Updates on the Canucks, Canadiens & Kings – November 3, 2016

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Don't expect the Vancouver Canucks to dangle Jannik Hansen as trade bait for a scoring winger.

Don’t expect the Vancouver Canucks to dangle Jannik Hansen as trade bait for a scoring winger.

Latest on the Vancouver Canucks search for a score and the Montreal Canadiens need for another defenseman, plus an update on the Los Angeles Kings’ goalie situation.

THE PROVINCE: Jason Botchford weighs in on a recent report claiming the Vancouver Canucks are in the market for a goal scorer, noting that’s been tops on GM Jim Benning’s to-do list for some time. He said they want a young, strong 20-goal scorer, but finding one isn’t easy.

Botchford claims the Canucks’ most asked-for players were Chris Tanev and Jannik Hansen, but he doesn’t see Benning moving either guy. The Canucks lack of depth at center means Bo Horvat’s not going anywhere. Defenseman Alex Edler won’t waive his no-trade clause, the Canucks can’t move any of their high-end prospects and they can’t afford to take on a bad contract.

Botchford notes they could have an extra second-round pick in 2017 (Columbus’) to use as a trade chip. He doubts that pick, plus a couple of prospects, will pry Evander Kane away from the Buffalo Sabres. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I wouldn’t be so sure regarding Kane. The Sabres were reportedly keen to move him this summer. He’s currently sidelined for weeks with fractured ribs so he’s not an option for the Canucks right now. Given Kane’s baggage and $5.25 million cap hit, however, he’s not a good fit for them. 

The Canucks’ problem is it’s too early in the season to find the type of scorer they need. Not saying it can’t happen, but such moves as this point in an NHL season are rare in the salary-cap era. To get what they need means parting with a quality asset, and they don’t have that much to offer up right now. 

TODAY’S SLAPSHOT:  Elliotte Friedman appeared on the NHL Network Monday to discuss the Montreal Canadiens options for landing a top-four defenseman. He believes there’s blueliners available right now, but none that are top-four caliber other than Jacob Trouba of the Winnipeg Jets. Nobody’s sure if the Jets want to deal Trouba unless they get a king’s ransom in return. Friedman notes Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin has dealt for a defenseman in November, acquiring Sergei Gonchar two years ago from the Dallas Stars.

Bob McKenzie, appearing on TSN 690, said the word is Bergevin wants to acquire a defenseman but he’s not really prepared to give anything up. McKenzie notes NHL trade talks in general could pick up at the meeting of general managers in Toronto on Nov. 15. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bergevin is among the most active GMs in the trade market. However, to find what he seeks could mean waiting until the March 1 trade deadline approaches. That’s when non-playoff clubs start ditching pending free agents they can’t or won’t re-sign. I doubt he’ll be able to pry Trouba away from the Jets. 

NBC SPORTS: Jason Brough reports Los Angeles Kings head coach Darryl Sutter pour cold water on expectations his club will bolster its goaltending via trade. “There’s nobody coming in on a white horse to play goal for us or score goals or to come up from [the AHL],” said Sutter. This is our team. I’ve said it early, meaning two or three games ago, and I’ll say it again. Our responsibility is not to use the injuries as an excuse. The responsibility is to try and stay in the race.” The Kings are trying to make due with starter Jonathan Quick sidelined up to three months with a groin injury. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In other words, don’t expect to see Jaroslav Halak or Ondrej Pavelec donning a Kings jersey anytime soon. 


  1. Looking at some other things (most notably ofense) not sure even with Quick the Kings are as strong as recent years, but they are notoriously slow starters generally anyway could be it’s the same case this year. I don’t see them hitting the panic button just yet, unless it was an ultra affordable price.

    • In hindsight they’re like the opposite of Montreal who will inevitably suck it up at some point this year and fall out of the playoff race. All it takes is Price to miss a quarter of their games and the team is in shambles.

      • Don’t assume that’ll happen again, Noel.

      • Noel maybe go back and check out the injuries other than price last yr that team had no chance they were the youngest team in the league for a good chunk

      • Everyone forgets that Tom Gilbert missed half the year so did Petry , Subban missed last dozen games , Gallagher missed half the season with two different injuries Desharnais missed 30 games and the biggie Price missed 60 games no team missing half there starting defence plus the best goalie in the league would make the playoffs notice i am not even mentioning missing two top six forwards

      • Exactly George but guys like shticky and striker think injuries are just an excuse! Lmao

      • I just want to toss out that Noel isn’t me. Haha

    • I agree Schticky, the Kings have holes riddled throughout the line-up.

