NHL Rumor Mill – November 14, 2016

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Calgary Flames defenseman Dougie Hamilton says he's unfazed by trade rumors.

Calgary Flames defenseman Dougie Hamilton says he’s unfazed by trade rumors.

Updates on Dougie Hamilton, Kevin Shattenkirk, the Senators & more in your NHL rumor mill.

CALGARY SUN: Wes Gilbertson reports Flames defenseman Dougie Hamilton acknowledged seeing his name brought up as a possible trade candidate during Saturday’s Hockey Night in Canada’s “Headlines” intermission segment. He said he’s not thinking too much about the rumors, adding he enjoys playing for the Flames. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As per that HNiC report on Saturday from Nick Kypreos, when it’s believed the Flames aren’t shopping Hamilton, his stock isn’t that high right now. Factor in his $5.75 million annual cap hit through 2020-21, and the high numbers of clubs with limited cap space, and moving him could become a difficult task. 

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the upcoming meeting of NHL general managers on Tuesday could provide an opportunity for some to try to get some trade talks going.

Prior to the Winnipeg Jets  re-signing defenseman Jacob Trouba, there was some speculation they and the Anaheim Ducks discussed a deal involving Cam Fowler but it was never close or realistic. Lots of teams had interest in Trouba but couldn’t stomach the Jets’ high asking price.

With the Calgary Flames struggling, GM Brad Treliving’s working the phones “big time”. There’s isn’t much interest in Flames defenseman Deryk Engelland or forward Lance Bouma.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  Treliving will have to offer up more than that if he hopes to land a player who can help reverse the Flames fortunes. That explains why Dougie Hamilton resurfaced in the rumor mill over the weekend. 

Vancouver Canucks GM Jim Benning continues to shop around for a 20-goal scorer. If head coach Willie Desjardins is fired, Utica Comets coach Travis Green could be the leading candidate for the job.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless Benning is willing to part with one or two top prospects, defenseman Chris Tanev or young center Bo Horvat for a quick fix, I doubt he’ll find what he’s seeking. A coaching change at this point appears more likely than a trade. 

The Dallas Stars have been trying to deal little-used defenseman Jamie Oleksiak.

If St. Louis Blues GM Doug Armstrong doesn’t want to shake things up by replacing head coach Ken Hitchcock, he could make a move with defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Looks like the departure this summer of veteran leaders David Backes, Troy Brouwer and Brian Elliott did more damage to the Blues than expected. While still a very talented club, there’s a distinct lack of leadership among the Blues right now. Shopping Shattenkirk probably won’t address that issue. 

Garrioch also reports the upcoming NHL GMs meeting will give Ottawa Senators GM Pierre Dorion the chance to “gauge where the Senators are at and determine what the asking price might be if he wants to make a deal or two.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Offense is their biggest need right now. The Sens are currently fourth-lowest in scoring among NHL teams. 


  1. If Dorion manages ANY kind of trade, go outside immediately because you won’t want to miss the phenomenon of seeing flying pigs against the backdrop of 2 moons in the sky.

    That’s not to say he shouldn’t because, as I said in these pages many times before the start of the season, Methot will go down with some sort of mysterious injury, thereby requiring someone to move up into the top pairing with Karlsson. Probably Phaneuf, which means one of Borowiecki, Wideman or Claesson has to go to the 2nd pairing alongside Ceci, who has been having his problems.

    Marc Methot played just 3:45 before leaving the game with a lower body injury that had been bothering him.

    • Unfortunately pouring here on Vancouver island last night so no spectacular moon to see here.

      I George we have discussed & lamaneted the fact Otttawa hasn’t addressed this issue & others. Quincey, Seideneberg & Schenn all signed extremly team friendly deals Schenn’s for 2 years & all would have helped Ottawa.

      Another point of interest that you had raised a while back & someone has taken notice. As I was driving around Saturday XM radio did a segment on Ottawa’s attendance whoa’s. Not sure whop the guy was but quite in depth. People are taking notice that Ottawa fans are starting to get frustrated with just trying to make the playoffs nothing more.

      The reporter commented that their goal is to be competitive but competitive for them is to try & get 2 playoff dates.

