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Could the Vancouver Canucks re-sign Ryan Miller?

Could the Vancouver Canucks re-sign Ryan Miller?

Updates on Ryan Miller, James van Riemsdyk and Teddy Purcell in your NHL rumor mill. 

THE PROVINCE: Ben Kuzma reports it’s plausible the Vancouver Canucks could re-sign goaltender Ryan Miller, who’s eligible next summer for unrestricted free agency. Kuzma cites what he calls “mutual-admiration dialogue between Miller and management,” leading him to conclude the 36-year-old goalie won’t be dealt by the trade deadline, even if the club tanks in the standings.

While Miller’s numbers aren’t great, Kuzma suggests his experience might work best with Jacob Markstrom. Canucks president Trevor Linden said the club will reassess where they are at season’s end, adding goaltending is the least of their worries, claiming Miller and Jacob Markstrom gives the team a chance to win. If Miller stays, Kuzma believe he’ll have to accept a significant pay cut from his current three-year, $6 million per season deal. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kuzma suggested perhaps a two-year deal worth $4 – $4.5 million per season. I think that’s a reasonable offer. However, it’ll depend upon whether Miller wants to stay in Vancouver or test the market. He’ll prefer to remain on the West Coast in order to be close to his wife, actress Noureen DeWulf.

The depth in talent in the UFA market for goalies next summer drops off significantly beyond Tampa Bay Lightning netminder Ben Bishop, and there’s no certainty the Canucks could win a bidding war for his services. The Canucks could be better off re-signing Miller to mentor Markstrom over the next two seasons. 

THE STAR: Mark Zwolinski reports Toronto Maple Leafs winger James van Riemsdyk is ignoring the recent trade speculation swirling round him. As a big winger who can score and has only one season left on his contract, van Riemsyk’s popped up as a potential trade candidate, as has young forward William Nylander. Leafs head coach Mike Babcock said the club isn’t looking to move either guy. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs obviously won’t move van Riemsdyk this season, and I doubt they have any plans to trade Nylander. However, van Riemsdyk’s UFA status in 2018 does leave him with an uncertain future in Toronto as they continue to rebuild. Recent trade chatter suggested he’d be the obvious trade chip to bring in a top-four defenseman. That’s a move that might happen in the off-season if the Leafs get the right offer.

SPORTSNET’s Elliotte Friedman speculates that contract and budget issues explains why Los Angeles Kings winger Teddy Purcell cleared waivers on Sunday. LA Kings Insider Jon Rosen said he heard there may have been a little trade talk with another club prior to Purcell being placed on waivers, suggesting the possibility that talk might continues. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Purcell has only two points in 12 games this season, was a healthy scratch in the Kings last four games and carries a $1.6 million cap hit. No surprise he went unclaimed. That trade talk could hinge upon how much of his cap hit the Kings are willing to absorb. 


  1. I don’t think Miller will have a problem seeing his wife no matter where he lives. The woman has worked about 3 days in the last two years. I think she can free up her schedule.

    • Savage

    • Lol, good point!

    • Pretty cold NY. My sone in law is an actor, and played everyone for Rookie of the Year to Walt Disney, but if you think all those long stretches when they are “NOT WORKING” are filled with vacation, they are not. They are continually trying to get roles, shows, and a big part is reading scripts, selling yourself (not your agent doing it),going to meetineg audio/reads, so you can work.
      I honestly had to IMDB Miller’s wife b/c I never heard of her. But don’t think she and their child are on continual holiday when acting roles don’t come.

      • Isn’t it funny Bill how everybody assumes they know how hard the other works? And they always assume it’s not as hard as them. You will never be able to make them realize it either. I feel your frustration. We all work in one way or another and we all feel the stress of that work. Professional athletes included!

      • Cold? Let’s be realistic. I also know an actor. A friend I grew up with. He also is nowhere near an a lister, and has plenty of free time on his hands. It’s not like she is out there knocking on doors looking for work, this is all done through agency. She’s told to be at x place on y date to read….. I’m pretty sure her guest appearance on Hell’s Kitchen wasn’t exactly tough , time consuming work by any stretch.

        Saying an out of work actor is not busy, isn’t cold. It’s pretty much the equivalent to saying waters wet. It’s not a personal attack, it’s the truth!

      • And if this woman is reading for parts 260 days a year, and only managed a few guest appearances in the last 2-3 years….. Things are even worse than I thought!

