Sharks Re-sign Brent Burns

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San Jose Sharks re-sign Brent Burns to an eight-year extension.

San Jose Sharks re-sign Brent Burns to an eight-year extension.

TSN’s Pierre LeBrun reports the San Jose Sharks have re-signed defenseman Brent Burns to an eight-year contract extension. It’s believed to be worth an annual average value of $8 million per season. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Burns is in the final season of a five-year, $28.8 million contract. The 31-year-old is among the league’s elite defensemen and would’ve been next summer’s top free agent had he opted to test the market.

Burns was a finalist last season for the James Norris Memorial trophy. He’s currently the league’s highest-scoring blueliner (16 points in 19 games). Last season, he finished second among defensemen with 75 points. He was also second in 2014-15 with 60 points. During the 2016 playoffs, he led all rearguards with 24 points and finished second among playoff scorers.  

Given Burns’ stature among the league’s elite players, it’s not surprising the Sharks were willing to pay market value to keep him off the free-agent market.  The term, however, is likely to raise eyebrows.

Burns will be 32 when his new contract kicks in next season, taking him up to age 40. That’s a risky move by the Sharks. While Burns is a fitness devotee, age and injury could catch up with him over the final years of that deal, leaving the Sharks with an expensive depreciating asset on their blueline. 


  1. Sometimes people ( fans & others ) are upset at the amount of money paid to hockey stars ( indeed any sports star ). Not that mistakes aren’t made, but if a team has a star that is a vital part of their system then you have to pay him at market value/going rate for that type of player.

  2. Hoooorrible contract!
    Next up:
    $7,6m for 8 yrs to Thornton and Marleu.
    Then re-up Jagr at 5 yrs at 6.

    • How can you say that’s a horrible contract? Subban makes a million more and most would take burns in a heart beat over subban? I think it’s a great contract for both team and player!

      • I can say it because I believe it 🙂
        Yes, Subbans contract is also horrible – doesn’t make this good.
        First of it’s the amount that’s in the high-mark – but the years is crazy!
        Highly unlikly he’s a 8m/year guy entering year 6 on this deal.
        And it’s these kinds of deals that forces the players to vote for the esculator that later turns in to escrow that they later whine about. It’s also the kind of contracts that will cause the next lock-out most likely. When 90% of elite talant has to be bought out of their final years.
        I’m not chocked that he got this contract – the GM’s and players shoot them self in the foot all the time. The list is long with horrible contracts. Now there is one more!

      • So you would rather lose him for nothing? Cause that the alternative

      • I know that it’s the going-rate for him. That doesn’t mean it isnt stupid or that it is a good contract.
        This is a long-term hampering deal for the Sharks – no matter how good he is now.
        I know they would lose him because another GM would be just as happy signing him to this horrible contract, sure doesn’t mean much!
        Maybe we differ on what’s a good contract in a complete picture way.
        I believe this is horrible, and it includes many more; Toews, Kane, Subban, Weber, Hossa, Kopitar…

      • Big difference is Subban won’t be even close to 40 by the time his ends guys that are 37 38 39 40 years old are not worth 8 million bucks look at Chara you think he is worth what he is getting paid now how bout the Sedins Thornton Marleau Boyle or some of the other guys who used to be very good players, think they are worth 8 mill per for the last couple years of their contracts? lol It’s way to long. Burns contract is an anchor.

      • Bbb – I get all of it. I know they want to win the cup now or it’s to late. But that makes it even worse, now you pay burns 64m for 2-3 seasons essantially(spell), then it’s rebuild with an anchor.

      • Adoe if it’s a rebuild that 8 mill isn’t gonna matter and you have a good dman to learn from for your younger guys

  3. So Burns is a good deal for both and Webers deal is awful ? Both players will be in their 40s when their contracts are up.
    Someone please explain.

    • Shticky and adoe don’t realize in the new NHL players play a lot longer and when you have a great dman you hold onto to him cause they aren’t easy to find

      • We do, but that is not the issue. Burns will not be a 8m/y guy at 39. If he is I can stand corrected but he would be one in a 1000. And that turns out to be a bad contract. And all the other reasons. Caphit should be max 4,5 or shorter at 7-8.
        It’s a bad contract or would you want:
        40 year old…
        … Weber at 7
        …. Burns at 8
        … Doughty at 8
        You think you have a solid d-group their at age 40 for 23m caphit?
        It’s just horrible…

      • what you don’t understand bbb is that contracts like this one is why there likely won’t be a season when the next CBA rolls around. It’s way to long to guarantee a guy that’s 32 is going to be just as effective at 40 for 8 million bucks, and as Adoe said on top of it you get players screaming about escalator and escrow….contracts like Brent Burns are the exact reason for that.

      • What you don’t get is teams want to win cups! So you would rather leave a gaping hole on defense than try to win? They just went to the cup final. Any team would want 2-3 yrs of not challenging for ( burns declining yrs) one cup especially a team that hasn’t won it.

      • Who wouldn’t want their young dman learning from a Weber,doughty or burns? Look at these young skilled teams they are searching for dmen and you can’t tell me that the young dmen would not learn way more from having one of these dmen to teach them. Ppl look way too much into things other than hockey name one team that has been fined for being over the cap there will always be rebuilding teams that will take bad contracts for young players,prospects or picks

      • Chara is having a pretty good season so far at his age.
        I have no problem with his current contract.
        You never know if guys will play to their contracts end or not.
        Look at Savard one major injury and that’s it.

  4. It seems to be that everyone is overlooking the fact that SJ is in the final couple years of contending and will more than likely begin to drop off. Their prospect system is bare and they will need to commit to a rebuild at some point soon

    Pavelski – 32
    Thornton – 38
    Vlasic – 29
    Marleay – 37
    Burns – 31
    Martin – 35
    Braun – 29

    Thornton and Marleau are gone next year most likely unless they get a one or two year offer.

    My point is I don’t think they Sharks will care (GM won’t maybe not their owner lol) if they’re overpaying for a declining Burns in 3 or 4 years as they’ll most likely be out of the playoffs and in full rebuild mode. They’re going for it now and without a Burns they don’t have a legit #1 or #2 to play with Vlasic, Braun and Martin are more #3 and #4 guys.

    • This doesn’t make any sense no offence, but why if and when you are rebuilding do you want an 8 million dollar player in decline that you likely won’t be able to move for any assets? It’s the same issue as the Bruins and Chara or the Canucks with the Sedins. This is short sighted.

      • No offence taken, its opinion. I look at Boston and Van and I think their fan base is not happy but those teams are in long overdue for a refresh/rebuild call it what you want. I think to have an aging over-paid defencemen would be a blessing in the race to the bottom.

        No team will ever publicly state it but it’s obvious to see those that field an AHL team in the NHL so they can grab a top 4 pick.

      • Good point Noel! Shticky your opinion doesn’t really make sense either these older dmen can help the younger players so much

  5. Sparky Anderson: “Just give me 25 guys on the last year of their contracts; I’ll win a pennant every year.”

    In other words, there is motivation … and then there is $$$ motivation.