NHL Rumor Roundup – October 26, 2016

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Goaltender Ben Bishop still faces an uncertain future with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Goaltender Ben Bishop still faces an uncertain future with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Latest on Ben Bishop, Dougie Hamilton and more in your NHL rumor mill. 

TSN.CA: Pierre LeBrun reports Tampa Bay Lightning starting goalie Ben Bishop still faces an uncertain future. With Bishop eligible for UFA status next summer and an expansion draft in June, LeBrun believes GM Steve Yzerman faces three options. He could trade Bishop at the March 1 trade deadline if he gets a suitable offer. He could retain Bishop for another run at the Stanley Cup this season and then let him walk via free agency on July 1. He could still attempt to re-sign Bishop if he carries the Bolts to a Cup championship next spring.

LeBrun noted Bishop thought he was going to be traded last June to the Calgary Flames before that club opted instead to acquire Brian Elliott from the St. Louis Blues. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless the Lightning fall out of playoff contention by the trade deadline (and I don’t see that happening), I believe Yzerman will retain Bishop for one last run at the Stanley Cup. For his part, Bishop doesn’t seem to be too worried about his status. He’s not pressuring Yzerman to reach a decision and seems willing to let the season play out. Yzerman could swing a deal to ship Bishop’s rights to another club before the expansion draft in June. 

TODAY’S SLAPSHOT’s Chris Nichols recently cited TSN’s Pierre LeBrun commenting on a rumor claiming the Calgary Flames were shopping defenseman Dougie Hamilton. While LeBrun said he doesn’t think Hamilton is on the block, he said he knows at least one team inquired into the blueliner’s availability. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe Hamilton’s staying put. Doesn’t mean teams can’t inquire but the Flames still see him as a significant member of their defense corps. 

SPORTSNET: In his latest “30 Thoughts” column, Elliotte Friedman said there’s conflicting reports regarding how seriously the Winnipeg Jets spoke with the Los Angeles Kings regardling goalie Ondrej Pavelec. Some sources say the Jets want to be rid of Pavelec’s contract ($3.9 million cap hit), while others claim they wish to retain him as insurance. So far, the Jets have given up 19 goals in their first five games. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Jets sent Pavelec to the minors and began the season with Connor Hellebuyck and Michael Hutchinson. If that duo doesn’t improve soon, don’t be surprised if Pavelec returns to the Jets lineup.

Prior to the Kings signing Anders Lindback to a tryout contract, Friedman claims they made an exhaustive search around the league to bolster their goaltending. Along with Pavelec, Philadelphia’s Steve Mason and Florida’s Reto Berra were among their considerations. Mason’s $4.1 million cap hit isn’t a fit for the cap-strapped Kings. Berra is a better financial fit, but the Kings didn’t see him as an upgrade. 

Friedman also repeated his suggestion the Kings attempt to pry Jonathan Bernier away from the Anaheim Ducks, noting the latter needs to shed cap space and Bernier’s cap hit is $4.15 million. He admits it’ll take a lot of creativity and willingness for the two rivals to work out a deal. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Mason’s $4.1 million is a no-go for the Kings, so is Bernier’s $4.15 million and Pavelec’s $3.9 million. I don’t see any of those three landing with the Kings. 

Nothing new to report on the standoff between the Jets and restricted free agent defenseman Jacob Trouba. Some teams have tried to be creative but Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff isn’t moving off his asking price. It’s believed he wants an elite young player with term on his contract. 

No truth to a rumor the league would allow players carrying both partial no-trade clauses and full no-movement clauses in their contracts to be exposed in next June’s expansion draft. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In other words, the Pittsburgh Penguins still face protecting goalie Marc-Andre Fleury unless he either agrees to waive his no-movement to left unprotected in the draft, the Pens trade him to one of his 18 preferred destinations under his partial no-trade, they buy him out before the draft or they cut a side deal with the Las Vegas franchise to ensure an unprotected Matt Murray isn’t claimed in the draft. 

With Matt Murray returning to the Pittsburgh Penguins line, Friedman can see the Boston Bruins claiming Mike Condon off waivers. Bruins netminders Tuukka Rask and Anton Khudobin are both banged up. 


  1. Again, why is there so much discussion regarding Fluery and Murray? A no trade clause stipulating a trade to 18 teams does not qualify as a no trade clause. Keep the pair for now and determine what you need later. Surely at least one of the 18 teams on the list could use a goalie and have something in return to offer. I doubt seriously that Pittsburgh management is as stressed about this as everybody else seems to be.

    The same holds true for Bishop in Tampa. I don’t get the sense that there is much worry there. The Jets are in a tough spot with the Trouba saga though as they do risk getting little in return for a great asset. If I were Chevy I would be on the blower with Yzerman to pry one of those goalies from him for Trouba. Bishop in net for the Jets would pay dividends quickly!

    • Yzerman provided a blueprint on how to handle these young, entitled players who haven’t earned what they have been told by their agents they deserve. I hope Trouba sits for the season.

      • Trouba will blink first.

      • I wouldn’t say yzerman had the blueprint drouin came back as a top 6 that he wanted and thrived, depends what way you look at it I guess

      • Yzerman did what needed to be done. Drouin came back in a top 6 role as Stamkos & Callahan were both injured. He wasn’t guaranteed or promised top 6 icetime he had to earn it. He came back with 2 games remaining in the season or Yzerman would have ported his contract as allowed under the CBA & Drouin & his agent realized they had no choice.

        Trouba should take note that good GM’s don’t capitulate they take the short term loss if necessary.

        Yzerman stood fast on Stamkos, never budged off his initial 8.5 mil offer & was prepared to let him walk if he so desired. Waited out Kucherov, although why Kucherov signed for 3 years at this price point was odd; why not 1 or 2 years? & addressed the most important TB player swiftly in Hedman. All were signed at significant discounts.

