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Could the Vancouver Canucks shop Alex Burrows later this season?

Could the Vancouver Canucks shop Alex Burrows later this season?

The Canucks appear headed for a big change, one of which could include trading Alex Burrows to a playoff contender. 

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: David Ebner recently reported the struggling Vancouver Canucks are in for a “big change”, though no one knows for sure what kind. Despite management’s belief last summer that the club could be a playoff contender this season, they’re still near the bottom of the Western Conference standings.

On Friday, general manager Jim Benning spoke of rebuilding around his group of young players and wants to improve the club now, preferably by trading a defenseman for a scoring forward. While head coach Willie Desjardins has come under fire from fans and pundits for the club’s poor performance, Ebner suggests a bigger move would be a change in management. He feels that would signal “a true shift in philosophy, away from chasing short-term results to greater focus on the longer-term.”

VANCOUVER SUN: Ben Kuzma believes Canucks veteran winger Alex Burrows could command interest from a Stanley Cup contender as a rental player in return for a draft pick. “It’s difficult to imagine contenders like the New York Rangers and Montreal Canadiens wouldn’t have trade-deadline interest in Burrows,” write Kuzma, pointing out Burrow would be reunited with former Canucks coach Alain Vigneault on the Rangers and playing for his hometown Canadiens would cap his NHL career. Burrows, 35, has a no-trade clause but isn’t ruling out the possibility of waiving it later this season. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Rebuilding on the fly hasn’t worked for the Canucks. After making their front office and coaching changes two years ago, they should’ve engaged in a full roster overhaul back then, when the fans were prepared for it. Now, there’s a sense among Canucks followers that the last two years have been wasted in pursuit of a playoff berth, rather than building up another future Cup contender.

Benning’s sought a scoring winger for weeks. There was talk linking the Canucks to Buffalo Sabres left wing Evander Kane, but given his baggage, inconsistency and $5.25 million contract, most Vancouver followers seem to consider him a poor option. By the time Benning finds a suitable trade target, it could come too late to save this season.

It’ll be interesting to see if Desjardins and Benning remain in the current positions by season’s end. While Benning and team president Trevor Linden have pleaded for patience from the fans, it’s the team ownership that could lose tolerance for the club’s declining on-ice fortunes. If that happens, heads could roll in the front office.

Moving a veteran such as Burrows is likely to be among the necessary steps toward that much-needed rebuild around their core of young players. His high-scoring days are well in the past but he’s still an experienced, effective penalty killer and energy winger. He’ll likely be dangled by the March 1 trade deadline. 

Some will wonder if long-time Canucks Daniel and Henrik Sedin could also hit the trade block. The twins have a year remaining on their contracts with full no-movement. Every indication is they wish to stay put. However, if they are to change their minds, I think such a move comes in the offseason. 


  1. It’s a pretty slow day when the ONLY subject for discussion is that disaster on the left coast.

    • LOL, yes it is sad and I should no being a Leaf fan, at least I have some hope now.

    • I’m betting Linden quits.

      • We can dream. Might be a good thing for the team to be honest.

      • They already asked him about that and Linden says he won’t quit.

      • Linden won’t have to quit. Aqualini will fire everyone eventually. The Canucks are a mess. The young players they have acquired like Beartschi & Granlund look to be nothing more than 3rd liners at best. Not sure Chaput & Gaunce will be NHL players ever, if so 4th liners at best. Megna & Skille are warm bodies really speaks to the state of the Canucks forward depth.

        The Canucks have 4 top 6 forwards, Sedin, Sedin, Eriksson & Horvat. 3 of them are very old. The prospect kitty at forward is virtually bare.

        Thankfully the D holds solid promise & most would agree you build from the net out but the rebuild of this team hasn’t really even started. Linden & Benning have been spinning their wheels for 2 years. Unfortunately assets were moved at the wrong time & the proper value not returned to have started the rebuild.

        Until the Canucks bite the bullet & tear this mess apart the future looks pretty dim. It’s going to get really ugly in Vancouver. Attendance is going to plummet it has been doing for 2 full seasons now & with no light at the end of the tunnel currently those season ticket holders that re upped are going to fall by the way side.

        Huge monies are being lost with those 3000 to 4000 season ticket holders not showing up to games they have paid for. It was $20 bucks a round for 2 beers at the game essentially with tip. That’s a ton of lost revenue, something that will have Aqualini do what he always does. Something bad unfortunately. Linden & Benning are doing as requested but doing so poorly. Acqualini should stay out of hockey opps. Like Ottawa he wants revenue & cares little about the future. which ironicly is going to impact the revenue stream significantly & is as the fans aren’t happy.

