NHL Rumor Mill – November 7, 2016

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Don't expect the Vancouver Canucks to shop the Sedin twins.

Don’t expect the struggling Vancouver Canucks to shop the Sedin twins.

Updates on the Sedins, Evander Kane and the Wings defense in your NHL rumor mill. 

TODAY’S SLAPSHOT: TSN’s Bob McKenzie appeared Friday on SiriusXM NHL Network and was asked about the future of Daniel and Henrik Sedin with the struggling Vancouver Canucks. The respective contracts of the 36-year-old forwards expire at the end of 2017-18.

When asked about the possibility of trading the Sedins, McKenzie said there’s no inclination Canucks ownership wants to go down that road. He also believes the Sedins would have to be on board with it. McKenzie points out few clubs could afford to take on their combined cap hit of $14 million. He suspects the twins prefer to finish their NHL careers as Canucks. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I concur with McKenzie’s take. Sure, anything’s possible, and maybe the Canucks front office will look at shaking things up if they miss the playoffs next spring. If the Sedins are shopped, I suspect it’ll be at the 2018 trade deadline.

STARTRIBUNE.COM: In his latest mailbag segment, Michael Russo was asked about rumors claiming Minnesota Wild GM Chuck Fletcher and Buffalo Sabres GM Tim Murray discussed a trade involving Sabres left wing Evander Kane. Russo replied he was told by multiple sources multiple times that there were trade talks. Noting Kane’s $5.25 million cap hit, he said it would have to be a “hockey trade.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With Kane currently sidelined for weeks with fractured ribs, he won’t be going anywhere for the time being. With the Wild off to a decent start (13 points in their first 11 games), there’s no pressure upon Fletcher to make such a significant move. Time will tell if the two sides revisits those trade discussions. 

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Helene St. James reports the Detroit Red Wings have been looking and talking to other team since last season in search of a blueline upgrade. While Winnipeg Jets restricted free agent defenseman Jacob Trouba is attractive, the Jets asking price could prove too expensive. St. James speculates it could take Danny DeKeyser, but he alone wouldn’t get it done. She notes the Boston Bruins and New Jersey Devils also need help on defense.

St. James wonders if the Wings could tempt the Anaheim Ducks into parting with Cam Fowler by offering up Gustav Nyquist or Tomas Tatar plus a draft pick. She also notes the Wings had interest this summer in St. Louis’ Kevin Shattenkirk but their asking price of Dylan Larkin ended discussions. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I doubt the Wings will land Trouba, Fowler or Shattenkirk this season. GM Ken Holland will have to look elsewhere to bolster his blueline. 


  1. Re Trouba, Ken Warren’s column in the Ottawa Sun has this to say: “Jacob Trouba’s on-going contract dispute with the Winnipeg Jets is eerily similar to what Senators centre Kyle Turris went through with the then-Phoenix Coyotes in 2011. Turris, also represented by agent Kurt Overhardt, held out and was pushing the Dec. 1 deadline … before signing with Phoenix on Nov. 22, 2011. urris then played six games with the Coyotes before being dealt to the Senators for defenceman David Rundblad and a second-round pick.”

    • The history lesson from that trade between Ottawa and Phoenix is more or less about how badly Phoenix was burnt in that deal. Great for the Sens…not so much for the Yotes… I din’t think the Jets will follow that path as Trouba’s current market value is considered significantly higher than Turris’ was at the time. Overhardt may be hoping to replicate that set of circumstances again, but I have a feeling that the Jets don’t blink and will only accept an established player + + + in return for Trouba.

      • SIGNIFICANTLY higher??? Not so sure about that. Turris was taken 3rd overall in 2007 and is a C – one of the hardest positions to find with quality. Also at the time – and forget hindsight, that’s 10 cents a pound – Rundblad was also a 1st round pick (17th overall) and a 6′ 2″ 187 lb D (not huge but not a smurf either) – also a key position.

        Trouba was a # 9 overall in 2012.

      • At the time I believe the media comparable was Sam Gagner…small guy, 50 pt potential but hadn’t proven anything yet… So although Trouba has yet to prove he is a no. 1 D, Turris was never projected to be a first line C.

      • Funny, but I never saw THAT comparison – this from Hockey’sFuture back then:

        Turris is a dynamic player with all around great offensive skills. He skates well, handles the puck well and has an extremely accurate shot. He is dangerous every time he touches the puck in the offensive zone and he’s willing to take the shot himself or set up a teammate. He has very good endurance and knows how to avoid getting hit.

