NHL Rumor Mill – October 15, 2016

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Kevin Shattenkirk faces an uncertain future with the St. Louis Blues.

Kevin Shattenkirk faces an uncertain future with the St. Louis Blues.

Latest on Kevin Shattenkirk, Evander Kane and the Arizona Coyotes search for a top-four defenseman. 

STLTODAY.COM: Jeremy Rutherford believes defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk could get $6 million per season on his next contract, but doubts he’ll get it from the St. Louis Blues. He points out the Blues have a No.1 right-side blueliner in Alex PIetrangelo and a top-four rearguard in Colton Parayko who can quarterback the power play. By re-signing Shattenkirk, Rutherford feels that puts a cap on Parayko’s ice time while keeping a prospect such as Jordan Schmaltz in the minors for “quite a bit longer.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Shattenkirk’s performance and that of the Blues this season will determine if he’s moved by the trade deadline. So will their roster needs by that point. His UFA status in July makes him a rental player unless he’s willing to sign a contract extension. If he’s unwilling to do that, the Blues probably won’t get a lot back in return. 

ARIZONA SPORTS:  Craig Morgan reports the Arizona Coyotes remain in the market for a top-four, right-handed defenseman. “Conversations continue with Winnipeg about restricted free-agent holdout Jacob Trouba, and with St. Louis about impending unrestricted free agent Kevin Shattenkirk,” said Morgan.

He notes the Jets are playing hardball with Trouba and doesn’t appear willing to move the blueliner despite his trade request. While the asking price for Shattenkirk remains high, Morgan believes at some point before the trade deadline the Blues will try to move him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Coyotes have depth in promising young players and prospects to dangle as trade bait for Trouba or Shattenkirk. However, they’ll have to clear cap space if they intend to acquire and sign Trouba. If they pursue Shattenkirk, they’ll need assurances he’ll re-sign with them before committing to a trade. If the speculation about Shattenkirk preferring to join an Eastern Conference club is true, he won’t be a good fit with the Coyotes.

Anaheim Ducks blueliner Cam Fowler is rumored to be a trade candidate, but he’s a left-handed shot. I think the Coyotes will see how this season unfolds and if any other notable right-shooting defensemen become available. 

WGR 550’s Paul Hamilton recently reported via Twitter that Buffalo Sabres GM Tim Murray was asked if he considered trading or suspending left wing Evander Kane. Murray replied many options went through his mind, but noted he wouldn’t have received market value in return for Kane and “you have to make deals that help the team.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With Kane out indefinitely with three cracked ribs it’s unlikely he’ll be going anywhere before the March 1 trade deadline. 


  1. I just don’t see why Arizona needs a right handed Dman. C. Murphy was just signed to a 6 year 3.85 per deal & is just a kid & former 1st round pick logging top 4 minutes. M. Stone signed a 1 year deal at 4 which was odd as he’s a UFA next season now but having just turned 26 in June with less than 300 games of NHL regular season experience he’s still not fully developed & just coming into his prime. These are 2 solid up & coming Dman with slightly different skill sets. Murphy being a 2 way guy, Stone leaning to offense both just coming into their own in the NHL.

    To me these 2 with OEL & Goligoski on the left side make a solid top 4. They also stole the 1 dimensional wing nut Deangelo from TB for a 3rd. He is a future PP specialist & is also a rightie. Depth Dman Michalek 1 year deal & Schenn 2 year deal are also righties.

    Trouba would be a significant up grade on the right side but the cost to acquire is to high & his salary demands don’t seem to fit with Arizona’s salary structure. They have over 30 mil committed to their D now. 2nd highest in the NHL 200 K lower than Calgary at #1. Few teams spend over 25 mil on their D & these 2 teams are both over 30 now. Granted Arizona has 4.5 in LTIR space with Pronger at D but even at 26 mil they are still top 5.

    If Winnipeg wants a left handed comparable Dman back Arizona doesn’t have it to send. OEL isn’t going any where. Goligoski isn’t going to waive his NTC & NMC having just chosen Arizona as essentially a UFA. That leaves Chychrun; unlikely he’s moved but nothing is impossible, but then Arizona would have another 5 mil+ Dman giving them the highest paid D in the NHL at over 35 mil. Not a chance in hell Arizona is spending that much money.

    I just don’t get the Arizona rumors. They don’t make sense to me for numerous reasons. Cost in players, Trouba’s salary demands & they fact that Arizona’s D is solid now.

  2. The other team that has spent over 30 million on their defence ? The tire fire in Calgary.Money doesn’t always buy you the best.

  3. What am I missing? With Rackell signing, Anaheim has under $400,000 in cap space by trading Fowler alone, does not give them enough to sign Lindholm. Am I missing something?

    • This from General Fanager. If Lindholm gets in the area of $6.5 mil something’s gotta give other than Fowler. The only one I see that they might WANT to relinquish AND have a reasonable chance of actually trading might be Cogliano, but even their combined $7 mil might not be enough if Lindholm is holding out for Ekblad money ($7,500,000).

