NHL Rumor Mill – October 27, 2016

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Anaheim Ducks reportedly not shopping defenseman Hampus Lindholm.

Anaheim Ducks reportedly not shopping defenseman Hampus Lindholm.

Updates on Hampus Lindholm, Jacob Trouba, Mike Condon and Dylan McIlrath in your NHL rumor mill. 

Note: Following links via Today’s Slapshot’s Chris Nichols

TSN’s Darren Dreger reports he spoke with someone close to the contract situation of Anaheim Ducks restricted free agent defenseman Hampus Lindholm. They claimed the line in the sand has been drawn in the sand regarding the negotiations, pointing out they’re still about $250K per season apart.

Dreger also said there was a conversation about two weeks ago between the Ducks and Colorado Avalanche, with Avs captain Gabe Landeskog being mentioned for Lindholm. However, Ducks GM Bob Murray wants nothing to do with trading the young blueliner.

When asked about a possible move of Lindholm to the Toronto Maple Leafs, Dreger said he thought “that’s a pretty significant stretch.”

Dreger’s colleague Bob McKenzie also reported he gets the sense that discussions between Lindholm and the Ducks have heated up and if a deal gets done, it wouldn’t surprise him if it occurred within the next 24-48 hours. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If we take Murray at face value (always a dangerous thing to do with NHL GMs), he has no intention of trading Lindholm and still hopes to re-sign him, even though it’ll mean a tricky juggling act with his limited cap space.

Interesting speculation regarding Lindholm-for-Landeskog. It’s not the first time this year the Avs captain surfaced in the trade rumor mill. I wonder if that was the Ducks asking price, or if the Avs are seriously considering moving their captain for a top-two defenseman?  I’d love to read the views of Ducks and Avs fans on this one. 

McKenzie also weighed in on the status of Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Mike Condon, who’s been the subject of trade/waiver speculation with Matt Murray rejoining the lineup. McKenzie said the Pens aren’t adverse to trading Condon, but won’t put him on waivers. They want to hold onto him as long as possible as he gives them flexibility down the road. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Penguins place Condon on waivers he’ll be quickly snapped up by one of the clubs (Kings, Bruins, Coyotes) in need of a boost between the pipes. Better to put him on the trade block in hopes of getting a draft pick or a player in return. 

SPORTSNET’s Elliotte Friedman believes the New York Rangers want Winnipeg Jets restricted free agent defenseman Jacob Trouba, but claims the Jets’ asking price is too high. Regarding Rangers defenseman Dylan McIlrath, Friedman thinks they’re really trying to move him before having to place him on waivers. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Jets asking price is reportedly a good, young top-four defenseman with a left-handed shot. The only Blueshirt who comes close to fitting that description is promising Brady Skjei, but he’s not at the same skill level as Trouba. The Rangers will have to add a sweetener with Skjei to pull this off. 


  1. If the Leafs were to make a deal for Lindholm it would take JVR to make the deal happen. Likely JVR and a prospect in exchange for Lindholm and a 4th-5th round pick.

    Interesting on Landeskog for Lindholm. It fills a need for both teams but I can’t see the avs trading their Captain for Lindholm.

    I still think Trouba for Gardiner + to the Leafs is a possibility.

    • I think this is about the 10th-11th consecutive day that the JVR for Fowler or Lindholm has been suggested.

      It’s not happening on so many levels. First and foremost for cap reasons.

      The only way it even would be a remote possibility is Toronto taking Stoner back in the deal, and eating 1/2 of JVR’s contract. Even then, I don’t see it happening.

      • “When asked about a possible move of Lindholm to the Toronto Maple Leafs, Dreger said he thought “that’s a pretty significant stretch.”

        It’s just as much of a stretch to contemplate Trouba to the Leafs – but that won’t stop the dreamers.

        Let’s be realistic here – if either Lindholm or Trouba were to go to the Leafs the names going the other way WON’T be JVR or Gardiner or any of the other question marks on their D – but rather Rielly, Nylander or Marner.

      • I forgot to throw in my disclaimer.

        “In no way shape or form is this a slight towards JVR, the Maple Leafs organization, or the great city of Toronto. This is not about the lack of JVR’s value, or what he brings to the table. He is an outstanding player, that most teams would love to have. But this trade makes very little to no sense for a team looking to clear cap space. Please refrain from Troll / hater comments. ”

        Thank you for reading.

      • If it was involving Lindholm I’d be fine with 1 of those 3 being in the cost, but I doubt that’s the case, and I didn’t realize that Landeskog carried no salary not that I think JVR is going to be traded for any of these guys but I doubt that Murray or any quite frankly is able to get a deal done that onvolves moving 4 million or more dollars on a trade with no money coming back… use yer noodle for a second half of JVR 2.25 3 mill for Stoner 4 mill for Fowler it’s nearly 10 mill in salary going one way. Why even bother bringing this up as it’s a. Bigger fantasy, than the original post of a forward for a D it doesn’t matter what teams are involved no team is taking on 10 mill in salary…I’m not saying it because of Leafs or Ducks, I’m saying it because it gets old hearing people getting upset by “one sided” Leaf deals in one breath and making even more stupid and less likely ideas in the next. Not that it was you George, anyway yes if it was for a D like Lindholm I consider a package revolving around 1 of those 3 players mentioned.

      • I don’t know about Reilly George, that seems like a wash to me essentially & solves nothing for Toronto but if a team wants Fowler or Lindholm the cost will be extreme. I’m not sure a Marner or Nylander straight up gets it done for Lindholm. I wouldn’t. I assume all are going to be studs & it’s harder to get a stud Dman than any other position.

      • Funny, I never see you say “why bother bringing it up” when these continuous, repetitive, recycled , daily, exact, copy and pasted trade proposals that make absolutely zero sense come up.

        Apparently, my disclaimer was too late?

      • And your creative, ever faithful, fan base isn’t bringing up Landeskog every other comment. That would require taking the blunders off for 11 seconds.

