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Is Jacob Trouba trying to "push around" Winnipeg Jets management with his trade request?

Is Jacob Trouba trying to “push around” Winnipeg Jets management with his trade request?

Latest on Jacob Trouba, Vladimir Sobotka, the Boston Bruins and more in your NHL rumor mill. 

SPORTSNET:  Mark Spector believes the Winnipeg Jets can’t afford to let restricted free agent defenseman Jacob Trouba push them around, feeling it would set a bad precedent that could allow other players to follow his example. Trouba recently made a trade request on the basis of his preference to play top-four minutes on the right side of the Jets blueline.

Spector suggest Trouba’s preference could make it difficult for the Jets to find a club willing to take on a player “who is going to quit as soon there is an imbalance of right- to left-shot defencemen.” He also doubts the Jets will get a fair return for Trouba before the Dec. 1 deadline to re-sign him and the blueliner’s agent knows this.

Spector goes on to suggest that moving Trouba could further hurt Winnipeg as a preferred destination for NHL players.  Spector predicts the Jets “will not trade Trouba before Dec. 1, and the player will sign a one-year deal under the provision that (Jets GM Kevin) Cheveldayoff seeks a trade. It’s a lose-lose, because now neither side is invested in each other.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: On the other hand, is it really worthwhile to a player on the roster who really doesn’t want to be there? Why re-sign a potential dressing-room cancer? Why keep a player who could set a bad example for the other young players on the roster? Signing Trouba to a one-year contract only ensures this issue becomes an unnecessary distraction for him, management and the other Jets players.  

Even if Cheveldayoff can’t find a suitable return by Dec.1, he could force Trouba to sit out the season and wait until next summer for a better deal. As for the opinion that some players don’t want to be in Winnipeg, the recent re-signings of Dustin Byfuglien, Mark Scheifele and Mathieu Perreault punches holes in that theory.

CSNNE.COM: In a recent mailbag segment, Joe Haggerty was asked if the Boston Bruins giving defenseman Christian Ehrhoff a professional tryout means they’re not in on Jacob Trouba. He believes it’s a sign the Bruins will use every available outlet to improve their blueline. When asked if the Bruins might pursue a right-handed shot such as David Savard of the Columbus Blue Jackets, Haggerty believes they could pursue a bigger name than Savard, though he doesn’t fully rule out that possibility. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Ehrhoff plays well for the Bruins on his PTO, I believe they’ll sign him to an affordable one-year deal. Even then, I think they’ll monitor the Trouba situation. Given the lack of experienced depth on the Blue Jackets blueline, I don’t see them moving Savard. 

ESPN.COM’S Pierre LeBrun reports the following on Twitter regarding Vladimir Sobotka: “Yakupov deal doesn’t necessarily close the door on Sobotka returning to Blues from KHL but reality is, Blues not counting on that return.”

NBC SPORTS: Jame’s O’Brien cites TVA’s Renaud Lavoie reporting the NHL’s 2016-17 trade deadline will be held on March 1, 2017. That conflicts with earlier wording claiming the deadline would be Feb. 28. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lavoie is a reliable source. If he says the deadline is March 1, I take him at his word. 


  1. I hope Boston doesn’t want Trouba. Don’t need that attitude around. If Boston does make a trade, they need to give up a contract on D and some prospects/picks. Too much of a logjam on the back end.

    • I would be thrilled to have that guy on my team…when you can get Hall for Larson you can deal with an log jam

  2. “Why keep a player who could set a bad example for the other young players on the roster? Signing Trouba to a one-year contract only ensures this issue becomes an unnecessary distraction for him, management and the other Jets players.”

    Totally agree Lyle. Some, on the other hand, clearly believes “loyalty” should only work one way in the NHL. Nuts to that.

    • Agree,let him sit one year and make the best hockey deal at the draft.Wpg market can not afford to be pushed around. Make an example of him,perfect opportunity as team is not in the “win right now ” mode.

      • You really think that sitting a guy out for a full year is going to improve trade offers for him?

