NHL Rumor Mill – November 9, 2016

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Arizona Coyotes center Martin Hanzal could be a trade candidate by the March 1 deadline.

Rival clubs could target Arizona Coyotes center Martin Hanzal by the March 1 trade deadline.

Latest on Jacob Trouba, Martin Hanzal, the Canucks, Kings and more in your NHL rumor mill. 

TSN: Darren Dreger reports it’s possible the Winnipeg Jets could still trade recently re-signed defenseman Jacob Trouba, but they’re under no obligation to do so and there was no promise of a trade from the club. If a team is willing to pay a steep price for the blueliner, Dreger thinks the Jets could listen. It’s not on the front burner right now. 

Pierre LeBrun still thinks Trouba could still consider or welcome a change of scenery over the next two years. He believes Trouba will still play hard for the Jets, which could improve his trade value. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t see the Jets moving Trouba now, and he’s rescinded his trade request. The trade speculation might ramp up again next summer, but I believe he’s going to be with Winnipeg for the duration of this contract. After that, we’ll see how things shake out. 

LeBrun speculates Arizona Coyotes 6’6″ center Martin Hanzal could become a target by the March 1 trade deadline. He’s an unrestricted free agent next summer and could seek a long-term deal, whereas the Coyotes could prefer a shorter term. They’re loaded with promising young centers and don’t want to block any of them when they’re ready. If Hanzal hits the trade block, LeBrun suspects the Coyotes will want at least a young player who can help them right away, rather than picks or prospects. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll certainly be worth watching what happens with Hanzal and the Coyotes over the course of this season. They obviously won’t part with him now, but if they’re out of playoff contention leading up to March 1, Hanzal could hit the trade block if they’re unable to re-sign him by then. The only concern about him is his long history of injuries. When healthy, he’s a very effective two-way center. 

Bob McKenzie said there’s no willingness by the struggling Vancouver Canucks right now to make changes behind the bench. However, if the losses keep piling up, pressure could mount to replace current head coach Willie Desjardins. If that were to happen, McKenzie speculates they could turn to Travis Green, the coach of their AHL affiliate in Utica. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The remainder of this month could tell the tale. If the Canucks don’t snap out of this tailspin soon, a coaching change will be in order. They’ll have little choice, as there’s not a trade coming that’s going to right the ship. 

LeBrun also reports the solid play of Los Angeles Kings call-up goaltender Peter Budaj (2.06 GAA, .912 SP) alleviates the need for management to make a move between the pipes. Jeff Zatkoff’s return from injury also means they can hold off shopping for goaltending help. If their play deteriorates, however, they could be forced back into the trade market. 

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman also reports Trouba’s affordable new deal (two years, $6 million) helps his trade value, but he doesn’t see the Jets lowering their high asking price. A strong performance by Trouba over the course of this deal will also improve his bargaining power in 2018, when he’ll be a restricted free agent with arbitration rights and unrestricted free agency over the horizon.  Friedman doubts the Jets were close to moving Trouba before he re-signed. 

Meanwhile, Jets general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff moves on to Alexander Burmistrov. Friedman believes everyone on both sides feels it’s time for a change of scenery. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Burmistrov’s career numbers aren’t that good (only two points in 13 games this season, only 80 in 287 career games), so the Jets won’t get much back in return. However, he still young (25) and carries an afforable $1.55 million cap hit. Teams in need of affordable depth on the wings could come calling 

Friedman also reports teams are hoping the struggling Canucks get desperate enough to part with “2015 first-rounder Brock Boeser and 2016 version Olli Juolevi.” He doesn’t see that happening unless they get an incredible return. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: And they won’t get that type of return. As I said earlier, there’s no trade coming to help the Canucks now. They’ll have to consider other options, like a coaching change. 


  1. How about Burmistrov to Van for a 3rd. Don`t think anybody is gonna hand Van a 20 goal scorer right now. A worthwhile gamble for Van and a fresh start for Burmistrov and if he has some success, still young enough to fit in a rebuild.

