Latest on the Islanders, Leafs & Ducks – December 20, 2016

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The NY Islanders ongoing struggles continues to raise questions over John Tavares’ future.

More speculation over John Tavares’ future with the New York Islanders and a look at which Anaheim Ducks defenseman might resolve the Toronto Maple Leafs’ defensive woes. 

TSN: Analyst Jamie McLennan observes the New York Islanders’ messy situation this season, its current location in Brooklyn and questions over the club’s identity could affect captain John Tavares’ future with the franchise. Tavares is eligible in July 2018 for unrestricted free agency. McLennan notes the departure in recent seasons of Tavares’ former linemates (such as Matt Moulson, Kyle Okposo) could leave the Isles captain wondering who his linemates will be in the future. 

FANRAG.COM: Chris Nichols cites TSN’s Bob McKenzie also weighed in on the Isles struggles this season and the potential effect it could have upon Tavares’ long-term future with the club. He notes Tavares is publicly saying he still wants to remain with the Islanders and there’s no indication he’s changed his mind. However, the team’s current decline and the departure of some key players in recent years could affect his decision to remain beyond 2018. “So if you’re John Tavares and you come to July 1 and you’re eligible to sign a contract, you’re going to want to see what direction the team is headed in. And is this a trend that can’t be reversed, or is it one that can be reversed?”

NEWSDAY: While the trade deadline is still over two months away, Arthur Staple believes it’s time for Islanders management to get a jump on the trade deadline action. He recommends they start thinking about and offering up any roster players they can to contending teams to free up roster and salary-cap space for next season. They currently have over $65 million invested in 19 players.

With the trade market currently stagnant and so many players signed beyond this season, Staple admits it’ll be difficult finding trade partners right now. He believes pending UFAs Dennis Seidenberg and Thomas Greiss could only fetch a mid-round draft pick in return, and wonders if other clubs could consider Calvin de Haan or Thomas Hickey (either of whom could be lost to next year’s expansion draft) as top-four defensemen. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Barring a significant second-half reversal, the Isles will miss the playoffs this season. That could prompt the new ownership to consider significant changes in the front office, behind the bench and on the roster.

While Isles fans are fed up with hearing all the speculation over Tavares’ future coming from the Toronto media, there’s no question that this season’s struggles and how the front office deals with it could have an effect upon their captain’s long-term plans. The Isles can open contract extension talks with Tavares next July and you can bet those negotiations will attract considerable media attention and speculation. 

SPORTSNET: With the Anaheim Ducks in Toronto yesterday to face the Maple Leafs, Luke Fox suggests the Ducks could have the assets to address the Leafs’ defensive woes. With the Ducks pressed for cap space and a large number of opponents eyeing their young blueliners, Fox believes they’ll be forced to reach a decision in the near future. He believes Ducks GM Bob Murray could covet the Leafs’ prospect pool (containing such assets as Brendan Leipsic and Kasperi Kapanen) and draft picks. They could also lose one of those young blueliners to next June’s expansion draft.

Of the Ducks young blueliners, Fox notes Cam Fowler was the subject of trade speculation during Hampus Lindholm’s contract stalemate. He doubts Fowler gets another contract with the Ducks because of young, cheaper rearguards such as Shea Theodore and Brandon Montour in their system. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Ducks made long-term investments this summer in Lindholm and Sami Vatanen, so I doubt they’ll be on the trade block. Fowler still seems the logical trade candidate. However, unless the Leafs are willing to part with their first-round pick in 2017 (which could be first-overall again), I doubt Murray parts with Fowler for a high pick and a top prospect. He’ll be looking at someone like William Nylander.  Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner are untouchable.

If Murray dangled Fowler for Nylander, the Leafs could take a serious look at that offer. However, I think the Leafs prefer keeping Nylander and instead offering up left wing James van Riemsdyk. He could be a good fit with the Ducks but he could cost them over $6 million annually on a new contract starting in 2018.