      • Steven… preach it! People said them looters were lazy but you try hauling a nice sofa halfway across town and then go all the way back for them matching end tables… that’s some work for your @%*

      • Did I just read a Fear of a Black Hat quote on Spector’s Trade Rumors?


      • Hey now, over the past 3/4 years she’s worked in Good Match, The Threeway, When We First Met, Square Roots – all in post-production, in the completed film Chee And T, and the 2015-16 TV series Grandfathered and Life in Pieces, as well as in Charlie Sheen’s TV series Anger Management in 2013-14, and the 2012-13 series Burning Love. Hardly award-winning stuff – but she’s kept busy.

      • Mg. You did. Cause we got hats now… finish it mg!

  2. I’m not sure it’s obvious that the Leafs wouldn’t trade JVR, sure maybe unlikely, but just like the offseason if the right offer came around or if they are hovering around a wild card spot come Feb. I think they might consider their options.
    Sure he is among their leading scorers but the offence is pretty balanced with 3 guys over 10 goals (5 or 6 guys close to a 20 goal pace) and 6 over 15 points.

    • Anything could happen, but it does seem more likely to be an offseason move if not even a TDL move next year.

      • Lol I’m just saying I don’t think anything obvious, seems like every year over the past few the obvious outcome isn’t always the final outcome when it comes to the way this management group works. Good or bad.

  3. Can’t see the leafs trading jvr during the season, can’t see the leafs battling for a playoff spot near the trade deadline they can get more during the offseason

  4. Jvr should be traded also signing Anderson was a mistake too early now we are back to same outside looking in scenario without proper defense Anderson is good we were rebuilding should have tanked and got a top d

    • Jeff, the Leafs are in 24th spot. If you look at the draft rankings for next year, there may only be two D in the top 15 or top 20, with Lingren sliding like he’s on a greased toboggan. It’s too early to become concerned. And what is this potential 18 year old Dman going to do for us in the next five years anyway?

      • Very true. Drafting 18 y/o D – unless his name is Ekblad – seldom comes to fruition much before they are in their early 20s (e.g. Chabot by Ottawa – top D in the Q and likely Team Canada captain/assistant captain – but even next year he’ll likely need seasoning in the AHL). Look at the problems Provorov is having defensively in Philly. And there are NO D even close to his “NHL-ready” assessment in next June’s draft.

  5. Not just for Markstrom but if the Canucks did decide to go full rebuild with or for more youth Miller makes some sense in a couple ways. 1 he seems to be a great team guy, and has been thru a rebuilding (losing a lot) situation in Buffalo. The only real big issue being not sure if it makes sense to pay 9 or 10 mill over a couple seasons for that. I think Miller could make a lot of sense for team like Vegas.

    • I agree Shticky. And I still believe the Canucks need to move on in a big way which includes moving the Sedins.

      • Not a chance. If the Canucks move the Sedin’s they wouldn’t be able to beat the worst of the AHL teams. The Sedin’s get resigned as soon as July 1st this summer for 4 to 5 million on 2 year deals possibly 3 & start to take on 2nd & 3rd line roles over the next 2 to 4 years & 2nd line PP time as youth moves in to 1st & 2nd line roles.

        Unfortunately for the Canucks they have very few really good young players ready for 1st or 2nd line roles. The reason the Sedin’s need to be retained for 2 more years possibly 3 after their current contracts expire so as to buy time for what kids they have or will draft to be NHL ready.

        This team is a mess at forward. The kitty is virtually bare.

      • The Sedins aren’t going anywhere … as per their no-movement contracts. May even stay an extra year. The Canucks have very little in the way of forwards to replace them.

    • I assume extending Miller for a couple of years would give 20 year old Thatcher Demko another couple of years in the AHL. He had a rough start to his AHL career but now has a 6-4-1 record and a .911 save percentage on a very weak Utica team.

  6. The Leafs are in a similar position as the Oilers, but with the benefit to see how stockpiling too many forwards hurt Edmonton. I do believe you draft the best players available as it gives you assets to secure the proper players in other positions. The Oilers, in my opinion, still need to move another forward to improve their defense. I know this isn’t easy. The Leafs need to hang on to their young forwards for now but perhaps not as long as Edmonton did. The forward the Leafs need to offer in a trade is van Reimsdyk, although I wish we didn’t have to, to acquire the D man they need. The scenarios of these two teams is eerily similar; agreed? For the record, I hope both continue to improve!

