NHL Rumor Mill – November 4, 2016

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Could Alexander Radulov's strong early play earn him a new contract with the Montreal Canadiens?

Could Alexander Radulov’s strong early play earn him a new contract with the Montreal Canadiens?

The latest on Kevin Shattenkirk, Alexander Radulov, Jaroslav Halak and more in your NHL rumor mill. 

TSN:  Pierre LeBrun reports the St. Louis Blues and pending unrestricted free agent defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk aren’t talking contract, leading him to doubt Shattenkirk re-signs. The Blues went through this last year with former captain David Backes and didn’t trade him. They didn’t trade Backes and LeBrun believes they won’t move Shattenkirk as they’re trying to win the Stanley Cup this season. He feels the Blues could move the rearguard if they can get a return that helps them now, but not for futures. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That could change if the Blues end up tumbling out of playoff contention by the March 1 trade deadline. However, that seems unlikely. The other scenario that could force a Shattenkirk deal later in this season is if injuries start taking a toll on their scoring forwards. 

LeBrun also reports Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin prefers to see how the season plays out with winger Alexander Radulov before offering him a contract extension. Bergevin signed Radulov to a one-year deal worth $5.75 million in July. The 30-year-old winger is eligible next summer for UFA status. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll be more than just Radulov’s regular-season performance that’ll determine if he gets a contract extension. He must also perform well in the postseason. 

TODAY’S SLAPSHOT: On Wednesday, Darren Dreger told TSN 1260 he considers the chances of Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba getting traded to be slim. He feels there’s little change in the resolve of Jets management and ownership. If any change in this situation comes about, Dreger feels it’ll be from the Trouba camp. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless the Jets suffer a total collapse this month or management gets a trade offer too good to refuse, Trouba’s not going anywhere. Even if the Jets play poorly in November, that might not be enough to sway their front office into moving the blueliner. It could come down to Trouba deciding by December 1 (the deadline for re-signing restricted free agents) if holding out for a trade is worth losing an entire season. 

On Thursday, Dreger told TSN 690 he believes Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin could be in the market for a center as well as a defenseman. 

ESPN.COMLeBrun also reports the Vancouver Canucks remain in the market for a 20-goal scorer. Given the club’s recent offensive struggles, that search may be taking on more urgency. 

ARIZONA SPORTS’ Craig Morgan took to Twitter on Wednesday citing a league source claiming the Arizona Coyotes have “zero interest” in New York Islanders goaltender Jaroslav Halak. 


  1. A 20 goal scorer? Considering Vancouver’s offense that won’t help much. I like Bergevin’s stance on Radulov, why get so excited this early on? If Radulov has a decent year and likes Montreal it’s not likely he would sign elsewhere anyway. I also like his resolve to try another Russian forward after the Semin deal. Just because it didn’t work the first time doesn’t mean it won’t the next time. I read an article yesterday that pointed out the need for the NHL to start viewing free agency like NFL managers do. When a contract is done it’s done. Why feel the need to trade all the time. I think Yzerman is doing this with Bishop and the Blues are doing the same with Shattenkirk. If both sign elsewhere then join the free agent market like everybody else or use that money to secure your young talent. I think the Jets are taking a stand on Trouba not just for themselves but maybe also for the whole league. Maybe him losing a season will make others think.

    • The way radulov works hard on the ice I’m sure bergevin will try and resign him. I think shattenkirk will be moved at the deadline stl needs to do something to put them over the top

      • I think if Mon resigns Radulov & I see no reason why they wouldn’t it will be following the expansion draft. I see Mon protecting Weber, Petry, Emelin, Beaulieu, Gallagher, Gallchenyuk, Pacioretty, Plekanec & Price baring trades.

        StL has cup aspirations & they have a better chance of winning the cup with Shattenkirk than the return he most likely generates as a pending UFA wanting to pick his destination this summer. Shattenkirk is fairly 1 dimensional, almost the exact same player as Yandle, defense isn’t his strong suit but he has elite offensive abilities. The only way I see StL moving him before the deadline is if they get a return that improves their chances of winning the cup this year & I don’t see that trade.

        As always, never say never, it just doesn’t seem likely. In this cap world the cap space saved losing a player like Shattenkirk who will be paid in or around 7 mil per long term is a compensation in it’s self. Considering StL let Backes & Brouwer both walk as UFA’s I don’t see why Armstrong would change his stripes now.

