Updates on the Jets and Canucks – November 8, 2016

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With Jacob Trouba re-signed, could the Winnipeg Jets still trade him?

With Jacob Trouba re-signed, could the Winnipeg Jets still trade him?

With Jacob Trouba under contract, could the Winnipeg Jets still trade him? Are the Vancouver Canucks shopping for help? Read on for the latest in your NHL rumor mill. 

SPORTSNET: In the wake of the Winnipeg Jets re-signing defenseman Jacob Trouba yesterday, Mark Spector suggests the two-year, $6 million deal could make it easier for the Jets to trade him. He said this deal also gives the Jets “a motivated defenceman who needs to prove his worth on the open market.”  

Spector wonders if general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff will consummate a trade or if we’ll find ourselves back in the same place a year and a half from now. He points out Canadian teams are out of the mix, while a portion of the American clubs lack the trade pieces Cheveldayoff wants or the cap space to make the deal happen.

KUKLA’S KORNER: TSN’s Bob McKenzie took to Twitter casting doubt on a possible Trouba trade now that the blueliner is under contract. ” I don’t see how that changes now that he signed. For any team acquiring Trouba, I never expected signing him was a big impediment to trade,” tweeted McKenzie. He believes if the Jets really wanted to move the young rearguard, it would’ve happened by now. 

WINNIPEG SUN: Ken Wiebe also casts doubt on the Jets moving Trouba now that’s he’s under an affordable bridge deal. He believes keeping the blueliner in the fold for the long term remains the Jets’ intent. “But if the Jets didn’t want to trade Trouba in the first place, why would they be doing other teams a favour now, by shipping him out with a more manageable salary-cap hit?”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think the reason this is still hanging in the air is because Trouba’s agent, Kurt Overhardt, faced a similar scenario five years ago with client Kyle Turris and the then-Phoenix Coyotes. Turris was re-signed in late-November, then traded three weeks later to the Ottawa Senators. Maybe a similar situation unfolds in the coming weeks, but I doubt it. Cheveldayoff seemed very keen to retain Turris, even at the possible risk of the blueliner sitting out the entire season.

I found this on Twitter which seems to sum up this standoff nicely (stick tap to @Andy_B_Jets): 

Trouba: I want a trade

Chevy: How about 6 years at $5.5m

Trouba: No

Jedi Chevy: You will play here for Mark Stuart money

Trouba: Okay

THE PROVINCE: Ben Kuzma reports Vancouver Canucks GM Jim Benning will tell you he’s working the phones daily trying to find help for his struggling club and its sputtering offense. “He doesn’t want to part with prospects such as Thatcher Demko, Brock Boeser and Olli Juolevi. He doesn’t want to surrender high draft picks. And the core players teams call about — especially Tanev — are non-starters.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In other words, there’s no help coming from the trade market to help the Canucks. No short-term fixes that costs them their future. This is shaping up to a long, painful season in Vancouver. 


  1. Some GM is going to win the Benning-panic trade sweepstakes. I think the timeline here is US Thanksgiving plus a week.

    As for Trouba, love the way this played out. A small market GM needs to hold firm against being bullied by an entitled brat and his enabling agent.

    Have Trouba prove he can get back onto a development curve that points to him eventually becoming a top pair defender while you push for the playoffs and deal him in 2018.

    • By the end of November the Canucks season will be over & the only thing left to do will be to move assets out not bring any back. Really it was over before it started. This team is brutal.

      There is no fix for what ails the Canucks. This is more than 1 or 2 players. It’s about 8 players deep, 6 at forward & 2 at D. No solution to that problem now. This is the mess that Linden, Benning & Aqualini built now there stuck with it & until they start over there is no fix.

      All winning 4 games out of the gate 3 in OT & 1 in a shoot out to start the season was give the few faithful remaining a glimmer of false hope.

      It’s going to get really ugly before it gets better as the powers to be saw this as a path & solution. It’s been an unmitigated disaster right from the get go.

      • Disaster I don’t think so. The Canucks are likely wanting to bottom out for high draft picks. The goal is to rebuild through the draft. There is nothing wrong in doing that and allowing two of your stars to remain and retire as only ever being Canucks. Toronto was horrible the last couple of years that disaster seems to be developing well now. Edmonton dump everything and that disaster seems to be turning around. There is more than one way to build a team. Vancouver’s way can work as well.