      • I have always said that many pro sports fans in and around Ottawa have always had a more pragmatic outlook when it comes to performance – win or take a hike.Not to say that there aren’t those who, like others around the world, paint their faces and spend small fortunes on season tickets and franchise doo-dads – some going into hock to do so – REGARDLESS of their team’s performance year in and year out. But in the Ottawa area there aren’t enough with that mentality to prop up constant mediocrity. And Melnyk had better get the message.

      • Not hat what everyone’s pointed out isn’t correct (it is), but there are some other factors which are helping with the attendance issues here.
        The Phoenix pay system being an obvious.
        But also the ticket packages aren’t helping. For example, I am a longtime Pens fan and usually try to get 100 level tickets to the one game a year they’re in town – fairly pricey but it’s the one game. This season if you want to buy direct (not a scalper, Kijiji, etc.) you can only get the Pens tickets through a ticket package (5 game pack being the lowest – since the start of the season they now have a 3 pack suddenly. Wonder why??? lol). Same goes for the Leafs, Oilers, Habs games (could be others, I don’t really recall ATM). So as a Pens fan, I would have to shell out a grand to get 100 level tickets under this scheme and have tickets to games I could probably care less about (your Tuesday night thrillers against the Canucks or the Wednesday evening sleepfest’s against the Av’s). Porter has a route now to Pittsburgh, so I likely would be more interested in flying to Pittsburgh and making a weekend out of it than buy tickets here or buying a new TV, the NHL package and watching at home. Maybe there aren’t many people in my situation in Ottawa, but in my case, that’s one pair of tickets that won’t be bought this year. Times that by 500 even and your going to see a difference. I know Melnyk wants to get rid of the opposing fans, but this has to be the stupidest way to do it.

      • Getting rid of opposing fans is just a bizarre marketing concept imo. money is money I don’t care who hands it to me,

      • My Thoughts exactly, but this has been something happening for a couple of years now.
        Take these two examples:
        Really makes you think.
        All of this makes me think of the 90’s and watching many Pen’s games here. Seemed to me that most fans went to the games to watch the opposition and at Pen’s games it looked more like a home game with loud “Go Pen’s Go” chants and jersey’s all over the crowd. It worked because they took the time to build a fan base over the decade and managed to keep the team solvent in the process. Melnyk for whatever reason hasn’t learned from this. Then again, he is the genius who thinks this team is competitive every year with an internal salary cap…

  2. I don’t know why the NHL schedule is so condensed this year. It’s causing all kinds of oddities. StL played their last 7 games in 12 days with 2 back to backs. That’s an issue for any team as I have been discussing with other teams to start the season.

    The biggest reason StL is struggling some what other than the brutal scheduling issue as addressed above is Allen hasn’t played well. StL is a team I watch consistently. Their fun to watch play. Allen lost his safety net in partner Elloitt & I don’t know if that’s altered his approach or mental game but he hasn’t played well as the go to guy.

    They have been struggling to score but their chances have been reasonable but I don’t think it’s a leadership issue. This is a veteran leaden squad. It’s not leadership but primarily goaltending that’s hampering StL’s ability to win games right now. Allen simply hasn’t played well & that has to be a concern for StL.

    • First off – we shouldn’t really be using garrioch-reports-rumors in the same sentence without going into hysterics. The season is seeming condensed because of the week long break the players negotiated into their collective agreement. January I think. Finally the Sens are playing a better game but certainly boring. Some of their players look truly lost.

    • and how upset do you think Elliot is now having made the decision to sign with the Calgary Flames where it seems good goaltenders go to die.

      • Perfect example of the grass is not always greener on the other side.

  3. So Hamilton is starting to wear out his welcome with his 2nd NHL team. Gee what a shock. Hasn’t managed to shake his sense of entitlement yet. It’s coming just a matter of time. Not being wanted humbles everyone eventually.

    In the 4 games I have watched Hamilton play live this year he has been bad, not brutal except for the last game, I didn’t see that game live but on TV & Kulak hung him out to dry on occasion. Now Brodie has been brutal & Giordano has looked like he’s aged 5 years this summer.

    I didn’t miss this 1 Shticky well at least not yet. I had Vancouver last in the west, Calgary 2nd to last.

    If a coach should be on a hot seat it’s Gulitzan. He’s been brutal as well. Having just been hand selected by management he gets a free pass for some period of time but he should be thankful this isn’t Lou calling the shots or he would already be fired. Lou’s fired better coaches faster than this mess.

