Updates on Trouba, Yakupov and Gaudreau – October 5, 2016

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Detroit Red Wings among clubs with interest this summer in Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba.

Detroit Red Wings among clubs with interest this summer in Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba.

Check out the latest speculation on Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba, Edmonton Oilers right wing Nail Yakupov and Calgary Flames left wing Johnny Gaudreau. 

TODAY’S SLAPSHOT: Appearing on TSN 1040, Darren Dreger elaborated on his report last week claiming one of the offers the Winnipeg Jets received this summer for disgruntled defenseman Jacob Trouba came from the Detroit Red Wings. He said that it involved two higher-level forwards, who Wings general manager Ken Holland wasn’t able or willing to move.

Dreger said he knows Holland has had conversations with Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff and is willing to make a deal for just about anyone except forward Dylan Larkin. However, there doesn’t seem to be anyone in the Wings organization that’s a fit right now for Cheveldayoff, who will remain patient and wait for the right return or a possible change of heart by Trouba, who requested a trade nearly two weeks ago.

It doesn’t sound as though one of the Wings defensemen in a package deal is a fit for the Jets.  “Doesn’t sound like it”, said Dreger. “Danny DeKeyser is a pretty good hockey player. I would have thought him and geez – if you have to throw someone else in, I guess you try and sweeten it.”

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty believes Trouba can help the Boston Bruins defense corps, but wonders if he’s worth the cost. He notes the Bruins have a left-handed blueliner in Torey Krug to offer up, but he doubts the Jets “will trade a 6-foot-1, 200-pound former top-10 pick for a 5-foot-9, 181-pound D-man, who would likely be a power-play/third-pairing defenseman on a playoff-caliber team.”

Haggerty suggests the Bruins might have to add a sweetener,noting names such as Frank Vatrano and David Pastrnak were mentioned this summer by other teams in trades for top-four puck-moving blueliners. He also speculates the cost of re-signing Trouba could be comparable to the six-year, $32.4 million contract signed this summer by Seth Jones of the Columbus Blue Jackets. Haggerty feels if there’s a chance the Bruins can land Trouba without giving up Pastrnak, they should do it. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Right now, Jets GM Cheveldayoff, Trouba and the teams interested in the blueliner are playing the waiting game. Cheveldayoff waits for the right offer or for Trouba to change his mind about requesting a trade. Trouba, of course, waits in hope he will be moved soon. Those GMs interested in Trouba wait in hope Cheveldayoff gets desperate enough to seek something other than a top-four left-handed defenseman as a return. Hanging over this is the Dec. 1 deadline for re-signing restricted free agents such as Trouba. This standoff could go right up to that date before there’s a resolution. 

EDMONTON SUN: Jim Matheson believes right wing Nail Yakupov will make the Oilers roster for the upcoming season, but he’ll likely start the campaign in the press box, which won’t help his trade value. Matheson feels Yakupov needs a change of scenery, as he doesn’t get enough done to suit Oilers coach Todd McLellan. “Let’s face it, the train’s out of the station with Yakupov just as it was with defenceman Justin Schultz as the season wore on last year; he needs out.”

TSN 1260 (VIA TODAY’S SLAPSHOT):  Darren Dreger reports there’s a weak trade market for Yakupov. He said Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli tried to move the winger leading up to last season’s trade deadline and probably tried again at the NHL Draft in June. He said the Oilers want a draft pick in return, adding they’re not seeking a first or second rounder. At one point, they sought a third, but it’s probably not even that anymore. Still, Dreger suggests the market could change as the season goes along.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If there was a decent market for Yakupov, the Oilers would’ve found a trade partner by now. Maybe by midseason, when half of his $2.75 million cap salary has been paid out by the Oilers, there could be more interest in Yakupov. And maybe, like Schultz last year, he’ll end up with a team where he’ll be a good fit. 

TSN 1050 (VIA TODAY’S SLAPSHOT): Dreger also weighed in on the Calgary Flames contract negotiations with left wing Johnny Gaudreau. With the start of the regular season closing in (Oct. 12), he speculates a deal could be happen within days. He feels it could be a lengthy contract extension worth $7 million-plus. 


  1. “Joe Haggerty believes Trouba can help the Boston Bruins defense corps, but wonders if he’s worth the cost. He notes the Bruins have a left-handed blueliner in Torey Krug to offer up, but he doubts the Jets “will trade a 6-foot-1, 200-pound former top-10 pick for a 5-foot-9, 181-pound D-man, who would likely be a power-play/third-pairing defenseman on a playoff-caliber team.”