      • I know that this source is Garrioch…but it pretty much sums up the thought of Turris’ value at the time…

        “If Maloney does decide to deal — and that’s a huge if — he’s going to want young assets. Moving a Mika Zibanejad or Jared Cowen for Turris makes no sense, but the Senators do have other high-end prospects they could trade.”

        Garrioch – Ottawa Sun, Nov 23, 2011…

        And I do believe it was McKenzie and Duthie that comapred him to Gagner, but can’t find the source material to back that up.

      • Jim Matheson

        “but Gagner signed for less money than Kyle Turris, who couldn’t carry his equipment bag judged by his NHL stats so far, just got in Ottawa.”
        August 29 2012

      • I should also preface this by saying Turris is a great player and has well outdone his perceived value 5 yrs ago.

      • I think you missed his meaning George. Turris had played 2 full NHL seasons in Arizona, years 2 & 3 after being drafted & shown little to nothing prior to being traded to Ottawa, nor did he really in the 2 years following the trade. A normal development path of 200 regular season games to reach his breakout point! At the time he was viewed as a solid 3rd line C with 2nd line potential. Which is essentially what he is today. A solid #2 2 way C. They aren’t unattainable. This isn’t Toews, Kopitar, Bergeron O’Reilly the stud 2 way C’s or even a Kelser or Little the solid B grade 2 way C’s. Turris has needed 1st line ice time & power play time to post 2nd line C #’s. Now don’t get me wrong. I like Turris but comparing his value to that of Trouba just doesn’t fly for me. The only comparison is the fact they are both represented by the same moron.

        Trouba has shown he is at least a solid 2 way Dman with 1st pairing potential that probably becomes a stud #1. Not to mention much has changed since Turris was selected 3rd overall in a weak 2007 draft. The growth of the game, world wide, how players are evaluated & graded has changed significantly from 2007; Turris’s draft year, to 2012; Trouba’s draft year. Far less misses today.

      • I questioned the “significantly” comment – that’s all. I know what Trouba could be – I’m not effing blind. And can we discard the “stud” crapola?

      • I don’t think we can. I think Trouba will be a stud. By the time’s he hits 25 maybe 26 he will be 1 of the top 15 best 2 way Dman in the game. Probably top 30 offensively although some really good 2 way Dman don’t post super high offensive #’s.

      • Trouba 2 yr 3mill per

      • If the jets are trading him they will get a lot more now!

      • I said he’d blink first. sitting on his ass for a full season was never an option he’d pursue.

    • I’m not certain the Dec 1st deadline existed then? I thought it was added in the last CBA? I could be wrong.

  2. E.Kane is back next week. Cracked ribs are 4-6 wks….The Sisters retire Canucks…Is it Dec 01 yet ?

    • The sisters ? Someone help, I can’t breathe I’m laughing so hard at that tired, old, boring joke. Tell me, how many points did you rack up in the NHL ?

    • Is there something wrong with being a women, or a sister. I’m attempting to understand the insult but I fail grasp it.

  3. Re Shattenkirk to Detroit

    Why would Armstrong ask for Dylan Larkin ? Is he dreaming ? Totally unrealistic to ask for Larkin for a guy who could walk. Get your head out of you know where Doug. Be reasonable. If I was Holland I’d be insulted.

    • The only issue with Shattenkirk is his pending UFA status, it causes me pause if looking to trade for him. Cost to acquire is significantly impacted by weather you can get him resigned.

      Larkin is also causing me pause. Broke out strong as a rookie but fizzled out over the course of the season, in the playoffs he was invisible, in the WC barely played & is off to a brutal start. Scoring by quarter last season. .70, .70. .55 & .30.

      Long term Shattenkirk is a stud offensive Dman for at least another 6 to 8 years. Again I have concerns about Larkin, young but struggling to put up points since the 1st 1/2 of last season.

  4. Do the Sedin’s really want to end their careers playing 1st line minutes and sitting in last place?

    • They won’t have much choice imo. The Sedins are handcuffed to each other, which in turn makes them handcuffed to Vancouver. No contending team would be in a position to soak up their full cap hit for this year and next. And I can’t even imagine the cost for both. Their best shot of being moved is next year at the deadline.

      • Unless the sedins do a selanne kariya when they are ufas can’t see a contending team being able to sign them

      • they would make a nifty 2nd line for the Kings…

      • Vancouver would have to retain salary to move them.