        I love that you call out every “fantasyland ” trade other than the ones that are about Toronto. You just skip right over them, or … Buy into them.

        “Nothing to see here folks”

      • NYR4life.

        If Toronto moved Fowler & Stoner to get JvR, a decent B/C grade prospect; Lindberg, Soshnikov, Brown, etc. & say a 2nd round pick, that free’s up 3 mil in cap space. 7.25 going out, 4.25 coming in. Fowler & JvR both have 2 years remaining on their deals. It fits well for Anaheim in the expansion draft as well.

        Anaheim already has enough space to sign Lindholm as long as Despres is on LTIR.

        I like this option for both teams. My only concern is leadership in Toronto. Can Toronto afford to lose JvR’s leadership. We all assume Bozak is gone as soon as a good opportunity presents it’s self & that would really only leave Kadri as a top 6 forward with leadership abilities unless Komorov meets this criteria. I believe so but most Toronto fans have argued bitterly Komorov isn’t a top 6 forward. Edm has shown that having bottom 6 veteran leaders doesn’t work.

        Other than JvR the only other players that will get Toronto a Fowler off Anaheim are a Nylander or Marner maybe. If Hall a stud LW returned a Larsson a solid young defensive Dman I just don’t see it happening straight up. We may never see this compensation paid again but it would be in the ball park.

        Like you I do wish something would happen so we can stop hypothesizing & discuss the actual trade instead.

      • Yes, yes it was. And yes I get seeing the same thing for days in a row can be trying but When Trouba and Fowler are in the headlines daily of course one of the sports largest fan bases are going to give their opinion as I said before I’ve seen some homer opinions from other teams here as well but don’t find the need to over react and put on a show when it happens. Then follow it up with a more far fetched deal in the same breath.

      • I know you all think Lou is a savior/ genius / 2nd coming, but why is that more far fetched than basically JVR, a b prospect, or 2nd round pick or some of the other proposals made here for the last week plus?

        We are talking about an organization that traded Phaneuf for a TON of bad money coming back. A team that could almost start another franchise with LTIR, or dead contract players.

        Let’s not pretend my proposal is more out of line than some of the insane ones we’ve seen recycled here.

      • “We may never see this compensation paid again [for a Larsson-type]” is probably accurate.

        For one thing, we may find ourselves at an historic low in the availability at that position, but I think more important was the unique situation EDM was in with a need to abate a fan revolt going into a new arena and relaunch year and relative overabundance of skilled forwards and lack of quality defenders.

        The Leafs are in a dramatically different situation, with huge fan approval of mgmt in what is year one of the rebuild.

        The D is weak as you know, but Rielly and Gardiner are still emerging, Zaitsev is as advertised by management in the early running, and Carrick looks like an NHL-level defender.

        In the system, Neilsen in particular looks promising as a 6’3″19 yr old, leading all AHL defenders in pt in the early running.

        On the flipside, Matthews and Nylander are both inside the top 10 in scoring early in this season at 19 and 20 years old, respectively, while many see Marner’s performances as being at least as impressive.

      • So for those reasons Striker, I just don’t see a Lindholm/Fowler for Matthews/Marner/Nylander deal happening.

        The Leafs have time and I expect the mgmt group to use it to get the D pieces they need. There’s no rush, with another lottery selection on the way in year two of this rebuild.

      • Shticky. Sorry confused. What do you mean Landeskog carries no salary? $5,571,429 for 5 years!

      • It’s called deflecting away from the JVR thing. They both carry salary was his point.

        He won’t answer. He is taking a 30 minute silent protest at the moment. Unfortunately, it probably won’t last 10 minutes!

      • I don’t see Toronto having to eat salary on JvR if they accepted Stoner with Fowler. I have been suggesting this option as you all say Toronto isn’t moving Marner or Nylander to get a top 2 Dman. Well if not 1 of those 2 then the only player left that is of sufficient quality & might be had is JvR as Matthews isn’t moving nor is Reilly.

        If Toronto isn’t willing to move JvR your simply not getting a Fowler, Lindholm, Trouba, what have you unless it contains 1 of those other 2 players.

        I’m just hypothesizing on the discussion. I have said repeatedly the only way I see any of these Dman moving is if the team that buys them simply makes an offer Anaheim or Winnipeg can’t refuse. If you wanted me to choose who will it actually do so it isn’t Toronto. Even with a Lindholm, Fowler or Trouba Toronto is still going to be bad, especially as the cost to acquire will effect the results today.

        I think if Anaheim can’t juggle the cap issues Fowler or other another Dman not Lindholm will be moved most likely to Boston. Ha-ha! The homer in me nor do I see Trouba being moved. No team can give Winnipeg what it wants. Like Hamonic it doesn’t make sense to me to move the same assets. Yes Weber did move for Subban & although different players; strengths & weaknesses, they are the same player. #1 Dman & that deal still shocks me. I can’t believe Nashville moved Weber. He like a Doughty, Suter, Keith, Hedman, etc. is the complete package. They are so rare it’s insane.

      • Striker,

        I think Toronto would be absolutely nuts to take Stoner and hold any money on JVR.

        I’m definitely in no way, shape or form suggesting it will happen or is a good idea to do it.
        However, the Ducks have about 600k in cap space. I don’t see how trading 7 million away, and bring back 4+ helps free the 6 million Lindholm is supposedly seeking.

        Unless Anaheim is relying on Depres never returning? I would think at some point he will.

      • I don’t think JVR brings much to the table in terms of leadership. Interesting that both Dreger and Ferraro yesterday on TSN 1050 both said that the Leafs should be exploring their options with Anaheim, and that Anahein was scouting Leaf games. They also said that it would be a veteran winger (aka JVR) that would most likely be shopped to acquire the Dman the Leafs pursue. I think that considering how poor the D has been, that JVR is on borrowed time. I don’t think he has ever been looked to provide leadership to this group and has become expendable at this point.

      • I have to say, your undying obsession with BBB is a strange one.