    • @George O
      Says the guy who spends his every waking moment on this site. Now there’s a disaster.

      • I hardly think I’m alone ace! WTF is your issue anyway? I need permission from an a&^-hole to comment now?

      • Brutal.

    • Burrows is a washed up dirty player, you’ll have to throw in draft picks for someone to take that deal, guy isn’t going to get the Canucks a return, he is gonna cost them to dump that contract

      • Funny enough when Burrows is playing for your team you’ll see the value of the player. II’m pretty sure he hasn’t been suspended as much as Kadri despite his long career

    • Yeah George that’s pretty much how West Coast fans feel with the constant articles about the Leafs. TSN/Sportsnet and frankly this site to holds little interest because we’re force fed Leafs talk. You can see what it’s like with ONE day of Canuck article ….ONE day. We get it all year

      • Nobody is taking on burrows, Vancouver is his last stop, not a useful piece on a contender

      • That guy will never play on my team thank the NHL hockey gods for that

      • It wasn’t the fact there was an article on the Canucks that prompted my comment – it was the fact they were the ONLY team mentioned. That’s all I meant when I said it’s a “slow day.” But if anyone attempts top deny they are a disaster in the making .. well, they’d better dicker for a thicker set of skin. Especially that tool Jeff.

  2. Vancouver isnt a destination spot. No one wants to play there. Bad management for years. They made a cap so all teams could be competitive but teams found ways around the cap to keep getting all the good players. And these lesser teams still suffer. Im in pittsburgh and we get to see this front and center all the superstars we’ve have since the cap came in effect. If your team isn’t attractive enough then you better learn how to draft cause your not getting anything in free agency. With that in mind the nucks have no prospects virtenen is the only one im aware of and it seems they ruined him already.

    • Iroc, not sure the Pens have all the superstars you refer to because of astute management. They were a really bad team at the right time and drafted Malkin 2nd overall and then Crosby 1st overall. They were not a destination until those guys came in. Now they are because they have the best player in the world.
      It was a no brainer to draft both of those guys when they did and every other team would have done the same thing. Even Benning.
      Having said that they have drafted well with guys like Letang and the trade for Kessel last year turned out to be a great move.
      But in the end they are not winning cups without Crosby and Malkin, who were no brainer picks when Pittsburgh sucked.

    • Good post, but Virtanen was a bad idea right from the start. Wasting a #6 selection on a potential 3rd line energy role player is unforgivable. We took Nylander two spots later and he’s given us 27 pts in 40 NHL games.

      Even if you look past the bad draft strategy or misread on talent, he never should have been handled the way that he was. It was clear in his first 9 games in the NHL he wasn’t ready.

      They continued playing him on/off, which is hard on a player, but when he did draw into the lineup he got less than 10 minutes of ice per game. You can’t expect a kid to develop that way.

      Sending him to the WJC was the right move. However, he was a downright liability in that tournament, earning widespread condemnation. Clearly, they should have pulled the plug after that.

      Instead they played him a total of 55 games that season and burned a year toward his FA. What you have now is damaged goods. As a Leafs fan, wouldn’t trade a top 9 player, let alone a 20 goal scorer.

      • Sorry if that last sentence wasn’t clear, I meant I wouldn’t want to trade any of our top nine for Virtanen.

        We already have a Virtanen in the system in Yegor Korshkov, who is putting up 0.5 ppg in the KHL this season as a 20 year old and > 1 ppg at the WJC.

        We took him at #31 – that’s how you do it.

      • Boy it sure doesn’t take much for a Laffs fan to suddenly be an expert on drafting and managing a team. Let’s see does 1967 mean anything to you?

      • Lol oh rocket you don’t know dan39 as soon as the leafs draft someone they are great hockey players!! Lol

    • @IrocZ88
      That’s a bright comment. Doesn’t sound like you follow hockey. Pittburgh get’s lucky, or tanks for Lemieux, Jagr, Crosby, Malkin…ridiculous exploitation of what’s supposed to be a fair draft system. As for your comment about the Canucks having no prospects, well that’s so dumb I wont even touch that one.

