NHL Rumor Mill – October 29, 2016

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A whole lotta nothin' goin' on with Jacob Trouba.

A whole lotta nothin’ goin’ on with Jacob Trouba.

Updates on Jacob Trouba, James van Riemsdyk and the Detroit Red Wings in your NHL rumor mill. 

WINNIPEG SUN: Ken Wiebe reports Kurt Overhardt, the agent for Winnipeg Jets restricted free agent defenseman Jacob Trouba, maintains nothing’s changed for his camp since issuing a trade request over a month ago. The 22-year-old blueliner is the last of the high-profile free agents without a contract. While the Jets publicly say Trouba’s situation isn’t a distraction, Wiebe believe it could become one the longer he goes unsigned.

It’s believed Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff has set a high asking price for Trouba in the trade market. Wiebe points out there aren’t many top-end contenders with the cap space to sign the rearguard, speculating it could cost up to $5.5 million annually unless he’s willing to accept a cheaper short-term bridge contract. If the Jets refuse to budge, Wiebe doesn’t rule out Trouba returning on a one-year contract in late-November, before the Dec. 1 deadline for re-signing RFAs.

TSN: Gary Lawless reports Overhardt insists it’s his client’s usage, not money, behind the trade request. The agent claims several clubs are interested in Trouba and are willing to work with the Jets. Lawless suggests Trouba is potentially alienating the fan bases of Canadian teams with his rumored preference of being moved to an American team. If Trouba wants to prove himself as a top-four defenseman on the right side of the blueline, Lawless believes returning to the Jets is the best way to do it. He feels Cheveldayoff values Trouba and wants him to remain in a Jets uniform. 

Lawless’ colleague Bob McKenzie (via Today’s Slapshot) doesn’t believe the Jets are proactively shopping Trouba. He doesn’t doubt they’re getting calls and have an idea of what’s being offered for the blueliner. 

Darren Dreger, meanwhile, believes the Toronto Maple Leafs could have limited interest in Trouba, as they probably know what the asking price is. He speculates it could be Morgan Reilly and perhaps something else. Dreger also points out Trouba probably doesn’t see Canadian teams as a fit. 

In an Oct. 27 interview, Dreger also said he wouldn’t say if Leafs forward James van Riemsdyk is in play, adding he hasn’t heard his name being shopped by the Leafs. 

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan responded to questions from his readers regarding Trouba and the Detroit Red Wings. While Khan believes the Wings could use Trouba on their blueline, he doubts they can put together a package to tempt the Jets, pointing out Winnipeg wants a defenseman in return. Khan also points out the Boston Bruins and New York Rangers are rumored to be interested in the Jets defender.

Khan also addressed the possible availability of Anaheim Ducks defenseman Cam Fowler. While the Ducks hope to retain him this season, Khan suggests that might change if the Ducks struggle. While the Wings like Fowler, he said they don’t view him as a top-pair blueliner and thus won’t pay a premium for him. Khan also notes the Wings limited cap space means they’ll have to shed salary to take on Fowler’s $4 million cap hit. 

ESPN.COM: With some goalies around the league struggling, Craig Custance wonders whether the Wings are getting calls about Jimmy Howard, who’s off to a good start this season. GM Ken Holland claims he hasn’t really received any calls about anything right now, pointing out it’s still early in this season. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As I’ve said before, don’t expect any movement on the Trouba standoff one way or the other until we get closer to that Dec. 1 deadline. The Jets performance by late-November could also become a factor. I currently doubt any clubs with interest in Trouba are willing to meet the rumored asking price of a left-handed blueliner of comparable age, skills and abilities. If the Trouba camp has ruled out Canadian teams as potential trade destinations, forget about the Leafs pitching an offer. The last thing they need is a player who doesn’t want to be there. 

If the Wings strong start carries over throughout November, they’ll be under no pressure to get into the bidding for expensive blueliners such as Trouba or Fowler. They also won’t be in a rush to move Howard. 


  1. Title should also include 3rd string goalies most needed early season commodity for several teams…Now that Hammond is down and Anderson is on a personnel leave (hope it isn’t anything to serious) the Sens have joined LA and Arizona in the Mike Condon sweepstakes. Certainly must be some available short term quality out there.

    • I kings might be off that list for bit winning 4 in a row and budaj looking decent

      • Agreed. His SV% isn’t great & LA won 3 of the 4 in OT & the 4th in a shoot out but they found away to win & in the end that’s what truly matters.

    • Let’s give dredged a chance. It was a tough situation for him last night. Had to have been completely nerve racking for the guy.

