NHL Rumor Mill – October 2, 2016

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Can the Boston Bruins afford to acquire Jacob Trouba.

Can the Boston Bruins afford to acquire Jacob Trouba.

More Jacob Trouba speculation plus the NHL could allow Las Vegas to make pre-expansion draft trades.

THE BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa reports the Winnipeg Jets don’t intend on moving holdout defenseman Jacob Trouba for draft picks or prospects. They want a left-shot defenseman who can complement either Dustin Byfuglien or Tyler Myers right away. He doubts the Boston Bruins have what the Jets seek.

While acknowledging the Bruins have a left-hand shot in Torey Krug, Shinzawa points out he’s not an all-around blueliner like Trouba. He feels the Bruins would have to add another player with Krug and the Jets could ask for promising winger David Pastrnak as part of the return. Shinzawa also believes Jets general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff will be patient in seeking the right return. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Interesting take from Shinzawa. I was among those who suggested Krug as a possible trade chip for Trouba, but I don’t see the Bruins adding Pastrnak to the mix. Cheveldayoff can afford to be patient, but only up to the Dec. 1 deadline for re-signing restricted free agents such as Trouba. If he’s unsigned by that date, he becomes ineligible to play the remainder of the season.

While Cheveldayoff could treat that date as a trade deadline, he could also use it to pressure Trouba into re-signing. Then again, it could also force the Jets GM to change his asking price if he can’t find a top-four left-side defenseman to replace Trouba. 

TSN 1290 (VIA TODAY’S SLAPSHOT): Pierre LeBrun reports the NHL is looking at allowing its Las Vegas expansion franchise to make trades three weeks before the expansion draft. That means they could start swinging deals on June 1. “I think that will allow Vegas to get approached by teams, and also to approach teams, to make some of those deals that you’re talking about – where a team will say, ‘Don’t take Marc-Andre Fleury, and I’ll give you a third-round pick,” said LeBrun.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ve speculated several times the league could allow the Las Vegas franchise to make trades with other NHL clubs leading up to the expansion draft. The league wants to ensure its new franchise can be as competitive as quickly as possible. 


  1. Until the Trouba fiasco is finalized it looks like he becomes the next “Stamkos” or “Vesey” in these sites, with Fowler a close second. In other words the subjects of endless speculation and, what’s worse, wishful-thinking.

    • @George O
      I guess just mentioning it makes you part of the problem.

      • Not really. Hoping that an opening salvo will at least discourage the wishful-thinking part for awhile.

    • I have already stated here that this is starting to look like Vesey all over again George. When Trouba is traded we can talk about it then. But then again what is this site for? And aren’t you and I contributing to it?

      • Speculation is fine – off-the-wall, totally unrealistic wishful-thinking is not.

  2. Krug isn’t enough but Pasternak is too much. Krug and zboril or lottery protected first would do it. Jets don’t need picks/prospects but the make good deadline trade fodder.

    • Krug or zboril and a 3rd or 4th. Would be enough to me. If I was a rival GM I would not be to generous to give winnipeg exactly the price they asked knowing the player doesn’t want to be their. Winnipeg can let him sit out the season or meet my offer. I think as time progresses the advantage moves towards the teams looking to pick up trouba. When has a team ever gotten a good deal when dealing a player who request a trade. I’m sure it happens but more often it isn’t what it could of been.

  3. Bruin fans would ride Sweeney out of town on a rail if he traded Pastrnak. That said, it would take Krug and 2 NHL ready prospects to pry Trouba out of Winnipeg IMO.

  4. Marc Andre Fleury CAN’T be claimed! His NMC means Pittsburgh has to protect him! Why don’t these so called hockey journalists understand this?

    If Fleury is on the Pittsburgh roster as of the expansion draft, Matt Murray will have to be exposed.

    And what is Pittsburgh going to offer up to Vegas to get them to not select Murray? Whatever it is it has to be worth more than Murray or why would Vegas do it? And that defeats the whole purpose for Pittsburgh.

    If none of the teams on Fleury’s list of trade destinations want Fleury and also want to protect Fleury themselves in the e-draft, then Pittsburgh will be forced to trade Murray or lose him for nothing.

    • or buy out MAF. wont need to happen cause MAF will want to be a starter and chase roy and brodeur for wins. few scenarios

      1. pens trade MAF… it will happen if need be… pens wont get much for him and a team that has pens over a barrel will get a top 15 goalie for peanuts… thats why it will happen if need be.

