NHL Rumor Mill – November 13, 2016

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Trade speculation dogs Calgary Flames defenseman Dougie Hamilton.

Trade speculation dogs Calgary Flames defenseman Dougie Hamilton.

Updates on Dougie Hamilton, Martin Hanzal and the Vancouver Canucks in your NHL rumor mill. 

SPORTSNET: Nick Kypreos reports Calgary Flames defenseman Dougie Hamilton continues to pop up in trade talk. While Kypreos isn’t suggesting the Flames are shopping Hamilton, he said there are teams in need of blueline help making inquiries. He claims Arizona and Pittsburgh are kicking the tires. However, Hamilton’s stock isn’t high right now. 

Elliotte Friedman believes the Arizona Coyotes are getting calls about pending unrestricted free agent center Martin Hanzal. He said the Coyotes aren’t interested in moving Hanzal unless they get a young player, preferably a center, who can help them right now. 

Friedman reports Vancouver Canucks president Trevor Linden denied speculation he might step down. Linden said he knew there was a chance the club could go through a tough time and understands the scrutiny and criticism, but he intends to remain in his current role. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bit of a quiet weekend for trade rumors. Regarding Hamilton, he’s off to another slow start with the Flames. Coming off a career-best 43 point performance last season, he’s been held off the score sheet for the last seven games. He’s in the second season of a six-year, $34.5 million contract worth $5.75 million annually.

The Coyotes and Penguins are both pressed for cap space, so if they’re going to pursue a deal for Hamilton, it’ll have to be a dollar-for-dollar swap, or they’ll have to shed salary in another deal, to clear room for Hamilton. The Flames are also up against the cap ceiling so they can’t afford to retain salary in the deal.

 TSN’S Pierre LeBrun recently speculated on Hanzal’s status and also believes the Coyotes will want a young player who can step into their lineup right away if they put Hanzal on the block. If he is shopped, I believe that moves happens closer to the March 1 trade deadline, especially if the Coyotes are out of playoff contention by then. 


  1. ” … especially if the Coyotes are out of playoff contention by then.”

    And they will be. They’re dead last right now – even back of the Canucks who are a train wreck! – with Calgary, Vancouver, Colorado, LA, Dallas to climb over, just to get a crack at the 2 current wild-card teams – Minnesota and Nashville. In the top 6 are Chicago, St. Louis, Winnipeg, Edmonton, San Jose and Anaheim.

    They have NO chance.

    • And those Pronger, Bolland, Datsyuk trades are looking awesome right now, aren`t they. Even Toronto backed away, may not be costing Arizona money, but it sure has tied their hands. Pick up a couple of assets, may cost them a whole year off their careers. Not really worth it.

      • Not sure that management didn’t know this was coming and are fine with another year of adding high end picks. Some of what’s happened and lead up to now smells like crapping the bed on purpose. Upon further review.

      • I think the Arizona tank job was planned I the summer. People always comment at how poor a GM is when their teams struggle for a season or two. Many times the only thing to do is rebuild. Most teams need to do it through the draft. Top centres and top D don’t fall from the sky and land I your lap often.

        Both Vancouver and Arizona are picking up young talent through the he draft. To bad Vancouver can’t move the Sedins. But it is also a good thing for them to show loyalty to the brothers.

        When a team ends up like Edmonton the criticism is warranted. Yet I beleive Vancouver and Arizona difficult isn’t something management didn’t think was unlikely to happen. Perhaps they hoped they’d be better if, if the young players improved drastically. But realistically they knew what they were getting into. Vancouver needs to sell it to the fans and Arizona needs to be patient.

      • I’m not sure I’d say tank, I’d say they chose a path and were ready to stick with it come hell or high water, getting rid of vermette again loading the roster with young guys to get them to gell and develop together leaving a roster so cheap cap wise they needed big contracts so pick up as much as you can by taking on as much as you can…if it works out great if not well we get more picks but the plan is not going to change. I guess I said it wrong I don’t think they are bad on purpose necessarily just that they knew there was a real good possibility that this was going to happen and they are fine with it.

