Updates on Gaudreau and Trouba – October 3, 2016

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Johnny Gaudreau reportedly isn't seeking a trade from the Calgary Flames.

Johnny Gaudreau  isn’t seeking a trade from the Calgary Flames.

Check out the latest on restricted free agent Johnny Gaudreau and Jacob Trouba.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports the agent for Calgary Flames restricted free agent winger Johnny Gaudreau said his client isn’t asking for a trade. Agent Lewis Gross said his client wants to stay in Calgary and has no intention of seeking a trade “at this time.”

Gross said his last contact with the Flames was on Sept. 9. Flames GM Brad Treliving said he’s not going to negotiate publicly, adding he remains confident the two sides can reach an agreement.

It’s been reported the Gaudreau camp seeks a contract in the range of $8 million per season, while the Flames want him signed to a deal between $6.3 million to $6.75 million. There’s speculation Gaudreau’s ineligibility for arbitration or to receive an offer sheet could be complicating negotiations. 

CALGARY SUN:  Eric Francis believes avoiding any hard feelings is the biggest goal outside of Gaudreau signing a long-term deal. Given the winger’s lack of negotiating rights leaves him no option but to withhold his services, he can’t expect to receive more than $7 million annually. A holdout stretching into the season could lead to a slow start that ultimately costs the Flames a playoff berth.

Francis also claims the club wants to add more organizational depth – possibly by bringing back defenseman Kris Russell –  but cannot do so until they know how much they’ll be paying Gaudreau. Sean Monahan recently said he’d been in contact with Gaudreau and expects him to re-sign soon. Francis suggests the winger should agree to a six-year, $42 million contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’m sure some folks will seize on Gross’ “at this time” remark to suggest Gaudreau could change his mind about requesting a trade if he doesn’t get what he wants. I still believe this is simply a staredown between the two camps that will come to a head by this weekend. I expect Gaudreau will be re-signed to a deal upward of $7 million annually. Gaudreau is going to be very well paid by the Flames. It’s simply a question of how much. 

WINNIPEG SUN:  Ted Wyman believes the Winnipeg Jets should trade defenseman Jacob Trouba simply because he’s unhappy in his role and wants out. By doing so, Wyman fears it’ll show the Jets other young players (Patrik Laine, Kyle Connor, Nikolaj Ehlers and Connor Hellebuyck) that the organization can be pushed around in contract negotiations.

Wyman feels Trouba hasn’t proven anything yet and thus shouldn’t dictate where he plays. He also speculates the blueliner could be using his desire to play on the right side simply as an excuse to get out of Winnipeg. If the Jets do move Trouba, Wyman feels it should be on their terms. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The downside of taking a hardline stance with Trouba is the Jets could end up with a defenseman ineligible to play the remainder of this season if unsigned by Dec. 1. That robs them of a possible trade asset to address other roster issues that arise. If Trouba really doesn’t want to play in Winnipeg, why force him to stay? Now you have an unhappy player who could become a dressing-room cancer. If a rival club comes calling with a tantalizing offer, best to take it and quickly move on. 


  1. The Trouba thing is definitely a tough one for the Jets. I do subscribe to the notion that players should not dictate where they play. By doing so they become coaches and managers by default. The Jets definitely need to acquire assets for Trouba. I know they are concerned regarding perceptions of being push overs; however, they did convinced Schieffle, Byfuglien, and others to stay long term. They have a great core to build around and need to focus on players who want to stay. I say trade him now, but be sure you get a fair return. What is fair now will become less so if you ride it out too long.

  2. The Trouba impasse is beginning to sound a lot like the Kyle Turris situation in Arizona a few years back. In that case, Ottawa sent them David Rundblad and a 2nd round pick in 2012 which, following another deal with Philadelphia, ended up being Jordan Martinook! They later dealt Rundblad along with Mathieu Brisebois to Chicago for a 2nd round pick in 2014 and that turned out to be Christian Dvorak.

    All of which is to say these kinds of situations seldom turn out well for the team with the gun to their head.

    • Good point George; however, it doesn’t have to be that way every time. If the Jets get a fair deal quickly it will be okay for them. If they wait your suggested scenario becomes more likely. Right now it seems as though he is quite valuable. Too valuable, in my opinion, so get what you can now.

