NHL Rumor Mill – October 20, 2016

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If San Jose Sharks defenseman Brent Burns becomes a UFA, the Edmonton Oilers could pursue him.

If San Jose Sharks defenseman Brent Burns becomes a UFA, the Edmonton Oilers could pursue him.

Latest on Brent Burns, Jacob Trouba, Martin Hanzal and Dylan McIlrath in your NHL rumor mill. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples cites Oilers Now host Bob Stauffer speculating the Edmonton Oilers could pursue San Jose Sharks defenseman Brent Burn if he decides to test next summer’s unrestricted free agent market. Sportsnet’s Mark Spector, however, doubts the Sharks will let their top defenseman go. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Oilers bench boss Todd McLellan coached Burns during his tenure with the Sharks. so there is a connection there. However, the Oilers won’t be the only club willing to open the vault for Burns’ services. I also don’t see the Sharks letting Burns go, but it remains to be seen if the two sides can get a deal done before July 1. 

NBC SPORTS:  Jason Brough recently cited agent Kurt Overhardt, who represents Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba, saying his camp isn’t concerned about the Dec. 1 deadline for re-signing restricted free agents. If Trouba isn’t signed by then, he becomes ineligible to play the remainder of this season. Having requested a trade, the blueliner is currently withholding his services and is back home in Michigan. Overhardt believes there’s plenty of time to work out a transaction that’s mutually beneficial to both sides. 

TODAY’S SLAPSHOT: Appearing yesterday on TSN 1050, Bob McKenzie doesn’t get the sense that Trouba is close to being dealt. Complicating things is the issue of a new contract for the 22-year-old rearguard. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t see things picking up on the Trouba front until mid-November. With the Dec. 1 deadline looming by that point, both sides will feel the tension. Much will depend upon the Jets performance by that point. If they’re playing poorly, management could feel pressured to use Trouba as a trade chip to bolster their lineup. If they’re playing well, Trouba could be forced to return to the Jets or miss the remainder of the season. 

ARIZONA REPUBLIC: Sarah McLellan recently reported Coyotes center Martin Hanzal could put his contract talks on ice until the end of this season. He said he wants to put his focus on playing hockey. Hanzal is eligible for UFA status next summer. Coyotes GM John Chayka said he remains hopeful of re-signing the veteran center. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Coyotes are out of playoff contention by February, Chayka could start fielding trade offers for Hanzal. 

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks recently reported Rangers GM Jeff Gorton is likely listening to any trade offers for defenseman Dylan McIlrath. However, the 6’5″, 220-pounder needs to prove he’s an everyday NHL blueliner if he’s to attract interest from rival clubs. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: McIlrath’s only played one game this season. That won’t enhance his trade value. 


  1. The Brent Burns to the Oilers next July has a Leafy smell to it.

    • Hahahahahahahaha…… No.

    • As much as I would love Chiarelli to sign Burns if he enters free agency, he turns 32 in March. That is a little old for the length and amount of contract he will demand.

  2. Why would anyone leave California for Alberta? If Burns decides to test the market he will get a huge payday, and as much as I’d like the “Leafy smell” to actually be Burns playing in TO, it won’t happen. Lamarillo to Burns…our offer is 6 yrs $6.5mil a season…and you have to shave your beard and cut your hair…

    I can guess what Burns reply would be…

    • Does Lucic come to mind?

    • What makes you sure that Lou will be in charge next year. I think Hunter will be running the show

  3. Burns would go to TO for under 6, Leafs are building something special.

    • I vote Chevy makes Trouba sit for the year. If he doesn’t get how the CBA works or who’s in charge & decides who gets to play when & where, then sit him for another year. He’ll capitulate I can assure you & probably be better served. Apparently he & his agent need some humbling.

      I make my final offer publicly & state he takes it & plays & I will work to move him if & when the right offer comes along, otherwise we will readdress when he finally decides to sign or someone makes us an offer we can’t refuse. Similar situation for me to Drouin, although under contract so significantly different. I think most of us know what Trouba is going to be; a #1 Dman that leans a little more to D than O, & you can’t move that asset, like a Drouin under value.

