Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – October 30, 2016

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New York Islanders goalie Jaroslav Halak could be on the trade block.

New York Islanders goalie Jaroslav Halak could be on the trade block.

Latest on the Islanders, Canadiens, Bruins and Jets in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.

SPORTSNET: Rory Boylen reports Allan Walsh, agent for New York Islanders goaltender Jaroslav Halak, recently published a series of comments on Twitter questioning the club’s decision to carry three goalies to start this season. While the Isles made no public response yet to Wash’s comments. Elliotte Friedman subsequently reports GM Garth Snow has let the other 29 teams know Halak is available. Boylen points out Halak is the most expensive of the Isles trio ($4.25 million annual cap hit), while the club is carrying J-F Berube rather than risk losing him to another club via waivers.

Boylen also notes the Los Angeles Kings have been in the goalie market since starter Jonathan Quick (groin injury) was sidelined up to three months, but they only have around $1 million in cap space. The Dallas Stars were thought to be seeking an upgrade in goal this summer, but with only $2 million in cap room, they’d have to move either Kari Lehtonen or Antti Niemi. Boylen also lists the San Jose Sharks, Ottawa Senators, Carolina Hurricanes and Winnipeg Jets as possible trade options.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Despite Halak’s strong performance for Team Europe in the World Cup of Hockey, his annual cap hit through 2017-18 and middling numbers in October (3.04 GAA, .901 SP) won’t be easy to trade. The Kings can’t afford him, while the Stars probably won’t find any takers for Lehtonen or Niemi, who both carry no-trade clauses and might be unwilling to waive them. The Sharks could use an experienced back for Martin Jones, but not an oft-injured one with an expensive contract. Craig Anderson recently returned to the Senators. If they need a replacement for the sidelined Andrew Hammond, they’ll got a cheaper route. The Jets can simply recall Ondrej Pavelec.

That leaves the Hurricanes, who have the cap space and are in need of an upgrade with the current tandem of Cam Ward and Eddie Lack performing poorly in the early going. However, GM Ron Francis could be unwilling to pursue Halak because of his salary and injury history. 

Boylen cites Nick Kypreos saying the Montreal Canadiens could send rookie defenseman Mikhail Sergachev back to his junior club in Windsor for more development. If so, Kypreos expects the Habs will be in the market for a top-four defenseman to help ease the burden on Shea Weber and Andrei Markov.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Before anyone suggests the Jets’ Jacob Trouba, the Habs already have Shea Weber and Jeff Petry skating on the right side in their top-four blueline pairings, so there’s not a fit there. The Canadiens also lack cap space to re-sign Trouba, who reportedly prefers being dealt to an American NHL club.

Friedman reports Boston Bruins winger Ryan Spooner could be available. Though he’s struggled early this season, the 24-year-old netted 49 points last season and has a reasonable salary ($1 million). Friedman believes the Bruins could listen to offers, especially if they can get a top young defenseman in return. Kypreos wonders if the Bruins could use Spooner to pursue a trade with the Winnipeg Jets for Jacob Trouba, but the asking price could be expensive, such as Spooner, promising blueliner Brandon Carlo and a first-round pick. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Bruins would love to land Trouba, and they’d probably happily part with Spooner to get him. Heck, they might even package him with that first-round pick. Adding Carlo to the mix, however, is a non-starter. Perhaps as other blueliners potentially become available later in the season (Anaheim’s Cam Fowler? St. Louis’ Kevin Shattenkirk?), the Bruins could use Spooner as part of a package to land one of them. 

TSN: Gary Lawless reports the recent spate of goaltender injuries around the league is generating multiple inquiries for Winnipeg Jets netminder Ondrej Pavelec, who’s currently toiling for the AHL’s Manitoba Moose. Whether they move Pavelec depends upon how comfortable the Jets are with their young tandem of Connor Hellebuyck and Michael Hutchinson. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE:With Pavelec carrying a $3.9 million cap hit, the Jets will either have to pick up half of it or take back an equivalent salary in return. 


