NHL Rumors from the Blogosphere – November 11, 2016

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New York Islanders goalie Jaroslav Halak remains the subject of trade speculation.

New York Islanders goalie Jaroslav Halak remains the subject of trade speculation.

As today is Remembrance Day/Veterans’ Day, there’s a lack of media-generated NHL trade speculation. So here’s a look at what’s been kicking around the blogosphere of late. Enjoy!

HOCKEY BUZZ: On Nov. 4, Eklund noted the talk linking New York Islanders goaltender Jaroslav Halak to the Los Angeles Kings. He also said it sounds ” more like the Kings and Isles may be looking at a multi player swap to breathe some life into their scoring woes.”

On Nov. 8, Eklund cited a source claiming the Isles were trying to “get creative”, adding we shouldn’t be shocked if there’s a three-team deal involving the Islanders and Kings. 

THE FOURTH PERIOD: On Nov. 7, it was reported the Islanders continue to gauge the trade market regarding Halak, but sources claim a deal isn’t imminent. Two teams apparently had “considerable interest” in Halak, but interest has since cooled. The Isles are also in the market for goals-scoring help. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As we can see, there hasn’t been very much trade chatter in the blogosphere. The recent Trouba signing appears to have brought much of that to an end.

Regarding the Kings and Isles, I don’t see how the Kings have anyone to part with to help the latter with their scoring difficulties. They’re not exactly tearing up the league offensively and don’t have much scoring depth to spare. The Kings are also getting solid goaltending from call-up Peter Budaj, so there’s no pressing need to pursue Halak. And of course, there’s Halak’s $4.5 million annual cap hit through 2017-18 and his injury history, which are significant sticking points.

While a three-team trade is possible, such moves are rare. It would indeed be shocking if Isles GM Garth Snow can “get creative” and pull this off, especially at this time of the season when most deals tend to be dollar-for-dollar. 


  1. Here’s a unique concept for Capunao & the Islanders. How about giving the players that have some semblance of offensive abilities some icetime. Lee, Strome & Prince are all seeing 3rd & 4th line minutes well Bailey, Clutterbuck, Cizikas & Kulemin all see top 6 minutes essentially? Beauvillier has played 10 games; healthy scratch for 4, burning off his 1st year of his ELC & barely plays when he does get to.

    Lets try icing some lines that might be able to score. Strome is a better RW than C but NYI has very few C’s in the system other than Barzal, so little choice but to play him as such but it isn’t working as a 4th line C.

    Memo to Garth Snow, most NHL teams are dressing C’s as wingers & you don’t even have 4 NHL caliber C’s on your NHL team in the NHL. I would suggest moving Quine to the 4th line C spot & jigging the line up trying something, anything to get this team going offensively. What a waste.

    Lee/Ladd, Tavares, Strome/Bailey.
    Ladd/Lee, Nelson, Bailey/Strome.
    Prince, Cizikas, Clutterbuck.
    Chimera, Quine, Kulemin.
    Spare. Beauvillier.

    Get Beauvillier into at least every 3rd or 4th game ideally against weaker competition picking someone to sit, Chimera & or Kulemin. Chimera at 37 could use some nights off & injuries will help address this. Watching NYI play is not fun at the moment. I haven’t been able to sit through an entire game with out being forced to change the channel.

    Who’s running this gong show? Are the NYI’s trying to lose on purpose? Can’t the see the light through the Snow storm!

  2. Thanks for the blog…. striker

    • blogs… sorry

    • blogs… sorry

      • Hey… I just said that! Poser!

      • Haha. We move into the dog days of the NHL season where there is limited activity to discuss really. The GM meetings coming up may get some stuff happening.

  3. Point of interest. Not much to talk about today.

    How can Pearson not get decent power play time. LA couldn’t score last night. Brown, Dowd & Setoguichi all saw more PP time than Pearson significantly more. I would even play Pearson on the point if necessary over Gavel who also saw significantly more PP time last night.

    I no longer have a vested interest; traded him for futures, but it makes no sense to me. Pearson is tied for the team lead in goals having missed the 1st 2 games with a suspension. Has 1 of only 4 PPG’s LA has scored this season & has the best shooting % on the team currently firing over 2 shots a game & is just barely clinging to 2nd line top 10 PP TOI/GP?

    These types of coaching decisions never make sense to me.

    • Pearson looked to have tweaked his right leg in the first period might have had something to do with it? He was favoring it on the way to the bench

  4. As for Budaj. He is the perfect example of the exact opposite scenario I keep debating with many when discussing teams like Calgary & Dallas who hang their goalies out to dry constantly.