      2. Jarry plays lights out and pens see him as a future number one as well as murray. if this happens then yes Murray could be traded… for a kings ransom. pens use MAF’s remaining years to groom him.

      3. pens work a deal with vegas (and no, it will cost more than a third round pick)to not take murray. there could be potentially several potential young number 1’s to pick from (subban for example) and vegas getting 2+ assets in the draft could be a bonus for them as they try to build up their teams depth.

      • Out of these 3 scienarios 2 make no sense, if Murray can be traded for a kings ransom (which I kinda doubt considering what young back ups who are going to cost to much go for) why would Vegas be willing to accept only a 3rd round pick not to take him? Wishful thinking. If Murrays value is that high it’s going to cost the Pens something to keep him, if they can’t move him. Yes they could move him but if they are being forced to move him for something in order to avoid losing him for nothing his value is not going to be s Kings ransom.

      • If he proves his worth as a number 1 this year he would garner a huge return from teams looking for a young term controlled goalie. Maybe my syntax was bad but I agree… it would cost far more than a third in the deal… possibly a lottery protected (not that it would be needed) 1st

    • LeBrun should know that. There were rumblings that the Pens could ask Fleury to waive his NMC for the expansion draft so they could protect Murray, and do some underhanded deal so Fleury doesn’t get claimed. Fleury can control his future, so if he did agree to anything, it surely wouldn’t be to go play in Vegas.

      Maybe Lebrun was assuming that would be the case, or he just picked Fleury randomly as a bad example.

      • Fleury will accept a trade if it means being a starter. If the Pens make Murray their starter Fleury will not want to sit on the bench. He is too competitive.

    • It was only an “example”. He picked a name that everyone could relate to, it didn’t need to be realistic just meaningful.

    • He used the name as an example. Relax.

    • Now that’s a post that goes beyond mere speculation. Well done! But, I do think there is a market for Fluery and a strong enough one for the team acquiring him to protect him! Perhaps a Dallas trade deadline deal. Oops, I just speculated!

  5. As a student of the first expansion draft in 1966-67 and every two team expansion since, it is amazing historically how even in all those expansions, when there were lean pickings, the established clubs finagled the new additions to take established lesser lights instead of touching the established teams better avaiable guys.
    I think this time Las Vegas is going actually get some nice long term, down the road guys that CAN help them to pass on established clubs the top four defenseman.
    Fans seem to think the Las Vegas should pick three high priced goalies, and fat contracted stars, and clean the messes for each established NHL club Cap situation, but since they aren’t gonna win short term, why draft that way? This is all about even trading the players they select to established clubs. it is going to be a great bargaining tool to build a stable of young defensive prospects and forwards for six -seven years down the pipeline…

    • they will have to pick up a few hefty contracts to meet their individualized cap floor. IMU

  6. I think Winnipeg should be calling the Pens about Maatta. Its a little risky because he’s had bad injury/health luck the past two years, but he’s signed to a very team friendly deal long term, and is at worst a decent second pair LHD. At best he’s a solid top pair guy. For 4 million per year, that’s a steal.

    Pittsburgh probably can’t afford the raise Trouba will want, I would hope both teams are looking into this.

    • I would rather have Maatta and his team friendly deal any day of the week. now if it was trouba + for Maatta with a solid forward prospect also coming back I would be all ears (which Peg likely isnt interested in… so no place for a deal)

      • It would be interesting if the Pens could make it work. I’m not sure they can though.

        They could stand to lose Maatta for a legit top 4 RHD. But if Trouba is looking for 6 million or so on his next deal, then it’s not going to work without the Pens doing other restructuring.

      • I wuldnt trade a player who has shown he can be a legit number 2 d-man for one who hasnt shown that yet. Maatta definately has health issues and can sometimes be inconsistant (likely due to the health issues) but when healthy plays amazing hockey. I’ll take the gamble on his health and knowing what he is capable of vs the gamble that trouba continues to develop and might end up better.

      • Yeah, it’s the money that nixes it for me. It’s easy to forget how young Maatta still is because he came in at 18. As long as he can stay healthy, which he should, he’s had nothing but bad luck in that regard, his contract will be a steal.

        If Trouba could he had around the same price though, I’d roll the dice on it.

      • trouba did say he wasnt moving for the money… not sure I believe him. I’d take Maatta over trouba at the same price after thinking about it. Id wouldnt even have to think about Maatta over Trouba at 1.5-2 mil less per year.