      Yes the loss of Quick hurts, and after watching years of solid goalies in the system turn to nothing is disheartening. But this is what logical Kings fans were expecting. You can’t continually trade top picks and prospects and expect to remain the best.

      Good news is they still have a great core, just need to surround it again through the draft and smart trades

      • I had LA as a bubble team this season with Quick. With out him stick a fork in them. Not making the playoffs as constructed currently. Lindberg isn’t the answer when finally fit to play.

        LA wants to play neandrathal hockey. That game is fading into the sunset. They are kind of stuck between to different worlds currently. Not sure what kind of team they are. Beating teams up is a thing of the past.

      • Although the blow out in the 3rd period against Anaheim the other night was amusing. Gilbert’s hit on Ritchie in the 2nd wasn’t exactly clean. All depends on which angle you see it. Still can’t believe de Haan didn’t get 2 games as well. He was playing the puck but then lead with a raised forearm right to the head of Drouin. I get he was committed to contact but he looked to deliberately raise his arm & target the head. It wasn’t punished nor did the NHL feel it should be but I didn’t like it.

      • Come on striker, you know its a copy cat league, right now skill is taking over and bigger teams seam to at a disadvantage. That will eventually change and there will be a team that is bigger and dominates and teams will copy that them.

        To say LA is Neanderthals is too black and white and just plain wrong. Doughty Kopitar Muzzin Carter Toffoli and Quick are pure skill, farthest things from Neanderthals.

        They are a defensive team that needs to re-establish their d core, and need to completely overhaul their bottom 6 forwards.

  2. Montreal is 9-0-1. Another defenceman? Why? Maybe they should look around for players if things start to fall apart like last year. Why mess with a seemingly confident group? This from a Leafs fan!

    • Two reasons, Steven. One, to ensure Weber and an aging Markov aren’t overworked. Second, they’ve given up the fifth-most shots-against per game so far this season.

      • I agree Lyle, and to add to that, Bergevin has to try and be as good as possible while Price is the best in the world at only $6 mill per. Adding another d man only helps.

        Hans gotta go for it now, and their d isn’t quite good enough.

      • Call the Flyers, they have an abundance of defensemen that I am sure could be had for very little and they have a history of dealing together.

      • I don’t think they need a top 4 defensemen at this point.
        Weber, Petry, Beaulieu and Markov and Emelin are ok. Pateryn is very solid and could play more minutes, and Barberio is ready to step up if they have a need. I think they need a centerman a lot more than a top four dman. Plekanec and Desharnais are aging fast.

      • I agree with Dr Pepper. After MDZ returns-Nick Shultz or Streit (Flyers hold back some CAP hit) should be available.

      • “Bob McKenzie, appearing on TSN 690, said the word is Bergevin wants to acquire a defenseman but he’s not really prepared to give anything up.”

        Did he really say that? Great way to elicit interest, if so.

      • Shots against is almost a meaningless stat as it doesn’t address the quality of the shots. NYR for years gave up tons of shots. They forced the play to the outside allowing teams to fire away at will from out there. Torts loves that system & scoring in today’s NHL from that far away is almost non existent.

        The opposite also holds true. Calgary is great at suppressing shots. Calgary only allowed 29 shots against per game last season good for 11th yet Calgary gave up the most goals against by a significant margin, 257 the next closest Columbus at 248. Everyone wants to blame the goalies. It’s a quality of shots faced that’s an issue & the 2nd coming of Sawchuk isn’t solving that problem, same in Dallas they were 10th best at suppressing shots last season yet finished 12th for goals against.

      • If Anaheim and Montreal were not up against the cap, or over it in Anaheims case, they would make good trading partners.

      • I’m inclined to agree with Dr. Pepper and scott here. The Flyers just had Raffl return and with MDZ and Laughton being almost ready to go they are going to need to clear some cap space. I’m sure MacDonald, Streit, or Shultz could be had fairly easily.

        Also just spit balling on this one but with Vancouver looking for a 20 goal scorer I wonder if there could be any interest in teo time 20 goal scorer Matt Read who is already at 5 goals but can’t seem to keep a top 6 role on the team…

  3. Come on now Steven it’s 10 games in let’s let’s pump the brakes a bit on how great defensively the Habs have been. A lot of this streak and start is Carey Price, yes in an offensive role Weber has been great particularly on the PP (same as he did last year before slowing down considerably at the end of the year same as the previous) but every team in the league if they could at a reasonable cost would upgrade or bring in depth at D.