    • I think that with the front office in Winnipeg and judging by what has happened previously with Kane and Ladd that no matter if they got the proverbial hunt to their head or not that Chevy will get pretty good value for Trouba.

      • Agreed Shticky. You are more in touch with exact players play and so on them myself so answer me this please. Does Trouba for Hamonic have any possibility? Also what other moving parts would you see going with such a deal?

      • exact position where players play….sorry

      • Harmonic isn’t going anywhere I doubt, so no I don’t see it and even tho I think Chevy and the scouting department do pretty well I doubt they are going to get a D that has a D that is locked up for 4 mill bucks that is more proven than the one they are trying to move without a contract that’s looking for more than 5. Not to say that the Jets won’t be able to get a good top 4 with a decent contract I just think that young guys that have played more minutes as top pair or close to and who already have these contracts like OEL Rielly Josi jones Matta Hammonic those type D wouldn’t really make much sense to trade for Trouba its to big of a risk, even if Trouba was to work out he could potentially cost more $ (not to mention a roster player) to provide similar results and in a cap world it doesn’t make sense.

  3. Always amazed at guys who have played for 15 minutes demanding huge contracts.

    • @Ron Jull

      Revenir à Ontario fou.

    • Apparently this 15 min man isn’t demanding a huge contract but simply the chance to play to his highest potential to allow himself a chance to earn that big contract. There are lots of calls from people say he earned nothing. Well how is he going to earn anything playing his offside.

      • Jeff if you believe that then I have a bridge for sale. U interested

      • That maybe what’s being said by his agent now Jeff but going back months he has been rumoured to be asking in the neighbourhood of 6 mill funny that uptill recently that’s been the story, and now the story is about playing on his off side? I’m willing to bet if someone offered him 6 mill per he isn’t turning it down due to playing on his off side. Come on now lol

      • With Jeff Noel on this one with regards to the money. We have no idea what has been offered or he wants. Plenty of speculators in the media saying this heard this or that, those guys are never just looking for clicks during a slow off season are they? What Trouba’s agent said is that they haven’t discussed contract in months and that he requested a trade back in May.
        Everything was kept out of the media, I would guess intentionally, as early on it would benefit a trade getting done if WPG could get better value.
        Trouba and his agent then decided to go public and declare he wasn’t reporting. I would think think the theory would be to pressure WPG to get it done already.
        I personally would prefer he just stayed quiet and tried to play well and pushed it internally. Either he or his agent felt differently.
        I would guess that he signs for under $6/year wherever he ends up.

      • I agree Ray it’s just speculation what trouba wants for money that’s all it is a rumour

      • They claimed Vesey demanded top 6 mins as well turns out he never did.

  4. Is this scenario even possible?

    So why does Trouba not sign a 1 yr deal? Can he not get arbitration rights at the end of it? Sign a 1 yr deal, then file for arb next year with an astronomical dollar figure. Have an arbitration ruling handed down and then walk as a free agent a year after that?

    I know that there is some clause that keeps you as an RFA for a while, but there is always a way around these things. Better a 1 yr contract than sitting out a year.

    • See that’s kinda my way of thinking as well if Trouba didn’t cost anything but $ as a UFA sure 6 mill seems about right or at leas what he would get in an open market so a GM wouldn’t be taking as big a risk, but to trade a comparable player and then negotiate another contract with that situation on the horizon? Ummm I’d pass.

      • If Trouba is dealt, then whoever takes him should have a provision that if they are able to sign him long term then Winnipeg gets more. Ex. If the Leafs were to trade Gradiner for Trouba (just an example pls calm down) and Trouba signs 5+yrs a 2nd round pick also goes to Peg. If the team that gts his rights signs him to less, then trade stays straight up. I just don’t see anyone offering any established contract for a similar age/skill player for an unsigned player. You don’t trade an established commodity for a roll of the dice. GM’s are crazy, sometimes stupid, but they also have big EGO’s and won’t risk looking foolish.

      • I understand that he is not UFA or won’t be for a while my point/view is Trouba seems to not to understand this with how this contract negotiation seems to be going, and the idea of if they trade me I’ll get what I want isnt really helping his case so far.