        Fat chance the offers get better after a full year away from the NHL sitting at home. Jets would be hurting themselves by doing this just to make an example which in the end would be nothing as if a player wants out it won’t matter what Trouba did or didn’t do.

  3. Really though Blackhawks were making a strong move for Yakupov… in the end it was the Blues were snuck in and got the deal done. Hopefully Yakupov finds himself on their team and turns his career around… for such a young hopeful it’s been tough to watch him play.

    • Clearly, the Blues were one of (the ONLY one?) teams willing to take on his full cap hit. Chicago wasn’t – or couldn’t. It’s a one-year gamble for the Blues (much like Radulov in Montreal). If he doesn’t pan out and show improvement, they simply don’t qualify him next year as an RFA, at which point he becomes a UFA and can try and work out his own deal somewhere.

      • Hr’ll be KHL bound if he has another bad season

      • I think Yakupov has at least 3 or 4 NHL lives in him. Daigle had 6 in 11 seasons in the NHL.

        Although I don’t think he’ll need them. I think with a fresh start under a year of Hitchcock he can get his career back on track. 15 goals & 35 points as a 3rd line RW in StL next season should be easily achievable with better years ahead as he reestablishes himself as a solid offensive option.

      • I agree that Yakupov will be in the KHL next year. Not that he cant get a roster spot in the NHL but because thet K will be willing to pay $2.5M+

      • Yakupov will be fine. To St. Louis he is a 3rd round pick. That is what it cost them to get him. That is big for Yakupov as he no longer has to live up to the west round expectations. He can find a roll on St. Louis and finally be the player he is rather than the player his team wants him to be.

      • 1rst round expextations

      • So says the president of the Nail Yakupov Fan Club – Winnipeg Chapter.

      • I not sure what you are trying to accomplish with that comment but I accept the nomination. Could be worse, I could be nominated as president of the leafs fan club. Haha I kid leaf fans.

  4. No team has bigger roster issues come the expansion draft than Columbus. They have 4 Dman Murray, Jones, Savard & J. Johnson that they won’t want to lose but they also have 4 forwards with NMC’s, Dubinsky, Hartnell, Foligno & Clarkson. Perhaps Clarkson can be designated as having a career ending injury which will potentially allow for his exemption but they still have Atkinson, Jenner, Wenneberg & Saad. Something has to give I can’t see them wanting to lose any of those forwards & or Dman for nothing.

    Columbus needs to move a Dman so as they can protect 7F, 3D & 1G. Moving Johnson or Savard seems the most logical. Jones, Murray, 1 of Savard or Johnson & Werenski; expansion exempt, is a solid foundation moving forward.

    • The Trouba situation is complicated, and I can’t imagine Chevvy will have a more difficult one for the rest of his career. His job is to do what is best for the Jets short term and long. On the ice and on the income statement. His options are limited as rival GM’s are tossing him anvils not a lifeline because he now has a deadline.
      Methinks he has pressure to make the playoffs from ownership and the fans, but to Mark Spectors point, what does giving in do for the long term?
      Happy that it isn’t me having to make it, but if it was I would make a deal NOW. Take the fact that it must piss him off out of it.
      Get the best assets you can and flip those to a team that can get you the D you need. ANA, CLB and Minny may need to make a move but can’t take a cap hit like Trouba back. 3 way deal whatever.
      His team will likely not be as good as it was with Trouba, but better than with Trouba “rotting” and nothing in return.
      WPG was dealt a tough card, make the best deal you can and move on. They have a quality young team with some great young players. Focus on that and winning hockey games. Make the tough call and move the team forward. Like PC did in Edmonton and moving a stud like Hall for a less than sexy D-man in return, and Sweeney had to do in Boston with Hamilton.
      I think we all get pissed off about a player doing this, (just like an idiot employee) but I think you need to cut bait and go.
      No choice, letting him rot will not improve the return down the road. I may be wrong but with this much water under the bridge, he is not signing in WPG.

    • losing Johnson can only help them… hopefully they could trade him but if not… goodbye!

