Updates on Trouba, Lindholm & Fowler – October 18, 2016

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The Anaheim Ducks could have no choice but to trade Cam Fowler to free up cap space to re-sign Hampus Lindholm.

The Anaheim Ducks could have no choice but to trade Cam Fowler to free up cap space to re-sign Hampus Lindholm.

The latest speculation on Hampus Lindholm, Cam Fowler and Jacob Trouba in your NHL rumor mill. 

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance reports part of the reason for the holdup in the Anaheim Ducks re-signing free-agent defenseman Hampus Lindholm is the club is loaded with blueliners and may have to make a salary-dumping trade to free up cap space. Custance believes the Ducks prefer to move Kevin Bieksa, Simon Despres or Clayton Stoner, but an NHL executive tells him they don’t have much value. They could be stuck moving Cam Fowler.

Custance claims the Boston Bruins and Detroit Red Wings are the best candidates to pursue a defenseman. The Wings like Winnipeg Jets blueliner Jacob Trouba but there doesn’t appear to be a fit trade-wise between the two clubs. Fowler could be a better bet. Speaking of Trouba, Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff’s reputation for patience in the trade market means it could take time to work out a deal. 

SPORTSNET: Luke Fox speculates the Ducks poor defensive play and 0-2-1 record in the opening week of this season swings the advantage toward Lindholm and his agent Claude Lemieux. Lindholm’s asking price is believed as high as $7 million annually on an eight-year deal, while Buffalo Sabres blueliner Rasmus Ristolainen’s new six-year deal worth $5.4 million per season set the floor in the Lindholm negotiations.

Fox believes Ducks GM Bob Murray is hamstrung by the deals he gave to veterans Kevin Bieksa, Clayton Stoner and Ryan Kesler. He feels putting Nate Thompson ($1.6 million) on LTIR and waiving some youngsters won’t free up sufficient cap space. He also doubts Lindholm will get an offer sheet, noting the limited number of teams with sufficient cap space and the rearguard’s desire to remain in California.

A trade could be the best option, as “Buffalo, Boston, Detroit, Arizona, and the Rangers” are in the market for a defenseman. Cam Fowler, of course, is considered the likely trade candidate. Fox also points out Murray has until Dec. 1 to get Lindholm under contract or he becomes ineligible to play the rest of this season. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As I pointed out in my latest column in The Hockey News, if Despres ($3.7 million) is sidelined long term due to concussion, he and Thompson could be placed on LTIR. That frees up a combined $5.3 million. Still not enough to re-sign Lindholm, but a couple of demotions could also help.

Still, I think the only reasonable option is a trade and Fowler ($4 million) remains the likely candidate. Though he’s a left-handed shot, I don’t see those teams interested in bolstering their bluelines quibbling over that if they can land him for a reasonable price. 


  1. What can you get or do for $7 million a year that you can’t get or do for $5.4 million a year? Both Anaheim and Lindholm are playing a game of chicken with each other and I think Lindholm is going to lose. It’s just too difficult for Anaheim to clear the space needed to suit Lindholm’s demands, so either he signs for less then his demanding price, or he doesn’t play in the NHL this year. That will force him to play elsewhere and wherever else he’d go he wouldn’t get the dollars he could’ve had with Anaheim.

    • It’s negotiation tho, he isn’t going to get 7 and I’m sure him and Lemieux now this but you are going to start high and meet somewhere. Unlike Trouba I think Lindholm has a more proven and consistent track record and could see him easily an upper 5 lower 6 long term player so he is not going to start negotiations there. It would be short changing himself.

      • Agreed. I think Murray knows what he is going to give him. And I think Lindholm will take it when it is offered. Right now Murray is just sweating who he is going to move. As everyone else has said, I dont think he wants to move Fowler, but is most likely going to have to move him.

    • Lindholm will get a deal for $6.250 per X8 years and Anaheim can just send down all the players that are waiver – exempt Plus recently signed Rakell and Thompson on injured reserve along with previously waived Stoner and just waived Mason Raymond to the Minors..

      The team will remain intact for the time being !! Problem solved.

      • Not sure what you mean when you say “just send down all the players that are waiver-exempt Plus recently signed Rakell and Thompson on injured reserve …” Why would they put Rakell on injured reserve? He hasn’t played since his signing due to visa problems back home and will require a bit of conditioning, but his $3.8 mil kicks in the second he’s activated. Right now the Ducks’ cap hit is $72,001,666 for 23 players; Perry – $8,625,000; Ryan Getzlaf – $8,250,000; Kesler – $6,875,000; Rakell – $3,800,000; Silfverberg – $3,750,000; Cogliano – $3,000,000; Garbutt – $900,000; Vermette – $1,750,000; Boll – $900,000; Ritchie – $894,166; Sorensen – $803,333; Etem – $775,000; Wagner – $637,500; Vatanen – $4,875,000; Fowler – $4,000,000; Bieksa – $4,000,000; Després – $3,700,000; Stoner – $3,250,000; Larsson – $925,000; Manson – $825,000; Holzer – $700,000; Bernier – $4,150,000; Gibson – $2,300,000

        Thompson ($1,600,000) is already on IR and their only buyout is Fistric at $216,666.