Bear in mind that Fowler to Toronto is no certainty. If he hits the trade block, there will be a bidding war for his services. The Boston Bruins, Buffalo Sabres and Detroit Red Wings were all reportedly quite interested in Fowler last summer. 


  1. NYI needs an overall in terms of coaching and GM…Ladd was NOT money well spent and they should have kept Neilsen and Okposo. Some talent in the system but everyone has some. Tavares may decide to walk but that does not mean to Toronto

    • Capuano should have been terminated years ago. I would hire a new president of hockey opps & let him decide on Snow’s future & role with the organization. A systematic management restructuring like that undertaken by Toronto would be very beneficial to NYI. They were on the cusp of stepping up & have taken several steps back but most of what ails NYI is how the existing roster is being deployed. No better example than Bailey a Capuano favorite that gets ice time both in quantity & quality that he doesn’t deserve.

      We can’t know if Okposo or Nielsen were even open to returning nor could NYI have afforded to retain Nielsen, he got way to much money & term for a player his age. I still can’t understand & agree with you fully that every effort should have been made to retain Okposo. A way better option & cap hit than Ladd. Bird in the hand.

      I also agree with you on Tavares. If he considers walking which has merit based on the situation Snow has put NYI in, he will have numerous options & Toronto may simply not have the monies to meet Tavares salary requirements. Not enough money for everyone & Tavares. Someone will gladly pay him 10 mil+ as a UFA.

      • Maybe he wants to reunite with those departed line mates in Buffalo…..:)

      • Hey Striker agreed on Snow and Capuano. Snow did an ok job of building up assets. Ho Sang, Pullock, Barzal, and Dal Cole all have potential. He just has no clue about getting his club to the next level. The Molson for Vanek trade was a god awful attempt. Signing Ladd looked desperate and they would have been better off keeping Okposo though I wasn’t a huge fan of his.

        They seem to have almost no understanding of player development. Strome, Nelson, Lee all seem to have stalled.

        Given how low key Tavares is I suspect Toronto may be one of the last places on his list of preferred places to play given the media circus there. Buffalo actually might make sense given that his uncle played there for years. He’s my favourite player currently, I think he has incredible class and character. I suspect he’ll sign a long term extension next summer and all of this will quiet down for a bit. Until the TO media starts creating trade rumours of course 🙂

    • “Tavares may decide to walk but that does not mean to Toronto”

      If Toronto were to somehow end up with Tavares it has to be in a trade because no way they will be able to afford them all.

      So offer, Nylander, Bozak and our first rounder this year and be done with it.

  2. I think even if the leafs offered up nylander a first would have to be included, the only consistency he has shown is being inconsistent. Fowler would be the leafs number 1 dman

    • Nylander is going to make mistakes but there is no way they offer up a 1st and Nylander for Fowler. Esp when Fowler can walk after next year !

      • The price for dmen is high and nylander isn’t exactly proven yet

      • Lol yeah Nylander is totally unproven, just like Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner. Why don’t we package them all for a proven top four Dman. Then we could really sleep easy with our increased proven-ness.

      • Lol the nhlpa wants you to be a gm if you think 55gp is proven! Lmao

      • Yeah, you’d make a great GM, BigBruin, with no understanding/ability to analyze any of the stats that describe the game and relying entirely on cliches:

        ‘He doesn’t have enough grit’
        ‘He doesn’t have enough experience’
        ‘He needs to be more consistent’
        ‘He needs to go to the dirty areas’
        ‘He needs to show leadership’

        Why don’t you take a break from talking out of your ass about Leaf players you’ve barely seen and try and learn something about hockey?

      • Unless the MLF’s know they can sign Fowler to a longer term deal they are not trading a young, talented and controllable asset for 1 year.
        The Leafs are not contending for the cup next year with or without Fowler, why give up an asset that can help you when you are ready to contend for one that could be gone just when you need him?
        JVR for Fowler makes some sense, but really it is the same issue. The Leafs are working towards contending 2-3 years down the road and every decision will be based on that. That means resign JVR or if he wants too much move him for youth (picks/prospects.
        Leafs have a strategy and will stick to it.

