Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – November 27, 2016

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Vancouver Canucks unwilling to move Chris Tanev.

Vancouver Canucks unwilling to move Chris Tanev.

Latest on the Vancouver Canucks plus an update on Ryan Spooner in your NHL rumor mill. 

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports Vancouver Canucks general manager Jim Benning hopes to re-sign center Bo Horvat to a long-term contract extension. Friedman suggests Anaheim’s Rickard Rakell ($3.85 million annual average value) and Carolina’s Victor Rask ($4 million AAV) as possible comparables, noting Horvat’s upward trend in performance. He points out Horvat is represented by Newport Agency, who could wait until season’s end to talk contract. 

Nick Kypreos reports Benning hasn’t given up on the season and is still shopping for a scoring forward. Teams are calling about Canucks defenseman Chris Tanev but are being told he’s unavailable.

VANCOUVER SUN: Among the top-10 reasons for Canucks fans to feel good about the club’s mediocre start, Jason Botchford believes the club can start their trade-deadline plans now. “The Canucks could potentially trade Burrows, Ryan Miller, and, if they ever wrap their heads around a full-tilt rebuild, Jannik Hansen, Alex Edler and, yes, the Sedin twins,” writes Botchford.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless Horvat pushes to be re-signed now, I have no doubt his agents will wait until next summer to talk contract The 21-year-old is among this season’s few bright spots for the Canucks. After netting 40 points as a sophomore in 2015-16, he’s on pace for a 55-point campaign this season. Surpassing last season’s numbers will certainly put him in range of a $4 million per season contract.

Tanev could be Benning’s best trade chip to land a scoring forward, but I’m not surprised he’s reluctant to part with the blueliner. Tanev’s under contract for three more seasons and could be vital to their rebuilding process. Unless he wants out, or the Canucks get a fantastic offer, I don’t see him on the trade block this season. 

As for the Canucks trade deadline plans, Burrows and Miller are goners, provided they’re willing to waive their no-trade clauses. As they’re UFAs next summer, I believe they will waive them if given the opportunity to go to a playoff contender. Edler and the Sedins must also agree to waive their no-traes but they have term left on their respective deals, which are also expensive. Those could prove more difficult to move at the trade deadline. 

THE BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa reports on the poor performance this season of Boston Bruins forward Ryan Spooner. After a 49-point effort last season, the 24-year-old is on pace for only 27 points this season. He began 2016-17 as a top-six forward but has now dropped to their fourth line. Shinzawa believes Spooner, now in his fifth pro season, cannot use youth or inexperience as an excuse. Spooner’s a restricted free agent in July. If he doesn’t improve soon, his poor performance could hurt his chances of getting a raise or even being re-signed by the Bruins. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Spooner’s name surfaced nearly a month ago in the trade rumor mill. If his play doesn’t improve soon, he could appear with more frequency in NHL trade chatter. 


  1. NYR4LIFE, yesterday you were asking about Puempel. Check out this article in today’s Ottawa Sun:

    Not a good idea to start mouthing off about a former coach/team when you’re barely established in the league. That won’t do him much good down the line because and certainly won’t sit well with AV.

    • “because all coaches take note of that tendency and it certainly …”

    • Ouch. He had his chances before Boucher and didnt get the job done then. Maybe you’re criticized all the time because you’re not doing your job and have been told to do so countless times. Seriously how hard is it to learn dump and chase ?

    • I did see this yesterday in the NY post. I can’t imagine this sits well with AV. Especially considering they play the Sens today. I’ll bet anything he will be gagged today, and have no desire to fan those flames. Bold words for a guy that will more than likely be waived again in the next 3-4 weeks. I think his only chance to stick in NY is if he performs well, or maybe because Lindberg has fallen into AV’s chateau bow wow. Either way he’ll be in street clothes when Buchnevich (3-4 weeks) and Zbad (6-8 weeks) both return.

      • Imo, those words should have him in street clothes in favor of Lindberg today! Ny is playing well, and getting production from everywhere. They don’t need this type of bs distraction.

      • Ya AV won’t put up with that unless peumple can play his way out of that

    • I don’t get the concern. Peumple can voice his opinion of what went wrong in Ottawa. Do coaches and other players have such thin skin that can’t take it. I do think any personal attack on the coaches shouldn’t be made and that the player can say his peice once and then leg it go. If Peumple continues to yap away about it then I see a problem

      He thoug he wasn’t getting enough ice time. He thought he constant nagging he received hinders red his game. He thought he wasn’t hearing anything new from the coach just the same old repetitive chip and chase.

      Perhaps he failed to get the message from the coach. perhaps the coach fails to deliver it. umm coaches. Yet who cares. The guy failed to succeed and said his peice. Move on.

      I do think a change in scenery may benefit him as he already seems to indicate.