        I’d say TB has 1 of the best blueprints in the NHL. This team is a cup contender for years & when Bishop moves on either in trade or as a UFA TB has the money to sign everyone else as Stamkos, Kucherov & Hedman all took less to allow it to happen. They want to stay & play in TB together. Why wouldn’t you. Great city, great climate, great tax structure, great team, 1 of the best built organizations in the NHL today. Thank you Stevie, well done.

        GM of the year candidate again. Going to be hard for any other GM to top what he’s already accomplished this off season getting those 3 players locked up. Here’s hoping he adds a cup win. I took them at 9-1 for 2.5K.

      • The blueprint has been in place for decades really some follow it some don’t Snow, Sather & numerous others have let players rot if necessary. Certainly not all though.

        Trouba will capitulate or sit. If he sits he gains nothing as he’s in the same spot next season & with a year off his salary demands will need to be lower as it will concern teams he loses a years development especially at such a young age.

      • There is some difference in the situations anyway. Drouin essentially broke the terms of his contract by holding himself out of gains. Trouba fulfilled his contract and is exercising his right to not play as he has no contract. Chevy is exercising his right to not just buckle and make a quick trade.

        The situation is similar in that a young player is asking for a trade but I have Less concerns about maturity of a player who goes about it the way Trouba has.

    • Fleury & Bishop aren’t going anywhere before the off season unless the compensation is significant. These are 2 solid cup contenders & they aren’t going to risk losing their starters in the playoff with out having a solid option. Fleury will be traded before the expansion draft as might Bishop but Yzerman will let Bishop walk for noting if necessary.

      Hey if he was willing to let Stamkos test UFA status he’s not going to be to worried about Bishop with Vas in hand ready to be a #1.

      Winnipeg has Hellebuyck. He will be a very good goalie, he looks to be a stud prospect goalie & Comrie is coming right behind him. Winnipeg is icing 1 of the youngest rosters in the league, young teams lose games as they make mistakes consistently. Losing their best 2 way forward in Little was very unfortunate & Trouba is missed as well. They don’t need Bishop nor will they be trading for him. Few teams operate on a tighter budget than the Jets.

      • I agree with your assessment of Fleury and Bishop completely and have been saying all along that Yzerman let Stamkos test free agency then he will certainly let Bishop do the same. But I would still make that phone call if I was Chevy.

    • Well said. I am confident Rutherford isn’t losing sleep over this (as a fan, I am certainly not). Like Vegas who is conducting monthly mock drafts, Penguins management has a plan and will follow that depending on how things look in the new year. Nothing to see here.
      In this instance, I am getting the impression that the reporters have nothing better to do than drone on about it or muse about it depending on what outlook they happen to see on that particular day. The bigger story in Pittsburgh is the return of Sid.

  2. Trouba has 35 days and counting. Agreed he will blink first…. Jack Campbell may pan out in LA and was a “former one” and as such is “never done”…

    • Blinking first would be the smart thing for Trouba. I don’t disagree with any of you there.

    • I hope Jack at least gets a good shot at the NHL.

  3. The Bruins would be wise to grab another goalie with NHL experience until Rask and/or Khudobin return healthy. The game against the Wild last night was difficult to watch but also not entirely on the goaltenders who played in it (Subban and McIntyre). The first 2 goals scored were breakdowns and lack of shutdown defense in front of the net… left Subban out to dry. Bruins need to have these 2 young goalies back in the AHL to develop instead of ruining them mentally by placing them in an NHL starting situation when they’re not ready.

    On a side not regarding goaltenders. Tuukka Rask is becoming one of my least favorite players on the Bruins. He has had back to back average years and granted some of it can be attributed to poor defense and playing more games than he should have throughout the season. BUT, he’s being paid $7mil to be and elite goaltender in the NHL. The Bruins need him right now and he’s out for “general soreness”. Players in professional sports rarely play at 100% and most battle injuries throughout the season. Rask to me seems like the type who gets a belly ache and has to sit… we’ve seen this before and it’s becoming a trend. A 70% Rask is better than throwing two inexperienced goaltenders into the mix. I feel more than anything that this is a way Rask can self-regulate his playing time throughout the year. We’re going to see this again even after he comes back… going out for a minor tweak, general soreness, stomach ache, ect. Leader… I think not.

    • Exactly what I think. He’s soft and weak as well.

      • Shoreorrpark,

        … and by no means am I doubting the talent of Rask but mainly his fortitude and thought process with the team.

    • I think Subban is still very young, but he has looked god awful in his first few nhl games (preseason included) A lot of people here have put a price tag on him, that in my opinion was set way too high, and with every Nhl start will sag even more. I think it’s a very real possibility he never develops into a regular nhl starter. Time will tell.

      • He’s only 22 and there are very few goalies that become NHL starters at that age. Clearly he’s not ready yet, but he could find his game in the next two or three years and that would still be a normal development curve for a goalie. Of course, taking him in the 1st round was probably a mistake as most goalie prospects tend to be crap shoots.

      • He is still young but the defense isn’t helping

      • I did start out by saying he is still very young. And ended with time will tell. But like I said, his nhl appearances have been brutal. I think we’ve all seen plenty of 21-22 year olds play a preseason game and not give up 6-7 goals. He has certainly been bad enough to at least kick the tires of the idea that he is a swing and a miss. It happens…..to every team.

      • Nyr4life,

        I do agree that thus far he’s looked inadequate as an NHL goaltender but as Dan39 and Bigbadbruins mentioned he’s still very young. There are plenty of years ahead for Subban to develop. I do think though as Bigbadbruins mentioned… the defense in front of him hasn’t helped. Not even average for that matter for the times Subban has started in the NHL. They didn’t take away many shots as Subban saw 16 through about 25 minutes of play and a lot of breakdowns in front of the net.