      • At the same price trouba all the way! In no way is it gonna be trouba plus for maata that’s just silly. I don’t know if people on here don’t see a lot of trouba or what? But the his guy is gonna be a top pairing guy he is very good defensive and can skate

      • bigbad… Maatta IS a top pairing guy signed at a little over 4 mil. Trouba hasnt proven it yet. I’m with Maatta all the way on that one… and yor right… peg probably wouldnt do that deal of trouba + because someone else will give them a better deal… but unless they did that deal I doubt pittsburgh even listens. So Pitt is out is how I see it.

      • Chris that’s what I’m saying tho if trouba was put with letang he would be as good or better than maata right now. He is already way better defensively and if put on a team with letang Crosby and malkin his offensive numbers would be similar! He is a better all around dman that maata

      • I completely disagree… Maatta is an incredible two way d-man whose d is far better than Trouba. Biggest risk is health… which is a gamble. gonna have to agree to disagree. give me Maatta (healthy) over Trouba any day… at least at this stage in their respective careers.

      • edit previous… Trouba does have the size which helps down low but Maatta’s hockey sense and first pass are deadon for Pittsburghs style of play… so saying Maatta is far better depends on how you look at it.

      • chrisms, i agree with you that pens aren’t trading maatta for trouba but because they already have letang and daley as right handed defence, so they need maatta as a top 4 lhd, but as far to say maatta is better then trouba i don’t agree, if you look at their numbers offensively they are practically the same in 3 years. Trouba has finished a + player every year with winnipeg while winnipeg only qualified 1 time for playoffs while pens have qualified every year, so to me trouba is a little better then maatta or pretty much the same.

      • Give me maatta with his hockey iq his contract his cup ring his character any day.

      • Your just reaching now chris?

      • how so… Also I’d recommend some allergy medicine… your eyes are leaking.

      • yes maatta’s contract is cap friendly and a good contract but no1 really knows what trouba is looking for in a contract, could be 4 million could be 6, which at 5-6 i take maatta over trouba but you can’t bring in stanley cup ring over trouba as maatta just ended up on a better team to get a ring. But i say trouba and maatta are very close to the same trade value.

      • Exactly Adoe

    • At the end of the year last year Trouba was put with Buff and it didn’t really go all that well Bbb what makes you think it would be better with Letang? Some would say Buff moves the puck just as well as Letang.

      • Some would say bolland is a valuable asset… they too are wrong.

      • You saying Buff doesn’t move the puck Jiz?

      • 53 points last year says he may know a thing or 2 about moving the puck, not sure your Dave bolland comparison is accurate.

      • Saying buff moves the puck near as well as letang is just silly! Cmon man

      • Shticky that’s just you trying to start an argument! Buff…really?? Geez

      • not saying Buff is bad at moving puck… but Letang is a different level. Bolland was a random example thunked up while I was on the crapper. Take your pick of any comparison. What is Puck Jiz?

      • for what its worth ek says trouba for Krug + is in the works… Striker would have an aneurysm! What say you bigbad?

      • I’d deal Krug for trouba no problem

      • Krug and what else? How high would you go on the second asset?

      • You can bring cup in as it is a valuable experience earning a cup. There is a reason why at the deadline teams look for previous champs or those with significant playoff experience

      • You just used Dave Bolland as an example in the negative then in then Same conversation instead of just accepting that some players have Stanley Cups because they play on good teams you use the example of value? I like Matta too but let’s not get carried away with the he won a cup as proof of value. Can’t have it both ways.

      • And BBB yes I will say that Buff is in the top 40 all time D for goals and is 1 point out of the top 100 d of all time in points Letang (is 137) is not so I have no dog in this fight (I don’t really care either) but spme could argue that Buff is as good a Puck mover as Letang and it’s not exactly silly when you consider all time D men.

      • Shticky do you remember how much buff played at forward??

      • Not near as much as the power play time Letang has logged with Crosby and Malkin.

      • False

      • Sticky… fair point. I already said bolland was a bad example that was a result of pushing to hard. It came out btw. Cup experience is valuable and is one additional thing maattta has over trouba

      • Oh… and letang worse thing going for him is his pp skills. Buff does have that over him. Course that just highlights how much better tanger is at 5 on 5

      • Buff has between 80-100 points at forward shticky you can throw your all time defense man stats out the window

      • Per rotoworld

      • Jeesh who is the one starting arguments bbb?lol I’m not saying one is necisarilu better than the other your point was Trouba would be better than Matta if he got to play with a player like Letang I am asking why you think that??? Then you start arguing about Buff has played forward? He wasn’t playing forward when he was playing with Trouba and chances are the reason he was playing forward was because a coach thought he can skate and move the puck pretty well let’s try him at forward to help the offence. I don’t care who the better player is U am saying the arguement that Trouba would be better playing with Letang isn’t necessarily true, for one he would play better players more minutes and when he was in that role with a similar player who plays a similar style it was still his worst season as a pro. Stop with the straw man. If you don’t know why or it’s just your opinion than just say so instead of going off the rails with the stupid arguement just for spite.