      • Lol yak was .65 points per game his first 48 the ducks must be kicking themselves for not trading fowler for him!! Lol

      • I assume anyone trading for Fowler, if even moved, will want assurances from him & his agent before the deal is done that they have an extension in place or he is fully open to signing long term.

        This could be address also with futures. Most good UFA’s are open to signing back on with the team they are with. In most situations where they walk it’s related to money they team there leaving simply can’t afford them or the offer from another team is to good to pass up or they want out.

        If Fowler is moved to Tor, Bos, Buf or almost any team I see now reason he wouldn’t be resigned as any of these teams have very bright futures.

        Again I find it unlikely Fowler will be moved & UFA or not even with 1 year remaining he isn’t being acquired solely for a great young forward like Nylander. Numerous teams will pay more & if Toronto wants him it will cost them more.

        Murray doesn’t want salary back & isn’t moving Fowler for JvR. With Despre’s future in doubt & Theodore, Montour & Larsson all years from arbitration & having waiver rights & all expansion draft exempt he is under absolutely no rush to do anything. Come June 17th he would have a hard choice to make if a Dman isn’t moved & or Bieksa doesn’t agree to waive his NMC.

        I can’t wait to see how this will play out. Interesting & exciting in an odd sort of way.

      • I agree striker it will be a bidding war for fowler if he is moved

      • From a purely neutral observer of last night’s game, Nylander (5′ 11″ 174 lbs) resembled a twig going up against oaks in 6′ 4″ 221-lb Getzlaf, 6′ 2″ 202-lb Kessler, 6′ 2″ 201 lbs Rackel and 6′ 3″ 202-lbs Shaw – and frequently got his pocket picked. He needs to add some bulk – but if he does that, will it affect his speed to any degree. Oct-Nov hockey has given way to tighter checking late Dec hockey and it’s starting to show.

      • George.

        Not trying to be confrontational. Just sharing some data. lists Nylander at 6’0″ 190lbs. An inch taller & 13 lbs heavier than they list say P. Kane & by no means am I trying to imply Nylander is Kane except to reference physical size.

        Having just turned 20 in May lots of years to physical fill out. Most don’t reach their full adult weight until about 25 depending upon when they have their final growth spurt, which for some is as late as 21 for height.

        Most kids need time to learn to leverage their size properly. Watching Krug lay out some serious hits in recent games has me chuckling as I think of your penchant for size as he’s truly a smurf by height; 5’9″. His body weight not being that bad at 189 lbs.

        Size is a significant advantage but skill will usually trump size but not size & skill. Ha-ha!

      • If you look around there was charity volleyball event in the summer that he attended if you see the pictures of him there and some of his summer workouts he was likely closer to 195 lbs than 175 not that he is a Getzlaf by any means but Nylander is far from a “twig” you must be looking at his draft size George.

      • That site I linked showed is NHLDB and reflects current stats and, so I assume, physical stats. As I said, maybe they’re wrong. As for calling him a “twig” – I said he resembled one compared to those Anaheim giants he was up against.

      • cam isnt that good – jesus

    • Bbb, seriously……what did the leafs do to you? We get it….you hate them. You sound hurting though, like they hurt you personally? I dont get it. I dislike the Bruins but admit they are a good franchise. Enjoy watching them play(most of the time). I am on this site to talk hockey and play around with the notion of being a GM. I am 18 years old and love Spectors Hockey…but you sound like a 12 year old. Get over whatever it

      • Spector right on. Lepsic and Kapanan worth almost nothing on trade market for actual now value. Would take a significant player for a ANA d man. sorry leafs fans. And those comparing size… seriously… each year more and more players prove you are obsolete in your paleolithic understanding of the worlds greatest game. seriosly… dont you have walkers to sharpen? BOOM. Mike drop (that means I made my point and walked off oldylocks who think size matters in this and the coming NHL) 😉
        thats a blinky emoji BTW, meaning some sarcasm involved.

