Latest on the Flames and Bruins – December 5, 2016

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The Boston Bruins are reportedly shopping forward Ryan Spooner.

The Boston Bruins are reportedly shopping forward Ryan Spooner.

The Bruins could be shopping Ryan Spooner, while the Flames may have been kicking around some trade options.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty reports sources claim the Boston Bruins “have engaged in discussions with multiple teams about a Ryan Spooner trade.” One of the sources listed the Carolina Hurricanes, New York Islanders and San Jose Sharks as having some interest in the 23-year-old Spooner, who’s struggling this season following a 49-point performance in 2015-16.

The trade chatter recently increased with Spooner skating on the fourth line and with winger Frank Vatrano due to return to action in mid-December. The Bruins reportedly seek a top-six forward in exchange for a package that includes Spooner. The play of rookie defenseman Brandon Carlo has lowered the Bruins’ need to pursue blue-line depth. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s not surprising the Bruins are looking at moving Spooner. Given the steep decline in his performance this season, it was inevitable. They’ll have to add a draft pick or a prospect in the deal if they hope to get a top-six forward. The Hurricanes, Isles and Sharks have struggled offensively this season, so that would explain their  rumored interest in Spooner. The Vancouver Canucks could also come calling.

The Sharks could offer up Mikkel Boedker, while the Isles could part with Andrew Ladd. Both are expensive free-agent busts for those clubs. Their contracts, however, likely won’t interest the Bruins. 

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK:  Chris Nichols cites TSN insider Pierre LeBrun’s Friday appearance on Vancouver’s TSN 1040 discussing Calgary Flames president Brian Burke’s denials that his club was shopping defenseman Dougie Hamilton. LeBrun sympathized with the Flames regarding the rumors, saying he never heard a single source claim the Flames were trying to move Hamilton, only that some clubs had made inquiries.

LeBrun, however, cited an NHL GM claiming everyone was so focused on the Hamilton speculation, but Flames general manager Brad Treliving has talks about other players with other teams in recent weeks. However, the Flames latest improvement has dampened those rumors. Nichols noted there was some speculation a few weeks ago claiming the Flames wanted to add a defenseman with some bite to his game. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Flames have truly “turned the corner” on this season, that trade chatter will die away completely until the March 1 deadline. By that point, if they’re a playoff contender, it’ll be about who they’ll add, rather than who they could shed. As LeBrun reported, for weeks the Hamilton talk all indicated the Flames were getting calls about the blueliner, but they weren’t shopping him. I daresay that’ll remain the case for the rest of the season. 



  1. I am not sure Spooner’s stock is that high right now except for his current contract value. I like Hayes in a package (and not for his points ! )

    • Spooner still has some upside but I don’t his stock is that high either

  2. I wonder why Julien won’t give Spooner back his #3 C position where he played so well last season. I would at least try putting him back where he had success last season. He primarily played with Belesky; currently injured & Hayes last year. Belesky flip flopping often as his consistency required. When scoring he would move up to Krejci’s line when not with Spooner essentially.

    I’d take Spooner. All a question of cost. I don’t think a players short term production is as big a factor as we make it out to be in trade. The NHL is not a short sighted game. The whole system is based on what players will do in the future. The past is simply a reference. Hell Yakupov just moved for a 3rd conditional 2nd if he scores 15 goals; not looking good for that.

    Although Spooner was given cups of coffee in 2013-14 & 2015-15, his 1st full season was last year & that would make this his sophomore season. Not the 1st player to regress in his 2nd full season in the NHL nor will he be the last.

    Boston isn’t giving Spooner away at a discount & his salary demands next summer & in arbitration won’t be very high if he’s not producing making for another good short term 2 year show me contract.

    • Sorry should read 2014-15 not 2015-15

    • Agree they shouldn’t give him away. The guy has offensive talent.
      I think Julien is not playing him at center because he doesn’t trust his play in his own end and the responsibilities that come with that position.
      When you look at how the B’s have gotten down their goals against, it is tough to argue.
      Having Rask playing back to his old form helps to, but they are also not giving up the same quantity of high end scoring chances which helps Rask.
      Good to see the D playing as well as it has.
      Personally I stay the course with Spooner, he will get used to playing the wing and will put up the points.

