NHL Rumor Mill – October 28, 2016

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Anaheim Ducks unlikely to trade Cam Fowler.

Anaheim Ducks unlikely to trade Cam Fowler.

Updates on Cam Fowler, Jacob Trouba, Ryan Murphy, Mike Condon and more in your NHL rumor mill.

TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports the Anaheim Ducks re-signing defenseman Hampus Lindholm puts to rest the Cam Fowler trade rumors, at least for this season. That’s because concussed blueliner Simon Despres ($3.75 million) is on long-term injury reserve and could be sidelined for most of this season.

Ducks GM Bob Murray seemed to hint that the concussion issues aren’t the only ones at play right now, calling it a sensitive issue. Murray intends to push for a Stanley Cup run this season with his current group.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Murray’s comments regarding Despres’ status seem cryptic. Either his concussion injury is more serious than originally believed or there’s other issues at work here. For now, with Despres and Thompson on LTIR and Shea Theodore, Jacob Larsson and Emerson Etem buried in the minors, the Ducks have just enough room for Lindholm’s new contract. 

Darren Dreger reports it’s believed the Winnipeg Jets are willing to offer restricted free agent defenseman Jacob Trouba a six-year deal worth $5.5 million per season. The Trouba camp, however, maintains it’s not about money but where he fits on the Jets blueline. Dreger also reports a couple of general managers told him there has been “Canadian interest directed at Winnipeg”, but Trouba apparently doesn’t see a fit in Canada.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So much for the “Trouba to the Leafs” chatter I’ve seen in recent weeks in the comments section…;)

Dreger also reports Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Ryan Murphy could become trade bait. He only needs less than 40 NHL games to qualify for exposure in the expansion draft. He speculates Hurricanes GM Ron Francis could try to move Murphy, a young right-handed blueliner, before that.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Murphy, 23, had considerable promise as a puck-moving blueliner but he’s been hampered by injuries. Indeed, he’s currently on IR with a lower-body injury. Considering their depth in young rearguards (notably Jaccob Slavin and Noah Hanifin), the Hurricanes can afford to move Murphy. Given his injury history, however, they probably won’t get much of a return. 

Bob McKenzie reports it’s Peter Budaj or bust for the Los Angeles Kings, who have starter Jonathan Quick sidelined up to three months and backup Jeff Zatkoff on the shelf for a week. They signed Anders Lindback to a PTO, but he can only play in the AHL. McKenzie speculates the Kings might be interested in Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Mike Condon if he’s exposed to waivers, but Penguins GM Jim Rutherford prefers to hang onto him for added depth between the pipes. He could be willing to trade Condon, but not put him on waivers.

LeBrun reports the Las Vegas expansion franchise will have a 48-hour window ahead of the expansion draft to speak to any restricted or unrestricted free agents left unprotected by the other 30 NHL teams. If any of those teams lose a pending free agent to Las Vegas during that period, they cannot lose another player in the expansion draft.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While it seems unlikely the Las Vegas franchise would draft players eligible for UFA status, being able to talk with potential targets first gives them an opportunity to woo one of them into signing if selected in the expansion draft. That should add an interesting bit of intrigue into next June’s expansion draft and the UFA market. 

SPORTSNET: Rory Boylen reports the Ducks remain thin at forward, speculating over defenseman they should trade to address this need. While the recently re-signed Hampus Lindholm would fetch the best return, Boylen considers it unlikely that he’ll be moved. Sami Vatanen is under a good cap hit, signed through 2020-21 at $4.875 million per season and could be a good trade candidate. Boylen considers Cam Fowler the least valuable of the trio, but his skill set still makes him valuable in today’s NHL.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While it now appears unlikely the Ducks will move one of those defensemen, we can’t dismiss the possibility. That lack of scoring punch at forward, especially at left wing, is a concern. If the Ducks are in danger of falling out of playoff contention before the March 1 trade deadline, they could be forced to shop a blueliner for a scoring winger.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports the Detroit Red Wings need a defenseman and have their sights set on Anaheim’s Cam Fowler. Ideally, the Ducks prefer moving Clayton Stoner but no one wants his $3.25 million annual cap hit.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Buffalo Sabres were also reportedly quite keen on Fowler. For now, it doesn’t appear that he’ll be going anywhere. 