      • Forgot how mad the world is a pitt for sucking at the right time. Maybe we can compare vancouver to any other team that didnt get lucky. U no edmonton chicago toronto washington… as for the nucks prospects cole cassels and Thatcher Demko. Great prospect pole. Maybe if they didnt waste 3 goalies on nothing theyd be a competive team

  3. What would you possibly get for Burrows ? Benning gone before the draft.

    • If I were Ottawa I’d offer them Lazar (a B.C. resident) and a 4th round pick.

      • Done. Make it so.

      • OK Captain Renard!

      • I’ll take Lazar. He can play on my team. Solid young 3rd line defensive player that may have untapped offensive abilities. Good penalty killer, skater & energy player. If your giving him up for used pucks & jock straps I’m all in.

        He would be a great replacement for Burrows.

    • Probably a fifth rounder with conditions attached that favour the receiving team. Why anybody would want him is a mystery to me. I’m sure there are better options than him unless you really want a washed up cheap shot artist in your line-up

      • Cheap shot artist is right. The only player other than Grabovski I can think of who has physically bitten an opponent.

      • You are so right there on all accounts Drew. Burrow’s has shown nothing this year other than he can take stupid penalties and that they’re paying him too much to demote him. I hope this is someone’s big acquisition for a playoff run this year as I know what team to not take in the office pool.

      • Kadri is a good comparison to a young burrows both cheap shot artists and big time embellisers

      • And that rat Marchand, BigBear? Lady Byng candidate in your cloudy, glazed over eyes, I’m sure.

      • Marchand is dirty too dan! Can you admit Kadri is?

      • The NHL is full of such players. every team has them. Part of the game. Some are just better hockey players than others.

  4. I predicted Burrows would be moved but it was to Buffalo not a playoff team. I think the answer I got was no way Burrows aint moving. Well maybe not to Buff but maybe a contender like the Rangers. I can see him waiving his NTC to go to NYC.
    Return would be interesting, not sure but the Rangers may have enough cap space by the TDL to be able to send prospects and picks.
    If so then I’d look at a guy like Graves ( build from the back out ) and next yrs 2nd. Maybe more ?
    Not sure who on the roster I’d give up……damn the Rangers look good Nash is the only guy over 30 of the fwds. Sucks they lost Zbad, that was ugly.

    • the loss of zbad is rough for the Rangers. I literally just got him in a trade in my pool too.

    • You need to take another swig if you think Buffalo is taking Burrows…

  5. what do they do though? As nice as it was to have the Sedins all this time- they are untradeable if you want to rebuild- no one is taking on 14 mill (they will have to go together) …can’t rebuild when they are still there as your picks will never be high picks. They are a tire fire and this situation is so eerily similar to Toronto’s years ago..sniff success and perpetually chase it…not good… is there anyone that would take them- if they actually would go….maybe Philly? Would they take the sedins in exchange for Voracek and his 8.25 mill Andrew McDonald..Matt Read…..pipe dream ..but a rebuid cant happen with those guys there

    • We all assume they have to play together on the same team.
      But do they?
      They are middle aged men, I am sure they work in different places.
      If not that is down right goofy.

      • haha- I don’t think they would waive to be separated and yup it is goofy

    • If the Sedins get traded it may be interesting for the Habs to look at the possibilities. In MTL there is 1st line, not really a 2nd line and a lot of bottom 6 players. Bringing the Sedins for there second lines make a lot of sens. To make it happen I’m sure that Plekanec and Emelin will need to be included, you add a 1st and a good prospect like MacCarron and you have an offer to help Vancouver rebuild.

      • The Canucks will have to eat salary no matter where they trade them!

  6. I think Christmas came early for Striker with the only headlines being the disaster that is Vancouver. Jim Benning has done the near impossible by challenging Mike Milbury as the worst GM of all time.

    • As bad as he is, he’s still a long way from Mad Mike territory

    • Benning wins hands down. Worst asset management ever seen. Clueless. Ideally everyone gets fired including the owners. Aqualini is as much the problem as any of them, Linden or Benning. As long as he owns the team the Canucks see little to none of my cash.

      I was at the Chicago game Saturday night, 16 of us for a buddies 50th. Paid attendance was 18,865 (100.3% full). There had to be 3000 empty seats just in the lower bowl. That’s always an ominous sign when people who are paying over 10K annually for their 2 seats choose not to attend a Saturday night game against Chicago nor can be bothered to even put them in the resale pool.

