NHL Rumor Mill – November 29, 2016

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Are the Toronto Maple Leafs interested in Calgary Flames defenseman Dougie Hamilton?

Are the Toronto Maple Leafs interested in Calgary Flames defenseman Dougie Hamilton?

Updates on Dougie Hamilton and Ryan Spooner in your NHL rumor mill. 

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites TSN analyst Bob McKenzie speculating the Toronto Maple Leafs could be interested in Calgary Flames defenseman Dougie Hamilton, though he doesn’t know if the blueliner’s available. He said the Flames are definitely listening on Hamilton, but that’s not the same as wanting to trade him. He does believe the Leafs want to boost their blueline. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While the Leafs are currently almost maxed out in cap space, they could free up over $5 million by placing Nathan Horton or Joffrey Lupul on long-term injured reserve to make room for Hamilton’s $5.75 million annual cap hit. Still, it would be a significant move by the Leafs, and the Flames would probably one one of the Leafs good young scoring forwards in return. 

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty reports on the struggles of Boston Bruins winger Ryan Spooner, who’s skated on the fourth line for several recent games. After reaching 49 points last season, the 24-year-old is on pace for 31. If Spooner’s difficulties persist, Haggerty wonders if he could be one of the main pieces for the Bruins in their search for a top-four defenseman. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Spooner’s issues could be related to playing on the wing, as Haggerty notes his preferred position is at center. A rival club could be willing to gamble on Spooner improving playing at center on a team with a different system. He’ll have to be packaged with a high draft pick or a top prospect to entice the type of blueliner the Bruins need. 


  1. Hamilton is not the type of defenseman the Leafs should be pursuing. They need an infusion of strong defensive d-men, not soft offensive d-men. That being said he’s not necessarily a bad pickup but I wouldn’t want the team to trade any of their new core (or van Riemsdyk) to get him.

    On another note I didn’t even realize that the team hasn’t already put Lupul and Horton on LTIR. Guess it’s not necessary cause they don’t need to replace their spots on the roster.

    • Ugh, please stop this Dougie “rumour” nonsense so it’ll go away.

    • I’d be fine with it and have thought that I would possibly go as high as Nylander to get it done. The kid is what 6’6? and can skate? It takes time to develop that side of the game and the key is it can be developed. Skill and skating like his can not be. Not holding my breath but would love to snap Hamilton up if the cost wasn’t extravagant. Never know with Burke sometimes he likes familiarity on his clubs maybe JVR?

      • Also depending if it was a dollar for dollar type deal still wouldn’t really be dipping in to LTIR JVR @ 4.25 is just a 1.5 mill difference the Leafs could easily absorb with out risking dipping in to too much of rookie bonus monies.

      • Consensus on the TSN Overdrive show yesterday it will take Nyllander plus to acquire Doug Hamilton.

      • Depending on the plus I’d think about it I’ve said it for a while now I’d be fine with something revolving around a deal like that. Top 4 of Rielly Hamilton
        Gardiner Zaitsev? Yes please.
        Young big fast can move the puck and still has lots of upside.

      • I read this stuff everyday—leaf fan for 30 years—I am wondering if they can get tkachuk too with hamilton—-maybe for jvr blozak, carrick and leivo and a junker coming back to toronto—marner and hunter might like this

      • I dunno, I wouldn’t be happy if they traded him for JVR I could understand why they would but I think its a bad move.

        I don’t think Nylander helps the offense immediately either, moving Hamilton leaves a big hole on the backend and bumps Wideman into more minutes without a top 4 dman coming back.

        I don’t really see a fit,

      • @Jeff
        Flames are to high on Tkachuk. He is pretty much of an untouchable as Monahan and Gaudreau.

      • Not happening. Hamilton isn’t moving. Wideman is a UFA, post expansion Calgary’s top 3 D will be Giordano, Hamilton & Brodie.

        Calgary got Hamilton at a discount due to unusual circumstances & he won’t be moved at a discount again nor will he be moved. All a bunch of hyper boil.