      • Not really a good year to tank, fairly weak draft and with Vegas guaranteed 3rd pick. They could find themselves sucking for a very small return. Next year would be a better year to tank and does Arizona really need the prospects more than selling the product. It`s not like here in Canada where the fans will always come back

      • Picks are only beneficial when you know what you’re doing. Since 2005, the Phoenix/Arizona choices have been, well, less than stellar as evidenced by the following list (I know, I know, the later picks I show by others were also passed by other teams but, except for 2009, it does show a singular and consistent lack of scouting expertise on their part – the picks from 2014 to 2016 we have no way of knowing yet how well they’ll turn out in comparison to others):

        2005 – they would have picked 5th but traded that away and instead took Martin Hanzal 17th (Montreal took Carey Price 5th) – later picks: Tukka Rask 21st Tor; T.J. Oshie – 24th StL; Kris Letang – 62nd Pit;

        2006 – Peter Mueller – 8th – later picks: Bryan Little 12th Atl; Claude Giroux – 22nd Pha; Milan Lucic – 50th Bos; Brad Marchand – 71st Bos;

        2007 Kyle Turris – 3rd – later picks: Jakob Voracek – 7th Clb; Logan Couture – 9th SJ; Ryan McDonough – 12th Mtl; Max Pacioretty – 22nd Mtl; P.K. Subban – 43rd Mtl; Wayne Simmonds – 61st LA;

        2008 – Mikkel Boedker – 8th and Viktor Tikhonov – 28th – later picks: Erik Karlsson – 15th Ott; Michael De Zotto – 20th NYR; Jordan Eaberle – 22nd Edm; John Carlson – 23rd Wash; Roman Josi – 38th Nash; Derek Steppan – 51st NYR;

        2009 – Oliver Ekman-Larsson – 6th;

        2010 – Brandon Gormley – 13th and Mark Visentin – 27th – later picks: Vlad Terasenko – 16th St.L; Nick Bjugstad – 19th Fla; Evgeni Kuznetson – 26th TB; Alex Petrovik – 36th Fla; Justin Faulk – 37th Car; Tyler Toffoli – 47th LA; John Klingberg – 131st Dal;

        2011 – Connor Murphy 20th – later Picks: Rickard Rakell – 30th Ana; Brandon Saad – 43rd Chi; Nikita Kucherov – 58th TB;

        2012 – Henrik Samuelsson – 27th – later picks: Brady Skjei – 28th NYR; Colton Parayko – 86th St.L;

        2013 – Max Domi 12th – later picks: Alex Wennberg – 14th Clb; Shea Theodore – 26th Ana;

        2014 – Brendon Perlini – 12th; 2015 – Dylan Strome 3rd; 2016 – Clayton Keller 7th.

      • Yogi.

        Las Vegas is weighted the same as the 3rd worst team in the NHL but are guaranteed of picking no later than 6th in the 1st round & 3rd in all subsequent rounds.

      • George.

        I not sure what happened in Arizona 10 years ago or even 5 has much bearing on where they are today.

        In OEL, Murphy, Stone; although I have concerns about the 1 year deal making him a UFA at seasons end, Reider, Martinook, Domi, Duclair, Crouse, Chychurn, Strome, Dvorak, Perlini, Merkley, MacInnis, Fischer, Keller, DeAngelo, Dominique & Hill the future looks incredibly bright in Arizona.

        Arizona had bags of money to spend next season following the expansion draft & are very well set up for expansion as so many of their assets don’t even qualify for the expansion draft & other than Stone no 1 seeing a substantial raise.

        I assume that Hanzal, Vrbata & Doan if he is willing will be moved; they will ask an honor what ever his choice, at the trade deadline for more prospects & picks just like in Toronto. A few of the guys on 1 year longer deals like Schenn or Richardson could be expended as well if the return justifies doing so if not wait another season & then repeat the process.

        I consider Arizona to be entering year 3 of their rebuild, this season being year 3. I think Maloney was given a bum ride as he’s almost total responsible for laying the foundation this future turn around. The new kid GM has done a masterful job since taking over in securing solid assets for taking on contracts.

        I just still scratch my head about buying out Vermette. Just doesn’t make sens to me. His 2 way game would have helped these kids especially considering Hanzal can’t stay healthy.

      • ” …the future looks incredibly bright in Arizona. “???

        That’s a tad optimistic based, in many cases, solely upon observations in junior and the minors. Most on your list haven’t shown anything at the NHL level which justifies “incredibly bright.” Promising, maybe. But if you go through their draft history each of those players – when taken – had, at least, “promising” attached to them at the time – and most have flopped or simply turned out to be decent middle-range talents. I wouldn’t hold my breath and boldly state that, with the simple addition of Vermette, they’d be a bubble team. That just does not fly. Injuries? sure – but all teams have had them, some (like Winnipeg and Buffalo) have managed to keep their heads above water in the meantime. I don’t see that in Arizona. Duclair has been a major disappointment while I’m not seeing the next step in development from Domi. Yet.Sophomore jink maybe?