    • Striker,

      Looks to be that way… the Hamilton rumors don’t surprise me in the least bit.

      Still not opposed to that move by the Bruins. Dougie Hamilton turned into Zachary Senyshyn, Jakob Forsbacka-Karlsson and Jeremy Lauzon. All of which look to be NHL bound within the next few seasons.

      • I agree. The minute Hamilton choose to hold the Bruins hostage in his salary demands & signing his brother he was trade fodder for me. Had the return not justified the deal & lets not forget the cap also was a factor which is what differentiates Boston’s situation from Winnipeg’s with Trouba, I wanted him moved. I would have liked a better return but so be it.

        In most trades draft picks carry more value than real worth as few players drafted outside the 1st round even see a cup of coffee in the NHL but it’s like a lottery your taking opportunities to win the big prize & hit the grand slam. More seats at the table improves your odds.

        Had Boston been in a position to ride it out & force Hamilton to sit & capitulate which I guess they could have as he was moved for futures regardless I would have been happier with that result still. But you take all the other issues above, add in he had issues with some of the core players on the team it got resolved satisfactorily for me but still not ideally & I would far prefer to have punished him for his stance.

      • “While Kypreos isn’t suggesting the Flames are shopping Hamilton, he said there are teams in need of blueline help making inquiries. He claims Arizona and Pittsburgh are kicking the tires”…How does this statement reveal that Hamilton is wearing out his welcome? This clearly states other team MAY be interested i him not Calgary looking to get rid of him.

    • I have said it since they signed Gio that it was a mistake to give him that deal and they could have gotten a kings ransom had they moved him with 1 year remaining at $4mill per coming off a Norris caliber year which would have helped the rebuild. Now the thought of moving a 23 year Dman with Dougie’s upside to try and change the direction this team is going makes me sick to my stomach.

      Now everyone can say you need veterans to teach the young kids but I don’t think you build your defense are a 33 year late bloomer.

      Granted Gio’s contract helped keep Monahan and Gaudreau’s cap hits down but the way he looks this season makes next year and the 4 years after that look like an absolute nightmare.

      This team should not be as bad as they are, this coach needs to go they should have never let Hartley go,

    • I haven’t heard anywhere Hamilton is wearing out his welcome… or has attitude problems with the flames. Team is struggling and gauging value on players they can afford to lose but still have value. Plus… honestly, wanting out of Boston shouldn’t be considered a sense of entitlement… but common sense 🙂

      • Don’t Look now but the Bruins are doing reasonably well for a team that’s supposed to be in a state of disarray.

      • Ha-ha!

      • Boston fans never knew either till his entry level contract expired. Even hearing he is mentioned in trade rumors means something isn’t right with him.

  4. Boy oh boy Lance Bouma ad Derik Engellend??doesn’t get much more “big time” than that. I think that should be Boumas new nic name Lance “Big Time” Bouma, Hope the Flames have a good cell plan cause I’m sure Trelevings phone is going to be ringing off the hook.

    • Ironically Engelland has played very well. He & Wideman; healthy scratch for 7 games, who can’t even get in the line up consistently have been their best.

      Calgary has the worst PP in the NHL. 4 PPG’s going into Saturday nights game. Wideman with 2 of the 4. 1st 2 PP opportunities Saturday night no Wideman. Finally gets put out on the 3rd & final 1 & presto Calgary scores a PPG.

      Wideman has a ton of faults but generating offense & running a PP aren’t part of them. For a team that can’t score & has their top 3 Dman playing from average to brutal sitting Wideman is stupid. Add in Gulitzan thinks Chiassson is a 1st line RW & presto things are really bad.

      • So your saying he hasn’t been much as much of a dumpster fire as others on the team??Sorry Striker it’s Engelland and I’m not sure working the phones big time to move guys like him and Bouma are changing the course of this team.

      • Your Wideman comment is just another reason this coach has to go,

    • Treleving is grabbing at straws if he thinks either of those two are bringing anything better then 3rd or 4th round draft picks.

      I hate the way this team is built right now and just thank god that Gaudreau’s hit isn’t 8+.

