Latest on Trouba and Halak – November 1, 2016

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Entering November, the standoff between Jacob Trouba and Winnipeg Jets management continues.

Entering November, the standoff between Jacob Trouba and Winnipeg Jets management continues.

The latest updates on Jacob Trouba and Jaroslav Halak in your NHL rumor mill.

TSN.CA:  Bob McKenzie reports it’s dead quiet on the Jacob Trouba trade front. He claims other clubs with interest in the restricted free agent defenseman doubt the Winnipeg Jets are eager or perhaps even likely to move him in the near future. He believes the Jets would welcome Trouba back, perhaps to the tune of a six-year, $5.5 million per season deal.

McKenzie feels Trouba has two choices. He can double down on his current stance of wanting out of Winnipeg and hope the Jets struggle leading up to the Dec. 1 deadline to re-sign him, thus potentially putting pressure on the club to move him. The other option is to realize he’s losing money and potentially this entire season with this standoff and accept a new contract with the Jets before Dec. 1.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty comments on recent speculation from Sportsnet regarding promising Boston Bruins defenseman Brandon Carlo in a proposed trade offer for Trouba. He nixes that idea, agreeing with Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos that an offer of Carlo, forward Ryan Spooner and a first-round pick for Trouba is too expensive for the Bruins. Haggerty notes Carlo’s promising start to this season and his potential as a top-four blueliner could make him a key part of their future.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I concur with McKenzie and Haggerty. Unless the Jets collapse in November, general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff isn’t under any real pressure to move Trouba. It’ll take a significant offer, perhaps a Carlo-Spooner-first rounder, to tempt Cheveldayoff. If that offer was out there, Trouba would’ve been on the move by now. While the Bruins are reportedly willing to entertain offers for Spooner, I don’t see them adding the promising Carlo to the mix.

Of course, a lot can happen over the course of this month. Perhaps the Bruins, or another club, gets desperate enough to meet Cheveldayoff’s high asking price. Maybe the Jets GM starts to sweat if his club goes into a tailspin. Maybe Trouba changes his mind. Both sides appear entrenched now, but the pressure will ratchet up as Dec. 1 approaches.

For those of you tired of the Trouba story, take heart in the knowledge that this story will end by the first of December. Trouba will either be dealt, re-signed by the Jets or ineligible to play the rest of this season. 

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple reports the New York Islanders goaltending trio of Jaroslav Halak, Thomas Greiss and Jean-Francois Berube are getting along, but their situation is getting murky. Comments made by agent Allan Walsh, who represents Halak and Berube, over the weekend criticizing the Islanders for carrying three goalies sparked reports claiming GM Garth Snow is shopping Halak. Staple cites Halak’s $4.5 million salary-cap hit through 2017-18 makes a midseason trade seem unlikely.

For his part, Halak said he hasn’t asked about a trade yet “so far”, adding he wasn’t interested in that. Snow declined to comment on the situation, while Halak said it’s up to the GM to decide “whether he wants to talk to me or I want to talk to him.”

ESPN.COM:  Joe McDonald believes the New York Islanders should trade Halak.”He’s attractive because of his play for the Islanders, and he’s coming off helping Europe get to the World Cup of Hockey finals. The problem is his contract is hefty ($4.75 million salary this season and $5 million next season), but some teams out there need a good No. 1. Trade him. Ring, ring.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Certainly sounds like things are chilly between Snow and Halak. Shouldn’t be surprising, as there was talk in the offseason the Isles GM will trying to move the veteran netminder.

Staple yesterday cited a source claiming no one has called expressing interest in Halak. I daresay his contract is the main reason why. His long injury history and inconsistent play in recent years could also be dampening his value in the trade market. Rival clubs interested in landing goalie depth probably hope the Isles will put the more affordable Greiss ($1.6 million) on the trade block or place Berube on waivers.


  1. Can’t see halak getting much of a return considering injury history and cap hit

    • True but he could help someone say the leafs…….

      • The Leafs and their fan base would have zero interest in Halak right now. The Leafs are committed to Anderson as Goalie #1 for better or worse

      • Andersen’s has been decent of late

      • Still don’t love the contract but has been better of late

      • I agree. Contract is too much for too long. Hopefully it works out for them. Once the D is a little more experienced i think it will.

  2. Good if the trade talk is dead then let’s talk about it when he gets traded or signs. Looks like Chevy is buying a page from the Yzerman management book.