  1. Could there be a fit for Trouba in Columbus – vice versa…being close to Michigan (his home state).

    Trouba for Ryan Murray ??

    • Trouba will be a Redwing, it’s just when.

      • I think he will to, But more then likely not until the summer of 2021 when he becomes a pending UFA on July 1st.

    • I could see Columbus being a fit for Trouba, And by all accounts Trouba wants to play close to home as possible and Columbus isn’t that far from Detroit. And it sounds like Trouba wants the Seth Jones/Ristolainen deal. Though i doubt Chevy goes for Murray when the guy can’t stay healthy.

  2. Bob Murray is an idiot. Try to win the Stanley Cup with the exact same roster as last year, minus David Perron? Trading Fowler shouldn’t be about cap space, it should be about making the team better by adding a top forward, then replacing Fowler with Shea Theodore.

    But Bob Murray has been an incompetent GM for a long time, and has never been able to trade for top young forwards, so why should I be surprised?

    • I disagree. For me Anaheim lost the opportunity to advance in round 1 for 3 seasons.

      Dressing Gibson in the 1st 2 games over Andersen. He was terrible, dressing Stoner in game 7 over Theodore. He & Despres cost Anaheim game 7. They barely played after being split by Colin Wilson on Nashville’s 1st goal. Stoner played under 8 mins & Despres less than under 14. They were brutal on that goal. They dominated that game but couldn’t score outshot Nashville 37 to 20. Rinne stood on his head. .973 SV%.

      Despres never looked the same after returning from a concussion, he was -5 in that series no other Anaheim Dman was even close, he was a train wreck. Theodore had played well in the 6 games he played before being pulled for game 7 so Stoner could make his 1st appearance returning from injury.

      Which brings us to 3, the primary reason Anaheim lost. Baudreau made both those decisions, terrible decisions, the wrong decisions. Had Baudreau dressed Andersen who knows what might have been.

      Only 1 team gets to win the cup. Never mind that the playoff schedule match up formula is a joke, getting out of the west is ridiculous. The east has improved substantially but their are still are more top flight teams in the west. Just because you didn’t make it isn’t necessarily a reason to gut a team. Murray made a significant change. Out goes Baudreau who’s come up short in game 7, 4 times for Carlyle.

      Murray likes the chances this core group has, as do I. Last year I had them as my cup winner. See Bigbear no trouble saying when I’m wrong. It pains me but it happens. Ha-ha!

  3. NHLnumbers is reporting Lindolms cap hit as 4.812? I thought the aav was 5.25? If this is the case, the Ducks made out VERY good in this deal.

    • Not to say 5.25 was bad by any stretch.

      • Bob Mackenzie said it’s 5.75 this yr because he signed late but 5.25 for the rest? I’m not sure what’s correct?

      • His salary structure is 3, 6, 6.75, 5.25,and 3.75. Which ends up averaging 4.95. I wasn’t thinking about salary being prorated.

        Still an amazing number.

      • His salary is 3 this year because he missed some time is what was said.

      • Ya good deal all around. Supposedly the jets offered trouba the same but it’s not about the money he said, I don’t think he enjoys the peg or it is playing his wrong side?

      • And you’re missing the last year of 6.75 the hit is 5.25 over 6 years

      • Talking about cap hit shticky 5.75 this yr because of signing late and 5,25 the rest of the contract.

      • Its just more proof of the delusional mind that belongs in the Shtick-sters head.

        Nobody says a single word to him, he calls us clowns and cries that he’s getting called names.

        His mom is typing a strongly worded e-mail while he sips his hot coco and plays with his Barbie dolls as we speak.

      • The 3 million for this year is to help with the internal cap. Its real money versus the cap hit.

