NHL Rumor Mill – November 25, 2016

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Latest on Jarome Iginla, Alexander Radulov and more in your NHL rumor mill. 

ESPN.COM:  Pierre LeBrun speculated over the futures of aging stars such as Colorado Avalanche right wing Jarome Iginla, Arizona Coyotes forwards Shane Doan and Radim Vrbata, Buffalo Sabres right wing Brian Gionta and Vancouver Canucks goaltender Ryan Miller. All are eligible for unrestricted free agency next summer and approaching the end of their NHL careers. He speculates all but Doan could become trade candidates for the right price to playoff contenders by the March 1 trade deadline. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports Iginla, who has a no-movement clause, isn’t worrying about accepting a trade to a playoff contender right now. He said he’ll cross that bridge when he comes to it, remaining hopeful of helping the Avalanche reach the postseason. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Whatever happens with the Coyotes this season, Doan’s not going anywhere. The rest, however, could hit the trade block by March 1. The question, of course, is if they’ll attract sufficient interest from playoff contenders. All were terrific players in their respective heydays, but Iginla, Gionta and Miller have steadily declined. Regardless of their past accomplishments, their performances this season will affect their trade value.

SPORTSNET/LA PRESSE: Luke Fox and Richard Labbe report winger Alexander Radulov is already considering the possibility of re-signing with the Montreal Canadiens. Radulov is off to a terrific start to this season, with 17 points in 19 games. His agent said his client enjoys living and playing in Montreal. The earliest the Habs can open contract extension talks with Radulov is January 1.

Fox notes Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin recently stressed patience regarding contract talks with Radulov, preferring to see how the season unfolds. Labbe notes Radulov plays well in Montreal, but has only two assists in six road games this season. Radulov reportedly sought as much as $7.5 million per season last summer but eventually accepted a one-year, $5.75 million offer from the Habs. 

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Stu Cowan believes the Canadiens need to find a No.6 defenseman with staying power, or at least one who has the confidence of head coach Michel Therrien. He believes Bergevin is shopping around to see what blueline help is available. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe Bergevin will wait until season’s end before opening serious contract talks with the Radulov camp. Granted, he’s looked terrific thus far, but it’s still early in the season. Should the Habs reach the playoffs, Bergevin will likely want to evaluate Radulov’s postseason play.

As for the Habs blueline, speculation that Bergevin is looking for defensive depth has kicked around for about a month. That’s an issue I expect he’ll address at some point, though he might have to wait until the New Year to find what he’s seeking. 


  1. Michael Traikos of PostMedia brings up the U.S. Thanksgiving Day marker in the annual determination of which teams will make the playoffs, saying “Only three teams that were out of the playoff picture at U.S. Thanksgiving a year ago – Anaheim, Florida and Philadelphia – managed to qualify for the post-season. And, according to Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman, since the league expanded to 30 teams in 2000, 78% of teams that were in a playoff position at this time of the season finished the season that way. In other words, where a team is situated today is a good indicator of where they will be at season’s end. For Canadian teams, that means there is plenty to celebrate.

    Following a disappointing season in which all seven teams failed to make the playoffs, through Wednesday Montreal (1st in the Atlantic Division), Edmonton (1st in the Pacific) and Ottawa (3rd in the Atlantic) were holding down playoff spots, with Winnipeg (10th in the Western Conference), Calgary (11th in the West) and Toronto (T-12th in the East) not far behind.

    At this point last year, Montreal had a league-best 17-4-2 record and Ottawa was where it is today as the third-best team in the Atlantic. However, due to injuries, bad luck and a bad finish, both ended up well out of the playoffs.”

    Can’t argue with the % but it seems to me a bit misleading to look at the standings on any specific arbitrary day and not the actual games played. For example, after last night just 10 teams have played 20 games – the consensus “quarter pole” – most of them in the Atlantic Division. Calgary and Winnipeg have played 22 each, while at 21 are Montreal, TB, NYR, Pha, Chi, St.L, Dallas, Edm and L.A. Those that have yet to reach 20 included Wash, NJ, Carolina, NYI, Minn, Nash and Colorado at 19 each, and Arizona and Columbus who have 18 each.