    More or less what I pointed out in here a few days ago. Krug has talent on offense – no doubt – but he’s a smurf compared to Trouba and that will be a factor for him as his career goes on. The constant pounding in his own end by huge forwards will eventually wear him down sooner rather than later. As it will with Russell if he’s ever signed to another contract.

    • Can the same not be said about all undersized defenseman? Last I checked, your boy Karlsson wasn’t a monster. Trouba isn’t gonna be the player you all think he’ll be. I see a ceiling of D. Hatcher. The game is changing again. Speed burns.

      • “My boy???” What in hell is that supposed to mean? besides, last I looked Karlsson is 3 inches taller than Krug. And I hope you’re not comparing Krug to Karlsson! The analogy I drew was Russell.

      • 3 inches taller & essentially the same body weight. Might have 5 pounds on Krug at best. I don’t see Karlsson, 1 of the best offensive transitional Dman on the planet playing his game any different than Krug’s except he leads the rush far more often.

        He’s not punishing anyone or leveling players, crosschecking them in front of the net; which should be a penalty by the way, or clearing the crease, simply not big & strong enough. He trys to tie his assignment up eliminating them from the play. That’s not his game either.

        You can teach players to check, you can teach players to be physical, not much skill required to do either of those things just decent skating abilities & learning positioning, angles & leverage. You can’t teach players like Krug the skills they have & display. These are natural acquired talents that have evolved & developed & few players have them.

        TB’s acquisition of a little used Dman from NYR in Stralman completely altered TB’s dominance since his arrival. It’s his transitional abilities, his ability to drive offense, clear the zone either skating the puck out of trouble or making outlet passes & set up an attack that makes TB the team they are today. Well that & Yzerman building a core group of players that can compete for the cup for the next 5 years. Remove Stralman & TB goes from cup contender to playoff contender in the blink of an eye.

        Puck possession is a great defensive strategy. The last time I looked you can’t score when the other team has the puck. Analytics have for ever altered the game & how these assets are now needed to have success.

      • Elite players are an exception to every rule. Using Karlsson as an example would take when this argument.

      • Would not win this argument. Haha

      • Haggerty sums it up pretty good Boston would have to throw in picks/prospects for trouba and what trouba brings I would

      • I’d say the Krug to Karlsson comparison is just as nutty as the Russell to Krug. No offence George lol

      • None taken Shticky. The ONLY comparison was to their respective diminutive sizes – Russell is 5′ 10″ 170 lbs and Krug is 5′ 9″ 186 lbs. Other opinions to the contrary – and that’s all any of of can offer – I still say a large D-man stands a better chance of having a lengthy career than one who’s regularly giving up upwards of 6″ to 8″ inches and 25 to 40 lbs in defensive-end puck battles. And that’s ALL I’ve ever said on the subject.

    • Brian Campbell is 5’10” 190 lbs. He just played his 1000th NHL game last season. Ryan Ellis 5’10” 180 lbs. Stralman 5’11” 190 lbs. Vatanen 5’10” 180lbs. Liles 5’10” 180, just played his 800th NHL game. Barrie 5″10″ 180 lbs. Spurgeon 5’9″ 170 lbs. I could go on & on. These aren’t physical net clearing Dman but solid offensive transitional Dman that are sound positionally tieing up or riding out their assignments.

      They aren’t nor will ever be what you seem to want them to be. What they are & Krug is is 1 of the best transitional Dman in the NHL today & he’s only played 3 full seasons in the NHL.

      Hey I love Trouba & would be happy to have him on the Bruins I’m just not giving up 1 of the best up & coming transitional offensive Dman to do so as the cost is simply to high.

      The NHL game is changing & doing so rapidly. The days of hitting to hurt are numbered. The game is becoming more & more about speed & transition hiting or checking to do what checking was originally designed to do, remove the puck from the player, player from the puck or player from the play & that doesn’t mean the player lieing on the ice wreathing in pain, just removed from the play which can be achieved easily just by tieing him up & riding him out. You don’t need to be 6’7″ 245 lbs to do so.

      • George: Is Karlsson not your boy? Poor assumption on my part.
        Bergy is my boy if you were wondering what it all means. I would’ve liked to haveconveyed what Striker just posted, but as always I’m strapped for time.
        Please don’t be offended by my comments. They’re usually short and to the point. Not ment to burn or hiss.

      • I see what you and Striker are saying. It still remains that size and skill is preferable to skill. To be honest I am not sure who, Trouba or Krug, will turn out to be the better D.

      • Jeff.

