NHL Rumor Mill – November 15, 2016

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Ottawa Senators could be shopping Andrew Hammond.

Ottawa Senators could be shopping Andrew Hammond.

Latest on the Islanders,  Senators and Canucks in your NHL rumor mill. 

SPORTSNET:  Elliotte Friedman yesterday speculated the Ottawa Senators have floated backup goalie Andrew Hammond as trade bait. Luke Fox notes recently-acquired Mike Condon is filling in well as Craig Anderson’s support. He noted the Philadelphia Flyers, Los Angles Kings and Boston Bruins, have had their goalie depth tested by injuries this season. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sounds like the Sens are trying to gauge Anderson’s trade value to see what they might get in return. The Sens could use more offense but I doubt Hammond can fetch them a scoring forward. 

Fox also notes Vancouver Canucks GM Jim Benning is still seeking a top-six forward to boost his anemic offense but he’s dealing from a position of weakness. 

FANRAG: (stick tap to Chris Nichols):Appearing on the NHL Network on Friday, Friedman speculated the struggling New York Islanders could be trying to find some offense. “Are there some wingers or some forwards out there that can help them get their offense going. I think Garth Snow is looking around right now and seeing if there’s anything that he can do to get that team going because as you mentioned, they’re in a really rough spot.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Isles are feeling the loss of Kyle Okposo and Frans Nielsen big time this season. Andrew Ladd’s been a bust so far, and they’ve got Josh Bailey and Cal Clutterbuck flanking top-line center John Tavares. Ryan Strome continues to disappoint. Like the Canucks, however, the Isles aren’t dealing from a position of strength. 


  1. Yep, tough being Garth Snow these days. The team is struggling, attendance is down and the ice is crap and lines aren’t clicking.Good times indeed

    • Attendance was dropping regardless of performance. The initial novelty of the team being in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center faded fast. Terrible building for hockey no 1’s paying that much money to have the score board or other block their view of the game.

      Numerous teams in the NHL that have bad ice. The TB players said they though Barclays had better ice than they do in Tampa?

      Why the NHL doesn’t force teams to improve the ice is odd. Turn the temperature down in the building if it helps. Would it kill someone not to be able to watch the game in a Tee shirt?

      • barclays is effing freezing

      • It’s the water quality that effects the ice. The more heavy metals in the water the lower the quality the ice is. Each team should use some sort of water filter/ purification system on the water they use for ice. The markets with the best ice surfaces are the ones with the best water quality.

  2. Snow should trade Evander Kane, could get him cheap.

    I doubt Hammond has any trade value, maybe 3rd rounder.

    • trade for*

    • By himself Hammond won’t return much – but maybe as part of a package with a Lazar and/or Puempel.

    • Kane in N.Y. like a moth to a flame

    • I actually had that thought about Kane to the Isles during the offseason. Seems the team wasn’t interested in his salary or baggage, but given the way they’re going right now those issues are relatively minor… sort of.

  3. I think NYI could actually start scoring if Capunao would pull his head out of you know where. His line combinations & player deployment is brutal.

    The ice at the Barclays is brutal. I punished myself & watched that game last night as it was the only game on. The puck spent more time in the air than a volleyball.

    Has anyone noticed Parenteau has as many goals as Tavares. Garthhhhh. Ha-ha!

    When Clutterbuck, Kulemin, Chimera, Cziskas & Bailey are seeing more ice time than Strome, Lee, Prince, Beauvillier & to a lesser extent Nelson your going to have trouble scoring.

    Enstein’s theory of stupidity/lunacy being played out in NYI. Read an article this AM saying capuano can’t figure out lines that will work. Here’s a novel idea play the players that can score with player that have talent. It can’t get any worse.

    • As recently as last year it seemed as if the Islanders had figured their S*** out.
      How you let Okposo walk and sign Ladd is beyond confusing.
      Then they release PA.

      Just brutal

      • Ladd averaging 17 minutes per game and 3 points = BRUTAL. He’s looking at a front row seat in the press box.

    • You won’t have to worry about Capo’s deployment much longer…

      As to the Islanders not dealing from a position of strength, I don’t know.

      As a Leafs fan, I wouldn’t mind picking up Pulock for a package.

      • I love how hindsight is used to critique GM’S moves like we all knew things would go down like this. Haha. There wasn’t much complaint when the Isle let Okposo go. NJ was suppose to be far worse than they are. Florida was going to be so much more with their pick ups. Rangers D was suppose to be so bad they had little chance. Etc etc. But we are so smart having the benefit of hindsight.

      • I’m not so sure that’s completely true. 1 the season is far from over. Many of us expressed concerns about the salary & term for Ladd & his declining skill set. I didn’t expect him to be this bad. I often referenced Brouwer as a comparable but better choice. Significantly less money & term but player as well. Nor did I see Parenteau being waived like that. Shocked me & still makes no sense. NYI can be righted, Capuano just isn’t the solution. Refuses to play the players that can help solve the problem & help them develop.