    • That’s not true. By quarter last season Weber was. .50, .76, .53 & .83. You are correct about his 4th quarter production in 2014-15. .60, .81, .62 & .16 but he was injured, tried to play through it & eventual got shut down in the playoffs only managing 2 games.

      Stats provided by McKeen’s. 1 of the best hockey pool draft magazines available. Unfortunately only online now & still not fabulous but the best of a bad lot.

      • Habs are top 5 in goals per game even without the great goaltending they still have a bunch of wins

      • I really struggled with ranking Montreal in standings placement this summer & leading up to training camp. I debated it with numerous bloggers, Dobber, Laidlaw, etc. I had them as a bubble team leading up to camp & had serious concerns about Radulov’s integration into this team.

        Lehkonen came out of no where to help solidify the top 9 & has been a solid find & is a good hockey player, I wish he got PP time over Shaw. Radulov had played OK & is getting better. 3 points came in 1 game around the 5 game mark & his points weren’t coming. Nor do I like the line combinations but it’s working & he’s really showing his dynamic offensive abilities now.

        Before the season started I had Montreal to just miss the playoffs on a tie breaker. As we approach me 1st snap shot the last team playing it’s 10th game I can’t see them not making it unless Price goes down long term.

        I try not to let my heart over rule my head but being a Bruins fan it always does as it relates to Montreal. Been on the losing end of far to many heart breakers.

    • Shticky Weber last year got better offensively as the yr went on? And to say he has been more offensive on the pp doesn’t really make sense? I know you don’t like using plus minus ( unless it benefits you) but he is plus 14 so he must be doing something right offensively 5 on 5

    • Playoffs last year he was around .5 striker and over the past few seasons in Nashville towards the end of the season you will notice that the ratio that Preds were allowing more goals against when Weber was on the ice compared to when he was off it grew. Believe it or not Weber is human can’t leap buildings in a single bound and is susceptible to fatigue lol.

      • Ha-ha! Jesus you burst my bubble. I though he was Clark Kent.

      • I think those drop offs from Weber are more to do with rinne getting tired than Weber, rinnes number drop off drastically

  4. VCR is hooped. The twins are not quite as dynamic and will only decline. They could try and get the problem child E.Kane who will get 20 goals but for what ?` Maybe a first in 2017 + Hansen + a D prospect

    • I sure wouldn’t give that up for Kane. The cap hit is excessive for a guy who has so far been injury prone and has “baggage”. For me the most telling issue with Kane is how the rest of his team treated him in WPG when his act started to wear thin, and how he then reacted to it.
      Blamed everybody else and pouted instead of looking in the mirror and trying to change.
      Not a guy I waste $5.25 on let alone give up quality assets for. I am all for second chances, but at a low price that reflects the risk.

      • Agreed. As stated above Buffalo has no other option really at LW as well. They are kind of handcuffed to the bed they made for themselves.

      • Actually below. Ha-ha!

    • Van is bad. We just have to accept it. Vcr isn’t paying that much for Kane. Nor do I think Kane was available. That was all media driven due to personal issues. I don’t doubth teams inquired & low balled Murray but Kane is Buffalo’s #1 LW & they have no 1 to replace him.

      Vcr can’t move forward until the whole management organization is replaced. Linden, Benning & a meddling owner in Aqualini have doomed this organization for at least the next 5 years. Longer if they don’t get these idiots replaced & Aqualini stops dictating coaching hirings & trade compensation.

      I can’t believe I have to call Linden an idiot. I player I admired but as a hockey operations person he is starting to make Kevin Lowe look smart. I didn’t even think that was possible. Just goes to show you anything is possible. Ha-ha!

    • It’s hard for a franchise that depends on gate receipts so heavily, especially in a market of notoriously fickle fans, but the Canucks need to commit to a proper re-build, that is, start trading veterans for picks and prospects, draft high and put a group together that will be competitive for years. Don’t see it happening with the current ownership.