  3. Don’t know what Bob M is talkin about Leafs are all over Him.

    • Your act is wearing thin.

      • I just ignore him now George.

    • You’re my favorite oil fan.

    • Round of applause to you my man. Same ol junk and STILL people post responses to you. You’re elevating this to an art form.

      • Gets an A for persistence.

  4. Unfortunately Trouba will still be in discussion even if he can’t play after Dec 1st. He would still be trade fodder.

    That said I don’t really see Trouba sitting the year. That serves no purpose. He will capitulate & a deal will get done whether he wants to play for the Jets or not. Chevy isn’t getting what he needs for Trouba today, that market doesn’t exist nor does it make sense. A comparable left handed Dman who’s giving up a left handed Trouba? Here take our whinny entitled premadona & give us a player back with the same skill set but a leftie. Yeah sure.

    Should Trouba make the terrible choice to forfeit a year of play his development will be stunted; at least temporarily, & he won’t be worth the same money next season. Players coming out of their ELC’s need to know who holds all the leverage. The team. Chevy isn’t going to bend to Trouba’s will regardless of the clubs fortunes on the ice. He can’t afford to.

    Morrisey seems to be settling in well at the #4 spot & with Myers going down even seeing some decent PP time in the last game. Now just turn the crease over to Hellebuyck & move on.

    Considering Little went down in game 1 & no Trouba, sitting 4-5 after 9 games isn’t bad. Come Dec 2nd should Trouba not sign have a deal lined up for a #5 Dman & use some of that serious cap space to plug that hole.

    • Think he prefers to go home to Detroit? Might this be what it’s all about? Wouldn’t sound as premadona-ish, almost noble.

      • Not sure how that makes him noble. Detroit has (571,806 with LTIR relief) according to Capfriendly. Not sure how Detroit makes Trouba fit. Moving out Dekeyser in trade with some other assets to acquire Trouba solves nothing for Detroit. They need more NHL quality Dman shipping 1 out to bring 1 in who wants more money & has a questionable attitude isn’t a solution.

        Although Detroit does only have 1 right handed player on the entire team currently. A very strange oddity.

      • Yeah and it’s been like that in Detroit for years. Sproul looks pretty good though, Green will be gone soon enough, so that leaves one for the foreseeable future. Besides, I don’t think Chev will move him anyway because of principle, unless it’s a silly large return of course. However DeKeyser and Mantha would be trending in the direction of silly large..

      • There is certainly a potential fit there. I’m not as down on Dekeyser as many it’s a salary issue for me but I get why he got his money. What choice did Detroit have.

        Detroit needs to turn the page on the past. Zetterberg’s contract has become a boat anchor. With 5 years left at $6,083,333 having just turned 36, Detroit’s in a terrible spot. Zetterberg’s 12 year deal has serious cap recapture penalties tied to it & Detroit should he retire early & he looks done now.

      • Yeah, not to mention Howard.

      • You’ll find I have defended Howard repeatedly when in discussion on this forum. The only issue for Howard for me is salary. He hasn’t been the same since he was injured in 2013-14 but perhaps the groin issue was nagging.

        He hasn’t played great & Mrazek has stollen the #1 job but Howard was instrumental down the stretch last season in getting Detroit into the playoffs when Mrazek faltered. He has played incredible so far this year & logged decent minutes & games. I still see Howard as having value just not at his salary hit unfortunately.

      • Yes. Value as a backup. But unfortunately a boat anchor with his cap hit.

      • Yep

      • @Striker no they don’t Detroit as of right now has about 5 right handed player on their team Glendening, Vanek, Green, Marchenko and Sproul. Though we could use a lot more then just 5 players though.

  5. I certainly agree with Haggerty that a package of Carlo, Spooner, and a 1st is too rich for Jacob Trouba.

    I’m sure the Jets would be all over that and it’s the type of package Cheveldayoff is requesting but it’s not going to happen.

    • Would you have considered it to much before Carlo played his 1st NHL game? Some knowledgeable people were starting to praise Carlo before he got to camp. Journalists, broadcasters & many who follow & report on prospects but he was no where last March on any prospect list really.

      This kid has barely played so far in his young career at any level until getting to the WHL. Makes for a very interesting rise to solid NHL Dman. Nice find by Sweeney at 37 in 2015. That’s a very high 2nd round pick so obviously Boston was sold.

