NHL Rumor Mill – November 16, 2016

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The Vancouver Canucks could revisit their interest in Buffalo Sabres winger Evander Kane.

The Vancouver Canucks could revisit their interest in Buffalo Sabres winger Evander Kane.

Latest on Evander Kane and the Calgary Flames in your NHL rumor mill. 

TSN:  Bob McKenzie reports the Vancouver Canucks contacted the Buffalo Sabres this past summer to determine the trade status of Vancouver native Evander Kane. Nothing materialized but McKenzie said they could revisit their interest in Kane. If the Sabres decide to move Kane, their priority is bolstering their blueline. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If that’s the case, the Sabres could ask for Chris Tanev, while the Canucks could offer up hulking Nikita Tryamkin, who refused a demotion to the minors earlier this season and is seeing limited action in Vancouver. Bear in mind the Canucks only have around $350K in cap space and the Sabres only $530K. With Kane earning an annual cap hit of $5.25 million, this must be a dollar-for-dollar swap. 

FANRAG: Appearing on TSN 1040, Bob McKenzie said it’s hard to know what’s going on with all the trade rumors swirling about Calgary Flames defenseman Dougie Hamilton. It could be the Flames aren’t shopping him. It could also be they’re listening to offers from other clubs but aren’t committed to dealing the blueliner. Given the Flames disappointing start, McKenzie speculates they could be looking at all of their options, including Hamilton or anyone else except Johnny Gaudreau and Sean Monahan.

McKenzie’s colleague Darren Dreger told TSN 690 the speculation about Hamilton stretches back to this year’s NHL draft in June. At the time, Flames GM Brad Treliving and Hamilton’s agent JP Barry brushed of the rumors. Given the premium market for defensemen this season, Dreger doubts the Flames would encounter difficulty moving Hamilton if they decide to do so. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Hamilton rumors contain a consistent theme: the Flames aren’t shopping him but some clubs are calling to express interest. If the Flames decide to deal him later this season, it’ll likely be dollar-for-dollar because of his $5.75 million annual cap hit through 2021-22 and the high number of clubs with limited cap space this season.

Only four teams (Ottawa, Florida, New Jersey and Carolina) have the cap space to comfortably take on Hamilton’s contract without giving up a significant salary in return. Otherwise, it could take until this summer for a Hamilton trade to take place, when teams have more cap space to work with. 


  1. Something tells me that Jim Benning might be dumb enough to part with Juolevi in a deal that would see Kane come to town. Something like Kane for Juolevi + salary dump. The deal would have to be dollar for dollar but could be an interesting one for both teams. Buffalo gets what they want on a rebuild end while Vancouver gets another player so that they can continue to cling to the illusion that they could contend for the playoffs.

    Hamilton rumors are interesting. Calgary has issues on the back end and need them solved. At the beginning of last season they were said to have one of the best defense in the NHL. The problem is they signed Giordano to the contract that they did and then Hamilton has not panned. I think if the Flames moved out Hamilton they would want a return that’s going to fix the issues that they have, although i’m not overly sure the issue is the need to add something that’s missing as much as it is to fix the roster issues they have internally. There’s a lot of under performing going on and I think it’s only a matter of time.

    Thoughts on a leafs deal for Hamilton which would look like this:

    To CGY: Leipsic, Gardiner, 2nd rd
    To TOR: Hamilton, Hamilton

    • I agree Benning is an idiot but he’s not going to compound drafting the wrong Dman at #5, Juolevi, with moving him to get a forward.

      • I assume you mean Sergachev? Or any of the Bean, Chychrun, McAvoy?
        Chychrun hasn’t looked out of place in the NHL as a youngster, but the scouting report did say he was the most NHL ready.
        Sergachev may have the biggest upside.
        Way too early to tell. Hell, McAvoy could end up being a stud.

      • In would have selected Sergachev if I felt compelled to select a D but I would have taken Tkachuk.