  5. I posted by viewpoint in a public address I think Chevy should make regarding Trouba several days ago. Coles notes.

    You can play on a 2 year bridge deal for what we have offered, play where we tell you to play, when we tell you to play, or you can sit out the year & face the same choice next summer for less money than we are offering you today. Your choice as allowed under the CBA. We own your rights for 5 more years, enjoy your time off.

    There is enough leadership & veteran presence in Winnipeg to deal with Trouba’s premadona attitude. Little, Buffy, Stafford, Wheeler, Perreault, Thorburn, Enstrom, Myers, Stuart, even Schiefele with over 200 games of NHL experience in his young career is taking a leadership role on this team.

    Most players once back in the fold shut up & do the right thing. There are 2 sides to hockey, the business side, which can be very unpleasant & distasteful & the actually hockey side. Once on the ice players let the business side go with the odd exception & those exceptions generally end up playing in leagues outside the NHL.

    Winnipeg can not allow a player to dictate terms, no team can. That is a recipe for disaster. This touchy feeley players should get to play where they want doesn’t exist in pro hockey. That’s a fantasy not reality. The CBA trumps the option normal humans have. These aren’t normal humans.

    • Couldnt agree more! He obviously must hate winnipeg, or his agent feeding him crap, because which player wouldnt want too line time! Even if he had to cover buffs mistakes (which i do get) but regardless, LOTS of players play on wrong side. Suck it up buttercup!

  6. George.

    I think they must have published Russell’s salary backwards. Someone must have dyslexia. Shouldn’t that read 1.3 not 3.1. Ha-ha!

    Sorry I couldn’t help myself.

    Boy has Chiarelli ever restructured Edmonton in the blink of an eye. This team may well make the playoffs this year. They actually have an NHL caliber defense for the 1st time in a decade, have added significant toughness Lucic, Maroon & Kassian, added a solid goalie & stumbled into 1 of the best players on the planet.

    Boy how times have changed. Does Kevin Lowe still have a job in hockey? He shouldn’t.

    • Nor should MacTavish.

    • Striker, he sort of does. Still with the Oilers. Not sure exact title, but basically customer relations. If you drop a couple hundred K for a box, Lowe will make sure you enjoy your experience in Rogers. Seems about right.

      • KEVIN LOWE
        Vice Chair OEG/Alternate Governor


    • The subtraction of Yakupov and addition of Russell now makes it so that when someone says the oilers can make the playoffs they don’t get ridiculed weird. I thought it would of took more.

  7. Richardson exhibits typical short-sightedness in saying that the Jets would be better just getting rid of player who doesn’t want to be there. Richardson probably thinks to better to pay all ransom demands and give in to terrorist demands. Intelligent people play for the long term. Mark Spector is exactly right. The Jets can’t afford to set a precedent.

    And really, does anyone actually think that Trouba wants out because he plays RD? Anyone who has ever been to Winnipeg knows what a player, especially an American player, would want out. He is just smart enough not to take the heat for giving the real reason.

    • Richardson respects your right to your opinion, Art, but trying to compare a hockey player’s trade demand to ransom and terrorists demands is a leap into bizarro world.

      • Damn right Richardson!

    • Byfuglien’s a Yank – and he had no problem extending in Winnipeg.

      • So is their new Captain Wheeler

    • Glad you said it Lyle, has alot more wait than if I did. I been living in Winnipeg for a couple of months now and have to say. So far so good. Be a great place if my salary was in the millions.

  8. I think Trouba is going to rot on the sidelines or go to the KNL. Esp if Winnipeg is winning from the get go.
    I cant remember if any GM has let a player rot but I can see it here. Too bad Trouba has immense talent……as they say all the tools and no toolbox.

    • Garth Snow banished Bergenheim for a season. Under the old CBA’s many players sat for extended periods in contract squabbles but the Dec 1 deadline didn’t exist. Sather did it many times.

    • There was at least one instance, although the circumstances were different. When the Sens balked at giving Yashin a five-year, $4 million contract and instead signed Daigle to what was then one of the largest rookie contracts in NHL history, and promoted him over Yashin for the 1993-94 Calder, Yashin’s nose got out of joint big time. When he then refused to honour his 1995-96 deal unless it was renegotiated to turn him into Ottawa’s highest paid player, the fan-based tturned on him big time, and following the 1998-99 season Yashin refused to honour the final year of his contract and demanded a raise. When the team said no he and his agent asked for a trade, but instead the Senators not only refused, they took away the C and gave it to Alfredsson, and when Yashin still refused to report, he was suspended on Nov 10 for the remainder of the 1999-2000 season.