      • You don’t sign Eriksson for 6 years at 6 mil per if your trying to bottom out. Or trade better players, prospects & picks for players like Sutter then sign him to 5 year deals at 4.375 or Gubranson who’s going to want a huge raise.

        That says exactly what the Canucks are preaching, they are trying to make the playoffs & rebuild on the fly. Boston is rebuilding on the fly. This is & has been an unmitigated disaster right from the get go & the hiring of Linden & his hiring of Benning.

      • Either Linden seems to be the poor man’s version of Shanahan OR, unlike the latter who has carte-blanche in terms of decisions from leafs ownership, poor old Trevor is being jerked around by puppet-strings pulled by the Aquilini Investment Group. If it’s just that’s he incompetent is one thing, but if he’s dancing to the group’s tune it isn’t doing anything for his reputation and he should just say so and quit.

      • I agree George.

      • Just probing the net I opened ESPN’s hockey site and scrolled down to an article that caught my eye headed “which teams should trade for the Sedins” – or words to that effect – by someone named Mathew Coller. However, in order to find out who HE thinks those teams should be, you have to “subscribe” to his site. Yeah, right.

  2. Any chance the Trouba contract impacts the market? As in, will this help the Pens when re-signing Dumoulin, or other teams that need to sign similar defensemen?

    • I feel that due to the circumstances around his singing (the fact that he very publicly requested a trade) doesn’t really set the bar. To me there’s still question marks around his commitment to the Jets and as Lyle mentioned I feel like we’ll be hearing this again in a years time once Trouba demands 7mill a year coming off a good year most likely.

    • I think it helps but more as an outlier for a bridge deal. Its between Trouba at the low end and Ekblad as the high end… in other words it may help some teams bridging guys, but not many players will be happy getting a deal like that same as I don’t see many teams happy or rushing to give a young player 7.5 million long term like Ekblad got. I think MacKenzie said something similar when it came to Lindholm.

      • Remember how when Ekblad went down for Team NA and Trouba took his place all while the team did not miss a beat…

        I said it before but Trouba did not help his own cause when he was directly compared to the top D of his generation.

      • If you’re saying Trouba was one of the top D on Team North America, that simply wasn’t the case. He was closer tot he bottom as I recall.

        I agree, though, that the D men like Ekblad who at 20 can put in top minutes are exceedingly rare and nobody deserves that comparable, but Trouba didn’t show well in that tourney.

      • Florida giving Ekblad that much money this quickly is terrible for the NHL’s business model. He hasn’t yet earned that money. This will be 1 of the main issues there will be another lock out when this CBA expires. As the whole market is based on comparables, Florida signing Ekblad coming out of his ELC to this money screws up the market. Not even Ekblad is worth that contract next season.

        With out his safety net Campbell this season Ekblad hasn’t looked as effective. Obviously he will be fine he’s a stud but teams can’t afford to pay for potential in a cap world & if EkBlad is worth 7.5 how can teams not expect to pay the next tier at least 6?

      • Trouba only got into 2 games. You can’t even grade his contribution based on his deployment. The fact 6 other young D played ahead of him is some what telling but still an honor to have even been chosen. There were only 6 spots that puts him in pretty elite company. Granted it was just US & Canadian players under 23 but still a significant accomplishment & acknowledgment of his abilities.

      • Indeed Striker, but he started out in the lineup on reputation and got outplayed by Parayko right out of the lineup.

        Elite company and all, I agree, but let’s not pretend like Trouba is an Ekblad or even close. I figure him to be a significant step or two down.

      • I agree. Different opportunities & development paths. In 4 to 6 years who knows how these 2 players will compare. I’m not saying Trouba’s Ekblad today or any where close but he is going to be at least a solid #2 & I have him to be a solid #1 2 way guy. Not a top flight offensive guy but solid & a great defensive player.

        I like his 2 year bridge deal & the money saved over Ekblad. Is Ekblad worth 4.5 mil more than Trouba next season in cap hit?