        It’s true that having sent Raymond to the minors and putting Després on IR if his concussion symptoms persist will free up just over $4 mil, and if Stoner – who has cleared waivers – is sent down his $3.25 gets them into territory where they could sign Lindholm – but that means a D consisting of Vatanen, Lindholm, Fowler, a creaky Bieksa and 3 guys named Joe. And who replaces “all the players that are waiver-exempt” if they are send down? They still have to ice at least 12 F and 6 D for each game don’t they?

      • Rackell isn’t going on LTIR. He’s fit to play but the NHL allows time for players to be designated non roster when they sign late, have visa issues, etc. As Rackell has surgery he’s eligable to be designated as IR till fit to play. Raymond was waived yesterday to make room for Rackell to be brought off IR as soon as Raymond clears.

        Apparently Lindholm & Anaheim are only 700K apart now but still no room to take his cap hit.

        Something will get done before Dec 1st. Negotiations aren’t contentious just caught up in the business side of hockey.

        Getting Rackell on LW with Getzlaf & Perry, demoting Ritchie to Vermette’s LW will help generate some more offense. Defense hasn’t been an issue, in game 1 Anaheim’s 4th line & Gibson were the issue not the defense. Anaheim’s D has played great.

        I would like to see Larsson sent back to Sweden & Theodore brought up. He would help generate more offense. I assume Larsson is getting his 9 games & then the switch will happen. Great opportunity to solidify Larsson’s place with the team moving forward & give the kid a ton of confidence heading back to Sweden for 1 more year.

      • Going on IR doesn’t provide cap relief only LTIR does. Thompson hasn’t been put on LTIR yet which is odd but it can be done retroactively. I assume once he hits the 10 game threshold he will be.

        Anaheim only gets 950K off the books demoting Stoner.

        As I showed the other day Anaheim could get creative to create somewhere between 4 t 5 mil in cap space now if they wished to do so but unless Lindholm is doing a 2 year bridge deal that’s still not enough money to get Lindholm in under the cap.

        The wildcard currently is Despres. If he ends up on LTIR problem solved.

        Again I don’t see Murray rushing into anything. With each passing game he’s accruing cap space.

  2. I wondered if Fox actually watched any of Anaheim’s games. 3 games on 4 nights all on the road & not just missing Lindholm but Rackell 1 of their best forwards.

    In game 1 they seriously outplayed Dallas. Anaheim’s 4th line got spit out by Dallas’s 4th line, the dreaded Adam Cracknell. Raymond was a goat on 1 of those goals. Got him a ticket to the AHL essentially. Gibson was terrible.

    Game 2. 3-2 loss to Pittsburgh. Played great again Bernier stood on his head but Fleury was even better.

    Game 3. Back to back after playing Saturday night in Pittsburgh 3-2 OT loss. Played very well again but Gibson wasn’t very good again. Halak played great.

    I’ve given my opinion on Gibson several times. Gibson cost Anaheim last season in the playoffs. His getting the 1st 2 starts doomed Anaheim. I’m not a Gibson fan, he can’t stay healthy, he has games where he’s lights out others where is beyond brutal. Reminds me of Lehtonen. I think Anaheim traded the wrong goalie. Bernier will claw a ton of starts away from Gibson this season & when Gibson gets injured he may well play more games when all is said & done.

    I don’t think Anaheim being 0-2-1 out of the gate provides any leverage for Lindholm. Murray isn’t going to judge his current roster based on 3 road games in 4 nights travelling all the way to the East coast. D wasn’t the problem.

    • Sorry should read 3-2 OT loss to NYI.

    • Agree with ya there striker. Should of traded Gibson. Andersen was doing good for them.

  3. Jimmy Murphy an espn reporter in the Boston was on tsn 1290 Winnipeg yesterday and repeats what Elliot Friedman said on Saturday night. Which was that Chevy shouldn’t be concern about players not wanting to play in Winnipeg if that’s his concern on not trading Trouba, he then goes no to list the players that resigned. I’m like really? you don’t think Chevy knows who he signed and where their from and their importance to the team. Some one should tweet and email Cheveldayoff and let him know, because as Freidman said this is about Cheveldayoff hurt feelings. How about this; Kevin Cheveldayoff trying to do the best thing for his hockey team and won’t be rushed. Of course if his team continues to lose the decision may come quicker.