      • Shticky how do you know what he wants? Besides he wants to play a certain side you have no idea what he wants for money besides a rumour

      • Trouba is IMO not better then Seth Jones,Vatenen,etc. all making low 5 or top 4 million. Problem is Ekblad. His salary throws the status quo out the window. You can try but that’s a blip in the market and I think GMs are smart enough to realize that. Agents on the other hand…..
        I don’t know what he wants $ wise but sign a bridge for 4.8 and work hard. I read somewhere a now retired d man loved playing his wrong side. Something about receivin the puck better. Wish I could remember who it was. Recent article.

    • Good point! And how does sitting out after December 1st help a developing defenceman? And if you play the contract through to the best of your ability you are only helping yourself as your best would help the team. That way anybody trading for you will see you as reliable rather than spoiled. Now this post makes sense! You should have a chat with Oil Fan.

    • That would be the smart thing to do for Trouba and his agent. But no one has ever confused hockey players with rocket scientists.

    • Trouba won’t be a UFA for 5 more years

  5. I see your point Shticky as Trouba isn’t necessarily proven yet. I am surprised at the level of willingness of Bruins fans on this site to trade Krug for Trouba. I think Krug is crucial to Boston’s offence. I could see the Jets getting a shut down guy like McQuaid and a forward prospect if they can’t get the D they want for Trouba in a Bruins trade. But the Jets are stacked up front. Hamonic is not looking for a trade anymore?

    • Steven, not totally accurate to say Trouba isn’t proven yet. Be more accurate to say we don’t know what his ceiling is. He had the third highest ice time with over 22 mins per game last season. He is strong in the defensive zone, clears out the front of the net, plays on the PK. Yes his offense has gone done over each season, that had more to do with the jets adding Myers and Trouba being pushed to third pairing with Mark Stewart. I like Krug skill set but its a specialty. Trouba is already considerably better then Krug on defense and in physicality, Trouba being 2yr younger and his projectory is up. As a bruin fan I would like to see Boston trade for Fowler and flip him to the jets for Trouba.

      • Well said Caper, that is exactly how I see it as well.
        Krug has great TOI #’s, as Striker has shared, but I see that as more of a statement about the lack of quality NHL D within the Bruins organization. Of course we would like to see Boston make a deal to sell from their strength of forward dept or prospect depth and keep Krug. Takes 2 to dance though.
        Caper, call Sweeney and get the Fowler deal done.
        As a side note, after Sweeney dealt Hamilton for a 1st and 2 2nds (in a very deep draft mind you), it would be difficult for him to pay more for Trouba.

      • Leafs fans would want the same Caper. Easier to pry Fowler from Anaheim given asking price for Trouba.

    • The difference between the two – and it’s a glaring one – is that Krug is a 5′ 9″ 186-lber playing a position where he regularly gets pounded by large fore-checking forwards in his own end, whereas Trouba is a massive 6′ 3″ 203 lber more capable of withstanding that type of game.

    • It’s not even really 100% a question of proven, more than it’s a question of the situation involving the contract and comparable.Trouba could work out to be a fine top pairing guy for 6 million dollars, but what does it matter if I traded a guy say like Rielly who also turns out to be a fine top pairing guy who is only making 5? I’m not trying to argue who’s better it’s an example of how it’s more about the big picture than just Trouba

      • Again how do you know what trouba wants in terms of dollars?

      • I will argue, at this time right now Rielly is better and this talk of trading him for Trouba is insane. why don’t you trade McDavid for Mathews.

    • Please don’t include me in the Krug for Trouba group. I love Krug. 1 of the best offensive Dman in the NHL & reliable defensively. I take Krug.

      • Thank you Striker! I see Krug as vital to Boston’s success. And perhaps I am hard on Trouba as not being established; however, offence from the defensive end is not easy to come by. Players like Krug can be a bit of a risk at times defensively, but when I watch him play I don’t see a defensive liability either. You need balance on defense if you can get it. Trouba is definitely an importnt piece to have. Maybe that whole debate is moot if Winnipeg wants a defender of similar quality or skill set?

      • I’m another Bruins fan and agree with Striker
        Krug for Trouba makes no sense.
        Trouba wants more money than Krug.
        I would offer a lower defenseman,forward and first round pick.
        Like Zboril or Colin Miller.
        Forward like Debrusk although I like him

      • While I am a fan of Trouba’s game, I wouldn’t trade Krug for him either. Not saying who will be a better player down the road, but as a Bruins fan as well, you are not solving you core issue. They have a shortage of quality young d-men. And to Schticky’s point, swapping one for another doesn’t solve it.
        I personally don’t think Sweeney would do it anyway. I am not sure WPG gets what they want by Dec 1, so this could drag.