      • I think their best bet is to keep him as far away from NHL starts as they can, and just see what happens. This can’t be good for this kids head, and certainly isn’t good for his value.

      • Nyr4life,

        Absolutely! The Bruins management are toying with these two and their mental makeup by putting them in situations they’re not ready to be in. The Bruins know their defense is a work in progress, albeit, it’s trending in a good direction with players like Carlo but still that defense is not prepared or skilled enough at this point in the season to work in front of a rookie goaltender who has no reason being in the NHL.

        Poor decisions by management. I’d expect the Bruins to make a move for a goaltender after today’s game unless they come out with a timeline for Rask in which he’s starting this weekend.

      • Speaking of god awful, did you see the Hi- – err – low-lites of Andersen’s efforts last night in TO? However, having said that, that sure isn’t the Anaheim Ducks working in front of him either.

        Another looking god awful is a team some had pushing for a playoff spot – the Coyotes. Brutal. Looks like their experiment of going for youth is not working out, and the trouble with that approach is, when they all finally mature, you have a s*&t-load of players looking for hefty raises at the same time.

      • Agreed George. Pretty much on everything.
        I know fans don’t want to give up on some of those young prospects, but if you can fix that d ….. I’d be screaming for it! Edmonton, now Arizona and Toronto should be the poster children of not building from front to back for every gm in the league.

        7 goals on 24 shots? Yikes!

      • Nyr4life, 6 games into a rebuild (after completing the tear down), the Leafs are now a poster child for failed team construction? Give me a break.

      • Dan, don’t get all defensive, I’m not in the mood today. I’m not calling what they’re doing a complete and total fail.

        Long before Toronto started its rebuild, I’ve stated MANY times I believe you build from the back end out.

        So let’s not this taking it as a personal shot against your team!! It’s not, and I’ve expressed the same sentiment about many other teams without personal attacks or fan meltdowns! Let’s not turn this into something it’s not!

        Maybe Toronto trades Nylander for Doughty, I’ll smother you all with praise and comfort. But until then, I’m entitled to an opinion….. It’s not a personal attack on Toronto, the organization or it’s always faithful fan base. It’s an opinion!!!!

      • Dan39 don’t you think the leafs should have learned from the oilers you have to have good defense to go along with the skilled forwards? You can blame Anderson all you want but the high quality chances are on that terrible defense

      • Toronto will address their D. They are. They secured Zaitsev this summer & Carrick at last seasons trade deadline. Gardner & Reilly are developing on schedule in the roles they are each being groomed for. Gardner is 2 years ahead of Reilly even though 4 years older; went the college route for 3 years & lost a years development some what during the lock out in 2012-13. Gardner as an offensive Dman, Reilly as a solid 2 way Dman.

        It’s not like Toronto’s D prospect cupboard is bare. They drafted the best player available when it was their selection in NYlander, Marner & Matthews. In Dermott, Nielsen, Greenway & Valiev they have some kids in the pipeline & I think we all expect Toronto to trade for a solid top 2 option soon. Soon being no later than the expansion draft when Anaheim, Columbus & Minnesota will be forced to all potentially cut at least 1. Anaheim may not have to if Despres’s career is over.

        I only caught the 1st period on TV of the Toronto game & the lowlights later that night. Andersen didn’t play well but he isn’t solely to blame either. Toronto’s kids & D are making a ton of mistakes that are ending up as quality scoring chances & all appear to be going in. Bernier where are you now? Ha-ha! Sorry that was a bad joke.

      • Reilly isn’t exactly playing a solid 2 way game even your fancy stats will tell you that. Ha ha

      • I beg to differ as usual. Considering the team in front of him I think Reilly is playing great for a 4th year 22 year old Dman being asked to play as his teams #1. No easy feat for a player this young & what he is accomplishing & doing for this team at this age is amazing to be honest. Few could provide the level of play Reilly is at his stage of development in this spotlight. A stud in the making.

        The only real fancy stat that has any value to me is zone starts.

        The only other 1’s I really care about are quantity & quality of icetime. They determine a players role, opportunity & there by points & or contribution to a teams ability to win. After that it’s wins baby as unless I’m mistaken again the team with the most goals wins.

        Great quote by Babcock posted by Lebrun on his daily comment.

        “TORONTO – Just over a month ago at the Air Canada Centre, Toronto Maple Leafs coach Mike Babcock made a comment that now carries some prophetic irony.

        While wearing his Team Canada hat in the midst of another unbeaten run in a best-on-best tournament, Canada’s head coach was asked, following a round-robin victory on Sept. 21, about Team North America’s kids getting more love from fans and media than his juggernaut side.

        “I like watching that team because there’s tons of skill,” Babcock said of the 23-and-under squad. “I like winning more, though. I just want to win…”

        Sums it up perfectly as usual with Babcock. Youth rarely wins. To many mistakes, breakdowns & missed assignments. Fun to watch though. I love watching Dallas play. They simply try to outscore you & are very good at it.

      • Jaysus Dan. Is there EVER a critical comment about the Leafs that you DON’T consider trolling or Leaf-hating??

      • Cmon George,

        You know you can’t even make a general criticism towards the Leafs!

        Look how well the Bruins took some criticism above. Without melting down, being called a hater, or just flat out going crazy…. An actual conversation, back and forth.

        I get if someone were to say Mathews sucks, Reilly is useless. Etc. As a New York fan I’m used to most of the kind of talk. I understand the difference between saying Girardi has slipped, or Lundqvist is overpaid, and the haters that can’t even bring themselves to see anything good and make asinine comments like …. “Ny has no talented players, Mcdonagh sucks” etc.

        They honestly can’t take any criticism at all. Biased, unbiased…. Zero! Yet they can talk about any other teams bad trades, age, on and on!