        I agree fully, size & skill before just skill but skill comes 1st for me before size with in reason. Krug has oddles of skill & isn’t a liability defensively as his deployment against better competition has increased each season since he entered the NHL as he learns his trade.

        He’s never going to be Weber, Suter, Keith, Doughty, Hedman, etc. but what he will be is 1 of the best offensive transitional Dman in the NHL today & that has incredible value in today’s NHL.

        Now Trouba may well become 1 of those Dman mentioned above. Maybe, he appears to have that potential if realized but his character is being called into question & his potential salary demands & cost in trade are non starters for me.

        Krug already is what he is & getting better. A bird in the hand if you will. In his 1st 3 season in the NHL he sits 20th for points & goals for all Dman over that time frame & just scratching the surface of his potential. He may have top 10 offensive abilities as he fully develops. That’s still 2 to 3 years out. It takes most; not all, Dman in or around 400 games & or 6 years to fully develop. We will know what he is fully then.

    • I don’t get why the Bruins want to give up Krug+ for Trouba. Krug is their only true offensive d-man and PP QB. Trouba, according to scouts, has had his offensive IQ questioned. He’s more of an all around d-man. With no replacement for Krug on the roster (Colin Miller hasn’t proven himself) I’d be hesistant to trade him

      • Trouba being RH over values him imho. He could flourish as first pairing but yes Krug is more established….maybe a 1 for 1 but adding more????!

      • Karlsson is not “my boy” in any way, shape or form. Do I follow the Sens? Yeah – they are my hometown team after all – but one thing I am not and this is a “my team right or wrong” kind of “fan.” If I perceive what I regard as warts I’ll say so – as I have with their 5/6 D pairing and idiotic “sentimental” signings like those of Neil late in his career. It’s a business and any tendency to sentimentality or misplaced “loyalty” can lead to on-ice problems as capability diminishes.

      • Not sure they do want to give up Krug Mike. It’s mostly speculation. I wouldn’t do it. The Bruins don’t have another great transitional Dman so why give up the one you have? I agree with you.

    • So will Winnipeg take Chara he’s much bigger.

  2. Head scratcher as to why Chevy would listen to anything involving 2 forwards…I could see 1 with a D as a sweetener but 2 forwards straight up for a d on a team that is stacked on forward and just kinda ok on D? Where are all these forwards playing?

    • It may enable Chevy to then move other forwards for a D. If a D is hosting desire.

      • Ya it may and if a frog had wings it may not bump his ass when it jumped Jeff lol, how many 3 way deals do you see anymore compared to deals involving just 2 teams? Not saying it doesn’t happen just for the most part Chevy isn’t moving Trouba for the opertunity to make more deals, I’m sure if he had his way he wouldn’t be moving Trouba at all.

    • Agreed Shticky!

  3. If I’m Chevy I go public with the following comment.

    Jacob Trouba is the property of the Winnipeg Jets & will be for several more years. We drafted this player, love his development & wish to help him succeed at being the player he will 1 day hopefully be.

    We have offered Jacob 2 year bridge contract to continue to earn a better long term contract. He can accept to sign this contract or sit the year.

    We think Trouba will be an incredible Dman but todate he’s played as a 3rd paring Dman logging significant minutes both on the PP & SH with various degrees of success but hasn’t yet earned a long term contract but with a few more years of experience we have no doubt he will.

    I love the Garth Snow model. These players shouldn’t be coming out of their ELC’s getting huge money 6 to 8 year deals. I have no doubt the NHL will look to change this in the next round of CBA negotiations.

    Do we really want to see stud players becoming UFA’s at 26 or 27? I don’t & I wouldn’t. I bridge everyone. Rielly & Jones will both potentially be UFA’s at 27. They should have been bridged then signed long term.

    • Sorry it should close with.

      We appreciate Jacob would like a different opportunity to play else where but we will not be trading Jacob Trouba at this time. Now if Jacob signs a contract, returns to play & helps his value we will consider doing so if the right opportunity comes along but no promises. This is a #3 Dman today, coming out of his ELC with #1 potential & we want to help him realize & become that player, when he does, he will see that opportunity & the contract deserved.

      Jacob is an asset of the Winnipeg Jets & it’s my responsibility to do what’s best for our organization & that’s with Jacob playing & continuing his development with us.

      • Striker I think wherever Trouba signs. Be it the Jets or another team it won’t be for huge monies.

        Well unless an offer sheet an be done. These things seem to be designed to inflate a players salary to prevent a team from matching.

      • Trouba is gonna get close to 6 long term not sure what you consider big money but…team isn’t going to give up assets to get him then offer a bridge deal Jeff

      • 6 is too much. I’m think 4 to 5.