      • I would’ve been more on board with that trade prior to season starting… yes. Once Carlo started to show something and has now solidified himself as one of the better dman on the team… makes for too much now.

        I think Spooner is definitely a trade chip and throw in a 1st if need be. Not sure what type of upgrade that gets you on defense in the trade market but I’m sure Sweeney is exploring it.

        Sweeney did find a gem there. Makes me also wonder about Lauzen who I’ve heard much more about in the offseason. He’s supposedly very impressive.

      • I agree Chad. Carlo’s play & maturity on the ice is surprising. Few Dman can step into the NHL & play a regular role at this age never mind playing almost 23 mins a game on the #1 pairing & PK unit. Shocking really.

        Has made some mistakes but learning rapidly.

      • The nice thing is that even though he has made mistakes Julien hasn’t banished him to the 9th floor yet…. yet…

      • I think Julien gets a bad rap for not playing the young guys. He is the coach that developed most of the core that won the cup and contended for others.
        Begereron, Krecji, Marchand, Boychuk etc.
        Not as sold on Lauzon as you Chad. Has some skill and good numbers, but on a great team so tough to say. Watched him closely during the Memorial Cup, highly competitive but a big time gambler. Decent skater, good size, has offence. Didn’t defend great and the big question we won’t know until later is decision making. After camp the Bruins said he a lot to work on, which can mean many things, but I think it is what goes on in his brain more that physical talent.

  6. Trouba blinks in 29 days. Carlo and #1 is not too much but leave Spooner out of it….Halak is good in a short series 🙂 … not on my team for that dough

    • I still think Carlo and a 1st might be too much. Trouba wants to get paid big money… Carlo is a controllable asset right now for little to nothing and by all accounts is proving he has top pairing NHL talent.

      Trouba is a good young defenseman but I also don’t feel he’s shown an elite side yet. His numbers are good not elite though. He has the potential but to give up a 1st and a controllable young defenseman who may very well jump right into your 2nd pairing for a guy the Bruins would need signed to a hefty contract or even an expensive short term bridge… no thanks.

      • I fully agree.

      • The other thing to consider is the message that the Bruins front office would be sending to other young players in the pipeline if they in fact ship Carlo out.

        Get drafted in the 2nd round in 2015, make the roster, play well on top pair with Chara and get shipped out a month/2 into your NHL career.

        I realize professional sports are a business but I don’t think it sends a good message to other young players. The Bruins have plenty of talent moving up the line and I think it’s counter productive. If anything you want to show those young players that if you play up to a certain level Julien and the coaching staff will in fact give you the opportunity. Nobody thought the Bruins would allow a young player such as Carlo play alongside Chara… yet that’s been the case this season. Makes the young prospects want to work harder in my opinion. This team was once in recent years known to not give young players a chance… they’re slowly righting that ship as we speak.

      • Ya, gotta love Carlo. I have been one of the guys saying don’t trade him on this site, but it is still early boys, we will see if he can sustain over a long season, but definitely the potential is obviously there. Chara seems like he has some jump in his game early this year too. That is helping young Carlo.
        Bottom line is the B’s need more you NHL D-men, so swapping one of your best young d-men for another doesn’t make much sense.
        I have a hard time understanding why Chevvy would let Trouba sit to make a point? How does that help the Jets? As you mentioned above Striker, his value will only go down if he sits. His value went down as soon as he went public for that matter.
        I don’t like Troba’s tactics, and I am sure it ticks off Chevvy, but you can’t let that get in the way of making the proper decision.
        The longer he sits the less he is worth and his worth is what the market will pay.
        This is a game of chicken where both sides lose. My guess is that Trouba blinks first as he has the most to lose. Then you have a disgruntled player, and the rest of the team knowing he wanted out.
        Move him.

      • Spot on Chad! Carlo is not going anywhere. Trouba may be a Bruin, doubt it, but it will be a smaller package than what was demanded a few months ago.

  7. To me there’s only one solution. Trade Greiss. Cap hit is low, you can get a decent return now. Halak’s a good goalie that gets hurt, there’s no question about it. But what are you going to do, trade him? Not going to happen, market is for a stop gap goalie, 4.5mil cap hit doesn’t fit.

    • No one has ever confused Garth Snow with Sammy Pollock.

