Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – October 9, 2016

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Trade speculation still dogs Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury.

Trade speculation still dogs Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury.

Several goalie situations worth watching this season in your NHL rumor mill. 

USA TODAY: Kevin Allen lists five goaltending situations worth watching in the upcoming NHL season.

Once Matt Murray returns from injury, Allen wonders if the Pittsburgh Penguins will trade veteran Marc-Andre Fleury if the opportunity presents itself.

Tampa Bay Lightning goalie Ben Bishop is an unrestricted free agent and promising Andrei Vasilevskiy could challenge for the starter’s job this season. However, Allen speculates the Lightning could retain Bishop this season and let him walk via free agency next summer. 

Inconsistency plagued Detroit Red Wings netminders Petr Mrazek and Jimmy Howard last season.

If Dallas Stars goalies Kari Lehtonen and Antti Niemi fail to improve this season, GM Jim Nill could be forced to seek an upgrade between the pipes by the March 1 trade deadline. 

The Florida Panthers plan to give James Riemer 35-plus starts this season to ease the workload of aging Roberto Luongo. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe the Penguins at some point could trade Fleury, though it could take until the days lead up to next June’s NHL expansion draft for that move to happen. Lightning GM Steve Yzerman has already suggested he could retain Bishop for this season. The Red Wings could try moving Howard this season, especially if Mrazek finally settles in as their starter. The Stars goalie situation will bear watching if their current tandem fails to improve. 

WINNIPEG SUN/NBC SPORTS: Ken Wiebe reports the Jets could have a logjam in goal with Ondrej Pavelec, Connor Hellebucyk and Michael Hutchinson. As teams usually carry just two goalies, Hellebucyk could be demoted or Pavelec or Hutchinson placed on waivers. Pavelec was expected to start on Saturday but Hutchinson instead got the call. Joey Alfieri listed several possibilities, among them trading or waiving Pavelec or the Jets theoretically shopping Hutchinson and giving him an additionally start so interested clubs can get another look at him. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Wiebe suggests, the path of least resistance is demoting Hellebucyk, who is exempt from waivers, and starting the season with Pavelec and Hutchinson. Still, this could be a situation worth watching over the next several days. 



  1. Don’t understand how helleybuck isn’t the starter for the jets he is the best goalie of the 3 by a fair bit. I can see waivers or a trade of pavs or hutch

    • I drafted him in a pool this year so hear is hoping he starts. Not a waste though used a late pick and I can keep him if I so choose.

    • BBB, I can tell you this much its been debated for days on the airwaves here in the peg. Hucth was signed for 2yrs so he could be exposed at the expansion draft. Could Winnipeg waive Pav and his $3m plus contract, not likely another team picks it up. Helleybuck is the guy most want, but his preseason numbers are not good. I go with Pav and Hutch to start, if Pav falters send him down and hope someone claims him.

    • Agreed but unfortunately many player personal decisions are made for business reasons as opposed to hockey reasons especially if teams don’t really see themselves as playoff teams. Detroit has buried players for years, see Mantha & Athanasiou this season. They were both NHL ready last but had to wait for injures to open the door. Both are ready but no space at the inn due to terrible signings, Helm, Miller; both brought back, & Ott as well as Nielsen & Vanek also brought in.

      Add in the expansion dynamic & it’s problematic. Teams need to expose a goalie either under contract; Hutchinson, or an RFA that has been made a qualifying offer.

      Winnipeg has serious waiver issues at forward. Hellebuyck’s waiver eligibility is most likely going to factor in. I see Hellebuyck being sent down until injuries open up a roster spot on the 23 man roster & it doesn’t necessarily need to be to Pavelic & or Hutchinson. Pavelic can’t stay healthy & I assume Hellebuyck will be Winnipeg’s #1 as soon as a solution can be found.

  2. I just watched the video on TSN regarding the Yakupov trade. It clearly looks to me the oilers management moved him for his best interest. Sure they looked after themselves as well but duh that is a good managers job. One that looks our for his team and the players careers he control of. Good on the oilers this management team has it right.

    • I agree Jeff some players just don’t fit into teams lineups/systems hoping he finds his game in stl!