      • Between 5 and 6 closer to 6 if I had to bet

    • How did that bridge deal work for Montreal with Pk? they could’ve have signed him for $2m less a season but chose the quick fix. Bridge deal isn’t always the answer, if the projectory is up and your player develop further you run the risk of paying more but you have the player for an extra two years, maybe. You could debate if they are worth the money, but not if its a bad ideal to lock up one of your core players long term. You could say a bridge deal is saying “I don’t think you’ll be any better tomorrow then you are today; therefore I’m not willing to sign you long term or for the money you want.” I realize they are different reason for a bridge, one being the cap and asking the player to sign a bridge with a bigger deal in the future. Bridge should be done on an individual player by player bases, not a standard for every player.

      • I think it worked great. 2 years at 5.75 & then 8 years at 72. That totals 7.775 a year for 10 years. He’s locked up 2 years longer making what he should be paid essentially & now won’t be a UFA until 32.

      • A bridge deal for me says were not paying you for promise but what you have achieved & earned today. In 2 years if you continue your development & get better we will pay you market value.

        Subban could have been signed for less than 72 million for 8 years if Jeff Moulson had stayed out of it. Subban isn’t a 9 mil cap hit Dman but when you amortize it back to the 2 year deal it all balanced out in the wash.

      • could’ve had for 8yrs at $7 for $56 then resign him at 30 for less or the same or walk away if his game slid. Not so great in my view.

      • Ahh more common sense the bridge and the animosity (from it) of that negotiation cost the Habs the big Subban deal. I agree Caper they knew what they had and tried to save a few bucks and in the long run they could have had a much better deal, but hindsight is always 20/20 I suppose.

    • Garth Snow didn’t create that model, Sather has used that for years. Every Ranger has gone through it. Nobody was handed 6 million dollar contracts. And almost everyone was pushed to the brink of arbitration.

      • It was a Habs rule long before slats moved to NYC and instilled the same mantra.

      • Wasn’t it Sather who signed Redden?

      • U realize that was a different situation, but it does illustrate that he wasn’t immune from handing out asinine contracts, and that, while he’d play hardball with the club’s future, he was prepared to toss caution to the wind when it came to veterans.

  4. Why are some getting caught up in the transitional game? To say Trouba doesn’t have it would be wrong. Trouba is a better and faster skater then Krug, he also has a hard shot. Trouba shouldn’t be knocked at this point of his career for a lack of so called transitional game. He makes a good first pass. Todays game you still have to keep the puck out of your net more then then the opponents to win games. For me, there is only so many forwards that are willing to go into the dirty area’s or pay the price area. Those who don’t like them area’s and tend to shy away, I dare say they might be more willing to go into these area’s if the dman is 5’9 and 180lbs who is just trying to angle him or tie up his stick; as oppose to the 6’1 210lb guy who is willing to drill him into the ice. I want the complete guy.

    • I do too but I don’t want the complete guy who ends up peaking as a 3/4 type guy for 6 million bucks see Dion Phaneuf. Not to say that’s what’s going to happen to Trouba just that it’s a possibility that he doesn’t reach his ceiling.

    • Trouba 3 years NHL experience. 211 games played, 4760.8 minutes of TOI, 23 goals, 49 assists for 72 points, +16. 387 shots, 5.9 shooting %. 4 playoff games 0 points, -2, 8 shots.

      Krug. 3 years experience. 241 games played, 4661.8 minutes of TOI, 30 goals, 95 assists for 125 points, +39. 635 shots, 4.7 shooting %. 27 playoff games, 6 goals, 16 points, +3. 62 shots at 9.7 shooting %.

      Boston’s PP 7th last season, Winnipeg’s dead last. Boston’s penalty kill 11th last season Winnipeg’s 25th. Bostons goals against 20th with 228, Winnipeg 22nd with 236. Boston 93 points last season, Winnipeg 78. Shots against per game Boston 18th with 30.4, Winnipeg 14th with 29.5. Shots for, Boston 4th with 32, Winnipeg 16th with 29.6. Goal differential Boston plus 10 Winnipeg minus 24.

      How does each of these players roles & responsibilities effect those #’s above. Very difficult to quantify but there is a reason. How you or I deduce such is the only issue.

      • But I think this here is the issue with your TOI model, if you swap these 2 players teams Krug is not likely to get anywhere near the pp time with Buff and Trouba totals are likely to increase with the added icetim in Beantown. In this case I’d likely look to the cost $ and analytics of the players instead. I’m not sure I’d do Krug if I was Boston simply as you said because they don’t really have this type of player and I think you are plugging a hole and creating another, but other than that I could see it being a trade worth doing. If that makes sense.