      • That is exactly the issue BCLeafFan. Ownership wants the gate, including playoffs and if management can’t do it, get different management. They refuse to accept the cycle.
        To me it is obvious (to me anyway) in a cap world that success will cost you money as your best players will get paid by you or somebody else.
        If you really want to go for it in your window of opportunity for your core, you need to give up some of your future to get the pieces you need for a few years while you chase the cup.
        The window closes, you start over and move the older assets a rebuild the core.
        I guess some fan bases and owners disagree with me, but there seems to be plenty of evidence right in front of us that this is the case.

      • Actually you can support various types of rebuilds as successful. There is evidence numerous formulas can succeed or not. Edm did a total strip down & it didn’t work. It’s been a decade of futility & it took a solid GM to come in & pay the price to right the ship. Well that & some fortuitous luck, McDavid. Even Pittsburgh got lucky winning the right to draft Crosby.

        How many of these teams that have undertaken total tear downs have won the cup?

      • I would argue non to date. Now if you want to grade success on being better well some but no more than any others.

      • Not sure they went into intentional tear downs, as I don’t know, but they sucked enough to get high picks. Their are exceptions, but the majority of the time to be a cup contender you need elite talent. There are some finds later in the draft, but the majority of the time they are found at or near the top of the draft.
        There have been 4 teams to win the cup over the last 8 years Chicago, LA, Pit & BOS. Some of there best players off the top of my head:
        Chicago – Toews 3rd overall, Kane 1st.
        LA – Doughty – 2nd overall, Kopitar, 11th, Carter 11th.
        Pit – Crosby – 1st overall, Malkin 2nd overall
        Boston – kind of the exception but had Seguin 2nd overall and the best UFA signing ever in Chara. Bergeron and Krecji were great finds in RD 2.

  5. This Kings roster is a dumpster fire and injuries have nothing to do with it. Theres no one coming up from the AHL, because Lombardi has blown it with his last couple trades. He’s depleted the system. Only the Kings thought Lucic would stay and sign for less. A first round pick and a former 2nd round pick for Sekera, who promptly got injured and left. This team is tied to Brown and Gaborik, for better or worse. They’re gonna waste a couple years of Kopitar and Doughty. What a shame. Tell you what NY. We’ll take Halak if you take Brown. Hey a guy can dream can’t he?

    • Not a complete waste, they did win 2 cups in 3 years with Kopitar and Doughty, they are the first team in the cap era to do so, that’s right before the Mighty Blackhawks even.

  6. Botchford’s comments on the Canucks status and desire to add a young, strong, 20 goal scorer is garbage.

    First of all, every team in the league would desire a young, strong, 20 goal scorer to add to their team while not having to move out any high end prospects, Tanev, Hansen, Horvat and not taking on a bad contract. I’m sure teams will be lining up to trade with Benning.

    Teams that have young, strong, 20 goal scorers won’t be looking to trade for picks unless it’s a gross overpayment. They’ll want a blue chip prospect or to dump a bad contract. I realize that Benning isn’t saying this but some reporters make me laugh.

    If teams could get what they want without having to give up anything substantial and not take on bad contracts… what a league that would be!

  7. If the Kings were looking to add a goalie while Quick is out… they missed their opportunity yesterday. Condon for a 5th was robbery. His cap hit is minimal. The type of move the Kings should’ve made but Ottawa beat them to it.

    • I think there are potential better options should they choose to pursue them. Campbell may get a chance, Lindback is going to get a shot, Budaj has been hot & cold but we have NHL starters like that, see Gibson although he plays behind a far better team with the best D in the NHL. If that doesn’t work then I assume they will make bid for goalie like Berra or look to buy a back up goalie from a team who has an AHL goalie ready for advancement to a back up role.

      I do agree with you that for a 5th, LA should have tried to outbid Ottawa but lets see how Condon fairs in Ottawa. He hasn’t posted very good #’s, granted behind a very depleted Montreal team last season but not certain he is the solution to anyone’s problems but at a 5th it cost nothing. The chances of a 5th round pick ever even getting a cup of coffee in the NHL are slim to non existent.

  8. It’s always amusing to see Evander Kane’s name pop up in the rumor mill. It’s only his 2nd season in Buffalo… all that talent but just can’t seem to put it together and stay in the good graces of management.

    For speculation sake… what does everyone think it will take to swing a trade for E. Kane? 1st round pick maybe… he does carry that contract, which is a sticking point.