        Just look how quickly they’ve turned on Phaneuf in less than a year. Last year he was “slightly overpaid “, he slips on a Sens jersey and now he’s a “terrible contract”.

        It’s got to be all puppies and rainbows for them.
        Otherwise, you’re just a hater troll.

        Not directed at every Toronto fan.

      • Striker, you’re responding to someone who doesn’t watch the games and doesn’t understand stats.

        BigBear has absolutely no clue that Rielly was deployed by Babcock as a shut down D last year and saw zero PP time until the end of the year.

        BigBear, doesn’t know this so he’s floating a guess that Rielly is an offensive specialist. It’s nonsense, don’t waste your time on him.

      • George, NYR, I don’t mind reasonable criticism or even unreasonable criticism of the Leafs if it’s presented with some supporting facts. At least we can debate that.

        If you want to throw out there that Rielly can’t play defense with no supporting argument then that’s pure trolling and flies in the face of the evidence of his usage during the last NHL season and World Cup by qualified coaches.

        I don’t argue with people saying the Leafs in general are garbage. I said myself yesterday, the D is a trainwreck and goaltending speaks for itself. That’s the plain truth, and I readily admit it.

      • COME ON GROW UP its only 6 games i thuoght a 75 year old man would know better but i guess the marbles aren’t working

      • Dan39 I’ve said numerous times that I like Reilly he is good offensively and needs some work on the defensive side! And again you wonder why he is put as a shutdown guy cause he is the best the leafs have and why they allowing so many goals!! You think cause you throw stats out the you read means anything? No anyone can read those all you do is cherry pick the ones the validate your comment others on here do it as well

    • Ouch! Really. Rask if fit to play would play. Who knows what general soreness means. It’s really no different than the dreaded upper body, lower body, etc. other teams regurgitate. Teams aren’t forthcoming with injuries to help protect players as the Neanderthals will target injuries.

      Rask has had some soft starts in the last 2 years but overall he has played very well over the long haul in both seasons & is elite. You guys complain about Boston’s D constantly & now Rask is soft & incapable. His #’s playing behind Boston the last 2 years considering the D & youth movement is impressive. His ability to stay healthy is impressive. Part of what really determines if a goalie is elite is the ability to play over 60 regular season games & do so very well & consistently. It’s what separates the elite from the good. Few goalies are capable of playing over 60 regular season games a season. Their bodies just can’t stand up to it.

      In the last 2 years + games played this season to date, only 2 goalies have started more games than Rask’s 137. Holtby 143 & Quick 141. 5 have more wins than Rask’s 68, Dubnyk 71, Fleury 73, Rinne 76, Quick 76, Bishop 78 & Holtby 91. All of them have play behind far better teams than Boston has iced in that timeline.

      Ouch. Rask just turned 29 & is in the prime of a goalies career. He’s worth every penny of his 7 million based on the market for goalies. How have Boston’s other goalies fared when relieving Rask behind the same team? Not very good. With out Rask Boston is 1 of the worst teams in the east.

      I haven’t seen last nights game yet & won’t till tonight. Apparently I’ll be watching it in 30 mins. Ha-ha!

      • Striker,

        I don’t think anyone said or even insinuated that Rask wasn’t a top end goaltender. I mentioned that he’s had back to back average years… which is fact but yes as you pointed out the team in front of him and the # of games played have contributed to that ( I also mentioned that).

        Same can be said about the goaltenders who have come in and played in place of Rask… the team in front of them help contribute to their poor performances but I’m more criticizing his ability to get on the ice when he’s fighting a “minor” ailment. I do realize that with “general soreness” it’s difficult to know exactly the extent or injury itself but he started of the year playing well and then out of nowhere a commentator during one of the Bruins game points out that Rask seems to favor his left side when in butterfly and the next day Rask is deemed out “general soreness” and hasn’t seen the ice for any practices. No visual of any injury happening, no mention of it in practice or in a game… why not? They mentioned Khudobin’s injury and timeline less than 24 hours after it happened. I agree that teams regurgitate tags on injuries but I think when a starting goaltender suddenly is hit with a “general soreness” and only played 3 games into the season after starting well… seems like a load of BS to me. Even Price was tagged with the Flu.

      • BTW Striker,

        I’m not saying that players should blindly play through injuries either but I think the silent majority feel the same way when it comes to injuries in professional sports. Sometimes you need to play through and we’ve examples of this from many players in the NHL. Bergeron for example a few years ago when he had a punctured lung.

        I’m one of those NHL diehard fans who believe the ability to make the playoffs can be lost in the first 1/3 of the season. These games are extremely important especially with the state of the current defense trying to gain traction and grow.

      • You have no idea what the injury is nor do they have any obligation to provide the info. If Rask was fit to play he would be. It’s that simple.

        Suck it up butter cup. Ha-ha!

      • Maybe Rask just realized how bad the team in front of him actually is and is looking to get out as well?

      • Striker,

        To keep a player off the ice all together and not even lace up skates during scheduled practices… and label him “general soreness”. I don’t buy it.

        It’s either Rask driving this or he has a serious injury that the Bruins are trying to figure out what to do with and keeping it a secret from everyone. Example again that I gave above even after you said they have no obligation to provide the info and most teams regurgitate those labels… Anton Khudobin was tagged with upper body injury and given a 3 week timeline within hours of the injury happening, also was reported the area of his body that was injured. I’d say the Bruins have no issue letting it be known what the problem is and the timeline they expect. Now enter Rask… and suddenly its vague, quiet, not on skates at all, Julien has said very little. Just saying it doesn’t add up but lets agree to disagree on this one Striker.

  4. Not sure why Mason’s name is popping up. Flyers need goaltending as well-trading Mason weakens their chance at the playoffs. CAP relief is not needed this year anymore.

