NHL Rumor Mill – November 5, 2016

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Are Jordan Eberle and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins in play?

Are Jordan Eberle and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins in play?

Latest on Jordan Eberle, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Alexander Burmistrov & more in your NHL rumor mill. 

TODAY’S SLAPSHOT: Elliotte Friedman, appearing on Sportsnet’s 590, doesn’t believe Edmonton Oilers forwards Jordan Eberle and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins are in play right now. While he believes the Oilers need another defenseman and they have lots of forwards, but doesn’t know if they have a surplus. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Way too early to start speculation over the trade status of Eberle and Nugent-Hopkins. While the Oilers have struggled of late, they’re off to a good start to this season. Finding the type of defenseman who can help them (especially on the power play) isn’t out there right now. 

TSN: Looking at potential hot-seat situations around the NHL, Gary Lawless reports there’s no sign of a trade coming for Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba. The Jets management appears prepared to outwait him. If Trouba isn’t re-signed by Dec. 1, he’s ineligible to play the season. If there isn’t a resolution by then, Lawless believes GM Kevin Cheveldayoff will have to decide where this is going long term.

Detroit Red Wings GM Ken Holland still needs to fix his defense. They’re lacking a top-pairing blueline tandem. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: During the offseason, the Wings were linked to Winnipeg’s Jacob Trouba, Anaheim’s Cam Fowler and St. Louis’ Kevin Shattenkirk. Obviously, he’s not getting those guys at this point in the season, if at all. It’s going to take time before other quality options become available in the trade market.  

If the struggling Nashville Predators fail to reverse their fortunes soon, head coach Peter Laviolette could find his seat toasty. 

LA Kings GM Dean Lombardi needs to fix his goaltending with starter Jonathan Quick on the sidelines until after Christmas.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lombardi reportedly looked around for help, but obviously didn’t find anything worthwhile. It appears for the time being he’s sticking with call-ups Peter Budaj and Jack Campbell and backup Jeff Zatkoff when he returns from injury.

If Connor Hellebuyck or Michael Hutchinson cannot step up to take over the starting goalie job for the Winnipeg Jets, the club will have to consider other options. Ondrej Pavelec and Eric Comrie are in the minors and the Jets have had calls about their goaltending situation.

NBC SPORTS:  Jason Brough cites Lawless tweeting the Jets are gauging trade interest on winger Alex Burmistrov, who has only one point in 11 games this season. Brough wonders if Burmistrov might return to the KHL. He also suggests the addition of young forwards Patrik Laine and Kyle Connor to the lineup could mean Burmistrov is no longer a fit with the Jets. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Burmistrov has only 80 points in 286 NHL games going back to 2010-11. His best season was a 28-point performance in 2011-12. He’s also in the final season of a two-year contract worth $1.55 million. Hardly a tempting trade target. Still, a club in need of experienced forward depth might take a chance on him.


  1. In any pool predicting the first coach-firing, Laviolette is at the top of the list. Although, after last night’s ludicrous “performance” by the Habs, Therien should also be considered – in spite of his team’s hot start – for leaving Montoya in to face that barrage of goals. No way Price would have been left hung out to dry that way.

    • I don’t know about firing the coach, Montreal moved Subban to appease Therrien to some extent but hanging Montoya out for 10 goals is brutal.

      If Montreal weren’t prepared to put Price in under an circumstances to get him rest they should have called up a goalie & sat Price last night. Does this raise a red flag for anyone else about concerns about price’s health? No goalie should have to hang in there for 10 goals against.

      • Good point. Put Price in civys and bring up another goalie. Really don’t think the Habs were expecting this. No one was.
        Maybe MT asked Al in the 2nd intermission if he wanted to stay in ? Nah….it just was wrong on MT. Period.

      • Embarrassing for a whole bunch of people. The organization, Bergevin, Therrien & especially Montoya. At least be prepared & have a plan. Why dress Price if you weren’t prepared to play him baring injury. That’s not a plan.

        Instead of calling up Carr & sitting him why not have brought up Lindgren, I’m curious to see him in an NHL game. Great opportunity to potentially have gotten him some NHL minutes. Montoya should have gotten pulled after Columbus scored their 3rd goal in 3 & 1/2 minutes late in the middle of the 1st period. Wake up call for the players, instead they quit on Montoya & themselves. Might have righted the ship & got the team back on track.

