NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – November 13, 2016

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Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price makes one of his saves in a 5-0 shutout of the Detroit Red Wings.

Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price makes one of his 24 saves in a 5-0 shutout of the Detroit Red Wings.

Game recaps, state of Blues coaching, Loui Eriksson’s struggles & more in your NHL morning coffee headlines. 

NHL.COM: Carey Price picked up his second shutout of the season as the Montreal Canadiens blanked the Detroit Red Wings 5-0. It was the Habs 10th straight home victory, setting a franchise record for most home wins to start a season. 

Nick Foligno scored a goal and added two assists and Sam Gagner scored twice as the Columbus Blue Jackets thumped the St. Louis Blues 8-4. Prior to this game, Benjamin Hochman of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch noted the Blues struggles this season and wondered if it’s time for head coach Ken Hitchcock to hand over the reins to assistant Mike Yeo. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This is supposed to be Hitchcock’s final season behind the Blues’ bench, after which Yeo would supposedly take over. With 17 points in 16 games, they’re unlikely to change coaches now. However, if the Blues slide out of the playoff race as the season progresses, pressure could mount on Hitchcock to step aside. 

Sidney Crosby tallied his 10th goal of the season and Matt Murray turned aside 35 shots to give the Pittsburgh Penguins a 4-1 win over the Toronto Maple Leafs. 

Sebastien Aho netted the first two goals of his NHL career and Jordan Staal had a goal and three assists to give the Carolina Hurricanes a 5-1 win over the Washington Capitals. 

James Neal scored twice while Pekka Rinne picked up his 41st career shutout to give the Nashville Predators a 5-0 win over the Anaheim Ducks. 

Michael Grabner scored his team-leading eighth goal of the season as the New York Rangers downed the Calgary Flames 4-1, handing the latter their fourth straight defeat. 

Martin Jones made 25 saves backstopping the San Jose Sharks to a 3-1 victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning, giving the Sharks their third straight win in their six-game road trip. 

David Pastrnak scored his 10th of the season and Tuukka Rask made 31 saves as the Boston Bruins edged the Arizona Coyotes 2-1. 

Brayden Schenn’s third-period goal helped the Philadelphia Flyers nip the Minnesota Wild 3-2. 

Jonathan Marchessault scored the game-tying goal and Denis Malgin tallied in overtime to lift the Florida Panthers to a 3-2 win over the New York Islanders. 

Cory Schneider had a 21-save performance in the New Jersey Devils 4-2 win over the Buffalo Sabres, giving the Devils their fourth consecutive victory. Earlier in the day, the Devils acquired forward Petr Straka from the Philadelphia Flyers in exchange for a conditional seventh-round pick in 2017 or 2018. They were also playing without winger Mike Cammalleri, who missed the game for personal reasons. It remains to be seen if he’ll accompany the team on their upcoming road trip. 

VANCOUVER SUN:  The Canucks signing winger Loui Eriksson hasn’t panned out as hoped thus far. He’s managed only one goal in his first 15 games as a Canuck. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canucks invested $36 million over five years in Eriksson, who was supposed to help them remain a playoff contender as management attempts to rebuild on the fly. While there’s still time for him to regain his scoring groove, this deal is already starting to be cited as a significant failure by critics of Canucks GM Jim Benning. 


  1. Still early but your but so far I think some of your projections best work could be lining a bird cage Striker. The Devils are tied with the caps 3 back of the Rangers and Pens for the lead in the metro 6 points up on the Islanders…not bad for the team you think has the worst D in the league.

    • I had NYI & PHI ahead of NJ in their division. Still early but NJ is playing well, especially Severson who I traded for futures in 1 of my fantasy leagues, no room at the inn. At my 1st marker, the last team in the league playing it’s 10th game; I bumped NJ in front of NYI, my 1st marker. Going to be interesting to see where everyone’s at come my 2nd marker. The last team in the league playing it’s 25th.

      Things are just starting to balance out but still significant games played issues. Colorado, Minnesota & Columbus have only played 13 games, 5 teams have played 16. That’s almost 25% more games played & scheduling idiosyncrasies are still yet to play out. Some have started but until we hit that 25 game mark these 2 variables are significant & not yet properly reflected in the standings.