      • I feel for ya man not cause I’m a big Flames fan, not that I don’t like them either, but Monahan and Bennett have been 2 of my favourite OHL players to watch over the past few years. So would love to see them succeed.

  5. With the giant * that it was Nick Kypreos who reported it…

    Why would the Penguins be in on Dougie Hamilton?

    FTR, I’ve never been a fan of the player, but even if you were, he makes way too much to fit into the Pen’s cap situation even if Olli Maatta went the other way.

    Unless Calgary was willing to eat a large portion of the deal for it’s duration (for additional compensation) and the Pens have internally given up on Maatta.

    • I hate Kyproes. A big part of why I don’t watch the Sportsnet feeds & if no other option available I simply choose another game or don’t watch at all.

      I 1st heard of the of rumor from Hockeybuzz. Also not a very reliable source but a rumor none the less & it makes some sense to me. Although I think everyone knows my thoughts on Dman of this quality ever being traded. Ek claims he got it from a source in Montreal. Calgary has to do something.

      Do I think it will happen? No. Might it? Maybe all depends on the return. I only see Dman like this moved in extenuating circumstances or when the offer is 2 good to refuse. They 2nd almost never happens but as NJ just discovered with Hall it can.

      Would Montreal send Beaulieu, McCarron at a 1st or perhaps a 2nd instead? If they would I think Calgary would likely bight.

      • Ya, don’t get how Kypreos kept that gig after the shuffle at Sportsnet. I think he says these outrageous things to generate talk, which he has, which we are doing. The age we are in.
        Interesting about Hamilton and it kind of gives some credit to what we heard out of Boston after the trade.
        He has a brain as he won OHL scholastic player of the year when in junior. Parents were athletes so he should be able to get guidance.
        If true, it’s odd.

    • I agree my penguins should not be in on Doug Hamilton… A. His salary is $5 million plus and he has been horrible…unless Fluery goes the other way can’t see it…

  6. I haven’t heard Calgary is looking to move anyone but Hamilton that rumor having just surfaced on Saturday & yes I agree with you moving Bouma or Englelland wouldn’t really solve anything.

    What I’m saying is Engelland has played very well. He’s not the best of a bad lot. He’s played a solid defensive game as his +8 shows, blocked shots, hits, minutes played etc. & of course the eye test, you can never replace what really is happening. Not another player on the team remotely close & as Dobber wrote this morning +/- when this lopsided on a team can be telling. He was referring to Connor’s in Winnipeg in a negative way.

    As soon as 2 of Little, Matthias, Stafford, Armia & Perreault return, Connor has a 1 way ticket to the AHL coming fast. Great future just not today nor in the near future. If you can’t score & your bad defensively your heading to the AHL to learn to play some semblance of a 2 way NHL game. Petan is far more deserving but may become a casualty when & if all are healthy as he’s waiver exempt.

    • Striker to me guys with lots of blocked shots shows nothing except they probably play on a bad team with bad D and are in their own end too much. Look at the guys you use this stat to prove value they are guys over the past couple years, it’s guys from NJ Edm Cal Tor Dal… lots of block shots = can’t get out of your own end.

      • We won’t agree on that argument. Dman blocking shots is because the forwards have turned over the puck or they spend large amounts of time killing penalties or taking defensive assignments. Engelland leads Calgary in SH TOI/GP & is almost solely deployed in the D zone for shift starts.

        This dynamic is constant to players that block a ton of shots which is exactly part of their assets & value to their respective teams & the reason they are deployed in these situations. The fact players like Engelland or Russell have to block shots has little to do with their skill set but the role they are deployed in & the ineptitude of the forwards they are being asked to play with.

      • I have to say, I’m not a big fan of blocked shots…. Maybe watching Tortorella demand this of every player in NY from Gaborik, yes Gaborik, to Callahan, to Girardi and watching all of them take a beating ruined my enthusiasm a little.

      • I admire the willingness of any player to go down & block a 90 to 100 mile an hour shot. I played D right up until University & was then moved into a defensive C role, blocking shots was part of my job. Demanded of me by my coaches to retain my icetime. I did so as required, not willingly but with out hesitation. It had little to do with me turning over the puck. I was sound defensively & played a simple game.

