Christmas Break – December 24 to 26, 2016

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I will be taking time off for Christmas from December 24 to December 26, 2016. I will return on December 27, 2016.

Thank you all for your support throughout 2016. Hope you all have a safe and happy holidays. All the best in the upcoming New Year. 

Merry Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas Lyle and nothing but the best in 2017 (except I hope the Habs don’t win – this 7 game road trip they’re just starting on should make them or break them). Go Sens.

  2. AND a very Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays as the case may be) to all in here, including those I am often at odds with 🙂

  3. Merry Christmas to all, including BigBruin.

    As a gift, here’s a beauty from Nylander last night:

    He’s up to 22 pts in 32 gp this season, behind Marner and Matthews and the unsustainable Laine, but top two of his draft class for production.

    We’re not trading him plus a 1st for a top four Dman!

    Here are, however, some hoped for Leaf trade deadline returns courtesy of MLHS:

    JVR (offseason) for a Dman

    Bozak for 2 x 2nds (very different player but comparable return to Eller)

    Komarov for unspecified sneaky large return

    Leivo plus a late pick for a 3rd (Prince trade return)

    Hunwick for a 3rd (Weber return) as a depth/PK option. FYI Leafs rank 8th in PK with Polak and Hunwick logging big minutes.

    Polak for a 2nd as a depth/PK option

  4. Merry Christmas Lyle to you and yours and thanks for hosting such a wonderful site.

  5. Merry Christmas to you Lyle and to all of you whom contribute to this site. Eat, drink and be merry.
    Cheers fellas!

  6. Merry Christmas Lyle and thanks for this site as I enjoy lurking.

  7. Everybody enjoy their festivus this year! Remember… you can’t spell “happy holidays” without H2O!

  8. Merry Xmas to all!! Leafs should have taken laine best of the draft!!!

  9. Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!

    Fantastic job as always Lyle enjoy the break, your family and friends it’s well deserved.

  10. Thanks Lyle, Happy Holidays to you and your. Merry Christmas everyone. Try to be a little kinder to those who are less fortunate.

  11. Thanks, Lyle, enjoy the break. Best of the season to everyone – may all your dreams come true.

  12. Leafs rule, everyone else sucks!
    Leafs suck, everyone else rules!

    (Just in case people miss their online quota of that over the next few days 🙂 )

    Happy holidays, Lyle & all

    • lol

    • As visions of dollar signs ($) flash in my head …

  13. Merry Christmas all.

    Lets not let Lyles break deter from rumours. I jusr saw on sportsnet that Colorado has let it be known that all players are available except Nathan.

    Before we get Lykes take on it after the holiday lets start out christmas wish list and generate some possibke trade scenariod.

    I know rhe Sens are waiting on Macarthur befire the do anything but will Landeskog be a good fit at left wing?

    • Sure he would Jeff – but don’t hold your breath waiting for Dorion to offer a package that Colorado would want or your face will be as red as Santa’s nose.

      • Its all in the fun george.

  14. My NHL Christmas wish list.

    1. No challenging offside, takes the emotion out of the game.

    2. 3 on 3 ot 30 sec shot clock, no shot attempt other teams takes the puck behind their own net to start a break out.

    3. 3-2-1 pts system doesn’t make much of an impact on the standing, crunch the numbers and only impacts the bottom one or two playoff spots. Real impact would be 3-2-0 no points for a loss and 3pts regulation win. this generates the most impact on the standing compare to todays format. Personally I would like 2pts for a win 0 for a loss.

    4. get rid of the over the glass penalty not how it was intended.

    5. every player is a ufa at the end of his contract, no limits, on $$$ or term. OMG what a disaster that would be.

    6. Bring back body checking.

    • Bravo….
      Great suggestions!!!
      We could only hope….

    • I think they should continue to all challenges after one fails and not give up the time out if the challenge fails but be pebalised a 2 min delay of game penalty.

    • I like the “delay of game”-factor in overtime. They should attack harder indeed!
      The challenge however is great! It more upsets the game with a none-goal goal than a review of such. Goals are the singel most importanr thing in this sport, should always be done withib the rules!
      And yes, lets render the current CBA useless and go nuts! 🙂
      Tavares caphit 1,2m! 120m for 100 yrs, first 5 yrs 20/y 😀

    • 1. Indifferent
      2. No. Would slow game down and puck possession is part of the thrill of 3 on 3.
      3. No overtime loss point
      4. This also slows game down intentional not. But to severe. 1 minute penalty.
      5. Never left game but stop the stupid goonery every time a clean hit is thrown.

      • 1. offside with a back skate is in the air, or the player that is offside has no impact on the play. If watching a game and you see that play is offside however the play continues you are emotionally removed from the play because you know it’s coming back if its a goal.
        2. ot was become boring players now excited the zone and skate all the way back behind their own nest while the other two line mates make a change, yes less stoppage but extremely boring.

        4. correct its slow down the game, all refs huddle and take a minute to discuss if it went over on deflected.

        5. you watch different games then I have. its like saying fighting hasn’t left the game, which is also true, but there is very little of either. Yes lots of rub outs, and hits from behind but very few good clean body checks exist in today game.

  15. lyle..merry christmas to you and your family…thanks for your insights and info all year long

  16. Merry Christmas Lyle, thank you for another great year of hockey updates.
    All the best to you and yours this holiday season.

  17. Merry Christmas everyone. As i sit in a hospital bed pleas give your family a big ole hug. Life is not forever

    • Sorry to hear that Whiskey. Wishing you a speedy recovery. All the best to you, and to the rest of you folks! Merry Christmas. GLG.

      • Was that supposed to be short-form for “glug”? – a natural pastime at this time of year.

      • The refrain hear across the nation:
        Go Leafs, Go!
        To the fridge and get me a beer
        Glug, glug, glug.