NHL Rumor Mill – October 19, 2016

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Do the LA Kings have interest in Winnipeg Jets goalie Ondrej Pavelec?

Do the LA Kings have interest in Winnipeg Jets goalie Ondrej Pavelec?

Latest on Hampus Lindholm, Dustin Brown, Ondrej Pavelec, Jacob Trouba and more in your NHL rumor mill. 

TSN: Darren Dreger reports teams with interest continue to call the Winnipeg Jets expressing interest in defenseman Jacob Trouba. It’s believed the turning point in this standoff between the Jets and Trouba, who requested a trade several weeks ago, is mid-November. That’s because the Dec. 1 deadline for re-signing free agents will be fast approaching by that point. Dreger claims some believe the Jets would happily re-sign Trouba to a six-year deal at $5.5 million per season, but it’s up to Trouba to decide that it’s best for him to return to action. 

Dreger also reports the Los Angeles Kings haven’t made a decision yet whether to replace starting goalie Jonathan Quick, who’s currently sidelined with a reported groin injury. It’s expected a decision could be made in the next day or two if Quick requires surgery. If he doesn’t, he could return sooner than the three-four month period rumors suggest he’d need for recovery. There’s rumors linking the Kings to Winnipeg Jets goalie Ondrej Pavelec, who’s currently in the minors, but the Kings lack the cap space to take on his $3.9 million cap hit. The Jets would have to take back a salary or eat half of Pavelec’s contract. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Quick does require surgery, the Kings could have little choice but to look into the trade market for help. Their current tandem of Jeff Zatkoff and Peter Budaj can’t replace Quick’s strong goaltending. 

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman believes the Anaheim Ducks hope to re-sign free-agent defenseman Hampus Lindholm to a deal comparable to Buffalo Sabres blueliner Rasmus Ristolainen ($5.4 million annual cap hit). It’s thought the two sides were $700K apart but Friedman feels they’re closer. The sticking point could be if it’s a six-year term, as that buys up two years of Lindholm’s eligibility for UFA status. There’s also speculation Lindholm could be getting some pressure from his Ducks teammates to get a deal done. 

A rival general manager said Ducks GM Bob Murray isn’t keen to trade Cam Fowler for picks/prospects as it won’t make his team better. A couple of executives suggest the Ducks might have to move two players, rather than one, to free up cap room for Lindholm’s new contract. Simon Despres recent injury (concussion) could give Murray some cap wiggle room. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Check out my recent column for The Hockey News for my take on how the Ducks could free up cap space without moving Fowler.  

Friedman reports there was an unusual rumor claiming the Dallas Stars had interest in Los Angeles Kings winger Dustin Brown, but that speculation was shot down. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Understandably so. Brown is in the third season of an eight-year, $47 million contract plus his production significantly dropped off in recent years. This summer, he was relieved of the Kings captaincy. 

There was also reports the Kings contacted the Winnipeg Jets regarding demoted starting goalie Ondrej Pavelec, but also some firm denials. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As TSN’s Darren Dreger noted above, Pavelec’s $3.9 million cap hit and the Kings limited cap space makes a deal unlikely. 

St. Louis Blues GM Doug Armstrong would love to add some experience at some point this season. Meanwhile, the Chicago Blackhawks will try to get a forward. Defenseman Trevor van Riemsdyk might be available. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Friedman believes the Blackhawks will have to add a sweetener with van Riemsdyk to land that forward. 



  1. If Budaj and Zatkoff cannot replace Quick’s strong goaltending then why would Pavelec fit the bill? The Jets waived him, which was the proper on ice decision; however, that definitely effects his trade value. Pavelec has shown he can be a strong goaltender, but his skill set has diminished. I just don’t see why the Kings would have any interest in him at all.

    • I think pavs could do well in la, the kings also are slow starters

      • He could and yes LA are slow starters. There are always factors to consider, and LA may need somebody for the short term as they would not want to trade for another bona fide starter as they would have to give up too much. The question is how long would Quick be down for?

    • Correct me if I’m wrong but if the Kings traded for Pavelec, then he would have to clear waivers before playing, and the Kings could lose him and have to pay half his salary for the year? Best case would be to have the Jets recall Pavelec and have the Kings pluck him off waivers and only pay half of his 3.9M salary.

      • No Pavelic would only have to clear waivers if LA went to send him down from the NHL after acquiring him.

    • I doubt LA is interested but far as his value hurt by being waived I dont fully agree. It is known what troubles he has had recently so no secret revealed there by waiving him and sending to farm.Jets may have thought hmmm waive him early when teams have no desire for expensive veteran and that allows us to trade him later as a fill in and the other team can then demote him without waiving later in year. Cap savings is only 950K though I think.