      • I don’t think plekanac has a nmc or ntc I don’t think they will protect him

      • Time will tell Bigbear. He’s their best 2 way center & has lead Montreal forwards in ice time for years including this season. Only having 1 year remaining to UFA status is a concern but who do you see them protecting ahead of him? There isn’t anyone of consequence that has to be protected baring trade but unless 1 of those 4 D move Montreal is keeping those 4 D.

        Unless you like Shaw? I don’t dislike Shaw just the term & salary of his deal, about a mil to much per year & 3 years to long for me.

        They can retain Radulov with out protecting him just by verbally agreeing to a deal but signing off after the expansion draft.

      • I seriously doubt Montreal protects Plekanec just as I doubt Las Vegas will take him with their Montreal pick.

      • There is no need to protect plekanec and Shattenkirk is far better in his own end than you are employing.

      • Watch StL play; their fun to watch, a lot of brain farts there. He has the worst plus minus to date for StL Dman this season & was also the worst last season. Skewed stat that I only use for comparisons with in a team not team to team. Factor in no Dman in StL starts more of his shifts in the offensive zone than Shattenkirk & he isn’t Duncan Keith. Not a train wreck defensively but not exactly proficient either.

      • Using your plus minus in team comparison. If looking at Ottawa who gets scored on alot the last couple of years. Yet Methot has like a +45 over the last 5 years. so I guess that means he is a stay at home D with such skill he is elite. I doubt many see Methot as an elite D.

    • Radulov has a great attitude so far, he is very strong but not very fast. Since he is no young boy, Not sure I would give him a multi year deal. Would look like a great addition right now but could become a heavy load on the salary mass of the team….

    • Radulov and Mont have yet to hit any major bumps in the road… when they do we will see how he handles that. Until then I am not sold on him at all.

      • It’s kinda like most aren’t sold on Murray he looks like a cam ward more and more one good playoffs, until he shows something else I’m not sold

    • I can appreciate what you’re saying in regards to the NFL and it would probably work in some cases.

      My opinion differs to the extend that I don’t like to lose assets.
      If I were running a team if a player didn’t sign a week before the deadline I would be eating half his salary (as this makes him afffordable to almost all the teams strapped for cap room. It also wouldn’t cost the owners much in actual money as most of the year has already been paid out) I would also be asking for futures. The only exception would be for a win the cup now before the window closes team. Like the blues or lightening that you mentioned.

  2. If you are done with a player and their contract why not try and get something -anything ? Even if organizational depth….Trouba will not make up for lost income if he sits this year out. I still say he blinks first.

    • They might get a cup, he’s their trade deadline acquisition essentially. If unsuccessful as only 1 of 16 teams gets lucky enough to put it all together at the right time & win it all, often not even the better team. They do get something, significant cap space & monies to spend else where.

    • I think they try to sign him for 3 yrs 16.5-18

  3. I’m beginning to come full circle and believe Dreger as well… Trouba won’t be moved unless the Jets come down on their asking price, which is unlikely to happen as well.

    • I force Trouba to take a 2 year bridge deal at 3.5 per. He signs it or sits the year. No negotiation. You want to hold us hostage & dictate terms we’ll show you who has the power & reciprocate in kind. That offer stays on the table for the next 5 years, so you can take it now, or next summer, or the summer after that, or so on, until your 27 or enjoy playing in the KHL.

      • Thankfully 28 days to go in this stupid situation Trouba has created for himself.

        Perhaps Chevy should approach it differently. With each passing week his contract offer declines by 250K. 3.5 today, 3.25 next week, 3 the week after, 2.5 & so on. That might motivate Trouba & his agent to pull their heads out of their butts.

      • That’s a dumb ass comment.

      • No reason to sign a guy who wants out. Make him sit or trade him. He will be a cancer if he returns. What if he signs and gives zero effort. Remember Hamilton almost same story here. Better to move him for assets sooner rather than later as the return will get smaller as he sits.

      • Striker, just bugging you with my comment. Having a funny moment for myself. I’m selfish that way.

      • I know. This type of stuff just pisses me off. Almost no where else in the real working world are there any serious negotiations about wages like in pro sports. I accept it’s not the real world.

        I negotiate contracts endlessly. There is some give & take but we have budgets & the monies available are the monies available, sooner or later I simply say. This is what we have, you can except it or we move to our next choice. We would prefer you or this deal to another but it has to make sense.

        I’m a hard ass, I’m fair but I need to turn a profit for both myself & my clients. Losing money is an option in the real world.

