Updates on Trouba and Fowler – October 13, 2016

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Could the Boston Bruins pursue Anaheim Ducks defenseman Cam Fowler?

Could the Boston Bruins pursue Anaheim Ducks defenseman Cam Fowler?

Does Jacob Trouba want to join the Detroit Red Wings? Could Cam Fowler be a good fit with the Boston Bruins? Read on for the latest in your NHL rumor roundup.

TODAY’S SLAPSHOT:  Appearing on Buffalo’s WGR 550, TSN’s Darren Dreger said he knows Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba would love to play for the Detroit Red Wings. Trouba, a restricted free agent, requested a trade from the Jets over two weeks ago.

While the blueliner said his request had nothing to do with the city of Winnipeg, Dreger speculated that to some degree, ” it kind of feels like it has to be, doesn’t it?”  Beyond Dylan Larkin, however, Dreger doubts the Wings have the assets to land Trouba, pointing out the Wings had unsuccessful trade discussions with the Jets this summer. 

WINNIPEG SUN: Paul Friesen reports Jets general manager Kevin Chevedayoff declined to comment on Trouba’s status. “We’re not going to comment on the situation other than the fact we’ll deal with whatever we have to deal with and do whatever’s right for the organization,” said Cheveldayoff, who points out Trouba’s trade request “is a phenomenon of the National Hockey League”, not one unique to the Jets. Friesen speculates Trouba could be waiting for a trade that might never come. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cheveldayoff will be patient here, awaiting either the right offer or a change of heart from the young defenseman. As Dreger points out, the Wings aren’t moving Larkin, and while Danny DeKeyser is a good blueliner, he might not be what the Jets want in terms of a player of comparable age. 

THE BOSTON GLOBE’s Kevin Paul Dupont recently tweeted the following: “Cam Fowler is the perfect trade fit for . Two more years @ $4M. Suspect pkg would include Heinen, Carlo.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dupont’s referring to Bruins rookies Danton Heinen and Brandon Carlo. While Fowler’s a left-handed shot and the Bruins might prefer a righty, I don’t think they’ll quibble over that if they can acquire him. The Ducks must shed salary to re-sign Hampus Lindholm and Rickard Rakell, so they cannot afford to take back much money in return. Landing a package of affordable top prospects could be just what they’re looking for. 


  1. The Anaheim – Boston suggestion makes logical sense on both sides. Just not sure if it will work out. Detroit simply doesn’t have the young assets right now, as they are trying to transition from their “older” based team to a younger one.

    I still think Lindholm is demanding too much though.

  2. I’m not a leafs fan but I’ll admit that they look like a good young team that’ll be fun to watch…they just need D badly. I think Trouba should be a target for the leafs for a few reasons. The leafs have a lot of good young forwards and prospects and their picks will likely be high (a second will probably be about as good as a late first), the jets can deal him to the east where they won’t have to face him often and the leafs are going to have a ton of cap space.

    • So, which good young forward/prospect would the Leafs offer to Winnipeg to get Trouba? Marner? Nylander? Don’t think so, and I doubt very much any of the others currently in their system will do the trick. And if the Jets demand a good young D in return would they give up Rielly? Probably not, and there’s certainly nothing behind Rielly that will fetch Trouba, including Gardiner. And if I’m the Jets GM I just laugh at the offer of a 2nd round pick. So, in reality, they don’t have much – that they’d be willing to part with – that would land a potential top-pairing D. Just like Detroit.

      • Trouba sitting out the season or a 2nd round pick. Not saying I think the deal is fair but if it takes to December the return the Jets et might not be that great.

      • nelson / dermott / valiev should be NHL’rs. Nelson might be worth bufligeon soon enuff

    • Only 1 problem, Winnipeg doesn’t need forwards they need a Dman. Scheifele, Laine, Ehlers, Connor, Lowry, Armia, Copp, Dano, Burmistrov, Tanev, Lemieux, Roslovic, Lipon, etc. These are all just kids, Burmistrov & Tanev the oldest at 24.

      Copp & Dano had to go to the minors as they didn’t have to clear waivers as there is no room at the inn.

      Winnipeg getting a similiar player to Trouba at D is going to be hard but if they alter their demands they will end up having to take a good young player at D, Carlo? & picks as what are they going to do with a forward.