      Fowards (14): Perry – $8,625,000; Ryan Getzla – $8,250,000; Kesler – $6,875,000; Rakell – $3,800,000; Silfverberg – $3,750,000; Cogliano – $3,000,000; Garbutt – $900,000; Vermette – $1,750,000; Boll – $900,000; Ritchie – $894,166; Sorensen – $803,333; Etem – $775,000;
      Raymond – $675,000; Wagner – $637,500 – TOTAL – $41,634,999 or 57.03% of cap

      Defensemen (8) : Vatanen – $4,875,000; Fowler – $4,000,000; Bieksa – $4,000,000;
      Despres – $3,700,000; Stoner – $3,250,000; Larsson – $925,000; Manson – $825,000;
      Holzer – $700,000 – TOTAL – $22,275,000 or 30.51% of cap

      Goalies (2): Bernier – $4,150,000; Gibson – $2,300,000 – TOTAL – $6,450,000 or 8.84% of cap
      Injured Reserve: Thompson – $1,600,000
      Buyout: Fistric – $216,666

      Cap Hit: $72,676,665

      • Nate Thompson’s ruptured Achilles will send him to LTIR so that $1.6 mil will help a bit – but it’s still going to require some expert juggling by Murray. They can’t go without Lindholm for very long.

      • Lindholm won’t get more than what Jones or Risto signed for. If he wants more he will be sitting for a long time as Anaheim isn’t able to pay him any more.

        Perhaps if he really pushes for more than that & truly thinks he’s worth Ekblad monies; not even Ekblad deserved Ekblad money yet, Anaheim entertains moving him instead of Fowler or other?

        Something has to give. Really no idea how Murray’s pulling this off. If he signs at say 5.5 for 5 or 6 years Murray can squeak it in when he puts Thompson on LTIR, trades Fowler & demotes 1 or 2 forwards & a Dman to get to the 23 man roster limit depending upon what’s coming back in the trade.

    • I wondered the very same thing yesterday Caper when Rackell’s signing was announced. For a team with an internal cap not wanting to even spend to the cap how do they make this work? They can’t even make it work under the cap never mind the internal cap if they can it’s going to be tight & leaves very little room for injures to cover off later that don’t make the LTIR requirement.

      It’s possible Despres may be heading back to LTIR as his concussion issue’s have resurfaced. That would provide some wiggle significant room but undetermined at this time. Thompson hasn’t been put on LTIR yet but will be eventually that will free up 1.6.

      With Rackell resigned something has to give on the 23 man roster when he clears non roster eligability. A player will need to be sent down, Etem or Boll I assume. That free’s up another 775 to 900K. I assume Larsson is heading back to Sweden after his 9 games but that doesn’t really save any monies I assume Theodrore will come back up to replace him.

      Can’t wait to see how Murray navigates his way out of this issue.

  4. Lindholm has to compromise as well. No way he gets Ekblad money right now. If he wants to play in the best league in the world he has to give in. Take a bridge deal. Anaheim , if they want him have to make moves as well.

  5. Rackell’s cap hit won’t count against the cap until he’s cleared to play. He’s classified as a non roster player currently but that is a very limited # of days. Anaheim has 15 forwards currently on their 23 man roster with Thompson only on IR currently, 8 Dman & 2 G’s. As soon as Rackell is rostered a forward needs to be sent down. That will bump the 365K Capfriendly currently shows to a mil. Thompson will add another 1.6. Trade Fowler & those 3 deals combined give Anaheim 6.6 mil. They jsut need to get Lindholm on the books for no more than 5.5 short or long term.

  6. It is entirely possible that shatts isn’t going anywhere till the offseason when he becomes a UFA. How good of a trade deadline add would he be for a playoff team looking to win it all? Well wouldn’t that be possibly the best add st-Louis might be able to do? So why trade him when he could be what puts you in contention. Sometimes the best move is to stick with who you have. I know, it’s boring for rumours.

    • I agree buy I am one who thinks the Blues will win the cup this year.

  7. Is Lindholm a right or left side defenseman?
    Would they be better off moving him at this point.
    Nice package of picks and high level prospects that won’t effect the cap might be a option.

    • Lefty. Anything is possible.

      • Even Borowiecki and a 1st? 🙂

      • Hahaha Nice. You beat me to the punch. I was gonna offer JML and Boston’s 1st.

      • Thanks Striker
        Maybe Trouba to Boston
        Lindholm to Winnipeg
        Package of picks prospects to Anaheim

      • Lazar & a 1st might get it done. Don’t think anyone is taking Borowiecki.

        I don’t think Ottawa can afford Fowler though nor will want to move Lazar.

      • Ottawa won’t be making any deals for a dman they will have to protect. They’re in the market (if at all) for a bottom pairing guy.

        IMO they need a top 6 LW. I doubt mac makes it back. Career likely over.

      • It was a bloody JOKE! Jayus, you guys take everything seriously.

      • I took it as a joke. Hahaha

        I was trying to be funny as well.

        Swing & a miss on my part.

      • I pretty sure we all saw the joke

      • Yeah, right.

  8. Agreed the Lindholm number should be $5.4m , not a penny more ! Ana will still need to move 2 …Wonder what Trouba thinks of his current position and ice time ? I believe he is going to sit (rot)

    • I think Trouba will be traded or will play fir the jets. I don’t think he will sit and rot. That serves no one.