      • I would trade Krug for trouba in a second better all around player Bruins can score just can’t stop the goals from going in and trouba would help that way more than Krug can

    • If the Jets were truly interested in Adam McQuaid as a return piece, I could see a deal there, particularly considering the Bruins don’t have lose a valuable asset on the PP in Torey Krug. Although Trouba is a better all-around D-man, KRUG is a lot to give up in a potential Trouba deal.

      To Bruins: Jakob Trouba

      To Jets: Adam McQuaid, Malcolm Subban, and Boston’s 1st in 2017

  6. I’m hoping the bruins will eventually land Trouba but the way Sweeney’s handled thing thus far, this whole season’s gonna be one giant question mark. I’m not sure management has hired the right people to run this organization Sweeney and Neely1 Cam definitely over his head!

    • I like what Sweeney has done. In a little over a year he cut payroll substantially & restocked the prospect kitty. The Bruins foundation is in place for the next 5 years. Next summer the only 2 players seeing any raises now that Marchand is locked up will be Spooner & Pastrnak. Making 17 players signed with a ton of cap space to flush out the depth positions or promote from with in.

      11 players played regular roles going into the start of last season with 2 or less years of NHL experience. Vatrano would have started the season in a full time role & his loss has opened up a spot for Danton Heinen who appears to have been a solid find. Drafted under the Chiarelli regime.

      Boston is also very well positioned for expansion. They look to be using the 7f, 3D & 1 G option. Krejci, Bergeron, Marchand, Backes, Spooner, Pastrnak & Hayes or Belesky. The 3 D Chara; unless he agrees to waive but I would be shocked if Boston even asked him, Krug & either C. Miller or a Dman acquired in trade. Rask obviously being the goalie.

      The prospect cupboard is solid now. Zboril, Forsbacka-Karlsson, Subban, Senyshyn, Carlo, Debrusk, Lauzon, Donato, Vatrano, Heinen, McAvoy, Trent & numerous lesser lights coming through the college ranks; Bjork, Fitzgerald, Kuraly, Grzelcyk & Sherman.

      • I agree Rick Sweeney has done nothing to improve Boston the backes and Miller signings were not good

  7. Every team has players who have wanted out its part of today’s day and age. If Trouba wants out trade him the Jets will be fine you need players who want to be there. Bruins had to trade Dougie because they wouldn’t go get his brother Freddie how silly is that. Boston offered him more than he got from Calgary. Some players today are a little full of themselves that’s why the old boys just shake there head.

  8. Chevy wants a “fair trade” of an equal skillset/age D man. Problem is that in the NHL today player and contract are intrinsically linked. Saying that Gardiner, Krug or Fowler (all signed to good term/$) are not equal value for Trouba would probably be accurate if Trouba was signed to a 4 or 5 yr deal in the $5mil range. But as he is currently unsigned, his actual value as a player is not equal to his overall perceived value to another club. He won’t be dealt for any of the above, or even a high draft pick. Best guess is a 3/4 d man and a B level prospect, he sits out the season, or he explores his options on the other side of the Atlantic

    • Signed or not signed-Trouba is far more valuable an Gardiner. Unless he continues to improve Gardiner isa 5/6 Dman on a good team

      • According to what?

      • Really. Even on a really good team he’s more than a 5/6 Dman. Chicago’s #4 this season is Campbell who just turned 37, van Riemsdyk is their #5, Roszival 6. Pittsburgh won the cup with Lovejoy & Cole playing in the 4 5 roles due to the loss of Daley. Sullivan wouldn’t even reinsert Maatta back in after injury until he had virtually no choice.

        I’d suggest you go through each team & have a look at their 5/6 Dman. I use GP & TOI as markers. Not a Gardner to be found. Gardner played as Toronto’s #3 or 4 since arriving in Toronto. This year I would be shocked if he isn’t 2nd in TOI/GP behind Rielly. He will now be Toronto’s #1 PP option with Phaneuf gone as he was following the trade. He also is a solid transitional Dman that helps drive offense & he has done so on 1 of the worst teams in the NHL in his entire career.

