Updates on Fowler and Trouba – October 14, 2016

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Speculation persists the Anaheim Ducks could trade Cam Fowler to free up salary-cap room.

Speculation persists the Anaheim Ducks could trade Cam Fowler to free up salary-cap room.

Get the latest on Anaheim Ducks defenseman Cam Fowler and Winnipeg Jets blueliner Jacob Trouba.

TODAY’S SLAPSHOT: Appearing on TSN 1040, Bob McKenzie reports things are all quiet in the Anaheim Ducks contract negotiations with restricted free agent defenseman Hampus Lindholm. He speculates the new contract signed by Buffalo Sabres rearguard Rasmus Ristolainen (six-year, $5.4 million annually) could be the floor for what LIndholm might want to take. Given the Ducks salary-cap constraints, they’ll have to shed a contract to re-sign Lindholm and forward Rickard Rakell.

McKenzie speculates Cam Fowler ($4 million annually through 2017-18) could be the one to move, likely to an Eastern Conference team. He knows the Buffalo Sabres were interested in Fowler before the 2016 NHL Draft and believes the Boston Bruins would be among the teams with interest in the young blueliner. Regarding Rakell, McKenzie speculates he could get a six-year deal for under $4 million annually.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Something’s got to give with the Ducks. With $7.5 million in salary-cap space, it’s doubtful they can afford to re-sign Lindhom and Rakell without shedding some salary.

For months, pundits named Fowler as the most likely trade candidate. The Sabres and Bruins could certainly use him. So could the Detroit Red Wings and New Jersey Devils. However, the Wings lack the cap space to take on Fowler’s salary.

The Devils, on the other hand, have plenty of cap room to absorb his $4 million cap hit. The Ducks can’t afford to take back much salary in return, so a package of one or two promising, affordable young players might do the trick. 

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Paul Wiecek believes Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba won’t be going anywhere unless the club gets an offer it can’t refuse. Trouba, a restricted free agent, recently requested a trade and is withholding his services. As each day passes in this season, Wiecek feels Trouba’s losing whatever limited negotiating power he had, especially if the Jets keep playing winning hockey without him. He also believes the blueliner’s position gets weaker as the December 1 deadline for signing restricted free agents draws near, adding a lost season will hurt Trouba more than the Jets. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  Wiecek raises some good points, but the pressure is also upon GM Kevin Cheveldayoff. If he agrees to trade Trouba, even if he gets a terrific return, it’ll perpetuate the belief that players who are unhappy with their role can “push around” Jets management by demanding to be dealt.

If Cheveldayoff doesn’t move Trouba before Dec. 1 and he becomes ineligible to play the remainder of the season, the Jets GM will be criticized for not using the defenseman as a trade chip to address other roster needs. Those judgments will be harsher if the Jets appear in danger of falling out of playoff contention.

Even if Trouba caves and re-signs with the Jets, Cheveldayoff could have an unhappy player on his hands whose attitude might be poisonous in the dressing room. 


  1. Cheveldayoff is in a classic “damned if you do – damned if you don’t” situation with Trouba. Personally, I’d like to see the p^+^k sit for a full year.

    • On one level George I agree with you completely, but I am not sure the perception of people not wanting to play in Winnipeg is a factor here. They have a terrific core who all signed long term. Letting him sit holds the organization back in regards to player acquisition in my opinion.

      I think swift action taken to remedy this “damned if you do- damned if you do” scenario is Chevy’s only real solution here.

      Falling behind 4-1 to Carolina (despite the comeback) might very well be reflective of the need to address the defense or maybe even goaltending still?

      So Trouba is line to make how much? How much does Bishop make? I know that’s probably a radical suggestion; but regardless of the return the circus atmosphere a la Vesey this is starting to create is a distraction best to be dealt with quickly. Albeit Trouba’s skill set and experience in the league might well warrant more discussion than Vesey.

      Just some interesting thoughts to throw out there to generate more conversation.

      • “damned if you do- damned if you don’t” sorry

      • On the other hand, allowing him to sit for a full year sends an emphatic message to others at his stage of development who may not like their current situation and who might be encouraged to try the same ploy if Trouba succeeds in forcing Cheveldayoff’s hand. And I don’t imagine there are many young hockey players willing to sit for a full season – and STILL face uncertainty the following year.