      • My statement was just pointing out how Team NA fell apart with Ekblad out of the lineup. His replacement was Trouba. And that if the team would not of missed a step Trouba’s stock would of risen greatly.

        Maybe unfair to compare but anyone watching(30 teams) could see Trouba was not yet at the Ekbald level

      • No way team NA could maintain the early composure they showed & run & gun hockey generally isn’t the best recipe for success over the long haul or when facing the worlds best or even the NHL’s best.

        Babcock summed it up best. Something along the lines of. “I loved watching team NA play, they are very exciting but I like winning better.” Young players make mistakes, most learn over time the sacrifices that have to made offensively to win consistently some don’t & never will.

        1 of the reasons the WJC’s is 1 of my favorite tournaments. The majority of the world’s best young hockey players. They haven’t become auto bots yet I do things they shouldn’t, trying to score that would get them potentially benched in the NHL but showing off incredible offensive skills that lead to mistakes & quality scoring chances on the breakdown when they don’t work. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

        1 of the reason I love watching Dallas play. It’s very entertaining but not certain you can win a cup that way in today’s NHL.

      • Point of interest & a bit of an eye brow raiser. Ekblad 2 goals both scored on the PP in 13 games this season minus 5. No other points. Does he miss his D partner from his entire NHL career in Campbell? Cause for concern? Or just an injury issue to Florida with Huberdeau, Bjugstad & Jokinen injured? A bump on the road?

    • Trouba isn’t the 1st Dman to sign a bridge deal nor will he be the last. This summer he gets his long term big money deal if traded or it comes the summer following. Failing that it’s UFA status following 4 more years or service.

      Trouba wants out of Winnipeg. He will get his wish eventually, when this deal expires he will have arbitration rights, then he can control his fate. He refuses to sign takes a 2 year arbitration award & then can walk as a UFA after 7 years of NHL service to Winnipeg.

      Chevy will move him beofre that happens but that gives him up to 4 years to address that issue. In that timeline he will get an offer he can’t refuse & Trouba will be moved.

      I’m a betting man & I say that happens this summer either before or after the expansion draft. 30 teams will be in a position to bid this summer most with the cap space to make it work following the expansion draft & having holes to fill at D. Most have holes now not just not the cap space.

    • Yes it can impact the Penguins directly, as in when Jacob Trouba becomes a Penguin, and Olli Maata +, or Derrick Pouliot and Brian Dumoulin become Jets!

  3. Overhardt…we keep mentioning Turis. Was he Oreilly’s agent before he shuffled off to Buffalo ? Exact same MO- “Pay me big young or I want to leave now” . Oreilly signed a two year bridge as well but can’t remember how long that lasted in Colorado

    • O’Reilly didn’t sign a bridge deal. He signed a 2 year RFA offer sheet from Calgary. It was structured in such a way to keep the potential compensation in check & make it hard for Colorado to pay him coming out of that deal. 3.5 in the 1st year 6.5 in the 2nd meaning O’Reilly would have needed to be qualified at 6.5 to retain his rights.

      Calgary got very lucky Colorado choose to match as had they not O’Reilly would have had to clear waivers to return to the NHL. Calgary would have had to pay the compensation & another team would have claimed O’Reilly. Sakic had to match but I would have loved the other scenario to have played out for Calgary. That’s GM stupidity in action.

      • That was Jay Feaster who signed him that offer sheet, worst move a GM has made in a long time.

      • Could have been. Became no harm no fowl as Colorado matched had they not he would have been the laughing stock of jokes for decades.

      • The compensation would have been their 1st and 3rd I believe.

        That 1st round pick turned out to be Sean Monahan.

        Feaster was removed shortly after that though. And he asked to stay on as an assistant GM and they were like. Nah just leave.

  4. As suggested yesterday I guess the Trouba talk isnt over.
    I cant see how his contract changes the market. Players and agents will shot for Ekblad type deals and GMs would love to have Trouba deals. So they fall into the middle where they belong.

