Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – October 23, 2016

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Could Anaheim Ducks goalie Jonathan Bernier return to the LA Kings?

Could Anaheim Ducks goalie Jonathan Bernier return to the LA Kings?

 Updates on Ondrej Pavelec, Jonathan Bernier, Ryan Miller and more in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports injuries to Jonathan Quick and Jeff Zatkoff could force the Los Angeles Kings into the trade market for a goaltender. The options are limited plus the Kings only have $1.6 million in cap space. The best option appears to be Winnipeg Jets goalie Ondrej Pavelec, but the Kings would have difficulty absorbing his $3.9 million cap hit. There’s also talk they could be interested in Florida Panthers netminder Reto Berra.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As we’ll see below, there’s talk Kings GM Dean Lombardi has called around regarding available goalies. He could be patient and see how things pan out, but I think he’s laying the groundwork for a potential move. 

The Winnipeg Jets and restricted free agent defenseman Jacob Trouba remain in a standoff. The Boston Bruins and Detroit Red Wings have expressed interest in Trouba, but Jets general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff remains firm in his asking price.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In recent days I’ve seen some grumbling in the comments about Trouba’s near-constant appearance in this section. I’ve even received e-mails from a couple of readers complaining about it. While I understand where you’re coming from, fact is Trouba’s status is a hot topic in the NHL rumor mill right now. I would be remiss if I didn’t post up the latest notable speculation about him.

I’m attempting to keep it to links regarding potentially interested clubs or any possible movement by the Jets or Trouba. Some days, however, the Trouba story is the only notable one in the rumor mill. Just bear with it, folks. It will come to a head within the next six weeks. 

It’s believed the Anaheim Ducks and RFA blueliner Hampus Lindholm are around $250K per season apart on a six-year deal. The Ducks must also clear cap space for Lindholm’s new deal. Many teams, including the Wings, Bruins and Buffalo Sabres, are thought to have interest in Cam Fowler.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: See my Trouba comment above. 

The Pittsburgh Penguins recent re-signing of goalie Matt Murray is stoking speculation they’ll try to trade veteran Marc-Andre Fleury, though his contract ($5.75 million per season, no-movement clause) makes that difficult. Penguins GM Jim Rutherford has indicated he wants to retain Fleury.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If we take Rutherford at his word, Fleury’s not going anywhere this season. The Penguins GM will likely address this in the weeks leading up to next June’s NHL expansion draft. His options are asking Fleury to accept a trade, asking him to waive his no-movement to be left unprotected in the expansion draft, buying him out before the expansion draft, thus making him an unrestricted free agent, or swinging a side deal with the Las Vegas expansion franchise to ensure Murray isn’t selected in the draft if Fleury is protected. 

If Arizona Coyotes goalie Mike Smith is sidelined long term, Garrioch suggests they contact the Pittsburgh Penguins about third-string netminder Mike Condon.

SPORTSNET: Regarding the Kings goaltending situation, Elliotte Friedman reports they’ve looked at the Jets’ Ondrej Pavelec, the Panthers’ Reto Berra, the Penguins’ Mike Condon and the Philadelphia Flyers’ Steve Mason. He wonders if they might consider contacting the Anaheim Ducks regarding backup (and former King) Jonathan Bernier. Friedman notes the Ducks must shed cap space for Hampus Lindholm’s new contract and Kings goalie coach Bill Ranford is a fan of Bernier’s, so he wonders if there’s a match there. In the short term, however, a trade doesn’t seem likely as the Kings want to see if they can make do with their current goalies.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Interesting suggestion by Friedman. The Kings and Ducks have dealt with each other occasionally in the past, notably Sean O’Connell being dealt by the Ducks to the Kings in 2008. That move would clear cap room for the Ducks to re-sign Lindholm, though they’d have to find a suitable replacement for Bernier. However, Bernier’s cap hit is $4.15 million. The Kings limited cap space makes that move impossible without shedding salary elsewhere. 

Speaking of Pavelec, Nick Kypreos said he might not be done yet with the Jets this season, as they’re still unsure about their young tandem of Connor Hellebuyck and Michael Hutchinson.