        I didn’t see the game was driving but caught most of the Columbus feed on sat radio. Columbus has a great announcer. Watched the Anh/Arz game until shortly after Anaheim’s 4th goal 1/2 way through the 2nd at which point they went into their shut down system & I lost interest. Arz looked terrible. Why they let Vermette go makes no sense to me.

      • If there is a bit of a nagging injury perhaps you bring someone else up but otherwise I can’t see the reason behind it. 1 at that point the Habs may as well start carrying 3 goalies, 2 it’s a catch 22 for MT who normally I don’t care for but imagine the flack he gets if he throws Price in at 5 or 8 nothing and then Price gets hurt on a totally meaningless play in a game that’s already well out of hand? NVM fired MT would be lynched

      • I think the goalie change should have occurred after the 3rd goal at 14:06 of the 1st. 3 goals in 3 & a 1/2 minutes, 2 at even strength to Columbus’s 3rd line. 90% of coaches would have yanked their starter.

      • Ya I could see that but at that point if MT doesn’t make the change right then it Montoya or bust unless Montoya gets hurt, again if Price gets run over and pulls a knee or gets a concussion in a game like that Coach has more to worry about than getting fired. They have been giving up a tone of shots these things will happen Price has been playing out of this world again and they have been shooting nearly 12 % again and again a 9-0 start masks a lot of problems. More shots generally = more scoring chances, you can try and break it Down in to
        quality positions all you want but in some games like last night soft ones find a way just as much as others.

      • 120 shots against last 3 games from teams like Van the Leafs and bluejackets Shae Weber or not is terrible D

      • I agree. As Phil Esposito likes to say. Shoot the puck on net. You can’t score if you don’t shoot. If the goalie stops it that’s his job. Ha-ha!

      • I’m a Leaf fan remember I know bad D when I see it. So far the only real difference between the Leafs and Habs defence this year is their age and the Habs top pair gets paid about the same as the entire Leafs D corps.

      • You do realize the habs play back to back right? Why would you throw price in that’s just stupid! Montoya had a bad game from the start it’s kinda like leaving Anderson in for 7 what’s the difference? Is cause he’s the saviour Babcock? ?

      • Shticky. You might have a tough time selling me on that but I get the gist of what your implying.

        Weber, Markov, Petry, Emelin & Beaulieu Montreals top 5 is far superior to Reilly, Zaitsev, Gardner, Marincin & Carrick. This D is young & has a ton of promise but can’t really compare the 2. Although Markov & Petry had a brutal night. It happens, I doubt they play together next game.

        What ails Montreal has as much to do with the forwards, just like Calgary & Dallas, their inability to pick up their assignments causes far to many quality scoring chances as opposed to just shots on net & end up causing losses.

        Price covers for a ton of imperfections. Not only is the the best goalie in the world he may be the best player in the world & you know my feelings about goalies. Dime a dozen just give me an average 1 by SV% who can play at least 55 games a year & I’m happy unless I can have Price. Ha-ha!

      • So far this year Striker shots against the Habs are bottom 3 in the league again well over 30 a night I believe bottom 3 and again you can try and break it down in to high danger areas all you want it doesn’t really effect the out come more shots = more opertunity. Price is the difference not the D

      • Price certainly looked ready to go into the game. Can’t see this going down well in the room.

      • I’m with you Shticky. Montreal is giving up way to many shots & Price is bailing them out, Montoya had been as well until last night.

        I don’t disagree with you really in the slightest just adding some other perspective. We are essentially on the exact same page.

      • For me a ton of those shots are coming from out high making it the responsibility of the forwards more than the D to limit those opportunities. In Bks’s Montreal is solid, 6th I believe so never mind just shots getting to the net, they are giving up a ton of opportunities to get shots off.

      • Shticky, can’t really say it’s all price, when Montoya has 3 of the wins. Unless you’re willing to say Al stood on his head in them games and give absolutely no credit to Montreal D.

      • Here we go with block shots…lol ever notice how teams that give up tones of shots (bad D) generally have a high number of block shots?