    • I think Spooner has just about outlived his stay in Boston. While he’s an excellent play maker, he’s terrible in the faceoff circle and weak defensively. I think he needs a fresh start, as he’ll never gain the trust of Julien. Besides, with the return of Vatrano, his minutes will dwindle. The Bruins are deep in prospects and will have Jacob Forsbacka-Karlsson vying for a centre position, very soon.

  3. Don’t see a whole bunch available from those teams listed for Spooner.
    Carolina Skinner or Hanifin
    San Jose Boedker
    No thanks on Ladd
    Don’t think you’re getting Hanifin unless a top prospect like Mcavoy is going.
    I want Bruins to get younger and faster not older and slower.
    But that’s Julian’s system.

    • Carolina has a great, young D corp. I agree that they are very unlikely to move Hanifin, and certainly if they did, Spooner would not be the key piece coming back. I don’t even think there is a package BOS could put together for him.

      I can’t see Skinner being moved either given his performance so far this year, with 20 pts in 24 gp.

  4. Spooner is not going to get you much in return.No way he gets Hanifin or Skinner. The Bruins should look at what Striker suggests, deploying him in a better role. If it doesn’t work well then he is trade material.

    • The problem is Julien is on the hot seat. I don’t think he gives a damn about increasing Spooner’s trade value – he’s out to try and maximize his team’s performance every game and that’s the way it has to be for his players to trust him. And he’s a good coach – I don’t think you can fault him here.

    • Spooner isn’t playing well enough at either end of the ice that’s why he is on the 4th points are too critical even early on to move him up the lineup until he shows improvement

      • That’s it – simply has to play better. NHL is not a development league for teams in contention.

    • He has a well below career faceoff %. Can only suck at that for so long before you get moved to the wing.

      Rest of the league has also figured out his Mohawk skating stride as well. I’m fine with moving on from this player. Let someone else over pay this RFA.

  5. This guy is not worth a top 6. End of Story. Enroth on waivers? Ramo time?

    • I thought only Leafs fans over valued their players…sheesh Spooner will never fetch you a top 6 NHL player, may ECHL top six player. You’ll need to add and add a lot to make that happen.

    • Guys read the article before commenting.
      Says “Bruins seek a top 6 forward for a package that includes Spooner”
      Package the key word here.
      Obviously Spooner isn’t getting a top six forward alone.

  6. Spooner for Lazar? Ottawa loves adding Ottawa guys. At least Lazar is responsible in his own end, Ottawa might re-ignite his scoring touch?

    • As a Bruins fan I’ll happily make that trade. Lazar is a reliable 3 line RW in a shut down role that can kill penalties & play C when necessary.

      Vatrano is back soon & he’ll be playing as the 2nd line LW as soon as he’s back up to speed.

      • Striker, Lazar has played more games in Binghamton than Ottawa this season. I understand the enthusiasm for a shutdown/role player. We certainly like what we’re getting from Brown and Hyman in TOR this season. However, I’m not sure Lazar yet qualifies as a reliable player at the NHL level.

      • Has an Ottawa fan lol. I wouldn’t give up Lazar for spooner 😛

    • Just glad we’re not dealing with Bernier letting in 8 goals in Toronto anymore. Waived Enroth, as well. Good riddance to both of them.

    • Calgary version of the Philly-Flu??

  7. Looking at Carolina,Islanders and Sharks.
    Only forward that makes sense is Victor Rask.
    Skinner and Tavares not happening and others are either too old and make too much or aren’t much better than Spooner.

    • I wouldnt move Victor Rask for Spooner either. Just not thrilled enough with Spooner to take a chance.

      • I wish it could be rask but the b’s would have to throw in a lot more to get rask

    • Tavares? Uh you realize your talking about a guy who’s now a 4th liner right? I would think that a third liner on any of those teams would be a stretch without some sweetener. Seriously Dave, at his current production I’m not sure he’d be worth Quine or Prince from the Isles Dave. I suspect you’re saying who? and my response is exactly

  8. Bruins have traded away to many young players who have had bumps in the road. Besides Pastrnak Spooner was best player on the ice tonight and I think they better rethink their position on him. Not sure Bruins are in desperate need of a D Man Carlo looks like a Vet and Boston has plenty more young defenseman on way. Boston plays great team defense and I think they need Ryan on power play.

  9. As we talked early Spooner did indeed have his best game tonight by far. Let’s see if he continues this over a 10 game span or so. Good for him.