    Vancouver is such a mess right now I honestly do not know where to start. Benning tried to sell off aging assets last TDL but he didnt do his job. Can he move guys like Burrows and MIller for assets this year ? Wonder if someone will take Edler. The Sedins wont be moved. Hold onto your youth but if there is a good deal for Sbisa for example, take it. This team is beyond a Boston like re tooling, they need a Leaf type total rebuild.

    • Edler isn’t being moved he has a full NTC & someone has to help this team even in a full scale rebuild, if & when the powers to be come to their senses. I have never been a huge Edler fan but he is Vancouvers #1 Dman & has been for several years. Very telling of the plight of Vancouver’s fortunes. Edler would be far better as the #2 playing on the 2nd pairing but Vancouver currently has nothing better to make that a reality.

      They can’t afford to move this player. I’m all in for a tear down but the rebuild starts on the back end. It has already started actually, the rebuild on D not the tear down, Hutton & Stecher; thank God he choose to come home, will be solid top 4 Dman eventually. Tanev is there now & has more to give & with Edler the top 4 is set down the road. In the interim Gubranson is a spot holder. If his contract demands if true he’s ridding his pedigree as his abilities have shown he can never be more than a #4. Just not smart enough nor fast enough to be anything more.

      Does anyone want to pay Gubranson more than 5 mil a year? He apparently declined that from Florida the reason he was traded. I certainly don’t nor should any team. Gubranson isn’t the player he was thought to be when drafted 3rd overall in 2010. Still not fully developed, close having played 322 regular season games as I write this but what he is going to be is obvious now.

      He is a willing hitter, shot blocker & brings a physical edge but is that worth 5 mil per season? Not a chance in hell. That’s worth 2.5 to 3 unless your the Canucks. They gave Sbisa 3.6 for 3, that was to much. Gubranson is almost the same player except for pedigree.

      • Given the right deal Edler may waive his NTC.It happens. As far as Gudbranson is concerned I don’t mind the deal for Vancouver at all. You’re saying he isn’t worth 5 mil a year, that I agree with. you’re saying he is almost the exact same as Sbisa at 3.6 yet you would only give Gudbranson 2.5-3 ? I think he is worth a min of 3.5 to a max of 4.5. Again though if the right deal comes along, Benning should move him. The only players that are unmovable are the Sedins. Could you ever envision the day when they play on opposing teams ? I cant. And the cost of acquiring them both is too much.
        No GM is going to help Benning so JB has to show us he can do the job and get creative to start moving guys. He failed last year and I think his days are close to being numbered.

      • Agreed. Gubranson will have to come to his sense then. He apparently declined 5 mil per based on rumors so who really knows.

  5. Wasn’t Toronto a mess last year and everyone was praising them? The cupboards aren’t that bare in Vancouver and they’ll likely get a nice pick next year, perhaps Patrick.

    • People were praising Toronto after they took their medicine and dealt Kessel and Phaneuf for peanuts and committed fully to tanking, an approach that paid off.

      You see Vancouver tearing the team down? It should happen, but it’s just very hard to do with the Sedins there.

      • Unfortunately Vancouver expended assets & bought assets starting 3 years ago when they should have started tearing down significantly. There reluctance to move the assets at the right time to maximize their return & trying to buy other assets to stay competitive has failed. Brutally.

    • Yeah but on the other hand the Sedins have done much more for that city than Kessel and Phaneuf have. They’ve had a lot of success in there, who else better to bring up the youngsters. (Plus 14mil, NMC and respect). Besides, they are failing, isn’t that the objective?

      • The biggest difference between the Canucks and the Leafs is the fan base. Vancouver fans will show their displeasure by simply not showing up and the Canucks need gate receipts.
        Leafs fans, and there are far more of them for better or worse, have been hanging in there for decades. The reward seems to be coming finally – I don’t know if Canucks fans will stick around for the re-build that the club needs.
        Remember when Jarome Iginla was considered the anchor holding back the Flames from a proper re-build? There are two anchors in Vancouver and they look a lot alike – great players, great people,great team-mates, but the time has come.

      • I have no issues with the Sedin’s. I hope they sign 2 year deals in or around 4.5 when these deals expire. Who better to mentor the kids & help buffer their development for Vancouver. They just accept significantly reduced minutes & roles.