    • BBB, restraining order!!! Get one, the Shtick-ster is probably peeping through one of your windows again.

    • It’s wrong. As Bob Mackenzie reported on TSN last night it is actually higher this season. Some weird CBA issue. He reported 5.8 & change maybe then it’s amortized down to account for games missed.

      Nhlnumbers is conveying the cap hit based on games missed. Neither NHLnumbers nor Capfriendly are totally accurate. They do as much due diligence as they can but it’s just some 12 year old boy sitting in his basement like the rest of us. Ha-ha!

      • It’s 5.25 for all remaining seasons. It doesn’t really matter come year end all the accounting is done properly by the NHL & NHLPA & these sites pick up the corrections.

        It’s to bad the NHL doesn’t think were worthy to make this data public so we don’t have to debate it. They don’t think we care about salaries yet it effects teams, fantasy leagues & is simply part of the game now so they should be providing us with access to proper data.

      • You here that shticky I said as per bob it’s higher this yr and goes to 5.25 for the rest so after all that you were wrong

  4. If the Ducks want Fowler as part of their core D with Vatanen and Lindholm I don’t see why the don’t package Stoner with Theodore for that needed scoring help. Coupled with Manson they’d still have 4 top D-men all 25 and under. MAybe a deal for Burmistov from the Jets (who want a young, puck moving left handed D man), Stempniak from the Canes or, if the Sabres were to eat enough money to make the caps balance, dare I say Evander Kane.

    • Theodore isn’t going any where. The cost would be extreme nor does he have to be protected come the expansion draft. That has significant value especially for Anaheim. They are going to be in a great place following expansion.

    • you think the Ducks would trade Theodore for Stempniak? that would be the worst trade ever. Even if it helps with the cap. And it wont help much.

  5. Okay so according to Overhardt it’s not about money but usage, Though according to most sources Overhardt is only talking to American clubs so more or less Trouba wants out of Winnipeg and Canada period and wants to play in the States come out and say that then. I never bought in to the usage crap Ttouba doesn’t want to play in Winnipeg period and say that it’s not about Winnipeg isn’t being realistic. He doesn’t want to play in Winnipeg or Canada period and all indications is that Trouba would love to play close to home near Detroit as possible.

    • Yes, it’s clearly about usage. Playing 0 minutes a night in the NHL is way better than playing on the left-hand side. Trouba and his agent think he’s the bee’s knees, yet he can’t even play his off-side for a bit? The amount of spin they are trying to apply here is idiotic. Like they actually think people will buy this BS?

    • May he rot in hell for the year & be faced with signing & playing in Winnipeg next season.

      • This I can agree with, chances are Winnipeg is going to lose this trade regardless so why not make him sit out years or come back and play to free agency.

    • spot on man. How is Canada not a fit?
      He could walk on the top 4 on the right side for pretty much any Canadian team other than the jets

  6. The Fowler / Lindholm sweepstakes may be over, but NY has just thrown out a complimentary prize (well….Kinda). Where will Mcilrath be today at 12:01?

    • Hartford?

      • lol

    • I’m guessing Toronto where he will either become a hall of famer instantly, or have incredible trade value instantly.

      • Now THAT is a distinct possibility. But be careful else someone calling himself “bob” comes on with a schoolyard name for the Rangers – like his boring “Senaturds.”

    • Isles, Flyers, Devils? Somewhere that his physical style will come back to haunt the Rangers.

      Nevermind the a powerplay QB the Rangers most physical defender is Staal… Maybe Rath not the answer but CaptainMCD is injury prone and need one warrior back there

      • Devils would not surprise me at all.

    • Let it go NYR4life. I know it’s hard & sucks but it happens. Unfortunate but drafting him was a serious strectch & bad judgement on Sather’s part. Drafting solely for size especially early is stupid.

      The commentators on TSN were shocked when NYR called his name at #10.

      I’m curious to see if he even gets selected, I assume he will but even where he ends up he may barely play. He’s just not an NHL top 6 Dman but to young not to be playing. Addition by subtraction.