      • Steven, Winnipeg has zero interest in Bishop, they sent down Pav so Helle could play. Granted last night wasn’t good, but he is their goalie of the future and will be given more then one game to achieve that. But does bare watching if he falters; however they can bring Pav back and send Helle down if needed.

    • I agree George. I’d also let him sit out the entire year unless he’d be willing to sign for what I wanted to pay him. Not vengeful, but enough is enough. Where did the sense of entitlement come from with these kids today?

  2. On the Fowler front, I’d sure like to see Dorion make a move to acquire him (Ottawa does have a trade history with Anaheim). They do have the kinds of players/prospects who current;y don’t cost a bundle that might interest Anaheim – but I’m not about to hold my breath. It seems we are stuck with that pathetic 5/6 pairing and, judging by the empty 3,000 seats for the opener, it’s obvious I’m not alone in anticipating another ‘close – but no cigar’ season.

    • The Devils and Fowler would make a good, if not perfect fit depending on what players or prospects that the Ducks would want in return. Fowler would replace the departed Adam Larsson as an offensively-minded defenceman that they currently lack since the trade that netted them Taylor Hall.

      • NJ’s prospect kitty is virtually bare, who do they possibly give up to get Fowler? Hall. Ha-ha! That’s a joke.

        There isn’t even a player on their roster other than possibly Zacha. NJ obviously isn’t giving up Hall, I assume that deal was offered before they to Anaheim befor Edm took Larsson & Anaheim declined due to salary; who knows but his salary doesn’t fit in Anaheim, Palmieri isn’t going back at 4.65 per for 5 years. That leaves? No 1!

      • I’d openly make the decision now if I were the Jets. I know keeping all you’d options open is likely ideal but us probably state publicly that we are or are not trading trouba get it out of the way.

    • George you have to wonder if mika z could have been used in a trade for fowler

      • Brassard & Zibanejad tied with 2 points each! Only 81 games to go.

      • Do with give extra points for goals. Haha. Didn’t watch the Ranger game but Brassard looked good for the Sens. Muscled his way to his 1rst goal of the year.

    • George.

      This isn’t meant to be rude. Who do you see Ottawa potentially giving up to acquire Fowler? Lazar I assume. Almost all of Ottawa’s good young players are playing in the NHL. Stone, Ceci, Hoffman, Pageau & possibly Wideman?

      Other than White, Brown & Chabot the prospect kitty is bare the only other player that might possibly be appealing would be Gagne but most of these kids are at least a year away most of them longer.

      Anaheim needs to get back a solid #2/3 winger making about 2 to 2 .5 on a 1 or 2 year deal who isn’t looking at a significant raise. I mentioned guys like Namestnikov, R. Strome, JT Miller, Spooner, etc yesterday.

      Again just asking, not trying to be condescending. I like Ottawa & like you am disappointed in there lack of depth moves espicially at the #5/6 D spots. They needed a # LW to that could step in for MacArthur as his risk of further games lost was very high going into the season. No slight to Smith or Dzingel.

      • Not at all. Like I said, I’m not holding my breath. But when you say Anaheim is looking for a “solid 2/3 winger on a 1 or 2 year deal who isn’t looking at a significant raise” it sort of limits the options of a team that NEEDS cap space in order to sign Lindholm and Rakell. Those names you mentioned may well fit that description, but then the question becomes, do the teams that have them now want to give them up? Seems to me if the D situation on those teams is as desperate as you suggest, and Fowler was seen as the answer, something would have happened by now. Murray is running out of time to get two pretty important pieces of his roster back on the ice, so maybe he needs to lower his sights on what’s coming back and, instead, look at potential as opposed to immediate results. And Ottawa does have potential besides Lazar. There’s White, Dzingel, Gagne, Perron, Puempel, Brown, Chabot, Englund and, to a lesser degree, Paul and Wikstrand (the malcontent D back in Sweden). I’d prefer not to relinquish White, Brown or Chabot, and I don’t think they would need to offer any of them because Murray is swiftly entering “beggars can’t be choosers” territory. And more and more teams will be finding themselves in that neighborhood if the Cdn dollar remains low and the cap stagnant.