  2. Even if NY has serious interest in Trouba, it creates a problem come expansion draft. Girardi and Staal have to be protected. Mcdonagh will be protected, leaving Trouba exposed. It would take Miller or Kreider + Skjei + to land Trouba only to lose him come expansion? I don’t see it happening unless NY can move one of the two. And that’s highly unlikely.
    And I doubt NY would take the 4-4-1 route come expansion time.

    • Agreed. NYR has to many protectors at forward. They will use the 7-3-1 formula & make every effort to sign Shattenkirk as a UFA come July 1st following the expansion draft.

      They will use their significant cap space 2.t today but over 10 mil come the trade deadline to bolster the roster for a solid playoff run.

      The only thing that might alter the plan is a significant injury.

      Unfortunate they gave up the game winner with 1 second to go in the 2nd period last night. Those are back breakers.

      • 2.7

      • Pardon me 3 mil in space. It changed since I looked earlier this AM.

      • Would Vesey require protection? That is a little murky.

      • No. It’s based on contract years.

      • Yeah but the Rangers could also ask Girardi or Staal to waive their NMCs and make themselves eligible for the expansion draft because no team, not even an expansion team, want anything to do with them as players or their horrible contracts. It’s a form of circumvention but it will work. The Ducks could do that with Bieksa as well. I’m sure there are other players too.

      • I agree fully Dee. I don’t see them agreeing to but they might. Why not just wait & see if they can sign Shattenkirk after the expansion draft costing them nothing more than cash?

        There are some potential solid UFA D options come July 1st next year. Several will be off the board by then but as we stand today you have Burns, Shattenkirk, Markov, Kulikov, Stone, Wideman, Del Zotto, Franson, Russell etc. All will be playing some where in the NHL next season & those that make it to UFA status don’t require giving up solid assets today.

        Then you have Columbus, Minnesota & possibly Anaheim with to many quality Dman or NMC’s effecting their keepers. I assume Columbus & Minnesota trade at least 1 prior to the expansion draft.

      • I think Staals situation is a little overblown here. I think he is a well overpaid, but he is a serviceable guy. Let’s not forget Horton, Clarkson, Pronger, Savard, Phaneuf, Datsyuk etc have all been moved, some more than once.
        Would they have to eat salary or take money back… Absolutely! But he isn’t exactly dead man walking either.

  3. The way Lou has done business for decades has been there isn’t a peep to the media about his deals or who maybe “available”. Like him or not it’s just the way it is, not saying that this makes JVR available but Dregs saying he hasn’t heard JVRs name out there, doesn’t really mean much at all.

    • One thing I think with some certainty JVR will go before Rielly.

      • That’s for sure. Rielly, I doubt, will be going anywhere – unless Lou receives an offer he can’t refuse. In JVR’s case, by the time the leafs are ready to be serious contenders he will be entering his “best before” date, so when and if a decent offer comes along colour him gone.

      • Agreed. I don’t see Reilly being moved. Nor do I see why anyone would perceive Trouba as more valuable. Reilly has logged far harder assignments playing for a worse team than Trouba. Minutes are similar in their careers but Reilly played as Toronto’s #1 last season, 1st pairing, Trouba #3 barely by TOI/GP, 3rd pairing.

        Reilly was selected 5th in 2012, Trouba 9th. Trouba is an inch taller, Reilly 15 lbs heavier. These are almost identical assets but with slightly different skill sets. Reilly hasn’t shown himself to be anything but a model citizen. Trouba?

        Given a choice of Reilly or Trouba, even eliminating Trouba being an idiot apparently, I’ll take Reilly. Toronto isn’t moving Reilly to take Trouba.

        That said I’m sure Toronto would love to add Trouba at the right cost & retain Reilly, I just don’t see anyway for that to happen. If Trouba moves, Winnipeg really needs to get a Dman back. They have tons of young stud forwards but the D kitty, young future top 4 Dman, is very weak.

        Going to be interesting to see how this plays out. I see Trouba either capitulating or sitting getting traded between now & Dec 1st seems very unlikely to me. Nothing is ever impossible though regardless of how unlikely.

      • I agree Trouba is beginning to look like a wee bit of a moron here with absolutely nothing to gain…sign a 1 year deal and make it a little easier on the guy you’re trying to force to trade you to do exactly what you want him to do. No on is giving up the type of assets Chevy is going to be looking for for a player who took a step back last year (by most accounts) and has now missed camp and a month of the season. Come back play well and see where the chips fall.

  4. I think it has to be a 2 year deal so the club trading for him doesn’t find themselves in this very spot next summer with Trouba having arbitration rights then. Allows every even Winnipeg if they sign him to get a better handle on what he is & is truly worth.

  5. Question:
    How can Trouba prove he is a top 4 defender if they don’t play him on the RD or give him ample PP & PK time?

    • EARN it. Not DEMAND it.