      • Likely Corporate seats and nobody wanted to use them. Agree with your earlier comments on ownership. Until that changes, nothing else will. It is possible Benning and Linden are just following the orders of make the playoffs for the gate.
        If so, Benning can’t make the deals he needs to in order to tear it down, and then build it up. Having the Sedins joined at the hip makes it even tougher and they are his 2 best assets to get the picks/prospects they need to be accumulating.
        I thing Benning is in an impossible position.

      • I dont think Benning is calling the shots on who does or doesn’t get traded. The Aqualini’s are known meddlers who want to squeeze every dollar out of a broken team. The dysfunction is obvious on the ice, what isn’t obvious is the amount of say the owners have in day to day decisions and i’m willing to bet they meddle a lot.

      • Seriously? I’m a Canucks and Isles fan. No one comes close to Milbury. He’s the guy who traded away Spezza and CHara so he could give Yashin one of the worst contracts in hockey history. Traded away Luongo so he could draft Dipietro and give him the worst contract in NHL history. Traded away Todd Bertuzzi and Brian Macabe for a washed up and useless Trevor Linden.

        As a fan who’s suffered through both the Milburry experience is a special kind of hell. Don’t get me wrong, Benning is clearly an idiot, but Milburry was worse.

      • Best comment of the day Styx. You’re right, no one compares to Mike Milbury.

      • That’s what I said earlier – but of course Striker felt compelled to refute.

      • Look out, he’ll list all of Benning’s trades again. It’ll be another 2,000 word essay.

  7. MAF, Trevor Daley, Eric Fehr, and Kris Kunitz, 2017 2nd, 2018 2nd for Ryan Miller, Nikita Tryamkin and Jannick Hansen is a deal Benning would go for. And makes us able to promote a couple guys that have earned it.

    • This trade proposal makes no sense to me. MAF is better than Miller. The penguins at this juncture probably wont mind MAF being lost in the expansion draft as Murray will be number one and they don’t really need an expensive backup, which is what they would have in Miller because he wouldn’t be taken(IMO). Then you want them to give up one of there only young guys in Tryamkin and one of there only energy guys and leader for a washed up d-man, a third or fourth line checker, and a guy on the downward side of his career. Oh and two seconds which we know the canucks will bungle.

      • Tryamkin isnt going anywhere, if Tanev hits the block there will be a bidding war and would fetch the Canucks some nice pieces. Tryamkin is big and hits like a freight train, something the Canucks need in the western conference. Hansen will most likely stay with the team if what Benning has said is true the he’s not trading him. Miller may go if someone wants him

    • The only way that deal happens is if Linden flies to Pittsburgh and holds a gun to Rutherford’s head.

      I wouldn’t give up a 4th rounder for that package.

  8. I have been saying all along that the Sedins need to be traded! Yes they have big contracts, but considering the limited time left on their contracts both teams making this deal could get quite creative. And if Vancouver is exploring a true rebuild then they need to leverage their assets. They are not very good with the Sedins anyway so keeping them will not improve anything. I think they are better off to start exploring several trades. I think the Sedins would complement Taylor Hall quite nicely in New Jersey for example.

    • That would be a dynamic trio, but what would NJ give up in return. They are not exactly flush with prospects.

      • That was just a suggestion! They would be a dynamic trio. Let the managers figure out the particulars.

  9. I would suggest you go to ESPN NHL. Hover over teams, select Vancouver, go to transactions & look at every trade Benning has ever made starting from day 1 of his hiring. I should warn you it’s not for the weak of heart.

    Milbury was GM of NYI for almost a decade. Benning has been in place for a little over 2 years.

  10. As for the Sedin’s they are not the issue nor have they ever been. Had Benning moved assets at the right time & secured the right assets in replacement the Sedin’s would be starting to see reduced roles, still carrying the team but slowly sliding into secondary roles. The Sedin’s aren’t going any where. They are untradable at their salaries, ages & wants moving forward. If the Canucks choose not to resign them when these deals are up it will be at their loss as they have no 1 ready to replace them nor will they by the time these deals are up.

    The Sedin’s will be resigned; 2 year deals at or near 4 mil per, & eventually be pushed into those roles as 2nd & 3rd liners. Again no 1 to replace them in the system in that time line & the Canuck’s won’t have the cap space to replace them with someone else.

    The Sedin’s will retire Canucks in 3 years or sooner if a trade is forced on them. They have no interest in playing else where at this point. They have everything they need for the rest of their lives but Stanley cups. Unfortunately few get that reward.