        I have silently sat back and watched the back and forth banter for quite some time now. Which ultimately ends with you pouting, complaining, trying to get him banned , and accusing him of “trolling “.

        I have to say, you are 99.9% to blame. Not only do you troll the guy almost non stop, you actually incite him and others to come after you!

        The guy doesn’t even have to be here, yet you just can’t help yourself to bring him up!

        The only leg getting treated the way you speak of is his…. By YOU!

        Your strange , twisted, obsession with this guy is creepy and stalkerish. If you’re reading this BBB, you may want to consider a restraining order on the “Shtick-ster”.

      • The ducks don’t want any salary in return they want picks and prospects enough with the jvr crap! It would have to be some sort of 3 way deal if it happened and those are pretty rare

      • I read it nyr4life you’re right about him I don’t even have to write anything and he is talking about me lol

      • Dan39.

        I never said Matthews is going any where. I agree with you also that we may never see another hall for Larsson type deal. A decade of futility at D forced that trade. I will say although highly unlikely we can never say never. I’ve learned that the hard way. If you can trade Clarkson you can trade anyone.


      • NYR4life I said just that. 7.25 out 4.25 coming in problem solved until Despres is activated from LTIR. Who knows if or when that will happen. Anaheim can simply cross that bridge when it appears Despres is potentially able to play again. They will get tons of notice as the stages of activity that have to be achieved are clearly defined & a very specific time line followed for him to return. It all relates to what grade of concussion which hasn’t been made public but the fact he was put on LTIR is some what telling. Murray will have almost a month to address if Despres can advance through the various stages.

    • I don’t see Lindholm moving solely for Landeskog it would cost Colorado far more. Part of the reason it’s not happening no slight to Landeskog. Most of you know how much I value Dman, especially young up & coming studs that aren’t UFA’s for 5+ years. I didn’t like Larsson for Hall trade straight up but I do get why Edmonton did it & it does provide a reference point on cost though. It sets the high water mark.

      Larsson is no Lindholm nor are you getting Lindholm for JvR & a prospect. JvR is a UFA in 2 years. KIt would require a significant pick at least a 2nd & Toronto would have to take Stoner. Or the compensation could be different but provide almost the same value.

      As it stands right now Anaheim doesn’t have to do anything. They can make Lindholm fit at least until Despres comes off LTIR if ever.

      • More than just JVR you say? Stoner in return? Get ready for a serious tongue lashing! That’s flat out blasphemy!

      • Now I’m done talking about it and will wait for BBB and come and treat your leg like a dog in heat because you made fun of a Leaf proposal bravo.

      • All good. I’m used to it. Happy to go toe to toe with anyone, that’s pretty much what I do for a living. Force people to make hard choices & buy in or out of things they can’t see, the future as it relates to my industry.

        The reason a Trouba, Fowler, etc. haven’t moved yet is no 1 wants to pay the cost. It’s brutal buying these types of assets. You can’t win these trades player for player but you can in the win loss column or team structure department.

        Chiarelli just recently excepted that cost. I got to see Edm live last night for the 1st time this season, get to see Ottawa on Sunday as well. This isn’t your old Edm Oilers. Chiarelli has restructured this roster in the blink of an eye. They are not fun to play against. They play a very robust style of play now. There were some big hits in this game & not by the usual suspects but Pitlick was throwing his weight around as well. Maroon, Lucic, Kassian, Gryba, Larrson, Nurse & Pitlick were all hammering people.

        Oilers fans have to love what Chiarelli has managed to build. This is a very good team. They have had a very easy start to the season schedule wise but they went toe to toe with Washignton last seasons best team in the league. It was fun to watch.

      • Sorry the posts below were mixed up in order.

    • See thing is I do NYR, ask Steven Leafs advocate Dan or any of them I do disagree and point it out, regularly, guess maybe you don’t notice because I don’t “slay”them or try and put on a show and go on and on about it for days

      • On about it for days? That would be like….. JVR for Fowler?

        Did you notice me bring it up? No, I don’t have to. The same exact proposal just keeps coming back.

        I’ll bet you $1 (American) dollar I won’t be talking about it if it ever goes away.

        But we all know the odds on Toronto trading JVR for Crosby has a better chance than this SAME exact proposal not being here tomorrow, or the next day, or the next day, or…….

      • We seem to forget that the Leafs got JVR for Luke Schenn – a D whose warts had been brutally exposed and who will never be more than a 5/6 pairing on most teams and probably a 7th “swingman” on some as he bounces around the league (he’s already on his 4th team at age 26).

      • We don’t forget George we just scratch our heads in wonder. Ha-ha! There’s that dam cost for any Dman a team thinks might be something raising it’s ugly head again. At the time the trade didn’t look brutal just odd. Holmgren made several odd trades.

    • No way does JVR in a deal get you Lindholm, Maybe Fowler but not Lindholm. If Lou wants Lindholm it starts with one of either Nylander/Marner not JVR That’s just being realistic if you want one the better young LHD it’s going to cost you dearly and sorry Jvr doesn’t cut it for Lindholm. If Lou wants Lindholm it’s going to be painful and only losing one of either Marner or Nylander will work.

    • Landeskog for Lindholm? Sounds like Lindholm agent my have been using his deep ties with the Avs and Sakic to get Lindholm the 6 plus mil a year he wanted. Murray seems intent on keeping(rebuilding) that 2007 like defense. I think Landeskog only Getzlaf/Perry LW would have been very interesting. 5 1/4 mil a good price though. What did he have to lose in drawing the line in the sand? If signed to an offersheet, it would have been for 6+ and thus the ducks would have gotten three or four draft picks back and still had three replacements ready to step up in Theodore, Montour, and Larrson.

    • No way the Ducks trade Lindholm for JVR, Fowler maybe. Though I can see the Ducks wanting picks over bodies. They don’t throw the cash around there. As a Leaf fan I would love Trouba for Gardiner but don’t see that happening.

      • Hell, I would have loved to see Ceci for Lindholm – but wishful-thinking and reality are poles apart.