    • Yeah, well the stats speak for themselves, but certain teams have had easy starts to the season in terms of their schedule and some of the same teams have also benefited from lucky shooting. Edmonton and Montreal, in particular.

      Looking forward to the hated Habs crashing down to reality again.

      • Lucky shooting? Lol so are the leafs getting lucky goaltending behind that weak defense? Dan that makes no sense your just trolling

      • You haven’t even looked at the stats, probably don’t even know how to look at stats or where to find the relevant ones. You are so obviously and so totally uninformed, you don’t have even the slightest clue what you’re talking about.

        Go back to your microwave turkey dinner.

      • Trolling….. where do you find the ” lucky shooting” stats? Go back to figuring the World out in text in your parents basement

  2. A lot can happen in 60 games- a lot.

    • In the last 20 years just over 80% of teams in a playoff spot when the last team in the league plays it’s 25th game have made the playoffs. 3, maybe 4 teams, generally 1’s just on the bubble; a point or 2 behind, will bump a team out that were playoff teams at that marker. For a team to do what say an Anaheim did last season are incredibly rare. Come from way back in the pack to secure a playoff spot.

      No anything can’t happen. Anything can happen for 1, & on extremely rare occasions 2 teams in 1 season, an incredibly small % & usually some oddity occurred to allow it to happen. Another team loses a significant asset to injury; Price, coaching change; Sullivan or a team goes on an incredible run; Hammond.

      I play the odds annually; Vegas & local bookies, & daily; Fanduel, laying wagers at the start of the season for a whole range of bets; making the playoffs, division winners, conference winners & Cup winner. I play the over under on players. I hedge my bets when the last team in the league plays it’s 10th game & last team in the league plays it’s 25th game. No other sports bets provide such favorable odds based on long term hard data. I come out ahead every year, to the point that many local bookies won’t even take my bets. I have to get other people to lay them for me.

      I don’t specifically play long odds unless it just happens to be a team I like. SJ last season paid in spades. In July SJ was 25 to 1 to make the playoffs. I took that bet. By the 10 game mark they were 11:1 by the 25 game mark it had dropped to 4:1.

      As George has noted not everyone has played any where near the same # of games & this early in the season it’s a significant factor by % so I look at teams by winning % not points. I also weigh in scheduling discrepancies this early. As until that last team hits it’s 25th game they are a serious factor. Montreal has played 14 home games this year but only 7 on the road! That’s an aberration. No other team has had such a favorable home & road game schedule to date not even close. Edm had 8 games against non playoff teams out of the gate, Nas 8 of 9 against playoff teams & I’m talking the leagues power houses accept for Det. Those are factors in today’s standings which will balance out & have started to. By that 25 game marker most have but still not all. A small % will still need to. Montreals home & road games aren’t balanced out until after the 1st week in January. Be curious to see their record then.

      • The reality is you can pretty well pencil in the top 80% before the season starts, the bottom 20% generally but not always are the bubble teams. Genrally at the quarter mark the really good teams have established themselves and no reason to think they will suddenly fall off, unless as mentioned a Carey Price goes down.
        It’s the same reason that when leading after 2 periods most often the team with the lead wins. Simply because more often then not they been the better of the two teams on that given night leading up to that point and no reason to think the third period will be any different.

      • I agree Caper nvm thanksgiving by labour day a lot of people could predict playoff teams with in 75-80% accuracy it’s kinda silly

      • It vary’s for me year to year but I had 6 gimmes in each conference this year, so 2 3rds or 66.666666666666%. I’m off by 1 in the east currently. NYI.

        I have 7 through 12 & 7 through 14 as a coin tosses essentially, injures, surprises; players developing ahead of schedule, UFA impacts, etc. for the final 2 playoff spots in each conference.

        Depth & quality of a teams core generally prevails over 82 games. At least as it relates to making the playoffs not where you finish in the standings specificly. Injures being the biggest single factor in if things play out as they should with a few minor & rare exceptions. It’s not about how many man games are lost in total but how many to who. Not all injures are created equal. Ha-ha!

      • Injuries are the only way big changes happen, especially with the loser point now

      • If your 6 gimmes work per division work outout Striker it’s 75% where are you getting 66.6 %?