  1. Sending Carlo anywhere is an absolutely insane thought. The fans, the players, and even management are in love with the kid. For us Bruins fans Spooner has seemed like he’d be the odd man out. Spoons and a 1st should get us a great dman who can help eat up Chara minutes.

    • I don’t see it. I’m not giving up a great; depending upon what your perception of great is, Dman for Spooner & a 1st.

      Great for me is a solid #3 or soft #2 some where between 25 & 28 with at least 2 years remaining on their contract at decent value. I’m not giving up that asset for Spooner & Boston’s 1st.

      • What about Chris Tanev out of Vancouver? Vancouver is going nowhere this year and in the near future. Tanev is a solid number 3 defence an, maybe even a number 2. Time to start the rebuild.

      • I thought the rebuild started in the summer of 2015?

    • Different Dave here
      Agree Carlo plus for Trouba makes no sense now.
      Carlo is doing great at the fraction of the cost Trouba will ask for.
      Would rather see Spooner,Krug and first.

  2. Have I mentioned my distaste for Kyproes? No need to answer that’s rhetorical. Well maybe occasionally, once or twice anyway. I can’t stand Kyproes, he’s a maroon & I’m not certain how he manages to retain his job. 1 of the primary reasons I won’t watch Sporstnet or their Hockey night in Canada feed.

    Montreal doesn’t need a Top 4 Dman. They like almost every team could use help & depth but Montreal’s top 5 is solid. Weber, Markov, Petry, Emelin & Beaulieu. Beaulieu is a solid young up & coming Dman. Just entering his 3rd full season & has gotten better every year as he matures & develops. In 3 years he should be a solid #2 2 way Dman.

    • chaque un a son gout I suppose. But if you ever find yourself in TO and happen to come face-to-face with Kypreos, I suggest you don’t call him a “maroon”

      • Hahahaha. No kidding George. He was a tough customer. Came out of the slums so got beaten up a ton. Me that is. I can’t speak for Kyproes.

    • I agree with you. No need of a top 4 Dman in Montreal. If they make a trade, they should do something about the centerline of the team. Galcheynuk is more a winger than a centerman, Plakanec has another slow start, Desharnais doesn’t seem to be a solution anymore. They need a big guy to feed the scoring wingers. Not easy to find.

    • Every time I hear him opine that “I think Malkin wants his own team, Guys” I laugh.

      He knows nothing.

  3. Does Pavelec have a NMC? Could they not just expose him?

    • Pavelec lacks an NMC. He already cleared waivers.

  4. I think the Bruins would be more reluctant to give up the first round pick than to surrender Carlo. They have only 3 picks in the first 5 rounds this year. And Carlo projects as more of a bottom 2 or 3 defenseman, based on his lack of offensive game.

    • Not all top 4 Dman are offensive. Hjlamarsson is Chicago’s #3. Tons of teams dress a solid shut down Dman in their top 4. Way 2 early to determine what Carlo will be. This kid has barely played coming out of Colorado Springs. I see a solid 2 way Dman.

      Go to Capfriendly click on Boston, click on Carlo & look at his history playing hockey. Amazing he’s logging these minutes in this roll. This kid has barely played any where. Part of the new breed of Americans entering hockey. At 6’5″. He should be an inside linebacker especially coming out of Colorado Springs. There is a reason he was selected 37th overall in 2015.

      Way to early to have any idea what this player will be in the NHL but I don’t see Boston moving him. Playing on the #1 pairing & PK unit logging huge difficult minutes & in the top 10 for all Dman in the NHL in blocked shots out of the gate.

      Sweeney has hit a grand slam with this pick.

      • I would suggest you yourself go to capfriendly and look at Carlo’s draft +1 season in the WHL. 27 points in 52 games. Those numbers translate to a defensive defenseman in NHL terms. My point is Trouba could more than replace Carlo. It’s the first round pick they would miss more.

      • Your chances of replacing Carlo with a mid round 1st are slim to non existent. Carlo has been solid & his pedigree has been growing rapidly. Lets wait & see what we have before we jettsion him.