      • Ever notice teams that get out to a lead allow more perimeter shots? What defense do most teams play when they are up by 1 later in the game or have a 2 goal lead at really any time of the game shticky? If you don’t know don’t respond shticky

      • What? Calgary had 2 guys in top 10 in blocked shots Edler in Van is 2nd Boychuk Dekyser Carlo Subban Phaneuf..these are not teams that are playing with a bunch of leads your explanation makes no sense Calgary Boston Islanders Preds Canucks Sens…Most of these guys play on teams you complain about and say have bad D bigbear…lol

      • So you don’t what defense tanner? Go back to your stats pages and dream up more crap! ?

      • And when did I say anything about blocked shots? I see you’re ahead of the game tonight????

    • Clearly, the reason behind starting Montoya in Columbus was to keep Price fresh for tonight’s game in Philadelphia – a sound-enough strategy employed by most teams with their goalies. But Jaysus, there came a point (when it hit 6-0??) where it became merciful to pull Montoya and let Price “loosen up” a bit. Anything but put the poor sap through that.

      • I agree George. Nothing wrong with giving Price a night off, just give him the night off, bring up a goalie just in case things go bad like they did last night.

    • Al had a good start to the season, looks like Price was getting the night off regardless. The team in front of him didn’t do him any favours. Side note 6 even strength goals 4 pp goals; Weber on the ice for two pp goals finished with +/- 0, that’s impressive.

      • The way subban is playing in nsh he would have been minus 4! Weber won’t take that game lightly

      • How? lol

      • He didn’t stop anything he just wasn’t on the ice except when killing penalties and he got beat twice doing that lol yes Weber did a great job of sitting on the bench while the blue jackets scored 6 goals and being in the ice for half of the pp goals against the PK. What a silly way of looking at things.

      • Now come on that’s just ridiculous. Ha-ha! Weber played over 25 minutes, over 18 at ES almost more minutes than any other Dman but Emelin played in total. He wasn’t the problem last night. He did his job & did it very well.

        That #1 PP of Columbus has been deadly. No 1 has been able to stop it yet. Wenneberg, Foligno, Atkinson, Werenski & Saad or Gagner; they have each had time there. It’s functioning at 44% but having only played 9 games & not had many PP opportunities, 25 the lowest in the league they have been shockingly proficient. Wenneberg has exceptional vision & passing skills.

      • I’m not blaming Weber but I’m certainly not going to look for reasons praise a guy especially for being even this loss wasn’t Webers fault it was the Habs it’s silly to say he did well look he wasn’t on the ice for a goal at even strength, it’s ridiculous. The PK stunk as well and he was part of that.

      • Tortorella, #1 power play? I think I’m dreaming!

      • Striker shticky never watched the game just the highlights I wouldn’t worry about his ridiculous responses! He’s a I just read the stats page

      • Good character win by the habs tonight, that’s what Weber brings over subban character!

    • All the pundits I heard didn’t think John Tortorella would make it out of week 1. The media absolutely despises him, I guess the fact he doesn’t like them, the reciprocate in kind. As well as a lot of folks on here don’t like him. I’m not one of them.

      • As the suicide jumper said on the way down, so far, so good.

      • Yeah. I thought after reading all the post here over the summer that Torts couldn’t coach. Haha….one of the beat PP and PK I guess is his niche.

        That game last night is concerning though. Does Price truly have so much influence when he plays that the team easily bottoms out with out him in net?

      • I don’t like Torts but I have a ton of Columbus players scattered all over all my fantasy & drafted teams & even took some in box pools where available. They all went cheap except Jones, Jenner & Bobrovsky.

      • Have you ever noticed that that mutual dislike carries over with media types into the political world. If THEY take a dislike to a specific politician because he/she has no time for them, watch out.

  2. Nashville has had a brutal schedule out of the gate. All 8 games played in October were against teams that made the playoffs last season. To put that in comparison for you Edm played 8 teams in 9 games in October that didn’t make the playoffs.

    I think Desjardins, Peters & Capuano in that order lead the coaching hot seat parade. It won’t matter who coaches Vancouver they are just really bad. Poille won’t pull the plug on any coach quickly. A very loyal methodical man.