        Anaheim has the best D in the NHL, Despres was 5, Stoner 6. Arizona Cannaughton, Michalek. Boston McQuad & a combination of Trotman & C. Miller. Buffalo, Pysyk & Weber, etc. Not enough quality Dman in the world to give all 30 teams 6 solid NHL Dman or at least our perception of such.

        Gardner just turned 26, he’s still not fully developed & won’t be for at least 1 more full season, possible 2. Let’s come back to this debate then. I have Gardner to score 12 to 15 goals this season & 40 to 47 points. baring a significant injury. This will be the best team he’s played on to date in his career but Toronto’s D is still quite bad. Zaitsev will help, the return of Polak provides solid leadership & intangibles but still 1 solid asset missing at this position.

      • Some how I doubt you could name 120 D men let alone 120 better than Gardinerthat would be every teams top 4 so if you are saying there would still be beter D left (by saying he is a 6th D) you would be talking about 150 D in the NHL are better than Gardiner? Really? lol according to what?

      • Gardner is the guy who couldn’t even get a regular shift pre-Babcock on a terrible leaf team

      • I agree Scott gardiner looks like a chicken with his cut off in his own end and his scoring doesn’t make up for the defensive warts

      • Scott.


        2012-13 finished 3rd in TOI behind Phaneuf & Gunnarson.
        2013-14 finished 2nd behind Phaneauf.
        2014-15 finished 2nd behind Phaneuf.

        With Babcock 2nd to Rielly.

        Gardner’s role hasn’t changed an spec under Babcock. Gardner is simply developing into the player he will be. Babcock is helping but he would have gotten better regardless. 6 years or in or around 400 games for Dman to fully develop & learn the NHL game.

      • Striker.


        You say you watch a lot of hockey well you must not pay attention to the defensive side of gardiners cause it’s very weak! Pay a little more attention to it and you will see

      • I never said Gardner was a solid defensive defensmen. That said he’s not a total liability either, he leans to driving offense not shutting it down.

        You can’t win if you can’t score.

        We’re not blaming Gradner for all that ails the worst team in the NHL are we?

      • Not at all but you throwing out ice time on one of the worst defensive teams in the league doesn’t say much either does it? That being said he doesn’t exactly drive Offense his numbers aren’t great

      • I was commenting to Scott who essentially said he barely played before Babcock arrived, his icetime hasn’t changed at all nor role.

        He finished 46th in points, 46th in goals for Dman last season. From an offensive stand point that’s pretty solid. He’s had 3 30 point seasons in 4 full seasons out of 5. 1 of those 5 being the lock out shortened season hitting double digits for goals once so far.

        I know you prefer Brooks Orpik type Dman to the Tory Krug’s, Gardiner’s of the world & that’s all good as he’s everything you want Dman to be. I lean to players that have a little more skill than just being able to hit, clear the crease, block shots what have you. Don’t get me wrong, every team needs those assets, there just way easier to find & develop than what offensive Dman bring to the game.

      • Using toi to evaluate a d-man is a total joke . Especially when they come from a bad team. Oilers fans were claiming victory when they signed Sekera, who’s toi in Carolina would equate to a 1-2 guy. Traded to LA and it was quickly realized he is really more of a 3-4 guy. I see the more of the same for Larsson. But either way insert any name you wish, Phaneuf etc. playing 22-26 minutes a game doesn’t mean you are a top pairing guy, it just means you are the best option on a bad team.

        Maybe Gardiner isn’t completely to blame or isn’t the problem in Toronto, but he sure as hell hasn’t been the solution either.

      • Time on ice is a joke for forwards or dmen they can change drastically from team to team

      • You guys are reading in as you choose. Again Scott said Gardner didn’t play before Babcock arrived. That’s not even remotely true. TOI says otherwise. Simple. Playing the 2nd or 3rd most minutes of any player over the entire course of the season since arriving in Toronto shows his role hasn’t changed at all.

        TOI/GP doesn’t determine a players abilities; see Abdelkader, but it does determine a players role & position with in his team.

        I spent my entire playing time through minor rep hockey, through what is now Jr B & college hockey fighting for ice time, especially quality icetime, power play time & deployment with better quality players. As a Dman in all but my final 5 years & as a C over the last 5. I never made it above the 2nd pairing D or #3 C spot except in minor rep hockey.