Friedman and Kypreos also touched on the Lindholm contract talks and the Trouba situation, with Kypreos citing a league source saying the contract of Florida Panthers defenseman Aaron Ekblad ($7.5 million annually) set the bar way too high for comparable blueliners. 

THE PROVINCE: Jason Botchford notes local Vancouver Canucks conspiracy theorists believe goalie Ryan Miller is negotiating to waive his no-trade clause to go to the Kings, even though there’s no indication from the club or from league insiders that this is the case. Botchford also refuted the speculation, but he wearily points out that’s not stopping the theorists.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Miller’s cap hit is $6 million. Even if the Canucks agreed to pick up half of it, the Kings lack sufficient cap space to acquire him. Given the Canucks’ surprisingly strong start to this season, there’s no reason for them to move Miller right now. 

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks believes when a Jacob Trouba trade is enacted, a new contract for the 22-year-old blueliner won’t be an issues because interested GMs have done their due diligence on the cost of signing him. He also wonders if the New York Rangers are showcasing forward Kevin Hayes in case the Blueshirts make an offer for a defenseman, or if they want to see more of Hayes before possibly using forward J.T. Miller as trade bait. If they’re pursuing Trouba or Anaheim Ducks blueliner Sami Vatanen, Brooks believes a quality return must go the other way. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: See my Trouba comment above. As for Vatanen, the Ducks didn’t re-sign him just to trade him. Still, I’ll admit there are lots of scenarios whereby the Ducks could shed salary. A Vatanen trade could be one of them, however unlikely that seems.


  1. I’ve been reading that NY and Anaheim have been scouting each other heavy. So I think NY is targeting one of Aneheims d-men rather than Trouba. I still think it’s way too early to even think trade for Ny.

    They look better than I thought they would at this point. So leave it be for now.
    Settle the Mcilrath fiasco, and move on.

    • I live in a fantasy world where the Rangers can acquire Fowler for McIlrath and a first round pick. If only the NHL GM’s lived in my world …

      • Yeah considering that the Rangers don’t need Fowler seeing that they’re already set on LD. And Anaheim isn’t trading Fowler for McIlrath whom is worse then Fowler when Anaheim is seeking a top 6 LW for Fowler more then likely JT Miller would need to go the other way.

      • The looming expansion draft is stalling some of these trade options. If NYR takes on Fowler that pushes them to the 8 skater option as Staal & Girardi both have NMC’s so unless they agreed to waive them for expansion NYR would protect McDonaugh & Fowler as well potentially exposing a very good quality forward.

        I just don’t see that happening. Although not impossible.

      • Honestly, I just don’t see a fit for Fowler. And I certainly don’t want to see Miller or Kreider plus Skjei going anywhere. If Ny wants to make a move, move Staal and let Skjei take his place.

      • Nor do I. As I have stated repeatedly I like NYR as constructed allot, young fast great goaltending but suspect D unless Giradi & Staal can bounce back. I liked the Holden signing as well, great value for what he brings to the ice.

        Keep the 2+ in cap space for the trade deadline or if a serious injury hits some where along the way.

        Play Skjei & give him 2nd unit PP time. Hoping he gets it tonight with Clendening now out but might go to Miller on the point.

        Sign Shattenkirk as a UFA post expansion draft. He wants to play in East apparently. Give him a similar to what Yandle got in Florida. Ask Staal & Giradi to waive their NMC’s for expansion, I doubt either will & even if they do I don’t think either would get selected regardless at the term & monies remaining on their contracts but can’t hurt to ask.

      • Calm down Gary, he did say “fantasy world”. Just a day or 2 ago you called Skjei a 5-6 d guy at best….. Which was also fantasy world!

    • Tons of teams are scouting Anaheim, More then likely for Fowler. Detroit alone has sent tons of scouts plus Holland was there personally doesn’t mean all that much. More then likely Fowler gets moved or maybe a slight chance that Vatanen gets moved.

    • NYR is playing as expected for me. I had them & still do as a top 6 lock in the East.

      The McIlrath fiasco is resolved. It was a disaster & he will be waived eventually when the roster gets sorted out. Addition by subtraction.

      Zibanejad 6 pts, Brassard 3, 77 games to go.