      • I really like Ceci George. I think in a few more years; 2 possibly 3, he should be a solid #3 maybe even #2. Still just 22.

      • I don’t DISLIKE Ceci – but if there were any chance in Hell that Anaheim would take him for Lindholm I would be ecstatic!

    • No offence but leaf fans crack me up, trouba for gardener plus? They reportedly wanted Pastarnack, Brandon carlo, and a first round pick from the bruins!! So gardiner plus? Lol you may want to be prepared for a morgan rielley return, they wont want a gardiner quality for a top 2 quality in trouba

  2. Young
    Top 4
    Left shot

    Sounds like Olli Maatta to me.

    He’s signed for 6 years at $4.08m

    • Not till Pouliot comes back, we would have too many RDs. But Dumo/ Letang, Pouliot/ Trouba, Cole/ Shultz, Daley sounds like a fast and deadly D corps. Maybe Daley can play with Trouba I guess. Trouba would have to take the same deal as Olli or it doesn’t work cap wise.

      • Unless the Penguins move someone else…… sounds like after all this Trouba stuff he is staying in Winnipeg….

  3. With Jooris heading to the ir/Ltir it gives NY a little breathing room on the Mcilrath decision. They may still shop him, but waivers aren’t in the near future.

    Interesting side not, how long will the Devils keep their heads above water the way they’re playing. 6 games, 13 goals for…. From only 5 players? Yikes!!

    • Was that little Tory Krug sending Jooris to the infirmary? Ha-ha1

      • Yes he did! What I found really strange was AV smiling/ chuckling about the Mcilrath fiasco being put on hold because of Jooris’s injury.

      • NYR4life.

        You have to be loving your Rangers. They look incredible. Fun to watch. I’ve watched as many of their games as I can. Speed, speed & more speed with scoring depth 3 lines deep when healthy.

        You know I have argued, debated & supported them for years. I love the make up of this team.

        NYR could easily be 7-0. Hutton; StL & Howard; Det, stood on their heads & stole those 2 games from the Rangers. Once healthy, Kreider & Buchnevich back playing, this is a serious cup contender. I had them top 6 comfortably in the east I was apparently wrong. I can’t see how this group doesn’t make the top 4 & may well win the east.

        The additions of Zibanejad, Holden & Grabner; great penalty killer 4th line role player, have fit perfectly & the promotion of Skjei has helped solidify a solid top 6, getting better with each game.

  4. Bruins could have Roy,Hasek or Plante between the pipes and it wouldn’t help..their D is a bottom feeder in the league, where’s the improvement the FO promised in the offseason…..Liles-4..C Miller-5..McQuaid (2 games played) -3…Krug ($5 mil per) -4 & 0 pts…..

    • Liles couldn’t get it done on D in Toronto, What does that say about him?

      • I hated that signing. Why buyout Seidenberg & sign Liles. Nothing was saved & nothing was gained by the time that buyout plays out. It actually costs the Bruins more cap space than having retained him for this year & then re assessed the situation next summer buying him out then if necessary.

    • Let’s wait until Boston can actually ice something resembling a healthy roster. Something they haven’t been able to do yet this season as well as having Krejci & Krug both returning from major surgeries.

      They lost their last 3 games to Montreal, NYR & Minnesota the 1st, 4th & 6th best teams in the NHL respectively as I type this with no goalie in their last 2 games due to unfortunate luck.

      They sit 3-4. I’m not unhappy with that in the slightest considering the above. I would prefer to see a different line up a healthy 1 or at least 1 close to being healthy. I wish Hayes would get a top 6 chance. Belesky & Heinen have had unlimited opportunities in that role so far & both have failed miserably. Heinen was finally sat last night. He’ll be in the minors very soon.

      Not saying Hayes is the answer to cover for injuries currently but why he hasn’t been given a chance considering it’s been 7 games is odd. I just don’t keep doing the same things expecting a different result. I at least try something else.

      • they have no help on the 3rd & 4th lines which will be trouble for them all season..speaking of Hayes he’s a -7 so far this season, last 3 years -23 total and averaged 27 pts per season

      • So is Belesky but he’s been getting far better quality & quantity of minutes.

        This is what I would like to see all players healthy. It’s unfortunate Vesy wasn’t signed. Then I was looking forward to Vatrano. Bad luck & Boston is a top 9 winger short unfortunately.

        Bigbear I was certainly wrong about Vesey & like Rutherford said so. Still saddens me we lost out on this player. Really thought he would choose to play at home in the same organization as his best friend, Grzelcyk.

        Marchand, Begeron, Pastrnak.
        Spooner, Krejci, Backes.
        Belesky, Czarnik. Hayes.
        Moore, Nash, Acciari.

        We have yet to ice a fully healthy roster. Carlo has played very well. Has made some serious errors in judgement hanging Chara out to dry many times but like always Chara’s job to shelter these young Dman & simply part of the learning process.

        This isn’t a really strong team. It has numerous holes but I like the direction it’s heading in. I’m a Bruins fan & try to accept where they are in their rebuild & restructuring in. Not easy to solve what ails the Bruins. Every team in the NHL but a very small handfull maybe 5 teams needs what the Bruins need. A solid #1 Dman or at the very least a solid #2.

      • Striker I thought injuries were just an excuse?

      • They are. All teams have them over the course of a season but I’m not judging a team or complaining about the fact they can’t win games when hampered by such. As always I accept them. The good teams have the depth to overcome as long as it’s not a specific player or players some are irreplaceable. See Price.

        TB could afford to lose Stamkos not once but twice they had such great depth, few teams could afford such a loss.

        The Bruins don’t & as I said I’m happy to see them 3-4 considering the injuries & state of the roster currently.

        The same thing plays out with scheduling issues. All teams face them over the course of a season & you can’t fairly judge their performance in such situations few come through those stretches well.