    • They lost in Arizona; this month, I guessing to what you speak, this should of been an easy win, considering Arizona didn’t make the playoffs last year.

      • I’m pretty sure I said October. That game was Nov 3rd, I watched that game. Nashville seriously out played Arizona, lost 3-2 in a shoot out. It was actually a very entertaining game. Nashville just couldn’t score & can’t for some reason that doesn’t make sense to me, Dominque stood on his head, Nashville had 37 shots & converted on a 1 of 7 PP chances.

        They were playing their 5th game in 8 days the final 1 of an 5 game pacific swing road trip. Brutal schedule. No team has had a tougher schedule out of the gate than Nashville. It’s insane. Never seen anything like this schedule in all my years following hockey except in the playoffs.

        That said I assume you have read many of my posts talking about parity & how tight I feel the standings will be. Any team can lose to any team on any given night due to a # of factors not the least of which is playing your 5th game in 8 days all on the road.

      • You can still lose to non playoff teams. I think Striker is saying is you recorded is more likely to be better playing non playoff teams. He isn’t saying you won’t ever lose against non playoff teams. Ottawa’s record is pretty good despite some sloppy play. The majority of their games have been against non playoff teams and two against Vancouver who can’t score. They lost one chiefly due to Hammond leaving the game to injury.

      • On any given night anyone can beat anyone. Injuries, illness; Nashville had a weird food poisoning issue that inflicted the team for 3 games & numerous players had to try & play through it some did so some tried & couldn’t, travel & most importantly scheduling are significant factors.

        Make everything equal like it is more so in the playoffs except that western teams have far worse travel issues & the best teams generally rise to the top & win. The difference being few weak teams make the playoffs & essentially the best play the best but upsets are still rare & in the minority. Over a best of 7 series the best team usually wins if not it can usually be traced to a specific issue maybe 2. Like a goalie stealing a series.

      • Yes Striker that’s why I said THIS month. If you want to dive a little further into the numbers they lost to Detriot, just squeaked into the playoffs, no Quick in LA, no Lindholm or Rackell in Ana and a banged up Dallas team.

  3. Any questions about who Columbus’s #1 C is now? Are you buying the Wenneberg; 146 NHL regular season games as we speak, tonic yet. I was selling it. Ha-ha!

    As everyone said Columbus needed a C I said why? I said they had Wennberg, Dubinsky & Karlsson as their top 3 & I assumed Campbell as their #4 but they have been running out Sedlak as their #4 & still have Gagner; playing RW, Foligno; playing RW, & Jenner; playing LW, that can all play C if required.

    I have Wenneberg in all fantasy league & draft pools I went in. Oddly enough I haven’t dressed him in either of my fantasy leagues yet. Can’t beat out my other 3 starters either.

    • I drafted Jenner. What a waste. Dropped him for Marchassault though.

      • I assume Jenner will come round but nice swap out. Just not seeing enough quality PP minutes. I added Marchassault as well in 1 of my draft leagues for Parise.

      • Re Marchessault continuing that pace over 82 games – two words: Dale Wiese. Don’t get fooled by October-November hockey results.

      • No way he can maintain that pace but his position with Barkov & Jagr is set until Huberdeau; late January at the earliest, returns at which point he goes to the 3rd line with Bjugstad & will still see 2nd line PP time.

        He has scored every where he’s ever played just never been given a chance as he’s a smurf. TB used him essentially as a PP specialist last season barely playing otherwise.

        50 to 55 points in a walk if he plays at least 75 games. His release is world class. Have seen him score 3 goals this year that had me shaking my head asking why this kid hasn’t been an NHL regular yet. 26 in Dec. The world just aligned perfectly for him in Florida with Huberdeau going down with an Achilles injury.

        He will be an NHL regular moving forward regardless of size, he is showing he can play with the big boys regardless of being a smurf. If you haven’t jumped on this band wagon yet in your pools that allow waivers or add drops you should.

      • We’ll see.

      • Yes we will George. Obviously you don’t participate in pools that allow trades or player changes? If you did, projecting, forecasting, essentially guessing if you prefer, factoring in stats, ice time, the eye test, some semblance of a system, etc. are required.