    • The rebuild is pretty similar to the oilers Steven. the leafs cupboards are pretty bare on dmen and defensive dmen, when you look at the way they’ve drafted skilled forwards and the lack of defensive dmen it is very similar to the oilers rebuild.

      • Think there is a reason forwards tend to go first? think Bowman might know what he is talking about BBB or are you smarter than him too? lol
        What do you suggest drafting unskilled players early?

        Historically, D-men take longer to develop at the national level,” said legendary former coach Scotty Bowman. “It’s tougher to project where they’ll be in five years, whereas a supremely skilled forward, you kind of know where they’re headed.”

      • It worked in Edmonton? Lmfao way to go dig up something that doesn’t relate to anything that anyone is talking about!, lol you need help sir?

      • Skilled forwards and D is exactly what you are talking about and you are saying is the same as the Oilers rebuild. The Leafs have drafted Skilled forwards with their 1st picks and D 7 times with their later picks (most teams only have 7 picks in a year so it’s close to most teams taking a D wit every other pick) it’s only been 2 draft years and it takes D time to develop so how do you know what those 7 D turn in to? lol did you watch all 7 of them all tlplay a lot? because everyone here I’m sure knows your feeling about stats You are the one saying they are so similar and making the same mistakes in year 2 so wise one explain yourself who should they have taken and what makes these 2 rebuilds so similar in in their 3rd year?

      • Go find some more useless links and keep reading the stats and not watching ?

      • So you’re saying ya got nothing? That you don’t know you just like to bark like a yappy dog? Come on enlighten us all with your keen watching hockey eyes, you like to act like a pro scout who doesn’t need stinking stats…tell us what Bbb would do, (besides change the subject) who should they have drafted that would make a huge difference and how are the 2 teams similar after their 2nd draft?

      • It’s funny you would bring up Scotty bowman a guy that all he used was the eye test!!

      • Still nothing eh? All you have is changing the subject? for a guy who claims to know so much sure seems like an easy enough question.How are they the same? Who would you have drafted to make it different?

      • You’re just yapping to argue and don’t know what you are talking about or you would answer those 2 easy questions.

      • You have no idea what you’re talking about shticky

    • I like Edm’s D moving forward. The could re up Russell potentially following the expansion draft, sign another UFA Dman & or potentially trade for 1. RNH; & another asset of some nature, to 1 of the teams with to many D come the expansion draft.

      In Sekera, Klefbom, Larsson, Davidsson; been injured, has played 1 game, Nurse, Benning; what a great find off the Bruins scrap heap, how did Boston not sign this player?, & the prospect D coming Reinhart, Jones, Musil, Bear, Palgin, Niemelainen, Berglund, Lagesson & Cairns Edm’s D is fine now. A top 4 of Sekera, Klefbom, Larsson & Nurse works for me.

      They could add another top 4 rental like they have with Russell 1 or 2 years to but time for Nurse & all these you Dman to develop but I think Nurse is better served getting solid minutes at this point to advance his development. Not all these D prospects will be NHL players but many of them will be eventually & there is a nice mix of offense, defense & size in that group.

      • I agree Striker. I think Edmonton’s defense is slowly catching up to their offense. For the sake of hockey in Canada I think it is great to see all Canadian franchises being competitive. I hope we can get back to 2014-15 soon when 5 Canadian franchises made the playoffs!

      • Agree that the Oiler D is improving. Nurse, Klefbom and even Larsson are young and still improving.
        I don’t the mistake Edm made was not drafting D-men, (the major exception being Yakupov over Murray which the scouts wanted to do and were ignored) it was that they signed Eberle and Nuge to long term big $ contracts before they had proven they deserved them.
        They are now not as attractive as trade chips. Would Nuge have been more attractive on a $3.5 Million bridge deal last year to try and get a D-man?
        Again, old news and old management.PC just has to live with those deals.

      • RNH 4 goals, 12 points in 27 games, -4, face off winning % of 43.5%. 4th in TOI/GP at forward with 17:41, 17 seconds behind Lucic at #2. PP TOI/GP, 6th on the team with 2:13, 46 seconds lower than Eberle at #2.

        3.5 on a bridge deal might have been to much. 6 mil per for 7 years certainly was making trading him very difficult. Not impossible but Edm would have to take back a bad contract with a decent asset to off set his salary. Thankfully they have the cap space this summer to do just that if so inclined.