      • And don’t forget, Anaheim dealt Bobby Ryan to Ottawa for Jakob Silfverberg 9then nothing more than a prospect), Stefan Noesen (a lesser prospect who’s been up for two brief cups of coffee since) and a 1st round draft pick in 2014 which turned out to be Nick Ritchie. But if Murray is thinking 1st round pick in any deal for Fowler he’s whistling past the graveyard.

      • Could Anaheim not just keep Fowler if they can’t get what they want? Protect Bieksa; they ask him to waive his NMC, not certain he will but I’m sure they’ll ask, Fowler, Vatanen & Lindholm at D. Getzlaf, Perry, Kesler & Silverberg at F & potentially expose Rackell & or Despres?

        Or possibly look to trade Despres & or Rackell? Not saying they will just when push comes to shove your protecting the more valuable asset come expansion.

        Murray doesn’t strike me as the desperate type. When push comes to shove he’ll make the hard choice. Nor do I see Murray moving Fowler for anything less than a guaranteed top 6 NHL player at forward of which Dzingel, Perron, Wilkstarnd, Paul & Eklund are not.

        Also how does Ottawa extend or resign Fowler. With only 2 years left he is going to get a significant raise. Looking at Ottawas D you have Ceci up again in 2 years, Karlsson 3 & Phaneuf & Methot on large contracts. No money for Fowler unfortunately.

        Now Lazar may be appealing to Murray. He’s a solid 2 way hockey player just cutting his teeth in the NHL but again it causes serious protection issues for Murray come expansion. I don’t see any GM deliberately putting themselves in a position of weakness if not necessary.

        You make great points though, thanks for the feedback. It would be awesome for Ottawa & I would love to see it as well at least from Ottawa’s perspective. Fowler at 4 mil per for 2 years is great value.

    • That attendance number scares me too George! Jeez; it was opening night against an archrival!

      • Paid attendance was 17,618. Capacity 19,153. 1535 short of a sell out. I don’t but the star attraction argument. Ottawa played the worst team in the league in Toronto fans showed up accordingly. You would think being Toronto, with, Matthews, etc. the building would have been sold out but what did Ottawa do this off season to excite or attract fans?

        The traded Zibanejad for Brassard essentially a wash & signed 4 UFA’s. Kelly, Varone, Pyatt & Kostka. Not a single top 6 forward nor 5/6 Dman like they talked about & several 5/6 Dman signed for peanuts all over the NHL.

        It’s hard to see how Ottawa improves over last season. Not saying it can’t be done just share George’s concerns. Not enough depth at forward or D to cover for inevitable injuries.

      • And TO fans never ceased to help fill the place when they had some dreadful teams with NO star power. Have many moved away? Have they given up on the leafs just as they appear to be emerging from Never-Never Land? It will be interesting to see the attendance tomorrow night with the Habs in town.

      • Ottawa is better suited to draw Montreal fans & it’s a weekend game. Ottawa averaged 18,084 last season at home in paid attendance. Allot of teams have attendance issues early.

        Florida was shown as 17,128 last night. I watched the OT of that game. The lower bowl was virtually empty, they never panned the upper bowl at all.

        Speaking of that game how does Matheson a 6’2″ 195 lb player chuck Severson at 6’2″ 205 lb player off the puck like a rag doll? This kid is going to be a stud. Matheson looked really good last night in the portions of that game I watched & he was shocking in the WC’s. Boy has Florida assembled a great young hockey team. Shame about Bjugstad & Huberdeau going down. I sure bet they wish they still had Crouse.

        According to Capfriendly Florida has the 28th lowest payroll in the NHL today!

  3. Best thing for the Jets to do is win win win with the current lineup. Trouba starts having second thoughts, reneges his request, and jumps back in. Or gives Chevy options on his return, rather than a left shot defenceman maybe a package with prospects and top six scoring.

  4. As long as Winnipeg wins Trouba sits.

    Now with Anaheim and Lindholm I hear his contract demands are similair to what Ekblad got.
    Lindhom, would not surprise me if he sits all year as well. Again as long as Anaheim keeps winning.

    • I heard the same thing on the NHLnetwrok yesterday as well. If those are his; Lindholm’s, expectations he will be sitting for a long time. Even Ekblad was given way to much money to soon. No slight to Ekblad a total stud in the making.

      Players coming out of their ELC’s can’t be paid this much money. It’s killing any hope the majority of NHL teams can turn a profit. The next labor lock out will be about money as always & this issue, players coming out of ELC’s demanding huge money has to be addressed.