        I don’t want Trouba. No interest. Would much prefer a Fowler, Savard, Brodin. Columbus, Minnesota & possible Anaheim will all move a Dman eventually. Better yet lets sign a UFA Dman & give up nothing but cash.

      • This summer after the expansion draft.

      • He looks good so far. I would not trade him in a deal for Trouba.
        Hopefully Sweeneys others picks ( esp the 3 in a row ) pay off.

      • Hey Striker. Kinda’ early to furrow heaps of praise for a rookie d-man in his 1st 10 NHL games, isn’t it? Look at Trouba’s 1st year, all the accolades of US’s top d-man in the draft 2012. Then a slide to the down-side slightly in 2nd year. 3rd year continued slightly down until end of the season. Now he’s skating ‘practise laps’ with a junior team in Michigan holding out re-signing because he wants ‘greener grass’ opportunities?
        6 yrs. and $5.5 mil ‘green bucks’ per season ain’t enuff to polish some shine back into the kids’ head with a up-&-coming team progressing.
        Point is you just never what yer gonna’ get, do you? Accolades are wonderful, but the ‘tried-true’ test-of-time bodes true meaning. Trouba still has lots of time…but?
        This could be another scenario for Carlo, too? Or any other young player over-praised in their early steps into NHL-dom.

  5. Boston 4-0 with Rask. 0-4 with out.

    Not a religious man but my hearth felt sympathize to Anderson, his wife Nicholle & their family. There is no good cancer but I hope it’s 1 that the odds support a potential full recovery. Terrible news. I great example of not jumping on a player till we have the facts about why he’s away from his team.

    Lets see. Weber; 54 mil & 10 years remaining on his contract, or Subban; 58 mil & 6 years remaining on his contract? Ha-ha! That was for you Shticky. Way to early to grade that trade we will need to see how those cap hits playout as Weber reaches the end of that deal. Weber almost has as many game winning goals as Subban points & not soft game winners.

    Has Laviolette reached his usual shelf life? Seems right on track for me. How can Nashville be this bad with that roster? 2-5-1, 2nd worst in the NHL. I know it’s early but really.

    Zibanejad 2 goals, 6 assist, for 8 points in 8 games, 27 shots, 139 face offs, winning 55.4%. Brassard 1 goal, 4 assist for 5 points in 7 games, 15 shots, 119 faceoffs winning 46.2%. I know it’s early but really. That was for you Bigbear. Ha-ha!

    • Zibanejad really loving the MSG stage. For some reason he reminds me of Nedved but I hope he is more in the end

      • Interesting comparison. They do look similiar in their equipment. I hadn’t noticed but now that you mention it I can see it to.

    • You realize that during the Habs streak last year Subban was doing the exact same things as Weber has been doing this year right? Like for the nine game winning streak to start last year Subban had 10 points and it’s the difference in the 2 so far has been 1 playing in front of Carey Price, I said for a year or 2 this might not be a bad deal but going down the road it’s a train wreck I still think it is.

      • I’m just rousting you. I like the trade for both teams & I like both players. Trade still shocks me. I just like Weber’s complete game better. When players like Toews come out & say their happy to see Weber head to the east so they don’t have to play against him as often that says something to me.

      • Yah I figured you were but being such a Bruin I fan I figured you would be familiar with how age catches up with big D men who were not the most mobile of guys to begin with. ?

      • Hahahahaaa. I still love Chara. I simply except him for what he is today. Which is still a pretty solid #2 & he’s our on the ice D coach & mentor for all the kid Dman Boston has been trying to develop.

        I want him to retire as a Bruin & move to player development & coaching with the Bruins.

      • Shticky, No way Subban is the player Weber is. Subban is a Fantastic individual player and I would take him on Boston any day of the week. Weber is a great team player. He brings so much more to the table then Subban, is a much more complete and fierce competitor. There a reason Toews said i’m glad you gone to the other conference. I’m not surprised at the early numbers one bit, also remember Montoya has played 4 games so far for Montreal. I never understood why all the Canadian press lovefest for Subban, it’s because he’s charismatic I guess and Weber well he was the scuff on the bottom of the shoe. I have a few magazine that said Nashville will win the Cup, Subban will win the Norris and maybe the Hart. Which merely suggested by moving Weber for Subban Nashville became a much better team. Not so much, as the season goes on and all of these NHL reporters who are mainly based out of Toronto will now be wondering why has Weber won the Norris before. The players and the coaches know who and what Weber is but apparently the media doesn’t. Montreal wins this trade for the first 2 or 3 years, then after that it should swing to Nashville; but if Subban doesn’t learn how to become a better team player, then we’ll see.