  3. I think Leafs fans; at least some of them, are fed up with the Stamkos/Tavares, or whoever else comes along coming to Toronto theme as well. I know I am. Let’s face it anybody would like to sign Tavares, but in case nobody notices Toronto has a great deal of young talented forwards! The top three in points for the Leafs are Matthews, Marner, and Nylander. Stick to the plan!

    • Yup, it’s just media bulk to fill out articles and seconds of air material – I don’t hear any fans actually talking this up.

      • As a Leafs fan I wanted no part of signing Stamkos. Elite player but not the right time.

        However, I love the prospect of Tavares or Fowler in Toronto. Not saying they WILL come here, just saying that as a fan it would be fantastic.

    • Second the motion. If John Tavares becomes a UFA, he’ll have thirty teams to consider. Same with Cam Fowler – there are a lot of teams looking for a player like him.
      Also, in fairness, the Leafs are improved defensively in the last while. Let the coaching staff see what they can do with this group.

  4. Nylander has 33 pts in 55 gp in the NHL for 0.6 ppg, while dominating possession. He makes players on the ice with him vastly better, with a double digit CF% rel.

    In terms of his draft class, he would rank #2 among forwards selected in the 2014 draft in offensive production, slightly behind David Pastrnak who was an absolute steal at #25.

    So, no, he’s not getting moved for Fowler and I don’t see the Ducks moving Lindholm or Vatanen. I could see a JVR +/- trade for Fowler, however, or possibly another trade for Manson, who looked good by the eye test to me last night and would fit nicely into the Leafs D corps.

    • *Rate production at 0.6 pts/gp and 2.3 pts/60.

    • I agree Dan39. And Nylander’s point production will only improves as he gets older. This is why I also hope the Leafs stay away from free agents like Tavares. Sure it would be great to have him on the team, but is that not counterproductive to grooming Matthews as your number one guy? The Leafs need to stick to the plan. Of course they need defense but not at the expense of their top young forwards.

      • Steven, Matthews is already the best player on the Leafs by a country mile. He leads the team in shots, points and possession stats, making everyone on the ice with him better.

        You watch the game last night? Matthews was matched against the Getzlaf/Perry line all night and dominated the possession, with a commanding >70% CF share.

        The scary thing is he’s getting better from week to week and all that on pace for 40 goals as a 19 year old in the NHL.

      • Exactly what oilers fan were saying too Steven! Lol

    • Nylander is going to be a stud either as a C eventually or a RW. Fowler is a stud & has been for several years. Nylander isn’t going to be an imposing 2 way force like a Bergeron, Toews, Kopitar, etc. but a solid offensive player who will become a decent defensive player. Fowler has essentially been Anaheim’s #1 Dman for several years at least based on TOI/GP, PP TOI/GP & deployment. Has done all the heavy lifting for several years in zone deployment & just entering his prime, had played 413 NHL regular season games going into this season. 400 being my threshold for full NHL development for an NHL Dman.

      UFA or not in 2018-19, it will have some impact on his value but not much as it will be addressed at point of trade if it even happens. Which isn’t assured.

    • Hey Dan, I suspect it will come down to perceived value for the Leafs and Ducks. Personally, given the apparent value placed on D men, I wouldn’t deal Fowler for Nylander straight up if I was the Ducks. I read the Fox article and sure as hell wouldn’t move Fowler for the cast of B level prospects he was suggesting. It’s also not clear how much value a #1 pick is going to have this year trade wise.

      I think JVR is a very solid player but given the Ducks cap issues and the fact that they usually prefer to stay below the cap I don’t know that they would want JVR or could afford him long term. He’s great value this year and next but will then be very expensive. They are already top heavy contract wise up front and will have their young D starting to line up for new salaries at some point.

      If I’m the Ducks I’m looking for a young elite forward prospect plus for Fowler. I suspect there is a good chance that some team will bite if they can negotiate with Fowler.

      • You nailed it Styx and teams will overpay to get a dman like fowler with picks and prospects

  5. Watching the leafs game last night, I had to chuckle and look twice when Romanuk mistakenly called JVR Nieuwendyk, he slighted laughed and continue on. Wonder were his mind was, considering its been a while since Niewendyk has played.