    They will go down as the best Canucks players in their history to date.

    • No they were never the problem. I agree completely; however, Sundin was never the problem in Toronto either, but at some point in time if you are going to enter a true rebuild you need to clear out your best assets and that is the Sedins. And yes Benning is not a very creative manager, so maybe he needs to go! I feel bad for the Sedins as for the most part Vancouver has not provided them with good enough teams to compete short of the few seasons they were good enough to go all the way (2011). Perhaps new management would be less committed to previous regime’s decisions.

    • Agree Striker, they are and never were the problem. Great players and class acts and have earned the right to choose.
      They may just decide they prefer to give it a go elsewhere, like like Ray.

      • Kids & wife’s are fully established in the city. Although they return to Sweden in the summers for a few months I think they will live in Vancouver until the kids are adults.

        Multitude of factors for why the Sedin’s retire Canucks. Not the least of which is the way their contracts were structured specifically in term; years & NMC.

        With NMC’s & expansion looming the Sedin’s are being moved. Then they have 1 year remaining on their deals. The Canucks will have no choice but to renew as expending 2 roster spots on 2 players with only 1 year to UFA status would be more brutal asset management than we have already seen from Benning.

        A total mess. Take the Sedin’s off this team, free up that cap space; 14 mil, & who are the Canucks replacing them with? Good luck, the UFA market post expansion is going to be a wasteland & few are going to willing choose Vancouver unless the money is simply to good to refuse. See Eriksson.

        The solution is to tear it down, resign the Canucks for 2 years at 4 to 4.5 per & buy time to get Boeser & future draft picks into the line up & ready to play at the NHL level. The Canucks don’t have those players today. They haven’t even drafted them yet.

      • Sorry should read the Sedin’s aren’t being moved not are being moved

      • Striker, that all makes sense and is logical. The Sedins seem like guys who are smart enough to realize that hockey is there job, not their life. Family fist dudes.
        Just spit balling here, but if it really gets that ugly in Van, and the owner is as big an A-hole as rumor says he is….
        I wouldn’t bet anything on it, you just never know.

  11. It is hard to do a”full rebuild” when no one wants the players you want to get rid of. And those you do trade everyone complains because you did not get enough for them, because no one wants the contracts that go with them.

  12. Next we’ll be focusing on the meltdown in Motown hopefully. Our mgmt and coaching ranks right up there with the Canucks.

    • Detroit is in a far better position than Vancouver except at possibly D maybe. I haven’t enjoyed Blashill’s time behind the bench.

      Holland hasn’t been able to resolve the loss’s of Lidstrom, Rafalski & Stuart is such a short window & his handling of the cap & loyalty to older players has come back to handcuff the Wings efforts to retool this roster.

      The NHL is fast becoming a younger mans game & Holland is still clinging to the old world of flushing out his roster with age as opposed to youth. He has enough age he doesn’t need the Miller’s, Ott’s, Vanek’s of the world. Even bringing back Helm particularly for that term & monies was wrong. I also don’t like Neilsen getting so much money & term.

      These signings are just not allowing the Tatar’s, Nyquists, Mantha’s, Larkin’s of the world the right opportunity to develop. A better balance needs to be found.

      I hate the deployment of Abdelkader. Great hockey player but not deserving of 1st line ice time & PP time. This season it has been reduced to 2nd & 2nd but still nothing more than a 3rd line checker energy player with heart for me.

  13. Would the Sedins ever agree to a trade that split them up?

    Or would they just sign with the same team afterwards, seeing as how they only have 1 year left on their contracts?

  14. The big question is what ever happened to ” Dim Jims ” biggest fan on this site ??

  15. vancity has never had a first overall pick,enough said

    • A number 1 pick isnt everything. Ask edmonton. U gta develope and scout ur butt off to find good players. Who has LA sanjose or Boston picked number one overall. They built a complete team using using all their resources. How many number ones were busts.

      • What ??

  16. As a Bruin fan I wish we had a Team of Marchands the guy is the complete competitor and team guy. NHL is boring enough ,God please let there be a few more character guys.

    • Non Bruin fans probably think Pastrnak is a dirty player also after that suspension for his hit. Which was a complete joke he got suspended.
      Can’t believe Kadri didn’t get suspended for his hit. Looked like how Savards career ended. Same play.

    • Marchand should’ve been the MVP of the World Cup.
      No way were they giving it to him over Crosby.