      You give Ekblad 7.5 then the agent for every other Dman who looks even similiar they want the same. This business model is flawed.

  5. As in past I really have no issue with what Trouba is doing- he clearly doesn’t want to be there. Not saying he is right- but its his prerogative. I will say that if I was a GM and a kid did not want to be there I would move him immediately and make the best trade possible. The longer it plays out worse it is, countless hours of distraction and Jets went through it with Kane already. Its a character thing- do you really want him there now anyway? Everyone point to the Yzerman scenario and says you stick to your guns- but Yzerman got extremely lucky..lucky an injury necessitated his return to the big club and lucky his team continued to win..otherise could have been a disaster. At the end of the day both lose- Trouba would yield a great return.
    As for Fowler- very overrated defenseman imo

    • I don’t think luck had anything to do with it. Professionalize, integrity, an incredibly strong roster that could succeed regardless of their presence. I foundation that Yzerman has built & laid in place for the last 6 years.

      TB didn’t miss a beat with out Drouin or Stamkos. Drouin, Stamkos, Kucherov that’s not luck but solid management. You could potentially add Hedman to that list as well. You knew that signing was coming as soon as TB could get pen to paper. Hedman is TB’s most valuable player. Every team needs this asset their are so few available that can bring this package of skills to bare each night.

      These players respect Yzerman he doesn’t bad mouth them, he simply makes fair offers, provides a fair opportunity for you to earn your icetime & he sticks to his principles. He did what was best for his organization regardless of risk or these players demands or wants or their potential leaving or their demands. That’s what smart successful organizations do. They don’t let the business side of the game run counter to the on ice operations.

      The business side comes 1st then you play the games. Winnipeg can’t just afford to take the best offer. They need a fair return for what this player will most likely be. This is the hardest asset to find & develop in the NHL. A big solid 2 way Dman that can play a top 2 role.

      • Sorry weird lag thing happening with shockwave. causing issues.

      • I respectfully disagree Striker. Stamkos decided to take 8.5 million, far less than FMV- YZerman didn’t know that he would was playing Russian roulette (I don’t think he is worth more – but not the point) he would have been viewed differently if he had left for nothing.And would Hedman had signed at that amount if Stamkos was gone ? As for the respect factor? I dunno…ask Marty St Louis how he felt after his own GM watched him carry his franchise while Stamkos went down- win the Art Ross and then snub him for team Canada. Even then when he traded him the media said he fleeced the Rangers..not so sure with Callahans deal that is the case anymore.
        Im not saying Yzerman isn’t a good GM- he is but his importance is overstated- found some good young player…yes, and the fact the team is competitive, weather is warm and tax breaks are phenomenal- help a little..

        As for the Jets I agree but a best offer will be a fair return. Trouba isn’t Drouin or Yakupov- there is a demand there.

      • Yzerman was prepared to let Stamkos walk if that’s what he wanted to do. Offered him 8.5 at the beginning never budged told him we want you back but can’t afford more than 8.5 essentially. He was prepared to make Drouin sit indefinitely unless he got what he perceived as fair market value. Had Drouin not capitulated Yzerman would have ported his contract as allowed under the CBA as Drouin had come up a couple games short for his contract qualifying as a year of service a potential blunder on his agents part.

        Hedman wasn’t going any where, that deal was all but done before the bell wrung on July 1st. It was announced almost immediately & had zero to do with Stamkos.

        TB was 1 skate blade not once but twice from going to the final again last season with out Stamkos. Took Pit to 7 games. This team is very strong & young. The only hole might be D depth if Hedman or Stralman were to go down for any serious period of time.

        TB is my pick to win the cup this season. No better team on paper in the NHL. Now we just have to play the games. Pray no 1 gets seriously injured at the wrong time & that little over 1 mil in cap space currentl will grow to almost 5 come trade deadline time & Callahan’s accruing LTIR will give Yzerman the ability to add a really solid at asset at the trade deadline.

        Laid my wager at 9 to 1 for TB to win the cup.

  6. What a great night of hockey last night. You have to love NHL center ice. Unfortunately I’ve missed 3 home openers, would have missed 1 regardless. Scrabling at home to get our house ready to list Monday. I head back out on the road on the 25th for 6 weeks.