        It hurt, I missed games with a range of injuries, concussions, broken bones, once almost an entire season. It almost cost me my partial scholarship/bursary & could have had they not relented in cutting me. I came back early, well still injured to play so as to retain my subsidy or I wouldn’t have been able to afford or continue my schooling. We grew up poor. My dad was a corporal in the Canadian Airforce my mom a teacher but as we moved every 2 to 3 years she could only sub as you need to be certified Provincially to be a full time teacher in every province in Canada, no seniority, few opportunities for hours.

        Thankfully full cage helmets were mandatory my whole way up & through university hockey. It’s simply part of the game but not a fault of the player that they have to block large shots that’s how their being deployed.

      • @NYr4life, I couldn’t agree more, I remember watching Tampa in the playoffs, and Tampa players falling in front of everything. I noted at the time this must go, absolutely didn’t like if for the game itself. Also said if I was a player and you kept diving or sliding in front of my shot, one time I’m going to wait you out and blast it at you, with intent of injury. Sadistic I know, but I be making sure that the player might want to think twice the next time. Don’t mind the occasional blocked shot; Also isn’t harder to be on the offense if your always laying on the ice.

      • Agree Caper. Look at Girardi…. Staal….I don’t remember if Staals eye injury was a direct blocked shot, or a blocked redirected shot…. Either way the outcome was brutal. Girardi, broken knee cap, reoccurring fluid on the ankle, Callahan broken leg blocking a Chara shot ( right before the playoffs) I could go on and on. I admire the courage, but honestly cringe every time I watch them do it.

      • It’s not blocking shots that I have a problem with it’s using that stat as proof of value, look at the leaders in the category for the most part and the teams they play for Van Calgary the Islanders Colorado…sure there are a few guys who eat tones of minutes in the top 20 but for the most part bad teams have lots of guys who block shots good teams have few where are all the Rangers? They not good defensively? they only have 1 guy in the top 20 of the category it’s a terrble stat to base value of a player on because chances are you have to be bad to be high in the category. Getting hit by a puck is not a skill set..

      • That’s true > missed your point as we started by discussing Engelland. Blocking shots is only 1 small factor of his play this season. He’s been solid & has looked incredibly reliable & isn’t making many mistakes, something very few other flames can claim at present.

  7. Letting go of Backes, and definitely Brouwer (who took great pride in defeating his former Blackhawks; the looks on bis face that were highlighted throughout games were priceless) speaks to how leadership affects a team. That leadership does not always have to come from the most talented players. Not sure letting go of Elliott matters as much as the other two as he is not exactly doing great in Calgary. I see the Blues making a deadline deal to reacquire this type of leadership as they definitely have the talent to get to the playoffs but not sure how they will fare once they get there? Can’t see them beating Chicago without a Backes or Brouwer type in the lineup.

  8. Striker it’s early but who would be your third bruin dman to protect for expansion draft. For me it has to me C.Miller, with Krug and Chara. With Vatrano injury (not sure when he’s back) I wouldn’t let him play no more then 31 games this season, that would keep him under the 70 games in two season or 40 in one, this way they don’t have to expose him in the draft. At present I do think Vegas will take Morrow or Hayes at this stage.

    • We’ve touched on this in the past in different ways. Miller needs to play & play a ton so the Bruins can decide if they want to expend a protection spot on him. Baring a trade I see no other choice either.

      Boston may well trade for a better solution before the expansion draft. At least 2 teams will move a Dman before the expansion draft. Columbus & Minnesota. At least 3 others may. Anaheim, Nashville & Winnipeg.

      Maybe Boston trades for Shattenkirk at the trade deadline & signs him to an extension? Several possible better long term solutions should become available before the expansion draft.

      • Here what you guys are saying about C Miller. Seems us fans care more about him playing than Julien, as he is just focused on trying to win. He obviously thinks he has better options.
        I think the surprise play of Carlo is taking away available minutes and C Miller got pushed down the depth chart. He really hasn’t played that well from what I have read and the few games I have been able to watch.
        What happens when the other Miller returns?
        I know we have brought up the Liles signing previously, but are they really that better of playing him instead of giving valuable minutes to C Miller and Morrow?

      • Liles is the issue for me. I assume when Kevin returns Colin will see less games unfortunately baring a trade.

        Carlo’s here to stay with Chara. Prospect to NHL regular. Ties into JJ Richards saying that I love. “There’s always room at the top.”