        With Hutton, Stecher, Tanev, Gubranson & The monster Tryamkin all young an essentially NHL ready at least all should be developing in the NHL & Subban, Pedan, Brisebois, Nilsson & Neill all in the system at D I would have taken the best forward still on the board in Tkachuk who I think is a better prospect than Juolevi regardless.

      • Everyone jumps on Benning and I understand why. The thing is, when you run a business that you do not own things can get tricky. Who knows, maybe Benning is the worst GM in the league but something tells me this starts up top. Disfunctional organizations usually start there. He may be making moves that he doesn’t necessarily agree with. Happens all the time. Most successful business’ and organizations have a hands off leadership approach. Let the people you hired do their thing. I’m not saying that’s for sure the issue but it seems like it. Anyway, I have no love for the canucks so I quite enjoy it.

    • Hamilton is not the type of d-man that Toronto needs. They need a top d-man that can shut down other teams top line in the defensive zone. A guy like Harmonic. Just my opinion.
      Hamilton is to soft in front of his own net, but is great in the offensive zone.

      • I think the market on what is available for true shut down d man is extremely limited or perhaps even non-existent. I don’t exactly see anybody in the leafs prospect pool who is that or could become that at some point. They have a lot of two way d man but nobody who is a shutdown. Hence why I said Hamilton. I recognize that number wise Gardiner is higher on the analytics but anybody who has watched a game of hockey realizes that Gardiner has a knack for turning the puck over at the wrong time. Also he decision making and awareness is very limited for the supposed upside that he has.

        As for the Canucks, I wouldn’t put anything past Benning. It’s only a matter of time before he makes a really bad trade in an attempt to fix the current situation that eventually makes the team suffer in the long run. I’m actually shocked that he hasn’t done it yet.

      • Totally agree with this.

      • Kevjam that is lol

      • The kitty is pretty bare in Vancouver to do anything. Benning has depleted the assets to the bone.

        He won’t be moving Demko, Stecher, Juolevi Or Boeser. The chances he moves Tanev, Hutton, Horvat are non existent. The Sedin’s & Eriksson have NMC’s & aren’t going any where. Considering the price he paid to get Gubranson I would be shocked if he moves.

        What does that leave which would be even remotely devastating to lose after those players? This team is a mess. They blew their selection of Virtanen, now they are killing his development. He will be nothing more than Hansen in a bigger body. Really a 3rd line winger. They had numerous better options. As I said at the time based on the information available at that time time that selection should have been N. Ritchie. Virtanen will be hard pressed to finish in the top 20 of players selected in the 1st round of that draft. McCann will be a far better NHL player when fully developed.

        I have no doubt something will happen but having already made so many brutal trades & let players walk for nothing few concerns Benning can compound the issue now.

        The worst GM of all time bare none.

      • Ya, Hamilton was never that physical in Boston, which includes breaking up the cycle game as well.
        That can improve with age as the younger guys get stronger, especially with his size.
        With his size and offensive skill, he has the potential to be a number 1 all around D man, so the Flames will get plenty if they move him.
        People no seem to be questioning whether or not he will develop into that?
        Worth the gamble if the price is right.

      • I agree Raybark. I’m not happy with how Hamilton’s opportunity ended up in Boston but I agree. He has all the makings of a future #1. Worst case scenario a solid #2. 277 NHL regular season games played, 163 from my breakthrough point for Dman over 2 years away & just turned 23. As he fills out physically, matures mentally & gets more comfortable with both he will be a stud.

        Which is my real issue with Hamilton, it won’t be with Boston. Ha-ha!

      • Ya, that still bugs me too.
        Would have liked to see Sweeney play hard ball, but I get why he did what he did.
        They needed to get cap space and replenish the pipeline which was lacking in what was expected to be a deep draft.
        But when you look at what the supposed asking price is for young high end D, you have to think he could have got more if he was signed to a Trouba like contract.

      • BigBoss, don’t you think other GMs are also aware of Gardiner’s penchant for turning over the puck at the wrong time?