    • What choice do they or the Canucks have? The answer is simple & obvious. None. Linden, Benning & Aqualini have doomed this organization for a long time. The ship hasn’t even been righted yet so you can’t even time line the turn around or rebuild. Benning thinks it’s 1994 & the NHL is still playing neanderthal clutch & grab hockey.

    • Come to think of it…. What contending team would need two top 6 forwards in the first place?

      • Carolina, Colorado, Dallas; current injuries, NJ, NYI, Win; current injuires!

        No 1 really

  5. The Sedin’s will retire Canuck’s. They will be resigned for 2 years upon expiry of their current contracts & their roles with the team reduced if their is someone to take their 1st line minutes. By the time they retire, they’ll be 2nd or 3rd line players & go down as 2 of the best Canuck players off all time in not the best. All a question of perception.

    • Correct Striker.

    • I’m not so sure Vancouver will resign them when their contracts expire.
      I wouldn’t bother time for a youth movement.

  6. The Canucks should have traded the Sedins 2 or even 3 years ago. This team is going nowhere fast!

    • Hindsight with blinders on. The Sedins would have had to go as a tandem. No team has ever dealt for TWO contracts of that magnitude in one trade, and I doubt they ever will.

      • Still doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have been shopped. Gretzky was traded!

      • Gretzky also finished his career a few years before the cap was implemented. Huge difference.

      • By himself – not along with, say, Messier.

      • AND that was pre-cap!

    • The Sedins aren’t tradeable. No team can afford to take on their combined cap hits nor are they really the problem & they have been fabulous Canucks both for the team & their roles in the city. Yes they are declining, significantly from their peaks but when a team can only ice 1 scoring line it makes it pretty easy for the other teams to key on the Sedin’s & shut down the Canuck’s.

      This team is a total mess. The prospect cupboard is virtually bare & what few prospects they have except for 1; Stecher, are years from being solid NHL contributors. How Benning still has a job is shocking. His tenure as the Canucks GM will be looked back on as 1 of the worst GM’s ever, if not the worst. He will never get another GM opportunity after he’s finally shown the door in Vancouver. I just wish he could take the owner with him.

      This roster is brutal..

      Sedin, Sedin, Hansen.
      Granlund, Sutter, Eriksson.
      Beartschi, Horvat, Virtanen.
      Burrows, Gaunce, Dosett.

      The D is just nominally better but at least has some promise with Tanev, Hutton & Stecher. I don’t like Gubranson, hated that trade. He can hit & block shots but that’s it & he wants a substantial raise the reason Florida moved him they weren’t giving him the money he wanted. Borderline #4.

      & they spend to the cap. Less than a mil in cap space?

      • Neil Smith , Mike Millbury. Both pretty brutal as well, both made disgusting trades, both ran their organizations into the ground. Both organizations took years to recover from their incompetence. I truly feel bad for the fans of this organization. It will be a long brutal recovery.

      • Oh I agree Striker. The roster is horrible and the Sedins are great players; however, managers can get pretty creative by times and to help the team they should be moved. Not much time left on the deal eat some salary because the Canucks will do nothing with or without them by 2018. And when 2018 comes do not resign them.

      • They aren’t waiving their NMC’s to go any where & will need to be protected in the expansion draft with 1 year remaining on their contracts. When their contracts come up in the summer of 2018 the Canucks will have no choice but to resign them as they don’t have anyone to replace them & using up 2 protector spots in expansion for what would essentially be 1 year rentals using your recommendation seems very unlikely to me. Well with Benning anything is possible & you can never say never.

        If the Canucks allow the Sedins to walk as UFA’s in the summer of 2018 they will be the worst team in the league in 2018-19.

      • Nyr4life.

        I think Benning already has Milbury & Smith beat.

        I got several emails this AM for seats to the Canucks on the 17th against Arizona, upper bowl, blue line, front row isle seats $30 each!

        We are in Vancouver for a buddies 50th on Nov 18th & 19th. Gotham for dinner Friday night. 18 seats to the Chicago game on Saturday night. 5 pairs of 2’s, 2 sets in 4’s. Cost me an average price of $55 a ticket. We just agreed to share the cost equally I decide who sits where. Ha-ha! We usually just go find better seats not being used regardless just go to customer service & ask or watch for 1 period & see what’s not being used. About 2500 to 4000 paid seats going unused almost every home game.

  7. The Canot’s, who are quite likely to finish 30th this season (& possibly next season as well) are stuck with the over the hill Sedin’s & their $14 M combined salary, until they retire.