      • Caper my main point of this trade being a bad one won’t be felt til later down the road it has to do with long term. I think Subban for the last 5 years of his deal at 9 mill and his age being 30-35 years old is going to well out perform Weber and his 10 mill cap hit between 35-40 it’s not that it’s a horrible deal now it’s the long game of it. Age is the main factor for me. Has little to do with who is all around better and the nonsense of those arguments. It’s a fact none of us out run age (except Howe and Jagar I guess)

      • webber will be the better dman for atleast 5 yrs, Weber is a beast on and off the ice and the upcoming dmen mainly sergachev right now and others will be better dmen because of Weber which can’t be said for subban. Polie made a bad trade if they are in win now mode, caper made the best point of how so many guys said they’re glad he went to the other conference. Weber is one of the best players that analytics guys hate cause he just does all the little things so good

      • Shticky you are also wrong with the cap hit of Weber it’s a million and a bit less than subbans

      • Thank you very much BBB I was aware my number may be a little off but I’d still rather pay a 34 year old hockey player than a 40 year old hockey player. I think that if the money and the players are close to the. same now the younger guy will be better than the older guy in a few years. That I believe was the gist of what I was saying I am very sorry you couldn’t understand that. ?

      • I got the gist you just made it sound like it was a terrible trade like seguin and Hamilton for kessel that’s all ?

      • First off I don’t care about down the road I want to win now and with weber you get a cheaper contract plus the later years is an easy buyout that won’t cost much .. Subban on the other hand is younger but he has a major attitude problem .. Plus lets just say he likes to go out tootootootoo much and likes to meet woman just saying plus I’ll be real honest he has an attitude problem since the first time I met him sure nice guy but very arrogant not the same person on camera as in real life .. Trust me the difference between this team last year and with weber this year is that all the players respect and like weber unlike the arrogant subban. I still think bergevin should of gotten a prospect or a draft pick with this deal but weber will win the Norris he has been the best dman in this league for a very longtime ..

    • Zibanejad -1 – Brassard – even

  6. Another bad decision by Reilly last night costs the leafs a goal. This has become a regular part of the highlite package.
    This is for you Striker.

    • That goal was totally on Mathews bud lol

    • @Scott if you actually watched the game you would have seen the pass was on the money. Puck bounced and Matthews just had trouble handling it. Weber handed the puck to Marner in the game, I guess Montreal better get rid of Weber and didn`t Subban and Karlsson both win the Norris. 2 of the best defencemen in the league give the puck away on a regular basis. Scott you might notice better players try higher risk plays.

    • The differencemaker in that game was Price. This is a recording.

      • What a performance, it was a good game all round really even Andersen

      • Yeah if he hadn’t been screened by Polak on that 2-1 goal the game might have ended differently. Hopefully, he’s rounding into form.

      • A lot of the leafs shot were perimeter shots ( this is a recording this yr) anygoal makes those saves in their sleep! The habs had the better scoring chances cause of the leafs dman positioning and coughing the puck up

      • The Leafs got chances from everywhere. I don’t know what game you were watching. They’re a work in progress, no doubt about that. But for a team with 8 rookies in the lineup I’d say they looked pretty good.

      • Just like they had a bunch of chances tonight against the islanders fact is if they don’t improve that defense it will take atleast as long as the oilers! They pretty much have to score 4-5 goals every game to win

      • Well it’s 9 games into what is really year 1 of the new look Leafs. I don’t think they’re feeling too desperate. In fact I think they’ve got to be pretty pleased with everthing so far. Even the defense. Zaitsev and Carrick have looked pretty good. As have Reilly and Gardiner.