      • If he signs & plays poorly or has a bad attitude he reduces his chances of getting what he wants, out. A small market team especially a Canadian team can’t afford to allow players to dictate terms, no team can & Winnipeg can’t & won’t let an asset like this move under value. The rarest of assets in the NHL & Winnipeg has already made a huge investment in his development.

        Chevy capitulating if rumours are to be belived he’s even made a very generous offer that Trouba hasn’t yet earned. 6 years at 5.5. If you want out sign a 2 year bridge deal you will get your wish eventually probably this summer but help yourself by signing & playing well to help your trade value.

        Right now he isn’t helping himself at all just the opposite.

      • isn’t for is. Isn’t an option in the real world.

      • Striker,

        You’re right, in 28 days this situation should be much clearer. I can understand both sides where the player wants to be paid and the team doesn’t want to overpay and/or move the player for anything less than a great return.

        I do agree with you that by sitting right now he isn’t doing himself any favors. If anything I would think it hurts his image a bit with some of the other GM’s in the league.

        The negotiations and holdouts in professional sports are simply in a world of their own. Nowhere does contract/salary situations play out in the way professional sports do. The NHL specifically is difficult because there just simply isn’t enough in a cap world to throw all of this money at players coming off their entry deals or in the first few years of their careers. This isn’t the NBA or MLB.

      • I would like to see contracts become non binding. Meaning a team can walk away making the player a UFA at any time like football.

        I would also like to see bridge contracts become mandatory just like ELC’s., at least 1 year ideally 2 & following no contract term longer than 5 years.

        I would like to see the NHL/NHLPA % of revenue split reduced in the owners favor so more teams could be profitable but significantly better revenue sharing has to be made to help off set this. The have teams need to help the have nots more. The 4 richest teams in the NHL make more money than the other 26 combined but couldn’t be making these monies if not for expansion, the growth of the game that expansion has created & these other 26 teams.

        Then again I’m a business owner & I lean to reality & cost certainty. Hard to run a business if you can’t control costs & turn a profit.

      • Interesting idea’s Striker.
        I also believe revenue sharing between the teams needs to happen. I believe the overall pie would grow for the league and benefit all eventually. It won’t be as significant as football as the NHL is more regional and gate driven than national and TV driven like the NFL.
        Question on the non binding contracts. Does that go both ways? The player can walk too?

      • No. Players don’t have walk away rights.

        The revenue sharing has improved significantly in both the last CBA’s but has a long way to go to be fair & equitable. This is 30 independent businesses all of which have different business models & revenue streams all NHL hockey related revenue is the same for everyone at least what’s defined as revenue but some teams have related businesses that profit greatly from the fact they own the team many don’t, but it is 1 league & or business & the monies each team derive from just the approved hockey related revenue needs to be shared more equitably & I’m not talking significantly really nor monies they make from related businesses.

        It’s kind of like a luxury tax.

      • Agree totally on the rev sharing. There is some merit in the non binding contracts, but how injuries are handled would need to be addressed. I am making an assumption here, but I think that is the main reason they are not guaranteed in the NFL as major injuries happen so regularly.
        Can’t see that getting through the NHLPA though, so likely won’t happen.

  4. Shattenkirk should be moved by the deadline if they’re unable to retain/resign the player. I realize the Blues are a solid team and performed quite well last season in the playoffs but this is a team that couldn’t get out of the first round from 2013-2015. 3 years of first round and out.

    They’re certainly a playoff contender and anything can happy but I don’t put them in the category of a Stanley Cup contender. But that’s my opinion.

    • I agree they’ve tried with stats before move him for something at the deadline

    • For me it’s a match up issue primarily with the stupid playoff format the NHL uses. 2 of those losses were to the eventual Stanley Cup winners.

      Getting out of the west is beyond brutal. StL is a cup contender. This is a very good deep team with the 2nd best D in the NHL.

      I have serious concerns about Allen. No safety net this season & he hasn’t played well consistently since game 2. He’s been hot & cold.

      • Striker,

        They’d be more of a cup contender if they were in the East but as you mentioned the West is brutal and I think that plays a part in looking at this team at a legitimate cup contender.

      • Agreed.

        Before the season started I had 10 contenders. 3 from the East & 7 from the West.

        I will start making adjustments, hedges to these wagers after Saturdays games. Columbus will be the last team to play it’s 10th game Saturday night, my 1st marker. Then I sit back & watch & wait until the last team in the league plays it’s 25th & make my final wagers for teams to make the playoffs, win their playoff/bracket divisions, conferences & the cup.