    • Their next 2 year deals will be under 5. Probably 2 year deals at 4 to 4.5 per to play 2nd line minutes.

      I had the Canucks dead last in the west & 27th overall in my predictions before the puck dropped on the season.

    • Signing Eriksson was a big mistake also.

      • Well it doesn’t make sense considering they are brutal. Unfortunately everyone in Vancouver from ownership through upper management is living in fantasy land. Even the Sedin’s are spitting out the company line but what choice do they have. What are they supposed to say. Yeah this team as constructed is beyond bad we don’t have a hope of making the playoffs & the rebuild is a joke.

        I feel bad for the Sedin’s to be saddled with this mess. It’s not of there making, they just play the game & do so very well.

  8. The Canucks are stuck with the Sedin’s till the bitter end.

    Don’t understand why any team would trade for Evander Kane as his he’s not a team player.

    Jacob Trouba will either have to accept what Winnipeg is offering or sit out the year as Chevy can’t allow Trouba to win this battle and if he does sign, I’m doubtful he trades him

  9. Paid attendance in Carolina last night 8650! What a joke. Thankfully Seattle or Quebec will be ready to take this team when their lease is at a point where the penalty to buy it out will be manageable for the new owners.

    • NASCAR rules there. Rrrrrrrrrrrr.vooooom …. as they flash by your “vantage” point.Wow! right up there with bicycle-racing as a spectator sport.

      • I would think it’s gotta basketball in the Tar Heel State no?

    • What a shame! Raleigh is a very cool city. It’s not so much the NASCAR in the south….. It’s NCAA football.

    • Raleigh is a small city and it is primarily a college sports city. NCAA football is an all day event. NC State, NC, Wake Forest and Duke all played at home over the weekend. Then you add that the team hasn’t been very good since 2009 and that the games are televised locally regardless of attendance. The result is a Sunday night attendance comparable to when they played in Greensboro or more recently comparable to the Islanders playing in Brooklyn.
      Embarrassing any way you look at it.

  10. I know I am not getting much traction on my Sedin suggestion, and to be honest I am just throwing it out there to generate conversation; however, just because they are a package deal they cannot be seen as immune to a trade. I know it’s because of the contracts, but with little time left on their contracts and with no possibility of being a contender with or without them for the foreseeable future why act as though it is impossible. Hell leave them unprotected and see if Vegas wants them for a year! That would free up a lot of cap space. I do think they are great players and a class act, but it’s over for them. The Canuck window is shut!

    • I think they HAVE to protect them.

      • Mind you, maybe they could work out a trade deal with Las Vegas (provided they waive their no trade/NM clauses) whereby they become the star attractions for the expansion franchise for a few years. Who knows, the twins can’t be completely blind to the situation in Vancouver, where they are many years away from ever contending again, and also have to know that there is zero chance a contender could clear that much space to take on their contracts. So why not go to a glitzy location for a couple of years?

        However, in that scenario, what goes the other way in any such deal to Vancouver can’t be # 1 picks, as there’s NO WAY LV gives up what could be future franchise players.

    • They have to be protected because of their NMC, I am not 100% they will resign with a struggling Vancouver team next season.

      In order for them to be moved in my opinion it will be next years trade deadline with Vancouver having to hold back 50% of their salaries and even then I think it will be tough to fit them into a contending team.

      • I just don’t see them ever leaving. I think they would retire 1st. I assume they may well stay in Vancouver following their NHL careers. These are model citizen’s actively involved in the community. Their kids were born & are being raised in Vancouver; always tough to move kids from 1 country to another, less so when your filthy rich, Daniel’s wife went to UBC to get her psychology degree.

      • The reality is that they will likely retire Canucks once the deak expires. I am just having a little fun actually. But they do serve as an example of how contracts can limit a team. I don’t see anybody signing them once they become free agents unless it’s a great deal for the team that signs them.

      • Yeah Vancouver. Doubtful they retire at 37 when their current deals expire. There game was never built on speed so not like they can lose it. Ha-ha!

      • People said the same thing about Alfredsson so never say never.

      • Well Alfredsson was 1 player not 2 & he got screwed. They low balled him. It was embarrassing & a terrible way for Alfredsson to have to wind up his awesome career. He should have also retired a Senator having never played for anyone else. A sublime player who slowed the game down with his skill.

      • Daniel Alfredsson played one season for the Detroit Red Wings in 13-14. He then signed a one day deal with the Senators so he could retire as a Senator.