      • Can’t see Babcock or anyone in the office being very pleased with the amount of goals they’re allowing. In fact a lot of talk in the hockey world about the leafs searching for defensive help right now

      • Well if you’re going to go with youth you’ve got to be patient and expect some mistakes. I don’t see them moving any young players out this season. I think they’re all here to stay. If by magic a young top 4 defenseman is presented to them without losing any youth off the current roster they might bite but primarily I think they’ll stick with this group, finish outside of the playoffs, and have another strong draft, maybe delve into free agency. They’re just gathering momentum. No need to change course.

    • Win or lose Toronto is exciting to watch right now. They are scoring quite a bit it’s just that Andersen has been so bad the other teams are scoring more. It seems as though Andersen has a little of his confidence back. Played pretty solid over the last couple of games. Those young forwards make some pretty stupid mistakes which cost them but that will work itself out in time. Its the risk you take going with so many rookies but fun to watch. Toronto fans should be somewhat pleased with what they’re seeing right now. Anyone with half a brain can see they got a bright future.

      • Hockey83 you just said exactly what was said about the oilers when they had 2 high draft picks in a row but no defense to go with them

      • But above all, keep in mind CO that this is OCTOBER hockey which, much like April-May baseball, more often than not leads to over-inflated expectations. Last year, for example, the Habs started 9-0. It’s a long, long grind.

      • Goes both ways look at the Pens last year… not comparing the Leafs to them in anyway other than saying things change one way or another it’s a long season. I pointed out in the other section on any given night the Leafs have 5 d under 26 and 11 guys under that age on the roster it’s a young team that is probably playing above expectations so I am unsure why there is a panic about trading for a D. This summer they will literally have tones of cap room to continue to build and would likely be able to take a run at a UFA to fill a depth spot and may use cap room to swing a trade a little easier than the cost of a top 4 RHD is likely right now 3 weeks in to the season. lol

      • The oilers are very exciting to watch too. I don’t care if these mentioned teams win or lose…they are not the teams i cheer for but the oilers and toronto are fun to watch even in losses.

      • Can’t wait till Tuesday for this very reason

  7. Thanks Scott. He’s a kid & going to make mistakes but not his fault that goal was scored. He made the 1st mistake but that goal was scored as Matthews was out to lunch. Was it his fault to Galchenyuk was wide open & no 1 covering him as well?

    Instead of picking up Galcheyuk coming out of Montreal’s zone Matthews chases a skater that Reilly’s partner, Gardiner on that play already has covered coming to the net leaving Galchenyuk wide open for the goal.

    If you want to lay blame lay it where deserved. If Matthews picks up Galchenyuk & he had 160 feet to do so that goal isn’t scored. No harm no fowl there may not then have even been a scoring chance.

  8. Halak is a bandaid

  9. Hey Lyle if Weber and Perry are on the right how does that affect Trouba who apparently wants to play left?

    • Backwards Jeff he wants to play his strong side (right) but can’t due to Buffy and Myers.

      • Ah. I see. Somehow for what ever reason I do have it backwards. No worries. Thanks.

  10. Doesn’t it seem like forever ago when Cam Ward won the Cup with Carolina? He nor the team seem to have done anything since. Not that I care because I am not a fan of Carolina.

  11. I loved PK as a Hab. He brought personality to hockey. Weber quietly goes about his business. I can’t believe he hasn’t won a Norris. It appears that the whole team has confidence since he got there. I look forward to having him in the east where we get to see him more.

    The Habs have the best goalie in the world. The best defense man in the world for their system. Now when Galchenyuk gets more dominant they will have the three key elements for a Stanley Cup team. I believe he was the best player coming out of his draft year. It is starting to show. I am a Leaf fan so we didn’t do bad (Reilly) in that draft either.