      • Lol puck jiz… should have read “puck? Jeez”

      • Ummmmmm you brought buff into this? Too say buff is a better puck mover that letang is just silly that is my point! Nobody except you would argue that

      • what makes you think it would be better with Letang? Some would say Buff moves the puck just as well as Letang….
        Where does it say anything about Buff is better than Letang? Can you not count and words sometimes confuse you as well? You seriously should seek help.

      • Do you even watch other teams than the leafs shticky? Honest to god man just stop stop!! Nobody except you would say buff moves the anywhere near as good as letang that is just stupid

      • I just love the “some would say.” not even trying to pick on you sticky… but that is the definition of hedging your bets. what do YOU say Sticky? Does Buff move the puck better than Tanger?

      • Don’t even bother chris shticky always twists everything around to benefit his argument, everyone knows buff is a step or two behind letang

      • Shticky, not sure what r basing that on, but you be wrong. Trouba plays well with everyone and he reminds me more of a Weber type dman the Doughty but I would take either one.

      • I said I have no dog in the fight Chris I don’t really care one way or another so no it’s not hedging my bet if I had to choose I’m not certain it may be Letang but if I wanted some size and physicality it could be Buff but it’s the nature of sport I’m sure there are some Jets Fans that love Buff better than Letang the same as you as a Pens fan like Letang so ya can try and pick it apart or me all you want I could careless….and again bbb seek help Im sure there is some medication or therapy that could help your disorders. Then concentrate on the counting and reading.

      • Way to come out and tip toe around who you think is better?As usual you don’t make any valid points, maybe you should slow down on your medication ( booze) seriously ?

      • Caper I’m not saying there is anything wrong with Trouba I’m simply pointing out that last year was his worst year as a pro and most would agree he didn’t progress (last year) quite the way the Jets would have hoped despite playing with Buff, not speaking to what type of d he is or anything else, just that last year wasn’t his best and he went from playing 3rd most on the team to playing with Buff.

      • Shticky you really aren’t saying anything just kinda talking out your a** just stop digging yourself deeper

      • See that’s exactly what I am talking about bbb you need pictures (emojis) to try and get your point across instead of words and numbers, you are either young or too stupid to know you are pointing out exactly what I’m saying. Get help then learn to write some words and count.

      • ? that is hilarious your trying to tell someone how to make a point??? I’ve never seen you make one

      • Did I get this all wrong or was Shticky simply asking a question like: if player A (trouba) did not play good, or actually worse, with Buff – why should he excel with Letang when the would be similur(?) to play with?
        And that derailed to hate, name calling and whatever? It was never a statement that Buff > Letang – just a question regarding trouba.

      • Sorry guess that should go here lol…

        Exactly Adoe

      • ” some would say buff moves the puck as well as letang”

    • I’d rather have Maatta than Trouba any day.

      Now, if the Jets want to do a package built around Pouliot for him, and then the Pens flip him for a top young winger, then OK.

  7. I hope Boston passes on Trouba.
    As much as I’d love to have him I don’t want to move guys who could be as good or better.
    Krug,Pastrnak,Mcavoy,Zboril, and Carlo are the future and could all be better down the road and won’t cost what Trouba wants cap wise.
    I also wouldn’t move Vatrano,Synshyn or Debrusk.
    Unless we can get Trouba for picks and guys like Subban,Colin Miller,Maquaid,Morrow, Kevin Miller and other prospects I’d pass.
    Winnipeg should move him though to help the team now. Longer they wait price will drop.

  8. Trouba is not moving for a lesser d man or prospects and or picks. People do you not hear Chevy when he says exactly what he is looking for ??
    I love the fact if we do talk prospects that they may be better then Trouba down the road. LOL they could be busts too ! Trouba is an almost established top 4 guy ,you’re going to have to give up something worthy to obtained him. Chevy wants a comparable LH d man. Krug is making 5.25 mil/yr. Would the Jets and Trouba kiss and make up at that price ? It’s offense ( Krug ) vs defence ( Trouba ). Trouba has the size……I dont think Chevy wants an undersized d man.
    It could happen but I doubt it….