        Florida has had & is still hvaing serious injury issues, that ship has been righting it’s self slowly & as the new D starts to gel should continue to do so. NJ has had some changes since those discussions started Quincey, the Auvitu find & although I expected NJ to be worse, that didn’t mean a serious decline in points or standings position. I had them dropping from 12th to 14th at the start of the year from last season. I have moved them back to 12th at my 1st marker; last team playing it’s 10th game, lowering NYI & Carolina slightly.

        Again 60 plus games to go & things have a weird way of balancing out by the last team in the league playing it’s 25th game. Much of that balance is happening as we speak. Nashville up, Edmonton down, SJ up, TB up, Det down, Vancouver Down, etc.

      • It may turn out exactly as you say. I just find some of the attacks on GM’S mental acuity and such a bit too much.

        In the end we all have opinions. That is it really.

        I’ve been wrong so far with quite a bit of the teams as they sit in the standings right now. Yet I’m not about to be the moron who calls GM so and so, or coach so and so a moron.

  4. *Its funny how many Islander fans told me* (as a Sabres fan) that Okposo was no good and over hyped ect. glad to see them doing so well without him, guess hes not so terrible after all. **BTW not referring to anyone from this site

    • Well, some of his production was probably inflated from playing with Tavares but people who were telling you that were probably the #islestwitter contributors. Those guys would also tell you that they’re leaving sports fandom forever every time a minor roster move was made. Don’t listen to those guys.

  5. SJ should offer Ottawa a low ( 4th ) draft pick for Hammond. I dont think he is worth much more and question if he is a real NHL goalie. They need a back up desperately as its clear they do not trust Dell at all.Hammond is an upgrade.

    • I don’t think it’s a trust issue per say. SJ has had a fairly neutral schedule by games played. 15 games in the 1st 34 days of their season having only played back to back once. Early in the season & Dell played the back portion of those 2 games against NYI.

      That said the level of competition & 9 of those 1st 15 games on the road increases the need to dress Jones to help guarantee wins. As the quality of the competition declines Dell will see a few more starts. Over the reminder of the month starting tonight SJ plays Carolina, then Arizona twice. I would assume Dell gets at least 2 of those 3 starts, perhaps even 3 but unlikely as the 1st game against Arizona is this Saturday & with Dell going tonight Jones would only play 1 game this week being Thursday against StL.

      SJ does have back to backs on Fri Nov 25th; NYI & Sat Nov 26th; Anh, both at home. I assume if Dell doesn’t get Arizona on Sunday in Arizona he will get the NYI in the 1st of back to backs.

      Factor in Jones has shown himself to be a workhorse. 65 games last season & a ton of rest down the stretch after Reimer; played 8 of 20 after he was acquired, at the deadline or he would have easily eclipsed 70 starts. & only missed just under 30 mins of 24 playoff games.

  6. Maybe the Islanders and Canucks should swap Ladd for Eriksson. Might help both teams.

    • Regardless of the season they’re having I would take Eriksson over Ladd, considering the season they’re having I would take a lot of people over Ladd.

    • Strome for Eriksson+pick

    • Please no.

  7. I’m still a ladd fan. Perhaps as I over see the Yakupov presidency I can do lands Fandom as well


    • As am I. Just not as a 1st line scoring LW making 5.5 mil per for the next 7 years.

      Here’s what I would like to see for lines in NYI. Ideally they would find a #3 C that could take 2nd line minutes once in a while as injuries warrant or to allow for Nelson to play LW with Tavares occasionally & move Cziskas back to the #4 spot. In the interim this is how I would deploy what NYI has available or if a solution can’t be found. I would have had Barzal playing as the 3rd line C living with the development cost ideally until another option could be found.

      Lee, Tavares, Strome.
      Ladd, Nelson, Bailey.
      Prince, Cziskas, Clutterbuck.
      Chimera, Quine, Kulemin.

      I would spot in Beauvillier into at least every 3rd game ideally against weaker teams until injuries open a spot playing for Chimera or Kulemin on the 4th line but getting him some shifts in Lee & Ladd’s spots as able during the game & some 2nd unit PP time.

  8. Dear Garth Snow,
    Thanks for waiving PA Parenteau.

    Devils Fans

  9. JVR to the Island…… For a defensive help. We can debate the return but JVR, is offence at a great cap hit.

    • Maybe if Travis Hamonic waived to go there.

  10. Craig Anderson, Mathew Puempel, and Colin White for MAF, Eric Fehr, and Sean Maguire.

    • NO way are the Sens dealing White (or Logan Brown and Jean Chabot for that matter).

  11. The one thing I hope the Islanders lack of success does not do is start the Tavares to Toronto talk again! As a Leafs fan it get discouraging when we a) show signs of straying from the Shanaplan and b) start daydreaming about plucking everybody else’s franchise players! Tavares, just like Stamkos can stay right where he is!