      • Yeah shticky I understand the venom behind the word tank. I’m not meaning it in a bad way. I simply think they are OK with a bad year or a couple of them to insure a better product in the future.

      • These are high draft picks & I don’t solely rely on my perception of them & as most aren’t even full time NHL players yet & the core youth is still 2 to 4 years away from being fully NHL developed the future is bright & this will be a very good team. Give them 2 possibly 3 more years.

        You listen to Mackenzie, Lebrun, Dreger, etc. go to sites or publications that are at least semi qualified to make assumptions, Dobber, The Hockey News, Prospects Futures, etc. Numerous main websites, CBS, ESPN, etc. Hockey magazines, like Forcaster, McKeeens, etc. All have Arizona as having 1 if not the best prospects & young teams in the NHL.

        Arizona will be fine this year. Over the course of an 82 game schedule things balance out. Vancouver, Calgary, Colorado will all be worse than Arizona when the season is over & several other teams only nominally better, Dal, Edm & LA by nominally no more than 8 points. I had 6 to start the year but Arizona probably can’t cover all the ground lost in their 1st 14 games.

        Vermette’s face office skills, penalty killing & 2 way game would have helped substantially. You can’t have success in the NHL if you can’t ice 4 NHL quality centers, 1 that can be a kid ideally. Arizona’s C ice position is a mess especially with Hanzel injured. Martinook is being forced to pay C they have Richardson, Dvorak & Dauphin as their other 3 with Hanzel injured? ugly.

      • Arizona sits 5-9; 4 games under 500 with 68 games to go having lost their goalie for essentially the entire year to date. Their #1 C for 5 games & their #2 Dman from last season Stone for 9. I think considering they have played great. They are 5 points out of the last playoff spot.

        How would any NHL team do if they lost the same assets this early. I’m not comparing Hanzel to Toews other than they are each teams respective #1 C’s. Take Toews, Seabrooke & Crawford out of Chicago & how would their record look?

      • Injuries are just an excuse striker! Lol

      • No there not, just a reality. Arizona is having their now others will have them later & over 82 games all will balance out & a teams depth & play will determine where all will finish. I’m not writing Arizona off as the worst team in the league now 14 games in with the injuries they have had.

        But thank you for your thoughts, insight, & selective memory. Ha-ha!

      • Lol I know they re not an excuse you are the one that said it! Lol losing smith has hurt the yotes in a big way on and off the ice

    • Arizona has a game in hand on Vancouver & their goaltending with Smith having missed 12 games has been beyond bad. Hanzal’s missed 5 & their #3 Dman Stone 9. Can’t tell what Arizona is yet.

      They aren’t a playoff team as currently constructed. Had they retained Vermette I would have had them as a bubble team but missing. They will be better. Injuries & a brutal 6 game road trip in 10 nights following game 1 at home was brutal. Went 1-5 giving up a ton of goals when Dominique couldn’t stop a beach ball.

      Vancouver & Calgary will be worse than Vancouver in the west when all is said & done. Calgary is the worst team in the league by winning %. They have a point on Arizona but Arizona has 2 games in hand.

      • Games in hand are only factors IF they win them or least get a point out of them.

      • Agreed. Good math George. Ha-ha!

      • I also like Arizona’s chances of winning at least 1 of those 2 games in hand if not both as they play Calgary & Vancouver back to back unfortunately; hard to win on back to back nights especially on the road with travel, on Wednesday & Thursday next week but they will have Smith back for at least 1 of those starts, Stone returned last game, hopefully he stays in the line up & Hanzal is very close. He may or may not play listed as questionable.

  2. The coyotes aren’t tight for cap space. If they want to spend the money there is LTIR for pronger and bolland. They may not want to spend $$ due to budgetary reasons. But that’s different.

    • Arizona has used some of their LTIR space which means all bonus money gets shifted to next year, like Toronto they have a no. of players who can collect said bonuses, if you keep shifting the bonus money to next year, it`s gonna come back to bite. That`s why Toronto isn`t using their LTIR. It may not hurt so much this year, but if you have to payout 2/3 years worth of bonuses all at one time. Yikes

      • Bonus monies only carry forward if they push a team over the cap come the final accounting. This won’t be happening in Arizona. Neither Pronger or Bolland are playing this year & these bonus monies owed to all these kids most won’t be earned & what are can easily be accounted for in LTIR savings.