        I just had a debate with several people here about Anaheim’s start. Brutal road trip against some of the leagues best teams right out of the gate with Lindholm & Rackell not playing. Now they are 3-3-2 & with in the next 2 weeks will have Rackell & Lindholm back.

        Edm had the exact opposite start to the season 4 of 6 at home playing the 4 of the wrost teams in the league; Calgary twice, Carolina & Buffalo, out of the gate. Things have away of balancing out over an 82 game schedule & as I have stated repeatedly I have marks. last team in the league playing it’s 10th game I take a snap shot alter wagers, place some hedges encase I was wrong before the season started & I fully evaluate when the last team in the league plays it’s 25th.

        Lets talk about Vancouver come the end of November. Horrendous stretch of games coming up. They will be last or 2nd to last in the west by then. 9 of the next 14 on the road starting with a 6 game road trip playing 6 games in 9 days travelling all the way to the east coast & basically a game every other night for a month.

    • The Rags built their team to copy the Penguins because they got skated out of every game last year in the playoffs. They still have Girardi and Staal on that D though so they are still vulnerable.

      • Hey, if we had the future hall of famer Lovejoy fall in our lap like Pittsburgh did, we easily won that series!

      • NYR had already started long before PIT won the cup. There are 3 new players essentially on this roster. Grabner, Pirri & Vesy, Zibanejad replaced Brassard. Grabner; blazing speed no hands, was brought into play 4th line minutes & PK. Pirri is a PP specialist barely plays 5 on 5 & I’m not certain either him or Zibanejad are exactly speedsters. Vesey can certainly skate.

      • NyR4life your dreaming Pittsburgh beat the Rangers fair and square and with their 3rd string goalie (Zatkoff) for the first two games of that series..oh yeah we won the Cup…. How about a couple years ago when the Rangers won no Letang Martin Erhoff…no excuses..

        Lovejoy wasn’t the difference…..

        Ill give it too you the rangers do look much improved this year so far… fun to watch

      • John, it was total sarcasm.
        My point was Pittsburgh didn’t exactly have what will be remembered as a formidable defense. Bottom line, they won a cup with that defense.

        I don’t think NY’s Achilles heel will be Girardi and Staal.

        You really don’t think Lovejoy is getting in the Hall without buying a ticket , do you?

    • Bruins are finished already.
      Defense a joke. Chara done. Lyles bad signing.
      Offense besides top line useless.
      Let the rebuild begin.
      Krejci over the hill. Belesky and Hayes non-existing.
      Krug too small.
      Coaching change needed two years ago.
      What a mess Chiarelli started and Sweeney is trying to fix but failing so far.

      • Ouch! Don’t agree with most.

        How can you be over the hill at 30. 2nd line should be fine when it final gets to play together. Krejci with Backes. LW would have been Vatrano assume belesky now but who knows really, possibly Spooner.

        Rebuild started the summer before last, you must have missed the memo.

    • Boston isn’t alone with goalie problems. Today the Sens called up Chris Dreidger because Anderson is away again on another of his endless “personal matters” (he missed most of training camp for the same reason). Maybe it’s time they cut ties with him.

  5. If Montreal couldn’t trade Condon why will Pittsburgh be able to? Yes the 3 teams mentioned would take Condon if on waivers but all passed on him when he was waived & Pittsburgh selected him, meaning almost every team in the league passed on him for Pittsburgh to select him.

    Condon played well early when he 1st played in relief of Price but couldn’t sustain it. He finished the year with a .903 SV%. Way below even average goaltending.

    For goalies that played at least 20 games last season that placed him 54th. Is Condon really an upgrade over what these teams already have? What ails these 3 teams is far greater than just their goalie situation, Smith & Rask are both close to returning. Condon isn’t the answer for any of these teams & if their trading for Condon does a 5th round pick or later have any value regardless? As no way their paying more.

    • If placed on waivers, doesn’t Montreal have the first right to him as opposed to clubs like Boston, L.A. etc whom presently have goaltender issues?

      This isn’t to say Montreal would claim him, as they did recently sign Yahn Dannis to help in St. John’s.

      • No. If he goes on waivers again it’s a whole new ball game starting with the lowest ranked teams and up.

    • You’re forgetting, Striker, those clubs passed on Condon before their recent goaltending woes. Different story now.

      • Not forgetting Lyle. I agree the market has changed I just don’t see Condon as a solution to anyone’s problems, don’t like him.

        The goalie that should have been snapped up on waivers was Wedgewood. I can’t believe 29 teams past on the opportunity to add this young G, specifically SJ. Like Markstrom being waived several years ago teams are going to be scratching their heads in 2 or 3 years saying why didn’t we grab Wedgewood for nothing, hell we even had a roster spot for him.

      • Wedge wood is no different than condon same type of goalie never look like they will be a number 1

      • I don’t think any decent goalie will make it past Carolina on the waiver wire. Ron Francis took a chance and it didn’t work. The Canes may choose to carry three goalies for a period of time.

      • Good point GP

      • Wedgewood was drafted in the 3rd round 84th overall & played for Canada in the WJC’s meaning he was deemed to be 1 of the best goalies in Canada among his peers.

        Condon was undrafted & signed as a UFA after 4 years in college. Had Murray not gone down with injury when he did Condon would be playing in St.Johns as I type this.

        Right place right time. He will be waived eventually.

      • Striker you repeatedly say how long it takes a player to come into their own now your saying the draft position and where they played junior? Doesn’t make any sense from your previous arguments?

      • I don’t know why you keep trying to tell me what I’m saying. You should try writing this stuff down if your going to keep quoting me as having said it as your struggling to keep the information clear. Either that or your not very bright. Hard to tell.

        Wedgewood just turned 24, he should be a back up in the NHL right about now but with the growth of the game very few beds at the inn.

        Jacob Markstrom; was also waived & not selected, is 2 & a 1/2 years older & has yet to become a starter. Should be by next season. Fredrick Andersen just became a starter he just turned 27. Our team, Rask became the starter at 26. The goalie your trying to defend is 26 & played in Montreal last season his rookie year & not really that well as they had few options. Just waived & passed all the way to Pittsburgh with the 27th selection.

