NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – November 15, 2016

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Eric Lindros, Sergei Makarov, Rogie Vachon and the late Pat Quinn were officially inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame on Nov. 14, 2016.

Eric Lindros, Sergei Makarov, Rogie Vachon and the late Pat Quinn were officially inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame on Nov. 14, 2016.

Hall of Fame inductions, stars of the week, injury updates & more in your NHL morning coffee headlines. 

NHL.COM: Eric Lindros, Rogie Vachon, Sergei Makarov and the late Pat Quinn were officially inducted last night into the Hockey Hall of Fame. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Long overdue for all four. Lindros was the dominant player of the mid-1990s and might have achieved more success if multiple concussions hadn’t shortened his career. Vachon was one of the best goalies of the late-1960s and early 1970s, Makarov was one of the great Russian players of all time and Quinn one of the NHL’s great coaches. 

Boston Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask, Winnipeg Jets center Mark Scheifele and Nashville Predators netminder Pekka Rinne are the NHL’s three stars for the week ending Nov. 13

Andrei Vasilevskiy made 34 saves, including 20 in the third period, and Nikita Kucherov had a goal and an assist as the Tampa Bay Lightning blanked the New York Islanders 4-0. Earlier in the day, the Isles learned defenseman Travis Hamonic was returning earlier than expected from a broken thumb, while blueliner Dennis Seidenberg doesn’t require surgery on his broken jaw. Meanwhile, Lightning defenseman Anton Stralman (day-to-day, upper-body injury) could miss the remainder of the club’s five-game road trip. 

THE DENVER POST: Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene (head injury) won’t play in tonight’s game against the LA Kings. 

ESPN: Blindside hits and expansions rules are among the topics of discussion in today’s meeting of NHL general managers in Toronto. 

TSN: NHL commissioner Gary Bettman doubts the team owners are willing to shut down the league to participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics. The International Olympic Committee’s been unwilling to budge on its resistance to picking up out-of-pocket costs, such as travel and insurance, as it did in the previous five Winter Olympics

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s growing increasingly unlikely the NHL will fully participate in those Games. Some players, such as Washington’s Alex Ovechkin, could still insist on taking part. That could create some tension between the league and the NHL Players Association, and perhaps between some players and their respective NHL teams. 

ARIZONA SPORTS: The Arizona Coyotes and Arizona State University are taking the first step toward the construction of a new 16,000-seat arena near the city of Tempe.  While this is not an agreement to build on that site, there’s optimism the Coyotes can meet all the requirements for the construction to go through. 

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Facing financial pressures, Russia’s Kontinental Hockey League is considering cutting some teams. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Far too many KHL teams are supported by Russian oil oligarchs. The steep decline in oil prices over the last two years have plunged some of those teams deeply into debt. 


  1. Am I the only one who wishes the Kings would go back to those colours full time?

    • I’m with you on that one. Would love to see those colors again

      • Ya awesome eh Yankee fan

    • Purple and yellow are hideous colour schemes and would never sell as well as black and silver. In fact black and anything sells better than any other colour scheme

  2. Sad that Quinn didn’t get to see it, totally agree long overdue for the 4.

    • Other than being the oldest rookie of the year of all time what did Makarov do to earn hall of fame status? None of the 4 are good choices, slim pickins if you will.

      • 2 Olympic gold 8 world championships gold 2 world jrs 1 of the best Russians to play the sport, you realize the hall isn’t all about the NHL right?

  3. With only 1 game on the schedule last night had the misfortune to watch the Islanders play. What a cluster F—.

    Please fire Capuano & as recommended by someone yesterday, hire Ralph Krueger; great recommendation wasn’t me Bigbear, hire a new President of hockey operations Ala Shanahan or Yzerman & allow him to start righting the ship & decide what to do with Garth Snow who has a great draft record just to many odd personal decisions after that.

    Shticky. There is another team & had far better this season than they are. Not so much a personnel issue as Capuano isn’t even giving them a chance. Go look at TOI/GP in all situations & if you can stomach it watch them play. Brutal. when Bailey & Clutterbuck are getting 1st line icetime & PP time & can barely produce 3rd line points with it, somethings seriously amiss.

  4. I also wanted to identify the issue with specific stats that are essentially worthless but we reference constantly. This being shots on net or shots allowed. I watched that game last night & the Calgary NYR game on Saturday.

    Last night TB had out shot NYI 27 to 14 in the 1st 2 periods. In the 3rd NYI out shot TB 20-4! In the 3rd period TB went to dump & 1 guy pressuring the puck but not really pursuing it or simply going for a line change, 4 guys stayed back & set up the box allowing NYI to fire away from the perimeter at will. Meaningless shots of poor quality not really even scoring chances other than they hit the goalie in the net, TB players making sure Vasy could see the shots.