    • Demko, Boeser, Stecher, Juolevi & what? The only 1 of these 3 players any where close to being ready to play in the NHL is Stecher who signed as a UFA.

      What else is in the cupboard?

      Horvat looks to potential be a #2 C eventually & I have serious concerns that Virtanen will be anything more than a 3rd line energy player who hits & can score 10 maybe 15 goals when fully developed. He should have been returned his development has & is being stunted.

      • He should have been returned to JR last season

      • I’ve always liked Cole Cassels. Ever since Jr when he effectively shut down McDavid. He was the only guy who I saw that could stop him. Not sure though he has enough other skills to make it.
        Hockeys future has the Canucks system at 17th I think. Haven’t drafted a d man for years until last draft.
        They need to restock and need a lot.

    • Well what are you going to do, trade them? Yeah I thought they were foolish to sign Eriksson and quite frankly I thought he was foolish to sign there, but they’ve got a potentially potentially good young goalie, young d, horvat will be a good #2 C, plus some prospects that striker mentioned. All I am saying is hey, they are rebuilding. They just took a shot at the playoffs with Eriksson. Don’t worry, they will do what a rebuilding team will do and finish real low.

      • They will stumble into a low pick again. It wasn’t planned or wanted it was just a reality of the team Linden & Benning have tried to build.

        The water cooler talk about the Canucks & the people showing up to actually watch games hasn’t been anything like this since they moved from the Pacific Coliseum decades ago. I can’t believe the Ownership & management are so out of touch with what their fans want.

        A ton of my best friends & most of my immediate family live in Vancouver. I did for 15 years, my adult formative years. A good portion work in the hospitality trade ironically. Manage hotels, bars & restaurants.

        Most are younger than me so don’t really remember the discontent in that move & are Canucks fans. They want a complete tear down in mass & wanted it started at a bare minimum 2 years ago. Following the playoff collapse to Calgary, ideally a year sooner almost to a person.

  6. A lot of sentiment that Trouba lost yesterday, not in that boat. The jets reportedly offered Trouba 6yr at 5.5 and supposedly Trouba said no and settle for much less dollars to make him have arbitration rights in two years. Chevy did not want to give a two year deal he wanted Trouba for the long haul. Now its up to Trouba to prove himself not so much this year but next year, because when it comes to arbitration they’ll just look at the last year. If Trouba fails just means that both Trouba and the jets loss. Because the trade package the jets would’ve gotten today won’t be nearly as attractive in two years if Trouba doesn’t progress. The second point would be unless Trouba has a change of heart and it was all about money, then he’ll get his payday and remain a jet; otherwise in 4yrs when he’s 26 he’ll be a ufa because he’ll have served 7yrs in the NHL. Happy the jets go there player back because Winnipeg is a better team with Trouba in the lineup.

    • He’ll be 27 if & when he becomes a UFA. He owes 4 more years of service he turns 23 in February. Winnipeg wins this deal now & moving forward. I have no concerns about what Trouba is going to be baring a serious career altering injury.

      This helps his trade value now & moving forward. He’s getting his 8 year big money deal, it will just come either next summer, he can be resigned after July 1st, at the end of this deal or following a 2 year arbitration award. Can’t see him choosing a 1 year award as he would have to go through the process not once but twice to hit UFA status & get his wish to control his destiny.

      All players should be bridged. It gives you the ability to retain them 2, possibly 3 years longer & save some money on the bridge. The lock them upo for 8 years if worthy at big money. Montreal didn’t need to give Subban 9 mil per deal. He should have been signed to an 8 year deal at market value then. Montreal still had the hammer but ownership forced that signing. Still worked out well financially. Montreal locked up Subban for 10 years as opposed to 8 at 7 mil & change over those 10 years combining the 2 contracts.

      Again he shouldn’t have gotten 9 but 7.5 to 7.8 what the other best Dman in the NHL earn. It all balanced out in the wash regardless. Do you want Reilly, Jones, Rostolainen, Lindhiolm, etc. becoming UFA’s in 5 or 6 years? I don’t if I’m there teams I want to retain them as long as possible as their virtually irreplaceable & will be paid huge money if they hit the UFA market.