    • Really Philadelphia has no cap space, they are using LTIR with Del Zotto & Laughton on LTIR to stay cap compliant. Both are close to coming off. What happens then?

      I agree about the goalie but something has to give. 2 players will be sent down when both come off. Laughton’s cap hit isn’t relevant but Del Zotto makes 3.85.

  5. I think Boston should look at Reto Berra. Short term solution maybe. Pretty sure he can be had for a 5th round or lower pick. If he plays good bonus if not try and package him in a deal or just waive him. Worth it for a low draft pick.

  6. Chad I’m pretty sure it’s more than general soreness they just tray that so nobody knows what’s wrong. I’m not a huge Rask fan but he has looked good so far this year. What I know about goalies they want to play every game healthy or not so something must be up.

    • Obe,

      I’m certain as well that the “general soreness” tag is just a formality and Rask likely has some type of tweak that’s specific to an area on his body, however, how bad can this injury be where he isn’t even on ice practicing with his team during the week?

      I would assume that if the injury was that bad that he’s not even dressed to practice in their facility that the Bruins would release some more details of the injury and put a time line on it. Khudobin went down in practice yesterday and was immediately known upper body injury out 3 weeks.

      The other thing people seem to forget is that Rask openly complained about the amount of games he played last season and yet he made the decision to play in the World Cup in September… after the conclusion came out and said he felt great and ready to start the season. He’s played 3 games and is out with an undisclosed injury that’s being labeled as “general soreness”. For all we know this is something that stems from the World Cup and lingered during the preseason. I haven’t seen a single report yet that had Rask injuring himself in any of the NHL games this season, practices, or even preseason. I’d bet this injury has something to do from the World Cup.

      • Chad, Rask got hurt in the first game in Columbus. By rushing him back, you risk a bigger injury and losing him for a much longer period of time. Ask Montreal how that worked out by rushing Price back too soon last year. Still I agree he’s needed and to show his $7m worth. So far he hasn’t lost this season.

      • Rask didn’t play well lastyear either but again the defense is below average

      • Caper,

        It was never reported that Rask injured himself in that game… only that they first recognized Rask was favoring either a hip or leg injury. They then noticed again Rask favoring his “left side” during the NJ Devils game. The day after they deemed Rask off due to a maintenance day. He’s been off of his skates since that game and has not even practiced.

        What concerns me or is more of my argument is that there has been no clear evidence of an injury occurring or reports of such an injury. He visibly had something bothering him first noticed in the Columbus game, which was his 1st game of the season… noticed again in his 3rd game of the season, then off for maintenance and now “general soreness” and hasn’t even laced up skates… Seems odd to me.

        … and as you mentioned “he’s needed and to show his $7m worth”… he was doing very well this season so far, which makes me wonder why all of a sudden they decide to keep him off ice. Who’s decision was that? I feel it’s more Rask than anything. If there was something that serious in the first 3 games why didn’t the medical staff sit him prior to the Devils game. Now it’s been 6 days and no skating. Strange to me.

      • This may be splitting hairs but I think Rask played well last season just not elite nor did I expect him to behind a team that dressed 11 players essentially as regulars with 2 years or less of NHL experience struggling to get out cap issues & restock the prospect kitty. Check.

        For goalies who played at least 41 games, 1/2 a teams games which is the minimum threshold for me to be considered a starter unless injured. Rask finished tied for 11th in wins having played 64 games. 6 of the goalies in front of him in wins played more. 21st in Sv% .005 outside the top 10.

        A decent season playing behind what I assumed was a bubble team to make the playoffs in the start of a rebuild, retooling if you like & dressing A D with serious holes.

        The year prior 2014-15 he played great, almost elite. 34 wins & a .922 SV% placing him in the top 10 for both wins & SV% playing 70 games. krejci missed 1/2 the season & The D was devistated. Chara, McQuad & Miller all missed significant portions of the season & 2 young D Hamilton & Krug had to carry the load.

      • Striker,

        It might be splitting hairs… I’m all hyped up on coffee today and after last night’s game and the amount of criticism social media was giving Subban and McIntyre, I felt it was necessary today to send some criticism towards Rask. It’s more opinionated than anything else but we’ve seen him duck some games the past few years and labeled with “general soreness” in recent seasons. Just an observation and feeling of disappointment with Rask. Silly me for thinking all professional sports players have the ability to play through injuries. I think Rask could take a page out of the Bergeron or Gregory Campbell book.

      • Bigbadbruins,

        It’s true the defense hasn’t been playing well the past few seasons, which is a big contributor as well. For example, last night’s game is not solely on Subban and McIntyre. The defense didn’t play well, only 8 blocked shots on 33 SOG. They allowed 16 on Subban alone through about 25 min of play. Also, this team needs to watch their penalties. You have 2 rookies goaltenders last night and commit to giving the Wild 4 powerplays.

      • I appreciate your upset about Boston losing both goalies & not having a suitable option in place but that’s bad luck to some extent & very odd circumstances losing your #1 & 2 in the blink of an eye & being forced to expose 2 kids. It happens. Boston did what you have to do, they went to the depth chart & exposed 2 kids to a terrible situation. Having to start knowing there isn’t a starter behind you if you falter is far from an ideal way to expose a young goalie to the NHL.

        Ducking games? Come on, no goalie has started more games in the NHL in the last 5 years than Rask’s 231 starts. Give your head a shake, ducking starts. Ha-ha! What a joke.

        Are you sure your a Bruins fan? Tongue in cheek, as you sure are showing your homer side.

        No Backes, No Rask, No Khudobin, No K. Miller, Bergeron & Mcquad just coming back from injuries. Nor am I happy with Juliens’s line up choices. How are Belesky; 1 point & minus 7? & Heinen; no points, still getting offensive opportunities as top 6 wingers & 2nd line PP time. Let’s at least try something different. I know there aren’t many options but try something, anything. Heinen will be in the minors very soon.