    • Losing Little is a serious problem. Winnipeg can’t replace what he brings to both sides of the puck. His power play presence, penalty killing abilities & solid 5 on 5 play are sorely missed. This is a great 2 way hockey player.

      Ironically the goaltending has been suspect. Neither Hellebuyck nor Hutchinson have played well. I think Winnipeg out played Boston last night, a missed assignment by Connor cost 1 goal. Dressing youth has benefits but also draw backs. They make mistakes but have to to learn.

      I have Winnipeg improved & a bubble team to make the playoffs even with Trouba but with out Little for any length of time, even with Trouba it seems unlikely.

      Chevy isn’t selling short. He can’t afford to. This is an solid asset & he can’t afford to move him under value in anyway. Nor will he. He gets what he feels is fair or Trouba sits all year or capitulates, signs & returns hoping to get moved eventually.

  4. Taking Bernier as a return for Andersen was their real mistake was it not? Could they not have found another trade partner for the 1st rounder they got? And if you they needed a reliable backup for Gibson in return since he is unproven, why would you add Bernier who’s reputation is inconsistency? He’s looking like a good gamble now though I guess but it’s a long season.

    • I assume the Bernier deal was part of the 1st trade that sent Andersen to Tor. The only reason it was delayed was so Tor could pay his 2 mil bonus on July 1st.

      I like Bernier. He gave Toronto some great years, playing well behind a really bad team & you want to judge him for 1 played behind the worst team in the NHL last season with most of their regulars injured & gone for the season?

      Anaheim’s cap issues are more than just 1 player. Stoner, signed in a different cap world July of 2014. Kesler about a mil to a mil 5 to much & Bieksa, the worst part being his getting an NMC.

      I accept however that UFA status provides players leverage & Anaheim had little choice but to pay Kesler what he wanted. This is 1 of the best defensive C’s in the game, a face off machine, great penalty killer & a serious pain in the ass to play against. Anaheim had to viable player in the system to take on the 2nd line C position. This type of player is a rare commodity & he generates decent offense considering all the hard minutes he plays against the other teams best every night.

      I should qualify that as much as I praise Kesler’s hockey abilities I hate him. Ha-ha!

      I have no doubts Murray will solve the cap issue before December 1st. Injuries are happening & teams will start getting desperate for help at D & moving a Dman even a Bieksa; or Stoner can be achieved by getting creative. Adding a sweetener, picking up 1/2 their respective cap hits etc. If Clarkson can be moved anything is possible regardless of how unlikely.

      • You’re a strong person than I am, Striker. While I *know* how good Kesler is, I hate him too much to admit it! 🙂

      • Kesler is a dirt player, gets under your skin due to cheap shots, slashes, cross checks, late hits you name it. Not a nice person in real life either. Can’t stand they guy but respect his abilities & the dynamic he brings to the ice. Few players in the NHL with this mix of skills & those intangibles have value that’s very hard to put monies on.

      • Marchand comes to mind.

  5. Murphy also said the bruins don’t have what Wpg wants, claims that when it came out that there could be a three way trade and boston was trying to get the necessary asset(s) to make the deal happen a scout from an NHL team contacted him for his opinion on some of the bruins prospects. He did not mention what team the scout worked for or the prospects discussed. I was struck by the fact a scout would call a reporter for player evaluations. I guess gathering as much info as possible its all in the details and the reporter would see a lot of hockey.

    • I don’t get it when someone says a team doesn’t have what another team wants. Their is always something but the team doesn’t want to give it.
      Example:Would Winnipeg take Krug,Pastrnak,Vatrano,Carlo and Three first round picks for Trouba. I’m sure they would jump at that but Boston would never pay that much.
      Detroit says they won’t give up Larkin would Winnipeg say no if he was offered.

      • When you have to use unrealistic trade examples, it’s as good as saying they don’t have what they need.

    • Ive been saying that for a while. Bostons best bet is Fowler.

  6. The Lindholm number has to be $5.4 even if only for two years. I think they can keep Fowler as well. Theodore is at entry level dollars and can play in the NHL

    • I would like to think if a 2 year deal you could get the salary down to 4 to 4.5. I kmow they play different positions but if Kucherov took $4,766,667 for 3 & is 1 of the most dynamic up & coming star forwards in the NHL Murray should be able to make an argument that Lindholm isn’t worth any more at least on a short term deal.

  7. Too early to fire Carlyle ? lol

  8. If I were Boston I think I would let the Carlo kid keep playing he is like plus a bunch and yes I know he is playing with Chara. Bruins need McQuaid and Miller back and than see how it goes.