      • Lou disagrees with you, are you saying you`re smarter than Lou. Lou was asked about the Cowan situation recently, the reporter asked Lou what would happen if Toronto lost the arbitration. Would it be as simple as putting Cowan on the LTIR and Lou said no, to put Cowan on the LTIR would force them to roll the bonuses over to next year and they didn`t want to do that. A lot of the bonuses are tied to games played which really isn`t that hard to achieve, unless they send you down.

      • When the final accounting’s are done next season following June 30th’s NHL/NHLPA audits & posted we will see how it plays out. You may be right time will tell.

        I’ll tag for follow up at least as it relates to Arizona, Toronto’s cap situation especially as to how Cowen’s arbitration settlement may effect Toronto’s cap issues is totally different & Matthews, Nylander & Marner are earning their bonuses. Most of Arizona’s Strome, Dvorak in the case of these to little to none will be earned, Crouse & Vrbata’s 1.25 playoff bonus won’t be earned.

        Games played only factors into the equation as bonus for players generally get tagged to total NHL games played. Not for determining how they will impact the cap penalties that carry forward.

    • In real dollars Arizona is right where the usually are for internal cap, well better as they are collecting 80% of Bolland’s salary in insurance. Datsyuk dings the cap but not costing Arizona a dime but no cap relief available for Datsyuk’s.

  3. As long as the Coyotes suck I am happy! Move them to a city that actually wants hockey!

    • Like Glendale!

      • Auston Matthews!

    • The team has been bad for years and are still there in a kinda bad location on a bad lease and are still drawing 13000+ Which isn’t to far off teams like the Islanders Devils and Sens…I don’t think the team leaves the desert and I say if they actually had a good team and a better location this teams attendance isn’t an issue. Not that 13000 is great but years of losing and a bad location isn’t keeping more people away I would say that maybe if the team was actually good it would maybe have decent attendance.

    • They will be it’s called Tempe, more specifically the University district. Arizona will be leaving Glendale eventually. They may even return to the old American airlines Arena now called the Talking Stick Resort Arena until a new facility is built. They aren’t leaving the metropolis of Pheonix.

      What ailed Arizona in the past is solved. Ownership & money. They now are also 1 of the best young up & coming teams in the NHL. If this team was moving it would never have been bailed out by the NHL taking over ownership until a suitable 1 could be found. Pheonix is the 6th largest city in the US the 11th largest TV market. It’s an essential market if the NHL ever wants to secure a US national TV contract.

  4. They aren’t the only team that can leave in my opinion

    • The only NHL team moving will be Carolina & that’s at least 5 years away; Seattle. Their lease is exceptionally beneficial to the Hurricanes but the penalty to break it is harsh so until it’s far closer to expiry not happening. The Hurricanes get all profits paying a nominal fee as they have full management & profit for all events in the building but don’t share in the building maintenance costs as related to significant repairs or upgrades. They are responsible for day to day cots.

      The NHL will be a 32 team league by the start of the 2020-21 season. Yes expansion will happen again with Quebec being awarded a franchise. Carolina will eventually move to the west, again Seattle & until that happens the league will run imbalanced conferences. Once Carolina is settled in Seattle both sides will have 16 & the league probably won’t expand again for at least a decade but eventually I see a 36 team NHL.

  5. Out of curiosity anyone seen how their minor league team is doing in Tucson? First place I think. They should be good with loads of talent meaning the big club can get better. Smith out is a killer for them and hanzal too.

  6. Early season Calder predictions: right now it looks like laine, werenski and one of the leafs big 3! I’m going with werenski doesn’t get seen a lot in clb but he looks like he’s gonna be a great dman!

    • Numerous other possible candidates as well. Vesey, Buchenevich, Konecny, Aho, Skjei, Matheson, etc. Tons of great young talent coming into the NHL. If Laine doesn’t get injured he wins in a walk. He has almost as many goals as any other rookie has points. He has been unbelievable. That release is as good as any I have ever seen. He may well score 50 goals this season & in today’s NHL that’s amazing.

      Since the lockout of 2004-05 we have had 20 50 goal scorers in 1 season. Since the 2012-13 lock out the last 3 seasons we have 3. Ovechkin being the only player. The 3 years before the 2012-13 lock out, 6.