      • Agreed. I think he will be plucked off waivers. And it is brutal to see a #1 pick slip away for nothing. I think everyone was shocked when NY selected him. I’m just glad they didn’t take Fowler or Tarasenko they would have really lost out on those guys!

        I partly understand why they chose him at the time, But personally I’d take the best player on the board every time!

        Again, I actually look forward to NY trading away #1 picks!

      • I dont know if the Leafs will get him even if they want him. The win last night hurts their waiver position.

      • That raises a question for me. Is it standings based on the day he’s placed on waivers or the next day?

      • He cleared. I’m pretty shocked.

      • Ya me too, I thought it was just pesky Leaf fans that overvalued their players. (Not shocked you were wrong tho)

      • So – even though with tongue partly in cheek – I was right! He’s headed to Hartford. Maybe some extended time in the AHL might improve his game. It’s what they’re doing with Lazar in Ottawa – sort of a “don’t call us – we’ll call you” scenario.

      • Yeah George,

        I think NY would only call him up as a last resort. I think they’d give Graves, or Gilmour the call before Mcilrath.

      • More great Leaf one timers! Slayer keep ’em coming.

      • Remind me how saying a guy picked up on waivers for absolutely nothing is overvaluing a player?

  7. If it’s the case of Trouba just wanting out of Winnipeg, or Canada for that matter, I could see all of the GM’s getting together and saying he can just sit. Trading him to where he wants to go would just be sending the wrong message to all of the young players in the league.
    Come early to mid November I would love it if the Jets offered him a long term low ball deal and tell him to sign or sit this whole year. Then if he signs send him to the AHL for the rest of the season.

    • You don’t need all 30, just the 1 & he’s not moving Trouba to accommodate him. He gets an offer he can’t refuse or Trouba won’t be playing this year unless he plays in Winnipeg, where left or right & when he’s told to. Chevy’s not capitulating.

      Winnipeg plays in the smallest NHL market, that doesn’t mean they have the smallest revenue stream, far from it but they can’t afford to lose this stand off, no team really can. Agents & players need to know who’s in charge & what will happen if you choose this course of action.

      Trouba’s reputation is being tarnished. He looks like a premadona, worse actually an idiot for this stance & that is eliminating trade partners. Numerous teams don’t want this headache regardless of his abilities & potential.

      2 years at 3 mil or he can sit for ever as far as I’m concerned. I wouldn’t trade him out of spite now unless I get an offer I just can’t refuse. I don’t budge I put that offer out there publicly he can sign it if & when he wants to play otherwise he won’t be playing in the NHL for at least 5 more years.

      Lets see how he likes that. Trouba isn’t bigger than the game it will survive with out him as will Winnipeg. A 3rd pairing Dman todate isn’t going to break Winnipeg’s fortunes. Yes he is solid, yes he is a future #2 maybe even a #1 but someone needs to get this kids value of himself in check. May as well happen now.

      • I totally agree with everything you said.

      • Good post Striker

  8. Trouba must be the first player to have a restricted nmc on his elc. The bigger question is why not Canada? Vancouver is beautiful, tons to do in Toronto and Montreal also both relatively close to Detroit; Edmonton has Connor MacDavid; Calgary young and talented. Here is what I know in Sept Trouba launched his own app, which can be downloaded for free on your smart phone, he had two sponsors at the time Sherwood and a water company. No other NHL player has his own app. Trouba dad John is a marketing and advertising partner with Compete communications. Could this simply be about launching his Brand in the USA, more American would identify with an American player playing on an American team and more likely to down load his free app and open up for more advertisement deals on his app. I could be out to lunch, but I don’t see any other reason why he would exclude Canada.

    • Awesome research. Sounds like a very American thing to do.

    • He could have had a butt load of sponsors in Toronto, hell even Lou does commercials

  9. Hear we go let’s hear it Leaf fans.

  10. Bigbear.

    I owe you an apology for comments I made to you yesterday. They were out of line & as much as you pull my chain, they were uncalled for & wrong. I’m sorry & I will try to refrain in future from making derogatory personal comments.