      I also think it was good player management as the Sens knew he would be picked off waivers but felt moving him would be best for his career. Hopefully it works out

      • You honestly don’t think this will be a topic of conversation today for both coaches and Puempel? You think the media will just let it go?

        I don’t think players of Crosbys status should feel the sense of entitlement to say whatever is on the tip of their tongue…. Can you imagine how I feel about a 1st round draft pick from, 5 years ago with 50 games in his career running his mouth?

        I can’t say I understand how the media works in Ottawa, but if you think this will just up and disappear in NYs media you definitely don’t understand how the NY media works. At the very least, it will be brought up every time they play the Sens Well, as long as he’s around anyway.

      • Aww give it a frikken rest will ya

      • That’s directed at Jeff.

      • He made similar comments when leaving the Bimington (sp?) Sens for Kitchener a few years ago… “now I get to be on a team that wins”. Doesn’t matter, he won’t last the season. Can’t be given all the tools to succeed and then spit in the face of a team.

  2. I don’t know how anyone thinks the canucks could just trade away the Sedins. I mean who is going to take older, expensive, under performing guys like that with one more year on their deals?

    Botchford is such a hack, he just says stuff for shock value and I doubt he even watches of follows the game.

    • Can’t see them getting traded this yr unless the Canucks eat a big chunk of salary. I could see them get moved at the deadline next season however

    • I’ve only watched a few games of the Canucks but from what I saw those two are still quality players. Yes they are older so want produce like they did in their prime but they can still play and that won’t hinder their trade ability.

      • No not their play it’s the contracts and they are a packaged deal

    • I’m not sure who would take Miller, either, unless there’s an injury around the trade deadline. He’s an adequate goalie but playoff teams are usually set in goal and don’t want to disturb their existing starter/backup dynamic too much (easier to trade a solid backup than an aging starter like Miller IMO). Speaking of goalies, don’t all teams have to expose one goalie for expansion? Miller’s contract is expiring, so I think he’s not eligible – do they plan to expose Markstrom or somehow acquire a cheap goalie who is under contract?

      Burrows, Hansen and Edler are probably the best trade chips. They could be valuable depth contributors to a contender and get the Canucks prospects or picks.

      • Teams take on a back up goalie at the trade deadline all the time. Last season SJ traded for Reimer as insurance.

        Moving Miller at the trade deadline if he agree to go should be easy & the return a 2nd or 3rd & a B grade prospect. Miller has played very well this year & last. Pretty hard to post a solid SV% when your team is always trying to come from behind. Something the Canucks have done all year & your not getting any offensive support.

        The issue is does Benning have the ability to secure a decent return. He hasn’t won a single trade yet so not holding out much hope. He may give him away for a 6th thinking that’s good value & throw in a better pick. See Bonino trade, or juts pick another.

      • That’s why Canucks re-signed Richard Bachman so he can be exposed in expansion draft.

  3. Finally!! A noted hockey writer/ analyst suggesting the Canucks trade the Sedins. Nice to see somebody talking sense!

  4. Spooner, is not playing well and CJ is not coaching him well. He’s not playing center, been reduced to the fourth line and limited ice time and removed from the power play.
    Here’s my solution trade Krecji and give Spooner second line center. Call Benning because the Canucks are a playoff team and offer up Krecji and one of Liles, Mcquaid or K.Miller for Tanev and Burrows (if he waives his ntc) this makes the $$$ work. Boston get a quality dman, Burrows be a ufa at season end free up 4.5m. Vancouver will get an expensive quality 2nd line center with lots of term left.

    • Fairy tales. Van isn’t giving up Tanev with 3 more years after this season at 4.45 for Krejci with 4 more years at 7.25. Pipe dream, as in put the pipe down. Ha-ha!

      I may hate the Linden/Benning regime & the way they have squandered assets & traded poorly. It’s to early to tell about their draft history but Virtanen won’t be the player they envisioned when drafted but they are building from the net out.

      Tanev isn’t going any where for years. He’s their #2 today & a solid top 4 when the teams younger D assume larger roles Hutton, Tryamkin, Stetcher & Juolevi. He will be part of the core top 4 for several years & no reason to assume he won’t be retained when he becomes a UFA in summer of 2020. If he doesn’t look like he will resign then a trade will happen. Well maybe he gets caught up in ownership BS like Hamhuis did. & returns nothing as well.

      With Sedin, Horvat & Sutter the top 3 C positions in Vancouver are set until the Sedin’s retire following the 2019-20 season. The Sedin’s will be signed to new 2 year deals, possibly this summer or the summer before they become UFA’s. Probably under 5 mil per & start to accept 2nd & 3rd line roles retiring as life long Canucks as they should. Greatest players to every wear Canucks uniforms. Future hall of famers.