      • Look out felllas shticky is grasping at straws to hijack a thread today!! ?

  3. Shane Doan will not go anywhere. Lyle is right on this one. He is not interested in playing for a contender. His name has come up so many times and he always stands behind his NMC. Nobody could argue that Arizona, Phoenix whatever they are calling themselves has ever been considered a threat for the Cup during Doan’s time there. Of course all of this is his choice, but he could have gone at least once as rental player to win a Cup and then return. Go figure!

    • He loves the desert.

  4. After last nights games and from what I seen all season, can I throw Torey Krug name into the rumor mill. 1g 5a in 20 games with a -9. Has plenty of time to heal from off seasom surgery. He is not good in the dzone and isn’t doing anything in the ozone. Not sure if there is any takers for a small offensive dman making over $5m per season, who’s not providing any offense. Hopefully better days ahead

    • Basically what I said some time ago about him and other like his – like Russell – for which I got dumped on as being “anti-small” – whatever the hell that meant. I never claimed to be “anti-smurf” – just pointed out that, more often than not, they take a heavier beating over the course of a long season than do players with size. Sure, there have been exceptions – St. Louis chief among them – but if given druthers as a GM, I’d take a bigger player every time when given a choice.

      • I took a lot of heat about trading Krug plus for trouba too George Krug is only good in the offensive zone and not even doing that this yr. as for russel he has been solid for the oilers he was a good pick up

      • He was a good pick up considering the overall state of their D at the time. But he and his agent got nowhere near what was being bandied about when free agency began, and the $3/1 he got is notably for 1 year only. He has to do it all over again next June.

    • Sure maybe he can return Monahan! Or OEL who have 2 more points each. Or should we add Bergeron to that list who has 1 less point in 3 less games, or Falk 7 in 16, Landeskog 8 in 15 I could go on all day perhaps some other teams really good offensive player who’s not putting up points.

      Krug has 62 shots in 20 games. Other than Pastrnak no 1 can score for Boston. Marchand has 6 in 20 games.

      Krug at point of surgery was supposed to be out until Nov. Way to early to write off anyone. Boston has had some really weird overlapping injuries & have barely iced a full roster yet & really we won’t get to see what they assumed was the season starting roster until Vatrano returns. Boston is a top 6 winger short even now when everyone is healthy.

      Boston’s PP had been beyond brutal but it’s been coming around. Hard to put up assists when no 1 can score for what ever reason. Those shots are getting on net, his 62 is 2nd to Burns at #1 on D in the NHL with 83.

      • Excuses excuses striker! Lol I don’t expect the bruins to make the playoffs this yr unless they improve the defensive zone but rask is hiding that very well so far if he starts slipping the losses will start adding up

      • I should mention that he; Krug, & Barrie my 2 keeper D in 1 of my fantasy leagues are killing me. Ha-ha! Thankfully I drafted Martinez, Klefbom; just woke up, Severson; since traded & am carrying Orlov; add dropped, Stone, Sproul; add dropped & Wideman; acquired with a 3rd round pick, in the Severson trade.

        I’m getting tons of offers for him though. E. Kane, & a ton of those other under producing players, several mentioned above. C’s are a dime a dozen in fantasy hockey. Which is interesting as in the real world they are a hot commodity. partly due to positional issues with the site we use to run the fanatsy leagues.

      • Isn’t that kinda the same as the Habs BBB? Big Bruins fan like yourself should see they are a lot alike except the Habs been getting some lucky bounces and shooting at a high % other than Price being Price that D hasn’t looked great either even with Weber who really hasn’t done anything but been an offensive D. Maybe if Krug gets on a roll… lol

      • To say the habs defence is worse than the bruins would only be said by someone who doesn’t watch both teams play lol the habs keep the shots to the perimeter where the bruins d not unlike the leafs make their goalie make 10 bellers all the time lol! And to say Shea Weber hasn’t been awesome in the d zone is hilarious!! A puck follower/stats reader like yourself would say that

      • The Bruins shooting % as a whole is down, not just Krug.
        The are generating more chances than last year and giving up fewer.
        And yes Rask is back to his historical play.
        Losing Chara really hurts, as the drop off from him is significant. There #1 weakness.
        Not sure what’s going on with Bergeron, he was hurt to start the year and am worried it may be one of those thing he deals with all year. Looks like he is lacking jump and his normal aggressiveness in the games I have watched.