    • @Caper Chevy is like Lou, no info gets leaked. So I doubt anything you heard about what Chevy wanted actually came from him. Even with the bridge deal Chevy is still in the drivers seat in 2 years. If you’re gonna trade a young player because you might get. more now than later. That in itself does always work out in the long run

  7. With expansion looming the market for Trouba this summer will be strong. Winnipeg has a protection issue. Buffy & Enstrom have NMC’s; Enstrom may possibly agree to waive his but unlikely, Myers & Trouba. That forces the 8 skater option meaning only room for 4 forwards.

    Not an ideal situation but if confronted with that choice I keep the 4 D & expose the forwards. Protecting, Wheeler, Little, Scheifele & Lowry. Ehlers, Laine, Connor, Tanev, & Morrissey are all exempt. Petan I’m not sure of, he may fall into that weird catagory being effected by the dates used like Mantha & Poluck. The expansion dates for eligibility don’t match what the NHL uses for determining all other contractual issues. Mind boggling why they wouldn’t be consistent. Again as always only lawyers can think this stuff up.

    That leaves, Copp, Pereault, Armia & Dano exposed but given a choice of 1 of those 4 forwards & Myers or Trouba; unless traded which solves the issue, those 4 D are worth more than the loss of any of those forwards.

    • They will protect Armia over Lowry.

      • Time will tell. Have you watched how they have been deploying Lowry this season. He is being groomed as a future 2 way C & he is going to be a monster of a many when fully developed. Not sure about his ability to develop his offensive game & don’t like his PP deployment this season but with Little out & all the other injuries at forward what choice does Winnipeg have.

        I don’t think it will be an issue regardless, just hypothesizing based on the players on the roster today.

        Either Enstrom agrees to waive his NMC or Trouba & or Myers are being moved, if Trouba comes around & is willing to stay in Winnipeg that is or he will be traded before or after the expansion draft if before so Winnipeg can protect 7 forwards & 3 D. Then you add Armia, Perreault & 1 of Copp; I assume he is the 3rd keeper or Dano to the keepers at forward.

        If after, moving Trouba could restock the forward position if necessary. The dynamics change for Winnipeg following the expansion draft as to their potential needs compared to today.

        The Market for Trouba this summer will be solid the best possible time to move him either before or after. 3 teams possibly 5 have protection issues at D. Meaning they have to many solid protectors. About a dozen have serious holes even at the #3 slot never mind #4 & don’t necessarily even have 4 protectors at forward.

        Going to be a very interesting summer & to think we will get to go through this again in no more than 3 years when Quebec is finally granted an expansion franchise.

      • I can tell you this, Paul Maurice absolutely loves Armia and he is given the credit for getting Lowry game on track. Armia is already a top rated penalty killer and gets numerous chances while killing penalty; Maurice said that Armia was a good NHLer last year and was already pencil into the starting lineup this season before training camp started. Again i be very surprise if he isn’t protected, have to see how his play is when he comes off injury.

  8. Trouba’s bridge deal does make him more attractive in the short term to many teams (including the Jets). However this could turn into another Subban deal in 2 yrs. Take 6/mil over 2 yrs now, and if he plays well, with market adjustments, potentially could do 7 yrs @ 7-8/mil a season. So in essence, he turned down a total contract value of 30/mil to take a shot at 50/mil in 2 yrs time.

  9. Did anyone notice the central only has 3 teams with a 500 record or better and Nashville is in last place, they were predicted to be cup contenders. Still early but one thing I wasn’t aware of was Renne numbers, always thought he was elite but his last 4yrs been anything but except one year. 12-13 910, 13-14 902, 14-15 923, 15-16 908; so far this season 9 games 916 not bad, but he continues to be subpar not sure if Nashville will be playoff contenders never mind Stanley Cup contenders.

  10. I doubt Trouba gets traded now unless Chevy gets an offer he can’t refuse. Like Drouin, Trouba will have to embrace his role no matter what and get over himself if he hopes for better things moving forward.

    • @Joey according to the NHL web site Trouba has rescinded his trade request and now wants to remain a Jet.

  11. I’m in Houston as we speak. You have to love election day in the US. Like being at a huge festival of some nature. Banners, flags, people every where with badges, hats, wearing red white & blue. Just so different than Canada.