    It is clear that the only way to get Trouba is to get one of the left shooting defense men from the Ducks then turning him over to the Jets otherwise you are just swapping pieces out in your own defense? Leafs have lots of prospects and picks to get a guy from the Ducks. Whoever they get is probably slightly higher regarded than Trouba so it is a one-for-one trade with maybe a late round pick being added by the Jets. From a Leafs perspective I would add any of the prospects from the Marlies (Kapenin, Leipzic, etc) or one of the guys form the current roster (JVR, Brown, Griffith, Leivo) plus picks. The picks would be determined based on which forward(s) the Ducks want except no first round pick between 1 – 10 in 2017. If the first gets deferred to 2018 there would be no restrictions on where it is. This is not a change from the Shanaplan because you are trading for a guy that is just further ahead in his development. So it is just like paying for more experience. The same principle was applied to the 2016 draft where they drafted some 19 year olds.

    My prediction are the Leafs will be close to a play-off spot this year but in next year. I also don’t think the defense is as bad as believed. Keep Hunwick out of there and trade Polak at the deadline plus add one more piece for next year either through a trade or developing past draft choices like Nielsen or Dermott? After that let the team grow and just tinker with personnel. Who knows but when they are ready to be serious contenders they may be looking to add a Kessell-like player?

    • “My prediction are the Leafs will be close to a play-off spot this year but in next year.”

      Unless their D becomes a LOT more consistent it seems your crystal ball might be fogging up. See Babcock’s comments regarding last night’s loss in Brooklyn.

  12. LA should offer Brown for Halak lol

  13. If WPG does not like Pavelec and is looking for a starter why not try Niemi. Niemi did well for Chicago and SJ….perhaps he just needs the reigns. Pavelic can back up Lehtonen.

    I am curious about other trade suggestions of goalies around the leagues. Seems there are tons of options to move people around under the cap with so many ironically available.

  14. I’m not convinced the Habs need D help in their top 4. I believe Pateryn has been a very pleasant surprise. Beaulieu is going to continue to have issues with consistency – growing pains. He needs to be allowed to continue to grow. The sad thing is the way Sergachev is being handled. 5 games in the press box? Bergevin said the kid would play….what? 3 games at 8 – 10 minutes?! Sure he made mistakes. He’s young, with stars in his eyes. But he improved with each game. The kids need to be allowed to make mistakes, to grow and learn. As I recall, this what the old goat did to Tinordi as well. Destroy his confidence, make his decision makibg tentative. He ruined Tinordi, and will ruin Sergachev as well! Markov could be a great mentor for the young Russian….if allowed to be one by Therrien. Either Bergevin straighten out the old buffoon, or send the kid back to Windsor, where he’s appreciated and encouraged.

    • Pretty tough to put an 18 your old kid in the lineup when the team is off to a great start! The last 18 habs dman to play was svboda lol just being around the team Markov and Weber will help him a lot, the spitfires host the mem cup this yr so he will be back eventually

  15. Someone was right here about a week ago. Grabner has definitely lost a step and has garbage hands! Terrible signing! Bring back Glass!!!!

    • Lol

  16. I finally could say the leafs are good up front with finishing always at the bottom and finally drafting real players … Now they need a real goalie and real dmen and this team would be good hopefully seeing Toronto in the playoffs some day with Montreal it’s been a long time .

  17. How about this? Toronto claims itself ‘the center of the universe, American-style’ thus, fooling Trouba into thinking T.O. Maple Leafs are an American team.
    Then, T.O. sends: Jake Gardiner, Viktor Loov, Rinat Valiev and jr. prospect Andrew Neilsen to Wpg. for Jacob Trouba and Toby Enstrom. Babcock loves Enstrom’s game, he is a solid puck-mover, steady, experienced and has a couple more good years to give. But he doesn’t fit in Wpg’s team-game anymore. Trouba could be the young, stud, future d-man on the right side to compliment Morgan Reilly on the left-side?
    Wpg. gets a solid current left-side d-man in Jake Gardiner and future potential on left and right-side.
    Wpg could offer to take Lupul and his $$$ off the books of T.O. and throw in RW prospect like Scott Kosmachuk and RW ‘plugger’ Chris Thorburn. Maybe say prospect Tobias Lindbergh comes back to Wpg and Wpg also relieves T.O. of say, Stephane Robidas’ ‘spoiled-celery’ of a $3 mil hit this year? Just time-filling now a bit but?