    • Why would the Leafs trade for Hamilton? Yes we need defensive help, but as Kypreos said (and I know many here don’t seem to like him) Hamilton’s value is not very good right now. And apparently he was traded from Boston because of internal issues with players is this happening again in Calgary? If so why would we want him? To be honest I don’t think the troubles he seems to bring are worth losing Gardiner and Leipsic over. Trade JVR for Fowler to get Leipsic in the lineup more regularly!

      • Anh isn’t giving up Fowler for JvR. At least not straight up, the cost would be significantly higher & not before clarity on Despres’s concussion issue. If Despres’s carrer is over Fowler isn’t going any where unless his contract demands this summer come July 1st when Anh can look at resigning are extreme.

      • Trade Gardiner for Hamilton? Gardiner is (1) currently better and (2) cheaper so I don’t think this makes sense.

        JVR in a package for Fowler makes sense from the Leafs perspective even if it’s unlikely – we’ve discussed this to death.

        JVR in a package for Hamonic also makes sense and is more likely.

        I’d also expect that Lou and Snow have discussed Pulock in their recent conversations, who I’d like to take a chance on depending on price.

      • I think that deal does fulfill a need for both teams. The Islanders need to do something to get their offence moving. They took out 140+ points from the lineup last year and put in Andrew Ladd to replace them. I think Ladd is a strong 3rd line player on a good team at most. 2nd liner in a pinch. JVR would satisfy that and while giving up Hamonic would be a tough pill to swallow, I think it’s one they could certainly do without feeling as much pain as they would if they keep going at their current pace.

        Pulock could certainly be involved in a deal, the Isles seem reluctant to play him and maybe a swap for another prospect who is in the same boat. Maybe JVR, Corrado + 4th rounder for Hamonic and Pulock?

      • That math doesn’t work perfectly for me. Ladd had 25 goals & 46 points last season, Chimera 20 & 40. Okposo 22 & 64, Neilsen 20 & 52. as for the other 34 points lost someone had to replace that body on the roster.

        We have no idea if Okposo even wanted to return & no way NYI could afford to retain Neilsen. He priced out of their range & Nelson needs to play more so Neilsen had to go.

        Cutting Parenteau made no sense but what’s done is done.

        What ails NYI’s scoring wows so far this season has more to do with deployment than personnel, although they are a to 9 player short currently. I have watched NYI play 3 times, & when you go look at TOI/GP & PP TOI/GP it makes no sense. Expecting Clutterbuck, Bailey, Chimera & Kulemin to score which is the ice time their getting I’m sorry but they simply can’t consistently & never have really especially not against other teams better checkers.

        Perhaps Snow’s vote of confidence today is the kiss of death for Capunao. If not it will be Snows head on the block as reports are the new owners are non to pleased.

      • Steven that is always the reason why teams make a trade that fans don’t agree with…he was a disturbance in the dressing room. It’s amazing to me how many good hockey players are a “disturbance in the dressing room”.

        The Flames have had a rough start to the season but that’s the same as all but 1 teams in the entire western conference. The second best team in the western conference is only as good as the teams in the wildcard spots in the east and those 2 wildcard spots in the east have 2 and 3 games in hand on the west’s 2nd best team it’s kinda pathetic how poorly the west is doing. You all talk about Vancouver and what a crap team they are and I don’t disagree…The Flames are a crap team right now too but they are only 3 wins away from the second best team in the western conference. A 3 game losing streak and a 3 game winning streak in the right directions could change the landscape of the western conference in a week. Just a poor effort all the way around in the west.

    • Why would the leafs do this? First I think Gardiner is developing into a better d-man than Hamilton. Then you want to give up the leading point getter in the AHL and a 2nd for the other Hamilton. Calgary would make that trade in a jifffee.

      • Hey big boss why don’t you throw in Tavares as well because your trade is not quite one sided enough yet…….