        Marchesseault played 45 games for TB last season as a depth player to cover for injuries & contributed as PP specialist; in the games he played his PP TOI/GP was good for 3rd; 2:52, in TB for all skaters. Scored 7 goals & 18 points, 4 PPG’s, 7 PPP’s, barely playing 12 mins a night; 13th in TOI/GP at forward. Eliminate his PP time & he barely took a shift yet still finished 18th in rookie scoring in only 45 games. Extrapolate that out & had he been given a real opportunity & he makes the top 10 in rookie scoring last season. He didn’t as he wasn’t.

        Fast forward to this season. Now playing as Florida’s #1 LW, playing over 18 mins a night, that’s 6 mins more, 50% more ice time; 5th in TOI/GP for forwards in Flo, getting 1st line PP TOI/GP; 5th currently, & presto, quantity & quality of ice time, coupled with skill regardless of size, translates into points. Sits tied for 4th in goals & 7th in points for all NHL players firing off 3 quality shots a game primarily on the PP.

    • yes he’s lighting the world on fire with 1 goal in 9 games.

      • Do we want to get into a debate about goal scorers hot & cold streaks? As if we do I’m bringing up Tarasenko’s 18 game streak last season, I believe it was 1 goal.

      • Striker are you comparing Tarasenko and Wennberg? Wennberg career high in goals is 8 in 69g, he has a total of 13g in 146 games played. Tarasenko has season of 21, 37, and 40 goal seasons. Not sure what you are trying to debate there, but you don’t have a stick to hold in that argument.

    • You’ve said alot of things some right some wrong. We all have.

      • Oh yeah no question. You just hope to make more correct assumptions than wrong 1’s.

  4. If the whole MTL team quit in the 10-0 there needs to be some changes. Did Montoya quit? I bet Radulov did……Agreed George it is a very long season. You have to look at players in terms of months not just October.

    • I think you have to look at players over an entire season. The ability to stay healthy & contribute consistently over 82 games & the playoffs is the key.

      You can use months or quarters as a reference maybe even 5 or 10 game segments after a team has played at least 25 games but they are just that, a reference. Even the best players in the game go through dreadful droughts. See Crosby to start last season. Lindholm has 1 point in Carolina in 9 games getting huge minutes in all situations, Duclair 2, Jenner 2, Ennis 2, Cammy 3, Plakanec 3, Abdelkader 3, Granlund, Spooner, Monohan, Doughty I could go on & on.

      George essentially hit it. It’s not that October & November are meaningless but that things have a way of balancing out over the course of an 82 game schedule. Until the last team in the league plays it’s 25th game you have to many inconsistencies but by that marker; the last team in the league playing it’s 25th game, most are starting to balance out & over the remainder of the season most will baring injuries or trades.

      My 1st marker is tomorrow. The last 4 teams that have yet to play 10 games, Carolina, Columbus, Colorado & NJ do so tonight. If you start looking at the NHL scoring leaders some semblance of reality is being restored from the October rankings. The consistency of the real scorers starts to take out the flash & burn guys or those that got lucky. Can you spell Gudas? Ha-ha!

      We had an issue with a guy that some how got away from the draft table 1 player short. The Commish of that pool allowed him to add Russell after he signed with Edm & had already played 2 games. He had 3 points in those 1st 2 games he played. Caused a huge issue. I said let it go, who cares, Russell will be what he is, Russell. In the 8 games since he hasn’t had a point.

    • Your bet would be wrong. While watching the game I commented several times to my buddies that its impressive how Radulov is still bringing it. He looked great, played hard and was creating chances and space all by himself. He wasn’t on the ice for any of the first 8 goals I believe.
      He has been the most impressive habs forward by a mile.

      • Sorry Tazi don’t follow you, I’m missing something. My bet would be wrong on what?

  5. I wish Boston could get Eberle. I really like his game.
    Unfortunately Boston doesn’t have much to offer.
    He would be a nice upgrade on RW.
    I know Backes is returning but I would rather see him at center. Our third line is atrocious. Strength down the middle, Bergeron,Backes and Krejci at center would give a much more balanced attack.