        I haven’t seen any of the Boston game yet accept for the low lights. I had time to watch the 1st period of a game in the bar before going to Dallas game live last night, no easy feat with the world series on last night, I had to watch on my tablet, oddly enough I choose Toronto & TB game.

      • Striker,

        I’m sure we can more than pass the blame around between injuries, lineup choices, Julien among those should be criticized so far as well.

        Matter of perspective when using the phrase “ducking games”. Especially when the rest of the comment I had mentions “and labeled with general soreness”. Every player needs a maintenance day here or there, some need a game or two off because of minor injuries but Rask has missed some games out of the blue due to “general soreness” or a 24 hour flu bug. I call it ducking a game… in my interpretation of that it’s when a player can get on the ice and play (maybe 75%-80% health wise) and decides not to. I’d call that ducking a game. There are plenty of other players who fight through and play even though they likely don’t want to because of their injury or illness.

        As far as your comment about him playing the most games in the last 5 years… wouldn’t that lend more credibility to the notion that Rask is driving this “general soreness” and don’t want to practice routine more than anything. He’s probably fed up with having to play so many games last 5 years. He’s seen the defense in practice and so far this season. He knows it’s a work in progress but probably feels that they’re going to rely on him to play a lot of games again this season. Self-regulating his playing time. It’s an opinion but I’m sticking to it.

      • Put it this way , you’re a weekend warrior and you hurt Monday. Maybe that’s the way Rask feels. General soreness sounds innocent enough but we all know just how painful it can be. Ramp it up to pro athlete status and that’s a fair bit o pain.IDC how in shape he is these guys still suffer like you and I.

  7. Say that lol stupid spell check

  8. I hear Calgary is unhappy with both Hamilton and Gaudreau and they are both being traded to the Leafs in the next few hours.

    • Funny!

      • Lol I heard it’s Anderson for gaudreau and Hamilton straight up? lol

    • Can they play in net?

      • Good point BCLeafFan. Wow! He is off to a horrible start. How do you out shoot somebody 43-31 and lose 7-3?! I know the defense is not great, but Geez! Another frustrated Leaf Fan.

      • Most of those 43 shots came from areas where a goalie could stop them with his eyes shut. Someone needs to tell them that they aren’t the Raptors and that you don’t get 3 points if you sink one from that distance.

      • Simple. TB stopped trying to score after taking an early lead & played a shut down defense. Happens all the time.

      • Good point George O.

  9. I know montreal is the best team right now but any rumours on them? I still think they need to get rid of desharnais and markov … I also have to say good for you Toronto finally I could say Toronto has a chance one day to be amazing. Matthews and Nylander and Marner amazing young players now they should finish two more years at the bottom and draft a goalie and Defenceman…..

    Now Montreal needs One more Scoring Forward or two on the Right wing or a centre I’d go get RNH or Duchense or both … Those are the two I’d try to get … I’d give up my first and 2nd pick from this and next year in a trade involving other parts obviously to land both these guys

    • The habs might have got the free agent signing of the yr with radulov! The guy doesn’t stop working looks good so far. The other new guy that has impressed is lehkkonen(sp) very smart player solid at both ends of the ice

      • Bigbadbruins,

        I do agree that Radulov has looked impressive so far but he’s had work ethic issues in the past. I would wait until the Canadiens face some adversity and go through a rough patch… lets see how he responds then.

      • Chad the more your read about radulov was never his work ethic but his maturity. I agree it is early but from what I’ve seen he has been the habs best forward for some reason he really seems to excel in Quebec

      • Strong team that’s grown together over the past few seasons. Good veteran leadership on the team. Helps Radulov fit in.

      • Well done, something positive, veery rare for you. I assume your a a Bruins fan based on your handle & making a positive comment about a Montreal Canadian. Sacrilege. Ha-ha!

        Unless it’s a fantasy pool or draft pool thing? I drafted Lehkonen in 1 of my fantasy leagues. I don’t draft with my heart but me head.

      • I hardly ever say positive things about the bruins on because ppl just think you’re a homer, which a guy like dan39 very much is and should maybe stop saying dumb stuff about the leafs! Lol

      • Montreal is playing well early and the Radulov signing has been their best move. They could still use a good puck mover on the back end and maybe another offensive forward but all in all with price back they sill hopefully contend in the east. They need to take advantage of what games Weber has left. His offensive game on is still strong because of his shot but his defensive game is no where near what it used to be. Still good in tight areas but mobility issues are affecting his positioning and puck retrieval and he is just not capable of suppressing shots against top lines anymore. I think a faster skating partner would help alleviate some of that issue , but they don’t get traded often.

        I think Edmonton needs to be careful in thinking they have turned too much of a corner. The hall trade sure doesn’t look good so far. Edmontons defensive game has been almost as awful as usual but Talbots hot start and mcdavid scoring them out of trouble is masking it if you aren’t watching the games. They still give up a ton of shots and chances. They will be in tough to keep up this pace when they hit more difficult games in their schedule.

      • Danny you don’t have to worry about speed as much when your positioning is one of the best in the game. And he’s 31 yrs old he has a bunch of good yrs left. He plays with beaulieu who is a good skater and puck mover but struggles in his own end like a gardiner but Weber makes up for that. He is definitely an upgrade over subban for a win now attitude 9 points plus 12! Here you might like this played all the minutes in the World Cup against the oppositions top line under Babcock! Lol

      • I don’t necessarily agree that he is an upgrade over Subban, but there isn’t as much of a gap Today as some have mentioned. I think the trade is bad overall because of the fact I don’t think Weber is capable of carrying a top pairing like he once could. He needs to be with another top pairing guy to get the most out of him. My issue with the trade has more to do with the fact you should make trades based on what you get out of players. Weber is till excellent offensively, still physical. Just overall isn’t able to carry a pair against top competition anymore. That’s doesn’t make him into a plug, but his positioning alone does t make up for it. He and beaulieu have been hammered in their end and have had to be bailed out by exceptional goaltending from Montoya and price. I wouldn’t want to bank on that continuing all year if I am asking a 31 year old with Weber mileage and game style if I have real Cup aspirations.