  2. I hit submit before I meant too! The LA Kings may have a difficult time unloading Dustin Brown as well. I think he could still be very effective but the Kings would need to eat some salary here I think. I always liked Dustin Brown’s game and character.

    • Not at his price tag. Right now, he’s nothing but a 3rd liner

  3. Could be that moving Fowler is really the only thing that can help the Ducks. By the looks of them so far this year even if they had Lindholm they need at least one good (top6) forward and they are not getting that by trading spare parts.

    • Isn’t Rackell that player when he returns?

      Rackell, Getzlaf, Perry.
      Cogliano, Kesler, Silvferberg.
      Ritchie, Vermette, Sorenson.
      Etem, Wagner, Garbutt.
      Spare Boll.

      Anaheim has played well just can’t buy a win. we had a similiar discussion about a horrendous stretch of games Florida had to play last season.

      Anaheim has played 4 games in 6 nights 2 back to back, all on the road travelling to the east coast. Dal; L 4-2, Pit; L 3-2 & NYI; L 3-2 in OT; back to back & NJ; L 2-1. All games were close & they should have beat Dallas, they dominated that game. That’s a pretty tough schedule & in 2 of those 3 starts Gibson was bad.

      I don’t think Anaheim can afford to bring in a top 6 forward. Just don’t have the cash or cap space to do so. I think what you see is what you get less the Dman we all assume is being shipped out but that only happens if Despres’s concussion isn’t serious. Which 1’s aren’t. Ha-ha!

      • Anaheim hasn’t played well this yr at all. They don’t seem to have any desperation in the offensive zone, perry has looked bad

      • I’ll ask you the same question you ask me. Did you watch those games?

        I think Perry has looked great. Firing the puck like crazy as has Getzlaf. You know Carlyle loves to play his veterans a ton. I only watched a small portion of last nights game against NJ as watching NJ games is worse than watching paint dry so I don’t as much as possible but watched significant portions of all the others including all the Dallas game.

        Doesn’t matter what they do, new coach, new owners, new GM, same boringggg Lemaire’s style of play. When you play Zajac that much your not going to score. Bobby Hoilk is alive & well, he’s just been reincarnated as Zajac.

      • Yes I’ve watched those game you obviously haven’t perry has looked bad in both ends of the ice, fowler should have been moved before the start of the season his return is getting less and less

      • Anaheim will be just fine. It’s a long season. Not that I really care if they stumble as they are not my team. But they are a very good team!

      • I thought that was a good game last night…got a chuckle at Randy and his defensive shell game lol at any rate ya I think the Ducks need a forward and no Im not sure that’s Rackell, problem being if they deal Fowler for space unless it’s a young forward on a cheap entry deal it’s a tough move to swing.

      • Rackell scored 20 goals & 43 points last season in his 2nd full season. Just scratching the surface.

        It makes sense to bring a future top 6 forward on a decent contract back in the trade with a solid prospect or draft pick for a player like Fowler. Duclair, Spooner, Teräväinen, JT Miller, Namestnikov, etc. Or perhaps you go solely futures or kind of. Nichushkin, a decent prospect; Dickinson, & pick?

        Who knows I just wish Murray what get it done already.

      • Not a knock on Rackell you’re right he is young and will get better right now I don’t see him repeating what he did last year under Carlyle and missing camp and besides Perry and possibly him I look at that group of forwards and it looks like a whole bunch of 3rd and 4th line players to me.

      • I agree. He will be behind the 8 ball & need 15 to 20 games to catch up & get back to even where he was last season. I’m with you, they need some forward depth. Makes more sense for expansion as well.

        World’s colliding Jerry.

      • Striker I have a question. Do you always assume a player will continue the upward swing in points?

  4. Gaborik & Quick will both end up on LTIR giving LA boat loads of cap relief & if Quick is gone 3 to 4 months covering Pavelic’s salary is a walk in the park.

    • Yes but Pavelec is not the answer if they want to be competitive.

      • Zatkoff has been brutal. As we saw when Dubnyk played in Arz & now Min things can change & often it’s not the goalie specifically but the play both by the team & goalie style that effects his abilities.

        For me Pavelic’s issue is more health related than abilities. He can play very well for large stretches & has, then be bad for a significant stretch. With the exception of a select few this is some what common. Especially if you play for bad teams something Winnipeg has been for most of Pavelic’s time in Winnipeg.