    • I would prefer to see Spooner returned there, the #3 C slot. He played well in that position last season. I don’t want to pay Backes 6 mil per to center the 3rd line. I want to see him play with Krejci for an extended period of time at RW & see if they can develop any chemistry or maybe even with Backes at C & Krejci at LW.

      Boston is a top 6 player short currently. Belesky isn’t a top 6 winger. I had hoped that would be Vesey but that dream vanished; Ha-ha! & then was looking forward to seeing Vatrano get that opportunity, unfortunately that’s still a long ways off.

      Maybe Boston try’s icing a forward group something like this now that almost everyone but Vatrano is healthy.

      Marchand, Bergeron, Pastrnak.
      Czarnik, Krejci, Backes,
      Belesky, Spooner, Hayes.
      Moore, Nash, Acciari/Schaller.

      Move the 2nd line around anyway you want, they are all used to playing C but Krejci can play LW, Backes RW & Czarnik has played RW but primarily C in the AHL.

      Krejci, Backes, Czarnik?
      Krejci, Czarnik, Backes?

      Perhaps Boston trades for a #2 LW?

  6. I think the people saying this won’t sit well with the guys in the room that Montoya played for 20 goals is overreacting. Most likely Therrien asked him what he wanted to do and I bet he said keep me in. If he really wanted out he would’ve said something between one of the periods and I think he would’ve got taken out.
    As far as Laviolette goes, I see this is more of a disruption of chemistry from the Weber trade than a coaching issue. Weber was more than a defenseman to that team. Leader on and off the ice, knew the buttons to push and the most respected guy in the locker room. They’re playing the same way they did the last 2 or 3 seasons where they won a ton of games. I’d give it time

  7. As an oiler fan, the bruins are more than welcome to have Ebs. Great kid but just wont go to hard areas…. and up here in the great white north ( not white yet.. actually 16 today here) we are still holding onto that goal he scored in the world juniors.. just as we are holding onto the 5 cups we won when a third of the population wasnt even born yet.
    The oil are breaking up the lucic/ebs/mcdavid combo tonight. Give eberle until the trade deadline and if he doesnt find some consistency to his game ( 2 goals…3 games no goal.. 1 goal… dissapears. 1 goal 7 games later… gone.. ) then its time to move him on. Defense is still atrocious but its been hiding behind Talbot’s fantastic numbers.

    One comment on montreal..
    If i were montoya i would be quite angry, although the situation is understandable. However, you toss in Price at that 3-0 mark and maybe you dont give away 2 points…. then again, everybounce/rebound/greasybackhand was going the jackets way… just one of those games.

  8. Montreal was due for an A#@ whipping, I never expected 10-0, but they were due. They have not played well in the past 3-4 games and they really needed a wake up call. I feel sorry for the warriors like Weber,Radulov, Gally, etc. They must get really pissed when they see all the floaters out there, I won’t bother naming them as we all know the usual suspects.
    I am a huge Habs fan, but I have been saying it for a while now, they need help up front and they need to get rid of the players who quit.
    MT should have been fired last year, and maye MB should pay as much attention to his roster as he does his glasses and clothes.

    • Ok relax they are 10-1-1 and you want people fired lol.. You people make me laugh . Who cares if they got their a** whipped it’s one loss they already forgot about it when they beat Philly . It was one game. I agree that they do need help up front a Centre like Jordan Stall that wins face offs or RNH young and worth a gamble or M.Duchense or M.Hanzel the only 4 players I’d look at as a centre .. Also MB pays a lot of attention hence Subbans trade no one liked Subban only person that could stand him was Price .. Hence why they never traded him before he is a cancer in the locker room just ask Nashville rumour has it Fischer already went to the front office to complain about Subban that his teammates don’t like him. Only 9 games in great on the ice and camera but not a people person.

  9. Pretty simple if montreal didn’t play back to back games or if both games were home games MT would of made the change . It paid off since Montreal won also if Montreal lost 1-0 or 10-0 who cares it counts as one loss in that column not 10 .. Who cares you don’t think Montoya has been embarrassed before this he was suppose to be a great goalie drafted high and at his age he’s barely a backup trust me he was way embarrassed before he became a hab. All I know is we are already at 21 points by the half way mark we will be in the playoffs already lol and still the best team in hockey

    • Rah rah rah ….