    You all know my opinion on Trouba. He takes a 2 year bridge deal at 2.5 to 3 million or sits the year regardless of what happens on the ice. The business side of hockey has to take precedence over the on ice side of hockey especially in the NHL’s smallest market in the NHL.

    You can’t allow the chickens to rule the hen house. That’s a recipe for long term disaster. Trouba hasn’t earned anything yet in fact he’s regressed in his development. I have no doubts who he will be but he’s not that player today & no team can really afford to pay for what if’s especially not Winnipeg.

  7. Boston injuries to Macquaid and Miller maybe a blessing. I would imagine the asking for Fowler and Trouba are high. This allows the bruins the opportunity to gauge O’Gara and Carlo and maybe lessen the demand of bringing in outside help.

  8. @Lyle My understanding of the rules for Trouba etc. is that Dec 1 no contract, no play for the 2016/17 season. Players can still sign over in Europe or the KHL. Heck even the AHL is an option for them. All this doesn`t stop Chevy or ant other GM from trading his rights after Dec. 1st. While trading a player who can`t play for anybody for the duration of the season, may diminish his return at the deadline, it doesn`t take that option away from the GM. It clearly hurts the players a lot more than the team that olds his rights. Would you agree with that assessment Lyle

    • I agree.

      Trouba’s stance isn’t helping him nor Winnipeg but the big loser is Trouba. I don’t see Chevy budging. He simply can’t afford to, no team can although many do & have. Just not the good 1’s & the foundation Chevy has laid in Winnipeg is as good as any teams in the league. This team is loaded with studs prospects at every position but D.

      With Trouba, Winnipeg’s D wasn’t an issue with Morrisey coming but after Morrisey it’s pretty slim. Stanley should be good but he’s 3 maybe 4 years away from making a significant contribution, then it’s Glover or Green.

      Winnipeg needs to get a good young guaranteed top 4 Dman back if they move Trouba. Ideally 1 that won’t need to be protected in expansion so they can use the 7F 3D & 1G option.

    • Yogi, Trouba can’t sign anywhere else. Other leagues have deadlines for signing what they consider foreign players. I believe those deadlines have already come and gone. Thus, hee would’ve had to have signed with a European team this summer. He certainly won’t sign in the AHL for peanuts. Besides, almost all AHL teams are farm clubs of NHL teams, so you won’t see any of them signing Trouba.

      • I’m not so certain Switzerland or the KHL have signing deadlines. The Swiss league does have restrictions on the # of North Americans. I can’t speak to leagues in Sweden or Finland. I have no idea.

        Trouba has put himself in a terrible spot. He would have been better served to come out & say he has no interest in playing in Winnipeg than saying he wants to play the right side in a top 2 pairing role. It makes him look selfish & entitled.

        Not liking a city although not a great reason to demand a trade wouldn’t be looked on as poorly by other organizations as to the reason Trouba & his agent have said he wants out.
        I still love Perreault’s comments about Trouba. Coles notes. Stop wining, grab you gear, & get on the ice.

      • Nathan Gerbe just signed with Geneve-Servette, so if they have deadlines, they`re not up yet. Regardless both player and management seem to have options past Dec.1st. They may not be the greatest options, but.

      • True, but Gerbe wasn’t getting an NHL contract so this is his only option. In my haste to reply to your original question, I didn’t suitably explain it. For that, I apologize. As Striker noted, some leagues have limits on the number of North American players a roster can carry. It’s also my understanding they also have deadlines to add foreign players during the season. Depends on the league. Not sure if its Dec. 1 or otherwise. The AHL isn’t an option for Trouba for the reason I explained in my earlier post. Finally, Trouba is a promising talent who wants to play in the NHL. He’s not going to sign overseas as he won’t earn anywhere near what he’ll get from an NHL team. Basically, if Trouba doesn’t sign with an NHL club on Dec. 1, there’s nowhere else he can go. Europe or Russia obviously hold no appeal to him. There was no indication from Trouba or his agent that he’d play overseas if unsigned by Dec. 1.

  9. Chevy is sending three messages; 1 to Trouba, we will do what’s best for our team and we still want you on the jets; otherwise sit until I get the deal I want. 2 to other rfa’s we won’t be pushed or backed into a corner or forced to make moves just because you don’t want to play or be here or otherwise. 3 Other GM’s just because one of our players asked for a trade, don’t come with bargain basement prices expecting to make a deal, we ain’t here to supply you with NHL talent to take AHL talent in return. In summary I think unless Chevy gets the deal he wants, he has little choice other then to let Trouba sit even if its for the sole reason to send a clear message to players and gm’s.