        Being a world class goalie would suck, as only 60 soon to be 62 positions available in the NHL until injuries open to door for a cup of coffee. 42 goalies played more than 30 games in the NHL last season.

      • Lol unless you’re are using the eye test to say wedgewood is better than condon? I’m just wondering you seem to sway from one thing to another to back your arguments? Maybe you don’t notice but you are.

      • I’m not trying to protect either goalie both aren’t great but you saying wedgewood is better when he passed right thru waivers is odd?

    • He’s an upgrade to what’s in Boston right now.

      • Maybe, maybe not. Did you watch those 2 games? Goaltending wasn’t the only issue.

      • I’m not sold on Wedgewood as well.Needs a lot more time. Think he may become another Jack Campbell. A guy who may make a career in the NHL but his time is rapidly fading away. Too bad as I’ve always liked Jack.

      • Nor am I but had a I been SJ I would have rolled the dice. Dell maybe fine but at 27 it concerns me. No 1 would have selected Dell on waivers & SJ could have improved their goalie depth for peanuts at no cost.

        Finding a back up goalie in today’s NHL isn’t an issue.

  6. With both pens goalies injury history good on pens holding condon. If they get a decent and reasonable offer for him great. If not. Great

    • Pittsburgh is flying on 375K in LTIR cap space. When Sheary is able to return, Wilson will have to go down to stay cap compliant. The only player currently on Pittsburgh’s roster that doesn’t have to clear waivers.

      I don’t see any team paying anything of any consequence to acquire Condon; nothing more than a 5th, the chances that player ever plays in the NHL are essentially zero. There are far better options potentially available playing in the AHL. Arz & Bos will ride out their injuries. Smith & Rask are close. LA isn’t trading for Condon he isn’t the solution for them in net.

      • Sheary wasn’t on LTIR he’s day to day so his salary has counted towards the cap all along. No way Wilson is going anywhere he is playing too well. If anything we trade Fehr for a pick. Rust, Cullen, Kuhnhackle is a pretty fast and skilled 4th line. Can always send Sestito down too. The only salary besides Duper that is on LTIR is Pouliot and his cap hit is less than 1 mill.

      • I didn’t say his salary didn’t count. It’s simply a 23 man roster limit issue. Pittsburgh can make it work temporarily but sooner or later Condon will need to be waived or cut for virtually nothing. A 5th round pick can’t see much more. If he was worth more than that someone would have paid something when Montreal waived him.

        Again injuries alter the field but if paying more I’d go get a different goalie 1st. Condon isn’t even in my top 3 choices.

    • What Fluery had one concussion maybe two he has been extremely durable since 2009. Murray is too young to have a history of injuries… now Letang that is a different story LOL

  7. One of those SMH days. Let’s give up our good controllable assets for a guy who has agent fighting over 250k ? Let’s do ANA a favor and trade for Stoner in a package. Smart. Let’s trade for a guy we could have had for FREE if we wanted to.It will take more then Landeskog to get Lindholm. Might as well offer up Matthews TO fans as Lindholm is the messiah.
    Yep one of those SMH face palm days.

    • There are 2 sides to that coin. The other is, let’s take more money back in return to clear cap space?

      That doesn’t really work either.

  8. Leafs better buck up if they want a Dman JVR will not get it done, so can you Leafs diehards stop posting this s@&t thanks

    • Well of course an Oilers fan would take that view, but the Leafs as an organization aren’t in the same desperate situation yours was in and it doesn’t have the same historically-bad management so, don’t expect the same outcome, i.e. Mitch Marner for a Dman to play alongside Rielly/Gardiner. It ain’t happening, you just sit back and watch.

      • The leafs are gonna be in that position sooner than later that defense is terrible and not very much coming up behind them

      • So your prediction is that in five years the Leafs are still going to be selecting first overall?

        Or have you forgotten the Oilers history from the Hall draft in 2010?

        I’m sure Striker would give you great odds if you want to place your (presumably very limited) money where your big mouth is.

      • TSN today ” the leafs are already looking for help on the back end after starting the season the way the defense have” dan you are such no nothing hockey fan it isn’t ? keep reading the stats page it’s really helping your none exsisting hockey knowledge

      • I think the Leafs were looking for help at D long before the season started. They & almost every other team in the NHL. They would be remiss not to. Not enough NHL Dman to stock 30 teams never mind 31.

        If any Dman with the ability to play reasonable responsible minutes in the NHL is potentially available, for what ever reason, almost every team in the NHL is going to inquire & if truly available probably bid with a few minor exceptions. There are several teams in the NHL not many but some that don’t need help at D. The vast majority have holes.

        Toronto can’t expect to have success dressing such a young D with so few games of combined NHL experience. Regardless of what’s coming through the system unless they can acquire 1 or 2 over the next season or 2 Toronto’s D can’t develop fast enough to see significant improvements in wins.

        Not only did Edm pay a huge price to acquire 1; Larsson, signing Sekera & this season Russell & Gryba as UFA’s has seriously helped bridge the gap & build what is now a solid young D with Klefbom, Larsson & Nurse but a solid veteran presence in Sekera, Russel & Gryba as well as Mark Fayne when he returns. Fayne & Gryba aren’t stellar but in the 6/7 slots they really help.

        Toronto doesn’t have to necessarily trade for 1. They can look to sign these UFA assets over the next 1 to 3 years as available but rest assured they will bid on any that might be available but if the actually secure 1 it will cost them & I assume few will like that cost.

      • Striker, if the Leafs were indeed looking for help on the D well before the season started, why weren’t they – like Ottawa by the way – taking a flyer on the likes of Seidenberg, Quincey, Ehrhoff, Wisniewski? Was it maybe because they – again like Ottawa – badly over-estimated the value of the D at the bottom of their 6 (in Leafs case, the bottom 3)?