      I also had the 2 conferences very tight. 6 points separating 7th & 12th in the West & 8 points separating 7th & 14th in the East so the difference between is nominal. My goal is to be 60% accurate with my predictions before the season starts. No easy feet. You should try it.

      Not sure about bird cage lining. All in all doing very well. Montreal is playing way better than I thought. That’s my biggest blunder so far. I had them as a bubble team missing the playoffs before the season started. They were my 1st hedge bet at the 10 game mark. I think my 2nd worst currently would be NYI although when they let Parenteau go I did down grade them from 4th in their division to 5th.

    • Also I said they had the worst D in the league before they added Quincey which we discussed at the time he helps, not that he is the savior. Nor did I have any idea who Auvitu was other than having a good training camp. NJ’s D has played great their +5 goal differential is shocking.

      I still hate their D but I may well be wrong. Calgary may have the worst D. Ha-ha! I’m joking but boy is Calgary bad & how that D can’t contain or cover for their forwards lack of defensive awareness is odd. Dallas is giving NJ a run at D. I still don’t like NJ’s D & on paper, I do think it’s the worst in the league with Dallas, Detroit Toronto & Vancouver right there as well.

      • Striker no debate on the worst defense in the league is the leafs, 3 NHL dmen than the rest would be healthy scratches most night on the majority of other teams

      • Their certainly right there. At least they can use youth as an excuse.

    • NJ’s D has played way better than anticipated. I haven’t watched them play. I don’t watch NJ. Not an enjoyable system to watch & when you can watch any games you want why would you subject yourself to that, so I have to rely on highlights, stats & the input of others like you.

      I’m certainly wrong about NJ’s D to date & they appear to be fine. It surprises me but Quincey, the advancement of Severson & the contributions of them with Auvitu have solidified what I thought & think is a brutal D & 1 of the worst in the NHL. Before adding Quincey I had them worst it’s a coin toss between them & Dallas at present for me but they are getting it done.

  2. Price had a pretty easy night that d is playing some good hockey. The leafs d struggled as usual, the bruins didn’t play a great game but pulled out a win over a weak coyotes team

    • The comment the leafs struggled as usual is not quite bang on is it. They lost an exciting game to the Stanley cup champions and one of the best teams in the league. They’re only 1 or 2 wins away from all but 3 teams in the eastern conference in a playoff spot. I believe they’re struggling just very slightly more than most. I’d say not bad for the second youngest team in the league and are doing way better than expected. Win or lose that team is exciting to watch. Their fans must be thrilled. Regarding their D…I believe the organization understands they’re young and need time to grow (as any hockey knowledgeable person can see as well) and are just allowing that team to fly and show what they got. Unfortunately this does not bode well for Andersen but I believe the organization understands that as well. I think as soon as this D corp can get Andersen’s shot count down to a normal amount because he’s facing way more shots than most right now…you should see this team climb.

      There was also a comment regarding The Calgary Flames above. Yes agree The D is horrible. There’s just a ton of overpaid under achieving youngsters on this team with a brand new coach who seems to have no control over or no direction for this team. Though i believe he more than likely would excel elsewhere…I think Giordano has run his course on this team.

      • As any knowledgeable fan can also see is while they are young after Reilly and gardiner and zaitsev the rest of aren’t very good! If you look at the oilers rebuild the same thing happened skill up front nothing on the backend I would assume the front office is looking for d help right now

    • And how can you say it’s an exciting game when the leafs allow 50 shots and a pile of grade A scoring chances?

      • I enjoy watching skilled forwards play the game that’s how and Toronto has an abundance of them right now. I did say win or lose as well as Andersen is facing way more shots than any other goalie in the league. I understand you are a Boston fan and can’t see past the B’s as i see a lot of the eastern diehards fans can’t just from the amount you guys insulting each other’s teams in this forum. I’m a diehard flames fan but that doesn’t stop me from thoroughly enjoying for the first time ever watching every edmonton oilers game because they are so exciting to watch. I think Toronto is fun to watch win or lose they always give it a massive forward effort

      • Kinda weird you like watching mistakes?

  3. kinda weird you don’t like watching exciting hockey though you do cheer for the Bruins who can’t seem to score more than 2 goals in a game so maybe you’re just used to it. I mean other than Thornton, Savard, Allison and Murray 10 or more years ago Boston fans have really had no NHL star player to cheer about. Though Marchand seems to be having somewhat of a career year but has slowed down.