  8. I keep hearing how much Trouba is losing (cash) on a daily bases. He reportedly turned down 6yrs at $5.5 good offer but no thanks says Trouba. I say if Trouba is willing to sit the year; Maybe Detroit or Boston comes with the offer sheet next season offering 7yrs at $7m; therefore Trouba isn’t losing anything if you take this deal at 5yr @ $7 is $35m the present offer of 6yrs at $5.5 is $33m; Trouba still up by $2m. Why would the team make this offer? If Boston or Detroit believe he’s going to be a #1 dman, then he’s might be worth the risk, secondly don’t forget the rumour of the Bruins tempting an offer sheet of $9m and 4 first round draft picks, most think me include that was a ploy to try and get Chevy to deal, Basically Chevy said go ahead i’ll take your 4 first round picks. I also don’t think the only pressure is on Trouba, doesn’t Chevy owe it to the jets fan base to ice the best team possible, the team is 4-5 and are play 500 3-3 against non playoff teams from last year and 1-2 against playoff teams from last season. They have 16 games in November and you cannot be playing under 500 by November end and expect to make it into the playoff in a very tough central division. If Trouba isn’t signed by December 1st, this doesn’t go away, The jets could find themselves dealing Trouba rights before the trade dealine in hopes of making the playoffs, lets say a team like Boston is out of the playoff picture by that time, they might be willing to give up assets for a player who cant play this season, which would also help them slide down the ladder and get a better lottery pick. Much like Buffalo did when they acquired Kane from Winnipeg known he was done for the season and help assure that the Sabres would either get MacDavid or Eichel, one spot down they would’ve lost out on both. Just ask Arizona about that.

    • I don’t think Haggerty’s rumor about such an offer had any merit. No team is giving up 4 1st round picks as compensation to sign Trouba.

    • looking at last seasons standings is certainly a viable formula but I would argue that Boston, Edmonton & Buffalo are decent teams. Boston did only miss the playoffs last season by a tie breaker. The parity in the NHL with the exception of a few teams has never been better.

      Chevy owes it to the fans of Winnipeg to do what’s best for Winnipeg in the long run. This is a bubble team when fully healthy with Little, Trouba, Stafford & Myers all playing which they won’t be tonight.

      Winnipeg is in a total youth movement. Schiefele, Lowry, Armia, Laine, Connor, Ehlers, Tanev, Morrisey & Hellebyuck. Trouba if playing. This isn’t about today but tomorrow.

      I’m sure the fans love watching all these young players. I did in Dallas last Tuesday night. I just wish Connor hadn’t been given the night off. They lost but it was an enjoyable game to watch.

      • No, this team been in Winnipeg long enough, it needs to reward its team now. Lowry, has well under achieved from what was expected from him 2 season ago, his growth has gone backwards, Tanev at best is a third line winger nothing more, Armia has shown growth but no sure if he can finish, Schiefele shot at over 15% last season and most of his goals came after the Jets were eliminated, he won’t score 29 this season, Connor is a rookie he’s not proven, speed alone doesn’t guarantee success. Chevy owes it to the fan base who have seen 2 playoff games since they came back; cannot call every year a rebuild. No one is saying give Trouba away but if he has a fair offer he better certainly give it consideration because a 1st, 2nd and 3rd rnd pick is just that picks, with no guarantee’s that the first would be a lottery pick. Yes Chevy has to do what is right for the Jets and the fan base. BTW Haggs was not the only one who reported the potential offer sheet, which was simply a bluff to try and get Chevy to the table.

      • And lost at home in their final game 6-3 to an injury-riddled Ottawa team. Don’t know how much more motivation they needed – one win and they’re in.

      • @Caper I’m betting Trouba will never sign any offer sheet. If Trouba wants out of Winnipeg as bad as it seems and he signs that offer sheet. Winnipeg matches Troubas is stuck in Winnipeg for as long as the jets want and no trade if they match for a least a year

      • Do you really want to match an offer sheet on a guy that doesn’t want to be there for 7 more years? Seems a lot like cutting your nose off to spite your face.

        The smartest thing Winnipeg can do is trade him. Sitting him a year doesn’t help, and tying yourself long term to a guy that doesn’t want to be there makes little sense.

      • With you on the trade Trouba side NYR.
        WPG will get less than he is worth than if this wasn’t public. Which it wasn’t going back to last year.
        They didn’t trade him, he went public, is sitting and the value dropped. If he sits for a year he is worth substantially less than today.
        As you say, it makes no sense to keep a player who doesn’t want to be there. No different that anyone else looking to move from a job they don’t want. Let them go, it is better for everyone involved.
        Closest comparable is Hamilton when he wanted out of Boston.