        Price being back is going to be the big boon for montreal this year though. He is easily the best goalie in the world right now, and I think you can see that increased confidence right though the line up.

      • Danny even stats are disagreeing with you Weber has only been on the ice for one 5 on 5 goal goal, go look at Josi he is missing Weber big time

    • They won’t e the best team much longer. It’s early. However, I do think if Price stays healthy ad Weber performs as he can they will definitely be a playoff team, and a tough one to beat as well.

    • Montreal is a solid team this year and, barring injury to its key players, can contend in the playoffs. The change in personnel looks really positive so far but we shouldn’t forget one important addition to the coaching staff. Kirk Muller has shown his value to the power play already and, as the season moves along, his value as a go-to guy for the players will become even more obvious. Don’t expect the “throw a guy under the bus” routine this year in Montreal. The head coach knows there’s a guy beside him who can take over at any time.

      • Just don’t forget, however, that the Habs started last season 9-0.

      • No team could get over the injuries the habs had last yr. striker says injuries are excuses but today just used them as an excuse for the Boston played lol

  10. Any Calgary fans out there know what’s going on with Hamilton? I’ve seen his name a lot surfacing around social media/reports about the Flames not being happy with his game play.

    Dougie Hamilton is on track to put up 31 points this season, which would be his lowest in the past 3 seasons.

    • I think he was playing on the 3rd pairing the other day?

      • hmmm… 3rd pairing, not what they brought him in there for

    • I assume Hamilton is being Hamilton. Sulking as he’s struggled out of the gate. It’s to early to write him off, or anyone for that matter but we have all heard the sense of entitlement issues Hamilton has. He started slowly last season as well. Things have a way of balancing out over the course of the season.

      I have 2 primary markers for trying to fore shadow assumptions. The last team in the league playing it’s 10th game, I take a snap shot & the last team in the league playing it’s 25th game. By this point trends are starting to develop, injuries are taken hold, rookies are banished if not staying generally, line combinations or at least pairs are forming up, etc.

      This early in the season there is to many discrepancies. Soft or hard schedules, games played disparity, hold outs, rookies getting their cup of coffee what have you.

      Calgary has played 8 games, a ton 7, several teams have only played 5. Those 2 or 3 games are 40 to 60% more, that’s significant. Power plays are out of balance. Columbus has only had like 9 PP chances in those 5 games? That’s weird & an anomaly.

      Wideman was playing well. In game 1 he played with Giordano played big minutes & scored a PPG, Calgary’s only 1 for 5 games. In game 2 paired with Engelland limited minutes & played OK in limited role & then benched for 2 games. Calgary was terrible in those 2 games.

      New coach means anything is possible.

      • Striker,

        Bruins fans know all too well of the reports of Hamilton feeling “entitled or sulking”. I agree though that it is too early in the season to pass judgement as he will likely come around and put up around the same amount of points he has the past 2 seasons.

  11. Quick question about Condon. If Pittsburgh puts him on waivers, do the Canadiens have the first crack at him or will the waiver sequence depend on standings.

    • Standings

      • See we do agree on the rare occasion. I’m just not sure this counts. Ha-ha!

      • Lol

    • Standings.

  12. General comment-Been very impressed with the Leafs Big 3 new forwards. But Holy Big Smoke are the leafs terrible on the back end. Gardiner has reverted to his play 2-3 years ago while Reilly may be mobile-but he continues to make lousy decisions. Definitely not 1/2 Dmen

    • Considering the state of the Leaf’s they are both playing well for their ages & development. I know plus minus isn’t a great stat, tons of flaws, all stats have flaws, nor can you really use it to compare players team to team & you need to factor in quality of competition which can be traced in numerous ways but it does provide a reference for ES TOI/GP which is the only ice time effected by plus minus & it helps paint a picture or snap shot if you will.

      Nothing can replace the eye test for working out what really went wrong or right but not all bad things result in goals, some do, some don’t. Reilly is even, Gardner is plus 1. Reilly sits 2nd for ES TOI/GP, Gardner 4th. Maricin is 3rd but has played only 1/2 the games. Zaitsev is #1. The only other Dman not a minus is Polak who’s plus 1. Everyone else is minus 3.

      To some extent this shows Gardner & Reilly have been more reliable than their peers but considering Gardner has primarily played with Carrick an unpolished rookie although against weaker competition the lines get very blurry.

      Expecting these young Dman to be the best in the league at their ages & development playing for the worst team in the league, with what has been incredibly questionable goaltending to date is very unrealistic. The fact they are accomplishing what the are is impressive to me. It could be way worse as crazy as that sounds. Babcock’s coaching is helping a ton.

      • Unless the Leafs are able to draft or sign a really solid defenceman – Zaitsev seems to be a good addition – they will face an Oilers type decision down the road: trade one of their top young forwards for a proven top NHL defenceman. Edmonton spun their wheels until they made the Hall trade. They are a much more consistent, balanced team now…… and they have McDavid of course. My argument may have just flown out the window.

      • Striker-I assume you are new to the game of hockey or have watched very few games (only read he box scores). As you continue to repeat how the two leafs are on pace in their development.

      • BCleafFan,

        That is exactly what I was trying to state earlier in this thread. The Oilers fans and organization were clutching their chests at the thought of moving some of those young pieces for years.

        Now Hall and Yak are gone ( I still don’t like the return for Hall) but it’s about bettering the team. You aren’t going to do that unless you make some harsh, brutal, gut wrenching decisions. Hall, Eberle, Rnh had some good years (personal stats) but it was getting them nowhere.