      • Big bad Bruin you know what I do agree some people don’t fit in certain systems. You know what does work Crosby, Marchant, and Bergeron together wow they were brilliant all world cup.

        So how do we get Marchant and Bergeron to Pittsburgh or how do you get Crosby to Boston. LOL they looked so goo together.

        I always hated Marchand (terrific player he is) always respected Patrice love them both now…they were fun to watch.

        Will give you Malkin Feht and Fluey for Marchant and Bergeron…. laughs

    • Yep sure. 4 years & 252 games later having had numerous opportunities to play him above the 3rd line Edm wants to do the right thing? Yakupov was never properly developed or deployed in Edm. Edm never really gave him an opportunity to be more than a 3rd line player primarily playing with the likes of Gagner, Horcoff, Roy, Gordon, Letestu & Lander, flip flopping him from the left side to the right.

      In those 4 seasons Yakupov broke 15 minutes in TOI/GP once by seconds never played 1st line PP minutes barely got 2nd & didn’t last season. Over that time frame Edm’s PP was brutal.

      I have had the misfortune to watch Yakupov & the Oilers for the last 4 seasons live, well Edm, the last 18 actually. For very brief periods Yak was given top 6 minutes & generally when he was he produced reasonably well but almost 1 mistake & it was back to 3rd line duties. The whole team was making mistakes including the other stud kids, Hall, Eberle, RNH, etc.

      If your buying Chiarelli’s BS I have some water front property for you in central Florida. Great views & lots of natural wild life.

      Edm should be thankful they got a 3rd round pick which I assume will become a 2nd. StL needs a 3rd line RW. Edm moved Yak because they didn’t have to eat a dollar & the actually got something, not much but something, he wasn’t even going to play regularly in Edm moving forward. If they cared anything about this player, or his development he would have been used completely differently, including having sent him to the AHL when able to allow him to get his confidence back but they didn’t want the PR backlash.

      I think this trade is going to come back to bite Edm & Chiarelli in the ass. Just as moving the 15th & 33rd picks in the 2015 draft to NYI for G. Reinhart. That trade will end up becoming 1 of the worst trades in the NHL ever. Barzal is going to be a stud.

      I think Yakupov will settle in as a solid 3rd line winger who scores 20 goals & 40 points, Not this season; 15 & 30, but moving forward after this year. There is a 2nd line RW spot opening up in StL in 2 years when Perron’s contract expires. The only real challengers are Rattie; waiver eligible this season so he stays or gets claimed on waivers, Barbeshev & Thompson. Neither are NHL ready.

      Going to be curious to see if Yakupov can salvage his career. I say yes but not as a stud 1st overall pick. Just a solid #3 winger who may have 2nd line abilities in a few years.

      Edm did what was best for Edm. Yakupov has to be held to account for his inability to be the player he is but Edm destroyed this player, well Eakins specifically but there is more than enough blame to go around for everyone.

      • ” edm destroyed this player”? Give your head a shake striker! I guess Boston destroyed seguin so they moved him for virtual nothing?

      • I don’t even get the Seguin reference? Seguin was given every opportunity to be successful in Bos & was. He was a cap casualty & was moved due to life style choices & player conflicts, Hamilton’s situation was similiar unfortunately.

        Nor do I think Seguin was moved for nothing. Eriksson has played well since recovering from concussions, R. Smith is a great young 2 way hockey player, Morrow will be an NHL Dman for years & Boston dumped Peverly’s 3.5 million dollar contract.

        Do I like either of these trades? No but I accept them. Unfortunately Smith was also moved on for cap reasons & Boston choose to let Eriksson walk to sign Backes.

        This is a business & sometimes decisions are made solely for that reason. see Chicago. Sometimes they are made as it makes your teams better even if you lose the trade. See Hall for Larsson.

        Losing a player in this cap world even if they just walk as a UFA doesn’t mean you have nothing to show for it. It’s not the greatest asset management but you gain significant cap space to be used else where. Suter, Parise, etc. If Bishop walks as a UFA this summer TB solves a serious cap issue. That has value.