  9. I would however give up Spooner, Zboril, and a 1St if the Jets would take that. Zboril is a promising young left handed dman.

    • I wouldn’t. Stay the course with the rebuild. Try to add a Dman after the expansion draft as a UFA. Trouba isn’t my type of player. His stance has tainted my opinion of him for ever. Like numerous other premadonnas. I respect there skills & abilities but I’ll pass on the entitled. When you think your bigger than the game & want to dictate where, when & how you play no thank you.

      Trouba would have been better served to just come out & say I don’t wish to play in Winnipeg than spot this boat load of BS. Makes him look stupid.

      • Honestly, I don’t see a difference between Trouba and Vesey. But you defended Vesey?

      • agree

      • with striker

    • I would try to do it without Zboril,Carlo or Mcavoy and our first could be very high.
      Spooner, one of Maquaid,K.Miller,Morrow or C.Miller plus highest second rounder our or Edmontons.

  10. That way the Bruins would have a decent top 4 with Chara and Carlo, Krug and Trouba. Makes sense to me if they can get it done

    • & how do they make the cap space work? Spooner, Pastrnak & Morrow are all RFA’s. 2 of those players are getting substantial raises. Boston has 16 players signed next season with $11,429,166 in cap space at today’s 73 mil ceiling. That means after signing those 3 players they still need to add 4 more to flush out a 23 man roster. Taking on Trouba at over 5.5 would make it incredibly challenging & I don’t see why Winnipeg would take Spooner. How does he fit into that group of forwards in Winnipeg. No room at the inn especially with expansion looming.

      Boston shipped out Hamilton; under fair market value, due to the same basic issues that Trouba has today; attitude & entitlement, except they had cap issues to solve as well, Winnipeg has tons of cap space. Why would they put themselves back in that basic same position?

      • Chara’s cap hit goes from $6.9 down to an even 4 million next season. They couldn’t be in a better spot to sign Trouba. Then after next season Chara is gone. Maybe do a little research next time.

      • Capfriendly accounts for Chara’s cap hit dropping in the #’s I provided.

        “Maybe do a little research next time.”


      • Not to mention Spooner is part of the trade so they don’t need to resign him. As far as where he fits in Winnipeg you can never have too much depth at centre. Who wouldn’t want a young centre with great hands and skating ability. Your argument isn’t really valid. He’s an asset to have on any team. Now or in the future

      • Will probably lose a salary player in the expansion draft.
        Agree though Pastrnak needs to be resigned.

  11. Before the season started I would have included Carlo in a deal for Trouba. Carlo Spooner and a 2nd. ( I hate trading first unless it is guaranteed to be between 25 and 30.)
    Now we have seen him play and no I would not deal him. Zboril may be similar. How do you know what you have if you don’t give them a chance first ?

    And we need to give Chara credit here for helping Carlo become an NHLer. He must be doing something right. Nice to have an older guy as a mentor.

    • I fully agree.

      People have numerous names for the opportunities draft position & salary provide a player or prospect. The reality is pedigree is part of pro sports. Getting drafted high guarantee’s you at least get a chance a very good chance & way more than 1.

      A huge salary the same. Boedker, Ladd, etc. have been terrible this year but their icetime & opportunity are guaranteed. The investment was made & you will milk that cow dry before giving up. The same goes for most prospects or young players that have the talent & abilities to play a role in the NHL, they aren’t easily found & teams will give players 9 lives before writing them off if selected high. See Yakupov.

      You need to know what you might have before expending solid prospects especially if your rebuilding as I perceive the Bruins are. They are in year 2 for me yet still a playoff bubble team which I have no issues with. Yes you forfeit the opportunity to draft the studs but you can mind gold in the later spots with good scouting & player development.

    • Agree too our first could be a lottery pick.
      No way do you trade the first without knowing where it is.
      No Carlo,Zboril or Mcavoy in deal.

  12. anyone else hear rumors that Trouba likes blow?? not sure if this plays into it at all. I live near winnipeg and theres lots of rumors (yes just rumors) that he isn’t going to be welcomed back into the dressing room. He’s got so much potential ive been wondering why don’t they move him up to the 2nd pairing like he wants and move Tyler Myers down to the third pairing or trade Myers. something to consider i think.