        These types of assets are virtually unattainable & for a very good reason. Simply not enough of them to go around. Just turned 23 in June & as Shticky pointed out 6’6″ yet has already played 285 NHL regular season games scoring double digit goals & 40 points twice & may well again this season even with the slow start.

        He will learn to be better defensively he’s still 2 more years away from being fully developed. 40 point Dman don’t grow on tree’s & if that means you forfeit some defensive awareness you do so with out hesitation. Finding a defensive partner to cover for him is easy by comparison to finding what Hamilton is. Which is a #2 offensive Dman now that isn’t a total wreck defensively.

        When you help drive offense your going to get caught defensively. That’s the trade off. Not everyone can be Keith, Doughty, Suter or Weber. You have to accept the flaws & accept the advantages out weigh the disadvantages.

        I’m a Bruins fan & still lament the loss of Hamilton but I accept it. Would have liked a better return but accept it for the reasons it happened.

      • Ehh I understand that from a Flames fan look Dino, I think Hamilton is getting piled on a bit for the troubles in Calgary, but from a Leafs perspective it’s a great fit lol people seem to think these D should be making huge differences early but look at a guy like Burns who was viewed as 1demensional in Minnesota where they had him playing wing…it takes time and I think Calgary should be more patient but if they don’t want to be that sure hope the Leafs take advantage of it find out soon with all the Leafs management on this road trip thru Alberta.

      • I like Hamilton in Boston, but my big concern with Dougie was his physical play. Always brought me back to Hal Gill (comparing physical play); big men but wouldn’t play a physical game. Maybe more of my own mindset, but I want my big guys to hit, constantly. Dougie will every now and then throw a really good clean hard hit. But the frequency of them hits were way to limited for my liking. If he develop that side of his game. Then watch out.

      • Did anyone watch the Calgary game last night? Brodie coughed up the puck on the 1st goal then compounds his error by chasing the puck carrier who had already beaten him & was covered entering Calgary’s zone leaving Tavares wide open for the 1st goal.

        On the game winner again he’s chasing the puck carrier who has him beat picking off his on player on the game winner. Chasing a puck carrier who has you beat is a recipe for disaster. Pick up your fall back assignment, take a sound defensive position & stop trying to do to much.

        People can say Brodie is carrying Wideman but I can assure you Wideman is carrying Brodie & has been since the pair was put together about 6 games ago when Wideman finally resumed his top 4 role. Brodie has been a disaster defensively this year making rookie mistakes & anyon ewho currently has the misfortune to be paired with him is being hung out to dry constantly due to miscue’s, brain farts & down right stupid decision making.

        I have now seen Calgary 5 times live, watched 2 others in their entirety & like all games watched the highlights & low lights repeatedly.

        Brodie is MINUS 14. No other player on Calgary’s D is even close. His break downs have cost numerous games this season & no player other than Monahan or Gaudreau may be more responsible for Calgary’s plight than Brodie. Very odd as he has been a solid top 4 NHL Dman the last 3 years but has been a train wreck this season.

      • It would have to be nylander and a first or jvr I
        And a 2nd. Hamilton won’t come cheap

      • @Striker-“Not Happening” Once again u throw out a blanket statement about a trade. Can everyone remember PK Subban.

      • They got Weber. That trade still makes me scratch my head. Especially if I’m Nashville. Subban is owed 2 million more over the term of his deal than Weber is on his. 5 years remaining for Subban after this season, 9 for Weber.

        Nor am I convinced this deal will swing in Nashville’s favor or time but it may, time will tell. Weber’s game isn’t built on speed & finesse but power, strength, smarts & that howitzer. His offensive #’s will decline over time but he may still be a 10 goal, 35 point Dman at 40 playing the same punishing physical game.

        I’m not saying Hamilton won’t be traded just not before his current contract becomes an issue & an adequate replacement is in place. Calgary can not afford to move Hamilton. They have no Dman in the system currently to replace him nor coming anytime soon.

        I don’t consider Suban to move for Weber to be an absolute nor was it what I was implying nor am implying for Hamilton. These quality of Dman almost never move baring extenuating circumstances & the reason Subban did is that Montreal got the better Dman today & may well have for the duration. Contractually they are far better served. Again time will tell.