    Budaj has played OK. Yes his SV% is solid, 2 shut outs will help that # over such a small sample size. He has been inconsistent, essentially hot or cold, on or off, which ever analogy you prefer.

    LA is 1 of the best teams in the NHL defensively, the system is to suppress shots especially high quality shots, pressure the puck every where hitting hard & often. Essentially what we tell young kids, eliminate time & space. The only other team in the NHL as effective consistently at doing so year after year is Anaheim. With Lindholm back in the fold now their shots against will drop as will their goals against.

    Take a below average goalie put him on a solid defensive team & presto you have what appears to be an NHL goalie. Budaj isn’t even an average NHL goalie, he’s a borderline NHL goalie even as a back up. His inability to make key saves has LA cling to a 7-7 record. Put a good goalie on a team like this & Quick is better than good & presto you have a superstar goalie.

    No position better reflects a teams style of play than goalie. If LA was getting better goaltending than Budaj is providing their record would be substantially better. Halak would help & in LA he would look like a superstar where as Budaj has looked average at least by SV%.

    For goalies that have played at least 6 games for their respective teams. 1/2 the lowest # of games any team has played in the NHL so far this year Budaj sits 15th by SV%.

    This isn’t to slight Budaj. Thank God it’s working or LA would be in serious trouble but he isn’t a solution just a stop gap but this bubble could burst at any moment with 1 or 2 injuries especially if to a key player & their isn’t an option behind him really.

    LA needs to trade for an NHL caliber goalie. All Budaj is doing is providing time to address it. LA has some players in the AHL that might help NYI that they don’t have room for in the NHL any time soon. Mersch now 24 doesn’t look like LA is ever going to give a chance to be an NHL player to. NYI could use this player & taking Halak with NYI eating a nominal amount of money solves a problem for both teams. Lets saw a million per. LA can always buyout next season if not selected in expansion or untradable following.

    • This makes absolutely ZERO sense.

      So let me get this straight, you are suggesting the Kings trade for Halak who has a $4.5 million cap hit, all the while only having $1.5 million in cap space. Even if the Isls ate half his contract, the Kings still can’t fit him in. What happens when Quick is back?

      You talk about how the Kings D makes goalies appear better, well your right it does, and because their overall team D is so good, they can afford to ride out Budaj at $600,000 until Quick is back, instead of doing something stupid, like trading for Halak at $4.5 million for this AND next year.

      I’m sorry striker but I will take the guy with 12gp, 1.96gaa, .914sv% and 2so and cap hit of $600,000 over the guy with 10gp, 3.03gaa, .903sv%, and 0so with a cap hit of $4.5 mill. The numbers don’t lie.

      And if the numbers don’t convince you then you got to remember, Lombardi is VERY loyal, and Budaj has been an excellent team mate and mentor in the A to all the young players with great stats to boot.

      • LA has $6,748,135 with LTIR space; Capfreindly, nor have they put Gaborik on LTIR as yet but they can at anytime recovering his 4.875; almost 12 million is cap space, being accrued against the cap currently retroactively & there is no guarantee Quick will be back this season.

        LA choose rest as surgery would mean he is done for the year. What if rest doesn’t work? Price missed the entire year essentially, different injury similiar scenario. Surgery would guarantee success long term. Quick may very well need abdominal surgery when all is said & done regardless!

        Halak is a very good goalie. He his only real issue is his own ability to stay healthy. Get NYI to eat salary. LA is collecting 80% of Quicks actually salary 7 mil per well on LTIR as well as Gaboriks well on IR; 6.075. You don’t need to be on LTIR to collect insurance coverage just related to injury not part of the CBA except it’s mandatory under the CBA for teams to insure any & all players eligible. Some aren’t see Horton.

        No better option potentially available & I am only hypothesizing based on rumors their talking trade. LA can secure Halak with out giving up a current NHL roster player & NYI essentially dumps salary just a question of how much they eat.

        The math & salary works easily for LA now even if Quick is able to return. If you wish to run the dollars & do the math here’s the formula. NHL players are paid their annual salary based on the # of days in the regular season. This year that # is 179. Take the cap hit of a player divide by # of days already played & you can figure out cap hit incurred & or saved.

        LA has zero cap issues to take on Halak even if they choose to do so at his full cap hit. NYI has already incurred 754K+ of Halak’s cap hit for this season. LA has accrued a 939K+ in savings on Quicks cap hit & can at anytime accrue another 817K+ in cap savings if Gaborik were put on LTIR today. Again he can be put on LTIR at any time retroactively.