      • The difference Striker is the others have a proven track record, Krug does not. If your not helping in the ozone, then you can not be a liability in the dzone.

      • That’s the way I look at it too caper

      • Show me where I said the Habs D was worse bbb? I just said a big Bruins fan like yourself must see that Rask is masking a bad D just like Price does and now that Goaltending began t to slip a bit could be why the Habs are playing .500 hockey over the past while compared to the streak to start the year not sure why this makes a big Bruin fan so angry?

      • Angry??? Lol I get fed up when you start saying ” lucky bounces” and Shea Weber ” really hasn’t done anything but be an offensive dman” the guy has been a stud in his own end and it just goes to show you haven’t watched him very much! to say that about Weber is just stupid or trolling

      • If the Leafs had a Weber on their D they’d make the playoffs.

      • There is 1 game and 1 goal against difference between the Habs and Bruins, I don’t think there is as huge a difference as what is being let on here is my point for the Habs fan yapping about how bad the Bruins D is lol. Shots against the Bruins have the 4th least the Habs are 23. Now using big bear logic if all those shots are from low scoring chances how come Price is letting in as many goals as Rask? Or could it be just maybe that the Bruins have been playing pretty good D.

      • Tanner Make sure you’re reading those stats right you’ve been caught lying numerous times on here and ray already got you today! Lol and somehow stats have told you which you have said numerous times that gardiner is a top 10 dman in the NHL! ?

      • Maybe if you spent less time on Hockeybuzz reading up on your secret Leaf fetish you wouldn’t be so confused about things BBB. The Bruins D isn’t any worse than the Habs the main issue with the Bruins is they are not scoring as much, and I’ve never said that Gardiner is anything more than a second pairing guy.

      • Maybe if you spent less time on Hockeybuzz reading up on your secret Leaf fetish you wouldn’t be so confused about things BBB. The Bruins D isn’t any worse than the Habs the main issue with the Bruins is
        they are not scoring as much, and I’ve never said that Gardiner is anything more than a second pairing guy.

      • Take a look at what goalie guy said below shticky that says it all

  5. I would like to Iggy come back and finish his career here in Calgary but not at that price tag maybe a 1 year deal on the cheap.

    I think all these advanced stats take the fun out of being a fan, remember when players were just good because they played well now they have all these stats that show different.

    This site is also going down hill, more then a few of you guys pass along your opinion as fact and go out of your way to attack people for posting theirs we will just call you the Spector Boys.

    I believe I have been coming here since 2009 – 2010 and this is the worst its ever been. I can’t even get through 99% of these comments, this was supposed to be about trade rumors and guys talking about their teams wants and needs instead its about traveling, fantasy hockey, season tickets and berating anyone who doesn’t see it your way. You guys destroy every hockey form with this bulls**t,

    With all that said is there anywhere to go to just talk about hockey rumors or fantasy trades without endless banter about leaf fans being delusional?

    • With the type of guy Iginla seems to be I could see something like that happening. At the very least when he decides to hang them up you know it will be a 1day contract so he retires a Flame but I think he would be good for the group of kids there now for another year anyway.

      • I agree, I think he is what this team needs and would bring some emotion back here.

    • Dino I agree. In my limited time here I see the same people causing the BS. It’s like children carrying on.
      There is a few sites out there but I will not post them in respect to Lyle. Lyle wirks hard on this site I would never criticize a guy who updates usually by 8 am and checks throughout the day.
      Back to hockey yes it be nice and nostelgic to see Iggy back in Cal only if the cost is low. His leadership is something the Flames could use.

      • I agree, I think he would do nothing but good for that dressing room and put some life back in there.

  6. Yeah its turned into a pretty sad sack site.. Between shticky, george and the rest of them its tough to read.
    For instance, shtiky says 1 goal difference between montreal and boston.. Well, montoya gave up 10 in on game so that throws it all out

    We can pick and pull all the stats we want to make things read how we want… Thats how corsi and fenwick work. Someone has to take those stats then they get manipulated.
    Might i suggest everyone take a black friday off and maybe refresh all your opnions.. And realize thats all they are, OPINIONS!
    Tighten this ship up Spec.