  6. You are right Bigbadbruins, but the Oilers did not have proven veteran forwards like vanReimsdyk to offer for young defense while simultaneously having young forwards. The Leafs are not as far in with their forward depth with respect to age as the Oilers were once they traded Hall for Larson. You and I have agreed that there are similarities to the Oilers and Leafs and thus I agree the Leafs need to heed the Oiler mistakes in creating their own team. I would argue the new Oiler regime is heeding the past mistakes of the former Oiler regime as well. There are similarities but certainly not the exact same situation. Both teams are headed in the right direction, and guess what? Both teams are currently being led by young talent. The future for Canadian hockey fans is bright folks!

    • Not a fan of either the Leafs or Oilers but the Leafs have by a long shot better FO than the Oilers. Chiapet will have the Oil in cap hell long before they are even relevant! Lou and Babs will not make those mistakes and Babs will weed out the passengers in no time at all.

  7. Player x, skates around the ice controlling the puck for 30 seconds, then cough it up and two seconds later its in his net. Then they tell me how great his corsi is but a -1. Please watch the games and don’t get too blinded by the numbers

    • That’s right caper analytics provide a little but definitely aren’t the be all to end all

    • You got it. And the guy everyone is talking about today had it done to him at least 3 times. That same guy scored his 6 goals and added 10 assists from Oct to the end of Nov. So far in Dec, with the tighter checking starting to be a regular occurrence, he has 0 goals and 5 assists.

      • I’m not even sure it’s tighter checking specifically George although that’s certainly part of it. I just think systems, line combinations & routines are settling in players are in full game shape & mental mode. Tons of odd disparities as you have mentioned in the past, early in the season in October & November are now balancing out & other than injures teams are starting to show what they are & were expected to be based on roster make up & depth when the season started.

        There are still some odd disparities. Columbus having only played 29 games, 6 teams having played 34. 5 games is a significant disparity in a # of ways in such a short time frame, that’s almost 20% more games.

        Montreal’s home & away games is still yet to balance out having played 18 at home but only 13 on the road. It was significantly more lopsided but has been balancing out over December. Philly 5 more home games as well. Carolina the exact opposite 13 at home 18 on the road. NJ 11 at home, 20 on the road?

        These may not seem significant but in such a tight points race this early in the season; about a 3rd of the way in, they are significant & need to balance out to paint a truer picture of what is really happening.

      • I agree George it happens every year the first part of the season is always looser checking for the majority of teams, some have it right away. The majority of younger players tend to have lower stats from the middle to end of the season

      • (sometimes cuz it is the new nhl)
        in payoffs, its a completely different scenario, because the refs dont call PPs all game long….Suddenly 4th liners & goalies lead in stats & Mcdavid is golfing or injured.
        shoulder check to the head should be a stat

      • What??

  8. No to Fowler (to Leafs), last season he was a -8, & a minus player 4 out of his 7 career seasons. They don’t need another minus player (Gardiner); what they need is a big, solid 2 way D man.

  9. Lyle, long time reader and occasionally comment on your posts.
    The other day I came around and you had called out a Leafs fan for mentioning the Leafs when they weren’t in the rumor mill – justified

    What I don’t understand is why I never saw you once call out Oilfan (if you did I missed it) for consistently posting Leafs comments which were irrelevant. His jabs were obviously sarcastic but irregardless were not rumor topic related.

    Additionally, I have never once seen you call our BigBadBruins for all the hate he spews and how condescending he is while referring to the Leafs and their fans.

    If you are going to call out one group then it’s only fair that the other side be called out as well.

    This is my opinion only, in no way do I represent the other Leafs fans on here.

    • Taz, can’t have it both ways; there is a leaf fan on here that likes to troll others and get very defensive when a leaf is questions, look no further then some of the replies today.