    • No 1’s giving up a 3rd round pick for Burmistrov. This may well be the last year we see Burmistrov in the NHL. He returned after a 2 year hiatus in the KHL & I assume he will be returning following this season.

    • Very weak draft in 17, anything worse than the 3rd Chevy is better off keeping him.

  2. Sorry with Benning anything is possible. He did trade Garrison for TB’s 2nd almost a 3rd & Bieksa to Anaheim for the same, their late 2nd round pick. Top 4 Dman have never moved so cheap.

    • Frankly what those players might or might not do in subsequent teams is of little concern. Bieska is long in the tooth ( and slow) and despite every one urging Vcr to rebuild and make way for youth those same folks now want to condem Vcr when they do just that. Vcr has an extremely promising and young defense with the exit of Bieska. Garrison was a soft defender in Vcr I’m not sure of the situation in TB & with who Garrison plays with. I do know however that Vcr defense is in a good position for the future ( thks to the rebuild)That most unknowingly don’t know is underway for a couple of years already.

      ps. where was the tough guy last night in the LA thrashing. oops Kadri I guess sticks to the likes of the Sedins, try that crap against the likes of Dustin Brown …but I guess Kadri already knows that. LOL

      • It’s not that they were moved that was the issue. It’s Benning didn’t move them at the right time to maximize their return. Both were top 4 Dman when they left & have been for the teams they were traded 2.

  3. We all know Trouba said he rescinded his trade request, I belive that’s more for public consumption then anything else. I hope when he see what his team has, the youthfulness, the skill and the speed. Heck all this talk about Matthews and Connor Mcdavid already better then Crosby talk. Folks sould start taking notice of Laine with 11 goals in his first 14 NHL games as an 18 year old. What a shot and what a release, this kid alone will be bums in the seats.

    • I agree about trouba I wonder if Chevy said we will still try and trade you but say you’re not looking for a trade just to up the return value ?

    • Agree I said Laine could be better than Mathews before the draft.

      • Way too early to say who’s going to be better

    • Yeah you’re right, but bums in the seats is something they don’t need in Wpg, they’re always sold out.

  4. I agree for the most part. I like the fact everyone is saying the right things & I assumed as much. Trouba is locked up for 2 years so no point wining about his lot in life. He took his shot & did what he had to do which was except what’s on the table, door #1 or door #2. He choose door #2 to better control his future options.

    I think Trouba’s name will stay in the rumor mill for years until moved. I don’t blame him for wishing to play else where but that’s potentially 4 years away.

    I still think there is a very good chance Trouba may be moved this summer but certainly not a guarantee & not necessary for either party. The bridge deal makes sense to me for both the team & the player.

  5. Matthews is going to be a great player but had I picked 1st I would have drafted Laine as stated long ago. No down side to either team. Both got great players just a personal choice. Toronto was loaded with wingers in the pipeline so they did what was best for them. Will be interesting to see how these 2 players & others develop over the next 4 to 6 years & what they will truly be in the NHL.

    You have to love the growth of hockey & the # of great young players being developed world wide. Especially the influx that is starting to come from obscure US markets; Matthews, that have never developed hockey players in the past.

    I think I mentioned this before but a caller on Sirius XM had a story about taking his 5 year old son to a game in Anaheim many years ago. They speak Spanish as a 1st language & immigrated from Mexico. His son is now playing rep hockey in Southern California & is in year 6 playing what for us in Canada would by Peewee T1.

    • @striker. Leafs didn’t pick Matthews because they are loaded at wing. THey picked him because he is the consensus better all round prospect and player. Enough of this down playing Matthews-started last year with some posters claiming Dylan Strome was an equal prospect.

      • Laine would have been my choice. Hands down.

      • I had laine above Matthews also both good players just can’t find goal scoring prowess like laine, he has the shot and the ability to find open space in the offensive zone

      • I’m not trying to down play Matthew’s. I heaped praise on him after the WCH. Way better than I thought he was, stated he shocked me & I thought he was the 2nd best draft eligible player on the planet.