        Trades, injuries & surprises always alter the plan as we progress & virtually impossible to be right with these selections more than 60% of the time & that’s best case scenario at least from the drop off the puck. at the 1st & especially the 2nd your odds improve but the odds with the bookie now reflect these changes as well.

    • Agree any decent UFA should be moved if the return is helping in the long run. If they can get a decent roster player and first round pick I would do it.
      Example:Boston should have moved Eriksson at the deadline.

      • Maybe the return didn’t justify the move? I had no issues with Eriksson staying & leaving. I love the acquisition of Backes over Eriksson. I just don’t like the salary & term but considering Eriksson got 6 for 6 & Backes 6 for 5 I would far prefer Backes to Eriksson even at a greater cost & we got him for 1 year less term.

      • I do prefer moving a player at the deadline for a return if they’re set on walking at the end of the year.

        I still resent the Bruins management for not moving Eriksson. I would’ve taken a 2nd round pick alone at that point. I mean for argument sake Carlo was a 2nd round pick.

        Striker you’re right though if the return isn’t there then you don’t justify the move… I just think there was a move to be had with Eriksson at some point leading up to the deadline. I think management took there time and assumed they could resign him and dragged leading up to the deadline and by the time the day came there wasn’t a lot to be had for Eriksson. I’m still in the mindset that if Ladd got you Dano and a 1st then Eriksson would’ve at the very least netted a 1st. I think they missed the window and shot themselves in the foot.

      • When you don’t move a ufa at the deadline and miss the playoffs it’s a terrible move. We all knew the bruins weren’t a contender and a good chance miss the playoffs should have moved loui. As far as the anchor that backes contract is I don’t get it? Striker you say they are in a rebuild yet like the backes signing which makes no sense at all

      • Bigbear.

        It’s not a complete tear down rebuild. They are rebuilding on the fly, they want a solid foundation in place to shelter the development of their youth. They are straddling the fence & want to make the playoffs. Their not trying for the 1st overall selection.

        They want their youth to earn their opportunities progressively not just hand over the keys.

        Each team is some what unique as to where & how they retool, adjust or rebuild if you prefer. Boston with Bergeron, Marchand, Krejci, Krug & Rask, the way their contracts were structured, signed, coming up, etc. weren’t in a position to tear down.

        There is more than 1 way to rebuild a team. I really like what Sweeney has done. I’m disappointed & shocked Boston didn’t make the playoffs the last 2 years. I had them as a bubble team both years to start the season maybe they make it maybe they don’t, I accepted it but by the trade deadline both seasons I had them making it. They collapsed down the strecth both years losing out on the last day of the season. Brutally disappointing but I accept it.

      • I believe Boston had a offer of Shattenkirk for Eriksson but we had to take another salaried player. I would have done it.
        Backes is a tough decision,he’s a good player with leadership. But really could of used a more affordable RW or top 4 defenseman.

      • My 1st choice was Brouwer just as I thought he would come cheaper both in term & salary. He did unfortunately for Calgary, well good for Calgary just not Boston.

  5. Small market teams and players wanting out… Trouba sees this as a way out of small town Winnipeg… just as Turris wanted no part of the desert or Pronger in Edmonton. I am sure I am missing a few.
    Trouba could of played himself into the top 4.

    I say they let him sit out.

    Whenever I watch Turris I still think this guy demanded a trade? He is barely a 2nd line center on a good team. #3 pick?

    • Pronger didn’t move due to small market issues. He moved for personal reasons related to a family matter. Not the 1st player traded from his team for that reason, the same thing has happened twice in Vancouver.

      • Players left St Louis for personal reasons too.

        Paul Coffey was not happy when he was traded to the Whalers either…

      • Agreed. I was just pointing out that Pronger didn’t leave Edm for small market reasons.

      • His wife couldnt stand the weather. It was too cold for her. Honestly, at that point in his career….i wouldnt have blamed him.

      • Also, she loved that socialite atmosphere in LA Snobby per say?

      • There was another significant issue as well but for a discussion with buddies over beers in the bar.

      • Yep Striker.

