Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – November 20, 2016

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Calgary Flames defenseman Dougie Hamilton remains a fixture in the NHL rumor mill.

Calgary Flames defenseman Dougie Hamilton remains a fixture in the NHL rumor mill.

Latest on Dougie Hamilton, Evander Kane, Matt Duchene, Anthony Duclair and more in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.

THE BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa believes the struggling Calgary Flames will be desperate to make a move after losing left wing Johnny Gaudreau to a broken finger. He considers defenseman Dougie Hamilton one of their prime trade chips, but speculates the Flames could be selling low if they move him now, noting rival GMs could try to rip them off. Shinzawa claims other teams still see potential in Hamilton, provided “he receives the proper coaching” like he had with the Boston Bruins. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson recently cited Hamilton’s inconsistent play and his $5.8 million annual salary-cap hit. If Hamilton can’t put up the 50-60 points needed to offset his lukewarm defensive play, “that’s why they’re looking at trading him.”  

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hamilton’s contract is the biggest sticking point. That’s not an easy cap hit to move at this time of year, especially with a high number of clubs carrying less than $5 million in cap space this season. I don’t doubt there are teams willing to take a chance on improving his performance, but it’ll be difficult to make the dollars fit. And at this point, the Flames need offense, so they won’t want this to be solely a salary dump. 

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports the Buffalo Sabres and Vancouver Canucks engaged in trade talks regarding Sabres winger Evander Kane, but they’ve since died down. Word is the Canucks don’t want to pay the Sabres’ high asking price.

THE BUFFALO NEWS:  Mike Harrington reports the Sabres haven’t been actively shopping Kane, who’s been the subject of frequent speculation linking him to the Canucks. However, Sabres GM Tim Murray is always listening and the two clubs have frequently talked. Harrington believes the Canucks are unlikely to part with defensemen such as Chris Tanev, Ben Hutton or Luca Sbisa.

THE PROVINCE: Jason Botchford believes the Kane trade story will be revisited. He noted Canucks GM Jim Benning acknowledged if he was to make a move, “we’d have to use some of our depth on the blueline to add a forward.” Botchford doubts Benning will part with Tanev and doesn’t expect Alex Edler to waive his no-movement clause. “That leaves a group of young players, including (Nikita) Tryamkin, (Troy)Stecher, Hutton and (Erik) Gubranson to go along with Sbisa.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: By the sound of things, talks between the two are done for the time being. Maybe they’ll revisit them at a later date, but the Canucks appear unwilling to pay too much for Kane. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL:  Matheson also reports the Dallas Stars may want to acquire Tampa Bay Lightning goalie Ben Bishop. However, he cites an NHL scout saying he doubts anyone will take expensive goalies Kari Lehtonen or Antti Niemi off their hands. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Lightning have given no indication they want to move Bishop this season. GM Steve Yzerman appears content to keep his goalie tandem of Bishop and Andrei Vasilevskiy intact, even at the risk of losing Bishop for nothing to free agency next summer. 

He also notes Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene resurfaced in the rumor mill. Noting the New York Islanders need someone to playing alongside John Tavares, he suggests they offer up defenseman Travis Hamonic and either a forward off their roster (Ryan Strome) or a prospect (Michael Dal Colle) to the Avs for Duchene. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Recent word out of New York (Newsday’s Arthur Staple) suggests a deal for Duchene by the Isles is a long shot. Islanders GM Garth Snow could be reluctant to give up Hamonic, his club’s best all-around defenseman. 

Matheson also notes the ongoing “Evander Kane to Vancouver” speculation. “But the Canucks won’t part with Chris Tanev or any of their kid D, like Troy Stecher or Olli Juolevi. What is the market for Kane now, anyway? Not that high.”

SPORTSNET: Nick Kypreos reports he’s hearing Arizona Coyotes winger Anthony Duclair could be had for the right price. However, the Coyotes would ask ” a pretty penny” for Duclair. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While Max Domi’s largely avoided the sophomore slump, Duclair’s really struggled, netting only three points in 17 games. While Coyotes GM John Chayka could listen to offers, I don’t see him keen to push Duclair out the door. He’s only 21 and it could be a big mistake to give up on him so soon. 


  1. Read on twitter yesterday, chuck gormley wondering if the lightning goalie on the bench yesterday, would be the starting for the Flyers next year.
    Makes all kind of sense for a FA signing. Both goalies contracts expiring and with other salaries coming off the books, the CAP space would work.

    • Does make sense, mason and neurvirth are pretty inconsistent and make a better back than number one

      • The flyers need a legitimate solid #1. With money they will save on their young defenders, Hexy can spend on bishop

  2. I haven’t been around here too much the past couple of weeks, but has anyone mentioned possibly the Pens dangling MAF + something for Dougie Hamilton and Elliott?