        Perhaps Edm can help Min out of their roster; 2 Dman to many for the expansion draft, & cap; only 14 players signed next season & 12 mil in cap space with Granlund & Niederreiter both needing raises, dilemma this summer. No RH Dman probably available from Min, I don’t see them moving Dumba but they may when push comes to shove. Edm might have to take a leftie like a Brodin or Scandella. They absorb Pominville & his cap hit. Brodin & Pominville for RNH & ? Some other asset to be determined.

        RNH appears to be getting worse not better now that he’s not leading EDM in TOI/GP for forwards in all situations like he has historically when playing & not injured. This contract is becoming a boat anchor & RNH looks to be nothing more than a 3rd line C that in a pinch can play 2nd line minutes but at what poinyt does his face off abilities or lack there of become a concern. A #3 C has to be able to win face offs.

      • I have never liked RNH’s overall game – certainly not to the tune of $6 mil per to 20121-22 – and I have said so on many occasions resulting in an ongoing dispute with the head of his fan club. There is NO way someone is going to take that contract off Chiarelli’s hands unless he holds quite a bit back – and even then. The guy doesn’t even hold a candle to Kyle Turris!

      • I agree with you guys on RNH, even though he is still a decent player.
        You here some idea’s on the radio here about him and the one I tend to agree with is that he was asked to do too much at a young age. In junior he was a highly skilled center with great vision. Because of necessity he was then saddled with also shutting down the other teams top lines and a significant focus was put on his defensive play at a very early age. I think it has cost him offence and he has never seemed to find it and has lost confidence. when you are constantly defending it is hard to develop your offence at the NHL level.
        Or maybe he just isn’t that good. Who know.
        How can he still get dominated that bad in the face off circle? He is in year 6 of his NHL career.

      • Benning didn’t sign with the B’s because he knew he was around # 20 on the Bruins Dmen depth chart

  7. Can we stop with the Leafs Oilers rebuild comparisons? lol One is really in its 2 no or 3rd year first management/coaching group the other has been going on since at least 2010 now on its 2nd management team countless coaches with 4 first over all picks the best player under 25 in the world on its team. It’s not even a little bit the same. Other teams have rebuilt but the only comparison you see is “just like the Oilers”. When the Leafs go thru 3 or 4 more coaches and win 3 more lotteries in the next 5 years then start the comparisons lol Jeesh how bout the Flames let’s compare those rebuilds or the Hawks lol It’s ridiculous either way IMO and this in no way not even close to be being a knock on Oiler fans and their team in the least, just the people who feel the need to compare the un comparable. Right now it’s apples and Oranges.

    • No I have an opinion and if you don’t like it you can try being a little more diplomatic. Perhaps you are not capable? There are similarities in that each are top heavy in one area and need support in another. How does that totally blindside you?

      • Don’t worry Steven nothing the leafs do is wrong and shtickys opinion in never wrong either!! Lol

      • Thanks Bigbadbruins. I share one thing with Shticky, I am a Leafs fan. I was only trying to suggest the Leafs need to heed some of what has happened in Edmonton as they move toward the future. By the way both of my sons are Bruins fans! Believe me I have tried to bring them to Leaf land but they just won’t! They even have Bruins jerseys.

      • The rebuilds are nothing alike.

        Hall was drafted first overall in 2010 by EDM. They were still drafting 1st overall six years later in 2015.

        TOR drafted first overall in 2016 with Matthews. In six years, you can get back to us about how similar the rebuilds were.

      • Six years later now, I mean. That’s the point to point comparison you’re trying to make now – it’s ridiculous.

      • The rebuilds are so much alike it’s not even funny

      • I’m not talking about the length of the rebuild dan39 I’m talking about the players they are taking. The leafs are gonna have to make a trade like the hall for Larson trade to shore up that defense because even you can admit that d is very weak. Reilly at best a number 2 providing he gets better in his own end and zaitsev and gardiner at best 2nd pairing guys the others would have trouble being a seventh dman on most teams

      • 1 is going on 6 drafts and 7 years of building 1 is going on 2 drafts 3 Rd year….if in 7 years from now the Leafs only have 1 or 2 D that they drafted on their team that still are not fully developed (like Klefbolm and Nurse then IMO perhaps you could say it’s similar, but to say a team that in 2 drafts hasn’t got a great D man yet is nuts Rielly is 22 Carrick is 22 Zaitsev 25 Gardiner 26 that is really young for 4 of 6 starting D not to mention the 7 others they drafted the past 2 years it’s 11 D under 26 most 9 that are 22 and under…it takes time let’s wait and see what all these D look like in a few years before we judge how similar they look.