  6. Trouba, will not lose income by sitting out a season; here in Winnipeg Captain Blake Wheeler said that he does not know the expectations of his team this year. In other word no playoff expectations. Nice to know. Dreger has no ideal if Chevy will or will not trade Trouba before the deadline; Chevy doesn’t discuss his business with reporters. I would agree they want Trouba to be part of the team and hope Trouba knows. No the jets are not taking a stance for the league and the NHL, there is no reward for that. This is not the first time a player has asked for a trade even though he was under contract. I believe for Kurt Overhardt this is his 3rd client to do so. One has to wonder how Overhardt is instructing Trouba. This isn’t a Canadian thing going out of control it’s one player, just like Lindros refused to play for Quebec after being drafted 1st overall. Chevy is going to do what he believes to be in the best interest of the Winnipeg Jets organization. AS a fan, I’m disappointed that it appears this team does not see themselves as a playoff team and hoping to learn and develop the young talent this year; as Wheeler, Byfuglien, Little all get a year older. Best case scenario Trouba signs and quickly because Dec 1st could be too late for a team with no expectations.

  7. Message to Winnipeg staff

    Trouba does not want to play for you..
    not now , or in the future ..

    Trade him …
    why play hard ball …

    Montreal and Nashville connected on a deal …
    Both are happy !!!
    Shea Weber is playing at the top of his game right now..
    Subban will be around for a long time …

    Make it happen .. Time to Move On and be proactive ..

    • Agreed, this reminds of a couple that hates each other, sleeps in seperate beds, but stays married….. Move on already! Teaching Trouba a lesson I don’t think fixes anything for anyone.

      • I agree, bad time of the year for teams to bid for his service, but that problem fixes itself by moving salary the other way.

        Here’s where I disagree. If Trouba doesn’t blink every Gm in this league knows the situation. I don’t see his value going up at all. If anything, I think it goes down. Banishing him to his couch or the KHL doesn’t help an organization that has had very little success since…. Well … Ever!

      • Oops, wrong place.

      • Watched the nsh game last night pk was on for both goals against the just can’t play defense that well, if poile was thinking about winning now that trade was not smart on his end

    • Not happening. The business side of this issue will trump Trouba’s wants. He will be traded eventually just not now. To many teams aren’t in a position to make offers at this time of year, they don’t have the cap space. He signs a 2 year deal now, he returns & plays then gets moved this summer either before or after the expansion draft. It gives the team that trades for him the opportunity to negotiate their on long term deal with him & gives Trouba arbitration rights & the hammer/leverage in 2 years. If he got to arbitration in 2 years he’s getting a significant award if not signed prior.

      This is a stud Dman in the making. He’s not there yet but getting very close. Just a matter of time, development & opportunity.

      The offers available this summer will be far superior to anything Winnipeg may get today.

      • I agree that the timing is bad right now Striker, but Wpg has been aware of his demand since the end of last season, maybe longer.
        He just came public with it.
        Why would the offer be better next off season than this one, especially after he sits or pouts for a season?

      • Winnipeg is a very young team with some budding talent. Tricky situation

      • I repeat – Trouba will blink first.

      • The trade offer not the salary offer.

        Almost any team could bid this summer if so inclined. More than a dozen are essentially precluded from doing so today for numerous reasons, cap issues, cup aspirations, not presently having the right asset to return which they may be able to acquire this summer & then package up with other assets to bid for a Trouba. Simple supply & demand economics on a # of fronts.

      • Still not catchin what your pitchin Striker. I am talking about trade offer.
        Trouba was available this past off season, it just wasn’t public. I believe him going public reduced his trade value as WPG lost leverage.
        Why would the upcoming off season improve the trade offers over the off season we just had when it was not public?
        I believe the opposite is true.
        All of this is based on the thought that he really does want out of WPG.
        If this is just about money or term than he signs before Dec 1.

      • Agreed Ray,

        I think the longer this goes, the worse off it is for Winnipeg. I can’t see a GM coughing up more in the offseason, than they would now.

        Especially if Trouba is left to rot on his couch eating Bon-Bons and watching Oprah like Peggy Bundy for a year plus. He will possibly have conditioning issues, weight issues and no question, rust issues.

        Between all that, and knowing that Trouba wants out, I don’t see his value being greater down the road.

      • I don’t think Chevy made any significant efforts to trade Trouba. I wouldn’t have. I’m not moving this type of asset until I have ZERO choice. Virtually unreplacable & he wasn’t moved as the return hasn’t justified doing so.

        Following expansion a ton of teams are going to have roster issues & cap space. Some of the teams with internal budgets will have received their 15 mil expansion monies & will be willing to spend significant portions of it, Trouba will be signed & under control making him far more appealing than what he offers today & having played the remainder of the year he will have helped his cause & trade value.