    • Chevy may want that but it’s extremely unlikely he gets it. He would ideally like a Lindholm, Reilly, or Hanifin type. But Trouba is not an upgrade on any of those guys, and teams are unlikely to make that kind of trade as it doesn’t improve them.

      essentially teams with a big enough need to pay the value don’t have the asset to get it done they way Winnipeg has suggested it, and teams with the asset don’t have enough of a need to meet the price.

      So I think Chevy either loosens his restrictions, or someone gets creative. Maybe a 3 way deal involving Anaheim for fowler? Not sure how Chevy would rate him, some have him high, others believe he is overrated, so it would depend. (Personally I think fowler is overrated, but still good and young)

      Or Winnipeg may need to settle for youngish 2nd pairing types on solid contracts with some upside and some added pieces. Guys like Brodin, Gardner, Krug, Elholm, Klefbom, Nurse?

      D command a high price but the same will be true going back, teams like Edmonton might offer the most value but you won’t get a D of equal value.

      Teams that have lots of solid D but want a guy that plays a little more heavy hockey, or fits their needs a little more might also give good value but I can’t think of any that have straight up comparable D to trade. So in the end I think it is unlikely to be a 1 for 1 straight up trade unless someone really steps out of line and gets hammered with a bad deal, one way or another. Chevy is the GM in this situation going into a season where his team is expected to be competitive with a hole in his line up. He will face more pressure than most other teams. He is a good GM and I think he will get good overall value, but I would be absolutely shocked if he got a young D of equal or greater value as Trouba relresents at a similar age.

      • Danny
        True also if Trouba really wants 7 million per I would rather have Krug for 5.25.
        If I were Edmonton I wouldn’t move Nurse for him either, I think Nurse has more upside.

    • Whiskey Jack
      Chevy isn’t getting a comparable left defenseman that is signed already.
      He can ask but he won’t get it.
      He will have to accept a comparable forward or a lesser defenseman and either high prospects or first round pick.
      Especially if Trouba wants 7 million per season,most teams won’t even consider paying that.

      • Chevy holds the cards. Maybe he will have to change his asking price but I see no rush for him to do so. Sure it be nice to have it dealt with by opening night but like an injury this asset can be put on the shelf until the time is right.
        Wpg does not need forwards but I suppose if the right deal comes along Chevy will take it.

      • I agree. I think he can get fair value but probably not without shifting the focus on the specific asset a little. Fact is there are just so few signed defensmen of similar age with the same skill and potential. Ones that are similar are probably viewed as more valuable just because of familiarity and already being signed. I mean would the Leafs trade Morgan Reilly signed at 5 million for a defensmen from the same draft year taken after Reilly, who isn’t signed ? Not likely. Carolina isn’t trading Hanifin and Lindholm is arguably the best under 23 defensemen in the league. I can’t think of many others that could step in and play the role they want, who are LHD, and have similar upside and are under 25. Just seems like something has to give and they will need to settle somewhere on the ask and take some sweetener. To get a good value I think he team trading for Trouba needs to feel their D got better and has more upside.

  9. With Maatas health issues and Trouba not realizing his potential it would seem to me that an even up trade would be reasonable?

    In regard to Pits goaltending they just have to decide who they want to keep and then work out a trade with LV. If they want to keep Flower then they could expect to trade a player from the roster but not a goaltender and receive a sweetener. That could be Jarry, a prospect and/or a pick. If they have to pick three goaltenders maybe a team would provide a sweetener to take someone off their hands. Detroit comes to mind but Dallas, Florida or Colarado also come to mind. They can still pick up tenders in free agency? It is unclear if pending UFAs appear on the team lists. If so LV could pick a couple of guys that are only their property until July 1? They could trade their rights after the draft and before free agency. Getting Jarry from Pits gives LV a young goalie to develop while using a guy like Howard to mentor him plus they would get other assets?

    The first year I would expect LV would dump most of their veterans at the trade deadline.

  10. Too many politics. What’s up GM’s you know what these days? Trouba doesn’t want to play in WPG so get your assets. Don’t make it personal let the guy go and play. No way there isn’t a fair deal out there. And the league wants Las Vegas to be competitive asap? Favouritism? How EDM decade out of playoffs nobody will make fair deal with. They got assets and teams refuse to make a good trade yet will bitch when they finish bottom of the league getting another high first rounder. And everyone will complain how oilers suck and keep getting high picks but no they are not allowed to acquire players to build the team properly. Or you get EDM. Mgmt that keep destroying the team and not trading assets but then go and trade Hall for Larsson. I think it’s the twighlight zone in EDM.