  9. After Perrault making his feelings public about Trouba, not sure how Jacob can return to the jets. To say Chevy is setting a bad precedent; one could argue he already done that by refusing the request of a trade every year by Kane. Trouba may have seen this as his only way out. Boston traded Hamilton because he wanted out and it remains to be seen if any of the three picks have an NHL impact. You can take the opinion of showing Trouba who’s the boss and good for you. However having an asset sitting out for a year or longer, does not make your team better today or tomorrow. If you think he has no options maybe he’ll decide to play oversea and certainly make more then his elc paid. I don’t agree with Trouba but Winnipeg is not a better team without him and is a bubble playoff team that needs an equal asset to make a push for a playoff spot. Early season results will dictate how long this will play out.

    • I thought the Hamilton issue in Boston was conflicts with players & the fact he wanted Boston to sign his brother. He took less money in Calgary than Boston offered & Calgary met his demand to sign his brother, not once but twice.

      Trouba will only make more money overseas in the KHL, not in any other European league. Ask Demitra or McKrimmon how they enjoyed that experience. Sorry that’s in bad taste but that plane wasn’t safe to fly on.

      Ask Elias, he almost died their well playing during the lockout from eating contaminated food. The KHL may pay decent money but this isn’t 1st class travel on charters staying at the Hyatt, Merriot, etc. Russia has some beautiful country side, architecture & geography but it’s like Winnipeg in the winter but in most cases worse. Ha-ha!

      • I’m going to throw this out there in regards to winnipeg winters. A -10 here does not feel as cold as a -10 on the east cost or west cause it is a dryer climate. A -20 feels warmer as well. Yes the temp can drop to -40 and we’ll that is just cold. But all this talk of how cold the winters are in winnipeg don’t take the dew point in to account and I have to say I don’t miss rainy winters in the east.

        I’m dealing in Celsius.

      • Ha-ha! Same the opposite way to, It seems way cooler in phoenix in July as the humidity’s so low but you can still play golf comfortably in those carts that spray a fine mist of water on you to cool you down.

      • Jeff Noel, agree that winters in “cold” are better than rainy coastal ones. And still rather have this area than moose jaw.

  10. Trouba will end up in Boston for a decent return and in a few months all will be forgotten just like every other trade demand.

    • I don’t know about Boston but agreed on the resolution aspect. When & if Trouba signs, gets traded, regardless of how long it may take or quickly it happens, all will be forgotten in 10 seconds by the vast majority.

      It’s just the business side of sports. I may not like what Trouba’s doing but accept he is entitled to if he so chooses, it’s his only leverage. I certainly won’t forget in 10 seconds.

      Winnipeg is a bubble team at best to make the playoffs if all goes well. With out Trouba or a comparable alternative or Winnipeg some how replacing his minutes & abilities with even multiple players they are doomed before the season even starts.

      Other than Minnesota & possibly LA what other teams are dropping out of the playoff picture in the west? Edm, Arz & Col are all significantly better teams this season. Wins are going to be significantly harder to come by for all teams in both conferences.

      I don’t have Winnipeg currently making the playoffs with Trouba, never mind without, so not certain that getting off to a bad start is going to force Chevy’s hand in anyway. This isn’t about this season, but all seasons.

      Winnipeg is a very good hockey team but currently they are transitioning in a significant amount of youth into key roles. I like their chances of making the playoffs post expansion much better than this season. That said it’s going to be tight & an injury here or there & any team in the west could slide in at #8. Well except for Vancouver, I have them deadlast in the west.

      • They didn’t forget about the Yashin fiasco – especially after Mad Mike Milbury gave up Chara and a 2nd overall pick which turned out to be Spezza.