        These #’s are based on savings today as I type this with each day the space increases & the cost for Halak declines. Again come year end LA if saddled with Halak would have the option to buy him out. Which would be about 1.6 & change for 2 years less what ever NYI agree’s to retain.

      • Striker, according to Lombardi, Quick will be back in the second half of the season. So yes he will definitely be back this year, so when he comes back the Kings have to fit his contract in. Just because he goes on LTIR doesn’t mean they can just go and spend that money elsewhere, they have to fit him back in once healthy.

        There is no way a cap strapped team like LA can afford to pay both Quick and Halak.

        Obviously your missing the point completely here. Budaj is doing more than enough for LA right now at $600,000 cap hit, there is ZERO, I repeat ZERO point trading for a goalie with horrible numbers with a $4.5 million cap hit.

        The only way this trade makes sense for LA is if Brown goes the other way, and Snow isn’t that dumb.

        I can 100% guarantee you that DL will be riding Budaj and Zatkoff until Quick returns in the new year.

      • Oh and one more thing, cap space for LA is very valuable cause there is so little of it. SO if they are going to do anything with that limited cap space, its to go towards plugging other holes in the line up, not bringing in a highly overpaid goalie for a few months.

      • Lombardi is hoping Quick can return. There is no guarantee. If Quick misses 1/2 the season that means he only hits the cap for 1/2 his salary. 2.9 the remaining 2.9 to be allowed to be spent else where. A portion of Gaborik’s will also eventually be moved to LTIR. Not a question of if but when.

        Murray just wiggled the cap space in Anaheim as needed to fit Lindholm in under the cap & will cross the Despres bridge if & when necessary. What i assume LA will do with Quick if & when necessary.

        Numerous teams including Anaheim are playing the AHL salary cap game. Gaps in the NHL schedule down go players who don’t have to clear waivers. NHL game coming up, back they come & a tiny bit of cap space saved.

        It’s not that I disagree with you specifically. Again hypothesizing on the rumors Lyle is saying are being discussed with NYI.

        I have shown how LA can make the salaries work. The math doesn’t lie I’m not making it up. It’s not subjective but fact.

      • That’s what I was thinking as well why spend money on a goalie when it looks like goal scoring could be a much bigger issue and could be even down the road once Quick returns? Some scoring depth is where a team in the bottom 3rd of the league in goals may want to look, 15th in goals against, best shots against and shot differential typically avg out shooting an opponent 31- 25….goaltending is not an issue. Scoring could be.

      • Well shots for/against really don’t matter its more the difficulty of the save but budaj is doing just fine and a trade for halak wouldn’t make any sense at all

      • Another dumb arguement shots from the point dont get screened and tipped or lead to rebounds? Those are the Perimeter shots that you insist don’t really matter. Shots against matter outshooting an opponent generally leads to more wins than less.

      • Bad defensive teams yes it might matter but good defensive teams box out,tie up sticks etcetera….. so it’s not a major issue

      • Wouldn’t it stand to reason that a good defensive team that boxes guys out ties up sticks and all the rest wouldn’t be getting out shot consistently? How are teams getting all these shots when they are tied up and boxed out? lol Shot differential has meaning why do you think every team and rink counts shots and has for oh about the past 100 years? What is said about teams with good goaltending you put a guy in front of the net and shoot from everywhere…why you think that is? you think they aren’t trying to score or that every person who has ever played or coached the game is wrong? That it’s kinda stupid because shots don’t really matter, or don’t try and get a pretty goal shoot the puck etc? Because shots and shot attempts matter the more you take and the less your opponent takes the more likely you will score and win. Even you can’t be that thick come on man.

      • You are too much………we were talking about perimeter shot a good defensive team makes a one and done! Cmon man you can’t be that thick?

      • Bigbadbruins on November 11, 2016 at 4:09 pm
        Well shots for/against really don’t matter…
        How is this talking about a 1 and done perimeter shot? Good defensive teams don’t get out shot all the time you are not a good defensive team if you are consistently getting out, shot shots matter

      • Tanner keep reading the stats page geez you havevknow grasp to the actual on ice play do you?

  5. Maybe Berube is involved. I don’t like LA’s immediate future ….how is that Gaborik deal looking now ? They will be buying that out before that term is over. Pearson would be a player I would go after and one that LA probably covets but times are tough….. Berube & Ho-Sang for Pearson.