      • I don’t think waiving a 1st rounder, losing him for nothing is problem solved! Lmao. I think a 4th rounder would be a better solution

      • Yeah well Marc Tinordi just got waived by Arizona. Taken in the same draft, 2010 but 12 spots later by Montreal. I good reason not to draft players solely based on size. No 1 liked the pick then but Sather & no 1 likes it anymore today.

      • to get anything for him ny it would mean a team towards the end of the waiver list thunked someone bfore them would claim him. ironically the pens injury situation might make them a possibility… but doubt rutherford is worried enough to give up anything… remember there are still vets out there waiting on calls.

  2. What I find disconcerting – when it comes to Garrioch – is his complete avoidance of the Ottawa situation right under his nose where the fans are telling ownership, in no uncertain terms, that they have not bought into the annual management “hype” about how good a team they THINK they have, and so are becoming increasingly indifferent about the team. Another disappointing “crowd” last night where they were well below the max (forget the posted attendance figures – as Brenna pointed out for earlier games, those totals were “generous”).

    • As a Leaf fan in the Ottawa region with family that are Sens fans, I can honestly say that the games my brother and I have gone to are never sold out. For the past 5 yrs getting last minute game night tickets to anything other than Sens/Leafs or Sens/Habs has never been an issue. When the Sens have a legit contending team the fans show up…when they are a middle of the road team the fans disappear. I don’t think moving the arena to LeBreton flats will make any difference either, traffic in Ottawa isn’t a legit excuse.

      • And, when you boil it right down, isn’t that the message ALL pro sports fans should be sending to their team’s management structures? I mean, both players and management never cease to remind us that “it’s a business after all” whenever “unpopular” decisions are made, so if people naturally won’t support any other business that wallows in mediocrity, why should they fork over their hard-earned cash to flock to games when they know they have little or no chance on any sort of seasonal success?

        I have never subscribed to the “my team do or die” mantra. You want my money, then show me you are at least TRYING to improve in areas where even the most casual fan can see weaknesses.

      • And as with any team owner george, if I can’t make money, buy bye team, enjoy watching something else.

      • I did just that with Vancouver George. I gave up my Canucks tickets after almost 30 years. Games weren’t fun to watch, don’t like the owner or management team in place & have zero confidence in any of their abilities to run a hockey business so I kept my money. Not even remotely amused nor impressed with Benning’s handling of assets to date. He’s been brutal. Hasn’t won a single trade, thrown away picks, given away players for virtually nothing, traded them at the wrong time or acquired them the same.

        Ottawa is losing about 250K a game in gate revenue more when you factor in concession sales & parking. Not certain it will make any difference though. Melnyk will assume the eventual move will solve the attendance issues.

        Ottawa needed to add a forward #3 that could slide into #2 duties when necessary & 2 Dman; just 5/6 guys, but the raises to Ceci, Hoffman & the actual increase i salary of Stone ate away their internal budget quite quickly.

      • Bingo on all accounts.
        I am not a Sens fan (Pens) but I also don’t think moving the arena is going to help anything. I am in Kanata and bus towards downtown everyday to go to work – the last thing I want to do is sit around downtown for a few hours to catch a game during the week or bus downtown on the weekend. If anything I probably won’t go at all when they move.
        For attendance – it doesn’t help that Melnyk is cheap (why he isn’t running this team like everyone else is beyond me – even at a loss which he could write off against profits made in his core pharma business), delusional (they are going to win EVERY year despite not spending as much as other teams with an internal cap….yeah right) and a joke (asking the police to investigate Cooke, trying to ban opposing fans, I could go on). Speaking of that, howcome single tickets to certain popular teams (Pens included) are only available in ticket packages? If I have to buy a pack of 5 to see the Pens in town the one night of the year they are, I might as well drive or fly to Pittsburgh for a weekend and watch them there to make a mini vacation out of it. Again, they aren’t working hard to make me want to help fill the place.

    • Excellent point, George. Sure was quiet watching the Sens game last night – when you can hear players’ and coaches’ voices on-air, there aren’t many fans or they simply don’t care. Garrioch might want to spend some time on that topic, seeing as it affects his job directly. No Sens, no more Garrioch. Hmmm…..

    • George they still had more sold tickets than Winnipeg can even accommodate in their building. ha-ha!

      I don’t think Melnyk cares unfortunately.