        Being a betting man, I think Weber will still be a better Dman than Subban over the remaining 5 years of Subban’s current contract after this season. What’s Nashville going to do when Subban’s contract is up in 5 years following this season & he’s 32 years old wanting a huge raise over his current deal. Weber’s cap hit for the final 4 years of his deal will seem like chump change against Montreal’s cap by comparison & as his actually salary will be 3, 1, 1 & 1 over the final 4 years with no NTC giving Montreal a significant trade chip with solid value in trade should they need to remove his cap hit.

        $7,857,143 will seem reasonable in 7, 8 & 9 years compared to what top 4 Dman will be making then. I assume a top 4 Dman say like a Petry comparabl,e will make 7 mil + by 2024-25 & few will be as good as Weber at that time & age.

        Montreal fleeced Nashville.

      • Totally agree striker Weber has been a beast for Montreal in his own end which most suspected but the Offense that Weber has brought as well must have poile gritting his teeth. I like pk but the turnovers and defensive lapses really show compared to Weber. The biggest change I’ve really saw is Josi, losing Weber has hurt his game in a big way

      • Boy you can you ever spread it thick Striker lol
        Lyle might as well close up shop with your asurity that Hamilton won’t be traded, that the Weber Subban trade was won by the Habs after 1/4 of a season with 8 and 3/4 seasons to go and it’s Wideman carrying Brodie because your astute eye test and plus minus says so…lmao you will excuse me if I’m not buying any of that.

      • Shticky you have said numerous times that gardiner is a top 10 dman in the league, so excuse anybody for not buying anything you say

      • where bbb if I’ve said it so many times go find it. And by find it I don’t mean just type something up with quotation marks lol, This only time I’m responding to your nonsense today. So feel free to reply 17 times about how delusional Leaf fans are and about how boxing out is something defence does. lol

      • I guess it’s kinda hard to know what boxing out is from reading the stats page eh shticky! Lol

      • Seems like Leafs fans are willing to move Nylander, likely because there are still a lot of question marks around him. He’s put up decent points so far but I sure wouldn’t part with a top 4 d man for him. He’s had some injury issues already and I’d likely wait to see if he can maintain his production levels before giving up a whole lot for him.

        I can’t see a deal for Hamilton because the Leafs, rightly, wouldn’t want to move enough of their young talent to make it work. I suspect the Flames value Hamilton highly given his age and size. I would think it would take a whole lot more than Nylander.

      • For me Styx it’s kinda the opposite I think Nylander is going to be a fantastic player I just don’t see the need for him as much going down the line now with Mathews. The Leafs still have Bracco and Liepsic who last I looked lead the AHL and OHL in scoring along with some other fine prospects. Nylander (who is 3 points behind Laine in rookie scoring) is the only one I could possibly see moving and I’m not suggesting his value = Hamilton but a deal revolving around him maybe a pick and something else? Sure I’d consider it if it wasn’t too much.

      • Styx you’re right about nylander. Shticky is a leaf fan and overvalues most if not all of the leafs players, look at a lot of the ahl point leaders the majority of them won’t be More than 3rd 4th liners and the ohl the % is even lower

      • All good Shticky. Have to make bold predictions to fuel the debate & discussion. I did say we won’t know who won the trade yet; time will tell, but throwing a little gas on the fire & alternate perspective that should be considered. Contract term & costs for each player down the road + cost of Dman it that time line.

        I didn’t say Hamilton won’t be traded just not today & not for a forward unless a solid Dman like Gardner or Zaitsev is coming back with that forward. Calgary can’t afford to lose Hamilton. At least not today nor following expansion. Do you think Calgary wants to come out of expansion with Giordano, Brodie & essentially nothing?

        It’s impossible to compete in the NHL with 3 solid Dman, If you don’t have at least 4 your screwed & you guys are talking about Calgary dropping to 2 by moving Hamilton? I don’t think so.

    • Don’t forget Robidas too, his cap hit is $3M.