    • Very well expressed Caper. I agree completely.

  10. Striker, this one I think you’ll like. Last night I watched Chara get stripped of the puck and immediately started to say things (not so nice) only to realize it was Carlo not Chara, then said “it’s ok young fellow learn from your mistakes.” Will say Chara had a strong game.

    • That’s funny but oh so true. Give the kid a chance, blast the vet who should know better.

    • Ha-ha! Everyone makes mistakes & Chara as he ages is making more & more. He simply can’t get his body to do today what it did 2 or 3 years ago. His brain still thinks it can but father time is catching up. Chara’s not any where near the Dman he was but he’s still a solid #2nd pairing option almost 1st.

      We just can’t hold him up to the expectations of his past. We currently have no better option. Chara is Boston’s best 2 way Dman even at 39 & who better to mentor these kids. Chara carried Trotman, Morrow & C. Miller last season at even strength when they played. They hung him out to dry constantly, specifically Trotman. The games I watched him hang Chara out to dry chasing the puck around like a Bantam house player were shocking.

      Just except Chara for what he is. Look forward to him only costing us 4 mil against the cap next season. Let him continue to help develop these kids & lets all pray Boston can secure a Fowler, Brodin, Dumba, Savard or Trouba.

      Their are more teams than just Boston in serious need of help at D. It’s taken Edm a decade to build a top 4 that can give them any hope of making a run for a playoff spot.

      Klefbom, Larsson.
      Sekera & Russell.

  11. I have almost completed hockey pool season. 3 fantasy drafts, although an owner has now been found for 1 so back to participating in 2 leagues as a GM, 3 draft pools; 1 year. I still have numerous box pools to set, deadlines are all between now & Monday.

    Looking forward to the season. Love hockey, no sport like it. Fast, physical, & incredible skills required. Hard to believe players can stand up to this punishment over 82 games. As Dreggar said the other day you need to do everything every other professional athlete does but on skates. Ha-ha!

    Shoreorrpark. Sorry we couldn’t get a draft pool set up. Lyle had given the green light just didn’t have enough time. Maybe next year with the house going up for sale.

    Enjoy the season & day gentlemen. game on. Yeah Baby!

    • Nice Peter Maher reference. Lol. All good Striker, and thanks for the communication.

  12. Andrighetto placed on waivers. Surely someone is snapping up this player.

  13. Once they filled out their opening night roster, Anaheim actually has considerably less than $7.5M in cap space available. Even if they move Fowler, they have cap issues that extend through next season until the Bieksa and Stoner contracts expire. The return for Fowler has to be guys on the first or second year of entry level contracts (preferably first year so they’re not expansion draft eligible), prospects not yet signed, draft picks, or most likely some combination of those.

    • They just signed Rickard Rakell to a 6-year $22.8 million deal.

      • Effectively making it a necessity to shed salary now. There’s no way they have room now for Lindholm without moving a player like Fowler out.

  14. Is Pavelec in the final year of his deal?

    If so, he’d be the perfect rental for LA if Quick will be out for several months.

    A better starter than Zatkoff and later, a better backup.

  15. Detroit is a good fit for Fowler. Unfortunately DET is in such cap hell, this team is in serious trouble. Too much money invested in too many old players no one wants, this team needs a complete rebuild. Howard, Green, Zetterberg all have to go. Most of the mid level contracts too. I think these guys are in worse hell then anyone.
    Too bad because Tatar for Fowler would work. Gives both teams what they want and need.
    The only relief DET is going to get is by trading their most valuable older asset, Zetterberg. Build this team around the most valuable player they have, Larkin.
    Im also thinking Fowler for Trouba, ANA then can move Trouba for the LW they need. A deal like this may happen more so then Tatar.
    The cap is choking teams now, It’s going to destroy things as we know it as long as it is so tight.

  16. Look out for the Leafs and I Guess Matthews is having steak for dinner tonight and pasta for pregame tomorrow.

  17. Matthews only eats defensemen

    • Easy now – don’t get over-exited – there’s still 81 games to go.