      • Expansion will help a little bit Striker, but teams only lose 1 player each in the draft. I can’t see LV scooping up a bunch of bad contracts either. I would expect they will be closer to the cap floor than the ceiling.
        If I had to bet $100 I would say he signs with WPG as he has more to lose. But so does WPG.
        I can also see this being less than ideal for WPG if he truly wants out but signs anyway. His team mates won’t be thrilled with him, and right now they are not thrilled with Chevvy.
        Those guys want to win and compete and not with a guy who doesn’t want to be part of the team.
        If he doesn’t sign or get moved by Dec 1, Chevvy dropped the ball.
        Big time.

      • Players accept the business side of the game. Although I don’t like Trouba’s choice he is entitled to it as allowed under the CBA he has no contract, if he doesn’t want to sign 1 he doesn’t have to, his choice. He has never come out & said anything bad about Winnipeg, his team or his teammates. It’s just business. We may assume what his real reasons are but they are just that, assumptions, meaningless.

        Las Vegas will take the best player available at the best value, with potentially the best trade value down the road. I doubt they will be at the cap floor. I assume McPhee is free to spend to the cap if so inclined but will not need to do so.

        Las Vegas’s negotiating position with other teams is very strong not having to play off against another expansion team. It’s nice & clean nothing to muddy the waters which puts McPhee in the drivers position.

        Also the fact teams are incredibly limited on protectors this time around significantly improves the quality of players available & how quickly Las Vegas may become competitive. There is no rush but again I don’t see McPhee skipping a player he really wants solely based on money.

        Las Vegas has the financial might to spend to the cap if so inclined. This is fictional but I will use it as an example. By no means am I implying it will happen just a scenario.

        Lets say Nash is left exposed. I assume he will be. The best players being exposed by NYR assuming the use the 7 F, 3D & 1 G option are Nash, Klein, Holden & Pirri. All have 1 year remaining on their deals at the expansion draft everyone but Pirri being a UFA upon expiry.

        Now Nash has a 7.8 cap hit & 8.2 in salary left for 1 year. What value does Nash have at the trade deadline in 2017-18 for Las Vegas? With no term & little cap hit remaining. Would a contender give up a 1st & a good prospect? Of course they would. Chicago has done so repeatedly. See Ladd, Vermette, etc. Again not saying it will happen but it’s very possibly & their are numerous other scenarios as well. Does this potential compensation down the road not make this cap hit & salary worth the cost to Las Vegas when selecting players?

      • Striker, not sure the players accept that the Trouba situation is just the business side. At his word it is about where he is playing not the business (money). That would piss me off if I am trying to get in the playoffs in a career that is short by nature. Suck it up princess or F off would be my thought.
        I get what you are saying about LV, but not how it relates to the return for Trouba being better next off season than the one we just had, which is what I thought we were talking about.
        Yes teams will have some holes and some extra dough I suppose, but not many teams are going to leave a quality young D-man exposed to the expansion draft (which is what Chevvy wants back).

      • Teams are going to lose some Dman, trades are going to happen to get Dman off teams to others before the expansion draft happens. No position is more in demand than D. Hardest position to fill just not enough good 1’s to go around.

        Demand & value is always high & it will be even more so following expansion. Factor in several teams are ready to take the next step & I assume even more so than might be normal but always high to expense for most until desperation out weighs the cost.

      • I agree that the D will move prior to expansion draft. Kind of my point. What he wants will not be there next year either, any more than it is now. An equal young D.
        WPG is one of the few team that can afford to protect 4 D & 8 total.

    • That’s too easy to say Ken. Your not considering the what the optics look like for future RFAS within the organization.

      Lets face it, Winnipeg isn’t a major destination within the NHL, so if they give in so easily to Trouba, it teaches the other young guys that if there not happy, just act like a suck and you’ll get traded.

      In my opinion, Chevy HAS to hold his ground on this, or maybe the next holdout is fellow American Helleybuck or god forbid Laine.

  8. My best guess:
    If this was a simply a bargaining tactic for money by Trouba he will give in and sign.
    If he really wants out of WPG, then he will sit.It will cost him a whack o dough, but WPG will then have to do something.
    Once WPG knows he isn’t going to play there the question then becomes; How does making Trouba sit help the Jets?
    And to some other’s points on here, why do you want a guy who does not want to be there?
    Move on.
    Chevvy already knows which one it is, we will on Dec 1.