      • no tor got rid of their useless defence to ottawa what else is funny is ottawa keep saying suck it up phanuef

      • Not drawing me into that “hate Phaneuf” Sun crapola. Find another site.

      • were else can i find a 78 year old man a acting like a 4 year old

      • bob, read up on some Mark Twain – especially where he writes “better to keep one’s mouth shut and only appear to be an idiot, than to open it, thereby removing all doubt.”

    • Just cause the Oilers overpaid for Larsen, doesn’t every team will overpay for d-men

      • Depends how you want to look at it & what you consider an over payment. Few # 1 or 2 Dman; even 1’s that aren’t yet but appear to be, ever move & usually when they do, as it does happen occasionally, most complain about the cost paid either for or against. See Hamilton which we can’t even judge for a decade & how do you factor in the non hockey aspects. His refusing to sign forcing the issue, extenuating circumstances.

        Even when they do move it’s usually due to odd or extenuating circumstances. Trade demand, refuse to resign; Hamilton, either as an RFA or UFA, are injury prone, etc.

        This summer we may see 2 or 3 move before the expansion draft as the teams that have them can garner a better return than potentially losing them for nothing even if you factor in thier getting selected allows you to retain a different player. See Columbus, & Minnesota. Possibly Anaheim depending upon if Despres ever plays again or Bieksa refuses to waive his NMC.

  9. Back from watching Boston 3 game home stand. Scratch that off my bucket list. I do want to say, the city and people of Boston were extremely friendly. My wife and I on the t-train first ever. We stayed out in Braintree and this gentleman took us directly to the garden and to the box office as we were rushing to get tickets for the home opener. Thank God we did because the next two games, well let’s just say we seen 4 different goalies in 3 games all up close and personal. I did high five a little Hab fan after the Montreal game, just because he looked nervous wearing their appearal and I thought he should be happy his team won, even if I was in a lifetime fowl move myself. On our way back to Braintree this younger gentleman seen me looking at my t-train map and ask where we were from and where we were trying to go, he was going the same way and told my wife and I to stay with him and he would get us on the right train. Certainly left Boston with great memories of the people and the city, the hockey not so much but hey they won the home opener.

    • Been to many games at the Garden – fantastic arena, love it. Even in a Leafs jersey.

      • Great place to watch a game. But if you’re not old enough to have seen a game in the old Montreal Forum and the electricity that crackled from start to finish in the crowd, then you’ve never experienced the ultimate. Especially during the late 1950s when NO ONE would go there wearing an opponent’s jersey – and especially a Leafs one. That was an invitation to suicide.

    • Congrats again Caper. Glad you enjoyed the trip. I’m jealous. Rarely get to Boston have to watch them on the road.

  10. When I heard about the Landy for Lindholm rumours in the summer I didn’t care one way or another but given the way Landeskog has played so far I would not trade him at all. He has looked really good and fully healthy

  11. Leafs have a couple of defense man in their system ..
    Neilson, for 1…
    A lot of growing pains for the Leafs….
    Trading for a top 2 defense man is away too severe , as in what has to go back in return ..
    goaltending has been a major disappointment ,
    A lot of talent to build around , but there are “gaping” holes from the blue line in..
    Not an easy fix …
    Tough going for us Leaf fans, for quite awhile yet,
    We have to be realistic!!

    • Thank you for being realistic ken

    • IT HAS ONLY BEEN 6 GAMES GIVE IT A REST talk about the overated senaturds for once

      • And there it is, speaking of 4-year-olds. That’s the sort of crap you hear in a kindergarten playground. Jaysus, just fade away bob the boob.

    • Ken, let’s hear it for Leaf fans who are willing to let things develop over time. Enjoying the upgrade in speed and skill, hoping the goaltending improves as it must, keeping an eye on the prospects with the Marlies, expecting Mike Babcock’s influence on this year’s group to take effect fairly soon. Life is good.

  12. Curious case of Joe Morrow, the Bruins won’t play him and they won’t put him on waivers because he’ll get claimed. Since 2014-2015 season Morrow has played a total of 83 games. Last year he got into 33 games and sat for the rest. This season 2 of the first 7. He caused a goal in the Canadians game and hasn’t seen the ice since. We can’t talk development because he can’t make a mistake or he sits. I’ve seen JML make numerous mistakes but his ice time or games not shorten, heck you can say that about every dman on Boston right now. Krug been terrible, the best two for me are Carlo and CMiller. Yes they make mistakes too. But the Bruins have stalled Morrow development. Let him make a mistake and learn or simply say goodbye try somewhere else. Maybe think outside the box and move him forward, excellent skater, good passer and good shot also shoots left. Cannot develop in practices, cannot play knowing if you make one mistake your in the press box for the next 20. At present can’t do any worst then what’s out there for the most part.

    • Have we been watching the same games? C. Miller has been brutal on several goals but playing with Liles isn’t helping. That pairing has been buy far the worst & their taking the easiest assignments.

      • Liles is a bandade for the Bruins, it takes time to be a solid NHL Dman but C Miller hasn’t gotten any better from last season and its a matter of time before CJ sits him…let him play and see if he improves

      • I don’t know what d is worse the Bs or the leafs lol

      • BBB,
        Thank god you’re here! Your little stalker was going through withdrawals!

      • Ha-ha! The Leaf’s but not necessarily by as much as you would think. Of course their’s is healthy though.

      • Sorry should add not an excuse just a reality. Ha-ha!

        Sorry I have 4 days off in Alberta. Not a single meeting until Monday but here anyway. Entertaining clients but not really working, not that I really ever work regardless unless talking & writing reports counts.

      • With your reference to JML, i would say correct. Last night i watched him put a pass between the legs of Miller which lead to a goal. I would much rather watch C.Miller and Morrow both play and learn. As to watching JML at his age being below average. The young guys can still learn and HOPEFULLY Miller and Morrow learning curve is upwards.