        Looks like a seasoned veteran already logging really hard & difficult minutes. What a find & shocking surprise.

      • Gotta luv Carlo. Supposedly a really good kid too.
        They have a log jam on the blue line with too many bottom pairing guys. Morrow, K Miller, Liles, C Miller (as of today). You could argue McQuaid.
        So to the earlier question – do you protect McQuaid or C Miller if Miller is only playing 15 minutes a night (and not every night) and not impressing as he is not playing much.
        Morrow and K Miller will be exposed if not moved.
        Zboril will push for a spot next year, but likely Providence bound.
        I think I protect Chara, Krug, McQuaid. You would lose C Miller I would think.

      • Ray, no way I protect Mcquaid over C.Miller. Too much upside. Mcquaid and K.Miller and Morrow as it stands would be the three on the outside, If I’m Vegas I’ll take the gamble on Morrow.

    • What about Carlo is he not exposed to the expansion due to his age or time.

      • Carlo does not need to be protected as he is in his first season as a pro.

  9. Follow up to the Kovalchuk discussion. As I said the exodus of KHL players, even Kovalchuk has more to do with the state of the KHL & Russia’s financial struggles than players just wanting to play in the best league in the world.


  10. For the Sens, what happened to Bobby Ryan?? It’s like he’s forgotten how to score. Even just a few more from him would help the Sens out a lot.

    • Ryan, Stone, Brassard, Smith, Pageau – they’re all still roping around for the net. Pass-happy and not selfish enough. SHOOT the bloody puck ….!

  11. Arizona has just announced they will be building a new 16000 seat arena south East of Pheonix. Guess what’s south East? Tempe. Gee what surprise.

    Didn’t someone make that claim yesterday. Ha-ha!

    • really not that exciting striker they have been talking about Tempe for months! Lol it’s not really NEW news

      • Sorry my buddy who plays for the yotes was telling me awhile ago

      • Someone yesterday wanted them moved or from his commnets more disbanded.

        Not happening.

        He thinks their aweful. They aren’t awful just young. According to an article in the local paper they dressed 11 players the other night that were rookies or sophmores.

      • Isn’t MTS the same kinda size 15000-16000? I thought the plan for the Sens new arena was smaller as well,

    • 16,000 seats? Isn’t that a tad small compared to most rinks in the NHL?

      • well it will look more full and ticket demand higher.

      • Yes, but easier to get sell-outs!

      • Yes but that # may not include box’s. Seemed like a low # to me as well.

  12. Benning should offer a 2nd rd pick, baertschi & Sbisa for Hamilton…..
    suck it up lose
    then work on moving Burrows to a contender looking for grit for a playoff run and cap relief int he summer while Benning gets a mid level prosper in return.

    • oops 3rd and take back pick of some sort

      • Not a chance! You underestimate Hamilton, or over estimate Sven Bearteschi. (Spelled it wrong) Hamilton is a top three defenseman, which aren’t easy to come to.
        Sven is a middle 6 (2nd-3rd liner) forward, Sbisa? Ha! He isn’t worth anything! Overpayed!

        If Vancouver wants him, this will be the asking price, or something close to it.

        Van gets:
        3rd round pick

        Cgy Gets:
        J. Virtanen
        Sven Bearteschi
        Jordan Subban

      • Not a chance! You underestimate Hamilton, or over estimate Sven Bearteschi. (Spelled it wrong) Hamilton is a top three defenseman, which aren’t easy to come to.
        Sven is a middle 6 (2nd-3rd liner) forward, Sbisa? Ha! He isn’t worth anything! Overpayed! 3rd rounder? Meh.

        If Vancouver wants him, this will be the asking price, or something close to it.

        Van gets:
        3rd round pick

        Cgy Gets:
        J. Virtanen
        Sven Bearteschi
        Jordan Subban

      • Wow you wanna give a b prospect, a guy Calgary already dumped and a borderline ready forward for a guy that you say is a no.3 dman in the NHL. Plus you want Calgary to throw in a 3rd. Maybe you could get Calgary to throw in a 1st and take Burrows. We must not forget Calgary has to eat half of Hamiton`s salary or the deals off. And you guys laugh at some of the leafs fans trades, this ones right up there.

      • Hamilton would be a number 1 in Toronto! Lol