    • I agree. The Leafs need to stay the course for this year and draft a young defenceman in June. Along with this they can pursue another free agent defenceman or trade for one. I would prefer to give up a young forward prospect for a Shattenkirk or Fowler than Hamilton. What’s with everybody trading this guy? Makes you wonder.

  2. So a forward who is not doing anything can fetch a top 4 D man?

    • “Haggerty wonders if he could be ONE of the main pieces for the Bruins in their search for a top-four defenseman.”

      Lyle’s comment.

      “He’ll have to be packaged with a high draft pick or a top prospect to entice the type of blueliner the Bruins need.”

      Did you finish reading the blog?

      • Now Striker, no need for them kind of comments. We all make mistakes on here. Lyle is just confirming what Haggerty said. Fluto for the globe pretty well had the same article on Sunday.
        Will say this is the first time I heard Spooner admit he’s too passive and need to be more assertive. If he can do that then he’ll turn the corner and onward and upwards it will be. Or trade him to Calgary for Hamilton. haha

      • Why post such a comment. I hate Haggerty but both comments were clear. Spooner would be part of a larger deal so why the comment.

        “So a forward who is not doing anything can fetch a top 4 D man?”

        A top 4 Dman is hard to acquire but no reference was been made to the quality of such. We all have wants & expectations as to what that is but on most teams in the NHL currently their #4 isn’t that great with a few exceptions. That said your still not getting 1 for Spooner even if he was producing better.

        It’s obvious Spooner isn’t a LW but he hasn’t been deployed as a C yet this year his natural position. This makes no sense to me. Julien has the ability to drive me crazy with player personal decisions, like numerous other NHL coaches. Not all just a select few. No more than 6.

        They keep trying to cram square pegs into round holes even when it isn’t working nor will work. Make it stop already. Ha-ha! Put Spooner at the #3 C spot. Play him with Belsesky & Hayes. His most common linemates from last season. Belesky moving up & down from the #2/3 spot all year as his consistency issues dictate.

        Go find a #2/3 LW to rotate with Belesky on those 2 lines or put Czarnik there until Vatrano is ready to return from injury. Missing out on Vesey then lossing Vatrano has left a hole in the top 6 that should have been addressed by now in some way. Doesn’t need to be a top 6 player a top 9 would suffice until Vatrano is up to full speed.

      • No argument from me about how CJ deploys his players. I still blame him for the bruins not winning a second cup, broke up the best 2nd line in the nhl and plugged in Jagr who couldn’t play with Bergy and Marchand, should’ve dropped Jagr to the third line with Kelley and left Seguin where he was. Then he wouldn’t change Chara when it became clear that Toews and Kane owned him when the two were put together. He simply got out coached. But hey I long since but that behind me(I think). If Spooner embraces the battles and starts to fight for the puck, like Pastrnack is doing this year, then we won’t want him traded; even so, he still won’t fetch an established top 4 dman.

      • I & Ron Maclean agree with you. Moving Jagr & his slow foot speed & puck possession style into Seguin’s spot killed the Bruins. Jagr did not fit the style of play & dragged down his line mates abilities. Still pisses me off.

      • Striker-this was brought up by Dino Rondelly a few days ago. Your pompous opinions-along with your daily accounts of your season tickets, travel plans, business interests, and now your gambling wins, are driving readers away.
        Please improve your posts

      • Pompous really is putting it lightly…lol

      • Ha-ha!

        Flyer fan, 1st time I’ve seen you post. Welcome aboard.

        So I’d be like just about every GM in Hockey. Self confident, pig headed & set in my ways.

        Who is Dino Rondelly & what are you referring to? He raised what? This thread is related to Mark missing the point of Boston moving Spooner for a top 4 Dman.

        I consider pompous a compliment. Thank you.

      • Oh & looking forward to the Leafs/Oilers live tonight. ha-ha!

  3. Nylander has more points than every single Flames player… Wouldn’t really say he isn’t doing much.

    • Also “sick” (healthy scratch) and Babcock had him practising on the 4th line.

    • Not sure what is your point. Nikolaj Ehlers and Nick Foligno have more points than every single Leafs player. So what? Different style, different approaches.