    • Whole D sucks and most of the O.
      Maybe play the young guys. Can’t get much worse.
      Bring up Zboril and Mcavoy.
      Sit Lyles an Maquaid

  13. Lindholm 5.25 for six years…ducks are over the cap by about mill…still think it will be Stoner and a prospect on the move at some point

    • I think Anaheim will simply put Thompson on LTIR now & send another Dman down Theodore, Stoner or Holzer. When Rackell is cleared to play another forward will be going down as well most likely Etem. More than enough cap space at least until Despres comes off LTIR.

      According to capfriendly. -1,419,803 with LTIR relief. Thompson 1.6, Stoner 950K; or pick 1 of the other 2, Etem 775K. That will leave Anaheim with almost 2 mil in space with LTIR cushion.

      • Ya I don’t think there is anything super pressing, just at some point it will be easy enough to clear a bit of space by doing the same as the Hawks or other teams have done in the past by dealing a contract away with a good prospect as a sweetener they only really need a mill or 2 in space no sense blowing up a top 4 by dealing Fowler

      • 5.25 is fantastic for Lindholm

  14. Now that Lindholm is all signed up the speculation around Fowler will likely pick up once Despres is ready to come off LTIR. If the ducks get into a groove maybe they start thinking of trading someone like Despres instead but for the meantime the status quo will likely be maintained for the next while after getting points in 4 straight and now getting their best defensemen back.

    The value of the contract was lower than a lot of the speculation and comes in at a very cap friendly amount. Most D around Lindholm age are at varying degrees of development in their own end (Trouba, Rielly, Jones, Ristolinen, Murray, Hamilton, etc) they all have room to improve. Lindholm his polished in his own end and already one of the best defensive defensemen in the game, and has room to improve offensively. He’s a steal at that price even if he never becomes better than a 25-30 point D as long as his defensive game stays steady.

    • The speculation was 5-6 per, wasn’t it?

      • I had heard thought anaheim wanted 5.25 but Lindholm wanted about 6. So essentially Anaheim got exactly what I thought they asked for. Maybe I’m wrong in what I head but I think Lindholm at 5.25 for 6 is excellent value. So either way Anaheim did well.

      • I think he’s right in the wheel house & was the same monies we heard Murray was offering essentially right out of the gate after, Reilly, Jones & then Risto signed.

    • Despres would have to return & play an extended period of time before a team would give up anything of substance for him in trade. I don’t think that happens until the off season & then only if he has played a significant stretch of games & well. He wasn’t the same player when he returned last season & we didn’t get enough games in to judge his performance this season. We got a little over 16 mins in game 1. I’m very concerned about Despres. would be a brutal loss. Looked to have a very bright future. I sure hope he can over come his concussion issue’s.

  15. Lindholm deal is an obvious sign and trade….. Stay tuned!

    • Well someone is getting traded. You’re probably not thinking beyond the cap, but ANH is also going to be way over their internal budget.

  16. There you have it. Thompson put on LTIR, Anaheim 180K under the cap.

    • Thompson, Depres and a 4th to the Toronto disabled squad for Mathews, Nylander, Reilly and 4 -1st rounders.

      Depres stated “I feel honored and privileged to have my name right there next to future LTIR hall of famers such as Lupul, Horton, soon my number will be hanging right up there from the rafters of the dressing rooms Ltir list with these other fragile men”

      • Really ? Make it realistic buddy. Only way Leafs do this is if ANA adds Boll.

      • Ha-ha! Good stuff glad to see everyone has a sense of humor on a Thursday.

  17. The Ducks have an internal budget. With Lindholm signing, this years dollar amount is $3 mil with a cap him of $5.25. That helps the internal “dollar” budget. Just like the Bernier situation, his cap hit is $4 mil, but his actual dollars paid is $2 mil.

    • I ran the #’s in real dollars on Anaheim the other day. Perry is actually being paid 2.35 more, Getzlaf 1, Kesler 1 & a few others an extra 250K, 200K, 100K etc.

      I don’t think the internal cap is going to play out this season. I think Anaheim is just going to accept the salary hits. They will recover about 80% of Thompson’s; 1.7 & Despres’s; 2.6, salaries in real dollars not cap hits until they are fit to play.

  18. Theres really no warrant for insults like that bbb. This is supposed to be a safe discussion isnt it? We can all hopefully take a joke but calling someone a donkey? I’d dummy you quick for that!

  19. Someone shares my concerns about Despres. Murray. Not good he may never play again. Concussions are weird. I’ve never been the same since my last. Start the heckling. Ha-ha! I have to document almost everything & can’t process data as quickly as I used to. Have some nagging headache issues but you have to function & work. I don’t have to play hockey though.


    • Ya sounds like he is done. Too bad for Simon

      • Same with MacArthur – but in Ottawa’s case they went into training camp with fingers and toes crossed. Now there’s rumblings that he may be ready to return. To play where? And bump who? It’s too bad, of course, but his career is also effectively over and there’s little to be gained by shoving him into the line-up, only to see him go down again following the first decent hit.

  20. McIlrath better option on Leafs D then Corrado and Marincin. Big, plays with an edge, I’d grab him if I could.

  21. Marincin is awful, I can’t understand how he is even playing at this level…If McIlrath goes to waivers the Leafs would be wise to pick him up and put Marincin or Corrado (preferably Marincin) on waivers.

  22. Ever wonder what a beer league scrimmage between all the regular posters on here would look like?

    • Is there a senior oldtimers division?

  23. McIlrath would be a short term experiment. Picking him up puts Corrado or Marincin on waivers?

    If Boston isn’t going to play Morrow then Leafs should offer Corrado for Morrow?

    If Leafs go for Fowler JVR should be enough because JVR has very team-friendly contract. Then turn him over for Trouba? Then everyone gets what they want provided Trouba signs for 5 million a year?

    JVR would be a loss but it looks like Kapenin, Brown, Soshnikof or maybe even Leivo can replace him? Maybe the Ducks would sooner have one of them and a pick?

    • Cause corrado is better than morrow? Atleast morrow has upside corrado is basically a bust