        Pavelic is an upgrade over Zatkoff & Budaj. The problem is Pavelic, although only a 3.9 cap hit is actually being paid 4.75. Winnipeg would need to eat at least 1/2 the actual salary to facilitate this trade. LA sends a 3rd or 4th round pick the other way. Essential Winnipeg is getting out of 1/2 his salary also eating 1/2 the cap hit or I see LA going else where for a goalie.

        NYI appears the most obvious. Although Bera is an option playing in the minors for Flo.

      • I had LA as a bubble team & just missing the playoffs with Quick without them stick a fork in it.

  5. Self indulgence post, but can’t help myself. I’m a life time Bruins fan (52) and never been to Boston. That all changes tomorrow as I’m on my way to Boston for a week and will for the first time get to cheer for the Bruins with many 1000’s of fans under one roof. Really looking forward to Saturday game against the Habs. Not going to analyze the games just going to enjoy the atmosphere and the moment. Can’t believe I’m this excited but I am. Sorry for the post just a kid in an old mans body.

    • Caper,

      No apologies needed! I lived in Ontario from 1999-2002 a time when the Leafs were good and Pat Quinn was trying to win (like the group today). I lived in Newmarket and was able to attend three games; Toronto/Montreal, Toronto/Ottawa, and Toronto/Boston (your beloved team)! It was a thrill each time, and I must say watching Ray Bourque play live is something I will never forget.

      I have also had the opportunity to see Tampa/ Philly, and Tampa/Vancouver. Believe it or not they out on a great show in Tampa! Enjoy your trip, and let’s hope you guys beat Montreal!

    • Nice work Caper. All good I would be excited as well. Fulfilling life long dreams is rewarding. Enjoy.

      Which game NJ, Mon or Min?

    • Right on Caper. Enjoy!!! It’s an awesome place to see a game.

    • Enjoy !!

    • Caper I am also 52 and a huge Bruin fan have yet to make it to Boston but it’s high on my list. Enjoy the game have fun and go Bruins go.

      • Jesus were all old. Ha-ha! I’m 54. I assume anyone our age is an original 6 fan.

      • LOL. Got you all beat. I used to watch Beliveau with the Quebec Aces at the old Ottawa Auditorium against the Senators in the QSHL/QHL – best brand of hockey at that time outside the original 6. The Carnegie brothers on that Quebec team (coached for a time by Punch Imlach) would have been a lock to make the NHL had they expanded to 12 teams a bit earlier, and even then should have been given a shot – but they were black and in those days racism was a lot more rampant, even in holier-than-thou Canada.

      • I’m another lifetime Bruins fan.
        I’m 45 I guess I’m the young guy.
        Been to about 30 Bruins games great place.
        Use to go to Hartford every time Boston played there as I’m near Springfield.
        Have fun Caper leave early for the game due to traffic. I went last year to see Edmonton and got stuck in traffic missed half the first period.

    • Cross that off the ol’bucket list. But seriously, about time. If it’s your first, it won’t be long before you do it again.

    • Enjoy caper! Great place to see a game, I’m headed to Montreal for a game tomorrow my buddy plays for the yotes he got 10 of us tickets all part of a stag party! I think ginner is getting the groom to be a yotes jersey signed by the team so he is gonna have a good weekend

    • Have an awesome time, Caper! I’m a Habs fan, but I can cheer for the Bruins for you… for one night, anyway 🙂

    • Congratulations Caper! I wish I was going with you. I’ll wait until the Alberta road trip I guess. At least I have that. Haha

    • I have fun. I still remember my first trip to Ottawa to see the Sens. I’ve seen many games their since. Attended one game in Vancouver and am looking forward to seeing a Jets fame at MTS.

      FYI I just got a ticket to the heritage classic in winnipeg. Should be fun.

      Oh and they dropped that fee for children under two. Moronic as it was kids under two can go for free as long as they sit on parents lap. I.e. do they take up a seat from a paying fan.

    • Sorry caper. I meant to say. Have fun. Not I have fun. Haha. So Have fun.

  6. Striker I agree! With Quick gone and Pavelec in stick two forks in it! And do it quickly!

  7. If the Kings can get Griess from NYI that could be a underrated move. Although, I would think the Islanders prefer to move Halak. Maybe there’s a bigger trade to be made here between the two.

    • There have been some R. Strome rumors floating about & with Capunao’s refusal to deploy him in a role he’s better suited for he could be sent packing. He is getting solid PP time but barely playing otherwise.

      • Maybe something along the lines of Halak, Strome, Dal Colle and a pick for Carter? I can’t see NYI moving Barzal, Pulock or Beauvillier. Would NYI want to take on Carter’s contract? Halak has this season and next remaining.

    • Not a bad idea going after Griess.