    Bruins trade Jimmy Hayes, and a 1st round pick in 2017 for Evander Kane… (I threw Jimmy Hayes in there to balance out some of the salary the Bruins would take on). Also, Jimmy Hayes is just not doing it in Boston. Not sure what’s wrong with him but he needs out… quickly!

    • Nice segue to the Bruins Chad!
      I gave my thoughts on Kane above. Bad cap hit, bad injury history, bad attitude (so far any way).
      I would swap Hayes I suppose but don’t throw in a first.
      Frankly, I would just avoid him period.

      • Ray Bark,

        I do agree with you, bad attitude, injury history. The 1st might be a bit much… say a 2nd instead. I wanted to tie in the Bruins and Jimmy Hayes.

        Absolutely over the whole Jimmy Hayes saga. Not sure if it’s because of playing in Boston and pressure but he needs to go to another team. He played well in Florida… maybe because it was a dim spotlight and not a lot of pressure, who knows!

      • True that Chad.
        The Hayes trade was not one of Sweeney’s better moves, but they all swing and miss sometimes.
        Doesn’t seem to drive the play much, isn’t physical for a big guy, doesn’t accomplish much at all really.
        His brother got in shape and has been great so far this year, so maybe he can find his game too. I think this is the final year of his contract, so you would think he would motivated.

      • Looks like he’s under contract for another year 2017-2018.

        He got punished in a fight the other night. Did not look hungry enough for a guy with his size. He should be more like Backes… in front of the net and being a pest for other dman

      • It was the cost to dump Savard’s cap hit. R. Smith & Savard for Hayes. Saved Boston a little over a mil swapping smith for Hayes & eliminated the Savard dynamic from the equation. Florida since paid NJ a 2nd to take Savard.

      • Oh yeah, forgot about the Savard part. Kind of makes sense now, but sure miss Smith.

      • Yeah the Savard part was key in that trade, however, they didn’t have to sign Hayes to a multi-year deal a week after acquiring him. Also, if Florida was able to unload the Savard contract for a 2nd round pick… couldn’t the Bruins have done that instead and kept Smith?

      • I think at the time Chad they didn’t even have room to take the additional mil & change Smith was going to be owed.

      • Oh you might be right. That was right around the time they cap strapped and didn’t have much wiggle room

    • Zero opportunity for Hayes from Julien is certainly part of the issue. Barely playing seeing no power play time until last game. Shockingly he’s not getting many scoring chances playing with Nash!

      I don’t see Buffalo moving Kane any time soon. Perhaps next season as he they approach the trade deadline & he has little monies remaining or term. Buffalo has no replacement for Kane & they paid a significant price to acquire him. I like Kane just not his life style choices. Can play on my team anytime as long as the cost is nominal, the reason he’s not moving.

      Addition by subtraction doesn’t work for me in this scenario in Buffalo. It would if they had some form of replacement for him but they don’t.

      • Strongly disagree on Hayes.
        He can’t produce no matter where you put him.
        Not Claudes fault at all.
        He played top six last year and stunk even on a line with Bergeron and Marchand. He also got too much powerplay time last year and didn’t do much.
        Would rather see Accari or Moore on PP.

      • I don’t know what games you were watching Dave. Hayes was deployed almost exclusively as the 3rd line RW with Spooner a pairing I would like to see tried again & barely got 2nd line PP time.

        The #’s support it as well if you wish to go look.

        Julien has been giving everyone a shot in the top 6 but Hayes so far. Surely it’s worth at least trying & I don’t just mean for 1 game. Give it at least 5, ideally 10 for him to try & develop some chemistry.

        Boston has yet to ice a fully healthy roster except at forward for 1 game briefly when Bergeron returned & will when Backes returns.

        Curious to see what happens to the top 3 lines then. I’m not prepared to write Hayes off yet. I would like to see him get a decent shot with anyone who has a pulse offensively.

      • Striker,

        Not sure I fully agree/disagree with you or Dave. I do think Hayes isn’t getting a good opportunity playing alongside Nash. That’s not going to spark his game, however, I’m sure Julien would give him more opportunity if he showed something… anything for that matter. I just don’t think they’ve seen anything with the time they have given him and they don’t want to put him up in the top 6.

        Also, Hayes did get quite a bit of time on the PP last season for a player who didn’t perform well and put up many points last season… Julien stuck with him for quite a while. According to last years numbers he received 1:18 per game on the PP. Compared that to Bergeron who had 3:00 per game. I’d say 1:18 is significant given Bergeron is out there all the time and averaged 3:00.