    • It’s got to the point there is no sense in Leaf fans even trying to talk about their team amongst themselves when it’s brought up in the headlines which isn’t generally a problem for anyone else. Religious heckles getting called a child abuser he is just trash that starts crap with Leaf fans lol

      • Only when you start with the insults go back and take a look

      • And today calling someone ” trash” it’s so funny how hypocritical ppl are

  10. You guys can debate/discuss/disgree without stooping to insults. Let’s stop the silly namecalling, shall we.

    As for Taz’s comment, I attempt to monitor everything on here. Sometimes things slip through. I’ve made an effort in recent days to crack down on the egregious comments and trolls. They know who they are.

    • Lyle,

      Thank you for the response. Much appreciated

    • Love it. I’ll admit to falling into trash… buts its always been in response to others resorting to said trash… which I despise. Meaning I’m not much better. My apologies Lyle… I think almost everyone on this site could take a long hard look in the mirror on occasion. AND…

      Merry Christmas yins all!

      go Stillers

  11. Well i thought that i could come here to this site and talk hockey. When a Toronto rumour is brought up its torn to shreds. Lyle are we not safe on this site to talk Leafs without being bullied by haters? Its rediculous!

    • Most are only to happy to discuss the Leafs & we do so really more than any other team, as the majority of posters to this site are also Leafs fans.

      It’s all good, just a few regular posters here that seem to wish to make it personal with insults as opposed to debating & discussing the issues.

      When they have no rebuttal or facts to support their position they throw out personal barbs. I have made the occasional personal barb & apologized for doing so once I came to my senses. There are some here that get my goat quite easily. That’s their goal primarily, it’s called trolling. Ha-ha! They take pleasure in winding others up. I try to not let it get to me but it does occasionally especially when hung over or stressed, I don’t have the same level of patience. Ha-ha!

      • i agree but actually enjoy reading all comments good or bad. If you view the personal insults as funny lil comments..then viola all is good. sticks and stones boys …who cares & get off the internet before you turn into a zombie…
        But do not disrespect the moderators wishes cuz hes doing you a favour

        Go Leafs Go 😛

      • Well, they CAN go in only one direction from where they stand now.

    • @FD
      I guess if Leaf fans would keep it reasonable and not make it all about the Leafs then they’d probably get some respect. I’ve been a hockey fan for 45 years and in this country, all we ever hear about from the national media is Leaf this and Leaf that, as though we all are in love with them. In the internet era Leaf fans feel the need to invade seemingly every hockey discussion they can get their hands on. Some are good but most are annoying and ignorant. It’s a real phenomenon folks, no one is making it up.

      • Agree

      • If you don’t like a particular thread of conversation, or personal shots, then ignore it.
        Join in the ones that you wish to discuss with the reasonable people, which most are on this site.
        They are only words from people you will never meet. No matter what they may say, they have no effect on your life other than us pretending to be GM’s and prove how smart we are.
        Nothing to get excited about.

      • Jeff you serious? Telling fans how to post about their team is ridiculous. Maybe the fact that there are a lot of fans and they range in age, or are excited over their team and want to express it with others…I don’t know no reason should it matter, just remember to keep it hockey and not post an impulsive reply.

      • Jeff, I’m not a Leaf fan and get as fed up as anyone with the media bias. Having said that I will disagree that it’s “most” Leaf fans. The problem we sometimes encounter with social media is that a small group can make a lot of noise. There are some who feel compelled to express themselves in ways that others find offensive. It is usually a small minority. I suspect that most Leaf fans have endured the long string of futility in much the same way Islanders fans do. With good natured self ridicule and hope that things get better. There are signs of optimism and hope for the Leafs so we need to be patient if there is some exuberance.

  12. I don’t think the Leafs have enough depth on the left side to move JVR. Personally I would just stay the course and try to keep drafting and developing internally as well as look at the UFA market.
    I am anything but a leaf fan but Shanny has done a good job so far.
    If the Leafs can pry Montour out of ANH without giving up one of the three or a 1st then I would go for it.

    • Hey Stormcrow….. cool handle. I am a Leafs fan and agree with you with respect to staying the course. The plan is working. The right dash of patience is crucial at this point.