      • I know I am repeating myself. BOS, ANA & WPG in a 3 way deal.
        With Fowler ending up in WPG and Trouba in BOS.
        ANA can’t take on more salary with Trouba and they are deep on the blue line already and could use some help up front. The B’s have some talented depth that is currently young and inexpensive.
        The return to ANA? Start with Pastrnak plus. The return to WPG would be Fowler and a pick or lesser prospect like Morrow or O’Gara.
        The problem is ANA can just make Lindholm and Rakell wait and solve there cap issue for this year.
        My hope is ANA and WPG struggle out of the gate and need to get help into their lineups, and the ask comes down the closer we get to Dec 1.
        I think Carlo will become a very good shut down guy. 6’5″ and can skate with what they are saying a high hockey IQ. A poor mans Bouwmeister as a ceiling. You keep that guy.
        As one unnamed Bruins exec was quoted “we are done sprinkling our young talent around the league”.
        Sweeney should wait, there is a good chance the ask will come down.

      • I’d rather not have to lose Pastrnak to solve a need at D just yet. Boston doesn’t really have this type of asset in the system currently other than possibly Senyshyn who may be 2 years away.

        I’m with you. Let’s wait & see how this all plays out & hope the asking price comes down.

      • Ya, not a ton of depth on the wing, but they can move centers there if needed. Like they are doing now.
        I think our opinions of Pastrnak differ. Hopefully he takes a step forward this year and Julien is patient with him.
        If he stays with Bergeron and Marchand his numbers will be good, as they would be with almost any player on that line.
        His point % vs ice time was exceptional last year. Also on the lucky side.
        High skill level, but plenty of room to grow everywhere else. Hopefully the experience will help as he is still a kid..
        More guys like that available than guys like Trouba is really my only argument.
        We will see.

      • Agreed. I really like Pastrnak but always harder to get a future top 2 Dman. If push came to shove I’d certainly entertain the option.

        Backes can always play the right wing & at 6 mil per doesn’t make sense to play him as the 3rd line C not that not Boston was going to regardless.

        I was interested to see what a line of Krejci between Spooner & Backes might do, we will have to wait for Bergeron to return to find out.

    • Saw Mathews turn sens inside out take the puck from the second best defenceman while playing marbles I know there is no place for this on here

  3. Why would he want to play in Detroit? It seems to go against his desire to get what he wants. Because if that desire includes playing for a competitive team Detroit no longer fits that bill, in the short term anyway.

    Paul; I agree with your thoughts on the Leafs. They will be fun to watch! But, on the other hand they will be frustrating as well. As a Leafs fan it is discouraging to see them lose a 5-4 game where Mathews debuts with 4 goals! They definitely need to address the back end. Neither goalie was great in this game.

    • Detroit is still a bubble team. They have as good a shot as anyone of sliding in at #8. I have the top 6 locked in but 7 & 8 in the west are wide open for anyone other than Toronto.

      The big issue for Detroit is the sub standard D. The forward group is fine just stop giving Abdelkader 1st line minutes & PP time & give it to Tatar & they will win more games. Nielsen is a good hockey player, Vanek will help with depth scoring. 18 goals & 41 points playing as a 3rd line LW seeing 2nd line PP time in Minny last season was reasonable. Frankly I think Minny bought out the wrong player. They should have bought out Pominville.

      Like Boston buying out Seideneberg & bringing in Liles buying out Vanek & bringing in E. Staal seems pointless.

      I don’t like Detroit’s chances of making the playoffs but I’m certainly not writing them off.

      • Sorry should read east not west.

      • I am not writing them off either but making the playoffs and contending are two different things.

        I agree that the conference is wide open, but I wouldn’t argue that Toronto is the only team with no chance. Columbus has no chance either.

        I do think Toronto will be more competitive, but they are still a year or two away of making the playoffs. They are definitely headed in the right direction.

        Do you think Carolina can get in?

      • Agreed.

        Not writing Columbus off either, ton of youth, all comes down to Bobrovsky’s ability to stay healthy. They are right there with everyone else all muddled together.

        I really like Carolina’s chances. They have added a ton of depth. 7 through 15 in the east is incredibly muddled. I have the points spread between 7th & 15th at 9 points. That’s 9 teams. The West is really no different. I have Vancouver to finish last in the west.

        I finalized my standings projections yesterday. Their a mess as I literally couldn’t decide the difference between a whole bunch of teams. Injuries & rookie contributions will be the deciding factor in all divisions & conferences & how do you project for those dynamics. 3 or 4 teams on in both conferences are a coin toss.

    • The fact that he’s from the Detroit area, may have something to do with it!

    • Let’s see, original six team, new arena next year, a resonable chance to be one of the top players on the team, from the area…… can’t imagine why he’d want to come to Detroit.