  11. Bruins FO isn’t smart enough to pull off a trade that will lean toward them getting the better of the deal….need to listen to their (Sweeney & Neely ) last season ending presser on their #1 objective was to upgrade the D…..instead they sign K Miller ( who can’t stay on the ice), Liles ( 35 years old) & tiny T Krug who can only play one end of the ice

    • Maybe they know this and are waiting for a decent deal.
      They are not dumb enough to trade any big names for Trouba
      So it may never happen unless the price comes down.
      Two prospects and a first round pick makes sense.
      Two of Morrow,Zboril,CMiller or Carlo

      • I think the price will come down. I like Carlo and wouldn’t include him in any deal. Zboril? Maybe. Morrow or CMiller, yep, plus a forward prospect or high pick.
        I don’t think Chevvy has any leverage here and the longer he waits, the less he has.
        He will lose this trade, but there is not much he can do about that. He didn’t create this problem, but has to deal with it, and every other GM knows that.

      • Ray Bark
        Agree on Carlo I was hesitant on putting his name there.
        I just think it will cost something more than mediocre players.
        I wouldn’t move Vatrano or Mcavoy either.

      • No way Chevy doesn’t get a NHL dman back in return for trouba they are very hard to find

    • Isn’t smart enough lol obviously you haven’t seen what the price for a top 4 never mind a top 2 D are these days I’m all set with Trouba as of now Krug is worth a lot and a hard type of player to find yes he’s small but consistently putting up 40 points every yr. Sweeney rebuilt the farm in 2 drafts unloaded a lot of money in dead contracts but he’s dumb good luck with the bandwagon crap pal

    • I like what Sweeney has done in a little over a year. Boston has shed payroll, restocked the prospect kitty & are playing a significant amount of youth on the current roster, surrounded by a fairly young solid core with the exception of Chara, Liles & Moore. Their core is 28; Marchand to 32; Backes.

      It’s unfortunate they dropped the ball the last 2 years in a row down the stretch losing their playoff spot on the final day of the season. Making the playoffs is hard. Parity is alive & well in the NHL & it’s a very fine line from winning the cup to just making the playoffs.

      Finding over developing the asset missing is easier said than done. Few exist that can do it all. Some journalist scribe said recently their are 12 in the NHL today at best. The rest all lean 1 way or the other from offense to defense. Complete Dman or even solid transitional Dman are not easy to acquire. No harder asset to find in the NHL today. Not enough to stock 1/2 the teams in the league.

      • Sweeney hasn’t helped the team much in the NHL as well has made some questionable draft choices! The miller and backes signings were terrible

  12. Bruins management were smart enough to sign Marchand for a little over 6 while others not as good make more. They also were smart drafting solid D-man in last few drafts as D are at a premium. They didn’t sign Looch who I loved in Boston but as he ages with all that pounding his skills will diminish rapidly. Worst Bruin move was trading Tyler at a young age but that was the Oiler GM who just traded Taylor and Yak for not much.

    • He probably could have gotten more – a lot more – for Hall had her been patient. He was lucky to get what he did for Yakupov and also dumped his $2.5 mil cap hit.

    • We will see about the Marchand signing obe I like him but a few yrs down the road that contract might be a bit of an anchor the way he plays the game

    • Yeah and what I heard was Sweeney was the only guy who didn’t want to trade Seguin. That was Neely and Chiarelli. Chiarelli is really killing Edmonton. No was was that Hall trade enough and I don’t want to hear that Lucic was included in the trade by salary dump. New Jersey won that trade big time. We will see.

      • If you don’t want to hear it then you don’t care about the cap-world part in NHL. Now you’re free to ignore the salary cap, but the GMs are not.
        It has been, and will be many more (see Tampa) trades and non-signings due to capspace. You may not like it, but I don’t think it matters for the rules in the NHL.

  13. 2.5 is not a salary dump its peanuts and if Peter would have moved him a year ago he would have had a much better return. I know Yak wanted out but Oilers had to play him in top 6 and if still not happy with his production than move him when his value is better. 1st over all pick who scored 17 in a short rookie season is worth more than a salary dump.

  14. I wonder what Trouba may be offered if he sits for a year. He might be playing Russian roulette.