Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – October 16, 2016

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Can the Anaheim Ducks find sufficient salary-cap room to re-sign Hampus Lindholm?

Can the Anaheim Ducks find sufficient salary-cap room to re-sign Hampus Lindholm?

Latest on Jacob Trouba, Hampus Lindholm, Kevin Shattenkirk and more in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup. 

OTTAWA SUN: With the Anaheim Ducks carrying just over $300K in salary-cap space, Bruce Garrioch suggests they should be careful that a rival club doesn’t sign restricted free agent defenseman Hampus Lindholm to an offer sheet. It’s believed Lindholm seeks over $6 million per season on a long-term deal. To re-sign him, the Ducks must shed salary. Cam Fowler is considered a trade target, but Garrioch believes the Ducks would prefer moving Kevin Bieksa (who has a no-movement clause) or Clayton Stoner. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While I agree the Ducks’ limited cap space makes Lindholm a tempting target for an offer sheet, I don’t see it happening. Only five teams (Ottawa Senators, New Jersey Devils, Florida Panthers, Winnipeg Jets and Carolina Hurricanes) have sufficient cap space to pitch an offer sheet worth $6 million per season to Lindholm. The Panthers added Keith Yandle and Jason Demers last summer, so they’re not in the market for a defenseman. The Jets are dealing with Jacob Trouba’s trade request and the Hurricanes are deep in talented young blueliners. I doubt Senators general Pierre Dorion and Devils GM Ray Shero will go the offer sheet route. 

Ducks GM Bob Murray can get $1.6 million in cap relief by placing the sidelined Nate Thompson on long-term injured reserve, but that’s not going to free up sufficient room to re-sign Lindholm. He can demote waiver-exempt players such as Jacob Larsson, Nick Ritchie and Nick Sorensen to free up a combined $2.5 million. Even that won’t be enough. Murray must move a salaried player via trade, and I don’t believe he’ll get much interest in Bieksa or Stoner. It’ll be interesting to see how the Ducks GM can pull this off without giving up a significant roster player such as Fowler. 

Garrioch believes Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba could be waiting a while to be traded. Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff won’t move Trouba unless he gets exactly what he wants in a deal. Garrioch claims the Buffalo Sabres, Boston Bruins, Detroit Red Wings and Arizona Coyotes have held trade talks with the Jets. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The cost of re-signing Trouba must also be an issue for these interested teams. None of those listed above have sufficient cap room to re-sign him. I suspect his asking price is over $5 million per season. Even for $3 or $4 million per, those clubs must move out some salary in the deal to clear space for his new contract. 

Next June’s NHL expansion draft has some teams already having discussions with each other about moving goaltenders. Under the expansion draft rules, teams can only protect one goalie. Tampa Bay’s Ben Bishop and Pittsburgh’s Marc-Andre Fleury are considered possible trade candidates, but Garrioch speculates there could be more. 

The Calgary Flames unsuccessfully attempted to trade defenseman Dennis Wideman this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wideman’s $5.25 million cap hit, his no-movement clause and decline in performance last season obviously hampered those efforts by the Flames to move him.

St. Louis Blues defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk hasn’t appeared in the trade rumor mill of late, but Garrioch speculates a rival club seeking blue-line help could try to swing a deal with the Blues by offering up a forward. 

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman also reports on Jacob Trouba’s trade request, noting the Jets aren’t saying much, He said teams are “kicking the tires”, including Detroit, Arizona, Florida and Los Angeles. The Jets, however, have a very high asking price and are willing to make Trouba wait. Nick Kypreos notes the Jets are shopping Trouba as if he’s a No.1 or No. 2 defenseman, and if they’ve got eyes on someone like Los Angeles’ Jake Muzzin, that’s not going to happen as it’s a non-starter for the Kings. Kypreos advises Trouba should return to the lineup, reach a contract resolution with the Jets and hope for a sign-and-trade in the future. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff isn’t facing any pressure right now to move Trouba. That could change, however, if the Jets stumble from the gate and struggle through October and November. 

Friedman reports the Anaheim Ducks and Hampus Lindholm were believed to be about $700K per season apart. He now feels they may be getting closer. He notes Cam Fowler’s name is out there in the rumor mill, However, the Ducks want to win the Stanley Cup this season, and moving Fowler for a prospect and a draft pick sends the wrong message to the rest of the team. He thinks GM Bob Murray is trying to find a way to make this work without making a move that hurts his roster. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As I mentioned earlier, I don’t see how Murray can pull this off without parting with a higher-salaried player such as Fowler to free up cap room for Lindholm. It’ll be interesting to see how he addresses this issue. 

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports Los Angeles Kings goalie Jonathan Quick (groin injury) could require surgery sidelining him up to four months. He suggests that could offer a solution to the New York Islanders three-goalie logjam if Kings GM Dean Lombardi is willing to pay to land former King Jean-Francois Berube, who was plucked off waivers by the Isles a year ago. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s assuming the Isles want to part with Berube. 

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons reports the Dallas Stars are quietly shopping defenseman Jamie Oleksiak.


