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With Jaroslav Halak on waivers, he faces an uncertain future with the NY Islanders.

What the future could hold for NY Islanders goalie Jaroslav Halak, plus a trade proposal for the Colorado Avalanche and Edmonton Oilers in your NHL rumor mill. 

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple reports the New York Islanders will learn later today if goaltender Jaroslav Halak gets claimed off waivers by another club or remains in the organization. Given Halak’s contract, which runs through 2017-18 at an annual cap hit of $4.5 million, it’s likely to be the latter, in which case he’s expected to be demoted to their AHL affiliate in Bridgeport.

General manager Garth Snow declined to speculate over Halak’s future beyond this season. Snow attempted to move the veteran goalie in the offseason but hernia surgery derailed those plans. 

NEW YORK POST: Brett Cyrgalis reminds us of the late-October Twitter tirade from Halak’s agent Allan Walsh that prompted Snow to inform the other 29 NHL clubs that the goaltender was available via trade. “Nothing worth strong consideration ever came across Snow’s desk.”

FANRAG SPORTS: Chris Nichols cites TSN hockey insider Bob McKenzie telling Toronto’s SiriusXM NHL Network that Halak’s contract is a major trade impediment. Combined with Halak’s inconsistent play, McKenzie doubts anyone will pursue him via trade or waivers. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll be very surprised if Halak is plucked off waivers by another NHL club today. Unless the Isles are willing to pick up part of his annual cap hit, I doubt there’s a market for his services via trade before the March 1 deadline. I also don’t see his trade value improving this summer unless the Isles pick up part of his cap hit or take back another toxic contract. A buyout is possible.

EDMONTON JOURNAL:  With the Colorado Avalanche in meltdown this season, David Staples wonders if the Edmonton Oilers might make Avs defenseman Tyson Barrie a trade target. He notes that Oilers coach Todd McLellan recently pointed out that his club lacks a power-play quarterback who can put up points. Staples mused about the Oilers offering up young blueliner Oscar Klefbom for Barrie. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Interesting proposal by Barrie. He’s right when he says Oilers fans wouldn’t like parting with Klefbom. However, you’ve got to give to get.

The Avalanche need help on their blueline. Adding a more defensively responsible rearguard such as Klefbom might interest them. Barrie’s $5.5 million annual cap hit through 2019-20 is expensive for the Oilers, but only about $1.4 million more annually than Klefbom’s $4.167 million through 2022-23.

Staples is just spitballing, but his suggestion gives us some idea of what the Avs could be seeking if they were to put Barrie on the trade block. 


  1. As long as Sakic is calling the shots the Avs will do, essentially, nothing. Compared to some of the sharks running the other teams he’s a minnow.

    • George is Sakic really calling the shots in Denver or is the problem higher up like some of the other teams these days where the owners think they know more than the GM`s. The corporate`s bottom line is the teams top line, so to speak

      • If that’s the case – and I don’t know one way or the other – then if he has any pride left at all he should follow Roy out the door by resigning – and say so loudly on the way out so anyone else offered the job knows what they are in for if the sign on.

        But somehow I think HE’S the one making the decisions.

      • Could be George, me thinks we`re gonna find out fairly soon. If Sakic trades anybody of significance then he is in charge, minor moves, then I think the problem is higher. Col and Van seem to be all too similar as far as management goes, lots going on behind the scenes

      • Given how the Kroenke’s run their other sports franchises I highly doubt anyone but Sakic and crew below him are making the decisions. Kroenke’s seem to be at best disinterested in hockey or at worst completely absentee landlords.

    • As Usual I disagree. Sakic is 2 years into a rebuild, 3 tops. How can he be judged so harshly so quickly? 1 of his draft picks has made it to the NHL so far in Rantanen. Unless you consider he had input into the selection of McKinnon which was obvious. McKinnon was selected a little over a month after sakic was hired as EX VP of Hockey operations.

      • What gives you the idea that a team that made the playoffs and had 112 points suddenly decided it was time for a rebuild? And if that’s what was decided why on earth would they not trade Stastney who let’s top 6 type forwards walk for nothing as UFAs if you’re rebuilding? And why if you are rebuilding are you signing guys like Beauchimin Iginla and sodderberg to long term deals? Your explanation either makes no sense or he has no idea what he is doing either way it’s a mess that he is responsible for.

      • They made the playoffs with 112 points in 2013/14 and had a top 6 of Stastny Landeskog Duchene ROR McKinnon and then decided to rebuild and not trade Stastny as a rental?

      • This is just it Schticky, either Sakic has a split personality that`s pulling the team in different directions or he getting help. Everybody thought P. Roy was the problem, he`s gone and the team seems to be worse off than ever. Just look at Tyson Barrie, is he a top pairing or not. A year ago Col. had a hard time trying to figure that out and now Sakic says he can be had. If the problem is just Sakic, fire him that simple. I don`t think it`s anywhere near that simple tho.

      • Simple generally is snow blowing you’re drive way and Sakic made it look like it involved surgery, so who knows.

  2. Why not a trade Varlamov vs Halak?

  3. Klefbom is over payment for Barrie.

  4. Snow was a joke from the minute he got hired.

    Then, about ten years into his on the job training, it seemed like he was starting to figure it out a little bit.

    Now…back to full on clown show.

    They get this JF Berube, let him collect dust for two years and now they are waiving their (admittedly not very good but their) best goalie to go with a Greiss-Berube platoon. Greiss is your starter? Have fun with that.

    Tavares must be counting down the days until he can sign that extension and ride the subway to work for the rest of his career.

    The Isles are approaching Cleveland Browns territory.