      • After Boston’s 1st unit little talent left last season to ice a 2nd unit. Bergeron, Krejci, Spooner, Krug & Eriksson #1. Bergeron, Chara, Hayes, Belesky & a revolving door.

        Heinen, Spooner & Belesky have all had significant chances to play top 6 this season & failed repeatedly. Hayes has had zero opportunity & with Pastrnak back from suspension & Backes back soon it’s not happening now.

        Currently Hayes sits 14th in PP TOI/GP for all players in Boston with :34 & for forwards in TOI/GP Hayes sits 13th? That’s pretty telling on Julien’s deployment. Although numerous players have sat, Belesky tonight & Hayes has stayed in the line up.

        I don’t like Nash, didn’t like that signing still don’t. They only thing he brings to the ice is OK faceoff skills & the ability to kill penalties, which I guess is something. He doesn’t hit, doesn’t block shots, can’t score, can’t set up goals. I would prefer to see Spooner returned to the 3rd line C position & Nash moved to the 4th line or play Czarnik as the #3 C. At least he has some offensive abilities. Hayes isn’t really a checker so kind of a player with out a roll.

        I assume this will happen; Spooner moving back to #3 C as this experiment on LW isn’t going well at least not yet, when everyone is finally healthy & playing but expecting Hayes to produce not getting even top 12 TOI playing with Nash isn’t happening

      • Sorry brain block. Should read Marchand not Bergeron on 2nd unit.

      • Also not meaning to be defend Hayes. I hated that trade. I’m a big R. Smith fan a great honest 2 way hockey player. It does take these monster players far longer to become NHL players. Significantly longer about the same amount of time it takes Dman essentially, twice as long as normal sized human forwards. Ha_ha!

        Just saying he hasn’t really been given an opportunity this season & everyone else has. I’m a firm believer in at least trying something else when nothing else appears to be working.

      • Striker,

        I do agree with most of what you said. Players have sat, Beleskey is sitting tonight and I’m sure Hayes day is around the corner. I also didn’t like the Nash signing. We had plenty of guys in the pipeline that I would’ve given a chance over signing him.

        I also didn’t like the Smith trade but also not 100% against it. Smith was not playing to the standard he has in Florida while he was in Boston but that could be due to Julien and how Smith was used. A lot of people were frustrated with his play while he was here, I’m one of them. I did though have much higher hopes/expectations for Hayes than what we’ve seen. I also think there could have been another way to unload the Savard contract without giving up Smith.

      • I agree Chad. I think part of the Smith regression in year 2 was just a bit of sophomore slump some players experience. Not sure why that happens to some. I think it may partly be due to it coming fairly easy & then they just don’t possibly work as hard or perhaps it’s just a mental thing.

        Technical it was Smith’s 3rd season but his rookie season was the lock out shortened season & that screwed up a ton of young players development & progression short term.

      • Striker
        I’ve watched every Bruins game for at least the last 10 years and been watching since the late 70’s.
        Hayes got every opportunity last season and I’m glad he has been getting less powerplay and top 6 minutes.
        Also glad to see Chara off the PP helps lower his minutes. He has been good so far this season.

  9. I can understand Montreal potentially wanting a Dman but why a top 4 1. Sure Markov is getting old & is a UFA at seasons end but with expansion looming adding a protector now makes no sense.

    Weber, Markov, Petry, Emelin & Beaulieu is a solid top 5, essentially as good as almost any D in the NHL. Are 4 of these Dman not keepers come expansion now? all but Markov. You could make a case for exposing Emelin but he’s the physical, gritty Dman of the group, the sandpaper, a solid defensive Dman who plays difficult minutes & logs 1st unit PK time.

    What am I missing? Beaulieu needs more icetime to advance & continue developing, adding another top 4 Dman takes away that opportunity & pushes almost everyone else down but Weber & Petry. I could see Montreal adding a solid #5/6 guy.

  10. Only the disaster that is the Canucks would go for a disaster of a player like Kane.

    • Sums it up nicely. Their hope for the future is to pull an Edmonton for the next 2/3 years – and draft wisely.

      • We don’t want any more teams pulling an Edm & conducting a 10 year rebuild.

      • I said for the next 2/3 years. They should be able to do that without even trying.

      • To Striker’s comment, Edmonton did not draft well with the first overall and they tried to play kids that weren’t ready without veteran support. I’d say their rebuild is back on track with Peter Chiarelli and some kid named Connor.