  11. I agree George. The simple fact is that the dual contracts limit the possibility of moving them. But just for a moment imagine if we were not in a cap league, would they have been traded by now? I actually like the cap but this is one impediment to it. Back in the old days the Rangers would have snapped them up long ago. A non- cap league didn’t actually help teams like the Rangers if you look at the number of Cups they won, and yes I include the Leafs in that too.

    • I believe in the Late 90s Ny would have been all over that, but they’ve kind of changed that philosophy going into the cap era.

      • Agreed. And rightfully so Nyr4life. and apologies to you as I have stated on here that the Rangers didn’t look too good in my opinion. They are off to a great start. They have some really good young players.

      • Well they did hone that reputation. No apologies, it’s still very early on. Who knows what’s down the road? I’m pretty happy with what they’re doing, but I have tempered expectations.

      • LOL. wise move NYR4LIFE. That’s an approach that took years to sink into certain diehard fans of a team that really doesn’t need to be spelled out.

  12. Does the Minnesota Wild even have cap space to make any moves? They would need to send almost the same salary back to Buffalo in exchange for E. Kane am I wrong… unless they have some LTIR that I’m missing but according to cap friendly they have $0.00 in cap space.

    • $67,232 with LTIR space. I had the very same though when I read that. Buffalo isn’t taking Pominville back, the only other salary off set would be 1 of the Dman & Minnesota eventually has to address the fact they have 5 keepers at D before the expansion draft.

      • If they need to settle the situation at defense and moving 1 out makes sense for Kane… then I guess so but I still don’t see it happening. It was likely exploratory more than anything.

        I don’t see Kane being moved this season

      • Nor do I. Kane is Buffalo’s #1 LW with zero challengers other than Moulson & Ennis. Neither are really challengers.

  13. Trouba 2 years 2.5 first, 3.5 2nd

    • Nailed it again. Makes total sense to me to sign a 2 year deal. Gives Trouba the gavel in 2 years. Helps his cause should Chevy decide to trade him now & moving forward.

      Well done Chevy. Swing & a miss Trouba. You wasted all of training camp, the preseason & the 1st 13 games of the year & accomplished absolutely nothing but showing you have questionable character.

      • 2 years at a 3 mil cap hit makes Trouba very appealing now should Chevy wish to rid himself of this headache.

      • Everyone nailed that one! Lol

      • You had him signing a 2 year bridge deal at 3 mil per?

      • Yep

      • I was actually 2 for 5.5 total

      • Well done. I wouldn’t say everyone. We would be in the small minority.

      • Ya a lot I talk to had him bridged around 3

      • I said Winnipeg should sign him for a low amount to increase his trade value.
        I’m right too as long as he’s moved soon.

  14. Jacob Trouba – D – Jets
    Jacob Trouba is reportedly going to re-sign with the Winnipeg Jets.
    According to sources of Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman, Trouba has agreed to a two-year contract with an annual average value of $3 million. The restricted free agent defender had been holding out, while waiting for a trade or a new deal.

  15. Can’t believe he held out for this. Better make good use of the 2 years.

  16. Striker on November 4, 2016 at 10:44 am

    I force Trouba to take a 2 year bridge deal at 3.5 per. He signs it or sits the year. No negotiation. You want to hold us hostage & dictate terms we’ll show you who has the power & reciprocate in kind. That offer stays on the table for the next 5 years, so you can take it now, or next summer, or the summer after that, or so on, until your 27 or enjoy playing in the KHL.


    Striker on November 4, 2016 at 10:48 am

    Thankfully 28 days to go in this stupid situation Trouba has created for himself.
    Perhaps Chevy should approach it differently. With each passing week his contract offer declines by 250K. 3.5 today, 3.25 next week, 3 the week after, 2.5 & so on. That might motivate Trouba & his agent to pull their heads out of their butts.

    • Are you casting about for a medal? Look at me, me me.

      • I haven’t seen this much self love since sitting 2 rows back from pee wee Herman in a movie theater……? I kid, I kid!

  17. So the D piggy bank is empty again. All these long drawn out discussions about what could have been. Now we what are we going to talk about. Ha-ha!

  18. This Trouba contract might be a deal for both sides to make his trade value higher. Might be a inside deal to move him pretty soon.
    I’m pretty sure he still wants out.

  19. Read Nov 4th again.Some people here had him at 18 mil for 3 yrs.
    I had him at 0 mil for this year but he proved me wrong.
    Congrats Striker I dont like the look at me Im right crap but on this site sometimes you need to back up what you say. Most dont.