        I said way back, if I were the Gm, I would have thrown the kitchen sink at Florida for a chance to grab Ekblad! Hall, Nurse 2 1st rounders…. Whatever they wanted!
        Overpayment? Hell yes!! But imagine building around one of the best young d-men in the league, with a guys like Mcdavid , Talbot, Klefbom, Drasaitl, Eberle, Rnh? I’d probably have flipped Rnh + for another solid d-man.

        I hope, Toronto doesn’t pull an Oiler 10 year rebuild. Believe it or not, I want to see all original 6 teams thrive! As long as 5 of them aren’t seeing Ny in the post season!

        Brilliantly, and honestly stated BC!

      • In retrospect, if they gave up 2 – 1st, Mcdavid would be a Panther today!

        Well, lotto protected…. Throw in a piece here… Whatever! My point remains.

      • Flyer fan I agree with you I’ve been over this with striker before and he always says the same thing. I see the same bad things in his own end with gardiner as you do

    • Yes Flyer Fan, the Leafs problem is obvious!

  13. For all of you jumping all over the place on Toronto. What happened last night was; Andersen yes didn’t play well, but how can you when you have a sloppy D and Forwards who cough up pucks = prime scoring chances. And of those 43 shots on goal, half (or more) of them were soft. On top of that, it’s 6 games in, not a lot of time for Andersen to get into form from coming off injury and not having any pre-season games to get into shape. It’s clear that something has to give, which I believe is trading JVR and either a young prospect for either Lindholm or Fowler. But it’ll have to obviously make trade-sense and nearly a dollar for dollar deal. Once JVR is gone, bring up Kapanen and demote Smith. We need to showcase Kapanen. But we need D help and make life a little easier for Andersen.

    Rielly – Lindholm/Fowler
    Gardiner – Zeitsev
    Hunwick – Carrick
    Extra: Polak

    • Anaheim can’t make a dollar for dollar deal. Toronto once everyone is put on LTIR has tons of cap space to take on salary even if they lose the Cowen arbitration & will have to to get a Dman from Anaheim if 1 is in fact moved. Anaheim needs to come out of a deal taking back no more than a million when the dust settles. Not counting Fowlers 4.

      We beat the JvR, a tier 2 or 3 prospect & a pick for Fowler & Stoner to death yesterday. In dollars this would only cost Anaheim a mil per to take JvR dumping Stoner on Toronto & get Fowlers 4 mil off the books which with Despres on LTIR gives Anaheim boat loads of money to sign Lindholm. No idea if this would fly really but I like it for both teams.

      Well I would much prefer Anaheim do nothing to be honest & find some other way to get Lindholm in under the cap. Ship out Stoner & the 2nd round pick coming from Toronto to a team to take Stoners cap hit. Better yet their own which is conditional but which conditions will never be met.

      Sorry that was very convoluted. I can’t almost understand it & I wrote it. Dam alcohol won again.

      Ek is reporting Trouba may sign soon. Take that for what it’s worth, not much, but something. Ha-ha!

    • @Striker

      Yeah I know, that’s why I said both the dollars have to make sense and JVR+ (with a prospect). Or make it JVR and a draft pick (3rd). I don’t mind taking on Stoner’s contract, so long as we improve our backend. And Stoner must be better than Polak/Marincin on our 3rd/4th pairing.

      • @LeafsAdvocate if you`re trading JVR + 3rd, that`s fair. Now if you`re taking Stoner off Anaheims hands the price drops. You`re taking about 7 mill off of Anaheims payroll, that`s a big favor for Anahem. Fowler`s definitely not worth that much. they better be sending a grade A prospect back Torontos way. Just look at what Florida payed Arizona to take Bolands contract off their hands

      • Yogi i don’t know you have followed crouse since being drafted but is has regressed a bit, not saying he can’t turn it around just hasn’t looked as good

      • Then how about this Yogi?

        To TOR: Lindholm + Stoner + 2nd (Previously owned by us in the Andersen trade)

        To ANH: JVR + Loov

        Like you said, taking on Stoners contract is a favour for the Ducks, so it all dwindles down to this. JVR is worth Lindholm and Stoner, then get our 2nd rounder back from the Andersen trade (33rd overall) for Loov. Loov is a nice young D prospect, that Anaheim can get back from losing 2 dmen, and they get a big skilled player in JVR, who can play on their 2nd line (or 1st in case of injuries).

      • Why I say why would the Leafs give up assets to get Stoner when they could have had him for free !

  14. Striker,

    Ask and you shall receive…

    Just heard via local sports radio that a source close to the Rask situation has heard that the injury is related to his left knee and that the team is waiting to see if he’ll require knee surgery.

    Now we all know how sports radio and “sources” go but may lend to some of the vagueness. “General soreness”, odd timing in that we didn’t visually see nor hear of an injury that was sustained. Likely something that has been nagging. Team doesn’t give out much information and has Rask stay of skates all together to rest the knee. Wait and see whether surgery is required.

    Doesn’t change my stance that players do perform through injuries and Rask to me has not seemed the like the type but that’s strictly eye test and opinion on my part, which I’m entitled to haha.

  15. The Kings are 3-0 since Budaj became the starter, including a win over the at-the-time-undefeated Canucks. LA doesn’t need to make a move Budaj hasn’t been great but he’s been good-enough. I’m interested to see how Campbell would do with a start or two, he was a prized prospect a while back and the Kings defensive system could make him look that way again. Just look what they did for Bernier and Scrivens last time Quick was out.

    • Speaking of Scrivens – where the heck is he now?

      • I believe he signed with a team in the K

  16. a goaltender claim off waivers won’t help this Bruins team……the D in front of the goalie stinks and it starts with Krug & his $21 mil 4 year contract