    Obviously, MAF has the NTC, but it seems like an interesting idea to me. Elliott has been terrible, but seems to do fine as a #1B goalie. Fleury’s stats this year aren’t great, but they aren’t reflective of his performance to this point, he’s actually keep a lot of games closer than they should have been.

    • I think Calgary need improvement for their team defense more than goaltending

      • Very much so. Their overall team defense has been bad for several years. Dallas as well. I know many like to blame goalies & they are a factor but hard tom stop the quality of shots Calgary & Dallas & now Philadelphia are giving up consistently.

  3. If you’re dumping Hamilton then I may consider this type of deal. Hard to give up on a young kid so early. Considering what the Flames paid for him they better get something solid back in return.the difference in age hurts this deal, but if the ? is someone younger then yes it is an interesting proposal.
    Speaking of dumping young kids whats up with the Duclair rumors ? Kid is in a slump and Kyper thinks it’s time to move him ? the Yotes are a bad team, they remind me of Edmonton, the talent is there , its just not coming together. Unless you get a Godfather offer then Duclair isn’t moving.

    • Sacrilege I know but just for fun what about the idea of say, Nylander for Hamilton? Flames get a very good cheap young scoring forward get to dump Hamiltons contract Leafs get rid of one of the big 3 but get a right handed shot to play
      with Rielly….and go.

      • I`d wanna wait a bit on trading any of the kids right now. Swapping any of them for Hamilton would mean you`re accelerating the rebuild. The kids are having fun right now and I`d like to see more of Neilson first. Same style of D, right handed and won`t cost us any of the kids. Patience

      • Absolutely Yogi and I’m sure Lou is thinking the same.

      • Agree with Yogi and Gary Mc.. Nylander is a much needed asset for the Leafs organization for many years to come. MNM trio! It’s been this long, might as well play it out. Not to forget Kadri, JVR, Rielly, Gardiner, Zaitsev, Connor Brown, Bozak, Komarov, Kapanen, Nielsen, Dermott etc…

      • If I were the Flames I’d say no unless something serious was added by the Leafs. They aren’t dumping Hamilton and Nielsen is unproven and has already had concussion problems. He’s clearly got some skill but really don’t think he’s enough for a potential top pairing d man.

      • Stxy don`t worry we`re not trading any of the kids for Hamilton. While having a mobile rightie on D would be nice, Hamilton is starting to have too many question marks about him. As far as Neilson goes, a just turned 20 yr. old whose enjoying a great year so far with the Marlies. He`s missed something like 12 games in the last 5 yrs. 8 due to a knee, so not sure where the concussion history comes from

      • Think Styx must be speaking of Nylander when he was concussed in the World juniors last year. At any rate I was just spit balling making conversation nothing really serious but I can’t see why anyone Leafs Coyotes or who ever would be adding anything too much more “serious” or throwing everything behind trying to land Hamilton, yes he still has great upside but I think at this point like a lot of young D there is risk there and with nearly 6 million dollars worth of contract moving in the deal there is more to it and in it for the Flames than just picking up a good young forward. Could Hamilton be a great top pair guy? Yep but what if he doesn’t get any or much better in his own end and just turns out to be a good offensive 2nd pair type? 6 million bucks says there is some risk there.

      • Thing is he would easily be a number 2 on the leafs and nylander doesn’t hold that much value!

  4. Pens cant afford both. Flower and hamilton caps be a wash. Elliots another 2.5m. Flames would havta eat salary or pens add in fehr and one of the younger forwards. And get the flames to add a 3rd

    • Could be MAF and Ian Cole, his cap hit is 2.2 million. They would have too many dmen at that point so they would have to send one the other way. He’s a better defensive player than Hamilton is as well. Dumoulin/ Letang, Maatta/ Hamilton, Daley/ Shultz, Pouliot.

      • Cole is not a good dman at all flames would want nothing to do with

  5. Arizona would be insane to trade Anthony Duclair. The kid just added too much muscle trying to get bigger, and lost his speed. He just needs time to adjust to the extra weight, or slim down. That’s why a lot of sophomores start to slump. They bulk up in the offseason but lose their speed with the extra weight. Duclair’s speed is what made him special. It’s all about the right balance in your body.

    They would be INSANE to trade him. He is their best forward when in good shape. A true top line winger. Very rare at 21 years old. If they do trade him though, Anaheim should trade Fowler for him.

    • I think that’s a factor potentially as well but there are numerous others as well. I huge portion is just mental. Things come fairly easy in their early/rookie year & they assume it’s going to continue to be so.