      • Exactly or bide his time like most player do until that opportunity makes it’s self available. That’s the nature of professional sports run under CBA’s.

    • If you look at the opportunity Trouba was given, he had the 3rd most TOI/GP for Winnipeg Dman, 4th most PP TOI/GP, nominally & I’m talking 2nds below Enstrom, 2nd most SH TOI/GP & the 3rd most ES TOI/GP.

      What’s he complaining about exactly? Those are pretty solid minutes & opportunities for a Dman just completing his 3rd NHL season. Trouba didn’t get drafted by a team with huge holes on D. He has Buffy, Myers & Enstrom to fight for icetime & opportunity with.

      Players don’t get to choose where they play until the complete at least 7 years of NHL contractual experience. That’s the life of a professional hockey player that chooses to play in the NHL. Don’t like it go play some where else.

      • Possibly 6 if the enter the NHL at 18 & play as a regular a minimum of 43 games in their rookie year.

  6. reposting as I posted late yesterday. Trouba will either sign for 1 year, or sit out, or overseas. Then Boston (will have the required picks)will offer sheet or trade with the Jets. The offer sheet will be either $7m (1st, 2nd and 3rd rnd picks)or $7.305 (2 1st, 2nd and 3rd rnd pick) of course Trouba runs the risk of Winnipeg matching. Could be the same as Burke (Toronto) did with Boston for Kessel and Chevy decides to trade.

    • Over how many years?

      • 7

      • You have to remember that for the purposes of draft pick compensation the total dollar value of the offer is divided by 5. That would put the compensation at 4 1st round picks. They would have to offer him that money at 5 years. I doubt Trouba would sign that RFA offer sheet as it would tie him to Winnipeg for at least 5 years or what ever they decide to do with him & provide no NTC as they can’t be added to RFA offer sheets. Winnipeg would match.

    • God I hope Boston doesn’t do that.
      He isn’t worth that much salary alone never mind the draft picks.

    • And then take that $7.3m over 7yrs…lets be honest Trouba will want the max no. of years possible, so basically $50m over the term of the CBA and because thats an offer sheet the cap hit is divided over 5 yrs and the Bruins take a $10m/season cap hit for Trouba…

      Sorry mate, not going to happen…

    • Good luck with Boston offer sheeting Trouba and not thinking that Cheveldayoff wouldn’t match and then Trouba would be stuck in Winnpeg for the foreseeable future. Not happening.

  7. Reily > Trouba. I say this because Trouba has not faced the top talent like Reilly has. Trouba may turn out better in the long run but right now Reilly has the lead. Sign a deal Jacob or sit. Sitting is a losing deal for both parties.
    Show people you want to play as said above , earn it !

  8. A few people here are assuming that Trouba has a 1 year deal on the table as an option. If Chevy is playing hard ball with him, can`t see a 1 yr. deal ever being an option, it`ll be 5 or 6 yrs. at x amount of dollars. That would make any trade easier, faster and increase Trouba`s value somewhat. At this point and time every other team in the NHL has to be somewhat leery about what they`re gonna get if they trade for Trouba. Tough to trade equal value that`s not giving you a headache for one that potentially might.

    • I’m not assuming Trouba has a 1 year offer, I think totally the opposite, I don’t think Chevy is one bit interested in a one year deal. But if Trouba is willing to sit out the year or play elsewhere for the season, he’ll get his wish next season, which is out of Winnipeg and Canada.

      • Why? Does Trouba become a UFA next year No. If Chevy is willing to let Trouba sit all year, then he just might be willing to carry it past this year and it is Trouba that has everything to lose , not Chevy.

      • YOGI! If Boston signs Trouba to an offer sheet, then Chevy has one of two choices; Match it or takes the picks. So no Chevy can’t make Trouba sit for another year if he signs an offer sheet.

      • His rights are still 100% owned by the Jets even if he sits for the season. In fact, I think if he sits it simply adds another year of Jets control before he becomes a UFA. You have to play to burn years off the entry level contract. Pretty sure on that. Either way, Winnipeg is in control and you’re way off on your thinking that somehow Trouba can force his way out.

  9. Boston doesn’t need Trouba now.
    Their season is slipping away quickly.
    Better to rebuild than move the assets needed for Trouba.
    Time to move veterans at deadline to contenders.
    Krejci,Chara,Maquaid,Belesky,Hayes,K.Miller,Backes and Lyles could help other teams and help rebuild. Build around Rask,Marchand,Bergeron and Pastrnak.

    • Ottawa’s been in that same situation for going on 3 years now – but they keep ‘tweaking’ the line-up without addressing the glaring, obvious problems and continually finish somewhere in the middle of the pack, thereby drafting anywhere from 10 to 15. Time to really fish or start cutting bait.