      • And dan39, Hamonic for JVR is not nor has never been likely and with all due respect if the Flames offered Hamilton for Gardiner, Lou would drive Jake to the airport himself

      • Don’t worry about dan39 Brett he over values every leaf player and just guesses on every player outside off the leafs

  2. CommentSomething tells me that Jim Benning might be dumb enough to part with Juolevi in a deal that would see Kane come to town. Something like Kane for Juolevi + salary dump. The deal would have to be dollar for dollar but could be an interesting one for both teams. Buffalo gets what they want on a rebuild end while Vancouver gets another player so that they can continue to cling to the illusion that they could contend for the playoffs.

    Hamilton rumors are interesting. Calgary has issues on the back end and need them solved. At the beginning of last season they were said to have one of the best defense in the NHL. The problem is they signed Giordano to the contract that they did and then Hamilton has not panned. I think if the Flames moved out Hamilton they would want a return that’s going to fix the issues that they have, although i’m not overly sure the issue is the need to add something that’s missing as much as it is to fix the roster issues they have internally. There’s a lot of under performing going on and I think it’s only a matter of time.

    Thoughts on a leafs deal for Hamilton which would look like this:

    To CGY: Leipsic, Gardiner, 2nd rd
    To TOR: Hamilton, Hamilton

    • The leafs do have the cap space to land Hamilton, if they wanted to. Right now they aren’t even using Horton’s LTIR not to mention Robidas and Lupul could also be placed on LTIR.

      Also the Leafs do need another RHD so I could see them being interested in Hamilton. However your proposed trade of Gardiner plus plus is a non-starter. If you look at Gardiner from an analytics perspective (like the Leafs front office does) Gardiner is better than Hamilton. Maybe JVR is a better fit but I’m doubtful?

      Calgary would have to fall a lot further and basically be out of the playoff race in order for the Leaf’s strength in prospects and draft picks to be of sufficient interest to Calgary for them to consider trading Hamilton to Toronto.

      • There are several other teams who could take Hamilton with the LTIR injuries they have. Many haven’t even placed all their players on IR on LTIR yet. Most will at some point. It can be done retroactively.

        Teams that have the LTIR space now. Not saying any need a Dman but they have the cap space if so inclined. Arz 6,309,030 with LTIR relief, LA 6,162,219 with LTIR relief & still haven’t placed Gaborik on LTIR as yet, Clb 7,599,220 with LTIR relief & Edm 7,755,086 with LTIR relief & haven’t put Fayne on LTIR yet but could at any time. That brings the # of teams that could potentially afford Hamilton to 8.

        Then you have teams that have players that could be put on LTIR at anytime that haven’t yet Tor; Horton, Robidas & Lupul, Bos Miller & Khudobin, Buf Bogosian & Eichel, Dal Janmark, Hemsky, Sharp, Eakin or Hudler, NYI Grabovsky & Pulock, Vancouver Tanev & Hansen, Winnipeg, Little & Stafford. That’s 7 more bringing the # of teams that could afford hamilton’s salary to 15. 1/2 the league.

        Factor in that any team trading for Hamilton is sending solid assets & salary back & really only a handful of teams in the NHL maybe 8 that couldn’t be involved in a deal for Hamilton today. There are tons of possibilities & a 3 team deal mid stream seems far more likely than a straight up 2 team trade.

        That said I would be very surprised if Hamilton is moved at all. Giordano, Brodie & Hamilton are Calgary’s keepers at D come the expansion draft & unless they get an offer they can’t refuse I don’t see him being moved. Especially before expansion. May just before or after expansion but still only if to good to refuse.

      • Good post MST, Gardiner for Hamilton is a non-starter. The Leafs need to get better on D.

    • That’s too much for Hamilton currently Gardiners experience I think at this moment gives him more value to the Leafs than Hamilton who is struggling and to add a good (not excellent but decent) prospect and a pick on top seems like an overpayment to me. Both Hamilton and Gardiner seem to be 2nd pairing guys and Gardiner is having the better season so not sure why Toronto is adding so much to the deal

      • Cgy doesn’t want anything to do with a gardiner the guy is terrible in his own zone and his Offense doesn’t make up for it. Cgy needs a shutdown d and gardiner is a downgrade from Hamilton

      • Oh BigBadBruins is not BigBoss. I thought you had gotten shamed into changing your name again and were now going to start posting thoughtful things. My mistake.

