NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – November 5, 2016

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The Columbus Blue Jackets celebrated one of their 10 goals against the Montreal Canadiens on Friday night.

The Columbus Blue Jackets celebrated one of their 10 goals against the Montreal Canadiens on Friday night.

Game recaps, no 2017 NHL game on Parliament Hill and more in your NHL morning coffee headlines. 

NHL.COM: Cam Atkinson, Nick Foligno, Scott Hartnell and Josh Anderson all scored twice as the Columbus Blue Jackets humiliated the Montreal Canadiens 10-0, handing the Habs their first regulation loss of the season. Canadiens backup goalie Al Montoya was in goal for the entire game. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This was an embarrassing loss for the Canadiens. The only person to feel sorry for is Montoya, who was left hung out to dry by his coach and his teammates. They should be ashamed of themselves. You can also bet Carey Price wouldn’t have been left in that situation.  

Rickard Rakell scored twice to help the Anaheim Ducks thump the Arizona Coyotes 5-1. 

Brandon Tanev scored the first two goals of his NHL career as the Winnipeg Jets rallied to down the Detroit Red Wings 5-3. 

PHILLY.COM: Defenseman Michael Del Zotto will return to the Philadelphia Flyers lineup after missing the opening three weeks of this season to injury. 

THE DENVER POST:  The Colorado Avalanche placed center John Mitchell. 

NBC SPORTS: Free-agent forward Sean Bergenheim is returning to Europe, signing with Sweden’s Frolunda HC. 

OTTAWA SUN: The Canadian government rejected the idea of staging an outdoor game on Parliament Hill in 2017, citing “the need for uninterrupted operations of parliamentary business, public access and security.”


  1. There have been humiliating s*^t-kickings before in the NHL – but THAT was one for the ages! NO team that considers itself – or is considered by some observers – to be a legitimate contender for the Cup would ever allow themselves to be humiliated in that fashion. When the score reached 5-0, at the very least any team with backbone would concentrate on winning shifts first and then a full period. Not totally collapse and toss their goalie to the wolves. Therien should be fired for leaving him in there to face that barrage, and you just know the players would have put in a better effort at least had Price been inserted to ensure their star wasn’t similarly humiliated.

    • Weber wasn’t leadering and gritting enough ?

      • Watched the game with my buddy( habs fan) it was hilarious? Weber was even on the night somehow? pk would have been minus 4 and low fiviing the mascot at the end of the game ? I wouldn’t want to be philly playing angainst Weber tonight

  2. HA ! People don’t believe that crap written by the Sun. No work is ever done in the Parliament buildings.

    • Well, now, not exactly true. Contractors have been busy renovating inside in some area.

  3. Montreal and Philly tonight. What is Price struggles in the first period?

  4. Therrien is “old school” and believes humiliating his team will motivate them. He should be fired for this antiquated way of thinking that does not work in today’s NHL. Unfortunately, Bergevin clearly feels the same.

    The only good coaching Therrien does is being smart enough to play Carey Price 80% of the time.

    Both MB and MT will be gone this off-season, after the team goes off the rails once they stop playing for a coach that humiliated their teammate.

  5. How whimsical and perverse are the hockey gods! A few weeks ago, Montoya and the Canadiens shut out the Stanley Cup Champions. Yesterday, they allow 10 goals and are shut out by a team that didn’t make the playoffs. Perhaps, proud but maniacally egocentric disciplinarian Michel Therrien found a lesson to be learned from this. Perhaps, his methodical madness led him to believe he was teaching it. Maybe, he thinks he’s a hockey god.

    • Couldn’t agree more, Frank! 😐

  6. just wanna point out that a decision like that to leave the goalie rot net on a bad performance is what caused patrick roy to leave montreal.

    • Patrick Roy, Carey price ………..,..,,..,…. al Montoya ???