    • lol harsh

    • Get a feeling if the Avs will send Duchene to Isles they will make them take a salary with it. Perhaps Jerome etc? Or Valarmov…

      Imagine where Islanders would be without JT…

      Snow should really be trying harder.

    • Greiss has been the best goalie on the team and Halak the worst for the past two years. Please watch before ranting. That said it is time for Snow to move on as his rebuild has stalled

  5. Halak overall has been a disappointment from the moment the Isles acquired him. He put up excellent numbers vs the Rangers and from time to time would steal a game, but he allowed multiple soft goals, usually late in games that would give away the lead or cause losses. On top of that he has been injury prone. There were a ton of questions whether Greiss could handle big game situations. Well he won a round in the playoffs under tremendous stress. His numbers in front of the same “porous defense” that Halak has are much better in terms of wins, Save% and GAA. And Greiss makes 1/3 of what Halak does. If your agent bitches then you better perform. He didn’t. Good riddance. I hope he enjoys B’Port. Not one of the jewels of CT.

  6. Perhaps, including a “HALAK” stop sign in the deal would increase Jaroslav Halak’s trade value.

  7. The Av’s will do little to nothing nor should they. Moving any of Landeskog, Duchene, McKinnon or Barrie would be counter productive. They with Rantanen are part of the future.

    Colorado has serious holes all over the roster & their depth is brutal but help is coming. Sakic has drafted well with the picks available. The acquisition of Boedker cost some solid assets but Roy may have been to blame for that it’s obvious both weren’t on the same page.

    I’ll post this yet again. From Wikipedia.

    ” On May 23, 2013, Roy was named head coach and vice president of hockey operations of the Colorado Avalanche.[34] TSN’s Bob McKenzie reported that Roy will have the final say in all hockey matters. Then-Avalanche General Manager Greg Sherman retained his post, but was considered the general manager “in name only.”[35] At the time, Roy was the only coach in the NHL who has the title or powers of general manager. Before the season started, his former Avs teammate, Joe Sakic, was hired as executive vice president of hockey operations. Although the title nominally put him above Roy on the organization chart, Roy and Sakic shared most of the duties normally held by a general manager in the NHL–a practice that continued after Sakic was formally granted the title of general manager in 2014.”

    You can’t judge Sakic as he just got full control of this team finally. Ownership isn’t meddling in hockey opps other than the put an unworkable system in place with a 2 headed monster. Now Colorado’s player personal decisions are being solely made by Sakic.

    Colorado’s stable of prospects is solid & none are being rushed to the NHL which is a sound practice, they are going to be groomed properly. It started with Rantanen & will continue.

    • K I’m gonna copy and paste too! here is what Hockey’s Future has to say about the Avs prospect pool and the job Sackic is doing rebuilding (they rank the Avs 30th in the NHL) so here is how rebuilding thru the draft while signing older players and letting UFA s walk for free till help arrives is going for Sakic.

      Weaknesses: Colorado has many prospects who could fill bottom-six roles in the NHL, but the organization is low on high-end, skilled prospects. The wings are lacking depth and the centers leave much to be desired.

      So again I’m not sure where you’re getting this fantasy that Sakic is doing just fine his picks are terrible his signings are worse he can’t trade very well see ROR & Bodeker… Again if they decided to rebuild he didn’t figure he would need some picks to do so? Why give players like Sodderberg Iginla Beachimin immovable contracts? Why not pick up more than nothing for Stastny who is all the help that’s on its way? A bunch of bottom of you’re lineup guys? A weakness of your team is centre so you lose ROR and Stastny back to back seasons for almost nothing? What’s his excuse he didn’t see it coming despite being an advisor to hockey operations since 2011?

      • Rebuilding thru the draft and sent 2 prospects and a pick for Bodeker (who they lost as a UFA) and Gelinas. Last year could be some mixed signals.

      • Hockey futures doesn’t even run anymore!? Lol

      • Sakic didn’t take control until 2014 I don’t get what your argument is shticky?

  8. Hockey futures doesn’t even run anymore!? Lol

    • Here is ESPN
      21. Colorado Avalanche
      Previous rank: 25

      Colorado isn’t devoid of talent. I love Tyson Jost and Mikko Rantanen. J.T. Compher had a great junior season at Michigan and Calvin Pickard has been impressive. But after their top group, it tumbles off
      really quickly, with the depth looking quite bad. There is hockeyfutures from this fall

      And Sakic was hired in 2011 as a hockey advisor was Vice President of Hockey operations in 2013 has been there nearly 5 years there and didn’t have a say in anything until 2014? Ok
      In 2014 they made the playoffs with 112 points won their division came 2nd in the western conference and at that point decided to rebuild thru the Draft and the next season let a 60 point centre walk away for nothing as UFA instead of trading him as a rental.. and last year traded picks and prospects away for a rental? lol good plan.

      • The thing you don’t understand is the owners want playoff money and some will say you aren’t trading him we want some playoff money. Go look how many players have walked for nothing it is a very long list

      • lol ok.

      • You know shticky is wrong when he comes back with a petty response! Lol

      • Lol so what is it bbb is it a rebuild thru the draft or are they trying to make the playoffs? If it’s both then how is that working out when they rank near the bottom of the league in prospects and they are last place in the league? I would say either way a guy who has been part of the management team for 5 seasons isn’t very good. It was the same as Nonis he was only the GM of the Leafs for 2 years but was part of building a mess for much longer than that with Burke. You can’t say none of it’s his fault because his title wasn’t “really” a GM until… lol
        I said OK because I really don’t care to argue with you but…