      • Then someone should tell him to shut the f*^k up next time he comes on TV at season’s end vowing to do whatever it takes to make them a “winner.” Hell, a serious playoff contender would be a step up. And, Ron Moore, if it’s to be “bye bye” I won’t lose any sleep over it. There’s more to life than being a pom-pom waving diehard who attends regardless.

      • careful george… Ott may get a bum rap. Ott is a great hockey town but is, properly, showing its disdain for the ownership by hitting them where it hurts… the pocketbook. unfortunately fools may label ott a bad hockey town cause tehy dont sell out their building every night. happened to pittsburgh before the crosby era. Amazing hockey town but because the fans wouldnt support bologna by the owners they got a bum rap.

      • It’s the usual rhetoric we see & hear almost every where George. Ottawa makes decent money, they are a have team. They could spend it if so inclined just not so. Unfortunate but it is what it is.

        Didn’t we have this very conversation numerous times? What you see is what you get. Stop believing the rhetoric & go with the historical facts.

      • Oh, i don’t believe for a fleeting second that what you say isn’t true, but if you go back to my original post it was to point out that local reporter Garrioch seems to be avoiding mentioning the lower attendances – even for the Leafs/Habs – like the plague. As if he doesn’t want to say anything that might upset the Sens management. Seems to me that that situation is proper fodder for an article or two.

      • Agreed. Attendance is often down out of the gate in the NHL. Last year in Ottawa’s 1st 4 home dates they had Montreal game 1; Sunday night, a sell out obviously. Game 2 against Nas; Sat night, 16895, game 3 NJ; Thursday night, 16578 & game 4 Arz; Saturday night, 17720.

        Numerous factors in play, Baseball playoffs, football specific teams & of course fan apathy. I don’t blame Ottawa fans from not wanting to go either. It’s disappointing. I has hoping they would do something & I don’t like the Zibanejad trade as you know.

  3. Jeez Lyle… could you please stop posting Vesey roomers! Give it a break!

    • As soon as I stop posting Kris Russell roomers…;P

  4. Re: LA Quick
    I am confused on this, I understand LA looking for a goalie, but for how long ?
    When someone says Ryan Miller, I’m thinking Quick is out for whole year. You don’t bring in a 7 Mil goalie to replace a 7 mil goalie for a few months, if you think you have cap hell now, bring in Miller and then In January have both Miller & Quick on your team, besides if Vancouver trades him they will want a lot for tossing away their season in October / November. If I were LA I look at two guys (1) McElhinney in Columbus at 800K a year, he’s been ok for a lot of years on some really bad teams.
    (2) Enroth in Toronto at 750K, played in LA last year so he can step right in. For either I’d ask for a 2nd round pick. If I’m Toronto and got a 2nd round pick I’d pick up the phone and call Anaheim. Anaheim has said all along that they do not want salary back for Fowler or whoever they plan to trade and IF TO were to get Kings 2nd round pick, they would have 4 2nd 2nd rounders next year, now one of them belongs to Ducks for Anderson but that leaves Leafs with 3. I’d offer all 3 for Fowler. Leafs would have a young d-man with lots of NHL experience and still have their #1 pick. Ducks solve their cap problem and have 5 2nd picks in 2017 which they could use one or two to plug holes at trade deadline, Kings have their goalie.

    • Fowler is worth a lot more then 3 2nd round picks. And Anaheim knows it. If the seconds were to be dealt, and this is a MAJOR if, a lot more would need to go the other way.

      To Tor:
      C Fowler, 2017 4th round pick, Nate Thompson

      To Ana:
      3 2017 2nd round picks, Kerby Reichel,Josh Levio.

      I truthfully cant imagine anything less then they going for Fowler. And that’s kinda a low one. Top pairing Dmen to beard unbelievablely rare.

      • 3 seconds leivo rychle would not come close to getting fowler. The leafs need defensive dmen in a bad way really don’t have any great dmen prospects coming, I don’t think fowler is the type of dman the leafs need

      • In what world is Kirby Reichel and Josh Levio an upgrade for Anaheim losing Fowler this makes Anaheim even worse. JVR would need to be included in any deal sending Fowler to Anaheim and more then likely Toronto would need to take the Stoner contract as well.