        A teams best players play more, the worse play less. It’s no different in the NHL. There are 30 teams currently in the NHL that means there are a certain # of positions available, 6; 1 G 2 D & 3 forwards at any one time, based on ES icetime less in other situations & finite amount of ice time by minutes available. That also means their are 30 #1 C spots, D spots etc.

        Gardner is Toronto’s #2 Dman today, was their #3 before Phaneuf was moved. Now on another team he may be there #4 in Anaheim he would even be potentially a #5 but he’s not he plays in Toronto. Sekera was Carolina’s #2 when he left & in LA he slotted in as their #5 on their 3rd pairing. Great depth move but it failed as LA missed the playoffs regardless. Huge cost to pay for no return.

        I don’t understand why everyone wants to pigeon hole players. Players aren’t machines, robots, everyone is unique & has different assets & liabilities. There may be similarities but their is still no better way to determine what a player is to his team than the icetime he plays & when. Your #1 Dman doesn’t log the 5th most icetime he logs the most, same for your #2, 3 etc.

        Trouba may look good defensively & he appears to be a stud in the making, he’s playing with Stuart on the 3rd pairing as many of you keep posting, that means he seeing weaker competition 5 on 5 3rd or 4th line players except when he kills penalties, he & Stuart man the #1 penalty kill. You should note though that Winnipeg had the 25th worst penalty kill in the NHL.

        1 player can’t dominate the NHL & carry his team like in basketball or pitching in baseball, even to a lesser extent hitting. It is truly a team sport. Not even having the best players guarantee’s success, there are so many other intangibles. It’s the fastest physical game on the planet & all 20 players dressed in today’s game need to perform their roles & responsibilities to be successful & to win the cup it all needs to come together perfectly with your goalie stealing wins. No other sport like it.

        Gardner can play on my team anytime. Warts & all. His benefits far out weigh his liabilities.

      • Arguing numbers with a guy who didn’t realize a 5th d man is a bottom pairing is a joke,,,Gardiner is in the top 50 D in goals assists and points last year this would be a guy that is a top 4 d man in the league, if you consider 30 teams 4 d men per team is 120 D he is in the top half of that simple logic would say his offence is pretty good and he is a top 4 guy, if he isn’t are you arguing players like Markov Yandle Greene are not top 4 types they are other D that are around Kake Gardiners totals again I understand no sense arguing with some one who can’t count but at least sometimes NYR has some objectivity.

      • Way to chime in with what you read on the internet shticky I don’t think anyone else can find that info! That still doesn’t change the fact that he is awful in his own zone and his Offense doesn’t make up for it

      • Mcdonagh is going to be furious when he loses his spot to Holden who was a 1st pairing guy on a bad team! Hunwick is a 1st pairing guy? Lol! You almost, and I do mean almost put as much wasted time in your analitcs as you do injecting your personal life into every single conversation , every single day!!! “Chemical engineer, demographics expert , hockey player, astronaut, medical marijuana user season ticket holder in 12 cities, financial adviser” on and on…….. Aye aye aye does it ever end?

        By the way, in what world does a chemical engineer need or use demographics? Lmao. Before you mix up a potion of chemicals , you need to understand the demographics of different cities? The two in no way shape or form even relate !

      • Striker you say his benefits out way his liabilities well I’ll point out something you and shticky can follow! What is his career plus minus? I don’t like to use this stat but shticky has been using it a lot lately ✌️️

      • Not at all but you throwing out ice time on one of the worst defensive teams in the league doesn’t say much either does it? That being said he doesn’t exactly drive Offense his numbers aren’t great

        Your idiot ass didn’t know it his offensive numbers are actually pretty good. Top 50 D and I guess if you want to use your Trouba arguement from yesterday if he played with a different partner he could be even better. lol

      • And what are his defensive numbers? Lol ?

      • Justin Faulk was a minus 22 last year and is a minus – 50 for his career bbb he not a top 4 either? How bout Shatenkirk he a bottom pairing guy? Fowler? Nurse? Whole lotta guys around the same – (minus) numbers as Gardiner that play in the
        top 4 why you think that is?