    • It looks great. LA paid Frattin, a 2nd & conditional 3rd round pick; not collected, not sure why it wasn’t no idea what the terms were but LA drafted last in the 3rd round in 2014 the conditional pick, drafting Amadio. LA went on to win the cup with Gaborik scoring 14 goals to lead the league in playoff goal scoring finishing 4th with 22 points.

      1 of the best & cheapest picks ever spent to buy a player who was instrumental in LA winning a cup. Gabroik had a great season the season following that cup win as well with 27 goals & 47 points in 69 games. Injuries have again derailed his contribution last year & this.

      Hell Benning paid a 2nd for Vey & Baertschi. If you want to discuss how does that trade look now. Ha-ha!

    • He wasn’t signed when traded for correct? So I think your saying how does that contract gaborik signed look now?

      • That would present a different argument. He signed immediately after LA won the Cup in 2014. June 26th 2014 to be precise so based on his contribution in that cup win was deserving. 7 years at 4.875 essentially extending the term to get the cap hit down.

        He had a great year in 2014-15 then injuries hit, again. Time will tell how the resigning worked, with 4 years plus this season to go. From a hockey perspective having him sit sucks. LA could use his skill set. Financially LA is collecting his insurance & due to cap vs salary issues sort of befitting as his actually salary this season is just over 6 & their currently collecting 80% of those paychecks in insurance.

        Like most contracts we can’t judge them till closer to completion but I say having helped LA secure a cup worth every penny if even if paid post. That’s kind of how the NHL works to some extent. Kids are paid for promise, veterans for what they have done.

      • If Silver was talking about the trade I agree with you… super awesome trade. If he was talking about the signing I think its no good now and when it was signed. Far to risky with MG.

  6. We both know the problem with LA trading for an NHL goalie is the cap. There are lots of options out there, but nothing LA could use to ride the storm out. Halak ? Dallas 2 goalies, Phillys 2 goalies. Cant go for a Ryan Miller due to the cap.Ramo is still out there. Is he an upgrade ?
    Say LA does pull off a miracle and get a bona fide NHL goalie, who sits when Quick returns ? No GM is going to help a team like LA. They will want a good young player which LA cannot afford to deal.
    Pavlac ? Winnipeg isnt convinced yet about Helly and Hutch. They may be able to get Greiss. He is on an expiring deal and NYL have that logjam. I know NYI would prefer to move Halak but term is an issue.
    Budaj isnt special but with the game LA plays they should be fine with him in net.

  7. Have a great day gentlemen. Heading home for the weekend & Monday, my oldest son’s 19th birthday Monday & house subjects cleared on November 1st so helping to start packing well able. Still back on the road for just over 2 weeks following the weekend then home for the move following, have to be out by Dec 7th at noon. Argh!

    1 of our other houses we are moving back to is still under major renovation & won’t be any where near fully ready for us. We had to take a quick closing date to close at the price point & subjects we choose, so going to be challenging. Wife is already a mess. Ha-ha! We’ll be living in the travel trailer & part of the house for close to 6 months. We’ll her & the boys will, I’ll be gone most of the time as usual.

    • I take offense at the gentleman part. I self-identify as a roughman and I expect all here to recognize, respect, and support that!

  8. The only player I could see NYI going after from LAK is Jeff Carter but why would LA move him? There has to be other big contracts they would try and ship off before his. If the Islanders are looking for a trade partner they should look at Arizona, another team that has hit a slow start. Maybe offer up something like Greiss, de Haan and Lee for Reider and Duclair? Duclair seems to have fallen out of favor in AZ, getting only 13 minutes per game. AZ could certainly use a boost in goal and defensively. NYI just needs to shake things up and try to add offense.

  9. The Isles can get creative by dumping Capuano. He is a terrible coach. Has been and is now. He uses minor league and college strategy on veterans. They just signed Ladd to a 7 year deal. He struggles so he is on the 4th line. Ladd on the 4th line. Alan Quine, a call-up at best forward is starting yet Anthony Beauvillier, the JR player that played so well sits the bench. If you are going to sit him you should have sent him back to JR. Now you will probably ruin his confidence and if you send him back lose 1 year off of his ELC. I think a new voice (and assistants) are what is needed and not just an interim or AHL coach. A real coach. Someone like Bob Hartley.

    Halak as mentioned isn’t going anywhere. At 4.5M and mediocre at best numbers no one is taking him. And let not forget the Isles don’t have much space either so any trade would almost need to include another player to open up enough cap space for a winger that can make a difference. So are they going to trade Halak and deHaan in a package especially when Hamonic and Pulock are out for several more weeks? Doubtful

  10. Isles can shed Halak’s cap hit and salary if they take Dustin Brown back in exchange LOL


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