  8. A though just occurred to me and I haven’t seen any one else propose it. The Jets want a left handed dman of equal skill and value in exchange for Trouba.

    Last I checked, there was a disgruntled dman in Anaheim without a contract who fits that bill. The only drawback I see is the fact that Anaheim would still have clear cap space to sign either defenseman to a contract.

    • Well that & the fact Lidholm is a far better player than Trouba even playing against superior competition.

      It has been raised occasionally. My understanding is Lindholm & Anaheim are only 250K apart now but term & how they are getting him under the cap are issues still to be addressed.

      I can’t see Anaheim moving Lindholm unless they simply get an offer to good to refuse. There doesn’t appear to be any acrimony in these negotiations, just a business issue really holding it up.

      Nor does Anaheim need a right handed Dman & taking a Dman back doesn’t solve Anaheim’s expansion roster issues, they have 5 keeper Dman, well not that Bieksa is really a keeper but his NMC is an issue unless he agrees to waive it to be exposed. He may, as he probably wouldn’t get selected regardless. Another dynamic is Anaheim could tell Bieksa to waive or he will be bought out when the buy out window opens. That might motivate him to do so.

      Teams really seem to be balancing out as best possible left & right handed Dman more & more. Vatanen, Bieksa, Manson & Montour are all righties.

  9. I looked at ANA player stats today and wasn’t that surprised but Fowler leads them in ATOI. I know Striker has been saying this for a while but Fowler seems to be a horse with almost 25 min of ice time per night. His plus/minus is -1 and on a team that’s struggling to find wins that’s not bad.Yes you need Hampus in your lineup but trading Fowler to do so doesn’t seem to be the best of moves. Sure he is desirable but his stats and his friendly contract are good for this team.
    I know there isn’t really anyone else to move but I’d be looking at someone who is asset friendly such as Despres or even Silverberg.Despres has a friendly cap hit and should get a decent return if traded. Same as Silverberg. Fowler is younger then them both. Losing them both hurts but the asset or assets you should be getting back will help this team.
    I’d be looking at Silverberg and Despres for a package like Kreider, Mcllrath and Hellberg for example. ( unlike most I still see potential in Dylan ) Saves ANA some cap space ( no I havent added it all up ) and I think a trade that helps both teams.
    OR just fire Carlye !

    • Despres’s concussion issues have to be a serious concern for anyone including Anaheim. He has barely played since he returned after missing 50 games last season & has been a shell of his former self since he returned. He was brutal in the 7 playoff games he got into last year.

      I’m not sure anyone is taking his 3.7 for 5 years unless he shows he can play a full season with no relapses. That makes this season a write off as he’s already down & out again. With no info or timeline for his return.

      MacIlrath is untradable unless NYR gives him away. Maybe a 5th round pick. He would certainly get claimed on waivers but I see no value in trade. Swing & a miss for NYR. The problem with drafting only for size & toughness. His skills aren’t suited to today’s faster NHL. Had he only been born 20 years ago. Ha-ha!

    • I agree on strikers take on Mcilrath. Mostly because NY have put themselves in that position with him. But as far as moving Kreider, no thanks on that! I don’t think they signed him long term to flip him.

  10. Hey Striker,

    Speak for yourself; I am only 48! Ha!Ha! Time does slip by quickly.

    • Ha-ha! Well when I had my 54th my middle son; 17, wrote in my birthday card. I used my dyslexia when writing this card & made you 45, the only problem is that’s really f—ing old as well.

  11. Older then most but not like George I can’t drive 55 !

  12. off topic here. Hear a rumor yesterday that Boone Jenner got arrested? any truth to this?

    • Nothing on that floating around on the web!

    • Different Boone-“Sons of Anarchy” star Mark Heidrich — aka Mark Boone Junior

      • I thought that was Bruce Jenner?

  13. Chicago doesn’t want to lose Trevor van Riemsdyk to waivers and Ottawa doesn’t want to lose Puempel to waivers, both are struggling, Chicago needs a LW, Ottawa needs better depth on RD.

  14. Leafs would be a natural trade partner. Sounds like the Ducks are making a run for the cup? JVR would be the main piece for the Ducks but to get some offense they could consider Michalek with the Leafs retaining salary then also getting Corrado as a good skating defense prospect. The Ducks would be giving up Fowler, Ritchie and maybe a salary dump. The Leafs will probably add a prospect like Lievo or Brown, and/or pick. This provides the Ducks what they need now and the Leafs could then trade Fowler for Trouba?

    • Not a chance! Why would Ana want anything to do with plugs like leivo or brown?

      • They DO like to proposed canoes for battleships, don’t they?