    Stankos’s 1st shift in the 3rd, he had been on the ice for like 15 seconds, gets to the O zone blue line dumps it in goes for a change.

    Other than goals, assists, wins, losses & team goal differentials which really determines a teams place in the standings few other stats have any value other than TOI/GP & what quality of ice time that TOI entails & playing with who.

    I would take that 1 further. Give aways which people love to bandy about here as determining a players value yet when countering the issue with good players like to turn a blind eye. Where a player gives away they puck & how is far more important than how often a player does. The NHL should tell us where it was given away, O zone, neutral zone D zone & did it result in a goal, shot on goal, scoring chance, etc.

    Other wise it’s like +/-, it’s simply a reference as when the dust settles the team that wins wins. How isn’t really all that relevant. Some do it with incredible shut down systems that aren’t fun to watch NJ, some do it with solid defensive puck possession systems LA, Anh which can be fun to watch but certainly not always & some like to run & gun Dal & Pit which is really fun to watch.

    • Shot totals are pretty meaningless a lot of ppl on here look at the shot totals and should be looking at quality chances

      • It would be see easy for the NHL to have proper stats developed that would be far more meaningful than many given. They review tape why not just have a bunch of geeks sitting in a room giving us data that’s meaningful. You could pay most of these guys but the supervisors & managers minimum wage.

      • You do realize that it’s generally accepted that as shot totals go up so do quality chances right?
        In other words more shots usually means more quality chances?

      • You’re wrong shticky, last nights game was a perfect example if you watched I’m not arguing about it anymore you just can’t seem to grasp how defense plays different!

      • lol ok Big bear I’m sure any day now coaches all over the league will be telling their team to shoot less, and no sense in point shots.

      • Omg tanner lmfao start watching some hockey get off the stats page and quit writing blogs they’re terrible lol

      • https://www.nhl.com/news/ovi-shooting-more-than-ever-during-torrid-streak/c-688279


        Pacioretti on playing with Desharnais…
        Captain Max Pacioretty, his longtime friend and linemate, said Desharnais has an underrated shot and he has encouraged him to shoot more.

        Maybe Max hadn’t heard that the amount of shots really doesn’t matter obviously Obie hasn’t imagine how many goals he would get if he only shot less

      • Quit twisting it around tanner tampa was up 4-0 do you think they needed to score more? Geez glad you can put stories that have no reference to what the discussion is? Lol

      • Ya where would I get the idea that shots were being discussed?

        Shot totals are pretty meaningless a lot of ppl on here look at the shot totals and should be looking at quality chances

        So explain it big bear how come the guys who lead the league in shots are the same guys who lead it in goals if shot totals are meaningless?
        Why do players and coaches say “we have to get more pucks on net” or “we need to shoot more” why do they say that if it’s not true?

        Is this more like your dumbass Bob Mackenzie quote that never happened?

      • So your saying when you have a 4 goal lead just keep jumping up and going for scoring chances? Lol everyone knows you’re a stats page hockey fan grew up watching games not playing

      • Big bear the only thing that everyone knows is that you must be no smarter than a hockey puck to make up some of these arguments. You can’t backup anything you say with anything accept to say watch games or you didn’t play the game? Your stupid argument about how shots would suggest it’s likely you who hasn’t played because again anyone who has ever played coached or watched the sport knows and has heard “we have to get pucks on net” and “we need to shoot more”
        I played rep up till JR A, and am a certified coach, I never heard a coach come in the room and say we got to slow down shooting the puck. You’re a moron if you don’t think shots matter. It’s not some fancy analytical arguement.

      • I feel sorry for whoever you coach those players don’t stand a chance of going anywhere! I played better hockey than you, and if you don’t think teams play different with a lead you are a complete moron!

      • Of course you did big bear must be true because You don’t make things up now do you? Must be true as your Bob Mackenzie stories no one has ever heard of.

      • Of course you did tanner just like you didn’t say gardiner was a top 10 dman in the NHL

      • Then explain it if you know all that you say you do and shot totals are meaningless instead of just being insulting explain why guys like Stamkos Ovie Hall Kane and guys who generally lead the league in shots are the same guys who lead the league in goals if shot totals are meaningless how come the guys with the highest shot totals score the most? Why is that? You yip and yell that people don’t watch the game as much as you yet you can’t explain anything you see why is that big bear? lol

      • Tanner did you not see what striker and I were talking about? Geez tb had a 4-0 lead if you don’t think teams change their style of play to protect you are a total moron!!

      • And you on the other page saying gardiner is better than Hamilton?? Geezus man out of 100 hockey guys none would take gardiner over Hamilton that’s just very stupid talk

  5. Congrats to the HHOF inductees. Just wish that players such as Andreychuk get their due.