      • Wow boys, I am not sure how a conversation about Gardiner’s ice time turned into an attack on Strikers work life, but I feel the need to defend how a Chemical Engineer can use demographics and has access to multiple sets of hockey tickets.
        Just guessing here, but a possible scenario is he works for an oil/petro chemical company. I would guess many of their sales people are chemical engineers. At least that is who I would hire. They would also have a huge market that they sell to with multiple locations that have hockey tickets. The best sales people help their customers make money and understand their business intimately, hence an understanding of the demographics of a specific customers market would be beneficial to that customer.
        Example – I have 4 sales people and we sell material to utilities and contractors. 2 are engineers, 2 are linemen. We have hockey tickets.
        And Gardiner is a good offensive NHL defenceman and could play for any team in the NHL. His role would simply depend on the team.

      • Thank you ray ” role would depend on what team ” second pairing on the leafs means bottom pairing on the majority of other teams in the league

      • I would guess Gardiner would be top 4 on the majority of NHL teams. Even on the contending teams he is a #3/4 who gets some PP time. There are exceptions like ANA (who will need to make a deal to move a D due to expansion and cap).
        He will never be confused with Drew Daughty but hey most don’t.

      • Have to disagree with that ray gardiners d is too weak to play against the top 6 lines on the opposing team should be playing against the 3rd 4th line guys

      • Ray,
        So you’re saying a chemical engineer would need to know specifics about markets, like race, median incomes, median home prices, taxes? Lol,
        Is he going door to door finding where to get the cheapest chemicals?

        Demographics are used by businesses to evaluate sales / service etc. it’s important to know prior to establishing location. It’s why you won’t find a Saks fifth avenue in east LA, or a Walmart on 5th avenue.

        You’re partially correct . Because for the life of me, I have no idea how Striker being a chemical engineer , hockey player , astronaut, fantasy hockey guru , demographics expert has ANYTHING to do with Trouba , Gardiner, Las Vegas expansion , or any daily conversation here which was my point.

      • NYR, you are only focusing on individual consumer demographics and retail. You also find them in the B2B world and for any industry.
        You are right this conversation does not belong on this site.

  9. Is Trouba a top pairing defenseman? Would he work in Boston with Torey Krug? That seems like a big gamble. Fowler or Shattenkirk would be a better fit in that role. The only reason that comes up is due to Chara’s age, size and play style. Any defenseman coming in needs to be able to replace him in the top pair or provide enough cushion so the old man’s not playing 30+ a night.

    On that note, is it really so far to think Kris Russel would be a good fit there? He’s a penalty killer, a shot blocker, and all around solid stay-at-home defenseman who can make the first pass. While the Bruins no doubt have a finger on the pulse of the Trouba, Fowler and Shattenkirk situation, it seems like a Russell stop-gap for a season or two would be great as they transition young defenders into a role of greater responsibility.

    • Shattenkirk + Krug as a pair isn’t going to work IMO. Shattenkirk boats some great offesnive numbers but has a tendency to pinch once to often and he has been burned several times. He isn’t the stay at home guy that Krug should have as a partner. If Shattenkirk moves to Boston I see him and Krug split up on two different pairings.

    • Chaas, I am sure Boston would look at Russell if he would accept a short term 1 year deal. Not sure he would.
      I think he is waiting to see what shakes down in Cgy. Once the Johnny Hockey deal is done they will know what options they have.

  10. If teams don’t want to pay Winnipeg’s price they should go free agency. Russell is ok. We hear he is a shot blocking machine and decent at moving the puck but is small. Trouba has size, moves the puck good, and still hasn’t achieved his potential.

    As I’ve stated before he will bring a mid first round pick or prospect, a prospect like Corrado or Carreck, and and maybe another prospect? There is no Reilly, or Gardner coming back. I would take him for the stated offer above or just wait for one of the Leaf prospects reach the same place as Trouba in a couple years.

    The Leafs are set up to reach the playoff this year or next and probably be a serious contender two years after that? At that point you supplement your roster with a big free agent signing or a major trade. Maybe Kessell is available at that time?

    • ?

  11. Trouba > Krug. It would have to be Krug and someone not quite as good as Pastrnik. I can’t see a deal. Someone mentioned Subban….that’s the last thing Winnipeg needs.
    Teams that have comprable d men I can’t see moving one out for Trouba. This stand off shows Trouba is more about himself then the team. No GM should step up and meet Chevys price. That price will drop come close to Dec 1. There are lots of teams that would take Trouba but like Shattenkirk the price isn’t right.