    • Or you could just read the rumors and ignore the comments section if you don’t like what you find there. I try to police it as best I can to eliminate offensive posts and personal insults.

      • Here Here Lyle. and THAT is why you are the best site around… for info and comments. The people complaining about the site are as full of themselves as the ones causing the so called trouble. No one is clockworkoranging yins all.

    • 10 goals on 1 goalie is a team playing terrible D lol

      • It’s also ONE game lol

      • How many 10 goal against games the Bruins had? I’m saying that O don’t think the Habs D is very good they give up too many shots and if the goaltending isn’t good they will lose. A 10 nothing game kinda proves that point

      • there isn’t a team in the league that can win without good goaltending that’s a given. Pitts wouldn’t have won the cup without the play Murray he stood on his head. And when the other team is firing shots from the perimeter with traffic being cleared out which the habs do a lot and it’s a one and done the defense is doing their job

      • Ok so the Bruins give up way far less shots/chances per game and let the same amount of goals and their D is weak? What you are saying doesn’t make a little sense. Even if you are saying it was only 1 game that was 10-zip. It’s the same thing, teams with good D Are not 23rd in a 30 team league for giving up shots (perimeter or not) Teams with good D give up less shots than other teams not more and teams with good D Don’t lose even 1 10-0. Now it’s your turn explain why the Bruins D is so bad…if it’s just your opinion that’s fine but you sit there and yap about how one is worse than the other and none of it makes sense.

      • Everyone on here knows you just use Meaningless stats to support your arguments, any knowledgeable hockey person would say the habs defense is better than the bruins but keep thinking your stats are proving anything everyone is getting sick of it as you can see by the comments

      • Yep those meaningless stats like goals and shots lol I have an opinion I try and use something to justify it. I have also watched games the Bruins have been pretty good defensively, the Habs not so much but Carey Price might be the best player in the world right now….what do you have but insults because I don’t agree? I think that’s the bigger issue than meaningless stats like shots and goals, I’m not talking analytics and not very often do I here, I try not to unless it’s with someone who is interested in that kinda thing. Same as I’m not big on +/- but if someone like yourself or others use it I’ll use it to illustrate. Last I looked Lyle has no video on the site so some of us will use stats to try and explain our views, instead of just yelling and screaming that others are not watching hockey (which may be the dumbest thing or argument to say to people on a hockey
        website, pretty obvious that they likely watch hockey)
        Cheers BBB

      • Shea Weber plus 16 and he’s not goood in his own end ? Lol ppl on here say they watch hockey but a lot just follow the puck like yourself and don’t see the little things that really make a hockey player! Players are now shooting the puck from everywhere just to improve their advance stats and you can see it. Start paying more attention and you might notice you say you are some so called hockey coach and all?

      • So they shoot from everywhere except when they are playing the Bruins? Again it doesn’t make sense. And if all these teams are take bad shots from everywhere to improve their analytics against the Habs maybe their D isn’t that great it’s just teams taking bad shots? Lol forget it Bbb nothing you say is going to make sense, and I’ve already said Weber has been good offensively definitely out scores his deficiencies hence the plus jake Gardiner is a plus 5 is he a “stud” in his own end too?

    • Not sure it’s the site boys. There are some folks on here that stay out of the fray and don’t get into the bickering.
      I think it says more about the medium we are communicating on, no different than Twitter or any other similar site. The “outrage” from some would be less across the table in a bar or sitting in a rink.
      It just seems like most of the posts because the string goes on and on.
      Some days better than others but I don’t frequent the site as much as some.
      The Bruins have been playing very good team defense this year by the way. Julien is doing a good job with what he has.

    • And that’s YOUR opinion!

    • May I say to you, that you should realize it mine, or whomever opinion it is. I realize that. I also believe so do the rest. Some know there is some that but things on here to get a reaction. Take it for what it is. Fun with and without facts. Yes some r just annoying but that’s OK.

  7. Does it seem plausible that the pens move fluery for maybe a pick and defensive depth and then get miller for cheap as a backup the rest of the season. And jarry could move to backup next season.