      • I got that George, wasn’t directed at you specifically just commenting to the thread. Vancouver hasn’t even stared the tear own yet. So way more than 2/3 years out.

        This organizations depth is a mess, little to no prospects coming. Thank God a player like Stecher wanted to come home to play at least he with Juolevi, Boeser & Demko provide some hope but these players are years away from making any form of contribution with the exception of Stecher who looks NHL ready now.

      • George O.

        I tend to agree here with Striker. The tear down hasn’t fully begun yet in Vancouver and it’d likely take more than 2-3 years to rebuild that team. I feel 2-3 great drafts would help them but I don’t see them hitting 2-3 great drafts in a row.

        Edmonton missed on a number of drafts. High draft position helps but isn’t always a guarantee.

      • High draft position does help, but also some luck involved regarding the strength of the draft. Even though 9 of 10 Oiler scouts wanted Murray, Yak was the top ranked player. Compare that draft with McDavid and Eichel at the top of it.
        Or Toews being available at 3, or Malkin at 2.

      • That’s why I added “and draft well” Chad. Edmonton did NOT draft well and that’s fatal for any team that finds itself constantly being a bottom-feeder. You’re down there – make damned sure your scouts and GM know what they’re doing in terms of roster needs. Few will step in and make a difference right away, so be prepared for the proper development (read AHL) for whatever picks you get by finishing at or near the bottom or other high picks through trades. Rushing them solves nothing. If Vancouver ownership can’t accept that, then God help them.

  11. The Habs need top 6 help, a true second line center, not a smurf who can’t stay on his feet or win any one on one battles. They also need a top 6 winger with some size.
    IMO the defence is fine, when Redmond is healthy we have some depth.
    I am a huge Habs fan, and while it is great to see them winning, they will not get deep into the playoffs with what they have down the middle.

    • Montreal is balancing out their lines. Desharnais isn’t the #2 C. Galchenyuk & Plekanec are #1 & 2 or 2 & 1 depending upon how you want to look at it. No C plays more than Plekanec. He does all the heavy lifting with Mitchell. All are essentially 6 feet & over 200 lbs except for the smurf.

      Plekanec is 1 of the best 2 way centers in the NHL. He goes up against every teams best players every game at even strength. Hard to score tons when assuming that responsibility. We can slag the Plekanec’s & Kesler’s of the world & argue what they are but few can do what they do as well & then contribute offensively in anyway.

      If Galchenyuk could win faceoffs he would see more minutes but he’s brutal in the dot. Desharnais barely logs more ice time than Mitchell the #4 C & barely makes the top 10 in PP TOI/GP.

      Montreal will go as far as Weber & Price can carry them.

      • Striker, they had smurf listed as the #1 center last night before the game.
        I have no problem with Mitchell, and I even agree with you on Plecky, but they can’t roll out Plecky and Desharnais, one of the two has to go and we really need a true #2.

  12. The who Habs need jam convi needs to stop. Habs need a coach who’ll allow the players he has play to their abilities.
    Therrien has had a fast skilled team since he has been in MTL…look at lockout season, the season after…then the next 3…start off great. Therrien messes around with the chemistry because Desharnais isn’t producing..who cares? He’s an average 3c.If Patches or Rad or Galchenyuk slow down sure mess the lines a little..but this whole notion of anyone can play with anyone madness is foolhardy.
    Experiment in practice if ya want but not during games. It messes up the chemistry.
    Back to the jam..MB lives jam…Prust..Kassian…Shaw..but they can’t keep up with the pace of their linemates…wasted gets…Carr was more effective than Shaw before being sent down..

    • Smurfposse, I agree 100% with what you said except one thing, Carr should replace Flynn, and put Shaw on the 4th line, in Flynn’s spot.

  13. So much of what makes valuable players are the intangibles-proof of that once more lies in both Kane and Hayes..neither of them should be attractive to any team wanting to upgrade. Kane is a distraction to any team, Hayes needs a heart transplant. As for the Habs: great start which, like last year, hides weaknesses. Price makes up for most of them but he will be out of the lineup by end of November, he plays the way he plays and that invites injury….and his defence does not protect him enough…..up front, the Habs have little real grit: Gallagher is overrated, so is Galyenchuk..Shaw is useful pest but that is it, no offensive skills. Montreal is a .500 team, maybe not even that without Carey!