    Just because we disagree & you needle me I should not have let it deteriorate into negative personal comments. Totally uncalled for & again I’m sorry.

    • Being semi drunk still probably didn’t help but not a very good excuse except in the courts.

      • Nor would I Begbear but still not right. Slagging your opinion, debating & arguing it are all good. We need not agree, which is fine but it should never deteriorate to personal insults. That’s not who I am & I feel bad for having done so. Crazy as it sounds it cause me a sleepless night. Very childish on my part; I’m mad at myself for letting you get my goat.

        Won’t happen again unless drunk at least until the next time. Ha-ha!

        Any way it was wrong, I’m sorry & we move on. Humbling to have to say sorry but the right thing to do.

      • Thanks.

  11. Lyle. I’d say $1,682,002 in LTIR relief is more than just enough. That’s more cap space potentially available than 18 other teams in the NHL according to Capfriendly.

    • Just a wording issue. I get the gist of your comment just don’t like the choice of words. Ha-ha!

  12. Sorry Lyle I’m confused. I read that press release differently. My understanding is that Las Vegas would have the opportunity to sign that player in that 48 hour window but if they did, then wouldn’t be eligible to make another selection from that team in the expansion draft?

    As we have discussed before. Not all the rules & intricacies of the expansion draft are yet public knowledge. As you know we don’t agree on the UFA issue on players that become UFA’s this summer on July 1st. For example. For the purposes of the expansion draft players that will be UFA’s that July don’t have to be protected. I have Bishop to be exempt from having to be protected, you feel he will have to be protected.

  13. I’m not surprised that Fowler is now off the table & that the rumors will start to dry up. I assumed for cap reasons a Dman would be moved. I originally felt it would be Vatanen before he signed but now that Despres’s future is in question not a hope he’s moving.

    Yes Anaheim could use help at LW but what you see is what you get for now. Murray will tweak some wherer along the way he always does but what you see is what you get until then. The cap space available doesn’t provide much wiggle room. Perhaps he grabs another waiver player when the opportunity presents it’s self. He has room for 3 contracts under the 50 player limit.

    Rackell, Getzlaf, Perry.
    Cogliano, Kesler, Silfverberg.
    Ritchie, Vermette, Garbutt.
    Scarbossa, Wagner, Boll.
    Spare. Cramarossa.

    Fowler, Bieksa.
    Lindholm, Vatanen.
    stoner, manson.
    Spare. Holzer.

    Gibson, Bernier.

    I very good team & with Etem, Raymond & Tropp in the minors serviceable 3rd or 4th line emergency depth in the minors & Sorenson, Kerdiles, Kossila, Roy or Noesen may be NHL ready at some point this year.

    With 3 stud D prospects in Theodore, Montour & Larsson, all of whom appear to be ready to start their NHL careers, you think Murray would address his issue at forward. Pushing Garbutt to the 4th line & bringing in a solid 3rd line winger who could play a top 6 role when necessary would really help.

  14. With Fowler & Lindholm off the board the D market has dried up in the blink of an eye. What the hell are we going to discuss & debate endlessly now?

    Bet a few teams wish they had signed Russell now. Ha-ha!

  15. McIIrath clears waivers.

    • Well that’s telling on what his value is. At least you get to keep him in the organization NYR4LIFE & who knows, in time maybe he gets another shot with the Rangers. It’s good that he’s going to get to play. A player his age shouldn’t be sitting.

      • I really don’t see him fitting in NY as long as AV is there. I just didn’t want to see him fetch nothing either. He is what he is…. But I am shocked nobody took a flyer on him, especially with no real cost or risk involved. Either way, his NY career is over after this year.

        Toronto should have tried him in net?

      • Hahahahahaaa. Whoooooo

        Andersen will be fine. Great goalie playing for a bad team. It’s hard. Not that Andersen has played well; I only watched the 1st period last night, then watched primarily StL & Det, then Columbus & SJ flipping around as stoppages between periods allowed, but these goalie situations just play that way for some reason.