      • You have no idea what you’re talking about shticky

    • They weren’t saying they are identical but that there are some similarities. I would say Toronto’s D is way farther along now in what we agreed to several days ago is year 2 of the rebuild. In Reilly, Zaitsev & Gardner Toronto has a far better foundation than Edm did in year 2. No contest really moving forward but Toronto will continue to draft the best player.

      Hopefully a Dman will fall into that slot as Toronto’s prospect depth at D although not bare is soft currently but lots of time to address & I have no doubt Toronto will be getting a Dman this summer from 1 of the teams that has to many coming the expansion draft.

      The cost for which will still be significant but a cost Toronto will need to incur.

    • I’d say this mngmnt group has been together for 2 drafts and so far wit its first round Picks has drafted 1 big centre and a winger who has played centre and drafted 7 defence men with their other picks in 2 years and neither 1 of those fools knows what they are talking about. Even if you wanted to go back to Nonis 3 years ago it’s 12 guys Drafted that have played centre or D…but sure all they draft is small wingers. Yes they have drafted some other wingers so has every team in the NHL. lol

      • Shticky you have no idea what you’re talking about! Lol

    • It’s hard to compare Edmonton’s re-build with any other team. Connor McDavid is the wildcard.No team has a comparable player to McDavid.

      • I’d agree with this.
        For the most part is hard to judge or compare any teams rebuilding process unless perhaps it started in a similar time frame but to try and compare 1 in a second year to one with a generational talent after drafting 1st 3 times previously and 6 top 5 picks in 7 years is gonna be distorted 1 way or another. It’s a terrible comparison. lol and to say a team only drafts wingers just like the Oilers when over the last 2 years the Leafs have drafted as many players who don’t play wing as players that do it just doesn’t make sense. They have drafted 10 or 11 guys that play C D or G, and I think maybe 9 wingers? it’s not like the Oilers, but I guess we can pretend.

      • Who on here said anything about wingers?? I think you’re pretending again! Lol

      • The only ones pretending are the 2 clowns that think they could do a better job rebuilding an NHL team than a management and coaching group with decades of experience nearly 20 Stanley cups and countless other championships between them…not saying that O love every decision they make, but seriously you guys both kinda sound like an idiots screaming about how many mistakes they are making and yapping like they don’t know what they are doing. It’s been 2 drafts and for the most part the AHL team has been very good and so far this year Mathews Marner Nylander and Zaitsev a centre 2 wingers and a D have been among the top rookies at all of their positions and the team has improved by points and position in the standings.

      • There are some similarities, but other than they both took the top player available at #1 and have focused on skill up front in the draft (so far for T.O.), that is about it.
        But that can be said for almost every team in that position over the last 20 years. The obvious #1 defencemen simply don’t come around much where they are taken at the top of the draft, Eckblad is the only recent one. Other than a decent argument either way for selecting Hanafin over Marner, not sure what anyone would do differently in the first round than what the Leafs have done.
        I personally think there is good value to taking D earlier due to the shortage at the high end of the scale, but like Schticky’s link, they are harder to predict. Risk reward.

      • Listen to yourself shticky all you do talk like you know more than anyone else!! ?????

      • I’m not saying anything of the like that at all, Im just saying what the Leafs management have done, you’re the one screaming it’s the same as Edmonton so how is it the same? What would you do if everyone else doesn’t know what they are talking about set us all straight. Or is it just like the other day when you thought you would disrespect someones religion to start an argument class act that you are? lol

      • Exactly Ray, of course for the most part when talking top 10 picks the majority of those picks are skilled forwards, nvm the Leafs and Oilers the whole league is similar in that regard. Doesn’t mean every team drafts “just like the Oilers”
        It’s not even really the Oilers early picks that were a huge problem IMO part of it it was the amount of missed picks that were not early first round picks that did it. Out of those 6 or 7 years there isn’t a whole lot of depth still in Edmonton Nvm the forwards or amount of forwards there were too many misses in the 2nd and later rounds no matter the position drafted, you can’t tell if that’s going to be a problem yet or not in TO simply because it’s too early to start calling players a bust in 16-18 months at 19/20 years old….it’s just too early

      • listen to yourself shticky all you do is disrespect ppl on here!! ?