        Time will tell what Strome is. I’m disappointed with the opportunity he has been given out of the gate in Arizona. Surprised actually & it concerns me that I may have been wrong on him compared to Matthews but we won’t know yet for years. Being in the 6’3″ catagory even though Matthews is 6’2″ it’s a threshold for me as it relates to player development. You have to have a line some where.

        Let me be clear. Matthew’s is 1 of the best young players on the planet. I just like Laine better but no downside to either player or choice. Also just because Strome isn’t yet making an impact in the NHL is meaningless. The old 80/20 rule. 80% follow a standard development path, 20% don’t, either in a positive or negative way.

        I love what Toronto is doing & how they have done it. The perfect model of a rebuild. They have done it better than any in the past. The have maximized assets & stock piled picks & prospects like none before them & aren’t even remotely done. They are going to play the same game again leading up to this years trade deadline.

        What I like even better is they went out & got the best coach in the world & are surrounding these kids with solid hard working veterans to help teach & mentor them & everyone is being forced to learn & play the system, & accept their roles in such. The mistake numerous teams made in the past not doing so. See Edm.

        I hope that’s is enough praise for Matthews & Toronto for you for 1 day. It’s a great time to be a Toronto fan. Enjoy it’s been how many years since they won a cup? Almost 50 years, 50 if they win it this season! Sorry had to throw that in there just to try & balance out that praise. Ha-ha!

      • Actually I am not a leaf fan-and dont feel the what the leafs are doing should get praised. They have a terrible defence-with no high end prospects. Morgan Reilly is overated and having a bad year.

      • We’ll just agree to disagree on most of those fronts then. Yes Toronto can use some high end D prospects. I like Reilly alot. He’s playing as Toronto’s #1 having just turned 22 carrying a bunch of other young D with him. They are going to struggle no way around it. Lack of experience.

        The D kitty isn’t bare but I assume they will start to draft Dman with their picks now if it slots out correctly. They are going to take the best player available & only deviate nominally if it addresses a long term need.

        Reilly, Gardner, Zaitsev, Carrick & Marincin are just kids. None are any where near NHL fully developed. Gardner is the closets but still at least 1 full season away from showing what he will be moving forward.

        In McDermott, Valiev, Nielsen, Desrochers & Greenway there is some hope. I see Toronto making a trade before the expansion draft to secure a D From 1 of the teams facing a protection issue at D. Either Minnesota or Columbus. Anaheim, Nashville & Winnipeg are possibles but the other 2 need to do something for sure. Toronto has the assets these teams will want. Prospects that are expansion draft exempt.

        Toronto just completed year 1 of their complete tear down & rebuild. They aren’t concerned about today but tomorrow.

      • George…BBB… not to troll, but if Laine was in a Leafs jersey I somehow feel that you guys would have been saying “should’a picked Matthews first, complete all around player…” T.O tried the flashy high scoring winger with no experienced center and all you guys ever said was that Kessel was a garbage player, or fat and out of shape…no work ethic etc… The Leafs needed to build down the middle plain and simple, if Laine was a theoretical 10, and Matthews a 9, they still would have taken Matthews because in the overall he better addressed their needs. Think of all the Crosby – Ovechkin stories of the past 10 yrs. The team that is better up the middle has won how many cups now? The best C maybe doesn’t have as many goals as the best RW in the game, but he has more cups and more overall points. I’m sure that Shannahan and Lou had a similar opinion going into the draft, and at the end of the season both players will be amazing NHL players that hopefully help the CDN teams not only end their cup drought, but the general playoff drought that most of these teams seem to be suffering.

      • Not to troll medic but I said I’d to take laine before Matthews even before the draft lottery it has nothing to do with the leafs. Have you watched laine in his own end he has Matthews beat at this time, so right now the better all around player is laine

      • Never would have said that LeafsMedic. In fact, if you go back far enough I questioned the assessment of Matthews based upon his play in what amounts to a glorified senior league, whereas Laine shone in Finland at all levels and showed himself to be a pure goal scorer – with size and grit. He was my 3 1 pick all along. And I hasten to add, I think Matthews will ultimately be star for the Leafs for a long time – but Laine will still be the better of the two. In my opinion for what that’s worth.