    • Geoff204. Wrong choice of words & never in a public domain.

      Lyle you may want to get that off the board. Not appropriate to make statements so blatant & libelous. That’s slander & libel. Use words like likes to party.

      If I’m Trouba’s legal council I’m pressing charges for such comments with out hesitation. That’s defamation of character as well. Ouch Geoff. Wrong time & place. In the bar over beers with buddies but never in writing of any form.

      • Not sure Lyle would be held responsible for what is said on a forum he hosts through a third party.
        That being said, I see your point striker, no need to have that on here

      • He wouldn’t but he has to pull it. Can’t allow things like that to post.

        No ill will intended Geoff again just wrong time & place.

      • Agreed.I’ve heard crap about a few big name players and would never post it.

      • Striker-I am sure Spector can police his own site. For someone who sees all these games lives and rubs shoulders with hockey executives all over North America-you sure have a lot of time on your hands

      • striker,

        are you Trouba’s dad? relax buddy. I sure hope Trouba’s lawyer doesn’t press charges against me. haha

        sorry lyle if this was that over the line.

      • No reason to besmirch Trouba’s character.

      • I agree Striker. That’s how stupid rumors start. Too much of that going on in this league by ridiculous fans who didn’t like a trade or some sort of player movement they didn’t like and just feel like tarnishing their name.

    • And striker knows all about “partying.” How was that Striker… less slanderous?

      • I heard Cheveldayoff slept with his wife.

      • Oh that dog

      • You mean Chevy actually slept with his own wife ? Blasphemy !!

  13. Is there a player who is on the last year of their contract that can help the Jets this season+ 1 st rounder+? for Trouba?
    The expiring contract player would come back mainly to help the other team have cap space. A 1st+a 2nd…

    No one like someone said before is trading the same level LH defensemen straight for Trouba-unless Jets add a pick

  14. I think that there are 29 other GM’s out there right now that are in no rush to see this Trouba situation come to a head b4 December 1st. No one who has clear interest in Trouba is in such a tight spot that they can’t wait it out another month and see where they are then. The longer this goes on the less they will be able to demand for Trouba. If he misses a season, the argument will be that he has damaged his career and isn’t a team player. His stock won’t rise after that. He is at his most valuable now, not next month.

  15. I think trouba will end up in Detroit! He doesn’t want to play for a Canadian team,apparently Detroit makes too much sense, just a numbers (cap)problem would be my guess?

    • When he first becomes eligible for UFA status, maybe. Detroit has nothing Winnipeg needs that they’d be willing to relinquish.

  16. Send Halak to Bridgeport. Play Griess and Berube. No more three goalies.

  17. B’s have a couple of young forwards & and players in the minors along with future draft picks can’t see why they couldn’t work out a deal Trouba, a Carlo/Trouba combo would work for the Bruins D

    • Again not what Winnipeg wants. The Jets are in a good position now and can afford to let Trouba sit. If they get desperate they maybe take a package of Spooner and futures, right now they can let Trouba sit.
      Unless you’re 100% sure trading futures is a dangerous practice. Best example Filip Forsberg. And with Bostons history I think they will stay away from kids with attitude.

    • Agree can’t see why a decent deal for both sides can’t be worked out.
      Unless he really wants to pick where he goes. Which could be a real problem. If he wants Detroit and won’t sign an extension with another club he could be sitting for years.

  18. Best thing for Trouba is to sign a cap friendly deal with the assumption he will be moved ASAP. If it really isn’t about money sign a 4 million five year deal and let Winnipeg move him. That way Winnipeg can get a better return.

  19. Halak for Brown with 2.5 retained by LA ?

  20. Isn’t it Chara’s salary that drops? Cap hit is an average?

    If Jets have now turned their asking price to highly regarded D prospect, a roster player and a # pick the Leafs might be able to do something? They have Neilson and Dermott flying with the Marlies, some good forward roster players not named Matthews, Nylander, Marner or Kadri, and a 1st pick that could be protected if it goes top 5 in the lottery. If the Jets want to look at real options maybe they should look at two of Leipsic, Kapenin, Dermott plus a couple second picks? You could even substitute Corrado, Marincin or Carreck for one of the picks? It is interesting what is happening with Leaf prospects. Kapenin is projected to be pretty good. This same deal could be applied to the Ducks to get Fowler or possibly Lindholm?