  3. Mackenzie also mentioned that the Sabres need a D man back for kane and will ask for Chris Tanov, which will be a non starter. He said a likely counter proposal would involve Ben Hutton

    • BBB….how is Gardiner a downgrade from Hamilton? Saying it and explaining it are to different things. Please elaborate?

  4. Zibanejad 13 points in 17 games. Brassard 6 in 16!

    • True. Yet the last 19 games the Sens never scored more than 2 goals a game. So this stat is getting a bit skewed. Last night Brassard had a bad game. But over all he I’m happier with him than I was with Zbad.

      Rangers are doing surprisingly well. I suppose so are the Sens since they are scoring so few.

      It appears removing Zbads inconsistencies has shared up Ottawa’s defensive game but hindered their offense.

      Or perhaps it had been the new system with the players frustrations adding to it as they are making poor decisions in the offensive zone.

      Turris and Karlsson 2 on none is prime example. How many passes did they really need to do.

      • It’s clearly the “system” they are learning. Binghamton, following exactly the same system to facilitate call-ups, has 19 goals in 11 games – lowest in the AHL, with the next lowest being 27! There has to be a happy medium that involves SHOOTING the bloody puck instead of looking for the perfect set-up.

    • Zibanejad has been great so far for the Rangers! They are looking really good right now.

    • Strikers claim of NJ finishing 12 in conference. Due to Hall, Larson trade compounding a poor D unit.

      NJ current position in conference 4th. Off season moves of acquiring a great player pays early.

      • NJ sits 4th in the conference 4 points ahead of Tor, Phi, Det or Flo with 17 who are tied for 8th thru 12th. 65+ games to go.

        How are the Rangers doing? 65+ games to go.

      • I don’t believe what NJ is doing is sustainable. I think through their 1st 8-9 games they had 5 goal scorers…. Now through 15 games they have 15 goal scorers. NJ is averaging 2.4 gpg and I don’t believe that defense will stand up without more offensive production. CS will have to stand on his head every night.

      • Who’s now out for over a month – at least.

    • Pk 8pts in 15 games -7; Weber 13pts in 17 games +16

      • This deal isn’t about now, It’s about 3 years from now

      • BigBoss, if Montreal ends up in the Cup finals, it would be about now.

      • It is about the now with Montreal because they have the best goalie in the world who is his prime.
        Having said that I just can’t see Montreal maintaining this pace getting out shot that badly every night.
        It would be one of the all time great seasons by Price if they do.

      • You’re right, for the Habs it is about now, but for the Preds it’s about the long term. I don’t know how Montreal can win the cup unless it’s on the back of Price. With an average goalie in net they wouldn’t be anywhere near where they are right now

      • BigBoss I agree with you Montreal now; Nashville later. My issue is with the so called experts, who claimed that Nashville one the trade today and Tomorrow. They went as far to say this makes Nashville a Stanley Cup contender this year. One of my hockey mags has PK as the Norris and Hart trophy winner this year. Don’t get me wrong I like PK; but don’t see him as valuable as Weber is today to his team. Maybe all the above still happens but I strongly doubt it and maybe these media guys who live out of Toronto who see Weber on a more consistent bases might be asking themselves “how come this guy never won the Norris?”

      • If nsh thought they were in a win now mode they made a bad trade Josi looks lost without Weber

  5. A dollar for dollar deal leaves little options for Van. Esp if Buffalo wants a d man.
    Hopefully Benning does not part with Tanev but besides him and and Edler there isn’t a close match.
    Up front Burrows is a pending UFA but I cant see him waving his NTC to go to a non playoff team.

    • Buffalo isn’t taking Burrows. Their roster has numerous Burrows on it now most significantly younger who play the same role.