    • Trouba is faster than Krug
      Didn’t know that.

  5. Sounds like a lot of people are placing too much value on Krug. As Caper says give me the more complete guy.
    I agree 100 %.

    • I agree whiskey Krug is a tad overrated he should be a second pairing dman at most with pp time

  6. Krug….5-foot-9, 181-pound D-man, who would likely be a power-play/third-pairing defenseman on a playoff-caliber team.”…….I think he’s over doing on the size…and he’s a #2 DMan on the Bruins tells you the state of their D

    • Agree the Bruins defence is weak. I have them as missing the playoffs-maybe bottom 6 in the whole league.

      • I have Boston as a bubble team again, that should be in the same spot as teh 2 seasons prior. Hopefully this time they don’t lose out on the final day of the season.

  7. Nice to see that no one is talking about Trouba and the Leafs. I was at the game last night, in was only Ottawa, but Zaitsev is the real deal plus Carrick and Corrado are very good skaters and effective defensemen. The D looks a lot better then people think. Zaitsev and Reilly was an exceptional D pair. Then Gardner with Carrick or Corrado is another good puck moving pair. After that Polak with whoever will punish people a third pair. Babcock also had Carrick on the wing for a power play. I guess we will see in ten games into the season if the talent produces? One more year with a top five pick would really put the prospect pool over the top? Things are moving in the right direction but a playoff berth is probably over estimating the team?

    • I agree, I also like the fact that we have Hunwick for leadership and reliability. He is good defensive side and as shown in the preseason, can score big goals. Another top ten pick after this season and loads of more additional picks via trades, will nicely rebuild our prospect pool (cupboards) that JFJ, Burke & Nonis devoured. Shanny/Lou/Hunter/Dubas has done and will continue to do wonders at leading our team properly!

    • If your expecting anything out of Corrado your in for disappointment. He managed 39 games last season for the worst team in the NHL & finished -12. Yet spent the entire season watching from above. He’s nothing more than a depth Dman 7/8 guy in the NHL. He only plays when injuries leave no other option. He will be waived as soon as Toronto finds a better option.

      • I do like what Shanahan & Co are building. The future looks very bright in Toronto. They may still finish dead last again this season but they’ll be significantly better doing so.

  8. To me there isn’t really a fit with Boston and Winnipeg. So why wouldn’t they look harder at Fowler? Would Spooner and a prospect like Karlsson get the job done ? Ana needs a winger and Spooner has experience as one along with playing centre.
    The prospect fills a need as well.
    A lot more feasible then Trouba. Sure Trouba may be viewed as better then Fowler but Boston keeps Krug this way.

  9. Is o one talking about the fact the Oilers are trying once again to ruin another elite player. McDavid has been officially announced as captain of the Oilers. I find this incredibly irritating. The kid doesn’t even have 40 games in the league yet. Yes Crosby pulled it off, but Lecavalier did not. The point of a captain is to be a leader, and not just the most skilled player. Lucic, with almost 650 games and 100 playoff games would have been a much better choice. As good as McDavid is, he does not have the time in to be captain yet. Just let the kid play hockey…RANT OVER…

    • Landeskog is doing fine.

  10. Agreed. I like Fowler better than Trouba as well & not just for trade fit. If Trouba were able to become Fowler that would be quite the development in & of it’s self. Trouba has yet to play the hardest minutes against the leagues best, that responsibility has fallen to Buffy on the 1st pairing & Myers on the 2nd. Trouba has been sheltered in a 3rd pairing role. Fowler has played the hardest minutes in Anaheim for 3 years straight now. No Anaheim Dman starts more of his shifts in the D zone than Fowler over that time frame, it’s not even close.

    • Better contract also

  11. I just want to get the party started; only a week to go, although the ball game last night had some excitement & I’m looking forward to taking out the Texas Rangers. 2 fantasy drafts in the books, the 3rd tonight, then 3 draft pools this weekend. A few box pools to finalize & it’s go time.

    3 days of festivities in Vancouver for the last Fantasy draft with the boys from the Roxy & Barking Parrot in Penticton has be brain dead.

  12. Why would Boston trade Krug and more for Trouba sure Trouba may be better in his own end but not as offensive. Boston needs to move a prospect or picks for a D man and if that doesn’t land Trouba than find someone else. Removing a good D man and adding a little bit better one helps nothing they need to add to there group. Play the year out promote from within and at trade deadline add if need be its GM 101.