      Duclair also had an unsustainable shooting % last season. Having just turned 21 in August no concerns about Duclair long term. Arizona is dressing a ton of youth & have no C’s really to speak of. No slight to Hanzal who on a good team is a #3 or very soft #2 offensively.

      I can’t see Arizona moving Duclair. I have had the misfortune to see Arizona play 3 times live already this season & they were shockingly bad in all 3. I think Arizona maybe trying to lose with in the rules. In 1 of those games they dressed 11 players that had 2 years or less of NHL experience when the season started. 2 others Murphy & Reider are just entering year 4. That’s not a recipe for success.

      • Sportsnets comment section have more then a few suggestions of Duclair having attitude issues. FWIW but I wonder if there is any truth in these comments.

    • Very true and I remember a story about Marner and thats exactly what he said he did not want to lose his speed by putting on too much muscle.

  6. I would rather take a Duclair package then a Nylander package for a Hamilton package. By package I mean picks & prospects

    • Not getting picks and prospects on top of Nylander it’s too much contract and a gamble that Hamilton is worth it imo. Maybe with Duclair also struggling there could be some kind of package but, if the flames are looking for scoring I’m not sure Duclaire and a pick or prospect are that.

      • I don’t have any concerns about Duclair’s ability to score just when he does so consistently. Just a kid not the answer today to what ails Calgary.

        Everytime we start beating these D rumors I just take a deep breath & say here we go again as they normally amount to squat.

        Hamilton is going to be a stud Offensive Dman he almost is now. He will improve defensively just a kid himself. If he moves I don’t see it happening till post expansion.

        Not saying it can’t & won’t just my opinion. These types of trades are rare rarer still in season.

      • Can’t see the flames giving up Hamilton straight up for either nylander or duclair would have to be more, Hamilton is/gonna be a solid dman

    • Why?

      • The why was for Silverseven

  7. Duclair contract moving forward will be more affordable than a Nylander contract going forward ( in 1-2 years ) A first rounder vs a third rounder will demand more before they even start negotiations. Their stats are comparable and the players are similar. I think in with picks and prospects not on top but from each side Flames could get a little more for Hamilton. Maybe a second or a third kind of thing

    • In a straight dollar sense, you maybe right. But, if you`re trading Hamilton to improve your team and fill an immediate need, then you`re taking quantity over quality. Remember Nylander is a natural centre, not a winger.

  8. A second FOR a third kind of thing….

  9. I know they won’t make this deal but I cant help but think a Dougie Hamilton for Jordan Eberle deal would be great for both teams. The Oilers get a right shot dman and the Flames get a first line RW that they desperately need. Both have almost exact cap hits $5.8 vs $6.

  10. If I’m a GM I’d have a big red flag on Hamilton. Sure he may end up being great. After what happened in Boston and now if Calgary is thinking of moving him might be more than his play.

  11. What about flurry and a slumping matta and maybe a 3rd for Hamilton and Elliot Pitt would come out ahead in the cap and free up space for another move. Both teams benefit

    • Definitely had that thot. Of matta and fluery. Would help the pens in cap space pretty good hockey deal. They win on the goalie and we win on the d. Unless maata finds his roojie season touch again.

    • Maatta has been fine lately. He’s been their second best defensive dman and is playing pretty well with Daley after a long adjustment period. Daley is hard to play with because he pinches so much and at I’ll advised times. Once Maatta l armed Daleys tendencies he has been very effective in covering for him. Maybe at the cost of his own offense but that’s Ok.

      • Maata has really fallen off can’t see the flames giving up Hamilton for an obvious decrease in maata? As far as fleury like I said above it’s not as much the goaltending but team defense

  12. Plekanec, Beaulieu, McCarron & 1st rounder for Duclair and Goligoski.
    Yotes get a defensive 2 way center on last yr of contract, a young huge center for many yrs to come in McCarron, a young puck moving left D + 1st.
    Habs get young LW french canadian top 6 and top 4 experienced LD to play with Weber signed for 4 more yrs to decent cap hit.

  13. Jaypack, way too much! Goligoski is only 5’11” 185lbs. Too small.
    I would love Duclair and Strome, get rid of a few passengers, Patches ( who looks terrible! ) Plecky, DD and a 1st.
    We would free up cap space and pick up two future stars.
    I think Patches is sulking this season because his bromance is UFA after the season and he knows he won’t be offered another contract.

    • You’re not going to get Duclair AND Strome, the future of the Coyotes organization, for a bunch of old guys and what is looking like a later first round pick. Mike Milbury is not their GM. No one wants Plecanec or Deharnais, they both suck. You’re definitely not getting good young players for them.