  4. Congrats to Matthews on a great first impression. As far as Heinen and Carlo for Fowler; No thanks. I know some on here think Fowlers is a number 1d; not me. I believe Carlo is going to be a well rounded dman, skates well, got the size and not afraid of body contact. Please don’t bother replying with stats, because then I will reply with the same and his lack of courage.

    • I’m with you on Matthew’s. I under estimated him & his abilities. He really surprised me in the WCH. Going to Switzerland made it very difficult to compare him to his peers but what a stud. Congratulations Toronto fans you have an exceptional hockey player. Scoring 4 goals in your 1st game is an incredible accomplishment.

      I didn’t get to watch the Toronto game, Will see the highlights later today. Storm coming on the west coast & painted all day to beat the rain. House going up for sale Monday.

      Watched the last period of the StL Chi game & the SJ LA game, doing a little channel surfing on the EDM Cal game between periods.

      • Good luck with the house sale! We had stormy weather here over Thanksgiving on the other side of this great country! PEI.

        How do you think Edmonton will do this year? I am a huge Toronto fan but am watching Edmonton closely. I am hoping they finally get it right!

      • I have both Edm & Arz as serious playoff contenders. I don’t like Minnesota to make it & have serious concerns about LA. I ended up having them miss buy 2 points. I gave the final 2 playoff spots in the west to Arz & Winnipeg. Although Edm or LA could just as easily make it.

        Parity in the NHL for teams 13 through 26 is shocking. I have the standings tighter than ever & really you could just flip & coin & be as accurate as trying to pick them.

    • I agree on Mathews. I think everyone underestimates this guy. I’ve seen people pretty much say he couldn’t polish Eichel or Mcdavids skates! One game is just one game, but he looks very promising , getting burned in ot aside.

      So when can Americans start complaining of one of our most talented, promising young players, playing north of the border? I keed , I keed!

  5. I hope the Bruins don’t give Carlo and Heinen for Fowler. IMO it’s to much for a trade to a team that almost has to make a trade. I’d do Heinen and 2017 1st.

  6. Just curious when Calgary does the right thing and gets Big Ben Bishop?
    Elliot will be their achilles heel…

    • Who is Dale?

  7. Can’t the Jets simply trade Trouba to the ducks for Fowler? Fowler should fit in their cap and a left D and the Ducks can either flip or let Trouba sit out the year and gain that cap space from Fowlers trade.

    Is that against the spirit of the rules…I know it’s a dick move but business is business.

    • Personally I would think Fowler with a contract & playing would have more value than free agent without a contract, why would the Ducks short change themselves?

    • With expansion looming the motivation to move Fowler exists for a multitude of reasons. Anaheim has to many Dman. Lindholm wants a big raise, they have Dman ready to play in the NHL now, they need to get money off the books as they function on an internal cap, Fowler is a UFA in 2 years & they can’t hope to sign him & they need help at forward.

      Sitting Trouba for the year gets 4 mil off the cap today but still facing the same issue again next season when they go to sign him if they did that deal in some way. Anaheim simply doesn’t need a Dman. Giving Bieksa a NMC was a huge mistake. They have Lindholm, Vatanen, Fowler, Bieksa, Despres, Manson, Stoner & Holzer.

      Larsson is still with the team & will apparently play. I assume he gets his 9 games & heads back to Sweden but stranger things have happened. Theodore & Montour waiting in the minors.

      Not to mention Anaheim is still a very good team & won’t want to sit on the asset for a year. They need a good young winger ideally a left winger but right winger would help to on an ELC or very cap friendly contract.

      R. Strome would be a great fit or a very similiar player. Spooner, Namestnikov, etc.

      • JT Miller would also be awesome. A young player making about 2 mil a season maybe 2.5 that is protection worth come expansion & not looking at a huge raise in the next 2 years.

  8. Boston should go for Fowler and Trouba…For Fowler i give Heinen and 2018 first pick…and For Trouba i give Krug, Morrow or C.Miller plus 2018 second pick…

    • oups! sorry not 2018 picks but 2017…;)

    • That works for me, get er done.

  9. Random question about the Jets for Jets fans…

    Is Hellebuyck the real deal?

    His numbers were near elite, but it was a small sample size.

    Is he Andrew Hammond or Matt Murray?

  10. matthews nevermind the goals he dominated every other player on the ice, deked 5 players, stole the puck 10x and made the whole league say go leafs go.
    And probably the best thing to happen to him is be responsible for the losing goal in overtime. The kids a beast = top 10