      • You’re saying yak wasn’t given every opportunity? That’s just crazy talk! You write a whole lot that doesn’t really say anything most is just stuff that everyone already knows or you can just google to find out. You are wrong just as much as everyone else is on here so quit talking down to everyone

      • Not talking down to anyone. Expressing why I disagree. Providing some facts. The #’s don’t lie. We may not agree & that’s all good. I’m not angry or upset that you don’t agree with me, why are you that I don’t agree with you?

        Take the time to go & look at them. Better yet watch more games, this to more read more process stats.

        This is a discussion board. I’m having a discussion, this type of discussion is actually a debate. We agree to disagree. All good.

        Go look at Seguin’s opportunity. We’re both Bruins fans so I assume like me you watch all Bruins games. I Seguin’s 1st season, rookie year, he barely played. Year 2, 2nd line, 1st line PP minutes playing on 1 of the best power plays in the NHL. 7th & 6th his last 2 season in Boston.

      • Striker I watch way more hockey than you do considering your on the road all the time unless you’re lying about that? Seguin and yak were both used equally the first few yrs on either team your not helping your point?

      • No they weren’t. Go look at TOI/GP & PP TOI/GP. for their respective careers. It will take you all of about 2 mins.

        I have 1, maybe 2 meetings a day, 2 hours tops per meeting. 2 or 3 times a week tops in Alberta or Texas primarily. The rest of the time I take clients for lunch, dinner, drinks, golf or to sporting events live.

        The rest of the time I’m stuck away from home, I sit in restaurants, bars & hotels making calls, sending emails, listening to the NHLnetwrok on Sat radio over my computer, watching games on TV or listening in my rental car.

        I’m a hockey freak. I postpone my marriage for hockey season. Hahahaha

      • I don’t understand why there is so much bickering about Seguin vs yak. Doesn’t prove or disprove the point that yak was mishandled. You could have Seguin been well developed with less minutes and that could have no references to yak. The matter still holds that yak was mismanaged, and that he quickly became the organization’s dog house favorite. There’s a lot that could have been done differently and I wouldn’t be surprised if he faired better in st-Louis. Edmonton has sucked pretty hard in player and attitude development in the last 10 years. That alone can’t be discounted.

      • So every high draft pick is mishandled if they don’t live up to expectations? That makes no sense the only mishandling is maybe picking him first overall. As far as being mishandled on the ice he was given every opportunity to live up to the high pick status just didn’t

      • Agreed. I said as much. I don’t understand the Seguin comparison at all. Asked that question then he got snarky. Haahhahaha

        Many people here, not all like, to state things as fact but refuse to support them with anything other than an opinion. Opinions aren’t facts.

        Best site in the net for this type of debate & discussion though. The vast majority of you guys, if your all guys are very bright, myself being 1 of the loan exceptions. Haahahaha There you guy littlebigbadbuddy, I slagged myself.

      • I don’t think Boston used Seguin correctly.
        He was a center put on RW for one.
        He rarely got PP time.
        He was never on the ice when it was 3v3 in overtime when we needed a goal.
        The trade was bad from the get go from my perspective.

      • That’s right Dave seguin was no different from yak

      • If you look at Avg toi striker they are similar
        Seguin 3 years in Boston was 15:14
        Yaks in Edmonton 14:42…not that it means much when you look at some other info but your comment about him only breaking 15 mins 1 time isn’t reAlly painting an accurate comparison pp time I’ll give you but..

      • Agree whole heartedly with every thing you say about Yak. Definitely never given anything close to a number 1 draft pick chance in Edmonton. It’s not just Edmonton talking this way about Yak though…it’s everyone. They’re as wrong about this as they were about Crosby last November. What a great free acquisition for St. Louis.

      • And besides being kinda terrible defensively (which he was hardly the only one in Edmonton to say that) I’m not sure I agree with ya Bbb about him not living up to expectations, if you compare him to a few others at around the same point career wise same draft year
        Yak.44 ppg Hertl .51 ppg and Galchenyuk .58 ppg are close in production.
        Not sure why everyone thinks he is so far off his ceiling, other than his own end which can take young players awhile to learn (he just turned 23 and again it’s Edmonton we are talking about defensively) I’m not sure he is all that far off.
        I think this trade could look really bad if Hitchcock can get any semblance of a 2 way game out of Yaks

      • He was the number one pick as a forward anyone ahead of him offensively means he’s not living up to expectations!