      • Thanks, Steven 🙂

        Even though next years draft isn’t that strong, there are still some good options for players on the back end and with the Leafs current standing it will be a good player.

        Liljegren(I had to look up the spelling on that one!!) will be drafted before the Leafs get to him but there are a few other guys that might be available at 5(ish).

        Realistically they would want Callan Foote in my opinion.

        Again, I am not a Leafs fan at all!!! But, it is interesting to see them finally build their team correctly.

    • I think most are on the same page with Toronto. Shanahan has put a solid coaching & management team in place.

      Building through the draft. Expansion will present an opportunity to acquire a Dman that under normal circumstances wouln’t even be available if not for teams confronted with lossing a solid dman for nothing. The cost will still be extreme as always but I would be surprised if Toronto doesn’t acquire some form of Dman that another team will lose but Toronto can give them an expansion exempt asset for. It just may not be the Dman we keep talking about or player from their roster.

      Nor is what Toronto doing really comparable to what happened in Edmonton. Loew was a cluster f— constant coaching changes different lottery rules. The 1st thing Shanahan really did was find his coach to help lay the foundation for all players coming in. No 1’s challenging babcock’s authority nor will any team ever pick 1st overall as often as Edmonton did.

      Toronto’s D is years ahead of where Edmonton was 2 years into their reduild & although we can never know, I see know way Toronto management would have passed on a Larsson; Edm selected RNH, or Murray; selected Yakupov, if they had those choices.

      The only comparable between Toronto & Edmonton is they both undertook rebuilds. Edm has been brutal 8n theirs until this season. Some where between 6 to 10 years from when you choose tonsay it started. Toronto is 2 to 3 years in & are very close to being a playoff team already.

      • Striker, you are bang on with your comments on the Oiler rebuild. I live in Edmonton now and am happy for the fans, they suffered plenty.
        The link I attached will rehash just how bad it was.
        Mark Spector was/is with the Oilers almost everyday, and an honest fact based journalist. Can’t imagine what it was like to walk into that rink the next day after writing this and chatting to Mac T etc. Takes some serious nuts, especially the last paragraph. Bang on though and what he suggested is exactly what happened.

  13. I am surprised JVR has not been linked to the Isles (and no not for Taveres!!!). The crop of picks and prospects he would demand from the Isles could be used to pry and Dman from someone else, perhaps near the expansion draft where teams risk loosing a good Dman to Vegas for nothing. Snow’s job is likely on the line and JVR could be a stab at a job saving move he could be desperate to make. The Ducks are not a desperate team.

    • That makes good sense, surprising considering you are a habsfan.

      • Lol. ^^^^ and anyone criticizing the Leafs is a ” troll”? “Surprising considering you’re (any other fan basically )!!!!!” Lmao! Jeez! How fitting! Seriously!

    • @Habsfan1 depending how Anaheim views itself as far as a contender goes. Anaheim has a need for a scoring left winger right now and has more assets in the system that would fill Toronto`s needs. Now a Fowler/Hamonic might be more of an interest to let say Montreal than T.O., where as a guy like Theodore/ Montour is more what T.O. might be looking at

      • Anaheim needs a coach who understands how to coach D. The guy they fired from last year has turned Minnesota into a defensive juggernaut, while a previous Norris Trophy winner apparently has lost all knowledge of how to play defense since he became a coach with Anaheim, Toronto and then back to Anaheim.

  14. if the islanders need to maintain a low salary number i would offer jake gardener, tyler bozak and kapinen right now in a trade for tavares. that would provide cap space for the leafs and cap relief for the isles.if that didn’t fly , i would offer the first two for shattenkirk.i would bring up victor loov and take the wraps off him.

    • Listen to the trade offer for Tavares!! Omg I will give my garbage to have your jewel thank you! Lol

  15. Nobody has as many assets on the blueline as Minnesota; if the Leafs had interest in dealing JVR something around Dumba or Scandella could be had. I know JVR lives in Minneapolis in the off-season and would probably like the idea. The Wild currently have 2 NHL ready defensemen in the AHL in Reilly and Olofsson.