      • Arguing with people over hockey opinions and disrespecting someone’s religion are 2 completely different things.

      • Still waiting if you’re not just yapping to argue what would you do? How do you make it better and how are the so similar it’s not funny? Is it because both teams drafted forwards like almost every other team would in that situation with top 5 picks? That’s the only similar thing I see, even then with their first over all one drafted a big 2way centre the other drafted a left winger. That’s not the same.

      • Ones first first overall is a big 2 way centre the other a scoring left winger so that’s not the same, do the Leafs have 2 1st over all picks? Nope that’s not the same… Halls first year the Oilers had 25 wins for a full season Leafs have 10 wins in Mathews first 24 games that doesn’t seem like it’s the same one would think the Leafs are likely to win more than 15 out of the next 58 based on their record but you never know still not the same…one was coached by Tom Renney the other is Mike Babcock one is an NHL coach the other is not currently so that’s not really the same…? What is so much the same it’s not even funny?

      • You have no idea what you’re talking about shticky

  8. If Miller wants to be close to Hollywood then I see several options
    1) There will be two positions opening in Vegas and with an less than one hour flight to FIVE LA area airports that is a lot closer than Vancouver
    2) If Bernier does not work out or if Gibson tanks, the Ducks are an option.
    3) Assuming Quick comes back full recovery I don’t see Kings unless he takes tiny money as a backup.
    4) Arizona is another option and lots of one hour flights to LA area
    5) If San Jose needs a back up then here again dozens of about one hour flight to and from LA area.

    • Miller isn’t ready for a back up role yet even turning 37 in July. He has played great for the Canucks this season. Zero offensive support & having to come from behind, often drastically in just about every game they have played. Opening up the game to try & have to score to have any hope of winning isn’t great for team defense nor a goalies #’s.

      None of the teams you mentioned can afford Miller nor need Miller. SJ has Jones, LA Quick, Arz Smith. Anaheim will have to decide on Gibson over time, I have concerns as he appears to be hot, cold & injury prone but young so Miller won’t fit due to salary & desire to be a #1 or at least share the role. None of these teams can afford the 4 to 5 mil on a 2 or 3 year deal it will take to resign Miller.

      Nor do I see Miller in Vegas. Vegas is going to come out of the expansion draft with 3 solid young goalies. I would think 3 of the following 6 are selected. Grabauer, Pickard, Korpisalo, Berube, Hutchinson or Dominque. There could be a few other surprises. Then they sign a UFA veteran back up to help shelter 1 of these kids.

      There is an excess of good goalies available & not enough starter jobs for all. 31 teams can’t provide enough jobs for the quality of goalies being produced world wide.

      • McPhee I think will certainly go after Grubauer. I can’t see Col not protecting Pickard, I think Varly goes to Vegas as well.
        As for Miller I like the idea of a 2yr deal where he shares the net more with MArkstrom until Demko is ready.

  9. Am I the president of RNH’S fan club as well. Man the comedic material on here is quite redundant. I think I have been nominated as president for 4 different players fan clubs. If it wasn’t me being nominated awe shucks I work hard for your nominations. Think of me next time.

    I also think it is funny how Edmonton’s rebuild by drafting the best available player is deemed a failed idea not to be tried by others and an embarrassment to have your team compared to it.

    It’s a valid method with similarities to the other 29 teams in the league who all rebuilt at some point.

    The oilers management of said drafted players and their ability to aquire established talent was the reason their rebuild failed for so long.

    They still are drafting the top guy but also were able to bring in guys like Lucic and Larson. That is the real change in Edmonton. They draft the same.

    • You’re flattering yourself there Jeff. That pinnacle is already held by another regular in here.

      • Dang it. I will work harder haha

    • The real change in Edmonton is Not Lucic and Larson, and its not because of anything to do with records that I don’t think the Leafs and Oilers are really comparable it’s like trying to compare players 7 years apart, they are at 2 different spots on the path and 1 has a guy like McDavid. Same reason when RFAs are looking for contracts they are not compared to guys that are 28-30 years old…they are not really comparable. If you want to compare the Leafs to another rebuild how about Vancouver (if that’s what that is)where Linden took over close to the same time frame as Shanahan.

      • Get over it Shticky!

      • Shticky has no idea what he is talking about don’t worry Steven