  1. Steve Simmons also had Seidenberg virtually locked up by the Sens following the World Cup. So, take what he says with a grain of salt.

    • I don’t like Simmons either, that said I don’t see much of a market for Oleksiak. Other than being a monster, 6’7″ 250+ lbs he can’t make 1 of the worst D’s in the NHL now, so what value does he have to someone else?

  2. the goalie market will shake out over the next couple months. injuries and under performers will appear and the market will pick up. Could make a lot of sense for Shero to go offer sheet for lindholm… that piece makes them a legit contender in the east. they arnt loaded with high price contracts in the coming years so a revenge offer for say Zacha is less of a concern… the loss of draft picks would hurt but the chance of an of those picks being as good as lindholm is slim.

    • What’s the offer sheet from NJ then in salary & term?

      • how long till lindhom is an UFA? I would attempt to do 6 to 6.5 for up to 1 year after ufa status… right to ufa status may convince lindholm to be closer to 6 than 7.

      • then, in a stroke of genius, as ANA desperately tries to find money to match, shero could give the “best” low ball offer for fowler and get a d man that way… 🙂

      • 5 more years to UFA status. Although if he missed to many games this season it could be 6.

        Carolina may have NJ’s 3rd round pick this season. The conditions of it are unknown by Capfriendly. It’s conditional in some way.

        I think regardless of what anyone offers Lindholm, Murray would match. Then make a trade to fit him in under. He can create 4.5 in space now if he wanted, moving Fowler would give him another 4.

        I wish he would hurry up & pull the trigger but with Lindholm unsigned & now Despres out with another concussion this may drag out until Lindholm reduces his salary demands. Read some where this AM they are only 700K apart now.

        With each passing day monies are saved on Lindholm’s potential salary. At 6 mil per Anaheim saves 33K & change with each passing game.

      • Hahaaaa. Wishful thinking

        I think if & when Anaheim moves a Dman be it Fowler who has a very cap friendly deal or other there will be numerous teams bidding & said Dman will move for solid value.

        What really skews it for me is Anaheim doesn’t want any salary back really & that could make it harder to get the best possible deal.

        It appears no matter what Murray does he’s spending to the cap this season which surprises me.

      • Maybe but no reason shero couldn’t make a competitive offer. Lind Holme has top 30 d man potential… the only thing harder to find are top ten franchise centers. Teams should be hard after him

      • I agree.

  3. I have processed the math using Capfriendly for salaries. Even if Anaheim got creative & did what TB is doing currently which is only carrying 22 players 1 of which is Callahan on IR, so only 1 healthy body in Koekkoek.

    Unless Lindholm signs a bridge deal for under 4 million the #’s just don’t work unless 1 of 2 things transpire. Murray makes a trade or Despres is placed on LTIR should his concussion be serious enough for him to miss at least 10 games, the minimum # required to qualify for LTIR. Like all injuires it can be done retroactively.

    If Murray got creative & sent Boll; 900K, Etem; 775K, down to the minors, sends Larsson back to Sweden; 925K & puts Thompson on LTIR; 1.6 mil, that’s 4.2 mil + the 330K & change they have would have 4.5 mil & change.

    Tough spot Murray has painted himself into. To bad he took all of Bernier’s cap hit.

  4. These free agent kids seem to just get greedier and greedier. They constantly think they deserve more than they deserve.

    Hopefully Boston can take advantage of the Ducks’ situation. Trade Cogliano and Fowler for K. Miller, A top prospect such as Debrusk, and a first pick

    • The way Miller has played don’t think many gms would want him

      • I look at Miller as sort of a salary dump for Boston. They need to get rid of a roster Dman if they have Fowler in. So Boston trades Miller essentially for Cogliano to offset the contracts. Then the Debrusk + 1st for Fowler. Maybe Boston has to add in a spare part as well, a mid-tier prospect.

  5. If Fowler is as good as many say he is and Anaheim has cup aspirations (they should) this year, by trading Fowler does not make the Ducks a better team, in theory would lessen there chances at winning the Cup. Will be interesting to watch.

    • I agree. It’s a fine line balancing the business side & hockey operations side. 1 or 2 mistakes & boom your in this situation.

      Murray has done a ton of great things but 1 or 2 head signings make you shake your head. Giving Bieksa an NMC & Kesler 6 years at 6.875 considering his age come to mind. I hate Kesler but accept he may be 1 of the best shut down, penalty killing, face off C’s in the league & still contributes decent offense but to much money & term for me.

      I accept this is what pending UFA status does for these types of players in negoatiations & when a team doesn’t have an option in place you make bad choices. I can understand Murray signing Kesler no 1 to take his place but the Bieksa deal makes no sense & that signing is going to cost Murray a very good player. He will get assets back but as you sated Caper, they probably aren’t helping Anaheim’s cup aspirations & the only reason 1 is moving is cap space, the business side not the hockey operations side.

      • Trading fowler is making room( money) for a better dman in lindholm

      • Better to have Lindholm & Fowler as opposed to Lindholm & Bieksa. Better yet to have all 3. Ha-ha!