      • “was my # 1 pick …” (sticky keyboard)

      • I don’t think Laine is the better player. Look at Matthews then look at Laines linemates.Laine has a huge advantage.
        Like Ovie and Crosby this debate will last a long time.
        Bottom line is they both are very good players and each fits the team that drafted them.

      • Sorry BBB but playing in your own end as a center is a far bigger responsibility then playing as a winger in the d-zone.

      • It might be Gary but Matthews hasn’t looked great so still young tho and whiskey yes they’re both good players………….why do leaf fans get so defensive when somebody says a little thing about leafs players?

      • Fans should get passionate when their teams players are being criticized. That’s what makes us fans. You just happen to be at a place where there are lots of Leaf fans.
        I like Laine. Wish he could play on my team. Same as Matthews. Most exciting kid right now is neither of those guys but its Marner.
        I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the new wave we have rolling in. Best crop of rookies I have seen in years !

      • Laine is way more exciting than marner! Not even close you’re just being a homer

      • Just can’t find goal scoring prowess like Laine

        5v5 Goals/60

        Matthews 1.67
        Laine 1.54
        Marner 1.41

        Leafs have 2 rookies, who are within 2 even strength goals of Laine and have played 1 fewer game.

      • Last time I checked pp goals are just as important as even strength goals?

      • Nylander and Marner are both playing wing both very close to the same ppg out put of Laine and are in the top 5 of rookie scoring explain how drafting another smallish winger would make sense over the big centre that the Leafs have been looking for for a decade? People go out of their way to talk nonsense. If it wasn’t a centre it should have been a D and there was clearly no D worth to be considered with the first overall pick.

      • Laine is a giant compared to those 2

      • It’s a dumb arguement bbb people yapping about Kessel for years saying he can score goals but is streaky good teams built with centres and D then the Leafs draft a couple more wing players people like yourself say the same thing drafting wingers they need a centre blah blah they draft a big centre and then it they shoulda taken a winger? Last I looked Mathews is a centre a big one and centre will take longer to develop than a guy who plays wing and is all around a harder position to fill so I ask again when you have 2 rookie wingers who are almost the same production why would you draft a third winger instead of a centre? Where are all these wingers playing?

  6. With that D they had better be concerned about a few tomorrows. Seldom do drafted D step right into the NHL so any picks at that position for the next 2 years are probably at least 3 years away from the time of their selection. Yes, there is the UFA road – maybe – but in signing any potential high-end D they have to keep in mind what it’s going to eventually cost them for the Matthews, Marners and Nylanders. Trades are a possibility as well but if they go down that road for a high-end D it’s going to cost them one of their high-end F. It’s a vicious circle.

  7. The biggest question I have about Trouba is
    Where will they play him left or right side.
    I know Myers is out now so I guess right side for now but what about when Myers returns.
    If it was only about position and not money then does he at least get to play on the right side.
    Interesting to see what happens.

    • Myers returned last night. I say make 3 balanced pairs. Play Buffy, Myers & Trouba all on the right side. Enstrom, Morrissey & 1 of Chariot or Postma on the left.

      Maurice had said in the summer he was going to move Trouba to the right side aftre the issue of playing on the left was raised.

      • I should add that special teams minutes will really determine where Buffy, Myers & Trouba rank if you feel it necessary to have to rank them 1, 2, 3 etc. Pairing placement isn’t the only determining factor in worth or ranking on a team.

        Just because Seabrooke plays on the 2nd pairing doesn’t make him Chicago’s # 3 or 4. He’s still their #2 but better 2 really strong pairings than 1.

  8. By no means am I a Leaf fan but you build your team down the middle and T.O needed a center. Laine is a stud but Leafs made the best choice for them.