      If the right offer comes along well he’s sitting out great but I don’t discount based on short term pain & the loss of a potential playoff spot.

      Winnipeg is a bubble team at best & if Little misses any significant time all bets are off. No player on Winnipeg’s roster can replace the difficult minutes Little logs & these types of assets; solid 2 way #1 centers; now #2ish, aren’t easy to develop or acquire either.

    • and so is burns his after career

  4. I don’t see Burns going any where. SJ will resign him at or near 7 mil eventually for 5 or 6 years.

    • I agree, and I like Burns but 5-6 years will look god awful at the end of that deal. But then again it wouldn’t shock me either. It seems to be the new norm in the Nhl. Throw money and term at a player and worry about it later. I’d never give out 5-6-8 year deals to a player on the wrong side of 30.

      • With a few very rare exceptions I agree with you. The real issue is simply cap related. To get them the money they potentially deserve today & get them to agree to sign they are simply deferring for all intense & purposes. This could have all been avoided if cap hits were simply the dollars paid today.

        I still don’t understand why the NHL allowed for this deferral system. It’s inflationary & few if any of these players are going to be worth any where near their respective cap hits at the tail end of these deals.

  5. Sounds like the Oilers media machine is borrowing a page from the Leafs media machine by speculating on Burns, just as Toronto did on Stamkos. It’s the media that fuels this stuff, not true knowledgeable fans who understand that building a winner is a process. Both the Oilers and Leafs have management in place, now, that are willing to be patient and build over time. It is glaringly obvious that both teams need to work on defense, but there are other ways to address this sitting around hoping somebody else’s player will fall into your lap. Stop the silliness! Build over time just like Chicago did!

    • Chi made good use of cap space under the old system. Having signed Hossa; 12 years, & Keith; 13 years, both in 2009, long term under the old system has provided Chi with a ton of cap space since then & moving forward unless Chi has to incur the cap recapture penalties should Hossa retire early.

      Having Keith at a cap hit of $5,538,462 is incredible. He should be 1 of the 3 highest paid Dman in the game. 1 of the best most successful Dman to ever play the game. Not just about points, does it all & has 3 cups. Future Hall of Fame player on 1st ballot.

  6. Trouba will be a bruin before the end of Nov you can bank on it!

    • Sweet.

    • File that under “wishful-thinking”

      • Hahahahah. Agreed.

  7. Burns not leaving SJ. If Sharks stay healthy and have another good playoff run…
    Wookie signs four years @ 6.7; Thornton three years @ 6.7, both with NMC. Marleau, if he scores 20 or more will be a one year @ 4.0. Or he signs two year deal with Anaheim.

  8. With all the Trouba rumours swirling you hear a lot of Edm, Boston, Detroit. Anyone have any backseat rumour ideas? A random team no one has been talking about that could possibly try and get him out of Winnipeg?

    • Not a rumor that I’ve heard, just a thought; Trouba to Carolina for Fleury and picks.

      • I could see that. Jets I’m sure would prefer someone like Hanfin but when you throw in some picks I could see a fit with Fleury.

    • I think Lindholm for Trouba would solve both teams problems.
      Anaheim would still need to shed some salary.
      Anaheim could flip Trouba for needs.

    • Vancouver

  9. Of course the Oil could pursue Burns. So could 29 other teams. What makes Edmonton so special to get the headline ?

    • Connor McDavid

      • And Todd McLellan

      • Simple but true.
        I’ve been watching the oilers games this season, and he is just the most awesome talant I’ve seen. He went without a point in two games, could easily been a couple of goals and a few assist the way he created things out of nothing.
        If he stays healthy I can’t see how he doesn’t snag the art ross in most of the upcoming 10 seasons.

    • Umm Probably because the author of said speculation writes about the oilers. Circumstance I guess.

  10. Let the hero-worshipping begin.

    • Yeah but don’t all rush to praise me.