      This trade talk of moving the Sedin’s is crazy talk. They are still great players. Pretty easy to check the Canucks right now check the Sedin’s & the Canucks can’t score, well except for Horvat who centering the 3rd line gets pretty easy assignments freeing him up to score. A great young hockey player.

      Go look at the roster on Capfriendly the Canucks are carrying. They would be hard pressed to win AHL games.

      • Maybe Benning would like Rutherford to fleece him again? Like maybe he thinks goaltending is his issue. And maybe he’s looking for some veteran leadership? And we could do MAF, Kunitz, and Cole for Hansen, Tryamkin, and Miller? A guy can dream right?

      • MAF is better than Miller.
        Kunitz is better than Hansen.
        Cole is better than Tryamkin.

        Unless your dream is to save Jim Benning’s job…

      • MAF may well be better than Miller but has 2 years remaining at 5.75 & an NMC & partial NTC.

        Kunitz isn’t better than Hansen. Their not even comparable as they aren’t the same types of players other than both play in the NHL. Hansen is a solid 2 way player making 2.5 mil per & is 30 not a 1din=mensional player making 3.85 turning 90 I beleive.

        Who knows what Tryamkin is, he’s just a kid. Cole is & has been a border line NHL Dman that has carved out a role as a 6/7 guy last season in Pitts & a 5/6 guy this season. Lets see how regularly he plays once Pouliot is ready to return & starts getting up to speed. I assume Cole will surrender some starts to Pouliot.

        Meaningless regardless. This trade isn’t happening.

      • I would say Benning has won the trades for Granlund, Baertschi, Gudbranson. I like the acquisition of Sutter but clearly that was a trade that had its benefits to Pittsburg as well.

        I also think he did well with the Kesler trade especially considering Kes was demanding a trade and would waive to only one team, the Ducks.

        There has no doubt been some blunderious trades, none bigger than the Forsling trade.

  5. 3 teams of the 18 that played last night did not pick up a point. Hard to pick up ground this way.

    • It`s called parity, the NHL`s way saying that some teams are good, even tho they aren`t really. Even stranger is the fact that the Caps were 1 of those 3 teams.

      • Keeps bums in the seats for more games if you can say your team is in a playoff “race”. What would attendance be in some of these markets if they were out of it by the middle of December with 45-50 games to go?

      • Parity is alive & well & not just because of the stupid points system the NHL uses. If you were to use the IIHF system, a shared 3 point system. It’s still very tight. 3 for a regulation win 2 for an OT or SO win & 1 point to the loser or either.

        Ties are never coming back so this scoring system for standings is far more logical. It makes no sense to me that some games are worth 2 points but a ton are worth 3. It’s really quite Mickey Mouse & bush league. A joke really & makes the NHL look foolish.

        The concept of tanking games to secure the best odds in the lottery has been seriously altered. With the new weighted lottery no real benefit to being bad in hopes of just picking 1st. There is an 80% chance you won’t so unless your fully committed the the long term rebuild in which case your fans are in anyway losing isn’t an issue.

      • @Shticky You`re right about that, if we had 2 pts. for a win and 0 pts. for a loss, we wouldn`t be talking expansion. It`d be more like a 16 team league and the NHL would be begging Quebec to take a franchise.

  6. Love how just a short while ago Spooner was going to be packaged in a deal to get Fowler or Trouba. Spooner isn’t worth much at the moment.

    • He needs to be moved back to the 3rd line C role.

      Do people really think scouts & GM’s are so short sighted that the trials & tribulations of a player in such a short period of time are of significant issue in trade? Neither Hamilton or Spooner’s trade value, if they were made available in trade is impacted in the slightest buy 20 games played so far this season. When journalists, broadcasters & such make such claims, I just shake my head & ask how did these people ever become such.

      Spooner is not a LW he’s a C & Julien keeps trying to squish a square peg into a round hole. It isn’t working in fact just the opposite. The fact no 1 can score in Boston but Pastrnak is very weird. Perhaps Julien should consider putting Spooner back with Backes at C & Pastnrank at RW. That line in the brief period together to start the season was on fire. Or perhaps Krejci moves to LF so Spooner can play as the #2 C.

      • Both guys Striker have been noted in the media that is has been more then this year for them to prove themselves. Esp Spooner.
        Maybe Spooner should go back to C. Some players fail at changing positions , while others thrive.
        Maybe he needs a fresh start.Maybe a trade helps but maybe not. Right now I see him as kind of a Sam Gagner type guy. Is Spooner destined to bounce around like Sam until he finds a good fit ?
        Either way I think his time is nearing an end.

      • Both Spooner & Hamilton had good seasons last year so what year are you talking about? This season just started on October 12th 2 & a 1/2 months ago essentially.