      • The ducks need forwards not dmen

      • Agreed

  6. A comment I may before was confirmed last night. Torey Krug does not have the foot speed I thought he would have for a smaller man. Previously I thought he may have been injured but wasn’t. Last night confirmed that for me, I’m not saying he is slow but not fast. I’m convinced now that a trading Krug + for Trouba would be a good deal. Trouba has better foot speed and will not hurt you in the defensive zoon. Boston could sign Trouba for Krug money. Jets with Little out long term could use a center with experience. Krug, Spooner for Trouba and Lowry.

    • Definitely trade Krug plus for trouba. Trouba will be a first pairing dman Krug is no more than a second pairing guy the defensive side just isn’t around for Krug

    • Are Leafs interested in Trouba , or is this just not in play, at all ..

      • Obviously they are not going to offer Matthews – but if what they do offer is not named Rielly, Marner or Nylander, Cheveldayoff simply hangs up the phone.

      • Unless Chevy softens because of losses there is no reasonable deal to be had. As George
        Mentioned the current asking price involves players the leafs would not move.

    • Agree Krug hasn’t looked very good this year so far.
      Also most of the second half of last season.
      If Krug and a few more pieces gets you Trouba do it.

  7. Bieska – ask him to waive – and a first round pick 2017 draft- which should be late- might get it done.

  8. Are Leafs interested in Trouba .
    Any thoughts here,,,,?!?!

    • They should be the jets want a dman back so probably Reilly would be all they want in return, unless Reilly and a nylander

  9. Not Reilly and nylander* gardiner and nylander

  10. The NHL is dying a pain full death with the salary cap. How many teams are having cap issues ? It’s only going to get worse.
    Anaheim is suffering the pain teams like the Blackhawks have for years. When they have to move a cap friendly deal like Fowler to make room for another good player then something is wrong.
    ANA got themselves into this mess. Teams and players like Lindholm and Trouba are not helping. They see comparable players making more and are asking for the same.
    The system the way it is now doesn’t work .

    • What’s the alternative? No cap? Then you can expect to see the league drop by at least 7 franchises, 4 of them in Canada.

    • The solution is simple. Stop paying players so much money. The cap has been great for hockey, it has allowed all teams to almost compete equally creating better parity, well that & the stupid points system. Although it’s been over a decade, only 2 CBA’s to restructure the NHL economic landscape. A ton more to be done. Players still take to much of the profit.

      8 teams lost money in 2014-15, another 8 barely turned a profit. This includes teams like TB, lost 1.4 million going to the cup that season averaging more than 19K fans per game. LA is in the next catagory having only made 2.2 mil. I have posted this link many times & dread doing so again, it makes Bigbadbruins angry but this data is available online to all.

      We have yet to see last years figures. They should be out soon. I assume the decline of the dollar will be off set by the new Canadian TV contract that kicked in. You shouldn’t need to make the playoffs to have to turn a profit.

      I fairness better revenue sharing should be in place as well. It has improved as well but still a joke. The top 4 teams in the NHL make more money than the other 26 combined but couldn’t make that money if most of those teams didn’t exist.

      I assume in the next CBA lockout we will see the % of revenue split altered to allow more for teams, players contracts coming out of their ELC’s the most inflationary catagory for salaries will have limits of some nature & the NHLPA will want to see better revenue sharing as well as UFA status achieved earlier. It could be another long ugly lock out unfortunately. Thankfully were still 5+ years away from that. I don’t see either side opting out early in 2019.

      • Please post the link Striker. I’ll surf to find something but it would help.
        George O., I dont have an answer. Wish I did. So many things to consider such as the lovely escrow element. A soft cap ? Luxury taxes ? Max contracts ? IDK.
        I do believe that a player deserves to get paid what he is worth and team owners should also be able to make money. I also believe that we as fans can only pay so much.
        Something has got to give.

    • The solution will play itself out. Subtle changes will come after the next cba but the biggest changes will be GM’s who dont successfully navigate the cap will be fired and replaced with those that can.

      • Use the NFL system – no guaranteed contracts. A player doesn’t deliver what the team feels they are paying for, so the team walks away and the player becomes a free agent. then we’d see what idiots take a chance.

  11. Winnipeg is going to have to get real in their expectations. If they want a return for Trouba the best they are going to get is a decent dman and futures? If they o with the Leafs they would be looking at a Hunwick or Polak plus a first pick and maybe a good prospect like Valienv or Dermott? This might even be too much? The names are only examples. You could look at the same type of deal with a number of teams. The initial veteran they get could then also be turned into assets at the trade deadline?

    In regard to the Ducks Murray might need to use Fowler if he wants to move Bieska? If the Ducks are going to make a run for the cup they should keep Bieska and Fowler until after the playoffs?

    • Hunwick or polak ??….,.,,………..seriously?

    • He won’t be moved unless it’s a decent deal.
      I think they can get a #2 left defenseman and high prospect plus a first round pick.

      • I don’t think they will get that much but you’re right he won’t be moved until it’s a decent deal.