  9. A question for Lyle – does the NHL have anything similar to the qualifying offer that MLB has? When a player approaches free agency in baseball, his team can make a one year qualifying offer to him. The offer is set each year to represent the average salary of the top players in the league. If the player rejects the offer and becomes a free agent, the team receives a compensatory draft pick. That, at least, means the team that loses a high profile free agent gets something in return. Makes sense to me.

    • Players making less than a million are guaranteed a 10% raise on a 1 year qualifying offer. Players over a mil a 1 year qualifying offer at last seasons contract value.

  10. So if a RFA sits out a year, like Trouba might do this year, does the their potential to become a UFA get pushed back a year?

    • No.

      • Sorry I should qualify that. There is a games played threshold that has to be met. It just won’t be an issue for Trouba unless he sits for years. It will simply be related to age & 1st year actually played in the NHL.

      • He becomes a UFA with 7yrs service (goes by games played) or when he turns 27. By sitting out a year all but guarantee when he turns 27.

      • 40 games played counts as a season.

    • Yup

      • Heard it did, But maybe i’m wrong. I thought it only changed if he played in the KHL.

    • Okay, thanks guys.

  11. Wpg needs to realize that Trouba wants out and that is his right to ask for a trade, he has not tried and limit what teams he will take a trade to. The guy for whatever reason does not like the city or organization and that is ok and players get traded for that reason all the time and it is not exclusive to small market Canadian teams. The team however has the right to hold on to the asset until they get what they think is the best return they can and if that means he sits for the year then so be it. The one thing I would not do is try and resign this guy, there would be some issues in the dressing room upon his return and that can cripple a team faster than the injury bug or bad contracts.

  12. I believe he has tried and succeeded in limiting the teams he is willing to be traded to. As teams are probable been given permission to talk contract with him before a trade can be approved he can, and most likely already has, said “I’m not signing with you.” Heard a rumour that Calgary offered Brodie and Ferland for Trouba.
    Also Trouba does have the right to ask for a trade, but this is the wrong way to do it IMO. He should have signed a contract shown up at training camp prove he is as good as he thinks he is while Cheveldayoff works the phone. And Cheveldayoff also has the right, as Trouba is Jets property, to decline any trade requests.

    • I essentially agree with all of this.

      Hamonic handled his trade request well. Didn’t put a gun to Snow’s head & handcuff him. Trouba needs to sign, play & help his cause to get his wish. Nothing is really lost by signing a 2 year bridge to control you fate in 2 years & then signing a huge 8 year deal. Signing the 6 year deal at 5.5 being bandied about might get him stuck some where he obviously doesn’t wish to be.

      Players forgive & forget easily. Especially with young immature players. You took your swing. You missed, now you have to suck it up & accept your position as it relates to the CBA & choosing to play in the NHL.

      Their will be several teams in the NHL currently avoiding Trouba like the plague. GM’s don’t like this kind of stuff. These are incredibly strong personalities. GM’s are tough f–kers & no nonsense types.

      • There is a HUGE difference between Hamonic and Trouba. Main difference, Hamonic was under a contract at the time of his request. Not an unhappy Rfa/ufa.

      • Agreed but the situations are also similiar. They both requested a trade & made the request public, Hamonic’s was a request, Trouba’s is now a demand, as was Drouin’s who choose the worst course of action being under contractual obligation.

        I don’t begrudge Trouba. They tried to get what they wanted when they wanted it & have failed. Time to suck it up & do what’s best for him. Sign & play, Chevy isn’t bluffing & they should have known this going in.

        Trouba’s stance hasn’t helped his wish, again just the opposite & significantly so, as it’s shown him to be less than desirable to many.

  13. Question

    While I usually agree to moving a player who will not sign with your team in the upcoming year (s) would you move said player if you were the SC favorite ? Say your team has dominated the league all year long and said player is the key to the team. Would you move him for whatever or hold onto him ? Hypothetically speaking what if that player was Carey Price ? Not saying Shats is the be all to end all just asking a hypothetical question.

    • Keep him

    • keep him

  14. Radulov will resort, eventually, to what he always has been, a prima donna who sulks, gets lazy and blames others.As for Shattenkirk, his value goes down daily.

    • Shattenkirk will get to go exactly where he wants to go when the time comes, July 1st possibly prior if his rights are moved for a bag of pucks like Goligoski or Yandle & get all the money he wants. His value may go down to StL but not to himself. I say may as StL could always move Shattenkirk it could be a sign & trade, trade & sign, or futures based on if the team he’s traded to sign him later.