      • So you’re saying Grabner won’t be landing Ekblad any time soon?

      • LOL. You can put me down for that statement for sure.

    • Nylander has played great. I’m still shocked that Toronto is dressing so many rookies all at the same time. I didn’t think more than 3 rookies Matthews, Nylander & Zaitsev would make this years roster yet they have played better than anticipated regardless. They will struggle as the season wears on & be 1 of the worst teams in the league when all is said & done this year but who cares. It’s the start of year 3 for the rebuild for me & they appear to be a year ahead of schedule & you have to love the way their playing.

      Babcock & the system he’s teaching this team to play is fun to watch, the future is incredibly bright & this may go down a the best rebuild we have ever seen to date & a model for all future rebuilds.

      The asset management & player personal decisions this hockey operations department has displayed is incredibly impressive. Great time for Toronto fans. It pains me to say it being a Bruins fan but this is going to be a really good hockey team & it isn’t going to take the 5 years originally anticipated.

      When Toronto lands a top 4 Dman this summer; from 1 of the teams faced with losing a quality top 4 Dman in expansion, they will be a playoff team next year. Not a contender but the exposure all these kids are getting will pay in spades. 1 or 2 might experience the dreaded sophomore regression but more than enough depth & money available to over come this.

      Toronto is also set up perfectly for expansion & will lose none of it’s core. I don’t trade JVR, Bozak or Komorov. Depending upon what shakes out acquiring a Dman prior to the expansion draft, I may expose Bozak if necessary but they don’t even have to. If they acquire say a Brodin, Scandella, Savard, etc. from 1 of the 5 teams who have to many top 4 Dman, they could choose to expose Carrick potentially & retain Bozak protecting 7F & 3D & a G.

      Most of the players of value to the future of this team are waiver exempt. A thing of beauty.

      • Great post Striker, i have to agree with on most points in regards to the leafs. But, finding a top 4 dman….not through the draft? Good luck. As we all know top 4 are hard to come by and heavily searched for by gm’s. I would say the leafs will have some competition in landing one. On another note, i feel for Gallant and the way he had to cab it the other night….mins after that loss. Kind of a dick move by the Panthers org

  4. If Fleury is traded, does his no movement go with him? Does he have to be protected by the team that trades for him?

    • Good question, Arnie. It depends on what the stipulation is in his contract. Some players’ NMC/NTC follows them to their next team, some do not. In Fleury’s case, if it follows him to his next team, then yes, his new club must protect him in the expansion draft.

      • I believe Subbans NTC did not move move with him. I know it wasnt supposed to kick in until a day or two after he was moved but from what I read he has no such clause anymore.

      • Lyle.

        This whole NMC, NTC issue is complicated & very conflicting as it relates to movement should a player agree to move as to if it follows or not. I don’t have a clue but I seem to remember something about if a player agree’s to waive his NTC not necessarily his NMC & is traded it doesn’t follow him? Wasn’t there such a player where this happened?

        I wish the NHL would be more forthcoming with this information.

  5. Here is a trade thought…. T. Tatar and J. Ericsson for D. Hamilton plus something.

  6. Wow more Hamilton and spooner talk. How about a more important subject louis Ericsson’ mustache! Its amazing! More seriously i dont see why the flames would want to move dougie. I could see wideman going. They would take a step back by moving Hamilton out. And with most teams in a win now mindset all there going to accomplish is getting their coach fired.

    • I agree. Eriksson looks like someone out of the 70’s. Cracks me up. Just looks really old school.

      Like most of these Dman discussions were just wasting our time as most never amount to anything nor do most even make sense.

  7. There really should be a character limit…lol

  8. Crazy scenario: Lou offers Nylander, Corrado and Holland straight up for Hamilton. Even Burke would have to at least go..”Say what? Leafs take on salary, Calgary dumps an albatross contract and the Leafs dump some potential in Nylander and Holland and replace the Hamilton with Corrado. Not likely the world’s best trade scenario but I can see Lou pitching curve balls at Burke and Treliving with this idea