      • Both Toronto & Anaheim have cap issues. The only reason Fowler might even be on the block is they need the cap space to sign Lindholm. Swapping out Fowler at 4 mil for JvR at 4.25 doesn’t solve that problem.

        Nor can Toronto afford Stoner’s cap hit.They have less than a million in cap space now perhaps less if the arbitrator rules against them in the Cowen arbitration hearing which will be coming down soon.

      • @Gary And what world do you live in??????

      • Leivo will most likely be waived when ready to come off IR which is very soon. Rychel the player that moved for a conditional 5th round pick & another suspect prospect in Harrington?

        1 of Toronto’s 3 2nd round picks already belongs to Anaheim. Which ever 1 ends up as the middle 1 I assume Ottawa’s.

        Anaheim isn’t moving Fowler for a couple 2nd round picks & 2 suspect prospects that most likely have no NHL future.

    • Thats an interesting proposition for the Leafs…it’s creative,and would be a great deal but can’t see it realistically happening. Also I believe the Leafs would need to clear cap space at this point to plug Fowler in the line up. Considering how good the rookies are playing offensively (note the word offensively) I would rather throw JVR at Anaheim for Fowler and give the kids more ice time. Figure out some way to make it fit under the cap and both teams get what they need out of the deal.

      • Can`t see Toronto taking on any more salary for now, if anything, they`d be looking to dump some. According to Lou, Toronto doesn`t want to use their LTIR at all this year. To do that all bonus monies automatically move to next years salaries. For all the rookies they have that starts to pile up in a hurry. I agree with you JVR for Fowler would be a more likely scenario than picks and prospects.

      • I’d also see what combo of JVR/picks/prospects Winnipeg might consider for Trouba. JVR + 2 2nds and Corrado?

      • Winnipeg has no room for any forwards. They are loaded at forward with a bunch of studs coming in. How does JvR fit into that forward group? Their top 2 LW’s are Ehler’s a 2nd year player & Laine a rookie. Both are going to be studs.

        If Corrado can’t crack the worst team in the leagues D what value will he have to anyone else? 7 Dman have played for Toronto so far this year, Corrado has played none.

        The only way Corrado gets taken is if he’s put on waivers then maybe he gets selected, he has no value in trade.

    • What are the chances of a 2nd round pick playing in the NHL at all, about 30%? Actually having a reasonable impact or career 5%?

  5. Richel and Lievo both fit the Ducks style but three seconds and two prospects is a bit much. Either the three picks or two picks and one of the prospects should be good enough provided the Leafs also got a third round pick back? If the Ducks don’t want salary back it would make sense for the picks but adding prospects kind of overloads this deal? In reality if the Leafs got Fowler I expect they would then go to the Jets and turn him over for Trouba? Fowler and Corrado for Trouba and a third sounds fair. Fowler is better than Trouba at this point but Corrado just fills the third pairing right hand shot position.

    At the end of this the Leafs give up three second round picks and two prospects for Trouba and two third round picks. Sounds fair overall.

    If the Ducks are really going to make a run this year part of this might be an agreement to trade certain assets for JVR? Leafs could hold some salary this year which gives the Ducks the off season to deal with cap issues.

    • Tugboat leivo and rychel are like d prospects they probably never ever see the ice in Anaheim! Geezus maybe the leafs can get Tavares for Kadri and gardiner

      • Here we go with the canoes for battleships again! It never seems to end. Ahh well, didn’t Kadri once compare himself to Tavares?

      • I don’t have to tell you George about leaf fan trade proposals!! ?

      • we would not of had this problem if we didn’t useless cowan off of ottawa’s hands

    • JVR for Fowler has been mentioned for some time. I think if a deal was to be made it would have been done by now.
      Originally I was wearing blinders thinking Ana had to move Fowler. I don’t see a rush now as Despres is on LTIR as Striker mentioned.
      Any good d man would fit in Toronto but with cap issues we won’t see anything until the Cowen fiasco is finished.

  6. Despres just placed on LTIR. Anaheim’s cap problems solved in at least the short term. Lindholm signing should be coming soon. Anheim will have more time to address trade options.

    Being placed on LTIR doesn’t bode well for Despres. To bad a young big Dman with a ton of potential.

  7. What about Greiss or Berube to LA or Arizona. Both don’t make much