      The only way I see Shattenkirk moving is if StL gets an offer to good to refuse & it helps them more today & in the future than Shattenkirk does.

      I don’t see that happening. I see StLouis letting him walk for nothing if that’s his choice. I actually think they could make the monies work if he was open to returning. Not easily but not impossible.

    • Jon you must not follow hockey that much? Radulov work ethic never came into play the guy hates losing, maturity was an issue but never work ethic

  15. Have a great day guys. Thankfully only 28 days till midnight December 1t.

  16. Can Vegas trade for a player like Trouba now.
    Let him sit out a year.
    Maybe get one of Vegas draft picks or expansion picks.
    Not sure how the rules are.

    • No. There window to sign players opens in those 2 days in June, I assume the trading window very soon after. Not all the rules are in the public domain. Things keep sifting out.

    • It’s an interesting question. But I don’t think Vegas is actually even considered a franchise…. Until they’re considered a franchise? Lol. My best guess is they won’t be able to make transactions until after the expansion draft is complete. Which brings me to another question…… Where will they sit come the regular draft? Will they actually be lottery eligible as a bottom team?

      • They are in the lottery, but not sure what their odds are. Also I believe they have the first pick in the second round.

      • NHL News release.

        “The Las Vegas franchise will be given the same odds in the 2017 NHL Draft Lottery as the team finishing with the third-fewest points during the 2016-17 regular season.

        The Las Vegas franchise’s First Round selection in the 2017 NHL Draft will be determined in accordance with the 2017 NHL Draft Lottery and, as a result, the Las Vegas franchise will be guaranteed no lower than the sixth overall selection.

        The Las Vegas franchise then will select third in each subsequent round of the 2017 NHL Draft (subject to trades and other potential player transactions).”

      • I assume Las Vegas will be able to start making trades on or about the same time they are allowed to approach these RFA’s & UFA’s to potential negotiate with the effected teams.

        Perhaps the official date is when the expansion draft commences but I assume this will just be a formality. There is no draft specifically as there is only 1 team. I assume they will just submit a list & have had the right to negotiate trades with each team before selecting a player or signing 1 of there exposed RFA’s or UFA’s but who knows.

        The NHL has never been the most forthcoming league with information.

  17. Had the entire day booked off for a meeting in Calgary. Lasted 15 minutes. Project has been shelved for the foreseeable future. That’s what 43 bucks a barrel oil prices do to exploration opportunities. Still get to bill them for the 6 hours, travel & expenses but it would have been nice if they called me beofre I left my Condo & actually showed up.

    I could have kept talking hockey. lunch, beers, watch hockey. Rinse & repeat. Ha-ha!

    • Side note Striker… I just noticed Loui Eriksson has only 4 assists and the only puck so far he’s put in an net was into his own in October. Yikes!

      I’m sure he’ll come around but he’s on pace to be a huge off season bust for the Canucks.

  18. Welcome to Alberta Striker. Except for minor projects early 2018 before shovels hit the ground, at best.

    • I’m used to it Ray. Been doing it since I got out of University long ago & started my own business a few years later. Not my 1st rodeo in the oil industry. Been through many ups & downs. This is for an off shore project. Almost 40% of my futures contracts have essentially been moth balled for now. Effects my contracted staff but my permanent employee’s like myself are just impervious to it. We still have more work than we know what to do with. Has a significant effect on revenue though which upsets some of the B class shareholders as they only see dividends which I’m unlikely to issue in this market being the majority shareholder of the voting stock, class A shares. Ha-ha!

      Just would have liked to lounge around in my pajama’s all day & gone out & gotten foolish last night. Instead of prepping for days & going to bed early. Ha-ha!

      The NHL being a Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday night league I try to plan my life around it to the best of my ability when ever possible. It doesn’t always work.

  19. As a bruins fan I hope to god Boston stays away from Trouba. I can’t stand these bratty players who cry and whine and if they don’t get what the want they throw a fit like a two year old. A team player will do what is best for the team. He only wants to play on the right side, then he has just proven what type of player he is, which is a me, myself, and I type of player. You don’t win cups with jokers like that.

    • Your probably right.
      Might be a distraction where ever he goes.

  20. Habs need a true #2 center man more than a top 4 D. Beaulieu is more than capable of top 4 minutes but MT doesn’t like him so…