      • Exactly
        Bruins finished 1 point out last two years
        Worst thing that could happen.

    • If Chara lands a Bourque return then I believe he should be retained for acclimating the young defensemen drafted the past two years. Trouba is not worth his return, the Bs must play Colin Miller, Joe Morrow, Brandon Carlo, etc. Growing a team is the smarter option.

  10. Looking at some stats showed me Jake Gardiner and Trouba are similar. The difference is Jake is still prone to bone head ice decisions, Trouba,his biggest bonehead move is this contract thing. Honestly I don’t know what Trouba is like on the ice.
    Gardiner is 4 yrs older but I think he’d fit into Winnipegs d nicely as a 4 5 or 6 guy.
    Trade Trouba to Toronto for JVR and Gardiner. JVR slides into line 2 or 3 moving Tanev out.
    Of course Winnipeg would need to send another piece to the Leafs. I’m not sure who.
    I know there is a big hate on for Gardiner,but it is a deal at least worthy of a look.

    • I don’t hate Gardiner. I just don’t think he’s shown that he’s over committing rookie brain farts – and often at the worst possible time. He’s played over 300 games and has been in the NHL for 5 seasons.

      • This is kind of the start of year 5. He was buried in the minors for the majority of the lock out season 2012-13, played 12 games. The breakthrough point for most Dman in the NHL is 400 regular season games. He sits at 332 regular season games as I type this.

        His 4 years, plus 12 games going into this season were all played for 1 or the worst teams in the NHL. Very hard to judge him in that scenario. The reality is Gardner is never going to be solid 2 way Dman. He’s virtually 1 dimensional. Think Dennis Wideman.

    • Tanev is the #4 LW. Winnipeg doesn’t need any forwards the inn is full.

      • Well, some have said that D need some AHL time to help their development, so I don’t know that I’d say he was “buried” there during that lock-out season, and you’d think the time there could have been spent working on those giveaway gaffs.

  11. Around the 20 game mark you will see some trade movement….. Trouble’s (Not a type O) agent is the same as Oreilly’s- Overhardt. Seems to be his MO, in over evaluating the young. He signed a two year deal Col and was traded shortly thereafter to Buffalo. I think the same type of thing is going to pan out for Trouba

    • What?? 2 or 3 days ago I said I don’t think he has been particularly good defensively and I don’t think he should be playing with another young D lol Not sure that’s a love fest because I wouldn’t trade him for a guy who plays less minutes and doesn’t have as good numbers, that’s being a brat making ridiculous demands about where he wants to play how much
      money he wants… but ok

    • Colorado matched an offer sheet for O’Reilly offered by Calgary on Feb 28th 2013. Calgary got lucky as if Colorado hadn’t matched he would have had to clear waivers to have to have entered the NHL at that point. Calgary would have been on the hook for the compensation & someone else could have claimed him. Calgary should be very thankful Colorado choose to match as 5 teams sat below Calgary in the standings on that date. Any & all would have put in a claim.

  12. This site has become a Morgan Reilly love fest, courtesy of striker and Schticky. Obviously they are very inexperienced hockey observers.

    • Too funny

    • I’m more or less a Sens fan – and I’d take him in a New York minute. His rookie gaffs are becoming less and less (unlike Gardiner’s) and he’s shown me at least that he’s going to be an on-ice leader very soon.

    • Ha-ha!

    • I guess Toronto’s current hockey operations department is as well, as they play him as their #1 & choose to give him a 6 year 5 mil per deal coming out of his ELC.

      • They have nobody else is why he plays those minutes tho let’s be honest

    • Or Todd McLellan and coaching and the group in charge of team North America guess they all need to learn a thing or 2

      • You guys do overrate Reilly big times he is pretty weak in his own end

      • And shticky you using the World Cup,as an example is kinda contradicting yourself as you said subban should have played instead of Webber? So what is it those coaches know what they are doing or they don’t?

  13. Budaj looked so bad his last year in Mtl- He had the worst technique i ever saw in 40 years – don’t understand how he can be solid at times and completely horrible at others.

  14. Trouba is maybe a future good defensemen – we’re not even sure about that – I don’t think they will get more than a 2nd round draft for him or a decent prospect

    • Just on his talent and size (he’s a 6′ 3″ 200-pounder still only 22 years of age, taken # 9 overall and with n3 years of development behind him) he’s worth much more than a 2nd rounder OR prospect. What could start to affect offers is his stubborn attitude and the longer he sits will affect offers for sure. whoever gets him – IF anyone does – will want to be assured that any contract he signs is going to be for at least 5/6 years because I doubt anyone wants to go through this again in 1, 2 or 3 years.

    • Good thing Mohican isn’t in charge of any NHL teams.