesting to see.

    • I said earlier risto more offensive trouba way defense with buffalos forwards I take trouba anyway

      • The 5v5 stat definitely does not help Ristos case. I think thats the hold up in talks.

  10. Parenteau just put on waivers! That’s interesting.

    • Why? The guy’s a premium floater who has NO capacity for defensive zone coverage. I don’t need stats to tell me that. Watching him “float like a butterfly” every time I see him confirms that. Therrien couldn’t wait to see the door hit his ass on the way out of Montreal and Babcock had no use for him in Toronto.

      • Exactly George nothing interesting about parenteau put on waivers! Shown the door in Colorado, Montreal and the leafs couldn’t even get a pick for him at the deadline! The next door is leading to Europe

      • Every reporter was stating he was slated to play with Ladd & Tavares. Never saw or heard anything from anyone to the contrary.

        I agree with both of you on your assesment of Parenteau.

        The reason it surprises me is i believed what was being reported. I have had all 3 of my fantasy drafts. 2 1 year drafts, 3rd tonight & I’m never drafting Parenteau.

  11. Wedgewood NJ goalie placed on waivers as well. I assume both these players will be snapped up. SJ may have just found their back up for free. Well the waiver claim fee.

  12. The Jets place Pavelec and his $3.9m contract on waivers. I guess Winnipeg is committed to Winning. Pavelec will clear waivers imo.

    • Jets have to go with helleybuck better goalie now and in the future

    • Good for Chevy. I didn’t see him making this hard choice but love that he has. Hellebuyck deserves to be the #1.

  13. Mantha and Athanasiou to the Ducks for Fowler, Pettersson, and a 2nd round pick.

    Fowler, Pettersson, and a 2nd round pick to Winnipeg for Trouba.

    Or something. Tatar could also be in play. Anaheim has cap problems but Fowler has looked SPECTACULAR in preseason. Singlehandedly broke up an emerging 2-on-0 against the Sharks last night because his speed caught up to make it a 2-on-1, and then he basically closed both guys down. He cut the distance back and forth between them faster than they could pass the puck. It was like he was skating faster than the puck.

    Fowler is still a couple years away from hitting his prime and you can see him just starting to come into it now, developing the strength and power to go along with the skating he always had, and even more speed that goes with developing that leg muscle of a man, instead of a boy’s body which is closer to what he’s been since coming into the NHL as an 18 year old.

    I mean, almost every team has cap problems now. Almost every team is looking at expansion, too. That doesn’t put the Ducks in a better or worse negotiating position as these other teams, just even terms. All I want as a Ducks fan is a fair deal. The demand for young skating defensemen is crazy in the NHL right now. Fowler has the speed to play that Duncan Keith, Kris Letang, pace, style. He’s not as good as them yet but he has a lot of similarities to Keith at that age. If he can keep developing, they look so similar.

    Even if he’s never Duncan Keith, who is one of a kind, Fowler is exactly what teams need in the new NHL. Affordable cap hit. Young. Great locker room guy. A leader even at a young age. Top 10 fastest dman in the NHL and still getting faster and stronger. Top 5 smoothest skater in the NHL. Skates like the Connor Mcdavid of dmen, though not as skilled obviously, who is? Poised but also plays a quick game. Plays both PP and PK.

    Honestly I don’t want to give Fowler up. He’s just learning how to use his assets, which is why his fancy stats are average, but he’s learning and once he puts it all together, he has so much raw talent that he’s going to be a top pairing dman. But if another team can offer good young forwards, it would balance the Ducks lineup even though dmen are much rarer and more valuable right now, and the Ducks could use the balance.

    One other interesting thing: Fowler is not overly physical, and since he’s still young, not quite his man’s body, he’s playing in the hardest division for him, the Pacific, and STILL logging great minutes and getting better every year.

    Just imagine him in the eastern conference, where speed thrives more. Even Justin Schultz looked good moving from the Pacific to the Eastern Conference. Just imagine good Cam Fowler will look. He is much better than Schultz.

    So yeah. JVR, Tatar, William Nylander, maybe Kadri even though he’s inconsistent, Tatar, Nyquist if DET eats 50% cap space, Athanasiou, Mantha+++ (he’s looked OK in preseason not great), the czech kid in Boston #88, players like that.

    There are two things Bob Murray has failed to do as Ducks GM:

    1. Acquire even one young top-six forward in trade or free agent acquisition
    2. Win the Cup

    I think if he accomplishes the #1 one-and-a-half or two times over, the #2 will come with that. There’s a direct correlation here between his two major failures as GM. He’s been GM almost a decade now and not one acquisition of a young top six forward. That’s inexcusable. If he doesn’t remedy that this offseason, with all the trade capital he has, I don’t have trust in him that he’ll ever be able to.

    • Nice post. Enjoyed your take. Well done.

    • If Fowler with that contract is Anaheim #1 d, they be no reason his name be in the trade rumour mill daily
      The fact is the ducks don’t see him as there #1 because you don’t trade your #1 dman.

      • Oh I must of forgot about the Hall for Larsson trade
        I retract my post.

      • Subban for Weber 2 teams swapping their #’s. Very odd as well.

        Anaheim has more than 1 #1. A luxury few teams have. Money & the expansion draft are why Anaheim’s going to move a Dman.

        Extenuating circumstances & they can simply afford to as they have 3 stud prospect Dman waiting in the wings. Nice problem to have. Only 2 other teams in the NHL can even afford to lose any quality of Dman. Columbus & Minnesota. Almost every other team in the NHL needs 1 of these 3 teams Dman that needs to be jettisoned before the expansion bell rings.

  14. Going to be an interesting day as Teams need to get roster compliant down to their 23 man rosters for tomorrow. Tons of players being placed on waivers or sent down to Jr today.

  15. Look out for the Leafs to be in on everything, ps new jerseys ROCK they Changed so much and Matthews is better than McDavid.

    • ??

  16. Rutherford just stated Crosby has been diagnosed with a concussion

    • That’s not good news. Take your time Sid or just consider retirement lots of years left after hockey.

      • Hope he gets better soon. It would be a huge loss to hockey and specially Canadian Hockey to have him retire so early.

  17. EDM in two years will also be free of Fayne and Ference’s contract next year…

  18. DET puts Teemu Pulkkinen on waivers.
    MTL puts Mike Condon on waivers.

    Two very interesting moves.
    If SJ does go after Wedgewood then maybe they take a shot at Condon.
    I know Teemu hasn’t transitioned yet to the NHL game but he should given the time.
    Who claims him ??

  19. Just when I thought we could dump geno. Now we gotta rely on him to be the man. Yippee.

  20. New Jersey will claim teemu. Condon would be good for pens if they could get fleury out the door. But thats not happening with Murray out.