        Just because players names get bandied about in the press means nothing. Player trades are discussed everyday about tons of players between dozens of teams. Any GM would be remiss not to take calls & at least listen. Many of these leak out but have almost no chance of every happening. If every rumor we hear & discuss happened we would have trades every day of superstars even.

        I don’t see Hamilton being moved. He is young & will be fine. Giordano, Brodie & hamilton are Calgary’s D core coming out of expansion. Moving Spooner makes sense but his value is limited to what he is, a young 3rd line, 1 dimensional C; not sure you could garner much more than a 2nd & B grade prospect. He wasn’t returning a Fowler or Trouba with out significant additional compensation. At least a 1st & another solid asset but even then neither of those deals were ever happening.

        Nor do I see him being the cornerstone of a trade for Shattenkirk which is rumored to be close, close meaning between now & the trade deadline. He could be part of that deal but the other assets potentially moved will have greater value than Spooner even though Shattenkirk is a UFA July 1st.

        Expansion complicates such deals as does StL’s cup aspirations. A hard choice will have to be made by StL. It’s obvious he has no intentions of resigning in StL or would have done so by now.

      • Striker I usually can find and post my references but this one escapes me. It basically said Spooners time is now. I like the idea of moving Krejic and pitting Spooner back at C.
        Krejic can land you a damn fine d man.

      • Not with krejci big cap hit and injury history he can’t

  7. Edler is a band aid- as in always injured

    • 115 man games lost in 9 full seasons. Well 8 & the lock out season. Not quite a band-aid always injured player but injures are mounting. Lost 30 last season, 6 the year before, 19 the year before that, 3 in the lock out season, played all 82 the year before that. Not certain that qualifies depending upon your criteria.

      Not certain Edler would have missed as many games last season like several other players who’s teams were out of the playoff race. No rush to bring them back or have them play through them.

  8. What are the expectations for Troy Stecher?

    I’d never heard of him and, all of a sudden, he’s playing on the Canuck’s top pair and top PP.

    • Maybe a bit of a stretch to be a top guy but he seems to be doing okay. Love how the Canuck players are standing up for him when he gets into trouble.

    • He was 1 of Bob Mackenzie’s best bets coming out of College as a UFA. A solid young Dman part of the new breed of 2 way transitional Dman finding roles in the NHL. Great skater, puck mover with high IQ & offensive abilities.

  9. Off topic but is there any way we could start a rumour that Capuano and Snow are both about to be fired? Isles are pretty much last in the league and looking terrible. Better lately but still struggling to score. Really don’t want Snow in charge of the next phase here. Isles have some talent but haven’t developed them well.

  10. Fairly sure the Canucks don’t move the Sedins. They may convince Erickson to waive and be able to move him but other than him and Sutter they don’t have much of value to deal. Moving Miller, Hansen, Burrows et all may yield some mid round draft picks and clear some cap but they aren’t going to get much in FA to help them soon.

  11. Gallant is history, replaced by the GM Rowe. What a mess Florida is becoming. Wonder what Tallon did that Florida is trying so hard to remove all traces of his work.

    • They’re the Canucks of the east! Forst they boot Tallon upstairs – all he did was build a solid franchise – then they fire the coach because, ostensibly, he doesn’t live up to their “analytics” goals. What a load of horse-s”*t. The figure-filberts and number-crunchers are taking over and turning the NHL into a “pristine” sport – like the NFL – where everything is calculated in advance to a “T.” Shove that where proctologists do most of their work.

      • I agree George. this had nothing to do with gallant, hurberdeau, bjugstad and all the new defense man coming in doesn’t help. Gallant was the fall guy injuries and the management

      • I’m a big believer in analytics and sabremetrics…in BASEBALL. A game with stop and start action and limited variables.

        In hockey? No, they are better than a rain dance, but not by much.

        So, the guy who gave James Reimer almost $20 million over half a decade to be the backup is going to coach now?

        Good luck with all of that.

    • Not sure the canucks ever had as much talent as Florida has right now. Rowe`s already stripped the defence of it`s depth. Maybe he`ll do a Milbury and trade off the forwards. And before anyone can say no way, look at what he`s done in a year

      • Oh, for sure. My comparison with the Canucks is only from the perspective of both being dysfunctional at the management/ownership level. If they’re not careful they’ll soon be back to “crowds” of 7,000-8,000.

  12. Tanev Untouchable? Team Unbearable?
    Tanev could yield one or two young forwards – one at elite or almost level, and one at B/B+ level. This team is horrid and borderline unwatchable now. It needs rebuilding, and you don’t build around a good shutdown D with negligible offensive skills. He isn’t big, dominant or a game changer. He is 10 times more valuable to teams that can win now than he is to Vancouver. You make the guy sit around for three more awful years as you do dicky little trades around a rotten core, and he will be outta here in a flash, How much is he hating that extension right now?