    • Is the news stand closed in the airport? Does your wife not have a cell phone you can talk to her on? Are you that bored or lonely that you think we need this info? Jeesh

      • Did you write this on the toilet ? We are holding our breath. Lol

    • You’ve heard of the term “win-win” no doubt in sports references – but there it’s become “lose-lose.”

    • I think this one will fizzle out early in the night with a Hillary win going away, ie plus 300 electoral votes… I placed my bets earlier today, will check in during the intermissions of the Leafs-Kings game, which will be vastly more entertaining and a good test for our young squad

    • I think it’s best to leave American politics off this board. Itt doesn’t really have any impact on most people who post here. And it will more than likely start the anti-American comments that usually follow.

      • Agreed, leave the politics out of here and stick to hockey.

  12. The Canucks are a bit of an enigma in as much as take away the Sedins, Ericksson and Miller and the average age drops dramamtically. Their D is very young with the exception of Edler and he’s 30 Tanev is 26 but the rest Hutton, Stecher, Trymakin, Gudbranson are all in the 22-24 range, and Juolevi when he arrives is still a teenager. The Canucks have never had a great drafting position for such a long time, unlike for instance the Oilers or the Leafs tanking. Five of their forwards are under 22 so in fact without the benefit of the draft ( screwed in the Lottery in their first such appearance) Vcr has been retooling for the last 3 years. It started when they acquired Horvat for Schneider and Markstrom for Luongo. At the end of this season they clear out $7 million . I hope they don’t become an embarrasement by tanking similar to others philosophy. Plus I do believe that Ericksson will start to score as will Baertschi. IMO there’s a lot of character in the room and they will improve from their current plight. But they are already 3 years into their rebuild, just no one noticed west of the Lakehead. 🙂

    • They also waived Markstrom they thought so much of him at the time.

      Has the rebuild started? Every team introduces some young players every year. Hell even Detroit let a 19 year old onto their roster last season for the 1st time in 25 years.

      Did you miss the memo about the youth movement happening in the NHL? It started in 204-05 with the introduction of the cap & has been in full effect since the 2nd in 2012-13 due to a flat cap.

      Teams in rebuilds generally don’t spend to the cap. Vancouver has under 400K in cap space as I type this! Gunbranson, Hutton & Horvat are all RFA’s next season. Several UFA’s will need to be signed or replaced. Markstrom’s 2+ million raise kicks in. Vancouver will be pushed right up against the cap again next season & still be icing 1 of the 3 worst teams in the NHL?

      That is the most unusual rebuild I have seen to date.

      • Striker, very good points here and above – as with most rebuilds, as in Toronto and Edmonton, maybe even soon to be Boston, it gets started in earnest only after failing at less painful options. Several years must be wasted.

        There are rare exceptions. Vancouver management/ownership has not yet come round even if the fanbase has. I can assure you the Toronto fanbase was calling for a rebuild long before we got one.

      • Actually Vcr has $3.2 million it appears less currently because they have two call ups for injuries. Not that $3.2 is a lot or in fact why they would even be wondering. If there is a trade it’ll be 1 for 1 money wise. Nice game out in the West against LA.

  13. Lyle, hearing a lot of Isles and Kings lately. Yet only hearing what the Isles might be offering. Have you heard anything on the Kings front?

    • Quiet on the Kings front.

  14. McKenzie actual comments were Maybe I am dumb but I don’t understand how signing the contract makes a trade possible. Let me help Bob… you are dumb.
    Teams were interested in trade and sign at 5+ mil. Now teams know that they can trade and already only have to worry about a 2.5 hit for this year and a 3 for next year and a month from now that will be a slight bit lower bringing a few more teams into the mix such as Anaheim that allow Winnipeg to get a fowler plus another need and Anaheim gain a bit more breathing room under the cap for when players come off ltir and don’t have to worry for 2 years about the pay raise when they will have a couple of unmovable contracts off the books. That is just an example of a team that could not make the trade and sign the 5+ mil that was expected.
    This contract is exactly the kind of contract that helps the player that wants to be traded and the team being able to bring a few more teams to the table to drive up the price.