      • I agree with you Striker I think Yakupov given a decent opportunity will be a solid third line possibly even 2nd line winger. He has a good motor, skill, shot, speed and he will have a fellow Russian mentor in Tarasenko….I wanted him to go to Pittsburgh to play with Malkin….

    • A friend of mine posted this in a conversation with me on Facebook. An old He’s a 70 year old hard core Habs fan who’s knowledge of the game would dwarf any here. He is constantly digger up what I’d call history but he certainly calls memories. This is what he said.

      “Yakupov’s situation takes me back to Yvan Cournoyer and Andre Boudrias, both drafted many years ago by Montreal. Cournoyer became a Hall of Fame player, and Boudrias, once out of Montreal, became a good player with Vancouver. I wonder if Galchenyuk in Montreal will be the new Cournoyer, and Yakupov in St. Louis will be the new Boudrias. If so, that ain’t all bad.”

      • I saw no BS from Cherialli so I do believe what he is sating. go and post some quotes of his from that tsn video I am talking about and show me where the BS is. He even says he doesn’t think it is fair for him to determine where it went wrong for Yak since he was only bthe GM for a year.

        I think I won’t buy in to Striker BS this time

  3. Anyone know a good spot to view updated waiver wire. Who’s out there. If they have to clear waivers, does this process need to be done by noon tomorrow? (Tuesday being 23 man roster day)

    • Go to Capfriendly. It’s all there for you. Not in a consolidated fashion, you need to extrapolate from team roster pages. It shows who is or isn’t waiver eligible. Little green circle beside players names means they can be waived.

      All teams need to submit their 23 man roster on Tuesday to the NHL. I think the time is 5PM eastern but not positive. I believe teams need have waived players that won’t make their 23 man roster 24 hours prior. Players either designated to IR or LTIR are exempt. The formula for when you make said designations & how it effects your cap is a gong show & not self explanatory.

  4. The Bolts are in hell this year. Good thing Callahan is hurt until at least Nov. Not sure how Bishop stays and with Fleury there are a couple of nice choices for the market.

    • There are numerous lesser lights as well that I really like & see Vegas potentially grabbing. Grubauer Was, Picard Col, Subban Bos, Ullmark Buf, Korpisalo ClB, Dominque Arz, Etc.

      Vegas is going to get at least 3 very good goalies. The have 4 wildcard selections in their 30 picks so may take more than 3.

  5. Poor Florida. Freak injury. Being reported now Huberdeau gone long term.

    Moving Crouse to get Bolland’s contract off the books coming back to bite them in the ass. No player in Florida’s system to replace Huberdeau’s minutes or contribution.

    Great opportunity for McCann, Brickely & Marchessault to move up. That’s a ton of minutes & PP time to be redistributed, especially early with Bjugstad injured as well.

    • Boy did I ever hate that Crouse trade.

      • Yep. Love for it for Arizona.

  6. Soon it’s hockey season again! Congrats to us 🙂
    My biggest concern however is the captrouble several team has and all the unsigned RFAs stars.. that’s not good at all! 🙁
    Johnny G, Kucherov, Trouba and maybe more I’ve missed..
    I concur with you striker – like the Garth Snow route! 🙂
    Sign or sit!

  7. I really don’t see Fleury going anywhere during the season unless something changes with an other team i.e. injury to a starter, Jake Allen stinks, etc and one of those teams offer something the Pens would never get during the summer.

    I’d rather keep the two good goalies for another cup run than trade him for pennies of what his real worth is when there’s no goalie market

    Moving forward, the cap space will be nice to have, but a chunk of that will need to go to a quality backup anyway. So basically next year it allows for a raise for Dumoulin, a backup goalie and maybe change left over for a depth upgrade. Some people get too hung up on the Fleury’s cap hit and assume they’ll get a 5 million dollar winger for Crosby with the cap savings form Fleury.

  8. Striker, seeing you understand hockey quite well I suggest you visit Bookboy is quite informative. I liked your take on Yak BTW. I do think Morrow is not going to be on the Bs for long.

    • Lets face it morrow is basically a bust moved twice by that age kinda reminds me of runblad