    • If Vancouver wants to pursue Kane the D-man they should try and ship to Buffalo should be Edler. Edler is garbage but for some reason still has some perceived value around the league. Not to mention the contracts would offset one another. This would also open a roster spot on defence to develop their younger defensive prospects.

  6. Unless Calgary is getting Trouba back I don’t think they should move Hamilton,

    In the next 2 years we are going to be talking about how much salary Calgary would have to hold to move Gio, why anyone thought it was a good idea to try and build their defense around a guy his age is beyond me.

    I still think NYI is the best place for Kane to land, he would play with an elite center and they have the dman the Sabers would want.

    Glad the Oilers are awful again,

  7. Why anybody would consider trading for Evander Kane is a mystery to me. Yes he is a good individual talent but he is not going to turn your franchise around. Especially Vancouver!

    • Kane isn’t moving from Buffalo anytime soon. They have no 1 to replace him. If he doesn’t get his act together he may well be exposed in expansion but no guarantee Vegas would select him regardless.

      Buffalo needs to see what their roster looks like when they can finally ice what they think their top 2 lines will be for this season.

      Eichel’s not back until early Dec. It will be the new year before he’s back up to full speed. If Kane moves the earliest will be the trade deadline.

      • It’s been rumoured by people like Bob Mackenzie that Murray was actively trying to move Kane but no real offers. The best thing that could happen for Kane, is he puts his off ice issues behind him and tries to live up to the nick name “Rifle” (disclaimer not 100% sure if that was the name, memory not like it use to be) that he gave himself. (or I just did) Then Buffalo would be happy they didn’t move him or his value goes up.

      • I have never heard MacKenzie say Murray is actively shopping Kane. Not saying it hasn’t happened as I certainly don’t listen to all the various radio feeds Mackenzie speaks on or read all the Newspapers he interviews for. Dozens a day, I do read TSN & follow Bob on Twitter.

        I have certainly heard him say teams have asked about Kane even had trade discussions about Kane actually making offers. Low ball offers trying to take advantage of Kane’s questionable character & maturity. Who can blame them I would to.

  8. Kane to KHL!

  9. You should keep up with your West Coast hockey. Tryamkin has turned out to be a very good player for the Canucks, and has won praise from the Coach and Management. I doubt he would be on the block.

    • I agree. The fact Tryamkin, Hutton & Stecher are all expansion exempt is a bonus. I may slag Benning non stop & want him fired, tared & feathered but it doesn’t mean that everything he has done has been brutal. Just most of it.

      In Edler, Tanev, & the 3 above, I don’t like Gubranson; price point issue for me, he apparently wants to be paid 5 mil+ & I don’t see him as anything more than a #4 physical Dman that blocks shots at best & then only on a team desperate for Dman, on a good D he’s a #5, he should be had cheaper. No more than what he’s making now 3.5, 4 tops in this cap world.

      Benning has laid a foundation on the Canucks D moving forward. By the time Edler starts to decline the kids should be ready for more responsibility.

  10. Gallagher 1 assist in his last 7 games no goals in 11!

    Just for those of you that like to forget all players have dry spells.

    • I think Toews got his first goal after 6-7 games this year….?…. It happens.

  11. In Calgary. Hoping Geaudreau can go tonight.

  12. In Calgary. Hoping Gaudreau is good to go tonight.

    • He needs surgery for his broken finger

      • 6 to 8 weeks

  13. Gardner, Reilly and Zaitsev don’t move from the Leafs. Polack and Hunwick are there for the deadline. The other three are are bottom pairing guys that can be used or traded unless they show some more improvement? Corrado seems to have the most potential but Babcock doesn’t see it that way?

    If JVR gets moved one of those three probably go with him? Ideally he and a Dman would go to Ducks for Fowler and Jones? Leafs may have to throw in a prospect?

    In regard to Hamilton to the Leafs he would be a good addition for Babcock to work with but the price is dropping like his play.
    It seems that we all are accused of overestimating assets?