      • I don’t consider vessey in the running only because he got to pick which team/system he would be playing in. Numerous other also but those guys at this point are the leaders

      • I’m not sure how getting to choose is relevant. The accredited voters won’t care that he got to choose. Panarin got to choose to. I’m pretty sure he won the Calder!

      • “I” don’t consider vessey in the running. Any player that picks his team has a huge advantage like panarin did

      • If he finishes in the top 5 for points & top 3 for goals he will get votes. Of all the rookies surrounding him in both he’s seeing the least TOI currently.

        Hey I don’t like what Vesey did either but time to move on & just except he’s a great young rookie. I just wish in was wearing black & gold. Bruins black & gold to be precise. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m talking about Pittsburgh. Ha-ha!

      • Don’t sleep on Matt Murray for Calder. 4-0, .961 save pct. Those are elite numbers and the only reason he doesn’t have more wins is he was injured to start the season. The Penguins play like champions when he is in net and they play at a lower level with MAF in net. I see MAF playing less and less and being traded at the TDL because Tristan Jarry currrently is the best goalie in the AHL right now and just like Murray did last year Jarry is earning getting NHL starts by the last quarter of the season.

  7. Lyle.

    Arizona has 5,141,706 in cap space with LTIR relief & if so inclined can put Smith on LTIR retroactively as he’s missed the minimum 10 games required should a player go on LTIR to free up additional space if so inclined.

    That said Arizona doesn’t need a Dman & why they keep popping up in rumors of needing 1 seems odd. Unless they are sending Chychrun back to Jr or trading 1 of their top 4 back. OEL, Goligoski, Stone & Murphy being their op 4. Schenn has provided reliable minutes in the #6 spot & I don’t see Chychurn being returned to Jr but with Arizona 1 never knows what their up to with young players. DeAngelo has also had a nice showing in his 1st 2 NHL games. Showcasing for trade?

    • DEE I agree MAF will play less and less and he will be dealt. The NHL is a cruel buisness and MAF was fantastic last year keeping the Struggling Penguins going in October, November and December. He is still a number # 1 type goalie just not in Pittsburgh. I’m sure Toronto or Dallas could use him….

  8. George O. you said Arizona traded away the 5th ova pick to MTL, but that is incorrect. MTL moved up to 5th OVA via the draft lottery.

    • Thanks for the reminder Craig. Completely forgot about that “lost season” lottery 11 years ago. Imagine being a perennial bottom-feeder and then getting the 17th pick. even then, they could have had Tuuka Rask, T.J. Oshie and Kris Letang – among others.

  9. Are the Coyotes the team we all will hate now it looks like Edmonton is past the perrinnial bottom feeder stage ? Loads of top talent,little to show. Eventually they will figure it out. Until then they will be the losers that they are today.

    • You can’t even compare the 2. Arizona went to the quarter finals losing to the Kings in 2011-12 & their plight wasn’t related to bad management but bad ownership & limited monies. Edm was & is 1 of the 10 richest teams in the NHL.

      Arizona hasn’t been brutal. In 3 of the 4 season having missed the playoffs since appearing in the quarter finals they finished 4th in the Pacific 3 times just missing the playoffs in 2013-14 by 2 points.

      No 1 will ever repeat the ineptitude that was Kevin Lowe & his 10 year reign of mayhem.

  10. Dougie will no doubt want his big Brother included in any deal.

  11. People are kinda rough on a 23 year old D on young team. Hamilton will be fine.

  12. I don’t see the Penguins going after Hamilton. Who are they going to trade for him? Unless it’s MAF who has the same cap hit. Which I am fine with but they would have to send Cole or Daily as well to free up a roster spot. MAF+Cole+ Fehr for Hamilton and Elliot? Does that work for Calgary or can they demote their backup goalie and keep Elliot and MAF?

  13. DEE….not a bad idea but i like Eric Fehr’s leadership and toughness and clutch play..

    Cole & MaF for Doug Hamilton

    Letang Dumolin # 1
    Daley Hamilton # 2
    Schultz Matta # 3

    • Fehr is fine but Scott Wilson and Jake Guentzle need full time NHL minutes at this point. Fehr is a little too slow to play wing in this system. I don’t see Calgary making either move if they are giving up 23 year old giant dman and getting a 30 year old goalie and a 28 year old bottom pairing dman. We’d have to add more and it would be nice to have a first round pick this year for once. 2 seconds this year and next I guess I would do but none of this really helps Calgary. I don’t see a deal between the 2 teams and we are pretty set at RD anyways.