        Expecting Andersen to post good #’s on a bad team isn’t going to happen. That doesn’t make him a bad goalie. Until Toronto matures, develops all that youth & gets some help at D no goalie is posting good #’s behind this team.

        To many quality scoring chances regularly which effects the goalies mind set even on the easy 1’s. He tries to do to much, over commits, some what gun shy & the pressure builds making it worse not better.

        What ails Calgary & Dallas isn’t just goalies. It’s far more a team issue. Yes their goalies need to be better but again see above. Calgary’s situation is really odd as they should have a stellar D & they do a good job of suppressing quantity of shots but the quality is a concern as their forwards are not picking up their defensive assignments consistently enough.

      • Reimer posted .912 over 215 Striker on a team quite a bit worse than the one in front of Anderson pretty big difference between 912 and under 890 there is no way that some of the start can’t be blamed on Andersen… that being said the Leafs are who most thought the would be if not a little better and only 2 regulation losses could be worse

  16. On a completely different note. What an incredible signing by Florida. Marchessault. Was destined for 3rd line minutes & down goes Huberdeau. Marchessault steps into Huberdeau’s line position with Barkov & Jagr as well as PP time & presto. Qunatity & quality minutes coupled with skill, regardless of size, generates points.

    I love these story’s. A little smurf who’s scored well every where he’s ever played but never been given a shot in the NHL due to his size, soon to be 26; December. TB utilized him as a PP specialist & dressed him when given little choice last season & now he sits tied for 2nd in NHL scoring with Matthews & Marchand with 10 points on 5 goals & 5 assists. Welcome to the NHL Johnathon. Well done. Have watched him play several times now. What a release. Very surprising skill set.

    I don’t want to get ahead of myself but a ton of similarities to another smurf who was never given a chance until he got to Florida, Tampa Bay to be specific. He was actually an inch shorter than Marchessault but 10 lbs heavier. His name was Martin StLouis. Boy do you think Calgary regrets buying out that contract & making him a UFA?

    Marchessault is here to stay, he will come down to earth but he is an NHL player with a world class release. He will move to the 3rd line when Huberdeau returns but that’s a long way off, late January but he’s destined to see 2nd line PP minutes once Huberdeau returns, if not 1st moving forward & will still draw Bjugstad at C & eventually replace Jokinen as the #2 LW. What an incredible smart move. Dam fancy stats, these new breed of GM’s using stats many still don’t surprise me when the sneak stuff like this in. Now moving Crouse makes sense to me. Not that the 2 players are remotely comparable but only so much room at the inn.

    • Striker,

      I absolutely agree with everything. Marchessault was a great signing for Florida and his performance thus far is staggering. Great player. I do agree that he’ll come down to earth but will still be a serviceable 3rd liner. He’s an NHL player and here to stay.

      On a side note of my own… I mentioned Tuukka Rask the other night had been mentioned on an area sports radio as having a knee injury and possibly needing surgery. As I mentioned obviously sports radio can be wrong… well now reporting groin injury and finally hit the ice today. Might actually play backup this weekend. Still feel that whole situation was strange when compared to Khudobin report an hour after his injury. But that’s the NHL and GM’s for ya.

  17. It’s come to my attention that three individuals have been going well off topic in this and recent threads by hurling personal insults at each other. I’ve deleted those comments from this threat. To those individuals, I strongly advise you to play nice or you’ll be banned. Enough of your childishness. If you can’t be civil toward each other, don’t post your comments here.

  18. Trouba will sit out or play overseas; Boston will have all the required draft picks next season and will sign him T $7m per for 8yrs. Winnipeg will take the draft picks or work out a trade prior. Like Burk with the Bruin Kessel. Yes the money is too much, put this I can see happening.

  19. Wow some serious stuff and people on here…yikes…

  20. 2016 STANLEY CUP CHAMPS…..


    • ?